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(Kari) Maid Kissa Mandrill Comic Japan 2010 Usui Shippo 1 D 1

Two boys forced to join a maid club.
@Full Moon Comic Japan 2008 Matoh Sanami 1 T

Sequel to Full Moon Ni Sasayaite. David and Marlo are a newly wed couple looking for a new place to live. However, they aren’t your ordinary couple: David is a vampire and Marlo is a man that transforms into a woman during the full moon!. They come to the town of Reto, which is home to only supernatural beings like themselves and magicians. Even though they like the town, they soon are caught up in trouble with some of the current residents. Another vampire doesn’t appreciate the perceived trespass on his feeding territory and sends his cute little girl magician to deal with the new problem.
+1 Atashi No Naka No Aitsu Comic Japan 1993 Mizuki Mio 1 T 1 P

Story 2+1: After his death, a girl's little brother returns to help her. He is able to possess her body at times.
+Anima Comic Japan 2000 Mukai Natsumi 1 D 3 P

Vol 1 Chap 1: Husky, a fish-boy, when he was younger apparently he was captured and sold to a circus, where he perform as the Mermaid Princess.
Vol 3 Chap 13: Nana knocks Husky out and puts him in a dress. Vol 8 Chap 39-41: Husky is captured and sold as a slave. He is bought by Lord Hashas and shows up at his mansion dressed like a black-haired pre-teen girl.
+C: Sword And Cornett Comic Japan 2008 Yugyoji Tama 1 D 2 P

-1512 Vol 1 Chap 4-5: Prince Belka is helped by Eco, a thief, to hide in a bordello where Belka and Eco end being disguised as girls working there.
Vol 2 Chap 11 and Vol 3 Chap 12-14: Prince Belka disguises as a maid to infiltrate into the palace.
Vol 4 Chap 19-20: Eco disguised as a woman to return to the city after escaping from palace.
Vol 6 Chap 36 and Vol 7 Chap 37-39: Prince Belka disguised as a nun to trick a group of soldiers.
Vol 8 Chap 46-49: Prince Belka disguised as a maid to sneak into the capital.
00 Gakuen Spy Daisakusen Comic Japan 1979 Nagai Go 1 D

Boy turns into a woman using a bodysuit.
1/2 Accident Comic Japan 1994 Karasawa Noe 1 T

A boy is changed into a girl after being struck by a lightning.
1/2 Love! Comic Japan 2010 Kayoru 1 D 2

Plainful child Akari is really attracted by the popular unit of idols “Flower”. Then Akari get the chance to sing at the Flower’s center?! But there is the secret that Flower keep, the two other members are revealed to be boys in disguise.
1+2=Paradise Comic Japan 1989 Kamimura Junko 1 D 2 P

Vol 5: Boy crossdressing as a schoolgirl.
10 Attitudes Movie United States 2001 JK 1 D

Maximiliana is a drag queen.
10-8: Officers On Duty Television United States 2003
1 D

Episode 1x04 “Badlands” (2003) Transvestite is helped by cops.
100 Bullets Comic United States 1999 Risso Eduardo 1 D 1 P

#1 (08/1999) A taxi driver mention to a client that the woman he is hiring have “balls”.
100 Girls Movie United States 2000 JK 1 D 2 P

Young man tries to find the girl he loves, and adopts drag to enter a girls dorm and relate with them.
100% Sakaguchi Iku Short Stories Comic Japan 1991 Sakaguchi Iku 1 T 1

Vol 2: In one of the short stories a boy get hurt by a car and find himself in the body of the girl he loves.
11eyes Animation Japan 2009 Dogakobo 1 T 1 P

Episode 13 (OAV): The seven main characters enter a "Pink Night" where their powers have a perverted twist: Kakeru can see through everyone's clothes, Yuka changes the boys, Takeru and Takahisa, into girls, Misuzu's swords are turned into vibrators, Kukuri can speak but only says and draws profanities, Yukiko becomes sexually excited upon taking off her glasses, and Takahisa sprinkles a small fountain of water.
12 Horas Movie Puerto Rico 2001 HF 1 D

Features a friendly transvestite lounge singer.
125 Rooms Of Comfort Movie Canada 1974 HF 1 D

Former rock star inherits hotel and "briefly becomes a transvestite".
13 Posterunek Television Poland 1997
1 D 2 P

Episode 1x36 “Miss Policji – czesc I“ (1998) and Episode 1x37 “Miss Policji – czesc II” (1998) Policeman in a Miss Policewoman pageant.
13 Reasons Why Television United States 2017
1 D 1

-1903 Episode 2x07 “The Third Polaroid” (2018) Marcus is blackmailed to wear a dress in school so he dresses as a cheerleader and turns embarrassment into publicity.
15 Historias De Espionaje Literature Spain 1973 Anthology 1 D 2

-1709 Anthology of short stories about spies. One is the story of the travel of Chevalier d’Eon to Russia disguised as a woman.
1760 Saasumaa Television India 2013
1 D 2 P

Episodes dated 23-27th April 2015: Two men disguised as women.
1760 Sasubbai Television India 2013
1 D 1

-1809 Episode dated 19 June 2014: Male disguised as a woman.
17ans Comic Japan 1990 Kotani Kenichi 1 T 2 P

Vol 6: Man switch his body with a woman after having sex with her.
18if Animation Japan 2017 Gonzo 1 T 1

-1709 Episode 9 “Idols Don't Go to the Bathroom!” Men and women trapped in the Nightmare Idol School, that only accept females, so the men have been transformed into women.
1984 Comic Spain 1978 Toutain 1 T 1 P

Spanish magazine. #2 (12/1978) Story "La Extraña Aventura del Doctor Jerkyll!" Dr. Jerkyll's formula changes him into a beautiful girl, she goes out for a night on the town and some cheap sex. Later, when the formula wears off, Dr. Jerkyll discovers that he is pregnant. It is the same story that in the american magazine 1984.
1984 Comic United States 1978 Warren 1 T 3 P

American magazine. #3 (09/1978) Story "The Strange Adventure of Doctor Jerkyll!" Dr. Jerkyll's formula changes him into a beautiful girl, she goes out for a night on the town and some cheap sex. Later, when the formula wears off, Dr. Jerkyll discovers that he is pregnant.
#3-6 (09/1978-06/1979) Story “Idi Amin” An american spy, Adam, uses some DNA transformation powder on toilet paper and turn Idi Amin into a beautiful white girl.
19XX Kageki Ha Comic Japan 1996 Ukyou Ayane 1 D 2 P

Vol 3: Young male crossdressing to be the bait for a stalker, later he find that more males are crossdressing for the same reason.
1 Love 9 Comic Japan 2008 Tooyama Ema 1 D 1

-1704 4-Koma. Chap 2: Introduced Kokomi, a boy raised as a girl because his Dad said it would be very hard to live as a boy in a word where males are only 1/9 of the population.
Chap 6: Takuma crossdressing to enter a women’s only shop.
2-choume No Chiisana Sakana Comic Japan 2015 Kawai Hideki 1 D 2 P

-1609 First story “2-choume No Chiisana Sakana” There is a transvestite working in a gay bar.
2 Broke Girls Television United States 2011
1 D 1

-1612 Episode 5x04 “And the Inside-Outside Situation” (2015) Two female impersonators in a boycot to Max and Caroline's cupcake shop.
2 By 4 Movie United States 1998 JK 1 D

Macho construction worker wears make-up and a feather boa for a night on the town.
2 On 1 Comic Japan 1997 Sada Kooji 1 D 1

Mature. At one point a girl can't help to picture her boy lover dressed in a dress, brief.
20 Centimetros Movie Spain 2005 JK 1 D

Musical comedy. Monica Cervera plays the part of a pre-op transsexual, Marieta.
20 Seiki Shounen (20th Century Boys) Comic Japan 1999 Urasawa Naoki 1 D 1

Britney Chan is a woman trapped in a man's body, a transvestite prostitute who dreams to be a dancer. Appareance Vol 6 Chap 55-63. Mariah is a friend of Britney Chan. Much like her, Mariah is also a transvestite. She frequently eats at the restaurant that Kanna works for. First appareance Vol 5 Chap 50.
200 Cigarettes Movie United States 1999 JK 1 D

AKA The Islander. Briefly features James Murphy as a drag queen.
200 Motels Movie United States 1971 HF 1 D

Keith Moon dresses as a nun for sheer zaniness in rock music film.
2000 A.D. Comic Great Britain 1977 Fleetway 1 B 3 P

-1803 British science-fiction comic magazine. #Annual 1987 Story “Judge Dredd in Ladies' night” (1986) Three Judges (one of them male) go undercover as prostitutes to catch some armed thieves.
#626-670 Story “Zenith Phase III” (1989-1990) Meta Maid, superheroine from an unspecified alternate Earth, is a pre-op transsexual. However, he looks enough like a she to fool most people, including Zenith, who nearly did the dirty with him.
#657-659 Story “Anderson PSI Division - The Random Man” Woman in a nighclud revealed to be a male transvestite.
#1034-1044 Story “Al's Baby - Public Enemy no.1” (1997) Al Bestardi started off as your typical mobster climbing the ladder and making a name for himself, after a few years Al Bestardi becomes the number one enforcer for Don Luigi an aging, very cranky mobster who rules Chicago. Luigi finally gives Al permission to marry his daughter, Velma. Al is living the life; until the Don announces he needs a grandson. The remarkably violent Velma flat-out refuses - it would interfere with her career as the nation's worst torch singer. Luigi gives Al a chose either concrete boots for letting down the godfather or the unappealing prospect of male pregnancy. Soon, he's hitting for two, much to the amusement of his peers and rivals in the business. As you can imagine, this does Al's rep no good at all. In the second storyline, Al attempts to arrange the accidental death of a surprising family rival who just refuses to die. In the third and final story Al is hiding out as a very ugly woman who nevertheless attracts a scatterbrained suitor. What's worse though, Al carries it off so well, it doesn't end at a single child.
#1301-1309 Story “Bison” (2002) Set around the year 2030, Bison, an ex cop, is after the crime boss who killed his wife. The only way to get close to this guy is to body swap into his daughter who, unknown to him, is a drug addict, and has her own plans for Bison's body.
#1991-1998 Story “Ladykiller” (2016) Judge Dredd returns to one of his outstanding cases — finding the wanted mass murderer PJ Maybe who is currently living under the guise of a woman…
2001: A Space Travesty Movie United States 2000 JK 1 T 1

Comedy. Female doctor is alien assassin, revealed at the end of the film.
21 Jump Street Television United States 1987
1 D 3 P

Episode 2x01 “In the Custody of a Clown” (1987) The Jump Street unit discovers that a boy who was being used as a pawn by his feuding parents faked his kidnapping with the aid of his grandfather to get away from his parents. Hanson dresses as the boy's mother for the money drop.
Episode 3x10 “What About Love?” (1989) Penhall and Loki goes undercover as a couple, Loki is dressed as the girlfriend.
227 Television United States 1985
1 D 1

Episode 4x19 “Trial and Error” (1989) Both Mary and Sandra get commissioned to the same murder trial. There are 11 votes guilty and 1 vote not-guilty, Sandra choosing not-guilty. After hours, she still has not changed her vote and Mary is annoyed because her anniversary is that night. They vote one last time, and this time the 1 not-guilty vote is from Mary. The judge sequesters them for the evening in a hotel and Mary is going to miss her anniversary dinner with Lester. Lester sneaks, disguised as a woman, into the hotel room and brings Mary caviar and champagne. Episode 5x17 “Knock It Off” (1990) Travis finds $250,000 left in his limo, and is convinced by Mary and Lester to turn the money in. If the money isn't claimed within 30 days, Travis may keep it. The next day, a beautiful woman named Eartha Kitten comes to the door and claims the money belongs to her boss, and is furious when he learns he turned the money in. Meanwhile, Mary and Lester are heading to Hawaii and have a Bon Voyage party the night before, but the party is interrupted when Eartha's boss (a mob boss) holds everyone hostage. Warren saves the day when he returns disguised as a woman, and pretends to romance Mr Big. Before Travis can return with Mr Big's money, Warren turns the tables on Mr. Big and has him arrested.
24/7 - The Passion Of Life Movie Germany 2005 JK 1 D

Sexual themes. Transvestite features somewhere.
2x2 (Kaishaku) Comic Japan 2014 Kaishaku 1 D

Shinjou Chihiro is nothing like his twin sister Chitose. Everyone admires her, she is a model student and overall just perfect. ...Except that she's such a huge narcissist that she loves to forcefully dress up her twin brother to look exactly like her, so she can indulge in her perverted fantasies.
3 Bachelors Movie India 2012
1 D 2

-1903 Amit and Jai land into trouble for teasing two girls on the very first day of their college because of which they lose their hostel room. Jai crossdresses as Amit’s wife to get housing that is meant for married couples.
3 Idiots Television India 2016
1 D 1

-1806 Episode 114 (3 Aug 2016) Male disguised as a woman. Episode 119 (16 Aug 2016) Male disguised as a woman.
3 Revolution Comic Japan 2004 Harue Le Pon 1 T 2 P

The story of three brothers, Sakuya, Akito and Tomoya, and an alien, Piroshiki. After capturing Piroshiki, Tomoya opens up a container, Which gives each of the three brothers different types of abilities. Akito find himself with the ability of transform into a girl.
3.3.7 Byooshi Comic Japan 2001 Kubo Mitsuro 1 D 3 P

Vol 3 Chap 19-22: Fukada Shinishi dressing in female clothes to escape from police after a raid. In Vol 4 is introduced a girl, Chika, that Fukada Shinishi helps. She is revealed to be a young male, and end working as a female hostess in the Virgin Heart club.
30 Rock Television United States 2006
1 D 2

-1803 Episode 1x08 “The Break-Up” (2006) Josh dressed in drag.
Episode 1x16 “The Source Awards” (2007) Tracy dressed in drag.
Episode 3x02 “Believe in the Stars” (2008) Jenna and Tracy see who has a harder life. Tracy in drag and Jenna in black face angerers some of the crew.
Episode 4x19 “Argus” (2010) Jenna is dating Paul who is a Jenna impersonator.
Episode 6x07 “Hey, Baby, What's Wrong?: Part 2” (2012) Lutz end in a female swimsuit.
Episode 7x09 “Game-Over” (2013) Private Investigator Lenny Wosniak goes undercover as a woman/teacher.
30-sai No Hoken Taiiku Animation Japan 2011 Gathering 1 D 2

Macaron, the little brother of Daigorou, is a crossdresser. Episode 2: Macaron is introduced as a girl before being revealed as a boy. Episode 5: Brief Macaron crosdressing. Episode 7: Daigorou cover for Andou crossdressing as his sister. Episode 8: Macaron crossdressing as a woman to practice with Imagawa. Episode 10: Macaron crossdressing as a maid to take care of Daigorou.
3509 Movie China 2016
1 T 1

-1906 Boy was surgically feminized by his kidnapper
37°2 Le Matin Movie France 1986 JK 1 D 2

AKA Betty Blue. Some crossdressing near the end of the movie.
3rd Rock From The Sun Television United States 1996
1 B 3

Sally is an Alien sent to Earth in the body of a woman. Sally was chosen to be the woman because she apparently lost some sort of contest and was not too thrilled about it; while the alien species is described as asexual, Sally seems to have a harder time trying to figure out womanhood than the others do manhood. She filed a request to be made male early in the mission, though later decided she liked being a woman. Episode 1x15 “I Enjoy Being A Dick” (1996) Dick poses as a woman to sneak into a women-only study group. Episode 4x10 “Two-Faced Dick” (1999) After three years, the Big Giant Head has finally accepted Sally's request to have her body changed for a man's. For their convenience, the bodies of Dick and Sally are switched. Now, in each other's bodies, Dick and Sally must try and maintain each other's romantic relationships and get accustomed to the changes that their new gender brings, while waiting for their request to be switched back to be accepted.
3x3 Eyes (Sazan Eyes) Animation Japan 1991 Toei Animation 1 D 1 P

Episode 1: Yakumo is a high school boy living on his own and working as a transvestite waitress when he runs into Pai.
3x3 Eyes (Sazan Eyes) Comic Japan 1987 Takada Yuuzou 1 D 1 P

Vol 1 Chap 1: Yakumo is a high school boy living on his own and working as a transvestite waitress when he runs into Pai.
45 Minutes From Hollywood Movie United States 1926 JK 1 D 2 P

Comedy. Crossdressed bank robber on the run swaps his female clothes with unconscious male victim.
49 Television Japan 2013
1 D 1

-1712 Episode 4-11: The chiken basket idol group are boys disguised as girls.
5 Flaschen Fur Angelika Movie Germany 1981 JK 1 D

Transvestite listed in the cast.
5 Seconds Comic Japan 2015 Sachimo 1 D 1
-1707 Mature Yaoi Stories. Vol 1 Chap 3 “The Way to Nurture Love” Crossdressing in gay bar.
5-ji Kara 9-ji Made (From 5 To 9) Comic Japan 2009 Aihara Miki 1 D 2 P

Satonaka Yuki is revealed to be a crossdressing boy in Vol 1 Chap 3
50 First Dates Movie United States 2004 JK 1 D 1

AKA Fifty First Dates. Ula imitates his girlfriend in a re-inactment video, brief.
50 Ways Of Saying Fabulous Movie New Zealand 2005 JK 1 D

Young Billy explores his sexual identity. Some tg elements.
52 Comic United States 2006 DC Comics 1 T 1

#39-40 (03-04/2007) Everyman takes the form of Natasha.
6000 Ruppieen Literature Germany 2013 Held Jurgen / Hettler Kathrin 1 T

-1609 A couple swaps body after an Indian witch offered them they are compatible.
666 - Traue Keinem, Mit Dem Du Tchlafst! Movie Germany 2002 JK 1 T 2 P

Lots of body swap illusions for Mephisto Jr.
68 Pages Movie India 2007
1 D

-1903 Through 68 Pages of a counselors diary, we see the stories of Paayal, a sex worker; Nishit, an ID user; Kiran, a gay man and Umrao, a transsexual bar dancer.
6teen Animation Canada 2004
1 D 1

-1707 Episode 1x12 “Mr. nice guy” Jude disguised as a woman. Episode 2x13 “Waiting to ex-sale” Jude disguised as a woman. Episode 4x11 “Role reversal” Jude disguised as a woman.
7 Vidas (Siete Vidas) Television Spain 1999
1 D 3 P

Episode 10x02 (115) “Jugo de Lagrimas” (2003) Vicky, a gorgeous woman, present herself as the sister of Manu, old army comrade of Gonzalo. She is in the city for a few days and ask Gonzale to be her guide. Sergio and the Frutero (the fruitman) think there is something rare, and they discover the truth, Vicky is in fact Manu, that is changing his sex and now lives as a woman. They don’t know if they must reveal it to Gonzalo or not.
7-star Girl Attark Comic Japan 2007 Kenchafu 1 D 1

Parody of magical girls manga. Men dressing in girl's clothes.
8 Man Animation Japan 1963 TCJ 1 T 2

-1612 Murdered by criminals, Detective Yokoda's body is retrieved by Professor Tani and taken to his laboratory. There, Tani performs an experiment that has failed seven times; Yokoda is the latest subject to have his life force transferred into an android body. For the first time, the experiment succeeds. Yokoda is reborn as the armor-skinned android 8 Man, able to dash at impossible speeds, as well as shape-shift into other people. He shape-shift into women in episodes 3, 11 and 24.
8 Man Comic Japan 1963 Kuwata Jiro 1 T 2 P

-1612 Murdered by criminals, Detective Yokoda's body is retrieved by Professor Tani and taken to his laboratory. There, Tani performs an experiment that has failed seven times; Yokoda is the latest subject to have his life force transferred into an android body. For the first time, the experiment succeeds. Yokoda is reborn as the armor-skinned android 8 Man, able to dash at impossible speeds, as well as shape-shift into other people. Sometimes He shape-shift into women. Episode 3: Famous singing star, Minnie Marvelous is kidnapped during a live stage performance by some one calling himself the Clown. The Clown demands a huge ransom for the return of Minnie and 8 Man disguised himself as the woman that has to pay the ransom. Episode 11: When a visiting dignitary, Pres. Industrious comes to Metropolitan City, Chief Fumblethumbs is placed in an uncomfortable position because the exiled daughter of the ex-Monarch is living in Metropolitan City with her loyal followers. The bodyguard assigned to protect Pres. Industrious is Captain Tiger and he is none to pleased when the plane they just got off of, explodes. To protect Pres. Industrious and discover who is trying to kill him, 8th Man goes undercover as a hotel maid, disguised as Jenny. Episode 24: The Black Butterfly Gang obtains a terrible weapon, the Devil Germ gun which fires microorganisms that eat metal. They use it to spring their leader, Evil Jaw out of prison and he finds sanctuary in the Solarian Embassy. With Chief Fumblethumbs hands tied by diplomatic red-tape, he makes a bold move and sends 8th Man into the Embassy alone to get Evil Jaw. 8th Man disguises himself as a secretary to infiltrate into the Embassy.
8½ Women Movie Great Britain 1999 HF 1 D

AKA Eight And A Half Women. Some kabuki moments.
8E88 Fan Lanla Movie Thailand 2010
1 D

After escaping from jail, Khun and Thep get into drag in an attempt to avoid apprehension.
9 No Puzzle To Mahou Tsukai Comic Japan 2012 Miura Jun 1 D 1

Vol 1 Chap 1: Katsuro adopt the avatar of a woman to help the police to capture a hacker.
9 Tetes Comic France 1998 David Dominique 1 D 2 P

T1 “La Malle Ecarlate” Two men and a boy escaped from prison disguise as peasant women in the port waiting for a ship to sail.
A Balma Biharwala Movie India 2013
1 D 1

-1903 AKA A Balma Bihar Wala. Male disguised as a woman for a play in his village. Later he goes to the big city and there he diguises as a woman to stay near the woman he loves.
A Boy Of Flanders Movie United States 1924 HF 1 D

To attend a party given by a girl he likes, Nello has to go in disguise, and he does so as a girl.
A Bride For A Ride Television China 2009
1 D 1

Hong Kong made. Foolhardy Tiger Wong is annoyed with his mother Lau Bing Tai for consistently pressuring him to get married. He therefore snatches Chow Man Bun who is in female disguise to be his bride and arranges for Bun to stay at his younger sister Wong Sau Ying's chamber for the night.
A Brother's Price Literature United States 2005 Spencer Wen 1 D

-1612 One boy has to go in disguise as a woman because he is trying to escape kidnappers.
A Cada Lado Movie Argentina 2005 HF 1 D 1 P

AKA On Each Side. A german bridge engineer enjoys clandestine trysts with a transvestite chanteuse across the river.
A Casa Assassinada Movie Brazil 1971 JK 1 D

Drama featuring transvestite character.
A Certain Sacrifice Movie United States 1985 JK 1 D

A transvestite slave is one of the characters.
A Chinese Odyssey – Love Of Eternity Television China 2017
1 T 1

-1712 Adaptation of the classic "Journey to the West". Episode 23-24 Male transforms himself into a woman.
A Chump At Oxford Movie United States 1940 JK 1 D

Features scene of Laurel and Hardy in service as maid and butler.
A Cold Day In Hell Movie United States 2007
1 T

-1903 Woman who used to be a man returns to town for fraternity reunion ends up hooking up with womanizer who was a frat brother.
A Complex Comic Japan 1993 Tomiaki Shuu 1 T

A perverted boy swap bodies with a gentle girl while he is trying to steal some of her underwear.
A Corazon Abierto Television Colombia 2010
1 D 1

Remake of “Gray's Anatomy”. Episode 1x08 (2010) Maza goes to the hospital dressed as a woman because this was the condition to win the pardon of Isabel.
A Country Hero Movie United States 1917 JK 1 D

Buster Keaton plays a vaudeville artist performing as Fatima, charming a stocking from a cigar box.
A Day At School Movie United States 1916 JK 1 D

To stay close to a girl, Oliver Hardy disguises himself as one of the girl students.
A Day For Damnation Literature United States 1984 Gerrold David 1 T

Book 2 in “The War Against the Chtorr” Series. Cybernetic implants allow "telepaths" to swap bodies. The protagonist of the series has intercourse with a former male friend in the body of a woman.
A Day In The Life... Movie Canada 2000 JK 1 D

Plenty of low life drug addicts and prostitutes, plus a transvestite in the cast.
A Different World Television United States 1987
1 D 2 P

Episode 3x24 “Getaway (2)” (1990) Ron and Dwayne disguise themselves as women in order to escape from the drug dealers.
A Dificil Vida Facil Movie Brazil 1972 JK 1 D

Woman forced into prostitution. Man in drag according to IMDB.
A Dragon's Ascension Literature Canada 2002 Greenwood Ed 1 T

Book 3 in “Band of Four” Series. In one sequence, two male-oriented Faceless first appear in the shape of female exotic dancers who feature an interesting twist to their act.
A Fairy Fox Movie China 2016
1 T 1

-1809 AKA 小狐仙. Bodyswap between a male and a woman.
A Fall Of Princess Literature United States 1988 Tarr Judith 1 T

Book 3 in the “Avaryan Rising” series. Sarevan, the wandering son of the Emperor Mirain the Sunborn, rescues injured Hirel and nurses him back to health; young Hirel, the heir to the rival Golden Empire, has escaped the clutches of his usurping bastard brothers. Later, Sarevan is grievously wounded and loses his magic powers after having been drawn into a trap; Hirel now saves Sarevan. Their constant personality clashes mask a real and growing affection. Then, however, Emperor Mirain, reveals his plans to conquer the Golden Empire. Hirel vows to resist, and a bloody and debilitating war looms. So the sorcerers gather and come up with a better idea: if Sarevan were a woman, she could then marry Hirel, and their heir would bloodlessly rule both empires! Thus, handsome Sarevan becomes beautiful Sevayin.
A Fine Mess Movie United States 1986 JK 1 D

Starring Howie Mandell and Ted Danson. Howie dresses up as a maid.
A Florida Enchantment Literature United States 1891 Ganter Archibald / Redmond Fergus 1 T

A woman finds a magic seed that will transform her into a man and swallows it. A darky maid servant is similarly transformed and some of the men are changed into women.
A Florida Enchantment Movie United States 1914 JK 1 T

Comedy. Magic seeds cause sex reversals.
A Força Do Querer Television Brazil 2017
1 D

-1809 Ivan/Ivana Garcia, who feels like a man trapped in a female body,
A Four Letter Word Movie United States 2007 JK 1 D

Gay romantic comedy featuring some drag queen characters in the cast list.
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum Movie United States 1966 JK 1 D

Phil Silvers and Jack Gilford each appear in drag in two scenes.
A Gift to Last Movie Canada 1976 HF 1 D

Christmas story; boy has to wear dress for pageant; unconfirmed
A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story Movie United States 2006 JK 1 B

Trapped in the wrong body. J.D. Pardo plays Eddie/Gwen.
A Happy Life 2 Television China 2015
1 T 2

* -1909 Episode 35: Evil Male tricked a woman to bodyswap with her. Episode 69: Evil Male transforms himself into a woman to trick a group of people.
A Harem's Night Movie United States 1926 HF 1 D

Forced disguise as Indian princess
A High Wind In Jamaica Movie Great Britain 1965 JK 1 D 1

Pirates disguise themselves as women in a boat.
A Jim Jam Janitor Movie United States 1928 JK 1 D

Johnny Burke
A Killing Spring Movie Canada 2002 JK 1 D

Made for TV. Alexander Chapman as a Transvestite Hooker.
A Kind Of Justice Literature United States 2016 James Renee 1 T

-1812 Book 2 in the “Bobbi Logan Crime Novel” series. Against all odds, Bobbi Logan, a statuesque transgender woman, has become one of Chicago's most celebrated hair stylists and the owner of one of the city's poshest salons. She is finally comfortable with who she is, widely admired in her community, about to enjoy the success she deserves. Then her impossibly perfect life falls apart. In the space of a few weeks, the Great Recession drags her business to the brink of failure, her beloved ex-wife needs help in facing a terrible tragedy, and a hateful police detective storms back into her life, determined to convict her of the five-year-old murder of John Strand —pillar of the community— and a sexual predator. As the detective builds an ever more convincing case against her, both of them will be shaken by revelations about themselves, about their own deeply held secrets, and about the bizarre ritual murder of John Strand.
A Kiss Of Judas Literature United States 1893 Osgood Field Julian 1 T

Isaac Lebedenko, after his dead return to live transformed into a vampire woman.
A Korean Odyssey Television Korea 2017
1 T 2

-1803 Episode 4: Son Oh-gong impersonating Ma Ji-young (Woo Hwi-chul's secretary). Episode 7: Alice is a top star in Woo Hwi-chul's agency. She has “unwittingly” given her body to the Jade Dragon, the second son of one of the four Dragon Kings.
A La Guerre Comme A La Guerre Movie France 1972 HF 1 D

Soldier wears drag to evade enemy soldiers
A Lady Is An Infant Liking Taste Comic Japan 2003 Mokkouyou Bond 1 D 2 P X

Mature. Short stories. Story 2 has a boy that forgot his bathing suit, and as the hotel shop don't have any, he is forced to wear a female one.
A Little Bit Of Lippy Movie Great Britain 1992 JK 1 D

A married transvestite comes out of the closet.
A Love Case Movie United States 1917 HF 1 D

Harry Depp has a crossdressing role in this comedy short.
A Low Down Dirty Shame Movie United States 1994 JK 1 D

AKA Mister Cool. Crime movie featuring a transvestite lover
A Lua Me Disse Television Brazil 2005
1 D 1

Dona Roma is a man that from early age has dressed as a woman.
A Maid To Order Movie United States 1916 JK 1 D

Oliver Hardy poses as a woman here. Similar title to the Julian Eltinge film.
A Male Governess Movie United States 1917 HF 1 D

Harry Depp
A Matter Of Duty Literature United States 2010 Jewell Elizabeth 1 T

Sequel to “A Matter of Faces”. There is one Trey-as-female scene,
A Matter Of Faces Literature United States 2010 Jewell Elizabeth 1 T

Trey is a shapeshifter whose specialty is giving women their deepest desires. Trey can easily change gender, however, and does so in a few short sequences...
A Midsummer Night's Dream Movie United States 1935 JK 1 D

Comic drag for the play within the play.
A Midsummer Night's Dream Movie United States 1999
1 D

Shakespearian theatricals with men in women's parts.
A Mighty Wind Movie United States 2003 JK 1 D

Main character has transitioned by end of film.
A Mother And Two Daughter Literature United States 1983 Godwin Gail 1 T

Another feminist utopia novel. In this one men can become "male mothers".
A New Life Movie United States 1988 JK 1 D

Steve picks up, and is then mugged by, a transvestite, Sybil.
A Night At The Opera Movie United States 1935 JK 1 D 1

Marx Bros classic. Harpo and Chico dress as gypsy chorus girls in escape attempt, briefly.
A Night To Remember Movie Great Britain 1958 JK 1 D 1

Man pretends to be a woman to get into lifeboat when the Titanic is sinking, brief.
A Nightmare On Elm Street Movie United States 1984 HF 1 D

Freddy Krueger masquerades as Tina Gray in dream
A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Movie United States 1987 JK 1 D

Sexy nurse in a dream turns into Freddy Krueger, brief.
A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master Movie United States 1988 JK 1 D

Freddy appears briefly as a woman to distract a victim.
A Pillow Case Of Mystery 2 Television China 2010
1 T 1

-1903 Hong Kong made. Episode 1: Male ghost disguised as mermaid. Episode 5: Male ghost disguised as a woman.
Episode 13: Male ghost disguised as a woman. Episode 15: Male ghost disguised as a woman. He also transform the Judge into a woman briefly.
Episode 19: Male ghost transform himself into a woman to trick a male.
A Plague Of Pythons Literature United States 1965 Pohl Frederik 1 T

Rosie and Chandler try on bodies, including the opposite sex.
A Planet Called Treason Literature United States 1979 Card Orson Scott 1 D 3

Lanik is sent as an emissary and spy to the Nkumai, a rival nation. Due to his radical regenerative body, Lanik has grown breasts, which makes him appear to be a woman. Using this subterfuge, he poses as an ambassador from the matriarchal nation of Bird in order to discover what the Nkumai are trading in exchange for their abundant metals, which have allowed them to dominate their region militarily.
A Pleasure Doing Business Movie United States 1979 JK 1 D

Comedy featuring a female impersonator somewhere.
A Porte Chiuse Bollente Comic Italy 2002 Reprise 1 D 2
-1707 Mature. Anno II #5 (2003) Story “Vittima del desiderio” Two males crossdressing to trick a lesbian woman.
A Private Cosmos Literature United States 1967 Farmer Philip Jose 1 T

Book 3 in the “World of Tiers” series. The villain uses a mind-swapping device to take over the hero's girlfriend. Brief.
A Rage In Harlem Movie United States 1991
1 D

Transvestite runs strip club
A Rainha Diaba Movie Brazil 1974 JK 1 D

AKA The Devil Queen. Features black homosexual transvestite gang leader in Rio de Janiero.
A Raiz Do Coração Movie Portugal 2000 JK 1 D

AKA The Heart's Root. Drag queens take on repressive police here.
A Reflection Of Fear Movie United States 1971 JK 1 D 1

Sondra Locke plays boy raised as a girl.
A Sailor's Sweetheart Movie United States 1927 JK 1 D

A sailor is dressed as a woman at one point here.
A Saintly Switch Movie United States 1999 JK 1 T 3

AKA In Your Shoes. Comedy. Voodoo causes body swap between male and woman.
A Series Of Unfortunate Events Television United States 2017
1 D 1

-1803 Episode 1x04: Count Olaf’s hechman disguised as a nurse.
Episode 1x07-08: Count Olaf disguised as a woman.
A Scream In The Streets Movie United States 1973 JK 1 D 1

Mature. Adult video. Murdering rapist poses as a woman to evade capture.
A Sinful Life Movie United States 1989 JK 1 D

Features a transvestite character somewhere.
A Soldier's Girl Movie United States 2003 JK 1 D

True story of a soldier killed for falling in love with a pre-op nightclub performer, played by Lee Pace.
A Soldier's Plaything Movie United States 1930 HF 1 D

AKA A Soldier's Pay. Female impersonation
A Son Of The Circus Literature United States 1994 Irving John 1 T

It deals with a transsexual serial killer.
A Southern Yankee Movie United States 1948 JK 1 D

AKA My Hero. Red Skelton's character dons a dress to escape, brief.
A Stitch In Time Movie Great Britain 1963 JK 1 D 2

Norman Pitkin disguised as female nurse in order to visit a sick orphan.
A Storm Of Swords Literature Great Britain 2000 Martin George R.R. 1 D 1

Book 3 in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. Varys briefly wear a female disguise.
A Study In Scarlet Literature Great Britain 1887 Doyle Arthur Conan 1 D

Holmes fooled by a man in drag.
A Sudden Loss Of Gravity Movie United States 2000 JK 1 D

Philly features here somewhere as a punk-rock mum.
A Touch Of Frost Television Great Britain 1992
1 D 3 P

Episode 14x03 “In the Public Interest” (2008) Multimillionaire James Callum's lover, Michelle, is revealed to be a transvestite.
A Very Cagey Lady Literature United States 1980 Elbert Joyce 1 T

Transsexual killer.
A Very Special Occasion: Men Wedding! Comic Japan 2013 Sakimiya Sako 1 D

-1609 Mature. Yaoi. Nariyuki, a man who's always swayed by emotion, met a man at his older sister's wedding who is...dressed in a wedding dress?! As he's getting over the shock of seeing a muscular boy in a wedding dress, the man says, "The person I was going to marry is not here and might have got in an accident. Help me find him!" Now Nariyuki has to go around everywhere to find him?! How did he get involved into such a mess...!? After the incident-filled search two of them had finally found the groom is actually...! You've got to see the ending of the guys who want to get married!
A Virgin In Hollywood Movie United States 1952 HF 1 D

AKA Hollywood Confidential. Female impersonator at club.
A Voice Out Of Ramah Literature United States 1978 Killough Karen Lee 1 D

A planet suffers a plague where most of the boys are struck down at puberty. The few survivors grow up as pampered leaders of church and state. One young man disguises himself as a female and sees a different side of life on the planet that is kept hidden from the patriarchal leaders.
A Warm Reception Movie United States 1916 JK 1 D

A woman is kidnapped and Babe Hardy dresses up in her clothes, and impersonates her.
A Wizard Named Nell Literature United States 2003
1 D

-1812 There is a guy pretending to be Nell, and dressing up as a girl, throughout much of the book.
A Woman Movie United States 1915 JK 1 D 3

AKA Charlie, The Perfect Lady. Mother, Father and Daughter go to the park. The women dose off on a bench while the father plays a hide-and-seek game with a girl, blindfolded. Charlie leads him into a lake. Both dozing ladies on the bench fall for Charlie and invite him for dinner. The father returns home with a friend. Charlie rushes upstairs and dresses like a woman, shaving his moustache. Both men fall for Charlie.
A Woman A Day Literature United States 1960 Farmer Philip Jose 1 D

One of the central characters in this book is a transvestite spy.
A Woman's Passion Literature United States 2001 Barrie Alan 1 T

Enchanting adventures of a straight man who spends a surprising, fascinating, edifying, and even romantic week as a woman.
A World Without Princess Literature United States 2014 Chainani Soman 1 T

Book 2 in “The School for Good and Evil“ series. After the school for Good and Evil is converted into two separate, competing schools for boys and for girls, there are a lot of gender swaps. Sophie spends most of the book hiding at the school for boys, transformed into a boy named Filip. Yuba the dwarf turns into a female in order to keep his job. One of the new girls turns out to be one of the old boys, who transformed into a female because he felt more comfortable at the girls' school.
A-Force Comic United States 2015 Marvel Comics 1 T

Loki has adopted female form.
A-un Comic Japan 1995 Koryuu Misato 1 T


Mature. Vol 2: A woman refuse to have sex with a man, a fairie appears and transforms her into a shemale and the man into a woman.
A.N.T. Farm Television United States 2011
1 T 1

Episode 2x19 “idANTity crisis” (2013) Principal Skidmore installs a frozen yogurt machine for the school, but the machine actually extracts all the students' personalities. Chyna decides to keep the personalities safe by eating the yogurts. The students all have fun controlling Chyna. Later, all the personalities are extracted from Chyna, but they all end up in the wrong bodies. Fletcher ends up in Olive, Violet ends up in Fletcher, Chyna ends up in Violet and Olive ends up in Chyna.
Aa Goshujin-sama!! (Oh My Master!!) Comic Japan 1996 Watanabe Sumiko 1 T 1

Mature. Short Stories. Story "I and my Way of Love": A boy's ghost possesses a school girl because he has unfinished business in the world of the living. He says he needs to have sex before he can rest in peace, and she's the only one who can see him. She's an unwilling host, especially since sex with another girl would ruin her reputation at school.
Aa Megami-sama! (Oh My Goddess!) Animation Japan 1998 AIC 1 T 2 P

-1311 Episode 20: Belldandy collapses after stopping a ninja invasion! Keiichi must figure out which supernatural medicine to use to revive his love. His only choice: try the potion out on himself first and see what happens! Keiichi gets his girlfriend back all right, along with a new problem: he turns partially into a girl himself!.
Aa Megami-sama! (Oh My Goddess!) Comic Japan 1988 Fujishima Kosuke 1 B 2 P

-1311 Vol 3 Chap 19: A substitute "Keiichi" was dressed up as a girl during a rowdy party. The substitute Keiichi then went to take Keiichi's final term exams. So Keiichi had to dress as a girl to displace the substitute. Vol 9 Chap 54-55: Belldandy collapses after stopping a ninja invasion! Keiichi must figure out which supernatural medicine to use to revive his love. His only choice: try the potion out on himself first and see what happens! Keiichi gets his girlfriend back all right, along with a new problem: he turns partially into a girl himself!
Aadade Aadharam Television India 2008
1 D 1

-1906 Episode 1422-1424 (10-12 Feb 2014) Vikas disguised as a woman.
Episode 1439-1442 (1-5 Mar 2014) Vikas disguised as a woman.
Episode 1465 (1 Apr 2014) Vikas disguised as a woman.
Episode 1479 (17 Apr 2014) Vikas disguised as a woman.
Aadat Se Majboor Television India 2017
1 D

-1803 Episode 57 (20 Dec 2017) Two men disguised as women.
Aanazhagan Movie India 1995
1 D 1

-1806 Remake of Chitram Bhalare Vichitram. Raja, Sudhakar, Raghava and Marudhu are good friends stay together as tenants at (Gandhimathi), after being thrown out of the house they start searching for a new house on rent but no one is willing to give their house for bachelors. Finally they come to know a landlady in search of a family as her tenants. A plot is hatched by and all the four bachelors dress up to be a family man (Sudhakar), his retarded brother (Raghava), his uncle (Marudhu) and his wife Lakshmi (Raja being the wife). Now Raja's (who happens to be in a woman's attire) lady love happens to be the landlady's daughter.
Aap Ke Deewane Movie India 1980
1 D

-1612 Ram and Rahim are childhood, inseparable friends. They complete their schooling, and enroll in an hostel to complete their education. One of their colleagues, Kundan frames them for molesting a girl, and has both rusticated. Without any means to survive, both masquerade as a male and a female, and get employed as tutors to a wealthy young lady, Sameera. Both fall in love with Sameera, and both think that she loves him and him only. Sameera must now decide who to chose.
Aarekti Premer Golpo Movie India 2010
1 D

-1903 The movie is about a Delhi base transgender documentary filmmaker Abhiroop Sen and his bisexual lover cinematographer. They wanted to make a documentary on the life of famous "Jatra" actor "Chapal Bhaduri" But doing so Sen recognized that his life resemble Chapal's life. The movie revolves around the trauma, the pressure,the setbacks, heartache and several situations faced by transgender.
Aaron Stone Television United States 2009
1 T 1

Episode 2x05 “Face-Off” (2010) The shape-shifting mutant U has a brief fight sequence with Aaron as his friend Emma.
Aaron Vera Morales History Mexico 2011
1 D

A Mexican fugitive, who was wanted for stealing 200,000 dollars from the government, is said to have undergone sex change surgery in order to avoid being arrested. Aaron Vera Morales carried identification that said he was a woman when he was caught.
Aata Bommalu Movie India 1966
1 D 1

-1903 Male disguised as a woman to gain access to the woman he loves. Brief.
Aathira (Aadhira) Television India 2015
1 T

Episode 281 (11 May 2016) Male possessing a woman.
Aazmayish Movie India 1995
1 D

-1806 Male disguised as a woman to sneak into a house.
Abarenbo Honey Comic Japan 2015 Tobidase Kevin 1 D 1
-1612 Mature Yaoi Stories. Story “Kakurenbo Honey” Vol 2 Chap 7: Boy disguised as a girl for a school festival.
Abarten Der Korperlichen Liebe Movie Germany 1970 JK 1 D

Lesbianism, transvestitism, homosexuality, and sadomasochism feature here.
Abashiri Ikka Comic Japan 1969 Nagai Go 1 T 1

Vol 8: Alien comes from space and turn a boy into a female version of himself.
Abbie 'N' Slats Comic United States 1937 Van Buren Raeburn 1 D 1

Newspaper sunday comic strip from 13/Jan/1957: Male is asked to disguise in women's clothes. Strip from 1960 has a male substituting a bride in a wedding.
Abbott And Costello Meet The Keystone Kops Movie United States 1955 HF 1 D

Costello is stunt double for woman.
Abbott And Costello Meet The Killer, Boris Karloff Movie United States 1949 JK 1 D

Abbot & Costello comedy. Costello dresses as chambermaid for disguise.
Abbuzze! Der Badesalz-Film Movie Germany 1996 JK 1 T

Comedy. Two men have fantasies of being different characters.
ABCs Of Love Comic Japan 1985 Saeki Kayono 1 D

Short stories. Story 6 “Campus Cinderella” a young man has been accepted to student-teach in a all-girls-private-school. There's only one problem, the school doesn't accept any male faculty under 40, the young man had been mistakenlly accepted because he had a feminine name. It was too late to find another school to student-teach. So, he dressed up as a woman and fit right in!
Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai Animation Japan 2002 Gainax / Madhouse 1 D 1

Mrs. Aki is the neighborhood crossdresser who wears a thick application of make-up. A life-long resident of the Abenobashi Shopping Arcade, he is quite knowledgeable about the history of the area and its people. In each parallel world, he is often depicted in various female roles.
Abenteuerlicher Simplicissimus Television Germany 1975
1 D 1 P

Episode 1x02 “Der Jaeger von Soest” (1975) Simplicissimus disguises himself as a woman.
Abhishekam Television India 2008
1 D 1

-1812 Episode 2323 (29 June 2016) and 2325-2327 (1-4 July 2016) Male disguised as a woman to sneak into a women’s jail and contact a woman.
Abnormals Anonymous Literature United States 1964 Gray Stella 1 D

People with all kinds of kinky desires form a club.
Abracadabra Movie United States 2001
1 D 2 P

Video. Four Goombahs from Boston's Little Italy find the woman of their dreams is packing ore than heat under her garter.
Abre Tu Fosa Amigo… Llega Sabata Movie Spain 1971
1 D 1

-1903 AKA Sei gia cadavere Amigo... ti cerca Garringo. Male bandit disguised as a woman to escape from a fight.
Abroad with Two Yanks Movie United States 1944 JK 1 D

Comedy. Two sailors adopt female disguise and become chorus girls to evade MPs.
Absolument Fabuleux Movie France 2001 JK 1 D

Transvestite in police cells.
Absolution Movie Great Britain 1978 HF 1 D 1 P

Boys' school theatricals, and the boys play female roles.
Absurdistan Movie Germany 2008
1 D 1

Male is disguised as a woman to spy on a group of women.
Abunai Strawberry Boy Comic Japan 2006 Akimoto Nami 1 D

-1311 Memu loves her pretty boy looking boyfriend Makoto passionately and wants to be affectionate with him, however Makoto always avoids it. Around this time, her father who is a dessert chef declared, "I would like to become a woman." It can’t be Makoto is also like her dad…?.
Abunai Valentine Comic Japan 1993 Tekkannon Chiya 1 T 1

Mature. Story “Yoboko-san no Iru Mise”: A man becomes woman and a woman becomes man after sex.
Abunai! Tosho Iinchou! Comic Japan 2008 Nishikawa Rosuke 1 D

-1704 Boy crossdressing as a nurse.
Abunai!! Junk Police Comic Japan 1991 Nakazato Yuji 1 D 3 P

One of the policewomen is revealed to be a transvestite. Also one of the policemen in the unit end crossdressing in two missions.
Aburaccyo!! (Embrace!!) Comic Japan 2006 Matsuzawa Natsuki 1 D

Micheal Miito is a golem master who makes pretty golems. Every golem whom he made looks like a girl, but they are all boys, because Micheal likes pretty boy. One day one village on a trip, they (Micheal and his two cute golems) heard one golem master who is called Echigoya is kidnapping pretty boys. So Micheal decided to save them. But actually, Echigoya is also a golem, made by Micheal.
Accident Comic Japan 1994 Rena Hanazawa 1 T

A man who cheats on his girlfriends is turned into a girl to be taught a lesson but ends up liking his new life.
Accidental Babe Movie United States 2016
1 T

-1612 The story of Henry Hole, victim to an accidental sex-change operation. Now watch as Henry tries to hang on to the woman he loves, solve a dark town secret, and learn how to behave like a lady in a small conservative town.
Accidentally In Love Television China 2018
1 D 1

-1812 Episode 1: Daniel disguised as a woman to escape from the men his father has sent to force his presence at his wedding.
Accion Mutante Movie Spain 1993 JK 1 D

AKA Mutant Action. Cheesy sci-fi comedy features ts actor Bibi Andersen.
According To Jim Television United States 2001
1 D 1

Episode 4x05 “Dress to Kill Me” (2004) Jim is unnerved by Kyle's choice of Halloween costume. Kyle wants to be Cinderella for Halloween. Jim is against it because he thinks he's growing up to be a sissy. Jim buys Kyle a manly costume (a dinosaur) but Kyle changes back into the dress. Jim, Andy, and Kyle all sit on the couch, Jim and Kyle persistent. Jim goes in the kitchen, sees an older Kyle who convinces Jim to let Kyle go as Cinderella. In the end, they all go as ladies and they Trick-or-treat.
Accused Television Great Britain 2010
1 D 2

Episode 2x01 “Tracie's Story” (2012) Simon is a bored English teacher who teaches uninterested teenage students by day, and becomes Tracie, a transvestite, by night. One particular night he meets Tony at a nightclub, culminating in the pair having sex at Tracie's home. The pair strike up a casual relationship, with Tony confessing that his wife has died and he is a widower. It is revealed, however, that Tony's wife is still alive when Simon walks past Tony in town and follows him. Simon tracks down Tony's wife's place of work and receives a makeover from her, and later on Tony's wife confronts him about messages from Tracie on his phone. In a brutal attack, Tony kills his wife because "he couldn't hurt her by leaving". He and Tracie (unaware of the murder) travel to the Lake District and Tony confesses all. Tracie runs away with Tony in pursuit, but Tony can't bring himself to kill her. Tracie is charged with aiding a criminal but is found innocent, and Tony is imprisoned for murder.
Ace Lightning Television Great Britain 2002
1 D 3 P

Episode 1x10 “Knights Undercover” (2002) Mark discovers Samantha has got a job at the carnival and tries to otherwise persuade her to change her mind. Lady Illusion informs Ace of a trap Lord Fear is setting, but it is soon revealed her warning is also part of the plan. Ace and Mark decide to go undercover, Ace dressing as a biker and Mark crossdressing as a girl, which Wayne mistakenly falls for.
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Movie United States 1993 HF 1 D 1 P

A female police chief is eventually revealed by Ace Ventura to have been a man.
Ach Egon Movie Germany 1961
1 D 1 P

Male crossdressing to impersonate a lady novelist.
Achilles History Greece -1000
1 D

In order to keep Achilles safe from the war, Thetis hides the young man at the court of Lycomedes, king of Skyros. There, Achilles is disguised as a girl and lives among Lycomedes' daughters, perhaps under the name "Pyrrha". With Lycomedes' daughter Deidamia, whom in the account of Statius he rapes, Achilles there fathers a son, Neoptolemus (also called Pyrrhus, after his father's possible alias). According to this story, Odysseus learns from the prophet Calchas that the Achaeans would be unable to capture Troy without Achilles' aid. Odysseus goes to Skyros in the guise of a peddler selling women's clothes and jewelry and places a shield and spear among his goods. When Achilles instantly takes up the spear, Odysseus sees through his disguise and convinces him to join the Greek campaign. In another version of the story, Odysseus arranges for a trumpet alarm to be sounded while he was with Lycomedes' women; while the women flee in panic, Achilles prepares to defend the court, thus giving his identity away.
Acorralada Television Venezuela 2008
1 D 1

-1609 Episode 132: Two transvestite in a bar.
Acropol Movie Greece 1995 JK 1 D

Comedy musical, featuring female impersonator.
Across The Universe Movie United States 2007 JK 1 D

Transvestite in street scene.
Action Comics Comic United States 1938 DC Comics 1 T 2 P

#2 (07/1938) "Elmer the Eel" Thief disguised as a woman to escape from a policeman. #20-21 (01-02/1940) Criminal Ultra-Humanite transfers his mind from his dying body into a healthy replacement. Much to his surprise, his new body belonged to movie starlet Delores Winters. #49 (06/1942) "The Mystery of the Meandering Mansion" Old woman is revealed to be a male spy in disguise. #110 (07/1947) "Mother Goose Crimes" Crooks disguised as women to rob the people in a children's theatre. #281 (10/1961)"The Man Who Saved Kal-El's Life!" Crook disguised as a woman to rob a jewelry store. #383 (12/1969) "Chameleon Boy's Secret Identity!" Chameleon Boy assumes the form of his girlfriend in order to confuse an attacker prior to disarming him. #606 (06/1988) The Devil shows Deadman his shapechanging powers changing into a woman. #609 (09/1988) "Faux Pas: chapter 9" Deadman takes over the body of Raisa Gorbachev and has a fight with Nancy Reagan who is possessed by a demon. #610 (10/1988) "Catfight: chapter 10" Deadman takes over the body of a female CIA major. #612 (12/1988) “Take Us To Our Leader: chapter 12” Satan takes iver the body of a female CIA major. #642 (05/1989) "Where There Is a Will...Chapter IV: The Restoration" Deadman take over the body of a woman to talk with Superman. Brief. #721 (05/1996) "The Fortune Plague" Mr. Mxyzptlk makes the illusion of a woman in the bath, very brief. #725 (09/1996) "Variations on a Scheme" Evil Wizard Talos uses the body of a female Apokolips warrior that he uses in fighting Superman. #774 (02/2001) "Fireside Chat" Superman and Martian Manhunter chat in civilian identities at the United Press Club in Washington after a battle. Manhunter is in the guise of journalist Betty Nehring, who exhibits rather unladylike table manners when it comes to a certain chocolate sandwich cookie. #826 (06/2005) "Lightning Strikes Twice" Several people are killing themselves, with anger involved. Superman gets involved with the last one, as does a bystander who works at STAR Labs. She later gets angry herself, steals a LexCorp battle suit from the Labs, does some rampaging, and waits for Superman. Once he appears, she reveals she has been possessed by Eclipso. #880 (10/2009) “Red Shield: 2” Mirabai used her magic to change Metallo into the male Az-Rel and the male Reactron (Benjamin Krull) into the Female Nadira.
Active Heart Comic Japan 1997 Teruki Kuma 1 T 1

Mature. Story 6: Boy turns into a girl after drinking a strange medicine.
Adam And Eve Movie United States 2005
1 D

Man wears red dress at party. Very briefly.
Adam And Steve Movie United States 2005 JK 1 D

Cast includes drag queen Jackie Beat.
Adam Barfi Movie Iran 1995 JK 1 D

AKA The Snowman. Comedy about an immigrant to the USA. He is disguised as a woman and is seeking marriage.
Adam Est... Eve Movie France 1954
1 D 4 P

Another sex-change story. Charlie Beaumont, a young athletic boy, stars suddenly experiencing strange sensations. Soon his fiancee Claire leaves uninterested and he will consult Dr. Corinne who applies a psychoanalytic treatment. For fear of his father, he does not dare to break the engagement, but his wedding night with Claire turns to disaster. He fled, and looks for help from Dr. Corinne who addresses surgery. After the operation, Charlie becomes Charlotte, a beautiful young girl. But Mr Beaumont refuses to accept such a situation and Charlotte decides to make a living as a nude dancer. However, she will find happiness by marrying a brave boy who himself was a few years ago a young girl.
Adam To Eve No Houteishiki Comic Japan 1987 Sugi Emiko 1 T

Vol 10: While out on a date, Yue and Kazuki hug... and immediately find themselves in one another's bodies!
Adam's Rib Movie United States 1949 JK 1 T 1

Jury are asked at one point to imagine being the other sex. Brief.
Addams Family Reunion Movie United States 1998 HF 1 D

Brief as dressmaker's model.
Addams Family Values Movie United States 1993 JK 1 D

Very brief appearance of Cousin Aphasia, played by Charles Busch.
Adelheid Und Ihre Morder Television Germany 1993
1 D 1

Episode 2x12 “Inter-Pohl” (1999) Adelaide's friend, Pohl, A computer geek frustrated with his girlfriend Marion, find in Internet a sympathetic soul. He finally find the address to his mysterious Internet partner and visits her, but finds her murdered in front. And actually it is not a woman but a transvestite. Pohl flees in horror, but is seen. Pohl confided in Adelaide and she takes the matter in her hand.
Adesugata Junjou Boy (Pretty Shy Boy) Comic Japan 1989 Fujisawa Tohru 1 D 4 P

Jun, as part of the family's tradition, is training to succeed his father as an onnagata, a female impersonator in the traditioal theatrical art of kabuki. Since young, Jun has been brought up as a girl in preparation for his future career. At the beginning of the story, his father had juast enroled him into a highschool as a girl, which ended up with him sharing a dorm room with his female classmate Yui. In school, Jun goes around wearing a pair of realistic falsies (imitation breast). Only his roommate Yui knows his true gender. In many occations where he was forced to undress, his falsies managed to convince others that he is indeed a girl, an a very beautiful one too. Other than Jun, there is also another character wo is also a female impersonator-in-training, belonging to a rival clan
Adhemar Ou Le Jouet De La Fatalite Movie France 1951 HF 1 D 1

Dressing up to amuse mirthless woman.
Adios Muchachos Comic Italy 2011 Bacilieri Paolo 1 D 1 P

Adapted from book of the same title. Elizabeth is revealed to be a crossdressing male.
Adios Muchachos Literature Uruguay 1994 Chavarria Daniel 1 D

Elizabeth is revealed to be a crossdressing male.
Aditya 369 Movie India 1991
1 D 1

-1812 Male disguised as a maid to sneak into a palace.
Adonis History Greece -1000
1 D

Adonis was bridegroom to Aphrodite, but also served Apollo as a girl.
Adrenalin Comic Korea 2004 Lee Jung-Hwa 1 T 2 P

Plot is about a vampire whose bits turns the victims into females.
Adulterio All'italiana Movie Italy 1966 HF 1 D 1 P

Man poses as woman to deter suitor for wife
Adventure Comics Comic United States 1935 DC Comics 1 T 2 P

#46 (01/1940) Story “The Sandman Meets With Murder” Villain discovered to be a crossdresser. #47 (02/1940) Story “Revenge of the Drug Ring” Tchang disguised as a woman to rescue a girl from a chinese drug ring. #50 (05/1940) Story “Spy of the South Seas” Tchang disguised as a woman to rescue Steve. #303 (12/1962) "The Fantastic Spy" Chameleon Boy changes into a girl so he and Cosmic Boy can pose as a honeymoon couple to ferret out a possible traitor in the Legion of Superheroes. #461 (02/1979) Deadman briefly possesses girlfriend Lorna in battle with unknown assailant. #462 (04/1979) Very briefly, Deadman possesses his niece, Lita. #463 (06/1979) Deadman possesses his sister in-law, Inga.
Adventure Kid Comic Japan 1988 Maeda Toshio 1 T 1 P X

Mature. Vol 3: At the end Kazu is turned into a woman. Vol 4 “He's a Woman! She's a Man!”: Kazu has been transformed into a woman! And now that he's the only human female in the demon realm, he's going to be sacrificed. The lusty demonic torture parties are about to come to a screeching halt... as soon as Kazu discovers what hell really has in store for him.
Adventures Into Terror Comic United States 1951 Marvel Comics 1 D 1 P

#7 (12/1951) Story “The Two Were Alone!” A man becomes a victim of a crossdressing serial killer.
Adventures Of A Taxi Driver Movie Great Britain 1976 JK 1 D

Comedy. The cabby picks up a female impersonator, Bunny Mc Queen, at one point.
Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Movie United States 1985 HF 1 D 1 P

Made for TV. Huck and a black slave run away when Huck's father gets killed, but Huck returns to the town in disguise to try to find out what's happening. Because he believes people are on the lookout for him, he goes dressed as a girl.
Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog Animation United States 1993 DiC 1 B 3 P

Episode 13 “Best Hedgehog” Sonic and Tails rescue Robotnik's first prisoner, a hairy gossamer-look alike man called Lucas, and work to reunite him with his lost girlfriend, Lucinda, whom Robotnik is also after. Sonic impersonates Lucinda and even marry Robotnik. Episode 50 “Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme” Robotnik heads to ancient MobEgypt to get the Emerald of Immortality and to ensure Sonic's ancestors never meet so that he'd never be born. Sonic and Tails go after him. Robotnik hechman, Scratch, disguises as a egyptian woman. Episode 63 “Sonic is Running” Sonic dress up as a woman and tricks Robotnik's robotic wife into believing that Robotnik is cheating on her, Episode 65 “Sonically Ever After” Sonic and Tails are transported to a story book world and take the roll of "Hansol and Nettle". Tails the fox gets turned into the girl.
Adventures Of Superman Television United States 1952
1 D 1

Episode 1x15 “Double Trouble” (1952) German spy Otto Von Klaben disguised as a woman, Madame Charpentier, to enter United States with radioactive material.
Adventures Of The Gummi Bears Animation United States 1985 Walt Disney 1 T 1

Episode 1x09 “A Gummi by Any Other Name” (1985) In the climax, Princess Calla uses the hat to change into Duke Igthorn. Right after she uses the hat, she puts the hat on the Duke and vice versa happens, after which, the Duke also turns into Sunni.
Affairs Movie United States 1997 JK 1 D

Comedy. Transvestite features somewhere.
Afrika Movie Italy 1973
1 T 1

Eva is a transsexual that changed his sex to be with his lover.
After Alice Movie Great Britain 1999
1 D

AKA Eye of the Killer. Transvestite hooker in police thriller
After MASH Television United States 1983
1 D 1

Episode 2x01 “Less Miserable” (1984) Klinger end disguising himself as a nurse to evade some cops.
Agadam Bagdam Tigdam Television India 2007
1 T 1

-1612 Episode 5 “Romeo and Juliet” Soniya’s Dad takes her form.
Again Kasargod Khader Bhai Movie India 2010
1 D 2 P

-1806 Crossdresser is a member of the group of artists.
Agdistis History Turkey -1000
1 D

The Phrygian Agdistis, whose followers castrated themselves and dressed as women, was a bisexual being that castrated itself to become female.
Age Of Apocalypse Comic United States 2012 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#5 (09/2012) A woman in a bar is revealed to be Mr. Quire in disguise
Age Of Bronze Comic United States 1998 Image Comics 1 D 1

#5-8 (10/1999-08/2000)Thetis retrieves her son Achilles from his teacher and places him in hiding disguised as a girl between the daughers of Lycomedes, King of Skyros.
Ageha 100% Comic Japan 2002 Takeuchi Kozue 1 D 2

Kisaragi crossdresses as Ageha's assistant to tag along with her as she works.
Agent 212 Comic Belgium 1975 Kox Daniel 1 D 1 P

T3 “Sens interdit” Story “La nuit des travestis” Arthur Delfouille (Agent 212) disguised as a woman to be the bait for a thief.
Agent Aika: Final Battle Animation Japan 1997 Studio Fantasia 1 D 1 P

It has been a few months since Aika and her friends defeated Hagen and his Delmo army. Since that time, the members of K2 Salvage have been very busy. They have hired a new employee, the very strange Michiksua. This guy is not your average anime character. First of all, he uses this little doll he uses to "council" Rion. Second, he has a penchant for crossdressing, especially the Delmo uniforms.
Agent In Old Lace Literature United States 2009 Pinkston Tristi 1 D

-1812 Shannon Tanners perfect life is turned on end when she discovers her boyfriend is not what he seems. Fearing for her safety, she enlists the FBI, who puts its best man on the job, Rick Holden, who goes undercover as Shannons female roommate.
Aggelos Movie Greece 1982 JK 1 D 2

Features young gay man working as a transvestite prostitute..
Agitese Antes De Usarla Movie Spain 1983 JK 1 D 1

A nurse is revealed to be an undercover policeman in final scene.
Agnes Und Seine Bruder Movie Germany 2004 JK 1 D

AKA Agnes and His Brothers. Agnes, a transsexual, is played by Martin Weiss.
Agnifera Television India 2017
1 D

-1903 Episode 57 (6 Jun 2017) Two men disguised as female dancers.
Agony Television Great Britain 1979
1 D 1

* -1909 Episode 1x05 “Forever and Never” (1979) Male crossdressing.
Aguila Roja Television Spain 2009
1 D 1

Episode 6x02 (71) (2014) Satur disguised as a woman.
Ah! My Teacher Comic Japan 1990 Wingbird 1 D 1 P X

Mature. Story 3 have a girl paying a visit to her teacher house. There the girl reveals herself as a transvestite boy.
Aha Naa Pellanta Television India 2016
1 D 1

-1906 Episode 30 (21 Nov 2016) Male disguised as a woman.
Episode 41 (14 Dec 2016) Two men disguised as women.
Episode 44 (21 Dec 2016) Male disguised as a woman.
Ahiru-Kun SOS Comic Japan 1996 Taniuchi Kazuki 1 T 1 P X

Mature. Chap 2-3: A boy is transformed into a girl.
Aho Aho Gakuen Comic Japan 1996 Kuki Aoba 1 T

Vol 3: Boy and girl swap bodies after a kiss.
Ai Dake De Ikasete Comic Japan 1997 Sousuke Megumi 1 T


Mature. Short Story "Nana II": A boy and girl swaps bodies after a kiss
Ai No Bousou Ressha Comic Japan 2000 Araya Miki 1 D 2 P

Last story have a young male dressing in female clothes in a gay club and his lover coming to rescue him.
Ai No Mukidashi Movie Japan 2008 HF 1 D 2 P

AKA Love Exposure. Yu loses a bet with his friends and has to go into the city dressed as a woman and kiss the first girl he sees. When they go into the city, Yu and his friends come across a young teenage girl named Yoko, who is surrounded by a group of thugs. Yu, still dressed as a woman, then helps Yoko beat off the gang of thugs. Afterwards he kisses Yoko and runs away. Yu's outfit as this stage consists of a long black coat and a big floppy hat. Later he falls in love with her, but Yoko falls in love with a woman in drag known as Sasori. However Yu has now transformed into Miss Scorpion, dressed as a Japanese schoolgirl.
Ai No Shintairiku Comic Japan 2004 Yamada Nari 1 D 3 P

The "heroine" of this story is actually a guy named Souhei. He is a very cute boy, but he has never really felt like a “boy”. So when he has the chance to transfer into a new high school, he decides to do it as "Sara", a girl. Vol 1 Chap 4: They are all in the beach and a there is a Swimsuit competition too, Sara want to participate and convince Youga, a tomboyish girl friend, to participate also, Youga is helped by a gorgeous woman, Misaki, that later reveal that she was also born a male, in the end the three joint the competition, Misaki winning.
Ai Ore! Comic Japan 2007 Shinjo Mayu 1 D 2 P

Continuation of manga “Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero!”. Akira Shiraishi continues crossdressing as a member of the band Blaue Rozen.
Ai Qing Wan Sui Movie China 1994 HF 1 D 1

Taiwan made. AKA Vive L'Amour. Three people use the same flat for different puroses. Lonely man tries a dress on.
Ai Wa Chikyuu Wo Sukuu Comic Japan 1996 Mutou Hiromu 1 D 2 P

Vol 3 Chap 13: Boy crossdress to help a friend be out of a bully. Also some more brief crossdressing scenes.
Ai Wa Kagi No Kazu Dake Comic Japan 2001 Minami Tomoko 1 D 2 P X

Mature. Story "Inner Gender": Male is tricked into crossdressing as a female by his girlfriend. He end having sex with a shemale.
Ai Wo Semenaide Comic Japan 2004 Nanase Kai 1 D 1 P X

Mature. Young male dressed in women's clothes for his lover.
Ai Wo Utau Yori Ore Ni Oborero! Comic Japan 2006 Shinjo Mayu 1 D 2 P

Akira Shiraishi, a young highschooler with girlish features, would like to be one of Mizuki Sakurazaka's band: Blaue Rozen. The members first refuse because Akira is a boy whereas they are girls, but in the end he is accepted. There is a sequel called Ai Ore.
Ai Wo Utau Yori Ore Ni Oborero! Movie Japan 2012
1 D

AKA Ai Ore! Love Me!. Based on the manga series "Ai Ore!" by Mayu Shinjo. Student Mizuki Sakurazaka looks like a boy and is treated like a prince at her all female Seinoibara High School. She also leads the all girl rock band Burauerozen. They regularly perform at a venue that allows only women. Akira Shiraishi is a student at the all male Kaizan High School. He's treated like a princess at his school because of his feminine face. Akira then sneaks in to watch Burauerozen. He confesses his love to Mizuki.
Ai Wo Yumemite Comic Japan 1985 Amamiya Jun 1 T


Mature. A boy is transformed into a girl.
Ai Ye Nu Peng You Movie China 1992
1 T 3 P

-1412 Hong Kong made. AKA False Lady. Hong Kong version of "Switch". A real estate agent gets knocked out by a falling pot. Although he wasn't supposed to die, his spirit goes to some form of purgatory. He is told he must return to his body by noon or he will be dead. Missing the dead-line by a fraction of a second and finding that his body has been cremated he decides to take up residence in the body of a car-crash victim, not pausing to notice that the body is female. How can he persuade his girl-friend of his real identity? Can he find a way to keep his job?
Aicha 1 Movie France 2009
1 D 1

Made for TV. Boy is found crossdressing when his family return to the house. Very brief.
Aida Television Equador 2012
1 D

Remake of spanish “Aida”. Episode 8: Paz trick Luisma into believe he is going to have sex with her but there is a change and a friend of Paz is the one that is going to have sex with Luisma. Unknown to Luisma, She is a transvestite.
Aida Television Spain 2005
1 D 3 P

-1609 Episode 1x02 “Tootsie que vales” (2005) Luisma try to get the job that Mauricio is offering as a waiter for his bar. But Mauricio denied it to him becuase is a male, and he want a waitress, so Luisma disguises as a woman and get the job. Episode 5x04 “Chicos vs. Chicas” (2007) After losing a basketball match Men vs. women, the men must dress as women. Episode 5x05 “El cobrador” (2007) Fidel wins a poetry prize, but he entered under a female name, and only a woman can get the prize. Lorena says she is not going to help, but goes to collect the prize planning to use the money in her, without sharing with Fidel. Johnatan has the same idea, and disguises as a woman to collect the prize, and Fidel also disguises as a woman to collect the prize. Episode 9x54 “Donde habitan los monstruos y la Junca” (2012) Fidel disguises himself as a woman to trick Mecos. Episode 10x12 “Monitos bastardos” (2013) Fidel disguises as Eva for a play. Episode 10x27 “Con balas y a lo loco” (2014) Johnatan disguises as a female recruit to sneak into the female quarters.
Aigan Shounen Comic Japan 2007 Mizukami Shin 1 D 1

Mature Yaoi. Two half brothers living as girls in a manor.
Aihoshi Modoki Comic Japan 2006 Morishige Takuma 1 D 2

Boy and girl find they have the same face, and they play interchanging identities.
Aikatsu! Animation Japan 2012 Sunrise 1 D 1

Episode 18 “Chokotto Rabu”: Raichi, who wants to receive some chocolate from Aoi, sneaks into Starlight Academy dressed as a girl, posing as Ichigo's little sister so he can help make the chocolate. However, he becomes depressed when he finds Aoi hasn't made any chocolate for him. He does cheer up after watching everyone in the fashion show. After the performance, Aoi gives Raichi some chocolate of his own.
Air Gear Animation Japan 2006 Toei Animation 1 D

Episodes 23-25:The dual personality akito/agito crossdresses in wedding clothes.
Air Gear Comic Japan 2003 Oh! Great 1 D

Vol 12 Chap 97: The dual personality akito/agito crossdresses in wedding clothes, lasts a few chapters. Chap 227: John Omaha at the end of the chapter bodyswaps with one of the female characters. Chap 278-279: Agito is fighting a cute gothic Lolita that reveals herself as a man by lifting his/her skirt.
Airboy Comic United States 2015 Image Comics 1 D 1

#2 (07/2015) Airboy visits a transvestite bar where the women are, well, transvestites.
Airplane! Movie United States 1980 JK 1 D

Disaster spoof, brief scene. Actress plays man who thinks he is Ethel Merman in comedy sketch.
Aishite Baby Comic Japan 2007 Watanabe Asia 1 D 1 P X

Mature. Yaoi stories. Chap 1 “Love me Baby” Schoolboy is disguised as a schoolgirl to play a prank on a teacher. Chap 5 “Break you” A selfish young master is going to have an arranged marriage, but he's in love with his caretaker. So he disguised in a wedding dress to play a prank on him.
Aishite Imasu (Mahal Kita) 1941 Movie Philippines 2004 JK 1 D 3

Inya, a heroine of the Philippine resistance against the Japanese during World War II, recalls events involving her husband Edilberto and their childhood friend Ignacio, a transvestite who, masquerading as a woman also named Inya, becomes the lover of the local Japanese commander, Ichiru, and is caught between a duty to be a spy for his country and friends and his reluctant but growing love for Ichiru
Aitsu No Daihonmei Comic Japan 2008 Tanaka Suzuki 1 D

-1704 Vol 2 Chap 5: Group of boys disguised as female cheerleaders. Vol 2 Sidestory: Komiyama Chiaki is the school transvestite. Vol 3 Chap 8: Murakami in disguise as a girl confess his love for Yoshida, but is rejected. Vol 6 Chap 22: Murakami disguised as a school girl to pass as the girlfriend of Sato. Vol 7 Chap 27: Murakami again disguised as a girl to confess his love to Yoshida.
Aiyaary Movie India 2018
1 D 1

-1906 Rogue Major Jai Bakshi disguised as a woman in the airport to escape from india to London.
Aizen Comic Japan 2000 Shijima Yukio 1 D 2

Mature. Boy is forced into female clothes by his mistress.
Ajab Gajab Ghar Jamai Television India 2014
1 D 1

Episode 103 (8 Oct 2014) Male disguised as a woman.
Ajooba Movie India 1991 JK 1 D 1

AKA Miracle. Hassan has to crossdress here somewhere.
Akahime Ranshin Comic Japan 2008 Yamamoto Nobuyo 1 D

One shot. Akagi Erika is a classical literature teacher at a high school. One day, she scolds a male student, Usami Rento, for wearing perfume to school. However, she later finds out that the sweet scent isn’t from perfume but from incense that’s soaked into the kimono he wears, for Usami Rento is actually a famous kabuki actor playing female roles. Erika watches a performance of Usami’s out of curiosity, and finds herself gradually drawn to this strange student...
Akai Hayate Animation Japan 1992 Tsuruyama Osamu 1 T

OAV. For over a thousand years, Japan was secretly ruled by the Shinogara, a society of ninja whose palace lies in a hidden valley at the base of Mt. Fuji. The assassins' grip on Japan was unbreakable, until their finest warrior, Hayate Kanuma, rebelled against the group and murdered Shinogara's fearsome leader - his own father!. Guilty of both betrayal and patricide, Hayate fled for his life, but his enemies dealt him a fatal blow. With only minutes to live, Hayate took a desperate gamble and transferred his soul into the body of his sister, Shiori. Now, Shiori is wandering the streets of Tokyo, under the alias Yukiko. The assassins still search for her, unaware of her new powers. However, each time Shiori calls upon her brother, she sacrifices a part of herself. After all, two souls cannot occupy the same body for long!
Akame Ga Kill! Animation Japan 2014 White Fox 1 T

-1803 Episode 4 “Kill the Imperial Arms User” In the streets, Tatsumi and Akame try to find Zanku. Tatsumi is led away by an illusion of Sayo, falling into a trap set by Zanku.
Akane-chan Overdrive Comic Japan 1999 Momokuri Mikan 1 T 4 P

Nineteen-year-old Takashi Amamiya dies after tripping on a bottle but is transported into a comatose body of a cute girl, Akane Hagiwara. He tries to return to his original body with a help of a weird spirit/monk, but Akane's soul went missing in heaven, so until Akane's soul return's to her real body, Amamiya must stay in her body. Amamiya goes through various trials and tribulations dealing with being a girl, getting his body back, his mind being slowly changed from a guy to a girl, and dealing with old and new friends, several guys, Touma one of them, and Akane's female best friend, all seem to be attracted to her. Later Satoru Murai, Takashi's best friend, end also in Akane's body when Takashi return to his body and he deal with the same problems that takashi had before, and in the very end there is a last body swap with Murai in Takashi's body, Takashi in Touma's body and Touma in Akane's body.
Akaneshinchi Hanaya Sange (Songs Of Self-Abuse) Comic Japan 2007 Renaissance Yoshida 1 D 1

Mature. Gay boy dresses as a girl.
Akasya Duragi Television Turkey 2008
1 D 1

* -1909 Episode 1x42 (42) (2009) Male disguised as a woman.
Episode 2x10 (53) (2009) Two men end in a transvestite club.
Episode 2x14 (58) (2009) Male disguised as a woman.
Episode 2x33 (76) (2010) Male disguised as a woman to escape from mob men.
Episode 3x08 (91) (2010) Mago Aga falls in love with the transvestite Naciye who sings at the nightclub where he goes to have fun.
Episode 3x39 (122) (2011) Male disguised as a woman to infiltrate a whorehouse.
Episode 3x41 (124) (2011) Male disguised as a woman to act as the wife of another male.
Episode 3x51 (134) (2011) Male disguised as a woman.
Episode 4x04 (138) (2011) Male disguised as a female dancer.
Akatsuki No Yona Animation Japan 2014 Pierrot 1 D 2 P

Episode 20-22: Yun disguised as a woman to infiltrate Yan Kumji's human trafficking.
Akatsuki No Yona Comic Japan 2009 Kusanagi Mizuho 1 D 2 P

Vol 6 Chap 34-35 and Vol 7 Chap 36-38: Yun disguised as a woman to infiltrate Yan Kumji's human trafficking. Vol 11 Chap 64: Yun disguised as a woman in exchange for the opportunity of tasting iza seeds.
Akazukin Chacha (Red Riding Hood Chacha) Animation Japan 1994 Nihon Ad Systems 1 D 2 P

Doris is Dorothy's younger brother, but he usually dressed as a woman and is in love with Seravy. He is jealous of Dorothy for being the love of Seravy. First appareance in Episode 19.
Akazukin Chacha (Red Riding Hood Chacha) Comic Japan 1991 Ayahana Min 1 B 2

Doris is Dorothy's younger brother, but he usually dressed as a woman and is in love with Seravy. He is jealous of Dorothy for being the love of Seravy. Vol 2 Chap 10: Riiya and Shiine dress as Riiko and Shiiko. Vol 3 Chap 16: First appearance of Doris. Vol 6 Chap 32: Riiya and Shiine dress as Riiko and Shiiko. Vol 8 Chap 42: A fairy's spell makes characters dance ballet -- Riiya and Shiine dance dressed in ballerina tutus. Vol 11 Chap 70: A water spirit rewards Riiya by giving a wand which transforms him into a cute magical girl (she thought he was female), the only way to break the spell is to pass the wand on to someone else -- so Shiine, Heihachi, Popii and an old man get transformed in turn as the wand is passed around.
Akazukin-Zatsugidan Comic Japan 1995 Mikitonbi 1 T


Mature. Vol 1: Boy is transformed into a girl and has sex. Vol 2: Girl wants to try a boob enhacement spell to seduce her boyfriend but he enters and get transformed into a girl.
AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jourei Comic Japan 2010 Miyajima Reiji 1 D 3 P

The story is set in the future in a time where "AKB48 has surpassed the Beatles" and sold 20,000,000 copies of their best album. A girl called Yoshinaga, who's oshi is Acchan, auditions to join AKB. Her male friend, Urayama Minoru, want to help her and goes to the audition disguised as a girl.
Akbar Birbal Television India 2014
1 D

-1903 Episodes 113-114 (1-2 Oct 2014) Male disguised as a woman.
Episode 155 (24 Nov 2014) Two males disguised as women.
Aki Sora Animation Japan 2009 Hoods Entertainment 1 D 2

Mature. OAV Episode 1: Sora is dressed in a female tennis oufit.
Aki Sora Comic Japan 2008 Itosugi Masahiro 1 D 2 P X

Mature. Vol 1 Chap 2: Sora crossplaying as a catgirl. Vol 1 Chap 4: Sora dressed as a schoolgirl. Vol 3 Chap 11: Sora dressed in a female bathing suit. Vol 3 Chap 13: A friend of Sora dressed as a schoolgirl and Sora dressed in a maid oufit. Vol 4 Chap 16: Sora crossdressing as a loli-girl. Vol 4 Chap 18: Sora and a friend crossdressing as as part of a roleplay. Vol 4 Chap 20: Sora crossdressing as a schoolgirl. Vol 5 Chap 22: Sora cosplaying as a girl. Vol 5 Chap 23: Sora crossdressing as a schoolgirl. Vol 6 Chap 30: A friend of Sora cosplaying as a catgirl.
Akihabara Fall In Love Comic Japan 2014 Kashima Chiaki 1 D 1 P

Vol 1 Chap 2: Akiba working in a crossdressing maid cafe covering for a friend with flu. Hasegawa end also working there to cover for another worker with flu.
Akihabara Muhougai Gun Maid Comic Japan 2007 Sugimura Mugita 1 D 2

Vol 1: A boy who wears maid costume fights against evil with a gun in a lawless city, Akihabara.
Akka Television India 2014
1 D

-1812 Episode 182 (9 Aug 2014) Maruthi and his team go to Devika's house and play a game. Keerthi requests men of the house to dress as women.
Akogare Adventure Comic Japan 1985 Asagiri Yuu 1 D

Vol 1: Shin goes undercover as a female model
Aku No Meshitsukai Comic Japan 2010 Nekoyama Miyao 1 D 1

Vol 1 Chap 6: Prince Len takes the place of Princess Rin in the bed to trick and kill the man that ordered her dead.
Akugi Ouji Comic Japan 2006 Hashida Yukari 1 D 1

Vol 1 Chap 1: Yujin Ratcliff is a very serious but impoverished student who somehow manages to continually be at the top of his class. On the evening of the school's big Christmas bash, Yujin's classmates decide to pull a sidesplitting pratical joke on him, and they transform him into a princess!
Akuma De Omocha Comic Japan 2002 Yamada Mario 1 D 1

Mature. Humorous set of short stories revolving around a pair of salarymen, one of them end crossdressing a few times.
Akuma De Shoujo Comic Japan 2009 Aotsuki Shinobu 1 T 2

Vol 1: Boy and girl interchange souls.
Akuma-kun Mahou Bitter (Akuma-kun Magic Bitter) Comic Japan 1985 Hiwatari Saki 1 B 2

Vol 1: Male is tricked into working in a gay bar crossdressing as a female. Vol 2: Male transforms himself into a female to pass unnoticed.
Akuma-sama Herupu Comic Japan 2004 Mikabe Setsuna 1 D

Kurimu have had a part-time work in a transvestite club.
Akushoku Gender Comic Japan 2016 Maezaki Monaka 1 D 1

-1707 Lover in a gay couple is a crossdresser.
Al Caer La Noche Movie Mexico 1992 JK 1 D

AKA The Badge. Thriller. Transsexual murder victim here.
Al Este Del Oeste Movie Spain 1984
1 D 1

Cowboy end disguised as a indian woman to hide from bandits.
Al Fondo Hay Sitio Television Peru 2008
1 D 1

-1609 Episode 923 (2 Sep 2013) Raul disguised as a woman to win the love of Charito. Episode 1411 (29 Mar 2016) Gaviria and two of his hechmen disguised as women to escape from prison.
Al Khala Al Amrikiya Movie Egypt 1920
1 D

-1809 Early version of Charley’s Aunt. The main character had to dress up as his friend’s aunt to save him.
Al Salir De Clase Television Spain 1997
1 D 2

Episode 1x82 “Año nuevo, cambio de sexo” (1998) In new year’s eve boys and girls goes to a party and all the boys goes as girls and the girls as boys.
Al Servicio De La Mujer Española Movie Spain 1978 JK 1 D 1

AKA At the Service of Spanish Womanhood. Agony aunt has affair with transvestite.
Al-Irhab Wa-Al-Kabab Movie Egypt 1992 JK 1 D

A drag queen is found in the men's bathroom.
Ala Modalaindi Television India 2014
1 D 1

-1809 Episode 1x50 (13 Jan 2015) Male and female interchange roles and clothes.
Ala..Dina! Television Spain 2000
1 B 2

-1709 Episode 1x21 “Los tres mosqueteros” (2000) Dina transfoms Tomas, Chemita and Sazhim into women in a disco party. Episode 2x01 “Un genio en practicas” (2001) Male genie transform himself into Eva to trick Chemita. Episode 2x12 “Funionan sin pilas” (2001) Sazhim disguised as a witch. Episode 2x14 “la madre del novio” (2001) Sazhim tramsform himsefl into the mother of Tomas, Lucrecia.
Alabaster Comic Japan 1970 Tezuka Osamu 1 D 1 P

Vol 2: Alabaster’s gang pulls a heist at a jewelry modeling show, stealing the gems and kidnapping the beautiful models so Alabaster can destroy them. They take the models to their hideout, when one, laughing, reveals that she is really Rock in disguise, and that his men now have them surrounded.
Alad'2 Movie France 2018
1 T 1

-1812 Genie transforms himself into a woman. Brief.
Aladdin Comic United States 1994 Marvel Comics 1 T 2

#8 "Trading Places" (05/1995) Disney's comic in which the Genie switches Aladdin and Jasmine's bodies to settle the old "boys versus girls" argument.
Aladdin - Jaanbaaz Ek Jalwe Anek Television India 2007
1 B 2

-1803 Episode 20 (2007) Male djinn disguised as a woman. Episode 21 (2007) Aladdin diguised as a woman to contact princess Jasmin in the palace. Episode 74 (2008) Male djinn disguised as a woman to trick Aladdin.
Aladdin: The Animated Series Animation United States 1994 Walt Disney 1 T

Episode 3x05 (83) “Two to Tangle” Mozenrath impersonates princess Jasmine.
Aladdin: The Return of Jafar Animation United States 1994 Walt Disney 1 T 2

Movie sequel to Aladdin. At one point the Sultan is kidnapped by Jafar and Aladdin thrown into the raging river. Jafar, however, spares his life in order to exact his revenge in the most painful way possible: by splitting him away from all his loved ones. To this purpose, he leaves fake evidence and masks himself as Jasmine to implicate Aladdin with the alleged murder of the Sultan, and Aladdin is thrown into the dungeon, to be executed by beheading come morning.
Aladdin's Lantern Movie United States 1938 JK 1 D

Our Gang Short. Boy puts harem girl outfit on.
Alanna: The First Adventure Literature United States 1983 Pierce Tamora 1 D 1

Book 1 in the “Song of the Lioness” series. Alanna pretends to be her twin brother so that she can learn the art of battle. Meanwhile, her brother, Thom, disguises himself as a girl so that he can learn magic at a convent.
Alarm Fur Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei Television Germany 1996
1 D 1

Episode 2x14 “Todlicher Ruhm” (1998) Policeman try a disguise to cover for a real woman. Very brief.
Alas! Poor Yorick! Movie United States 1913 JK 1 D

Thought to be Arbuckle's first screen appearance dressed as a woman.
Albany & Sturgess Comic France 1977 Floc'h 1 D 3 P

T2 “Le Dossier Harding” Woman in a black dress and a veil is revealed to be a male in disguise.
Albert Le 5e Mousquetaire Animation France 1994
1 D

Episode 1 “Les Escarpins du Roi” Aramis disguised as a woman. Aramis would never have done this if Albert hadn't suggested Aramis dress as a lady-in-waiting seeking Milady's assistance.
Alchemila No Shizuku Comic Japan 2001 Ruen Rouga 1 T


Mature. Mad scientist bodyswaps a boy into his creation, then later changes his own gender.
Aldri Mer 13! Movie Norway 1996 JK 1 D

AKA Goodbye 13!. Crossdressing somewhere here.
Alem Da Paixão Movie Brazil 1985 JK 1 D

AKA Happily Ever After. A woman is obsessed with bisexual transvestite.
Alemin Krali Television Turkey 2011
1 D 1

Episode 2x18 (58) Male disguised as a woman to sneak into a house to visit his girlfriend.
Alexander Kerensky History Russia 1917
1 D

-1809 Alexander Kerensky (1881-1970) was minister-chairman of the Russian Provisional Government after the february revolution of 1917. His government was overthrown by the Lenin-led Bolsheviks in the october revolution. Kerensky escaped the Bolsheviks disguised as a woman.
Alexander Senki (Reign: The Conqueror) Animation Japan 1999 Madhouse 1 D 1

Episode 3 “A Failure of Diplomacy” Alexander wear a female disguise to escape from the persian guards that are looking for him and his men. Brief.
Alf Comic United States 1987 Marvel Comics 1 T 2 P

#4 (06/1988) Alf switches bodies with Kate, the mother.
Alf Television United States 1986
1 D

Episode 1x02 “Strangers in the Night” (1986) Alf dresses up in a kate’s dress.
Alfa Television Indonesia 2015
1 T 1

Episode 1x14 (29 Jan 2015) A male and a female teacher, and also a boy and a girl swap bodies.
Alguien Que Me Quiera Television Argentina 2010
1 D

Armado works as a transvestite performer in a night club
Alibaba Aradajanu Dongalu Movie India 1994
1 D 1

-1903 Three petty thieves disguised as women. Brief.
Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves Movie United States 1944 HF 1 D

The tale of how Ali Baba rescued Baghdad from the Mongols. When it emerges that the Mongols plan to marry off the Princess Amara, Ali Baba determines to go to the city and rescue her. Naturally the band of thieves will go with him, disguised as wedding guests, Abdullah disguised as a woman
Ali Baba Goes To Town Movie United States 1937 JK 1 D

Eddy Cantor comedy. Eddy has to disguise himself as a harem girl somewhere here.
Ali G Indahouse Movie Great Britain 2002 JK 1 D

Very brief shot of Charles Dance in drag near the end.
Aliados Television Argentina 2013
1 T 2

-1612 Episode 1x08: Bodyswap between a boy and a girl.
Alias Mary Brown Movie United States 1918 JK 1 D

Man adopts convincing female disguise to get revenge on crooked financiers.
Alias Smith And Jones Television United States 1971
1 D 1

Episode 2x01 “The Day They Hanged Kid Curry” (1971) Heyes is visiting wealthy con artist Silky O'Sullivan at his San Francisco mansion, only to find out that Kid Curry is on trial for murder in Colorado. Heyes rushes to the town and thinks he sees Curry in the dock, until the real Curry cheerfully waves at him. The man on trial is an impostor; what's more, he never committed the murder he's accused of. Curry loves the idea of "dying" and going off the wanted list, but Heyes reminds him, and the impostor, that this will leave Heyes up a certain creek without a paddle. The impostor apologizes but won't back down. Just before the impostor is due to be hanged, Heyes shouts out that Curry's "grandmother" (Silky Sullivan in drag) is coming on the next train to say goodbye. The judge agrees to stay the execution, and soon enough "Grandma Curry" arrives. The disguise is enough to fool the not-too-bright sheriff's deputy in charge of the prisoner, but Heyes grabs for a gun and tries to force the issue. They manage to get the fake Curry out of jail and hide out, but now the whole town is looking for them, as are members of their old Devil's Hole Gang, who have taken an interest in the affair.
Alibi Movie United States 2006 JK 1 D

Holly Woodlawn plays a bartender here.
Alice 19th Comic Japan 2001 Watase Yuu 1 T 1 P

Vol 4 and 5: The Maram Master Samuel stands in for Alice's older sister Mayura Seno, while Mayura is kept "safe" at the Maram command center.
Alien 1/2 Comic Japan 1983 Yuzuki Hikaru 1 D 3 P

Two boys and a girl are in a trip from Tokyo to Kyushu, they do the trip as three girlfriends hitchhiking.
Alien Encounters Comic United States 1985 Eclipse 1 T 1

#11 "Dave's Dilemma" The handsome hero and his loyal sidekick crash land their spaceship on a planet inhabited only by beautiful women. But they find out too late why there are only woman on the planet.
Alien Flesh Literature United States 1953 Quinn Seabury 1 T

Story of a young man who, because of a tragic accident, offers to take the place of a young Caucasian girl in a sheik's harem. The offer goes beyond what he had in mind and he winds up in the body of the dead girl. The story then tells of how he/she comes to except her life and of how she makes her way back to America and falls in love with her best friend.
Alien Space Avenger Movie United States 1989 JK 1 D

Trans character in cast lis.
Alien Street Comic Japan 1980 Narita Minako 1 D 3 P

Gerard, who wants to become a journalist, goes to college in LA. He meets Sharl there. Sharl is a genius and very good looking. His father has oil wells in Arabia, his mother used to be a Hollywood star. Sharl himself plays as "actress" at his college club. He lives in a big house in Beverly Hills with a butler, Tsubasa, who is a Japanese girl, and his dog Hitchcock. Gerard ends up living with them.
Alien Worlds Comic United States 1982 Eclipse 1 D 1 P

#8 (11/1984) includes "Stoney End" a story about a spaceship crashed on a horrible alien planet. Acid-secreting worms are eating into the ship and the outside air is non-breathable. Midshipman Franklin "Stoney" Stonewall comes out of his closet to face death woman-to-woman. The rest of the crew don't really pay much attention. Its the same that Zona 84 magazine story “El Fin de Stoney”.
Aliens Cut My Hair Movie United States 1992 JK 1 D

Gay sci-fi comedy with alien drag queens.
Alix Comic Belgium 1948 Martin Jacques 1 D 2 P

T1 “Alix L'Intrepide” (1948) Arbaces disguises as a high ranking woman and trick Alix into trusting “her”. T15 “L'Enfant grec” (1979) Alix and Enak are sold as slaves to a greek artisan, his son tries to seduce them dressing in girl's clothes. T24 “Roma, Roma...” (2005) Enak is acting in a theatre play and get a female part.
Alix Senator Comic Belgium 2012 Demarez Thierry 1 D 1

-1707 T5 “Le Hurlement de Cybele” (2016) Cybele’s priests dressing in women’s clothes.
All American Co-ed Movie United States 1941
1 D 2

All-girl school Mar Brynn tries to get more pupils and publicity by making fun of the Quincton college. For revenge, the boys there sent Bob Sheppard to Mar Brynn, dressed as a girl, to give them a slight scandal. But he falls in love with Virginia, the girl who is putting on a show there. Now Bob has the problem of getting revenge for Quinceton and not loosing his girl, especially when Quinceton hears about his relationship and decides to sent him support..
All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series Animation United States 1997
1 D 2

Episode 1x01 “The Doggone Truth” When Carface and Killer take over the Flea Bite Cafe and turn it into a video game arcade. Charlie and Itchy have to dress up like girls to get the cafe back! But will their disguises work?
All For Melissa Movie United States 2007 JK 1 D

Transvestite character listed in the cast.
All Good Comics Comic United States 1944 Fox 1 D 1 P

#1 (1944) Story “The Case of the Vanishing Gems” Dick goes undercover as a waiter at a dinner party to catch a crossdressing jewel thief.
All Humor Comics Comic United States 1946 Quality Comics 1 D 2 P

#8 (12/1947) Story “This Sir Cecil Singleshot is definitely a mind reader!” Cecil Singleshot for some reason feels the best way to help Kelly avoid trouble is to dress in drag.
All In All Azhagu Raja Movie India 2013
1 D 1

-1809 Male disguised as a female dancer.
All In The Family Television United States 1971
1 B 3

Episode 6x04 “Archie, the Hero” (1975) While driving his cab, Archie has a claim to fame when he uses CPR to save the life a one of his passengers, a woman. However, Archie gets a shock when he discovers that the tall, classy dame whose life he saved turns out to be a man, a female impersonator called Beverly Lasalle. Episode 7x08 “Beverly Rides Again” (1976) Archie is tired of being the butt of Pinky Peterson's practical jokes and sets out to get revenge by fixing Pinky up on a date with Beverly Lasalle. Episode 8x13 “Edith's Crisis of Faith: Part 1” (1977) Edith's faith is severely shaken when their friend Beverly, the female impersonator, is murdered at Christmastime.
All Japan Sister Championship (Zennippon Imouto Senshuken) Comic Japan 2001 Dohtaka Shigeru 1 D 1 P

Vol 5 Chap 1-3: Twin sisters dress up a boy as a girl.
All Men Are Liars Movie Australia 1995 JK 1 D 3 P

Comedy, Mick joins a female rock band as Michelle.
All Men Are Pigs Movie United States 1991 JK 1 D

Spoof of Lethal Weapon. Features a transvestite character.
All My Children Television United States 1986
1 D

Zoe is introduced in August 2006 as a male international rock star, who is known as Zarf at the time. A strained relationship with his father results in "Freddie" leaving home at age sixteen and establishing a successful music career. At age nineteen, "Zarf" is a famous rock star and has become a millionaire. Babe Carey Chandler and Josh Madden approach Zarf in 2006 about using some of his music in an ad campaign for Fusion Cosmetics and are successful in persuading him to sign an agreement. Zarf returns on November 29, 2006 and causes a stir by meditating in the nude at Fusion to connect with the creative energies of the company. Zarf meets and falls instantly in love with Bianca Montgomery, who is a lesbian. Strong romantic feelings for Bianca give Zarf the courage to come out as a transgender lesbian named Zoe on New Year's Eve. Zoe is subsequently accused of murder and attempted murder of Danielle Frye, Simone Torres, and Erin Lavery. At the Chandler Mansion, where she is accused of being the Satin Slayer, she reveals to Pine Valley that she is transgender, but is not believed by anyone except Babe. Subsequently, other characters come to accept Zoe as a woman, but some characters remain skeptical of her and of the transgender experience. Zoe is later attacked by the Satin Slayer and survives. She is cleared of suspicion when the true killer is revealed to be Alexander Cambias, Sr. Zoe begins the process of transitioning from male to female. As part of the transition process, she joins a transgender support group and meets with an endocrinologist. She discusses being transgender with her mother and rebuilds that relationship. She is still undecided on whether or not to under-go gender reassignment surgery. On April 26, 2007, Zoe returns to her home in London to continue her transition and begin work on a new album as a female musician. Before leaving for London, she receives a letter from her father stating that he is hoping to some day be able to accept and love his daughter Zoe as he has loved his son Freddie.
All My Sins Remembered Literature United States 1977 Haldeman Joe 1 T

In a short segment we meet a Otto/Josha, who has had his sex changed to flee religious persecution.
All Night Awake Literature United States 2002 Hoyt Sarah A. 1 T

Book 2 in the “Shakespearean Fantasies“ series. When the human and fairy realms are threatened by the scheming of Sylvanus, the disgraced former King of Fairie, Quicksilver, the current king, must journey to London to stop his evil brother. He becomes his female alter ego, the raven-haired Lady Silver, in an attempt to enlist the aid of his/her former lover William Shakespeare, a starving poet in the city. But another mortal lover from the Dark Lady's past also waits in the English capital.
All Of Us Television United States 2003
1 T

Episode 1x17 “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” (2004) Dirk's estranged brother reveals he has had a sex-change operation.
All Rounder Movie India 1998
1 D

-1906 Males disguised as female dancers to help in the rescue of a kidnapped friend.
All Screwed Up Movie United States 2009
1 T

Two High School teenagers, a jock and a science nerd, switch bodies during a freak accident.
All Stars - De Serie Television Netherlands 1999
1 D 2

Episode 3x13 “Samen Is niet alleen” (2001) The Swiftboys are startled to get invitations for nurse Henri's wedding to Abraham Jozef Rood, i.e. their gay captain Bram. Mark only meant it as a sarcasm, but the others decide the appropriate attention is to crossdress as female singers, e.g. the right wig turns Peter into a credible Nana Mouskouri. When their car breaks down on the way to the party hall, where Bram's Uncle Jan's speech stirs both laughter and a family feud till a fist-fight ensues, the boys refuse to call for professional help, fearing to become a national laughing-stock, so they try their thumbs- alas, that attracts the attention of the feared Polderboys... Ultimately they all join the celebrations, where Mark finds he's imitating the only real singer, Willeke Alberti, even makes a pass at her as “accidentally guy boy ready to be cured by a real girl”. Bram and Henri find solving their problem who should wear the “female” wedding ring by daring tongue piercings a particularly painful mistake...
All That Glitters Television United States 1977
1 T

Linda Gray played transgender fashion model Linda Murkland
All The Advantages Movie Great Britain 1972 JK 1 D

Adolescent boy crossdresses.
All The Queen's Men Movie Germany 2001
1 D 2

AKA Die Manner Ihrer Majestat. During World War II the British army is attempting to retrieve an Enigma machine from Germany. Having failed in previous attempts, they decide to send four men undercover to the factory that makes the devices in Berlin. Unfortunately the factory is populated entirely by women, and they only have men to send. American O'Rourke, British transvestite Tony Parker, genius Johnno, and the reluctant Archie are sent to infiltrate the factory dressed as women. Dropped in the wrong area, the team must first try to find their bearings. Aided by Romy, a sympathiser to their cause, they find their way to the factory. They manage to retrieve the Enigma machine, against the expectations of the British army. Just before they leave Germany, they realize they were tricked—the British government already had the device, but wanted to make the Germans think they were still after it. They were specifically chosen as the team most likely to fail. Leaving Germany with an Enigma machine would, in fact, destroy the usefulness of the machine, as the Germans would know it was stolen and switch to a different code system. Archie volunteers to be captured with the machine to allow the mission to "fail". After he is captured, the team retrieves him and returns safely to England, leaving the Germans with the impression they have all the Enigma machines and the British are still desperate to obtain one.
All The Way Movie Australia 1998 JK 1 D

Comedy featuring an old transvestite character somewhere.
All The World's A Stooge Movie United States 1941 HF 1 D

Man pretends to be little girl in slapstick comedy
All Tied Up Movie United States 1994 JK 1 D 1

Women force a man into a skirt, plus tv bartender.
All-American Comics Comic United States 1939 DC Comics 1 D 1 P

#23 (02/1941) Story “Jailbreak” Popsicle Pete and his friends disguised as women to help Zeke out of jail. #29 (08/1941) Story “Mutt and Jett” Mutt being a dummy for a new dress of his wife. Very brief. #44 (11/1942) Story “Sabotage!” German spy disguised as a woman refugee to enter America.
All-Flash Comic United States 1941 DC Comics 1 D 1

#18 (1945) Story “Ladies' Day at the Amusement Park” The Three Dimnwits are very unhappy when they learn that the local amusement park has Ladie's Day and will not admit men. Yet, when the Flash discovers that men in women's clothing have invaded the festivities, he decides that he and the boys will do some investigating.
All-New Doop Comic United States 2014 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#2 (07/2014) Doop discovers that the "older Kitty Pryde" from the future was really the shape-shifting Raze in disguise.
All-New X-Men Comic United States 2013 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#3 (02/2013) A new mutant shows up, displaying his power for the first time. He becomes an imperfect duplicate of his female friend. #26-27 (06-07/2014) At the end of issue 26, Laura Kinney (X-23) stumbled back into the compound accusing one of those inside of being a shapeshifter. She turns out to be the shapeshifter himself, Raze in disguise. Later, Raze tries to distract the X-Men by morphing into Laura, but it doesn't work. In a flash forward, we learn that Raze killed Mystique and took her place as one of the mutant elite in a future Madripoor. When Xavier II goes to Madripoor to find his mother, he sniffs out Raze as an impostor immediately.
All-Star Squadron Comic United States 1981 DC Comics 1 T 2 P

Vol 3 #22, 24, 26 (1983) Ultra-Humanite in female form trying to slain the all-star squadrom
All-Star Superman Animation United States 2010
1 D 1

Animated movie. Near the start Jimmy Olsen is trying a female disguise. Very brief.
All-Star Superman Comic United States 2005 DC Comics 1 D 1 P

#4 (07/2006) Very brief, at start Jimmy Olsen is trying a female disguise.
Allare Allari Television India 2016
1 D 1

-1906 Episode 55 (22 Nov 2016) Male disguised as a woman.
Episode 66-68 (19-21 Dec 2016) Male disguised as a woman.
Episode 127 (9 May 2017) Two males disguised as women.
Episode 142 (14 Jun 2017) Male disguised as a pregnant woman.
Alle Zusammen - Jeder Fur Sich Television Germany 1996
1 D

Character Arnold/Renee is a transsexual. Episode 1x205 (1997) Arnold/Renee goes to Netherland to get the operation an become a full woman.
Alles Atze Television Germany 2000
1 T 2 P

Episode 5x05 “Der Teufelskerl” (2005) Devil transform a male into a female.
Allo Allo! Television Great Britain 1982
1 D 4

Episode 1x03 “Pigeon Post” (1984) Herr Flick in lingerie. Episode 2x01 “Six Big Boobies” (1985) The Airmen disguised as nuns. Episode 2x06 “Herr Flick's Revenge” (1985) Rene and the Airmen disguised as women of the resistence. Episode 3x05 “Pretty Maids All in a Row” (1987) The Airmen are dressed up as bar maid and later as "women of the street". Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen are disguised as french maids. Episode 3x06 “The Great Un-Escape” (1987) The Airmen continue dressing up as "women of the street". Episode 4x01 “Prisoners of War” (1987) Gruber disguised as a nun. Also in the prisioner's camp there is a theatre play with male prisioners in female roles. Episode 4x02 “Camp Dance” (1987) The play continues wih men in female roles. Episode 4x04 “The Flying Nun” (1987) Her Flick disguised as the new army female assistant to the Colonel. Episode 4x05 “The Sausages in the Trousers” (1987) Herr Flick continues disguised as an army female assistant and Von Smallhausen disguises as a nurse. Episode 4x06 “The Jet-Propelled Mother-In-Law” (1987) Herr Flick continues disguised as an army female assistant. Episode 5x01 “Desperate Doings in the Dungeon” (1988) Rene is tricked and end changing clothes with Herr Flick (disguised as an army female asssistant) in the dungeon. Episode 5x02 “The Camera in the Potato” (1988) Rene continues disguised as an army female assistant. Episode 5x15 “A Duck for Launch” (1988) Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen disguise themselves as fishmongers (male and female). Episode 5x16 “The Exploding Bedpan” (1988) Gruber and the Coloner disguised as nurses. Episode 5x23 “An Enigma Variation” (1989) Rene disguised as a female member of a quartet, Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen disguised as maids. Episode 5x26 (1989) “All in Disgeese” Gruber disguised as Helga. Episode 6x07 “Crabtree's Podgeon Pist” (1989) The Airmen disguised as bridemaids. Episode 6x08 “Rising to the Occasion” (1989) The Airmen continue disguising as bridemaids. Episode 8x01 “Arousing Suspicions” (1992) Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen disguised as army female assistants. Episode 8x02 “A Woman Never Lies” (1992) The Coloner and Gruber disguised as female members of the resistence. Rene disguised as female flamenco dancer. Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen also disguised as female members of the resistence. Episode 8x03 “Hitler's Last Heil” (1992) Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen continue disguised as female members of the resistence. Episode 8x04 “Awful Wedded Wife” (1992) Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen continue disguised as female members of the resistence. Episode 8x05 “Firing Squashed” (1992) Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen continue disguised as female members of the resistence. Episode 8x06 “A Fishful of Francs” (1992) Gruber and the Coloner disguised as women. Episode 8x07 “A Swan Song” (1992) Gruber disguised as Rene's mother, later Gruber and the Coloner disguise as female flamenco dancers. Episode 9x01 “Gone with the Windmill” (1992) Gruber and the coloner continue disguising as female flamenco dancers and later disguise as “women of the street”. Episode 9x04 “Tarts and Flickers” (1992) Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen disguise as “women of the street”.
Alluda Majaka Movie India 1995
1 D 1

-1906 Male disguised as a woman to help a friend with a revenge plot.
Ally McBeal Television United States 1997
1 D 4

Episode 1x10 “Boy to the World” (1997) Whipper asks Ally to take the case of a young transvestite prostitute, Stephanie, charged for solicitation for the third time. Ally is moved by Stephanie's situation and gets her a job at Cage and Fish.
Episode 4x02 “Girls' Night Out” (2000) Richard and Ling take Cindy McCauliff's case, a woman who still has one piece left over from her manhood. Mark pursues her, unaware of her little secret.
Episode 4x03 “Two's a Crowd” (2000) Mark's girlfriend finally reveals "her" secret.
Episode 4x04 “Without a Net” (2000) Mark is having a hard time dating Cindy because of everyone's phobia over his girlfriend's genitalia.
Episode 4x07 “Love on Holiday” (2000) Nelle and Ling compete in a charity auction dinner date and Cindy (Mark's ex-girlfriend and transwoman) has plans for Richard for charity auction.
Episode 4x12 “Hats Off to Larry” (2001) Cindy McCauliff returns to the office looking for Richard.
Almas Perversas Comic Mexico 1997 Editorial Mango 1 D 2 P

-1401 Mature. #26 “Convirtiose en apetitosa mujer” (06/1997) Antonio is seduced by the lover of his mother, and end transformed into a woman. #57 “La esposa le salio travesti” (01/1998) Tania is a travestite posing as a woman in a nighclub in Mexico. “She” dresses as a woman for work, but inside “she” is a male. #81 “Era Maricon pero las enloquecio con su gran cañon” (07/1998) Transvestite had an affair with a woman and the woman gave birth to a girl, dying, and now the transvestite is raising the girl as a man, but working as a transvestite in a night show. #97 “Maldita rata enjaulada, aun en el tambo, bien que se la surtia” (10/1998) Male diguised as a woman to visit a male in jail. #99 “Con las viejas era un garañon y con los machos un puñalon” (11/1998) Gigolo is also gay and to seduce his boyfriend he disguises as a woman. #117 “Lilo puñetero: estaba buenote y lo usaban de carnada” (03/1999) Male member of a gang disguises as a woman to rob banks. #397 “Marrano: escondia sus colgijos pa dedearselas rico y sabroso” (09/2004) Mauro disguises as a woman to befriend other women in clubs to have sex with them.
Almejas Y Mejillones Movie Argentina 2000 JK 1 D 1 P

AKA Clams and Mussels. Man has sex change to please girl.
Almighty X 10 Comic Japan 2006 Mizuto Aqua 1 D 2

Vol 1 Chap 3: Ten discover that Touga is a boy undercover as a girl in the school.
Almost Angels Movie United States 1962 JK 1 D

AKA Born to Sing. There's a scene where some of the boys are dressed as girls for a performance.
Almost Perfect Literature Great Britain 2008 Goss James 1 T 2

Book 9 in the “Torchwood” series. Ianto Jones has awakened with a gap in his memory, no clothes, and the body of a “perfect” woman. Thanks to the alien device responsible he is physically perfect. Mentally and emotionally, however, he is still the same shy, awkward, loveable young man he’s always been. He has to learn how to walk, how to dress, how to talk, and how to respond to the opposite sex.
Almost Perfect Literature United States 2009 Katcher Brian 1 D 4

-1712 Logan Witherspoon recently discovered that his girlfriend of three years cheated on him. But things start to look up when a new student breezes through the halls of his small-town high school. Sage Hendricks befriends Logan at a time when he no longer trusts or believes in people. Sage has been homeschooled for a number of years and her parents have forbidden her to date anyone, but she won’t tell Logan why. One day, Logan acts on his growing feelings for Sage. Moments later, he wishes he never had. Sage finally discloses her big secret: she’s actually a boy. Enraged, frightened, and feeling betrayed, Logan lashes out at Sage and disowns her. But once Logan comes to terms with what happened, he reaches out to Sage in an attempt to understand her situation. But Logan has no idea how rocky the road back to friendship will be.
Along Came Auntie Movie United States 1926 JK 1 D

Man pretends to be Oliver Hardy's wife, somewhere here.
Along The Rio Grande Movie United States 1941 JK 1 D

Musical western. Female impersonation in IMDB keywords.
Alpha Flight Comic United States 1983 Marvel Comics 1 T 4 P

Vol 1 #45-68 (04/1987-03/1989) Walter "Sasquatch" Langowski, long-time member of Alpha Flight, was able to transform himself into Sasquatch, one of the "Great Beasts." Unfortunately, this brought him to blows with his female teammate Snowbird, their sworn enemy. They fought, and Walter's body was killed (but not his consciousness). Snowbird died soon thereafter. The villainous Pestilence had re-animated Snowbird's dead body and was using it to attack Alpha Flight in her "Sasquatch" form. Walter's spirit was able to take over Snowbird's Sasquatch body, and defeat Pestilence. Walter's elation was short-lived, for on changing back to his human form, found himself turned into a woman...the legacy of Snowbird's female body. Walter took the whole thing pretty well, managing to keep his sense of humor about the whole situation, and taking the name Wanda.
Alphateam - Die Lebensretter Im OP Television Germany 1997
1 D 1

-1803 Episode 7x01 “Viel Rauch um Nichts” (2002) Male transvestite in the hospital.
Alpine Rose (Honoo No Alpen Rose) Animation Japan 1985 Tatsunoko Production 1 D 3 P

Episode 8: Leon disguises himself as a woman in the train to fool the policemen looking for him.
Alpine Rose (Honoo No Alpen Rose) Comic Japan 1983 Akaishi Michiyo 1 D 3 P

Vol 3: Leon disguises himself as a woman in the train to fool the policemen looking for him.
ALT Comic Italy 1988 Ediperiodici 1 D 1
-1709 Mature. Anno I #5 (08/1988) Story “Bersaglio Gaillo” Woman in a taxi revealed to be a transvestite that steal and kill the taxi driver.
Alt Om Min Far Movie Norway 2002 HF 1 D

Sympathetic story of transsexual father
Alter Ego Comic Belgium 2011 Zuga Emil 1 D 1

T6 “Jonas” Male spy diguised as an arab woman.
Altered Carbon Literature Great Britain 2002 Morgan Richard K. 1 T 2

Book 1 in the “Takeshi Kovacs” series. In the 25th Century a person's consciousness can be stored in a cortical stack and routinely downloaded into a new body, making death little more than an inconvenience. In Chapter 13 Takeshi is put in a woman's body.
Alters Comic United States 2016 AfterShock Comics 1 D 1

-1609 Charlie, a transgender teenager, discovers she has super powers and is contacted by Octavian and his group of super powered Alters.
Alto Comic Japan 2007 Koio Minato 1 D 4 P

Alto, a 12-year-old kid, has arrived to Porto Grande, the largest city in the country. His dream is to fly the Aero which only women with noble status can pilot it. In order to do so, he disguises his gender and age and enrols himself in an all girl's school.
Alto Astral Television Brazil 2014
1 T 1

-1704 Episode 47: Male possesses a female doctor.
Alvin And The Chipmunks Animation United States 1983
1 D 2 P

Episode 1x01 (1) “The Chipettes” (1983) Alvin and his brothers disguised as girls. Episode 1x06 (6) “Mother's Day” (1983) David disguised as a woman. Episode 1x10 (10) “The Bully Ballet” (1983) Boy disguised as a ballerina. Episode 1x12 (12) “A Dog's Best Friend Is His Chipmunk” (1983) Boys disguised as girl scouts. Episode 2x01 (14) “The Chipmunk Who Bugged Me” (1984) Boy disguised as a woman. Episode 2x08 (21) “Alvin on Ice” (1984) Simon disguised as a girl. Episode 2x10 (23) “Maids in Japan” (1984) Alvin signs him and his brothers up to be in a Kabuki theater (where female roles are played by males) in order to gain publicity in Japan. Instead of getting lessons, they are forced to perform as the actual lesson. Episode 4x03 (39) “Whatever's Happened to Dave Seville?” (1986) Simon disguised as a girl. Episode 5x06 (50) “Ask Alvin” (1987) Simon disguised as a woman. Episode 6x02 (54) “Elementary, My Dear Simon” (1988) Sherlock Holmes spoof where Simon played Sherlock, Theodore played Dr. Watson and Alvin played Moriarty. In one scene Holmes disguises himself as a Cockney barwench and was able to fool Watson enough that he came on to him. Episode 6x12 (64) “Luck O' the Chipmunks” (1988) Boy diguised as a fairy. Episode 6x14 (66) “Quarterback in Curlers” (1988)Alvin diguised as a cheerleader. Episode 7x09 (85) “The Legend of Sleeping Brittany“ (1989) Alvin and his brothers disguised as fairies. Episode 8x03 (92) “Kong” (1990) Alvin disguised as a woman. Episode Thanksgiving special “A Chipmunk Celebration” (1994) Boy disguised as a woman. Movie “Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman” (2000) Alvin disguised as a woman.
Alvin Purple Movie Australia 1973 HF 1 D

Lyn Flanagan plays a drag queen who gets seduced by Alvin.
Alvin Rides Again Movie Australia 1974 JK 1 D

Comedy. Alvin and friend join a women's cricket team.
Always Leave Them Laughing Movie United States 1949 JK 1 D

Features Milton Berle dressed as Carmen Miranda.
Always Something Better Movie United States 1997 JK 1 D

Featuring Candis Cayne and Girlina.
Alys Et Vicky Comic Belgium 1997 Di Sano Bruno 1 D 1

Alys and Vicky get a night job in a cabaret chorus revue, at the end they find that the other girls are all males.
Alza La Testa Movie Italy 2009
1 D 1 P

-1412 Mero is looking for Ivan, but Ivan is now living as a woman, Sonia.
AM 8:00 Kimi Ga Suki Comic Japan 2005 Ozaki Ira 1 D 1

Short Stories. Fourth story “Broken pieces of a dream” Boy transvestite in school.
Am Zin Movie China 1999 JK 1 D 2 P

Hong Kong made. AKA Running out of Time. Criminal has short time to live, in drag for one scene.
Amachin Wa Jishou Comic Japan 2017 Terai Akane 1 D 1

* -1909 Tatsumi enters highschool with his childhood friend Amasawa Kokoro, nickname Ama-chin, who is a extremely feminine looking trouser-wearing boy that likes to mess with peoples expectations of his gender. Chap 4: Ama-chin dressing in girl’s clothes to be in a fashion show.
Amai Kao Wa Misenaide Comic Japan 2002 Nanase Kai 1 T


Mature. Short stories. In one, the hero is loved by his friend from his childhood, a mad scientist, but hero can not accept "uke role" easily. Then his friend invents a medicine to change hero into a girl.
Amanda Movie United States 2009
1 T 3

A successful businessman meets the woman of his dreams, Amanda, only to discover she harbors a shocking little secret about her past.
Amanda & The Alien Movie United States 1995
1 T

Amanda, an employee at an upscale clothing store, is leading a relatively lonely and unremarkable life. All this changes when an alien that's been held a secret military installation excapes by taking over the body of one of the female base employees. Amanda finds the fugitive alien and decides to help it hide from the government agents chasing it, a seemingly easy task, as the alien must change host bodies every few days.
Amar A Muerte Television Mexico 2018
1 T 1

-1903 Episode 43-44: Camilo and Jacobo meet a woman who says that in her past life she was a man, Maru/Hector.
Amar En Tiempos Revueltos Television Spain 2006
1 D 1

Minor character Vidal a.k.a. “La Pilules” is a transvestite in a cabaret
Amazing Adventures Comic United States 1961 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

Anthology comic book series. Vol 4 #1 (07/1988) Story "Solo" Male is made to relive his rape, but this time as his victim.
Amazing Man Comics Comic United States 1939 Centaur Publications 1 T 1 P

#5 Story “Origin of Amazing-Man” Barton Stone, the Cat-man, disguises as an old lady. #8 (01/1940) Story "The return of the Cat-man” Barton Stone, the Cat-man, dresses as an old woman.
Amazing Stories Television United States 1985
1 D 2 P

Episode 2x04 “Welcome to My Nightmare” (1986) A horror movie buff's obsession with the girl next door lands him in a terrifying scene from Psycho, with him in the role of Marion Crane.
Amazing Strip Comic United States 1994 Antarctic Press 1 T 1

#2: After freeing the "Spirit of the Water Pipe", Ralph is granted three wishes: money, to have sex with the Spirit, and to come in a woman's body. The Spirit obliges him by switching their bodies, but Ralph's body expires in flagrante delicto, leaving him trapped as a woman until the Spirit's magic wears off in three years. He heads off to America, and spends the next three years as "Ralphine Macchio," an adult film actress.
Ame Athadaite Movie India 2016
1 D

-1903 Sudhakar is a poor man who comes to the city for a better life. While he struggles hard to cope up with the pressures of the city, he gets a rude shock as his dad passes away back in the village. Left all alone in the city, Sudhakar requests everyone for money but gets rejected every time. This is the time when he makes a superb plan and wears a disguise as a woman.
Ame Nochi Hare Comic Japan 2008 Bikke 1 T

Amagai Gakuen, a prestigious school for boys, was hit by an unusual spring storm during the entrance ceremony. Four boys - Hazuki, Toma, Yusuke, and Junta - were all caught in the storm's violence and were affected by a strange phenomenon. All of them were transformed into girls!!
America Ammayi Television India 2015
1 D

-1906 Episode 111-112 (3-4 Dec 2015) Male disguised as a woman.
Episode 142-144 (8-11 Jan 2016) Male disguised as a woman.
Episode 147 (14 Jan 2016) Male disguised as a woman.
Episode 691 Ongoing (18 Oct 2017) Male disguised as a woman.
American Dad! Animation United States 2005
1 B 3 P

-1809 Episode 1x06 “Homeland Insecurity” (2005) Stan end as the “girlfriend” of another inmate while in prison. Episode 1x12 “Stan of Arabia, part 1” and 1x13 “Stan of Arabia, part 2” (2005) Roger disguised as a arab woman. Episode 3x01 “The Vacation Goo” (2007) Roger, who wants to become a famous movie star, lands a movie part disguised as a woman, but quits when he cannot cry on cue. He then becomes an Olivia Newton-John impersonator on a cruise ship. In Puerto Rico, Roger is thrown off the ship for stealing silverware and is forced to become a exotic dancer at a strip club. When his career hits rock bottom, he resorts to prostitution and is finally able to cry on cue. Episode 3x10 “Tearjerker” (2008) Stan and his boss, B (Bullock), disguised as geishas. Episode 3x15 “Stanny Slickers II: The Legend of Ollie's Gold” (2008) Roger learns that a woman was sexually harassed at Big Buy and gave a million dollar settlement when she filed a lawsuit. Deciding to cheat Syntho Corp., Roger disguises himself as a woman and attempts to provoke harassment, but fails. Frustrated, he creates a second personality and harasses himself to successfully win United States $90,000 to Klaus's chagrin. Episode 4x20 “Stan's Night Out” (2009) Roger, disguised as a woman, and Hayley use their charm and looks to attract a frat boy. Stan leaves Francine at home to go out with the boys. They pick four prostitutes, one of them revealed to be a transvestite. Episode 5x06 “Shallow Vows” (2009) Stan and Francine celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary, and Roger, under the guise of wedding planner Jeanie Gold, takes over the planning of a vow-renewal ceremony. Episode 5x16 “Bully for Steve” (2010) In order to avoid Stan from bullying him, Steve disguises himself as a little old lady. Episode 7x05 “Virtual In-Stanity” (2011) Stan makes a desperate attempt to bond with his son by creating a busty blonde bombshell avatar, Phyllis, whom he sends Steve’s ways. Episode 9x07 “Faking bad” (2013) Stan disguised as a woman. Episode 9x14 “Stan Goes On the Pill“ (2014) Stan takes an experimental drug that instantly turns him into a "woman". Episode 11x10 “LGBSteve” (2015) Hayley wants to join the roller derby so she can bond with the other girls, but she must have a sister to join. Steve pretends to be a lesbian, so he and Hayley could stay. Roger is also disguised as a female. Episode 12x14 “Julia Rogerts” (2017) Roger runs off in disguise as a Julia Roberts character to a small town after Stan hurts his feelings.
American Dragon: Jake Long Animation United States 2005
1 T

Episode 1x02 “Dragon Breath” After everyones souls are returned, Jake comments that he is glad everyone is back in their right bodies, then it shows his best friends, a boy and a girl, in each others bodies. Episode 1x11 “Shapeshifter” Jake gets in trouble with his teacher and his parents visit, but Jake changes into the teacher to fool his parents. Next, he changes into his mother to fool his teacher. Episode 2x17 “Switcheroo” An enchanted mirror switches the bodies of Jake and Haley (his sister) for a day, and forces them to comically experience life as each other.
American Dreamer Movie United States 1984 JK 1 D

Brief, guy disguised as a woman on a train.
American Flagg Comic United States 1983 First 1 T 2 P

-1311 Vol 1 #4-6 (01-03/1984) Ivor Overholt makes himself into a doppelganger for the presumed-dead Peg Krieger in order to seduce and blackmail a character who was obsessed with her.
American Gods Literature Great Britain 2001 Gaiman Neil 1 T

At the end of the book when the gods get ready for war, Baron Samedi possesses the body of a goth girl
American Heart Movie United States 1992 JK 1 D

Features transvestite hooker.
American Indian Fairy Tales Literature United States 1895 Compton Margaret 1 D

Includes Story "White Hawk, the Lazy": A young man named White Hawk disguises himself as a girl and marries his enemy, Red Head. Once they're married, White Hawk kills Red Head.
American Nightmare Movie Canada 1983 JK 1 D

Horror featuring transvestite Dolly, played by Larry Aubrey.
American Nightmares Movie United States 2018
1 T 1

-1812 AKA Mr. Malevolent. Horror anthology, one of the stories is about a radio show host turning into a woman.
American Pie Presents Band Camp Movie United States 2005 HF 1 D

Boy is caught in girls' dormitory.
American Playhouse Television United States 1981
1 D

Episode 2x02 “Miss Lonelyhearts” (1983) There is a female impersonator.
American Standard Movie United States 2009 JK 1 D

Drag queen listed in the cast.
American Wedding Movie United States 2003 JK 1 D

AKA American Pie: The Wedding. Comedy. A scene features Willam Belli in full drag in a gay bar.
Americathon Movie United States 1979 JK 1 D

Comedian in charity event crossdresses; so does his son.
Amigas E Rivais Television Brazil 2007
1 D 1

Episodes 66-67 (2007) In a pajama party two males disguised with female nightdresses.
Amityville II: The Possession Movie United States 1982 JK 1 D

Briefly a possessed boy turns into his sister, before turning back and then into a demon.
Amma Koduku Movie India 2003
1 D

-1812 Male disguised as woman.
Amma Na Kodala Television India 2015
1 D 1

-1906 Episode 406 (4 April 2016) Introduces a storyline with a male disguised as a woman.
Episode 746-747 (6-8 May 2017) Males disguised as women.
Ammavara Ganda Movie India 1997
1 D 1

-1906 Men disguised as women in a theatrical play.
Amor, Carnaval E Sonhos Movie Brazil 1973 HF 1 D 1

AKA Love, Carnival and Dream. Oxossi disguised as Carmen Miranda.
Amor E Revolução Television Brazil 2011
1 D 1

Episode 189-191: Thiago disguised as a woman.
Amor En Concreto Movie Venezuela 2003 JK 1 D

AKA Love in Concrete. Features transvestite hooker, Clemencia.
Amorcito Corazon Television Mexico 2011
1 D 1

Episode 200-201: Chicho disguised as a woman for a bachelor party.
Amore Tossico Movie Italy 1983
1 D

-1612 Transvestite in train station.
Amores De Mercado Television Colombia 2006
1 D 3

Episode 126-127: Fernando disguised as a woman.
Amrutham Television India 2001
1 D 1

* -1909 Episode 84 “Amrutha Ganga” Amrutham disguised as a woman.
Episode 148 “Pracharam Hathya” Three men disguised as women.
Episode 217 “Pathi-Padathi “Amrutham disguises himself as a lady.
Episode 307-308 “Bamma Kalapam” Male disguised as a woman.
An Adventuress Movie United States 1920 JK 1 D

AKA Over the Rhine AKA The Isle of Love. Two men adopt female disguise.
An American Werewolf In London Movie Great Britain 1981 HF 1 D

Naked man dresses in woman's coat
An East Wind Coming Literature United States 1979 Byron Cover Arthur 1 T

Book 3 in the “Autumn Angels” series. Sherlock Holmes traps the Riper by tempting him with a woman - Holmes himself, and this is not a disguise but a mystical transformation.
An Evil Spirit Out Of The West Literature Great Britain 2003 Doherty Paul 1 D 1

-1906 Book 1 in the “Egyptian Mysteries“ series. After his traison plot is discovered, Amon priest Shishnak disguises as a woman to escape but is quicky found.
An Excess Of Enchantments Literature United States 1988 Gardner Craig Shaw 1 T

Wuntvor falls into the clutches of Mother Duck, who casts him as the hero (and heroine) in a series of fairy tales.
An Exchange Of Souls Literature Great Britain 1911 Pain Barry 1 T

Guy changes bodies with a lady friend as part of a scientific experiment. He becomes trapped in her body, when his old body dies of a heart attack.
An Inconvenient Woman Movie United States 1991 JK 1 D

Made for TV. Briefly featuring of "Marilyn" (Christopher Morley).
An Super Maid Movie China 2016
1 T

* -1909 AKA 超能女僕. Male transformed into a female version of himself by a computer generated entity.
Ana Satsujin Comic Japan 2013 Rahson 1 D 1

-1704 Chap 11: Introduces a transvestite killer, Reina Enmeiji.
Anal Justice Comic Japan 1997 Kamirenjaku Sanpei 1 D 1

Mature. A boy is going to school as a female student. Later he is dicoverered by his female teacher that introduces him to other boys like him.
Anarchy TV Movie United States 1997 JK 1 D

Transvestite features here somewhere.
Anata Ga Ireba Comic Japan 2003 Yoshimura Akemi 1 D 2 P

Vol 5-7: Boy is working as a transvestite hostess in a drag club.
Anata No Iu Nari Comic Japan 1993 Nakafusa Momo 1 T


Mature. Short stories. One story has a man that wakes up as a female after a surgery. In other story a boy is fooled and ends up loosing his manhood.
Anata No Tame Nara Doko Made Mo Comic Japan 2007 Nakamura Asumiko 1 D 1

Mature. Short Stories. Third Story “Non-non” Chapter “Non-non no Nochi” Yamada asks Ishimaru to wear a dress.
Anaza Hevun Movie Japan 2000 JK 1 T

AKA Another Heaven. Some strange thing possesses the minds of various people.
Anbu Thollai Movie India 2003
1 D 1

-1906 Two males disguised as women to trick a woman.
Anclados Television Spain 2015
1 T 2 P

Episode 1x08 “El Diario de Che-noah” (2015) The ship is having a gay friendly cruiser, one of the traveller is a old friend of a sailor, that had a sex-change operation.
And Justice For All Movie United States 1979 JK 1 D 1

Legal drama, one of the lawyer's clients is a transvestite.
And Now… Ladies And Gentlemen Movie France 2002 HF 1 D 1

Female disguise for thief.
Andanzas De Aniceto Comic Mexico 1976 Editormex Mexicana 1 T 1

-1401 Mature. #75 (12/1977) To save Faustino job, Aniceto gives life to a female corpse, and Faustino inhabit her and posing as his own sister try to convince his boss to no fire “her” brother. #185 (03/1980) Walter asks Aniceto to give him a sex-change. #215 (10/1980) Aniceto transforms himself into a woman to visit a prisioner in a jail.
Andanzas De Patoruzu Comic Argentina 1956 Quinterno Dante 1 D 1

#171 “La isla feliz” (11/1969) Two swindlers disguised as women.
Anders Als Die Anderen Movie Germany 1919 JK 1 D

AKA Different from the Others. Early depiction of homosexual relationship. Drag ball.
Anders Als Du Und Ich Movie Germany 1957 JK 1 D

AKA Bewildered Youth AKA The Third sex. Marcel Andre is a Travestiekunstler in a club.
Anders And & Co Comic Denmark 1949 Egmont Serieforlaget 1 D

* -1909 #2005-19 (2005) Story “Til kamp for skonheden” (D2004-097) Donald gets lost at sea while fishing and is found by a group of rookie female pirates who want him to steal a special brand of lipstick. When they run into some real modern day pirates, Donald dresses in drag and pretends to be their captain to try to negotiate with the pirates.
Anders And Ekstra Comic Denmark 1977 Egmont Serieforlaget 1 D

#1997-05 (1997) Story “Bal med forhindringer” (D91384) Louie in love; Donald, Huey and Dewey dresses up like girls.
Andre Le Magnifique Movie France 2000 JK 1 D

Comedy. Michel Vuillermoz plays Andre/Aunt Ida.
Andy Gordon Literature United States 1905 Alger Horatio Jr. 1 D

-1412 The fourth episode details Andy's solo coach ride to a nearby town to deposit the money. Along the way, a lone traveler offers Andy one dollar for a ride to the town; Andy agrees, though insists on only taking fifty cents. The traveler turns out to be a highwayman, who pulls a gun on Andy and demands the five hundred dollars. Andy, while wondering how the highwayman came on such information, agrees to throw the wallet containing the money on the ground, so as not to be a part of the theft. He also asks the highwayman to send a letter absolving Andy of any guilt in the event. The highwayman agrees, but when he jumps down and reaches the wallet as Andy rides away, he finds it only contains brown paper, designed to look like money. He then enters the woods to meet with Mike Hogan, who gave him Andy's description in return for a part of the money. They swear to wait for Andy to return so they can punish him for his tricks. When Andy reaches the town and describes his journey, a detective from the city overhears. He tells Andy that he will ride the return trip with him, disguised as a woman to lure both Hogan and the highwayman out of hiding and arrest them. The detective's plan works: although the highwayman escapes, Mike Hogan is arrested and taken to jail.
Ane Niwa Zettai Kanawanai Comic Japan 2002 ToWeR 1 D 2 P X

Mature. Chap 7: A woman goes as far as forcing his boyfriend into women clothes to pass the evening as two girlfriends in a cinema.
Ane To Josou To Ero Mangaka Comic Japan 2009 Ikuya Daikokudou 1 B 2 P X

Mature. Boy crossdressing with the help of his girlfriends.
Anemoe Comic Japan 2002 KEPPI 1 D 1 P X

Mature. Story 5: Boy is dressed up as a gothic girl by his lover.
Anemonis Movie Austria 2007 JK 1 D

The main character is a transvestite.
Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros Movie Philippines 2005 JK 1 D 1

AKA The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros. Maxi is gay and crossdresses.
Ang Probinsyano Television Philippines 2015
1 D 3

-1612 Episodes 78-92 (13 Jan 2016 to 2 Feb 2016) After Olga successfully kidnapped Carmen, Cardo is determined to investigate the group and seize the mastermind of its operations. To help him find more lead about the series of abductions, Cardo disguises as the alluring lady named Paloma who is ready to catch the suspects in action. Episode 222-226 (5 Aug 2016 to 11 Aug 2016) Cardo disguises again as Palomo to face the ‘sextortionist’ Ella.
Ang Tatay Kong Nanay Movie Philippines 1978 JK 1 D 1

AKA My Mother, My Father. About a transvestite father under the Marcos regime.
Ange & Diablesses Comic Belgium 2009 Hardy Marc 1 D 1

T2 “La Nuit du Grand Bouc” to infiltrate into a party, Ange have to disguise himself as one of the female dancers.
Angel Television United States 1999
1 T 3

Episode 1x02 “Lonely Heart” (1999) A demon frequents one club and changes bodies between male and female. Episode 1x05 “Rm w/a Vu” (1999) Cordelia's ghostly room mate Dennis very briefly possessed her body in order to break open a wall to reveal his remains. Episode 5x02 “Just Reward” (2003) It features a necromancer who is selling dead bodies to immaterial spirits and various demons. He's shown installing a male demon into the female body.
Angel Movie United States 1984 JK 1 D 1

Exploitation movie on teenage prostitution. Dick Shawn plays transvestite hooker.
Angel Cup Comic Korea 2001 Kim Dong-Wook 1 D

Shin-Young: Technically not a player anymore, Shin-Bee's brother was a legend on the field on the Han Shin boys' team. He returns to the school in an attempt to dissuade Shin-Bee from playing soccer, but is forced to crossdress in order to do it. He fails when Soh-Jin discovers his gender and creates an upset. Many girls regard him as a bishounen and a running gag has involved his crossdressing to avoid recognition.
Angel Diary (Destination Heaven Chronicles) Comic Korea 2005 Kara 1 D 1

Ee-jung, another of the Four Guardians of Heaven, the "Red Phoenix". Because he is the Red Phoenix, it is traditional that he wore female clothing as a child and as a result, he was mistaken as Ah-hin by Woo-hyun. Vol 2: Cho-Ryun, a tree spirit appears to Doh-hyun and Woo-hyun, looking for his friend. He is from the Princess's Garden in Heaven and has come to Earth to look for his friend (who is Ah-Hin). He looks like a girl, and so at first Doh-Hyun and Woo-Hyun think he is a “she”.
Angel Heart Animation Japan 2005 TMS 1 D 3 P

Episode 46: Yang Fang-Yun, an old friend of Ryo, end forcing Dr. Chen into women clothes.
Angel Heart Comic Japan 2001 Hojo Tsukasa 1 D 3 P

Vol 5: Benjamin work in a transvestite bar to escape from his old life in the Yakuza. Vol 16: Yang Fang-Yun, an old friend of Ryo, end forcing Dr. Chen into women clothes. Vol 20-21: Satomi Nukui is a transsexual, that own a gay bar, and ask Ryo Saeba for help with his daugher that don’t know of him now being a woman. Ryo even disguises himself as one of the transvestites in the gay bar. Vol 22-23: Introduces Chameleon, disguised as a woman. Vol 25-26: Chameleon disguised as Hazuki. Vol 29-30: Chameleon disguised as Saeko.
Angel Heart: 2nd Season Comic Japan 2010 Hojo Tsukasa 1 D 3

-1803 Vol 2-3: Chameleon disguised as a woman to trick Ryo. Vol 5: Chameleon disguised as a woman, brief. Vol 10: Chameleon disguised as a woman to trick Xiang-Ying.
Angel Number 9 Movie United States 1974
1 D

-1412 Aka Angel on fire. Mature. Adult video. Steven is a self-obsessed man who seduces a lot of women. When his girlfriend gets pregnant he tells her to get out of his life. After a car accident, Steven dies and comes to heaven. But his punishment is to return to Earth as Stephanie and he can only return to heaven if he can fall in love with a man just like Steven.
Angel Sanctuary (Tenshi Kinryouku) Animation Japan 2000 Bandai Visual 1 B 2 P

OAV. Arakune, though born a man, feels he has the soul of a woman so he dresses and acts accordingly.
Angel Sanctuary (Tenshi Kinryouku) Comic Japan 1995 Yuki Kaori 1 B 2 P

Arakune, though born a man, feels he has the soul of a woman so he dresses and acts accordingly. Vol 7 Chap 2: Setsuna wakes up as a woman, the Alexiel original body, with his body being dead.
Angela: Asgard's Assassin Comic United States 2015 Marvel Comics 1 T

Sera is the best friend of Aldrif Odinsdottir (Angela), a capable magician, and a former warrior of Heven. She is revealed to have been born male in #3. #6 It is revealed that Sera is in fact Malekith that has transformed into her to fool Angela.
Angels And Insects Movie United States 1995 HF 1 D

Little boy is dressed like sister.
Angels In The Attic Movie United States 1997
1 D 1

Boy dressing as a fairy.
Angels In The Infield Movie United States 2000 JK 1 T

Comedy fantasy sequel to Angels in the Outfield featuring a fantasy gender change for a coach.
Angels! Movie United States 2000 JK 1 D

Comedy. Three glamorous "female" private investigators are brought back from the past to fight crime.
Anger Management Movie United States 2003 JK 1 D

Brief cameo role sees Woody Harrelson as a transvestite hooker.
Anglagard Movie Sweden 1992 JK 1 D

AKA House of Angels AKA Angel Farm. Character does travesti stage performances.
Angling Dharma Television Indonesia 2004
1 T 1

Episode 23: Male god transforming into a woman. Episode 25. Male god transforming into a woman.
Anguished Love Movie Thailand 1987 JK 1 D

The twin brother of a murdered drag queen shows up seeking revenge.
Angura Kuin Comic Japan 2002 Tenbu Tomoe 1 T 1

Mature. Story “Act in place of you” Boy and girl fall off their bike and swap bodies.
Ani Ga Imouto De Imouto Ga Ani De Comic Japan 2012 Kurumatani Haruko 1 T 2

Aside from being the motherly figure of his family, first year high school student Koizumi Haruta has an especially big sister complex with his twin, Hikari. She has trouble expressing her emotions, but that doesn't stop him from thinking she's the cutest button in the world! However, Hikari isn't as sweet as she seems... Wait, how come Koizumi was the only one in the family who didn't know he and Hikari weren't blood-related?! After her mother casually mentions it, NOW he finds out! What's more, after Hikari plants a kiss on Koizumi, she runs off, and they both ended up getting hit by a truck! And when he wakes, their bodies are switched?! And Hikari says she won't give his body back?!
Anibal 5 Comic Mexico 1966 Moro Manuel 1 T 2 P

#4 (12/1966) A male agent is transmigrated into the body of a woman to infiltrate an army of women.
Anibal Cinq Comic France 1990 Bess Georges 1 T 2 P

-1311 T2 “Chair d'Orchidee pour le Cyborg” (1991) A male agent is transmigrated into the bodies of several female animals and finally a female cyborg to infiltrate an army of women.
Aniki No Yomeiri Comic Japan 2014 Ginko 1 D

-1609 Mature. Akira dresses himself in drag to attend a matchmaking date in place of his sister. He tries to blow this setup in any way possible, but Mizuhashi, the candidate in question, just smiles without a word.
Animal Antics Comic United States 1946 DC Comics 1 D 1

-1803 Anthropomorphic-funny animals. #3 (08/1946) Story “The Raccoon Kids” Rudy and Rollo disguised as a old lady to trick uncle Percy. #15 (08/1948) Story "Garbage beach” The fox trying to attract customers to his resort on Garbage Beach disguising as a sexy vixento convince one guy that the place is popular.
Animal Factory Movie United States 2000 JK 1 D

Prison drama featuring Mickey Rourke as Jan the Actress, a crossdressing prison queen.
Animal Man Comic United States 1988 DC Comics 1 T 1

#8 (02/1989) Animal Man learns the hard way about the dangers of the superhero business as his home is invaded by one supervillain, Mirror Master. After an protracted fight, Mirror Master leaves Animal Man with a little trinket that briefly turns him into a "human looking glass" which causes him to become a duplicate of his wife.
Animaniacs Comic United States 1995 DC Comics 1 D 1

#15 (07/1996) One of the GoodFeathers dresses as female pigeon. #47 (04/1999) Brain disguises as Brainita in an Evita parody.
Anita Movie Germany 1987
1 D

Transsexual dance sequence in madhouse drama
Anjos Da Noite Movie Brazil 1987 JK 1 D 1

Sao Paulo nightlife including transvestite character.
Anlat Istanbul Movie Turkey 2005 JK 1 D 3 P

AKA Istanbul Tales. Banu is a post-operative transsexual; she is a prostitute, and is trying to get out by practical and believable means. She makes advances to a young man she has seen working in a shoe shop, and they make love. He is infatuated and he persuades her to run away from Istanbul with him, and they agree to leave on the midnight train that night. He doesn't show up, and Banu is devastated, blaming it on her transsexual status. In fact, he was murdered in an accident.
Ann With An E Television Canada 2017
1 D

-1812 Episode 2x06 “I Protest Against Any Absolute Conclusion” (2018) The town preps for its annual Christmas pantomime. The minister plays a female role.
Anna-san No Omame Television Japan 2006
1 T 3 P

Episode 1x06 “The great author enraged! The two who exchanged places goes out of control” (2006) Male and Woman change places after a electric accident and must live the other's life until they find a form to change again.
Anna Thamudu Movie India 1958
1 D

-1612 Male disguised as a woman.
Annarakkannanum Thannalayathu Movie India 2010
1 D

-1906 Male disguised as a woman.
Annavra Makkalu Movie India 1996
1 D 1

-1906 Policeman disguised as a woman to sneak into a beauty parlour.
Annie Oakley Movie United States 1935 JK 1 D

Re-enactment of Indian attack on wagons has men dressed as pioneer women, brief.
Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae O Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai (AnoHana) Animation Japan 2011 A-1 Pictures 1 D 1

Episode 3-5: Atsumu has been crossdressing as Menma wearing a white sundress.
Ano Ko To Issho Comic Japan 2003 Fujisue Sakura 1 T 1

Vol 8 Sidestory: Yuya Ena wish to be a girl for middle day, and his wish is granted. It’s turn out that it was a dream.
Anoko Wa Random Box Comic Japan 1994 Akifuji Satoshi 1 D 1

Mature. One story has a girl falling in love with his private female teacher that reveal herself to be a shemale.
Anomalies Passageres Movie France 2003 JK 1 D

Various themes, including an intersex baby, and male model with dressing issues.
Anonima Television Colombia 2015
1 D

Episode 44 (26 jan 2016) Gonzo disguised as a woman.
Another 9 1/2 Weeks Movie United States 1997 JK 1 D

AKA Love in Paris. Transvestite listed in cast.
Another Chance Movie United States 1989 JK 1 D

Has a scene where a dog, trained to pick up women, picks up a transvetite.
Another Fine Mess Movie United States 1930 JK 1 D

Laurel and Hardy comedy short. Stan has to pose as both butler and maid.
Another Fine Myth Literature United States 1978 Asprin Robert 1 D

Book 1 in the “Myth Adventures” series. A hilarious, pun-filled fantasy about a young magician's apprentice who finds himself working with a demon who's lost his powers. There is a small scene where the apprentice disguises himself as a girl so they can get out of town.
Another Gay Movie Movie United States 2006 JK 1 D

Gay spoof of teen movies. Mrs. Wilson is played by Lypsinka.
Another Gay Sequel – Gays Gone Wild Movie United States 2008 JK 1 D

Features Lady Bunny and Lypsinka.
Another World Television United States 1964
1 D 1

In a storyline around the end of 1984, after returning from Majorca Cass Winthrop borrowed money from loan shark Tony the Tuna and couldn't pay it back. So he went in hiding, dressing as a woman named Krystal Lake. Unfortunately Tony became smitten with Krystal and started dating "her". Cass finally got out of it by agreeing to turn Tony's niece, Dee, into a high society girl.
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom) Animation Japan 2014 Lerche 1 D 2

Season 1 Episode 20: Evading Grip's hands that could kill him if they make contact, Karma is seemingly hit by some gas that Grip had borrowed from Smog. However, having learned not to underestimate his opponents, Karma avoids it and hits Grip with some gas of his own, allowing the students to bind him up and move onwards to the sixth floor. Needing to unlock the back entrance of the stairs to help the others reach the next floor undetected, the girls make their way through the lounge while Nagisa, dressed up as a girl by the others, is hit on by a rich kid named Yuji. While trying to impress who he thinks is a cute girl, Yuji ends up angering a yakuza, but the girls manage to knock him out, opening a way onward in the process. After leaving Yuji, who Nagisa encourages to play it straight from now on, the students move on to the VIP floor, where Terasaka knocks out some bodyguards using some stun-guns, obtaining some pistols that are given to Chiba and Hayami. Needing to get through a theater stage to get to the next set of stairs, the students face off against their next opponent, Gastro.
Season 2 Episode 10: Kunigaoka holds a school festival in which all the classes are competing to make the most money with their stalls. As Gakushu and the rest of A Class use business connections and idols to draw in customers, E Class takes advantage of their mountain location by using local ingredients to create natural tasting dishes that prove a hit with visitors. As many familiar faces show up to E Class' restaurant, Nagisa is forced to crossdress again when Yuji, the boy from the island resort, comes to visit him while still under the presumption that he is a girl. Although Nagisa ultimately reveals his true gender, Yuji, impressed by his honesty, posts about the restaurant on his world famous food blog, causing an influx of customers the next day. As E Class are eventually forced to end their service early to avoid disrupting the mountain's ecosystem, Hiromi manages to patch things up with Nagisa, while E Class is left with a positive reputation despite not beating A Class in the overall rankings.
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom) Comic Japan 2012 Matsui Yuusei 1 D 2 P

Vol 8 Chap 66: Nagisa Shiota crossdressing as part of a training mission.
Vol 13 Chap 112: Nagisa Shiota recount of his forced crossdressing by his mother.
Vol 14 Chap 116-117: Nagisa Shiota crossdressing in an school festival
Ant-Man And Wasp Comic United States 2011 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#3 (03/2011) Henry Pym digital proxy takes the form of Ms. Marvel. Very brief.
Antar Fi Bilad Ir-Ruman Movie Turkey 1974
1 D 1

Antar's sidekick disguises as a woman to try to help him escape from dungeons.
Anti-Romanticist No Yuuutsu Comic Japan 2009 Yamakami Riyu 1 D 1

Having lost their parents, Shiroyama must put aside his dreams and work hard to support not only himself, but his younger brother and sister. He steps into a world that he knows he must guard himself safely from, to protect himself and the ones he cares for. A world where transvestites work at entertaining patrons and alcohol flows freely. A world that offers him many firsts, including a kiss. But is it enough to light the fires of romance into his cold heart?.
Antidur Movie Russia 2007
1 D 1

Velik and Koshka in a gay bar with a transvestite.
Antoine Marie Chamans, Comte De Lavalette History France 1815
1 D

Antoine Marie Chamans, comte de Lavalette (1769 to 1830) was a French politician and general. He was arrested after the beginning of the Bourbon Restoration and, on 21 November 1815, Lavalette was sentenced to execution by the Ultras. One night before his scheduled execution, he was visited by his wife and daughter and managed to change clothes and places with his wife, a ruse that was not discovered until the next morning.
Antonella Television Argentina 1992
1 D

Episode 143-146: Arturo disguised as a woman attack Antonella.
Antonio And Mellida Literature Great Britain 1599 Marston John 1 D

Late Elizabethan play. Boy loves girl, girl loves boy. Both boy and his father are presumed dead, killed by girls’ father, but both have survived and boy disguises himself as a girl to get closer to girl. Boy and father are reunited, girl’s father realizes the error of his ways, everybody lives happily ever after.
Antonio Perez History Spain 1590
1 D

-1612 Antonio Perez (1540 to 1611) was a Spanish statesman, secretary of king Philip II of Spain. In 1590 he escaped from prison in Madrid, disguised as a woman.
Anveshitha Television India 1997
1 T 1

-1812 Episode 66: Male ghost possessing a woman. Brief. Episode 67: Male ghost possesses a woman to account for his story to the others.
Any Day Now Movie United States 2012
1 D

A child with Downs Syndrome is abandoned buy his parents and a gay couple adopt him; this provokes outrage from the authorities. Rudy Donatello, one of the men, appears in drag.
Any Day Now Television United States 1998 HF 1 D

Episode 2x22 “Who Abandoned Who?” (2000) RuPaul guest starring as Jerry/Sheri Walters.
Anything Movie United States 2017
1 D 1

-1903 When Early Landry loses his wife in a small town in Mississippi, his sister makes him to move with her to Los Angeles, where Early moves into an apartment building filled with a group of interesting Hollywood people, nothing he has ever been used to, but perhaps he fits in well. One of his new neighbours is a transwoman.
Anzu - Kikou No Hakuhen (Anzu - The Shards Of Memory) Comic Japan 2004 Kirikaze 1 D 1

Ao No Souyoku Comic Japan 2013 Inariya Fusanosuke 1 D 3 P

It’s about a woman who poses as a man so she can be a pilot. And her twin brother poses as her sometimes so she can fulfill her dreams.
Aoi Destruction Comic Japan 2007 Inoue Kazurou 1 D 1

An extended story of characters Samejima Tetsuo and his effeminate father, Aoi, from the manga “Midori no Hibi” created by the same mangaka. Aoi works as a waitress in a cafe helping a friend.
Aoi House Comic United States 2006 Shiei 1 D 1

American Manga. Character Carlo: Aoi House's transvestite founder. When Sandy and Alex first meet him he is dressed as a woman complete with wig and skirt.
Aoom Movie Spain 1970 JK 1 T

AKA La Muñeca asesina. A man's soul enters first a doll, then a woman.
Aopara Next Comic Japan 1996 Malumi 1 T

-1812 Mature. Continues the story from Aozora Paradox. A young student meets a girl that actually is his father who died many years ago and has been reincarnated as a girl.
Aozora Paradox Comic Japan 1994 Malumi 1 T


Mature. A young student meets a girl that actually is his father who died many years ago and has been reincarnated as a girl. There is a sequel called Aopara Next
Apartment Zero Movie Great Britain 1988 HF 1 D 1 P

-1812 A block of flats and its residents include a crossdresser called Vanessa, and we see her throughout the movie.
Aphorism Comic Japan 2008 Kujou Karuna 1 T 1

Vol 6 Chap 23 “Seal”: Rokudou-kun changes himself into Sekia to sneak into a house.
Aphrodite (Venus Castina) History Greece -1000
1 T

This Goddess responded with sympathy and understanding to the yearnings of feminine souls locked up in male bodies. When the Scythians pillaged her temple at Ascelon, she's alleged to have been so enraged that she made women of the plunderers and decreed that their posterity should be similarly affected.
Aphroditos History Greece -1000
1 D

The Cypriots worshiped a bearded Aphrodite called Aphroditos, with a woman's body and clothes, a beard and male genitals. When they sacrificed to Aphroditos they crossdressed.
Apna Sapna Money Money Movie India 2006 JK 1 D 1 P

Ritesh Deshmukh in several roles, one as a woman.
Apocalypse, CA Movie United States 2011
1 T 1

-1809 AKA Apocalypse, California. Male and woman bodyswap.
Apocripha/0 (Apocripha/Zero) Comic Japan 2004 Yuuki Azusa 1 T 3 P

Vol 1 Chap 8: Introduces Lhodo, one of the villains. She has a backstory where she used to be a man, before a curse transformed him into a beautiful woman.
Appu Movie India 2000
1 D 1

-1812 Remake of Sadak. The villain is a transgender, Maharani, a power-hungry pimp who eliminates anyone she perceives as a threat.
Apres La Guerre Movie France 1989 JK 1 D 4 P

AKA After the War. For a lot of the movie a boy wears a green dress.
April 4th Comic Japan 2006 Itsuki Kaname 1 D 1 P X

Mature. Iori-kun have a part-time job as a female model, Iori-chan.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Animation United States 2000
1 T 1

Episode 4x4 (59) “Dickesode” A fast food restaurant's "Rip-n-Win" contest awards Carl the "prize" of genital mutilation. Frylock gets a "real bad idea" to help him by giving him a sex change, turning him into a very ugly woman.
Aquarion Evol Animation Japan 2012 Satelight 1 T 1

Sequel to “Sousei No Aquarion”. Episode 23-26: Mykage finally claims his reward from Zessica by posessing her body.
Aquele Beijo Television Brazil 2011
1 D

Ana Girafa is a transvestite.
Aqui No Hay Quien Viva Television Spain 2003
1 D 1

-1707 Episode 2x12 “Erase una despedida de soltero” Men disguised as women to enter a striptease club for women. Episode 4x12 “Erase un Vudu” Fernando and Mauri disguised as drag queens in a nighclub spectacle to cover for Fernado’s father that is ill. Season 5 have a secondary character Raquel/Raul: Mamen's sister, a female-identifying transgender. Her brother in law Higinio insists on calling her Raul, her birth name. She briefly dated Emilio, but he wasn't able to get over the fact she has male genitalia. Introduced in Episode 5x02.
Arabian Nights Movie United States 1942 HF 1 D

Slapstick dressing to deceive searchers.
Arabian Taboo Comic Japan 2015 Otosato Ryoutaroh 1 D

-1707 Mature Yaoi stories. Chap 4: Young male crossdressing in a gay bar.
Arahtoi Kai Light Television Greece 1994
1 D 2 P

Episode 1x04 (1994): Three male friend sneak into a party in a private school for girls disguised as women.
Araiso Private High School Student Council Executive Committee (Shiritsu Araiso Koutougakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu) Animation Japan 2002 Nippon Animation 1 D 2 P

OAV Episode 1: Character Miss Igarashi, the school nurse, that is really a transvestite. He was teased a lot because he was weak like a girl and was always in the nurse's office. The nurse was very kind and self-confident and he wanted to become like that person, to become a school nurse that was loved by the students.
Araiso Private High School Student Council Executive Committee (Shiritsu Araiso Koutougakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu) Comic Japan 1999 Minekura Kazuya 1 D 2 P

Character Miss Igarashi, the school nurse, that is really a transvestite. He was teased a lot because he was weak like a girl and was always in the nurse's office. The nurse was very kind and self-confident and he wanted to become like that person, to become a school nurse that was loved by the students.
Arakawa Under The Bridge Animation Japan 2010 Shaft 1 D 1

Sister is a strong man that dresses up like a nun. He is 29 years-old and British. On the right side of his face is a scar. Every Sunday he will hold a mass that usually lasts only a few seconds in the church under the bridge. Strangely, while Sister is dressed as a Catholic sister, his church is adorned with an Orthodox cross. Under his robe is a military suit, as he was formerly a soldier and still carries a lot of weapons. He is in love with Maria, who he met during the last war he was in, whose insults are the only thing to unnerve him, causing his scar to open up. Surprisingly, he is good at making cookies and other sweets. First appareance Episode 2.
Arakawa Under The Bridge Comic Japan 2004 Nakamura Hikaru 1 D 1

Sister is a strong man that dresses up like a nun. He is 29 years-old and British. On the right side of his face is a scar. Every Sunday he will hold a mass that usually lasts only a few seconds in the church under the bridge. Strangely, while Sister is dressed as a Catholic sister, his church is adorned with an Orthodox cross. Under his robe is a military suit, as he was formerly a soldier and still carries a lot of weapons. He is in love with Maria, who he met during the last war he was in, whose insults are the only thing to unnerve him, causing his scar to open up. Surprisingly, he is good at making cookies and other sweets. First appareance Manga Vol 1 Chap 17.
Arakawa Under The Bridge Television Japan 2011
1 D 1

Character Sister: A strong man that dresses up like a nun.
Aramis'78 Comic Japan 1978 Yamato Waki 1 D 2 P

Vol 1: Aramis and other man end in the Hell House, a transvestite bar, and have to crossdress as women performing for that night. The tranvestite chief will have a secondary role for the rest of the story. Vol 4: Aramis and other men end in ballerina outfits performing in the celebration's banquet of a wedding they are attending.
Arashi No Destiny (Destiny Series) Comic Japan 1991 Takagi Kana 1 D 2 P

-1311 For 300 years, a knight searched for the reincarnation of his beloved princess. He finally found her in a Japanese high school, but she is now a man... that will have to crossdress to look like a princess. Vol 6: He crossdresses as the bride in a wedding. Vol 7: He crossdresses as a schoolgirl. Vol 9: He crossdresses for a formal ball and later for a party. Second Stage Vol 2: He crossdresses as a maid. Third Stage Vol 1: He crossdresses as a maid.
Arasi (Arase) Television India 2007
1 D 1

-1812 Ganga is a transvestite criminal pursued by police. Appareance in episodes 53, 56, 60, 62-63, 70, 98, 101-104, 106, 108, 110-113, 115, 183, 191, 264, 267, 277, 280, 284-289. Probably more appareances.
Arata Kangatari Animation Japan 2013 Satelight 1 D 2 P

Episode 1: Every 30 years, a new princess is chosen from the Hime family to serve the Hayagami. The time has come again, but over these past years, records state not a single female has been born, save for one, the 15 year old Arata. The only problem is, Arata is actually a male! Forced to disguise himself and take the place of the princess candidate until a formal one can be found, he attends the festival only to witness the current princess, Kokuri-hime, murdered, and his own life is forfeit as well, by the hands of the princess' personal guard, the 12 Shinshou. As he runs for his life, Kannagi of the 12 convinces everyone that Arata is the one who has murdered the princess instead, and now everyone in the Imperial Court is after his head!.
Arata Kangatari Comic Japan 2008 Watase Yuu 1 D 2 P

Vol 1 Chap 1: Every 30 years, a new princess is chosen from the Hime family to serve the Hayagami. The time has come again, but over these past years, records state not a single female has been born, save for one, the 15 year old Arata. The only problem is, Arata is actually a male! Forced to disguise himself and take the place of the princess candidate until a formal one can be found, he attends the festival only to witness the current princess, Kokuri-hime, murdered, and his own life is forfeit as well, by the hands of the princess' personal guard, the 12 Shinshou. As he runs for his life, Kannagi of the 12 convinces everyone that Arata is the one who has murdered the princess instead, and now everyone in the Imperial Court is after his head!. Vol 8 Chap 75 “Kuruga's Palace”: Arata and Kannagi disguised as girls to enter Kuruga's Palace where no men are allowed. This charade continue till Vol 9 Chap 78. Vol 20 Chap 195 to Vol 22 Chap 212: Ikisu is a member of Six Shinshou, and the last member whose face was revealed along with Ameeno. He is the Shou of Nouga. The most prominent feature about Ikisu is that, although physically a male, he prefers to dress like a woman, in a white gown that resembles a jumper, with a pair of heels for decorative reasons and wearing lipstick and other cosmetics to glamorize his appearance. Vol 22 Chap 214 “Changeover” Males are transformed into females and Females are transformed into males. They continue changed until Vol 22 Chap 216.
Arcana Comic Japan 2006 Anthology 1 D 1

-1609 Vol 15 Story 10 “Yashiro Saeki's Story” Looks like there are grownup agent that need to go undercover in a school.. disguised as a female student.
Archard's Agents Comic United States 2003 CrossGen 1 D 1

Spin-off of “Ruse”. #1 Simon Archand is disguised as a old poor woman briefly to contact a man.
Archer Animation United States 2009
1 D 1 P

Episode 1x02 “Training Day” An Irish Terrorist disguised as a woman. Episode 2x11 “Jeu Monegasque” Ray disguised as Malory. Episode 4x04 “midnight Ron” Archer and Ron end being chased by a gang of transvestite bikers.
Archibald Campbell History Great Britain 1681
1 D

-1612 Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll (1629 to 1685). In 1680, the Earl opposed the oath attached to the Test Act, intended to ensure the loyalty of the holders of public office to King Charles II, because it also demanded conformity with the king's ideas on forms of church government and religious worship. The earl’s refusal to take the oath led to him being declared a traitor in 1681. He was imprisoned in Edinburgh Castle, but escaped, disguised as a woman, and fled from Leith to the Netherlands. His estates were confiscated.
Archie (Archie Comics) Comic United States 1942 Archie Comics 1 B 3 P

#13 (04/1945) Story “The Super-Salesman” Archie in drag. Story “The Queen of the May” Reggie in drag. #28 (10/1947) Story “Service with a snicker” Archie tricked into disguising as a maid for a dinner in Veronica's house. #30 (02/1948) Story “The Battle of the Jitterbugs” Archie and Veronica hanging out down at the Chocklit Shoppe arguing over whether or not girls or boys are the better dancers, they decide to settle it with an old-fashioned dance off that pairs Betty and Veronica against Reggie and Archie, Archie crossdressing as the female partner. #33 (08/1948) "Dance Clown, Dance!" Archie in ballet class pretending to be a girl. #45 (08/1950) Brief scene with Archie in an evening gown to teach Veronica a lesson. #158 (09/1965) Story “The wrong end” Archie clothes are wet and Veronica give him a nightie to wear while she dry and clean his clothes. #169 (12/1966) Story “Trouble free” Mr. Lodge mistakes a bathrobe-clad Archie for his daughter and he end in a dress. #173 (06/1967) Story “Fare Enough” Veronica and Reggie are going on a bus trip that's exclusively for athletes and cheerleaders. Archie tries everything he can think of, including dressing in drag, to sneak on the bus too. #246 (08/1975) Story “Full Moon Follies” Archie becomes convinced that this is a time of year when weirdos and wise guys are compelled to come up to him and make stupid jokes. So he disguises himself as an old woman to avoid weirdos. #305 (06/1981) Story “Dancing Boy” Archie in a pink dance leotards #478 (12/1998) Archie is tricked into join the girls for an air band content, dressed up as one of the girls. #516. Archie's mom wonders what life would be like if Archie were a girl instead of a boy. #636 (10/2012) Upon overhearing the guys and gals of Riverdale grumbling over how the other half has it easier, Sabrina’s mischievous cat Salem turns the town upside down when he dishes out the ultimate genetic makeover! Chaos ensues as the teens discover it’s not as easy to walk in each other’s shoes (or heels!).
Archie Americana Series Best Of The Forties Comic United States 1991 Archie Comics 1 D 3

Vol 1 #1 (1991) Story “No Body's Dummy” Jughead help the girls wearing a dress they are sewing, because the dummy was too large, originally presented in Pep Comic #64. Story “The Battle of the Jitterbugs” Archie and Veronica hanging out down at the Chocklit Shoppe arguing over whether or not girls or boys are the better dancers, they decide to settle it with an old-fashioned dance off that pairs Betty and Veronica against Reggie and Archie, Archie crossdressing as the female partner. originally presented in Archie #30
Archie And Me Comic United States 1964 Archie Comics 1 D 1

#1 (10/1964) Archie dresses as an old lady to fool Mr. Weatherbee #76 (08/1975) Archie dresses as an old landlady to fool Mr. Weatherbee, that don't fall for it. #112 (08/1979) Archie dresses as an old landlady to fool Mr. Weatherbee, that don't fall for it. The same story that in #76.
Archie Andrews Where Are You? Comic United States 1977 Archie Comics 1 D 1

#50 (06/1981) Story “Jughead in the Brave Bull” Archie disguises as a woman to fool Mr. Weatherbee
Archie At Riverdale High Comic United States 1972 Archie Comics 1 D 3 P

#47 (08/1977) Story “Redheads have more fun” Riverdale High is vandalized by Ed, Fred and Ted, the three pranksters from Clarkson High. To get revenge on Ed, Fred and Ted, the Riverdale gang comes up with a plan that depends on Veronica's occasional dates with Fred... and Archie's willingness to dress in drag. #48 (09/1977) Story “The Mud Slingers” Jughead disguises as a female wrestler to save Betty.
Archie Giant Series (Archie's Christmas Stocking) Comic United States 1954 Archie Comics 1 D

#1 Supposedly there was an Archie Giant around 1954 that contained a story featuring a "crossdress" dance. All the boys went dressed as girls. Unconfirmed
Archie Vs. Predator Comic United States 2015 Dark Horse 1 D 1

-1803 #2-3 (05-06/2015) Jughead disguised as a woman to act as the bait.
Archie's Double Digest Comic United States 1984 Archie Comics 1 D 3 P

#152 (08/2004) Story “Archie the thinking man” Archie disguises as his own sister to fool Moose.
Archie's Girls Betty And Veronica Comic United States 1950 Archie Comics 1 D 3 P

#178 (10/1970) Story “Beauty and the Beast” When Veronica acts too sure that she's going to win a beauty contest, the guys decide to teach her a lesson by entering the contest disguised as girls.
Archie's Girls Betty And Veronica Annual Comic United States 1953 Archie Comics 1 D 3

#2 (1954) Story “Ladies Man” Archie and Reggie competing to see who makes the better looking girl.
Archie's Pal Jughead Comic United States 1949 Archie Comics 1 B 3 P

#13 (08/1952) Story “Heat-Waif” After a policeman forbid him to wear short in a public park Jughead disguises as a woman and wears a miniskirt. #22 (02/1954) Story "Dixie Doodle" Jughead dresses as a girl and kisses Midge.
Archie's Pals 'N' Gals Comic United States 1952 Archie Comics 1 D

#161 (11/1982) Cover show Archie disguised as a girl at midge's summer party. Not more.
Archie's Pals 'N' Gals Double Digest Comic United States 1992 Archie Comics 1 D 1

#98 (11/2005) Story “Turnabout” after Veronica and Betty buy rather masculine clothes for a date with Archie and Jughead, they dedide to fool the girls dressing up in female clothes for the date. The idea backfires.
Archie's Weird Mysteries Animation United States 1999 Archie Comics 1 T 1

Episode 1x02 “Me, Me, Me” Veronica, not feeling that people understand her, wishes that everyone would become just like her. Of crouse she does this while holding on idol that grants wishes. The transformations for the main characters are never complete, leaving them mainly acting like Veronica. The rest of the town is affected more dramatically. Everyone else in the town both acts and looks like Veronica. Only Pop Tate is shown both before and after changing.
Ardhanaari Movie India 2012
1 D

-1806 Vinayan is a transgender person with male physique and female behavioral traits which leads to ridicule and snide remarks from his brother and others.
Ardhanaari Movie India 2016
1 D

-1806 Ardhanaari is a transgender who comes to the city and starts killing everyone. She, especially targets the government employees and keeps killing them one after the other according to a plan. The cops go on a high profile mission and finally manage to nab Ardhanaari. They bring her to the court and ask her as to why she committed all these murders. An upset Ardhanaari then reveals that she will speak directly to the public. Who is this Ardhanaari ? What is she up to ? Why did she commit all these murders ? What will she tell the public?.
Ardour Comic China 2004 Wu Rou Xuan 1 D 2 P

Vol 7: Boy crossdressing as a female model for a pageant.
Are Marler Movie India 2017
1 D 1

-1903 Male disguised as a woman as part of a plan to trick the father of the girlfriend.
Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Television Canada 1991
1 T 1

Episode 2x07 The Tale of the Whispering Walls” (1993) Two kids and their cute Asian babysitter Louise are stranded on their way home and trapped in a haunted house. The kids get separated from Louise and when they meet again, they discover that it is actually the head ghost Master Raymond disguised as Louise. “Episode 5x11 “The Tale of the Night Shift” (1996) Vampire lures victims to it by appearing in several guises, sometimes seen in the form of a female intern. The vampire natural form appears to be male.
Are You Being Served? Television Great Britain 1972
1 D

Episode 10x05 “The Nightclub” (1985) Mr. Humphries dressed as a woman usher supposedly filling in for his mother.
Are You Being Served? Movie Great Britain 1977 JK 1 D

Film spin-off from television sitcom. Mr Humphries in disguise, brief.
Are You There, Chelsea? Television United States 2012
1 D 2

Episode 1x07 “Dee Dee's Pillow” (2012) Chelsea's dad, Melvin, decides it's time for him to start dating again, and he enlists Rick and Todd to be his wingmen and takes them to an interesting club where he has befriended one of the performers named "Sandy."
Area 88 Comic Japan 1979 Shintani Kaoru 1 D 2 P

Vol 16 (Vol 7 Wideban) Mission 106: Male mercenary, a sniper with a girlish face, disguises as a woman to explore a city.
Arena! Comic Japan 2007 Miki Maki 1 D 4 P

It's about a boy that have a job as a female model called Arena.
Ares Movie France 2016
1 D 1

There is a scene with a tranvestite that works as a drag queen in a club.
Argenis Literature Great Britain 1621 Barclay John 1 D

Male disguised as a woman to sneak into the chamber of his loved one.
Argentine Nights Movie United States 1940 JK 1 D

Comedy. Ritz Brothers replace Andrew Sisters for one number.
Ari No Ou Comic Japan 2014 Itou Ryuu 1 D 2

-1704 Vol 3 introduces a transvestite.
Aria Animation Japan 2005 Hal Film Maker 1 T 1

Second Season "Aria The Natural" Episode 22: Sidestory in wich all character have their sex changed
Aria Comic Japan 2002 Amano Kozue 1 T 1

Vol 6: Sidestory in wich all character have their sex changed.
Arifureta Kiseki Television Japan 2009
1 D 2

Episode 5: Two middle-aged men going to a crossdressing transformation service.
Arisan! Movie Indonesia 2003 JK 1 D

AKA The Gathering. Drag queen keyword on IMDB.
Armed And Dangerous Movie United States 1986 JK 1 D 1

Features John Candy in drag somewhere, plus a transvestite character somewhere.
Armiya Tryasoguzki Snova V Boyu Movie Russia 1968
1 D 1

-1712 kids from “Armiya Tryasoguzki” are fighting “whites” again. One of the kids posses as a businessman's daughter.
Around The World In 80 Days Movie United States 2004 JK 1 D

There is a scene at Agra involving desperate crossdressing to avoid capture.
Around The World In Eighty Ways Movie United States 1987 JK 1 D

Wally impersonates everything from Elvis to a geisha.
Arrayan Television Spain 2001
1 D 1 P

Episode 246? (7 feb 2012) Male disguised as a woman to play a prank on another male.
Arrested Development Television United States 2003
1 D 1

Episode 2x14 (36) “The Immaculate Election” (2005) Tobias Funke disguises himself as a British nanny named Mrs. Featherbottom in order to maintain a relationship with his estranged family. While the disguise fools no one, the family humors him since this gets the housework done. He continues for 2 more episodes.
Arrivano I Nostri Movie Italy 1951 HF 1 D 1

An entertainer Daniele and some of his friends do a Carmen Miranda-based show as part of a wedding preparations.
Arrow Television United States 2012
1 D

Episode 2x16 “Suicide Squad” (2014) Flashback to Afghanistan. Dig and Ted Gaynor are leading a group of refugee women. Lyla asks for a break on behalf of the women, and they decide to stop for five minutes. The S.O. makes a sexist remark about women in the military. Lyla sees an Afghani woman whose feet are bare and bleeding, and gives her some socks. Grateful, the woman tells Lyla that a male criminal is disguised as a woman and among the crowd. Lyla apprehends Gholem Qadir, a terrorist and drug dealer. Dig throws the Gaynor’s sexist comment back in his face.
Arsene Lupin Movie France 2004 JK 1 D 1 P

Period drama. Lupin disguises himself as a prostitute somewhere here, very brief.
Arslan Senki (The Heroic Legend Of Arslan) Animation Japan 1991 Animate Film 1 D 3 P

OAV 1: Trade had started as always, but the Lusitanians took the place of the Pars army. Eram went to find out what happened to the city. Dressed as a girl, waylaid by a soldier for having spoken ill of the Lusitanians, he removed his costume and ran away to the place where Narcasse and the others were waiting.
Arslan Senki (The Heroic Legend Of Arslan) Animation Japan 2015 Liden Films 1 D 3 P

Episode 7: Trade had started as always, but the Lusitanians took the place of the Pars army. Eram went to find out what happened to the city. Dressed as a girl, waylaid by a soldier for having spoken ill of the Lusitanians, he removed his costume and ran away to the place where Narcasse and the others were waiting.
Arslan Senki (The Heroic Legend Of Arslan) Comic Japan 2013 Arakawa Hiromu 1 D 1

Chap 11: Elam disguised himself as a woman and infiltrated Ecbatana to get some information. While he was watching Kharlan’s men, a Lusitanian soldier started to hit on him and dragged Elam into a back alley. Elam killed him but another soldier had seen him. Elam fought with the soldier and managed to escape.
Art Ops Comic United States 2015 DC Comics 1 T 1

#6 (05/2016) Black woman revealed to be a transsexual.
Artie The Millionaire Kid Movie United States 1916 JK 1 D

Artie’s friend adopts the disguise of a rich widow.
Artonad Movie India 2017
1 D 1

-1812 Ghost make a male to crossdress, brief. Later there is a transvestite involved.
Aruna History India -1000
1 T

It is said that Aruna, the Charioteer of Surya was bored of his monotonous life and was eager to have a break. Someone told him that the nymphs in the Indra’s palace were the most beautiful ones and since then it was his intention to and visit the palace of Indra. One day he got an idea. He meditated one evening and changed into a beautiful lass and went to Indra’s Durbar and hidden in a corner he saw the Apsaras dancing and in his heightened happiness forgot that he is supposed to remain hidden and Indra saw him. Indra did not see Aruna, he saw a beautiful girl and he beckoned her. Aruna went silently to Indra and since he could not reveal who he was, he remained silent and let Indra have his way with “her”. By the time Aruna left Indra’s place, it was already too late and Surya was angry with Aruna for neglecting his reponsibilities and rebuked him. Aruna told Surya his story of what happened in Indra’s Palace. Surya was intrigued and in his curiosity wanted to see how Aruna would look like if he were a girl and ordered the charioteer to take the form of the same nymph as of the last night, so poor Aruna had to satisfy his master too. The consequence was birth of Vali and Sugreev.
As Boas Entradas Movie Portugal 2003 JK 1 D

Features drag queen character.
As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised As A Girl Literature United States 2000 Colapinto John 1 T

-1412 In 1967, after a baby boy suffered a botched circumcision, his desperate family agreed to a radical treatment. On the advice of an expert, the boy was surgically altered to live life as a girl. This is story of his life.
As The Bell Rings Television Great Britain 2007
1 D

Episode 1x23 “Bella's New Best Girlfriend” (2007) JJ is desperate to get close to Bella, so he dresses as a girl in order to become Bella's friend.
As The World Turn Television United States 1956
1 D

Starting Episode 54x55 (13542) (2009) Henry Coleman disguises as Geneva Swift. It started with Henry's girl Vienna replacing Katie on ‘Oakdale Now’. So Vienna fills in as co-host with Brad. They’re doing tango lessons on the show and he dips her and her breast falls out on live TV. So Henry is extremely enraged and jealous and then he meets up with Vienna later and Vienna has some new groupies, a bunch of shady guys who saw her on TV. That makes Henry even more jealous. So Henry calls up Kim Hughes, the owner of the station, he says he is Geneva Swift and that she represents the Illinois Citizens Against Nudity, and want that jezebel fired. Initially Kim invites Geneva on the show to have this debate and for her to voice her view and Henry turns her down but he keeps running into guys who are after his girl so he decides to do it. He goes on the show but then seems to fall in love with the attention that comes with Geneva so it unravels there.
As Told By Ginger Animation United States 1999 Klasky-Csupo 1 D 3 P

Episode 3x14 (57) “The Wedding Frame” Someone is trying to sabotage Lois and Dr. Dave's wedding, which Ginger is planning, by hiring Nikki Laport to play the role of Dr. Dave's old girlfriend. At the end is revealed that Nikki is Nicholas, a transvestite.
As You Were! Movie United States 1951 JK 1 D

Soldiers in female uniforms to escape guards.
Asa Made Jugyou Chu! Animation Japan 2012 GoHands 1 D 2

OAV: Kakinozaki Ayana-sensei and student Kagami Yuuki move into a room in the girls dormitory for the new (co-ed) high school semester, requested by Ayana-sensei and approved by the schools' principal. As one would guess, no one can find out he's living there so other than school classes, he has to crossdress or else they'll both be kicked out of school and dorm.
Asa Made Jugyou Chu! Comic Japan 2008 Munyu 1 D 2 P

Kakinozaki Ayana-sensei and student Kagami Yuuki move into a room in the girls dormitory for the new (co-ed) high school semester, requested by Ayana-sensei and approved by the schools' principal. As one would guess, no one can find out he's living there so other than school classes, he has to crossdress or else they'll both be kicked out of school and dorm.
Asatte Dance (Dance Till Tomorrow) Comic Japan 1989 Yamamoto Naoki 1 B

Vol 1 Act 4: One of the members of the theatrical troupe is dressed as a ballerina. Vol 1 Act 5: Dead grandfather of Suekichi does a visit to his grandson and possesses the body of a woman.
Asesino En Serio Movie Mexico 2002 JK 1 D

Travesti character somewhere here.
Asesinos De Narcos Movie Mexico 1990
1 D 2 P

Male disguised as a woman to infiltrate into a nighclub from the mexican mafia.
Ashadam Pelli Koduku Movie India 1997
1 D 2

-1903 Male disguised as a woman.
Ashes To Ashes Television Great Britain 2008
1 T 2