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11eyes Animation Japan 2009 Dogakobo 1 T 1 P

Episode 13 (OAV): The seven main characters enter a "Pink Night" where their powers have a perverted twist: Kakeru can see through everyone's clothes, Yuka changes the boys, Takeru and Takahisa, into girls, Misuzu's swords are turned into vibrators, Kukuri can speak but only says and draws profanities, Yukiko becomes sexually excited upon taking off her glasses, and Takahisa sprinkles a small fountain of water.
18if Animation Japan 2017 Gonzo 1 T 1

-1709 Episode 9 “Idols Don't Go to the Bathroom!” Men and women trapped in the Nightmare Idol School, that only accept females, so the men have been transformed into women.
30-sai No Hoken Taiiku Animation Japan 2011 Gathering 1 D 2

Macaron, the little brother of Daigorou, is a crossdresser. Episode 2: Macaron is introduced as a girl before being revealed as a boy. Episode 5: Brief Macaron crosdressing. Episode 7: Daigorou cover for Andou crossdressing as his sister. Episode 8: Macaron crossdressing as a woman to practice with Imagawa. Episode 10: Macaron crossdressing as a maid to take care of Daigorou.
3x3 Eyes (Sazan Eyes) Animation Japan 1991 Toei Animation 1 D 1 P

Episode 1: Yakumo is a high school boy living on his own and working as a transvestite waitress when he runs into Pai.
6teen Animation Canada 2004
1 D 1

-1707 Episode 1x12 “Mr. nice guy” Jude disguised as a woman. Episode 2x13 “Waiting to ex-sale” Jude disguised as a woman. Episode 4x11 “Role reversal” Jude disguised as a woman.
8 Man Animation Japan 1963 TCJ 1 T 2

-1612 Murdered by criminals, Detective Yokoda's body is retrieved by Professor Tani and taken to his laboratory. There, Tani performs an experiment that has failed seven times; Yokoda is the latest subject to have his life force transferred into an android body. For the first time, the experiment succeeds. Yokoda is reborn as the armor-skinned android 8 Man, able to dash at impossible speeds, as well as shape-shift into other people. He shape-shift into women in episodes 3, 11 and 24.
Aa Megami-sama! (Oh My Goddess!) Animation Japan 1998 AIC 1 T 2 P

-1311 Episode 20: Belldandy collapses after stopping a ninja invasion! Keiichi must figure out which supernatural medicine to use to revive his love. His only choice: try the potion out on himself first and see what happens! Keiichi gets his girlfriend back all right, along with a new problem: he turns partially into a girl himself!.
Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai Animation Japan 2002 Gainax / Madhouse 1 D 1

Mrs. Aki is the neighborhood crossdresser who wears a thick application of make-up. A life-long resident of the Abenobashi Shopping Arcade, he is quite knowledgeable about the history of the area and its people. In each parallel world, he is often depicted in various female roles.
Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog Animation United States 1993 DiC 1 B 3 P

Episode 13 “Best Hedgehog” Sonic and Tails rescue Robotnik's first prisoner, a hairy gossamer-look alike man called Lucas, and work to reunite him with his lost girlfriend, Lucinda, whom Robotnik is also after. Sonic impersonates Lucinda and even marry Robotnik. Episode 50 “Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme” Robotnik heads to ancient MobEgypt to get the Emerald of Immortality and to ensure Sonic's ancestors never meet so that he'd never be born. Sonic and Tails go after him. Robotnik hechman, Scratch, disguises as a egyptian woman. Episode 63 “Sonic is Running” Sonic dress up as a woman and tricks Robotnik's robotic wife into believing that Robotnik is cheating on her, Episode 65 “Sonically Ever After” Sonic and Tails are transported to a story book world and take the roll of "Hansol and Nettle". Tails the fox gets turned into the girl.
Adventures Of The Gummi Bears Animation United States 1985 Walt Disney 1 T 1

Episode 1x09 “A Gummi by Any Other Name” (1985) In the climax, Princess Calla uses the hat to change into Duke Igthorn. Right after she uses the hat, she puts the hat on the Duke and vice versa happens, after which, the Duke also turns into Sunni.
Agent Aika: Final Battle Animation Japan 1997 Studio Fantasia 1 D 1 P

It has been a few months since Aika and her friends defeated Hagen and his Delmo army. Since that time, the members of K2 Salvage have been very busy. They have hired a new employee, the very strange Michiksua. This guy is not your average anime character. First of all, he uses this little doll he uses to "council" Rion. Second, he has a penchant for crossdressing, especially the Delmo uniforms.
Aikatsu! Animation Japan 2012 Sunrise 1 D 1

Episode 18 “Chokotto Rabu”: Raichi, who wants to receive some chocolate from Aoi, sneaks into Starlight Academy dressed as a girl, posing as Ichigo's little sister so he can help make the chocolate. However, he becomes depressed when he finds Aoi hasn't made any chocolate for him. He does cheer up after watching everyone in the fashion show. After the performance, Aoi gives Raichi some chocolate of his own.
Air Gear Animation Japan 2006 Toei Animation 1 D

Episodes 23-25:The dual personality akito/agito crossdresses in wedding clothes.
Akai Hayate Animation Japan 1992 Tsuruyama Osamu 1 T

OAV. For over a thousand years, Japan was secretly ruled by the Shinogara, a society of ninja whose palace lies in a hidden valley at the base of Mt. Fuji. The assassins' grip on Japan was unbreakable, until their finest warrior, Hayate Kanuma, rebelled against the group and murdered Shinogara's fearsome leader - his own father!. Guilty of both betrayal and patricide, Hayate fled for his life, but his enemies dealt him a fatal blow. With only minutes to live, Hayate took a desperate gamble and transferred his soul into the body of his sister, Shiori. Now, Shiori is wandering the streets of Tokyo, under the alias Yukiko. The assassins still search for her, unaware of her new powers. However, each time Shiori calls upon her brother, she sacrifices a part of herself. After all, two souls cannot occupy the same body for long!
Akame Ga Kill! Animation Japan 2014 White Fox 1 T

-1803 Episode 4 “Kill the Imperial Arms User” In the streets, Tatsumi and Akame try to find Zanku. Tatsumi is led away by an illusion of Sayo, falling into a trap set by Zanku.
Akatsuki No Yona Animation Japan 2014 Pierrot 1 D 2 P

Episode 20-22: Yun disguised as a woman to infiltrate Yan Kumji's human trafficking.
Akazukin Chacha (Red Riding Hood Chacha) Animation Japan 1994 Nihon Ad Systems 1 D 2 P

Doris is Dorothy's younger brother, but he usually dressed as a woman and is in love with Seravy. He is jealous of Dorothy for being the love of Seravy. First appareance in Episode 19.
Aki Sora Animation Japan 2009 Hoods Entertainment 1 D 2

Mature. OAV Episode 1: Sora is dressed in a female tennis oufit.
Aladdin: The Animated Series Animation United States 1994 Walt Disney 1 T

Episode 3x05 (83) “Two to Tangle” Mozenrath impersonates princess Jasmine.
Aladdin: The Return of Jafar Animation United States 1994 Walt Disney 1 T 2

Movie sequel to Aladdin. At one point the Sultan is kidnapped by Jafar and Aladdin thrown into the raging river. Jafar, however, spares his life in order to exact his revenge in the most painful way possible: by splitting him away from all his loved ones. To this purpose, he leaves fake evidence and masks himself as Jasmine to implicate Aladdin with the alleged murder of the Sultan, and Aladdin is thrown into the dungeon, to be executed by beheading come morning.
Albert Le 5e Mousquetaire Animation France 1994
1 D

Episode 1 “Les Escarpins du Roi” Aramis disguised as a woman. Aramis would never have done this if Albert hadn't suggested Aramis dress as a lady-in-waiting seeking Milady's assistance.
Alexander Senki (Reign: The Conqueror) Animation Japan 1999 Madhouse 1 D 1

Episode 3 “A Failure of Diplomacy” Alexander wear a female disguise to escape from the persian guards that are looking for him and his men. Brief.
All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series Animation United States 1997
1 D 2

Episode 1x01 “The Doggone Truth” When Carface and Killer take over the Flea Bite Cafe and turn it into a video game arcade. Charlie and Itchy have to dress up like girls to get the cafe back! But will their disguises work?
All-Star Superman Animation United States 2010
1 D 1

Animated movie. Near the start Jimmy Olsen is trying a female disguise. Very brief.
Alpine Rose (Honoo No Alpen Rose) Animation Japan 1985 Tatsunoko Production 1 D 3 P

Episode 8: Leon disguises himself as a woman in the train to fool the policemen looking for him.
Alvin And The Chipmunks Animation United States 1983
1 D 2 P

Episode 1x01 (1) “The Chipettes” (1983) Alvin and his brothers disguised as girls. Episode 1x06 (6) “Mother's Day” (1983) David disguised as a woman. Episode 1x10 (10) “The Bully Ballet” (1983) Boy disguised as a ballerina. Episode 1x12 (12) “A Dog's Best Friend Is His Chipmunk” (1983) Boys disguised as girl scouts. Episode 2x01 (14) “The Chipmunk Who Bugged Me” (1984) Boy disguised as a woman. Episode 2x08 (21) “Alvin on Ice” (1984) Simon disguised as a girl. Episode 2x10 (23) “Maids in Japan” (1984) Alvin signs him and his brothers up to be in a Kabuki theater (where female roles are played by males) in order to gain publicity in Japan. Instead of getting lessons, they are forced to perform as the actual lesson. Episode 4x03 (39) “Whatever's Happened to Dave Seville?” (1986) Simon disguised as a girl. Episode 5x06 (50) “Ask Alvin” (1987) Simon disguised as a woman. Episode 6x02 (54) “Elementary, My Dear Simon” (1988) Sherlock Holmes spoof where Simon played Sherlock, Theodore played Dr. Watson and Alvin played Moriarty. In one scene Holmes disguises himself as a Cockney barwench and was able to fool Watson enough that he came on to him. Episode 6x12 (64) “Luck O' the Chipmunks” (1988) Boy diguised as a fairy. Episode 6x14 (66) “Quarterback in Curlers” (1988)Alvin diguised as a cheerleader. Episode 7x09 (85) “The Legend of Sleeping Brittany“ (1989) Alvin and his brothers disguised as fairies. Episode 8x03 (92) “Kong” (1990) Alvin disguised as a woman. Episode Thanksgiving special “A Chipmunk Celebration” (1994) Boy disguised as a woman. Movie “Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman” (2000) Alvin disguised as a woman.
American Dad! Animation United States 2005
1 B 3 P

-1809 Episode 1x06 “Homeland Insecurity” (2005) Stan end as the “girlfriend” of another inmate while in prison. Episode 1x12 “Stan of Arabia, part 1” and 1x13 “Stan of Arabia, part 2” (2005) Roger disguised as a arab woman. Episode 3x01 “The Vacation Goo” (2007) Roger, who wants to become a famous movie star, lands a movie part disguised as a woman, but quits when he cannot cry on cue. He then becomes an Olivia Newton-John impersonator on a cruise ship. In Puerto Rico, Roger is thrown off the ship for stealing silverware and is forced to become a exotic dancer at a strip club. When his career hits rock bottom, he resorts to prostitution and is finally able to cry on cue. Episode 3x10 “Tearjerker” (2008) Stan and his boss, B (Bullock), disguised as geishas. Episode 3x15 “Stanny Slickers II: The Legend of Ollie's Gold” (2008) Roger learns that a woman was sexually harassed at Big Buy and gave a million dollar settlement when she filed a lawsuit. Deciding to cheat Syntho Corp., Roger disguises himself as a woman and attempts to provoke harassment, but fails. Frustrated, he creates a second personality and harasses himself to successfully win United States $90,000 to Klaus's chagrin. Episode 4x20 “Stan's Night Out” (2009) Roger, disguised as a woman, and Hayley use their charm and looks to attract a frat boy. Stan leaves Francine at home to go out with the boys. They pick four prostitutes, one of them revealed to be a transvestite. Episode 5x06 “Shallow Vows” (2009) Stan and Francine celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary, and Roger, under the guise of wedding planner Jeanie Gold, takes over the planning of a vow-renewal ceremony. Episode 5x16 “Bully for Steve” (2010) In order to avoid Stan from bullying him, Steve disguises himself as a little old lady. Episode 7x05 “Virtual In-Stanity” (2011) Stan makes a desperate attempt to bond with his son by creating a busty blonde bombshell avatar, Phyllis, whom he sends Steve’s ways. Episode 9x07 “Faking bad” (2013) Stan disguised as a woman. Episode 9x14 “Stan Goes On the Pill“ (2014) Stan takes an experimental drug that instantly turns him into a "woman". Episode 11x10 “LGBSteve” (2015) Hayley wants to join the roller derby so she can bond with the other girls, but she must have a sister to join. Steve pretends to be a lesbian, so he and Hayley could stay. Roger is also disguised as a female. Episode 12x14 “Julia Rogerts” (2017) Roger runs off in disguise as a Julia Roberts character to a small town after Stan hurts his feelings.
American Dragon: Jake Long Animation United States 2005
1 T

Episode 1x02 “Dragon Breath” After everyones souls are returned, Jake comments that he is glad everyone is back in their right bodies, then it shows his best friends, a boy and a girl, in each others bodies. Episode 1x11 “Shapeshifter” Jake gets in trouble with his teacher and his parents visit, but Jake changes into the teacher to fool his parents. Next, he changes into his mother to fool his teacher. Episode 2x17 “Switcheroo” An enchanted mirror switches the bodies of Jake and Haley (his sister) for a day, and forces them to comically experience life as each other.
Angel Heart Animation Japan 2005 TMS 1 D 3 P

Episode 46: Yang Fang-Yun, an old friend of Ryo, end forcing Dr. Chen into women clothes.
Angel Sanctuary (Tenshi Kinryouku) Animation Japan 2000 Bandai Visual 1 B 2 P

OAV. Arakune, though born a man, feels he has the soul of a woman so he dresses and acts accordingly.
Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae O Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai (AnoHana) Animation Japan 2011 A-1 Pictures 1 D 1

Episode 3-5: Atsumu has been crossdressing as Menma wearing a white sundress.
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom) Animation Japan 2014 Lerche 1 D 2

Season 1 Episode 20: Evading Grip's hands that could kill him if they make contact, Karma is seemingly hit by some gas that Grip had borrowed from Smog. However, having learned not to underestimate his opponents, Karma avoids it and hits Grip with some gas of his own, allowing the students to bind him up and move onwards to the sixth floor. Needing to unlock the back entrance of the stairs to help the others reach the next floor undetected, the girls make their way through the lounge while Nagisa, dressed up as a girl by the others, is hit on by a rich kid named Yuji. While trying to impress who he thinks is a cute girl, Yuji ends up angering a yakuza, but the girls manage to knock him out, opening a way onward in the process. After leaving Yuji, who Nagisa encourages to play it straight from now on, the students move on to the VIP floor, where Terasaka knocks out some bodyguards using some stun-guns, obtaining some pistols that are given to Chiba and Hayami. Needing to get through a theater stage to get to the next set of stairs, the students face off against their next opponent, Gastro.
Season 2 Episode 10: Kunigaoka holds a school festival in which all the classes are competing to make the most money with their stalls. As Gakushu and the rest of A Class use business connections and idols to draw in customers, E Class takes advantage of their mountain location by using local ingredients to create natural tasting dishes that prove a hit with visitors. As many familiar faces show up to E Class' restaurant, Nagisa is forced to crossdress again when Yuji, the boy from the island resort, comes to visit him while still under the presumption that he is a girl. Although Nagisa ultimately reveals his true gender, Yuji, impressed by his honesty, posts about the restaurant on his world famous food blog, causing an influx of customers the next day. As E Class are eventually forced to end their service early to avoid disrupting the mountain's ecosystem, Hiromi manages to patch things up with Nagisa, while E Class is left with a positive reputation despite not beating A Class in the overall rankings.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Animation United States 2000
1 T 1

Episode 4x4 (59) “Dickesode” A fast food restaurant's "Rip-n-Win" contest awards Carl the "prize" of genital mutilation. Frylock gets a "real bad idea" to help him by giving him a sex change, turning him into a very ugly woman.
Aquarion Evol Animation Japan 2012 Satelight 1 T 1

Sequel to “Sousei No Aquarion”. Episode 23-26: Mykage finally claims his reward from Zessica by posessing her body.
Araiso Private High School Student Council Executive Committee (Shiritsu Araiso Koutougakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu) Animation Japan 2002 Nippon Animation 1 D 2 P

OAV Episode 1: Character Miss Igarashi, the school nurse, that is really a transvestite. He was teased a lot because he was weak like a girl and was always in the nurse's office. The nurse was very kind and self-confident and he wanted to become like that person, to become a school nurse that was loved by the students.
Arakawa Under The Bridge Animation Japan 2010 Shaft 1 D 1

Sister is a strong man that dresses up like a nun. He is 29 years-old and British. On the right side of his face is a scar. Every Sunday he will hold a mass that usually lasts only a few seconds in the church under the bridge. Strangely, while Sister is dressed as a Catholic sister, his church is adorned with an Orthodox cross. Under his robe is a military suit, as he was formerly a soldier and still carries a lot of weapons. He is in love with Maria, who he met during the last war he was in, whose insults are the only thing to unnerve him, causing his scar to open up. Surprisingly, he is good at making cookies and other sweets. First appareance Episode 2.
Arata Kangatari Animation Japan 2013 Satelight 1 D 2 P

Episode 1: Every 30 years, a new princess is chosen from the Hime family to serve the Hayagami. The time has come again, but over these past years, records state not a single female has been born, save for one, the 15 year old Arata. The only problem is, Arata is actually a male! Forced to disguise himself and take the place of the princess candidate until a formal one can be found, he attends the festival only to witness the current princess, Kokuri-hime, murdered, and his own life is forfeit as well, by the hands of the princess' personal guard, the 12 Shinshou. As he runs for his life, Kannagi of the 12 convinces everyone that Arata is the one who has murdered the princess instead, and now everyone in the Imperial Court is after his head!.
Archer Animation United States 2009
1 D 1 P

Episode 1x02 “Training Day” An Irish Terrorist disguised as a woman. Episode 2x11 “Jeu Monegasque” Ray disguised as Malory. Episode 4x04 “midnight Ron” Archer and Ron end being chased by a gang of transvestite bikers.
Archie's Weird Mysteries Animation United States 1999 Archie Comics 1 T 1

Episode 1x02 “Me, Me, Me” Veronica, not feeling that people understand her, wishes that everyone would become just like her. Of crouse she does this while holding on idol that grants wishes. The transformations for the main characters are never complete, leaving them mainly acting like Veronica. The rest of the town is affected more dramatically. Everyone else in the town both acts and looks like Veronica. Only Pop Tate is shown both before and after changing.
Aria Animation Japan 2005 Hal Film Maker 1 T 1

Second Season "Aria The Natural" Episode 22: Sidestory in wich all character have their sex changed
Arslan Senki (The Heroic Legend Of Arslan) Animation Japan 1991 Animate Film 1 D 3 P

OAV 1: Trade had started as always, but the Lusitanians took the place of the Pars army. Eram went to find out what happened to the city. Dressed as a girl, waylaid by a soldier for having spoken ill of the Lusitanians, he removed his costume and ran away to the place where Narcasse and the others were waiting.
Arslan Senki (The Heroic Legend Of Arslan) Animation Japan 2015 Liden Films 1 D 3 P

Episode 7: Trade had started as always, but the Lusitanians took the place of the Pars army. Eram went to find out what happened to the city. Dressed as a girl, waylaid by a soldier for having spoken ill of the Lusitanians, he removed his costume and ran away to the place where Narcasse and the others were waiting.
As Told By Ginger Animation United States 1999 Klasky-Csupo 1 D 3 P

Episode 3x14 (57) “The Wedding Frame” Someone is trying to sabotage Lois and Dr. Dave's wedding, which Ginger is planning, by hiring Nikki Laport to play the role of Dr. Dave's old girlfriend. At the end is revealed that Nikki is Nicholas, a transvestite.
Asa Made Jugyou Chu! Animation Japan 2012 GoHands 1 D 2

OAV: Kakinozaki Ayana-sensei and student Kagami Yuuki move into a room in the girls dormitory for the new (co-ed) high school semester, requested by Ayana-sensei and approved by the schools' principal. As one would guess, no one can find out he's living there so other than school classes, he has to crossdress or else they'll both be kicked out of school and dorm.
Astarotte No Omocha! Animation Japan 2011 Diomedea 1 D 2 P

Episode 5: Naoya disguised as a maid to sneak into palace to see the queen. Episode 10: Naoya is forced into girl's clothes as a punishment after seeing Asuha panties.
Atomic Betty Animation Canada 2004
1 T 1 P

-1803 Episode 1x09 “When Worlds Collide” Near the end Chameleon transforms into princess Penelope. Brief. Episode 2x07 "SWITCHMO-tized" Both Maximus and Betty try to gain the SWITCHMO device and end up having their minds switched.
Avatar: The Last Airbender Animation United States 2005
1 D 1 P

Episode 1x04 “The Warriors of Kyoshi” Sokka has to wear a dress when he's learning to be a Kyoshi warrior. Suki manages to talk Sokka into feeling pretty good about it...until Aang strolls by and compliments him on his "nice dress". Episode 2x05 “Avatar day” Aang is stuck putting on the "nice dress" of the founder of the Kyoshi Warriors.
Avengers Assemble Animation United States 2013
1 T 2 P

-1412 Episode 2x03 “Valhalla Can Wait” (2014) Loki disguises himself as a female news reporter to cause turmoil between Thor and Hulk.
B-Project: Kodou Ambitious Animation Japan 2016 A-1 Pictures 1 D

-1609 Episode 5: Ryuji falls down a set of stairs unconscious. When Ryuji wakes up, his mind was hit in a way that it reverted him into thinking he was 7, around the time of his first B-Pro audition. As the photo shoot for Kiss and Hug goes on, Ryuji puts on dresses for the shoot.
Back Street Girls: Gokudolls Animation Japan 2018 J.C.Staff 1 T 1

-1809 A group of 3 yakuza failed their boss for the last time. After messing up an important job, the boss gave them 2 choices: honorably commit suicide, or go to Thailand to get a sex reassignment surgery in order to become "female" idols. After a gruesome year training to become idols, they successfully debut, with overwhelming popularity, much to their dismay.
Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu Animation Japan 2010 Silver Link 1 D 3 P

First season: Hideyoshi Kinoshita is a very feminine-looking bishounen and is the younger twin brother of Yuuko Kinoshita of class A. Despite being a fraternal twin, except for his male body, he looks almost identical to his twin sister. Because of that, his male peers see him as a female, which upsets him though he doesn't express it strongly.
Episode 2: Hideyoshi is pictured as a female.
Episode 3: Hideyoshi and Akihisa need to disguise and end in maid costumes.
Episode 5: Hideyoshi crossdressing in a chinese dress.
Episode 6: Hideyoshi goes to the pool with a female bathing suit.
Episode 8: Hideyoshi try a command to get an adult version of himself that turn out to be dressed as an adult female.
Episode 10: Hideyoshi dressed in a female nurse uniform. Akihisa is imagined in a “Marilyn Monroe's dress”.
OAV “Baka To Test To Shounkajuu – Matsuri” Episode 1: Hideyoshi crossdressing as a waitress to help in school fair cafe.
OAV “Baka To Test To Shounkajuu – Matsuri” Episode 2: Hideyoshi crossdressing briefly and Nemoto previous crossdressing is referred briefly.
Second season “Baka To Test To Shounkajuu – Ni” Episode 1: Kouta is forced to crossdress to help Shouko possing both as bikini girls in the beach to trick Yuji and Akihisa into a trap.
Episode 2: The group then goes to the ongoing festival held, and Akihisa notices the yukata contest that is to happen. the girls take this opportunity to punish the boys fully... by letting them wear enter the contest while crossdressing.
Episode 3: Hideyoshi and Yuuko decide to switch roles for the time being since she cannot sing, and various rumors and suspicions are spread at the end of the day.
Episode 7: Hideyoshi is imagined in a Yukata (brief) and Akahisa crossdresses in a sailor fuku.
Episode 12: Boy disguised as a phantom lady to scare rivals in a competition.
Baki Animation Japan 2018 TMS Entertainment 1 D 1

-1903 Episode 15: Male disguised as a policewoman. Brief.
Bakuretsu Hunters (Sorcerer Hunters) Animation Japan 1995 Xebec 1 D 3

OAV Episode 2: Mille Feuille, Also known as Milphey-uy, is a transvestite who most often acts with Carrot's group and has a thorough knowledge of necromancy and all kind of magic. His power comes from his Guardian Spirit, the Phoenix. He is also bisexual and constantly flings himself at both Onion and Carrot, which draws more ire from Tira and Chocolate, and flirts with them, though he's also shown some degree of interest in Tira and Marron.
Banana Fish Animation Japan 2018 MAPPA 1 D 2 P

-1812 Episode 16: Ash disguised as a female nurse to escape from the hospital facility where he was retained.
Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Animation United States 2018
1 D 1

-1903 Episode 1x08 “ The Roof Fairy” Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie recruit Ken for an elaborate plan to bring Chelsea's imaginary "Roof Fairy" to life. They disguise Ken and the “Root Fairy”.
Barbie: The Princess And The Popstar Animation United States 2012
1 D 1

-1803 Animated Movie. Near the end, Tory and Keira impose makeover and dress up Seymour Crider with magic tools.
Basquash! Animation Japan 2009 Satelight 1 D 1

Episode 21: Dan and Flora end up abandoning everything else in order to be able to reach Rouge’s last concert on time. In order to get through some sort of customs that are in the way, they dress up as women.
Batman Beyond (Batman Of The Future) Animation United States 1999
1 T 3 P

Episode 2x20 (33) “Zeta” Zeta, A holomorphic military android, has been reported to have gone rogue, and Terry needs to find him before someone gets killed. Zeta adopt different human forms, some of them females. Episode 3x05 (44) "Out of The Past" This episode goes back into the Batman history and bring back Ra's Al Ghul. Though out the episode his daughter, Talia, who hasn't aged convinces Bruce to return to the Lazarus Pit and bring back his youth. Towards the end of the episode you find out that after Batman thought he killed Ra's Al Ghul, but the mastermind used a machine to swap bodies with his daughter, because he needed a close genetic match. Ra's planned to use this same machine to take on Bruce's body as the new modifications was not limited in the same manner.
Batman: The Animated Series Animation United States 1992
1 T 3 P

Episode 1x21 "Feat of Clay: Part II" Clayface, formerly an actor who is a victim of a cosmetic drug overdose, fakes his death and is last seen as a beautiful woman. Brief, at end. Episode 1x52 "Mudslide" Clayface impersonates a female doctor to steal an ingredient he needs to sustain his powers.
Batman: The Brave And The Bold Animation United States 2008
1 T 2 P

Episode 2x05 “The Golden Age of Justice!” In a Agatha Christie type mystery Batman and Detective Chimp join forces to find out who swiped the Golden Skull and discover that one of the suspects is actually False-Face disguised as awoman. Episode 2x19 “The Criss Cross Conspiracy” Batwoman comes out of retirement when she sees an opportunity for revenge against the Riddler for humiliating her years ago during his fight with Batman and Robin where he unmasked her. In order to get back at him, she hires the sorcerer Felix Faust to swap her body with Batman's body following his fights with Spinner and Tiger Shark. Episode 3x08 “Triumvirate of Terror!” A tournament was held on Paradise Island by Queen Hippolyta. The Joker infiltrated the island by disguising himself as a woman, and won the tournament by using his trademark Smilex gas to poison all of the Amazons present in the arena.
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part II Animation United States 2013
1 D 1

Batman disguised as an old woman.
Battle Athletes Animation Japan 1997 AIC 1 D 1

OAV. There is a crossdressing character, Anna Respighi, a shy girl with a secret so hidden even she is unaware of it. His mother was a huge fan of the school and raised his son as a girl to get him enrolled in the school.
Battle Athletes Victory Animation Japan 1997 AIC 1 D 1

There is a crossdressing character, Anna Respighi, a shy girl with a secret so hidden even she is unaware of it. His mother was a huge fan of the school and raised his son as a girl to get him enrolled in the school.
Beauty And The Beast Animation United States 1991
1 D 1

-1707 Villain is dressed in female clothes during the fight in the castle. Brief.
Beelzebub Animation Japan 2011 Studio Pierrot 1 D 1 P

Episode 6 “Toys Have Arrived from the Demon World/We Played Doctor” Beelzebub opens a chest that transforms Oga and Takayuki into nurses, which can only be reverted by helping Beelzebub play Doctor. Episode 8 “We Meet Again” Male crossdressing as a schoolgirl. Episode 11 “There was Something Money Could not Buy” Himekawa plots revenge against Oga by setting him up with a poisoned sandwich, while disguised as a waitress. He later has one of his subordinates to masquerade as a woman in an attempt to seduce Takayuki into giving him Beelzebub. Episode 27 “Called the Magical Girl” The "Big Girls" are males crossdressing,
Being Ian Animation Canada 2005
1 D

Episode 38 “Out-of-Focus Group” Ian sustitutes Vicky in a dance competition disguised as a woman.
Ben 10 Animation United States 2005 Cartoon Network Studios 1 T

Episode 3x03 (29) “A Change of Face” While Ben and family are visiting Salem, Massachusetts, Charmcaster attacks in an attempt to switch bodies with Ben; however, Gwen interferes, causing Charmcaster to switch with her instead. Gwen gets arrested in Charmcaster's body while Charmcaster stays with the unaware Ben and Max and tries to cook up another body-transfer spell. Gwen escapes from jail and returns, convincing Ben of the truth before Charmcaster tries again. However, Charmcaster manages to swap their bodies once more, ending with Charmcaster in her true body while Gwen and Ben have switched. The two swap back as a result of Charmcaster's third body-swap spell and Cannonbolt defeats Charmcaster. Ben as Cannonbolt ties up Charmcaster. Gwen punches Charmcaster out as revenge for taking over her body, and she is sent to jail. Gwen ends up taking Charmcaster's spellbook for her own use and in hopes of building up her magic.
Ben 10 (Ben 10 Reboot) Animation United States 2016 Cartoon Network Studios 1 T

-1612 Reboot of the 2005 Cartoon Network series of the same name. Episode 1x02 “Freaky Gwen Ben” (2016) When Ben interferes with malicious magician Hex's quest for the earth-moving Titan Gloves at a swap meet, he switches bodies with Gwen forcing him to walk a mile in her shoes and vice versa!
Ben-To Animation Japan 2011 David Production 1 D 1

Episode 5: Satou loses his clothes and is ginven a female school uniform to wear.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) Animation Japan 1992 Toei Animation 1 D 1

Story arc "Sailor Moon SuperS" character Fisheye, a member of the Amazon Trio. Crossdressing is the basis of many of his disguises, as he is usually able to pass himself off as a woman to attract his targets. Episode 7: Naru forces Umino into a girl's disguise because he need to learn about real life.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Crystal) Animation Japan 2014 Toei Animation 1 D 1

Episode 4 “Masquerade Dance Party” Nephrite possesses Princess D. Episode 6 “Tuxedo Mask” Zoisite disguises as a female doctor Isono.
Black Cat Animation Japan 2005 Gonzo 1 D 3 P

Episode 9 "Miwaku suru neko" Sven Vollfield disguises himself as a woman to make Gyanza attack him. Episode 14 "Chibi neko" Train Heartnet has been transformed into a little kid, and the only clothes available in his size are girl's clothes, that he has to wear until Eve and Ristler came back with boy's clothes in his size.
Black Clover Animation Japan 2017 Pierrot 1 T

-1712 Episode 12: The wizard king is revealed using transformation magic disguising himself as an old lady to walk around in the city to discover new forms of magic.
Black Jack The Two Doctors of Darkness Animation Japan 2005 Tezuka Productions 1 D 3

Anime Movie: Woman is revealed to be a male in disguise.
Black Lagoon Animation Japan 2006 Madhouse 1 B 3 P

Second Season “Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage” Episodes 1-3 (13-15): There a pair a twins one male and one female, however there due to mental abuse they switch off with each other as male and female, they are practically identical so you don't know which one is which. Omake 4: Omake in wich all the members in the black lagoon have changed sex.
Black Panther Animation United States 2010
1 T 3 P

Episodes 2-6: The Klaw, a villian, takes a guy to a brothel. The guy kisses a prostitute and takes over her body.
Blanche-Neige, La Suite Animation Belgium 2007 Picha 1 B 1 P X

Mature. Animated movie. It is based on the fairy tale of Snow White with additions of other fairy tales. The film is actually a sex comedy featuring a lot of bawdy jokes and sex scenes. At twelve, Cinderella becomes a male.
Blazing Dragons Animation Canada 1996
1 D 1 P

-1712 Episode 1x06 “Knights and Kightresses” When no one joins Pricess Flame's League of Kingtresses, she gets Flicker to dress up as a girl, alias Sir Dolres.
Bleach Animation Japan 2004 Studio Pierrot 1 D 1

Episode 173: A little girl that tries to assassinate Lurichiyo turns out to be an adult male assassin in a bodysuit of a little girl. Episode 212: In the end there is a very brief crossdressing. Episode 234: Female Zabimaru shows up. Episode 235: Female Zabimaru shows up. Episode 236: Female Zabimaru shows up. Episode 293: Aizen uses his illusion powers to switch places with Hinamori. Episode 314: It is revealed that Hollow has possessed a female host. Episode 335: In the Omake segment at the end of the video, a TG body swap is shown. Episode 340: TG possession is revealed near the end.
Blend S Animation Japan 2017 A-1 Pictures 1 D 1

-1803 Hideri is a 16-year-old waitress who fulfills the idol trait. Hideri is actually a boy who dresses as a girl and aspires to become an idol. He works at Stile to gain fans; giving proof to his parents that he is talented, or else he has to inherit his family's farm. While he acts like a "cute" girl all the time, he can unintentionally become manly and sometimes helps Dino get closer to Maika. Introduced in Episode 8.
Blood: The Last Vampire Animation Japan 2000 Production I.G. 1 T 1

Animated Movie. Waitress at the end is really a male demon.
Blood+ Animation Japan 2005 Production I.G. 1 T

Episode 17 “Do you Remember the Promise” After Riku falls of the train, Saya jumps off after him in attempt to save him. Now she is caught in a blizzard and collapses. While she is passed out, Saya dreams of her past and when she and Hagi were in Russia back in the 1920s. While looking for a man named Gregory, they meet a girl named Sonia. Though Sonia is an ordinary girl, there is more to her then meets the eye. she's really a Gregory disguised as a girl.
Blue Dragon Animation Japan 2007 Studio Pierrot 1 T 1

Episode 17 “The informant” The group learns that the woman that hired Shu is actually Homeron the Great.
Bob's Burgers Animation United States 2011
1 D 1

Episode 1x06 “Sheesh! Cab, Bob?” (2011) Bob becomes a cab driver to make the extra cash to pay for Tina's 13th birthday. On the first night of his job, Bob starts enjoying driving around the city, even befriending transsexual prostitutes.
Body Jack - Tanoshii Yutai Ridatsu Animation Japan 1987
1 T 2

OAV. Dr. Toyama takes control of the body of a beautiful girl with his strange invention. He lets the young Asagedani "slip into" her body so he can see how it real feels to be a girl. Then Komaba's classmate, the equally beautiful Nakano, surprises "him" and mistakes his activities for a sexual advance from her friend.
Boogiepop Wa Warawanai Animation Japan 2019 Madhouse 1 T 1

-1903 Episodes 2-3: Minako Yurihar was a second year student at Shinyo Academy, until she was consumed by Manticore, an imperfect clone of Echoes created by the Towa Organization who was considered a monster. It escaped from the lab it was created in, hoping to preserve its life. Minako started as a loner, so Manticore finds it easy to hide itself by interacting with as few people as possible. "Manticore" means "man-eater". The Manticore feeds on humans and gained its name after the Persian monster for this reason. Manticore initially aims only to survive and hide among human society. Saotome Masami, however, led it to believe in its own superiority. After killing Minako, Saotome Masami discovers Manticore, but before it can kill him, Saotome explains why Manticore would find Yurihara's form more beneficial and confesses his love to it. Listening to Saotome's logic, Manticore lets him live and help it, assuming the form of Yurihara to hide from its pursuer, Echoes, for whose superior power it held a deep-set fear. Believing itself safely hidden, Manticore managed to avoid conflict until it believed it had Echoes trapped, at which point it attacked him. As it begins to take on more human attributes, its motivations shift towards love. Seeking to align himself with Manticore, Saotome inquires to what other powers it possesses and gleefully explains how these powers could be used to control the world. When Manticore tells Saotome of its powers, he initiates experiments in controlling humans. As they work together, the two fall deeply in love with each other. Despite their initial success enslaving Akiko Kusatsu, repeated failures with the Type-S drug wear heavily upon Manticore. As Kirima Nagi draws close to them with her investigations, Manticore finds itself pushed into a corner. At this point Naoko Kamikishiro stumbles across Manticore and Saotome, looking for Echoes. Manticore kills Kamikishiro and Saotome devises a plan that would free Manticore from its past. He manages to stab Echoes with a mechanical pencil filled with Manticore's poison. Its greatest opponent now weakened, Manticore reveals itself and attacks. About to lose, Echoes transforms himself into light, directing the beam towards Manticore to destroy it. Manticore is saved by Saotome, who is disintegrated. It suffers severe burns to half its body. After losing Saotome, the only tie it had to humanity, it reverted to being a monster. Seeking to use Kei Niitoki as a means to restore itself, Manticore chases her, but is captured by a wire. Boogiepop reveals himself, and tells Shiro Tanaka to shoot an arrow through Manticore's head, finishing it off.
Braceface Animation Canada 2001
1 D 2 P

Episode 2x23 (49) “Pegged” In an effort to prove she's not such a "girly-girl" Sharon decides to form an all girl rock group for a battle of the bands contest sponsored by a 'girls' magazine. Dion, thrilled at the opportunity to design their outfits, jumps on board, but when Mangled Metal hears about the gender limitations they are outraged. As a result, they decide to disguise themselves as females so they can enter the contest as well—and win the expensive music equipment. So as the girls take a walk on the masculine side, the guys dress like Britney Spears wannabes and call themselves the Mangled Petals.
Bratz Animation United States 2005 Mike Young Productions 1 D 3 P

Episode 1x09 “Trading Faces” When Dylan asks Feona what she's looking for in a guy he acts on her suggestions. Dylan enters a beauty contest in drag.
Brave 10 Animation Japan 2012 TMS 1 B 3 P

Episode 3 “Vally of Whirlwinds” Male bandit impersonates a woman to trick the travelers. Episode 11 “The Wail of Darkness” There is a TG illusion where a male warrior believe that he is a princess.
Brave Police J-Decker (Yuusha Keisatsu J-Decker) Animation Japan 1994 Sunrise 1 D 3 P

Part of the Brave Saga. Episode 31: Yuta Tomonaga goes undercover disguised as a girl.
Bro'Town Animation New Zealand 2004
1 D

Episode 3x05 “Mack Is From Mars, Sione's A Psycho”: When Mack sees how bad the St Cardinal's netball team is, he decides they need help from an expert. He disguises himself as a muslim girl called Mamushika and impresses the girls with his excellent netball skills. Surprisingly, Sione suddenly starts to take a taste in Mamushika. Meanwhile, the muslims are not happy with Mamushika and try to put a stop to it.
Brothers Conflict (BroCon) Animation Japan 2013 Brain's Base 1 D 2 P

Introduced in Episode 3, Asahina Hikaru is the fourth son of the Asahina family, aged 26. He is a crossdressing novelist who likes watching his brothers' reactions around Ema. He had gone to Italy for a short time to gather material for his work. Hikaru seems to know that almost every one of his brothers has feelings toward Ema, and even makes a chart called "Brothers Conflict" as his hobby. Appareance in Episodes 3, 5, 6 and 10.
Bucky O'Hare And The Toad Wars Animation United States 1991 Sunbow Productions 1 D 1

Episode 9 “Corsair Canards” To get a chance to talk to some pirates, bucky and his crew disguise themselves on while waiting on a civilian ship. bucky himself is disguised as a woman. Later he dons the same disguise to capture criminals.
Bucky The Incredible Kid Animation Japan 1999 Trans Arts 1 T

Episode 10 "Steal a Dream! The G.C. Ali Babah!": The people in Sand Town, Pentas, are supposedly generous and open-minded, but the Turtle Monster's curse has turned them into robbers and thieves. The G.C. of Pentas, Ali Babah, asks Bucky, Pinky and Kai to join her to go defeat the monster. But it turns out to be a set up as the Turtle Monster told Ali Babah that it will break the curse on the town in exchange for the G.C.'s Spirits. The monster breaks his promise and Ali Babah attacks it in vain. and they're all locked up. Ali Baba unlocks the prison cell after Bucky promises her that he will defeat the monster. Bucky uses Pinky's Pretty Pinky Miracle Bomber and his "mastery" skill to chase the monster away. The curse is broken, and Ali Baba turns out to be a very feminine man!?
Buddy's Beer Garden Animation United States 1933 HF 1 D

-1806 Looney Tunes cartoon. Buddy introduces a lady singer, who reveals herself only after Buddy's departure and a brief musical interlude. The grand dame attracts the attention of the very same recurring patron, who drunkenly stumbles over to her with the intention of receiving a kiss: as the song ends, he makes his request, but a horned goat, part of a poster advertising "Bock Beer", but nonetheless quite alive, with its horns stabs the patron's backside, sending him flying. The patron, on his airborne journey, causes the lady singer to catch her dress on an overhanging tree; the dress tears, and the throaty performer, now grounded, is revealed to be a crossdressed Buddy.
Bugs Bunny Animation United States 1938 Warner Bros. 1 D 3

Episode "Hare-um Scare-um" (1939) Bugs dresses up as a female dog.
Episode "Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid" (1942) Bugs appears as an interrupted at mid-shower woman.
Episode "Super-Rabbit" (1943) Brief appearance as Little Bo Peep owing to a costume mixup in a phone booth when changing into Super-Rabbit.
Episode "A Corny Concerto" (1943) Appears as a ballerina.
Episode "What’s Cookin’ Doc?" (1944) Bugs Arises, Carmen Miranda-like, from a mountain of fruits and vegetables.
Episode "Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips" (1944) Appears as a geisha who mallets a Sumo wrestler.
Episode "Hare Ribbin’" (1944) Appears as a blonde mermaid.
Episode "Stage Door Cartoon" (1945) As one of the can-can dancers Fudd whistles at.
Episode "Herr Meets Hare" (1945) Appears as a Wagnerian heroine dancing with Hermann Goering.
Episode "Hare Conditioned" (1945) Appears as a lady customer who charms the Gildersleeve-like floorwalker.
Episode "Hare Trigger" (1945) Yosemite Sam gets embarassed when opening a train door compartment only to find Bugs getting dressed.
Episode "The Big Snooze" (1946) Bugs dresses Elmer in a snappy green number, wig, and lipstick which certainly gets the attention of some Hollywood wolves.
Episode "Mississippi Hare" (1948) Appears as a dainty southern belle who is rescued by a big southern beau from the clutches of Colonel Shuffle.
Episode "Hare Splitter" (1948) Bugs impersonates his girlfriend Daisy Lou to abuse a rival, Casbah.
Episode "Bowery Bugs" (1949) Bugs uses many disguises in this one, one of which is female, in order to heckle Steve Brodie, to the extent that Brodie jumps off the Brooklyn Bridge.
Episode "Long-Haired Hare" (1949) Bugs appears as a bobby-soxer, asking for the autograph of Giovanni Jones with a dynamite pen.
Episode "Frigid Hare" (1949) Bugs appears as an Eskimo woman to woo an Eskimo hunter away from catching a cute little penguin at the South Pole.
Episode "Hare Do" (1949) Bugs dresses up as an old lady.
Episode "Rabbit of Seville" (1949) Elmer chases Bugs into an opera house, where they wind up on stage performing The Barber of Seville. Bugs dresses up in a green dress, later dances with a wobbly Elmer, ending with Elmer dressed as a bride and Bugs the groom.
Episode "The Windblown Hare" (1949) Bugs appears as Little Red Riding Hood.
Episode "What’s Up Doc?" (1950) Bugs tells of his career in flashback, from piano-playing as a baby to stardom at Warner Brothers, which includes a time when he appears as a ballerina.
Episode "Hillbilly Hare" (1950) Appears as an Ozark cutie who wows the Martin brothers.
Episode "Rabbit Fire" (1951) Bugs appears as a huntress.
Episode "Rabbit Seasoning" (1952) Appears as a stacked Lana Turner-type.
Episode "Southern Fried Rabbit" (1952) Bugs is dressed as a southern belle.
Episode "Hare Trimmed" (1953) First as Granny, then eloping with Yosemite Sam as a bride.
Episode "Robot Rabbit" (1953) Bugs to distract a robot destroyer, appears as a robot cutie.
Episode "Napoleon Bunny-part" (1956) Bugs dresses as Josephine in a pink french gown and bonnet to fool Napoleon.
Episode "What’s Opera, Doc?" (1957) Bugs appears as Brunnhilde and sings the Maltese aria Return My Love.
Episode "Bedevilled Rabbit" (1957) Bugs appears as a Tasmanian She-Devil to attract Taz.
Episode "Now, Hare This" (1958) Big Bad Wolf's Nephew appears as Little Red Riding Hood and Bugs takes over that role while the Big Bad Wolf plays Grandma. The following skit has Bugs playing Goldilocks while the Big Bad Wolf doubles as Papa Bear and Mama Bear.
Episode "Backwoods Bunny" (1959) While vacationing in the Ozarks, Bugs appears as a woman to distract a hillbilly buzzard from shooting him.
Episode "The Unmentionables" (1963) Bugs Appears as a flapper who kicks Rocky while doing the Charleston.
Episode "Bill of Hare" (1962) Bugs finds himself thrown in a cooking pot by Taz, only to pop out as a woman taking a bath.
Episode "Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare" (1964) Bugs teases Taz as a nurse.
Episode "Carrotblanca" (1995) Bugs appears as a blonde in a pink dress just before hitting Yosemite Sam with a pink purse containing an anvil.
Episode "From Hare To Eternity" (1996) Bugs distracts Yosemite Sam by appearing as Buttercup, a mermaid.
Burn-Up! Excess Animation Japan 1997 AIC 1 D 3 P

Episode 2 “Undies, Go!” A series of jewelry thefts have been terrorizing Tokyo. They are revealed to be a transgendered gang. Episode 8 “Nanvel Kidnapped!” Nanvel has won the prize for Inventor of the Yearin. Walking home, she and Rio are kidnapped and threatened to force her to construct an invisibility machine to enable the transgendered gang to carry out bank robberies.
Buso Renkin Animation Japan 2006 Xebec 1 D

Episode 9: Shi is disguised as a female student while infiltrating Ginsei High.
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kids Animation United States 1973 Hanna-Barbera 1 D

Episode 10 “Orient Express” One of the passengers disguises himself as an old woman and drives Butch and Merilee from the car by telling them there's a strange man in his compartment, but it turns out HE'S the strange man after his wig blows off
C.O.P.S. Animation United States 1988 DiC 1 T

Episode 1x17 “The Case of the Crook with a Thousand Faces” Dr. Bad Vibes invents a shape-changing robot, Shifty, to commit a number of crimes. Shifty's primary form is that of a man, but he does many different transformations including gender transformation: as a female bank teller and as Mirage.
Camp Lazlo Animation United States 2005
1 D

Episode 1x09 “The Wig of Why" When Lazlo finds a wig, he turns into Madame Lazlo, who offers the campers predictions. Episode 1x11 “Prickly Pining Dining” When the camp's chef falls ill, the entire camp goes to town for a meal, but Lumpus decides to ditch the check. he and Slinkman must sneak back in dressed as women. Episode 5x02 (54) “The Engagement” Lumpus is heartbroken after Jane Doe gets engaged to Mayor Pothole McPucker. Lumpus happens to be in a dress when he finally confesses his love for her...and everyone thinks he's a lady confessing her love for Jane's fiance.
Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys Animation United States 1996
1 T 1

* -1909 Episode 21 “Escape From the Plant of the Apes” Splitzy unintentionally switches the minds of Simian and Shao Lin, resulting in them occupying each other's body.
Captain N: The Game Master Animation United States 1989 DiC 1 T

Episode 2x06 “The Lost City of Kongoland” (1990) The Princess put on a helmet that had been the prison of an evil male magician who possesses her body for most of the episode.
Card Captor Sakura Animation Japan 1998 Madhouse 1 D 3 P

Episode 42: This one contains the infamous Tomoeda Elementary crossdressing performance of "Sleeping Beauty". The students were chosen for their parts in play by using a ladder game. Because the parts were not divided by sexes, Sakura ends as the Prince, and Syaoran Li-kun ends up as the Princess Aurora, the Wicked Witch and one of the fairies are also boys.
Cat's Eye Animation Japan 1983 TMS 1 D 2 P

-1903 Episode 7 (Season 1 Episode 7) “Make the Love Sign Glamorous” Toshio disguised as a policewoman to trick a cornered bomber.
Episode 57 (Season 2 Episode 21) “A Requiem for the Villains” Villain disguised as cat’s eye to frame her for his crimes.
Episode 58 (Season 2 Episode 22) “Toshio falls in love with a vain woman” Toshio disguised as a woman to get inside in a female sauna and meet there with an informer (Hitomi in disguise).
Episode 65 (Season 2 Episode 29) “A Toast to Travel in the Golden Years” Toshio disguised as an old woman to trick Cat’s Eye.
Chaotic Animation Canada 2006
1 T 2

Episode 1x01 "Welcome to Chaotic, Part 1" (2006) Tom Majors, battles a boy, Sam Shady, who turns into a female character, that of Takinom, crown princess of the Under World. Episode 1x12 "BattleDrome of the Sexes" (2007) Peyton and Krystalla clash in battle while Sarah tells Tom of the Overworld heroine Intress. Peyton battle as a female and Krystalla as a male.
Charlotte Animation Japan 2015 P.A.Works 1 T 1

Episode 1: Yuu Otosaka, a boy who awakens the ability to temporarily possess others, possesses a girl for a very short time.
Chevalier Animation Japan 2006 Production I.G. 1 D 4 P

Based on Chevalier D’Eon, a crossdressing spy in XVIII century in France. Episode 6 “Knights of the King”: D'Eon visits Queen Marie to ask why his sister's soul is so angry and still wandering on earth. The Queen tells him to put on Lia's old dress so that Lia can possess his body once more and tell the truth. Episode 8 “Imperial Audience”: In Russia, D'Eon and Robin infiltrated in a crossdressing ball in the imperial palace to obtain an audience from empress Elizabeth. Episode 13 “Omen”: In England, Ambassador Guercy takes D'Eon (crossdressed as Lia) to a party thrown by Queen Charlotte and King George III. Episode 14 “Le Porte-Documents de Robert Wood”: Guercy invites Queen Mary to a party at the French Embassy. Lia (who is D'Eon in disguise) will be there also. Episode 24 “The Word”: At the end Eon lives as a woman and witnesses the fall of the French monarchy. He lives out his remaining days with Charlotte, the former queen of England.
Chhota Bheem Animation India 2008
1 D 1

-1803 Episode 1x13 “The Sea Princess” A poor little mermaid who happens to be the Sea Princess, is once washed ashore by a deadly storm. Kalia and Dholu-Bholu, immediately plot to make money by exhibiting her. The brave and kind boy Bheem rescues the poor little mermaid and helps her get back home. Kalia end disguised as the mermaid.
CHI RHO - Das Geheimnis Animation Germany 2010
1 D

-1704 Episode 1x12 “Ausgezahlt – Zachaus und das liebe Geld” (2011) Male disguised as a woman.
Chilly Beach Animation Canada 2003
1 D

Episode 1x11 “Lord of the Ringettes” Dale and Frank disguised as women, just so they can play with the women against april in Ringette.
Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers Animation United States 1989
1 D 2 P

Episode 1x07 “Adventures in Squirrelsitting” Chip and Dale dressed as a girls in order sneak into Fat Cat's hideout. Episode 2x13 “A Case of Stage Blight” Chip disguised as Opera Diva. Episode 2x42 “When You Fish Upon a Star” Zipper dressing in drag.
Chou Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru Animation Japan 1997 Sunrise 1 T 2 P

Second sequel of Anime "Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru". Episode 5 "Horrible! High School Girls All Looking the Same": In a village, all the people, including males, are dressing up as school girls because of a curse. Episode 30: While sleeping in the forest of ice, the demon god Kamen switches the bodies of Wataru, Himiko, Suzume, Shibaraku, Toraoh and Dodo. After they have realized what happened, Kamen confronts them. Dodo attacks him and he again shuffles the personalities, this time involving Ryujinmaru. Then Doruku appears and defeats Kamen so that everybody switches back.
Choujuu Densetsu Gestalt (Gestalt) Animation Japan 1997
1 T 2

OAV. Ohri is a girl with a few secrets of her own such as, just for example, that she used to be a man!
Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Ren Animation Japan 2014 Kyoto Animation 1 D 2

Episode 3 “Magical Devil Girl... In Pursuit” After Yuta is left reeling from a lewd dream about Rikka, he ends up losing a bet against her and is forced to dress up as a magical girl.
Cinderella Boy Animation Japan 2003 Magic Bus 1 B 3 P

Follows the adventures of impoverished private detective Ranma Hinamatsuri and his thrill-seeking rich girl partner Rella "Cindy" Shirayuki in a futuristic city named "Kirin Town". The two are badly injured when they stumble across an organised crime operation and are put back together into the same body by a mysterious doctor. Every night the stroke of midnight, their shared body changes both form and identity. Ranma becomes Rella, or vice versa. Neither is aware of any actions or situations their partner is involved in, completely losing consciousness until twenty-four hours later, when the change comes around to them again. Episode 3 “A Sweet Trap In The Toy Country” Ranma cross his path with Rosechan, a transvestite hostess and contract killer that want Ranma/Rella dead.
City Hunter Animation Japan 1987 Sunrise 1 D 3 P

Episode 9: Ryo disguises as a woman to help a genius croupier that wants to leave her syndicate. Episode 14: Saeko enlists the help of Ryo to solve the disappearances of beautiful women in Shinjuku. The stakes are even higher when Kaori, mistaken for a beautiful woman, is also kidnapped. Ryo encounters the mastermind of the scheme, a supposedly beautiful woman who may not be who she seems to be. Episode 24: Hitman disguised as a nurse to get his target. Anime “City Hunter 2” Episode 60 (111): Kaori receives a strange job request from a female magician who requests that her protector be a woman herself. Ryo sees that this is due to her having a phobia of men in general. As a result, Ryo resorts to crossdressing as Kaori's older sister in order to protect her from a rival magician seeking to push her out of business. Anime “City Hunter 91” Episode 2: Ryo set up a trap to get Kuwata into going to a transvestite club for a party. Movie “City Hunter The Motion Picture”: Ryo meets Erika, a transvestite. Movie “Death of the Vicious Criminal Ryo Saeba”: Ryo meets Erika, a transvestite.
Clamp Gakuen Tanteidan (Clamp School Detectives) Animation Japan 1997 CLAMP 1 D 3 P

Episode 17 "Pretty Woman": Nokoru end disguised as a girl to trap a ferret mascot that is afraid of males.
Clannad After Story Animation Japan 2008 Kyoto Animation 1 D

Episode 6: Yuki and Saki tells to Katsuki that Misae is busy with her duty as the student council president, hence she will be late. He is quite curious how it would be and this sparks a “nice idea” to both girls. He is then invading the school… crossdressed so cutely that Yuki rants about that. On their way, they are distracted by a loud singer who is no one else but Yushino Yuusuke during his high school life, quite the lady killer. As they are observing the situation, a guy shows up and instantly hits on Katsuki. Saki tries to make him give up while Yuki tells Katsuki to run away already. Katsuki manages to find “her” way to the student council room and is impressed by Misae’s work. He is however startled by a teacher, Kouko. Wondering if “she” is having some business with the student council, Kouko assures “her” that “she” can simply come in. Kazuki is losing his calm and unable to prevent kouko to call out Misae. As she is coming, she notices how cute Katsuki-ko is, then tells “her” that if “she” has anything to ask or tell. Katsuki is completely lovestruck and tells her “she” would be glad to be always with her. Misae is caught off guard by that while Kouko is wondering what kind of relationship “both girls” have. Katsuki realizes his blunder and runs away.
Clarence Animation United States 2014
1 D

Episode 1x22 “Belson's Sleepover” (2014) Boy disguised as a woman.
Class Of The Titans Animation Canada 2005
1 T 2 P

Episode 2x19 (45) “Like a Rolling Stone” Cronus frees King Sisyphus from his torment and provides him with a metamorphosis ability which will enable him to become any of the heroes so that one of them can take Sisyphus' place. He becomes... Theresa.
Claymore Animation Japan 2007 Madhouse 1 T 1

Claymores are half human / half yoma's who were created to hunt yoma's. They're the only ones who can detect a yoma when the yoma disguises itself as a human. Episode 1: A yoma that Clare is hunting disguises himself as a Claymore (Claymore's are always women, as only women survive the process that make them Claymore's).
Clockwork Planet Animation Japan 2017 Xebec 1 T 1

-1709 Episode 9: Due to the destruction of his body, male cyborg Vermouth is transferred in the body of a female pleasure doll. He continues in that body for the rest of the anime.
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Animation Japan 2008 Sunrise 1 D 1

Episode 17-18: Lelouch uses his Geass to appear as Cornelia to Guilford.
Code Lyoko Animation France 2003
1 T 3

Episode 2x16 (42) “A Fine Mess” Two children, a boy named Odd and a girl named Yumi, swap bodies when they rematerialize in the real world. One's a pre-teen boy, the other's an early teen girl. Some of the problems of it are addressed. Her bra strap is addressed, and the boy in the girl's body has trouble walking in her heels at one point.
Codename: Kids Next Door Animation United States 2002
1 B

Episode 3x01 (27) "Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E." Numbuh 4 tries to stop a sexist headmistress from wiping out all the boys in the world and making them girls. Episode 3x06 (32) "Operation S.L.U.M.B.E.R." The traitor Chad disguises himself as Number 86's mother during her slumber party. This is done by using his Battle Ready Armor, or BRA for short. Also, Numbuh 4 poorly disguises himself as a girl to sneak into the slumber party.
Comic Party Animation Japan 2001 Oriental Light and Magic 1 D 4 P

Episode 2: Kazuki crossdressing. His friends Yuu and Taishi dress him as Multi from To Heart (basically a school girl fuku) for him to learn about Moe. Sequel “Comic Party: Revolution” Episode 5: Kazuki is a competitor in a cosplay contest, dressed as Konomi from To Heart 2.
Compiler Animation Japan 1994 Studio Fantasia 1 T 1

OAV Episode 2 "Polarity reversal" The head honchos back in the 2-D home office have the bright idea to transform the inept males BIOS and Directory into the inept females Upload and Download.
Corrector Yui Animation Japan 1999 Nippon Animation 1 T 2

Episode 12 "Heart-Thumping Double Date Part Two": Corrector Follow takes the form of Yui to Fool Corrector Peace. Episode 15 "Investigation on the Orient Express": Corrector Follow morphs himself into Freeze, the lone female Corruptor, to try to fool another Corruptor, Virus. Episode 18 “Double ‘O' Yui, Rookie Spy”: Corrector Follow takes the form of Ante, to fool Control, and also briefly takes the form of Rescue.
Corto Maltese Animation France 2003 Canal+ 1 D 1

Animation based in comic by the same name. “La Ballade de la mer salee” (2003) Male pirate disguises as a nun to help create a more civilized enviroment for injured Miss Groovesnore.
Countdown Animation Japan 1995
1 D 2

Mature. OAV Episode 2 Story 1 “Sweet Lips” A teacher visit one of her pupils, but the teacher is in reality a man who live as a woman. Episode 3 Story 2 “Virgin Road” Mika, a tranvestite, visit a old girlfriend in her wedding day and have sex with her.
Countdown: Akira Saga Animation Japan 1997
1 D 2

Mature. OAV. Akira have a sister that dress up him as a girl.
Courageous Cat And Minute Mouse Animation United States 1960
1 D 1

Episode “The Case of the Big Movie Star” Courageous Cat disguises as a movie start and susitutes her in the filming of a scene.
Cow And Chicken Animation United States 1997
1 T 1

Episode 1x01 “The Girls' Bathroom” Chicken reluctantly accepts a dare set by Flem and Earl to see what the girls' bathroom at school is like. Even though Cow and Mom tell chicken not to go into the girls' bathroom and it might change his life forever he goes anyways. Later that night Chicken enters the bathroom. He comes across a special toilet and has a seat. He pulls a rope and that rests him. Then makeup and a comb appear. A cloud of makeup dissapears and a female chicken appears with large breats and long eyelashes and legs.
Cowboy Bebop Animation Japan 1998 Watanabe Shinichiro 1 D 2 P

Episode 12 "Jupiter Jazz 1" and Episode 13 “Jupiter Jazz 2”: Green, one mercenary, have breasts due a side effect of a drug he is addict and also dress as a woman. Earlier Spike has an encounter with three tranvestites when he is looking for Faye.
Crayon Shin-chan Animation Japan 1992 Shin-Ei Animation 1 D 2

Has some drag queen characters that appear sometimes.
Crying Freeman Animation Japan 1988 Toei Animation 1 D 1 P

-1712 OAV 2 “Shades of Death Part I - Fusei Kakurei” (1989) Male assassin disguised as a woman to kill Freeman. Brief.
Crystal Blaze / Glass Maiden Animation Japan 2008 Studio Fantasia 1 D

Character Porilin: the mama of a crossdresser bar in the city's seedy underbelly.
Cuticle Tantei Inaba (Cuticle Detective Inaba) Animation Japan 2013 Zexcs 1 D 1

Inaba Hiroshi is a red-haired detective with a hair fetish, and together with his young male assistants, they fight off the attacks of an ambitious Italian mafia. Sasaki, one of the assistants, have the hobby of crossdressing.
Cyborg 009 Animation Japan 2001 Avex Entertainment 1 T

-1709 Episode 10 “Operation Auroras” Cyborg 007, who has the ability to shape-shift into anything, fools the evil organization Black Ghost that they've kidnapped the weapon inventor's daughter, impersonating her. Episode 12: Cyborg 007 briefly shapeshifting into a geisha.
Cybot Robotchi Animation Japan 1982 Knack Productions 1 D 3 P

Episode 21: Mad Doctor enter his robot in a beauty pageant and go disguised as a woman to sabotage the other participants.
D-Frag! Animation Japan 2014 Brain's Base 1 D 2

Episode 2: Sakuraga Oka, member of the “real” game production club, crossdressing as a schoolgirl t avoid being hit by Kenji Kazama. Episode 3: Sakuraga crossdressing as a schoolgirl to avoid Kenji discovering he is a boy.
D.Gray-man Animation Japan 2006 TMS 1 B

Character Chomesuke: One a male human named Oira, he led a happy and comfortable life. However, these days were put to an end by his death. Oira's wife, Sachiko, was paid a visit by the Millennium Earl, who promised to bring Oira back to the human world. Blinded by her pain, Sachiko spoke Oira's name, and he came back to her in the form of an Akuma and took her life in exchange for her human skin; first appareance Episode 13. Episode 18: The guys disguising as women to spy on a lenoley. Episode 24: a malfunctioning robot forces everyone to wear makeup.
D.N.Angel Animation Japan 2003 Dentsu 1 D 2 P

Episodes 20 and 21: Niwa get's voted to play Freedet, the main female role, in the class play.
D'Artacan Y Los Tres Mosqueperros (Dogtanian And The Three Muskehounds) Animation Spain 1981 BRB Internacional 1 D 1

Episode 13 “Debuta el amigo Pon” Widimer tries to get into a house, badly disguised as a woman, and is caught by two guards.
Da Mob Animation Sweden 2001
1 D

Episode 1x15 “Lip 'N' Sync” Desperate to prove to the world that their arch-rivals, the Acafellas, are lip-syncers, Da Mob sneak into their concert dressed as girls, only to have Rooster chosen as a special backstage guest to the Acafellas.
Daffy Duck Animation United States 1937 Warner Bros. 1 D 3

Episode "Boobs in the Woods" (1940) Daffy Duck appears as a Pochahontas-type. Episode “Daffy's Southern Exposure” (1942) Daffy is tricked by a wolf and a weasel dressed as women. Episode "The Daffy Duckeroo" (1942) Daffy Duck dresses up as Princess Gitchigoomie. Episode "Yankee Doodle Daffy" (1943) As a persistent agent to a talent scout (Porky) Daffy Duck does a Carmen Miranda number. Episode "What Makes Daffy Duck?" (1948) Elmer poses as a female duck. Episode "Daffy Duck Hunt" (1949) Daffy Duck does a can-can dance. Episode "Stupor Duck" (1956) Duffy Duck appears as a witch, after a superhero costume change mistake. Episode “China Jones” (1959) Louie, an ex-convict who blames Jones (Daffy Duck) for sending him to jail, disguises himself as a grieving widow and arranges a series of mishaps for Jones. Episode "Daffy’s Inn Trouble" (1961) Daffy Duck does a can-can dance and appears as a woman restaurant patron.
Dagashi Kashi Animation Japan 2016 Feel 1 T 1

Episode 8: Boy imagines himself as a woman. Brief.
Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai Animation Japan 2014 Hoods Entertainment 1 D 2 P

-1806 Episode 4 “A New Library Club” Kakei disguised as a maid girl to help with the promotion of a restaurant
Danganronpa: The Animation Animation Japan 2013 Lerche 1 D 1

-1612 Episode 1-4: Chihiro Fujisaki is a shy, retiring student and a skilled programmer. Whilst initially presumed to be a girl, it is later revealed that Chihiro is in fact a boy with a deep insecurity about his weak physique, resorting to crossdressing to hide his gender identity. After Monokuma threatens to expose everyone's secrets, Chihiro becomes determined to overcome his weakness and shares his secret with Owada. However, this ends up angering Mondo who, in a fit of blind rage, smashes Chihiro's head in with a dumbbell, making him the second murder victim. Before his death, Chihiro leaves behind a laptop containing the Alter Ego program to help the others, thinking he was not going to survive anyway.
Danger Mouse Animation Great Britain 1981
1 T 1 P

Episode 10x01 (83) “Crumhorn Strikes Back!” (02/1992) Professor Crumhorn gains Danger Mouse's confidence by turning himself into a little girl with a pill. Penfold, Danger Mouse's sidekick, accidently takes one at the end of the show. Episode 10x03 (85) “There's A Penfold In My Suit” (02/1992) The “swapping stone” causes a king and his daughter to switch bodies, and at the end of the show Penfold is in the body of the princess.
Danger Mouse Animation Great Britain 2015
1 D 1

Episode 1x05 “Pink Dawn” (10/2015) Danger Mouse must embrace his feminine side to stop the pink-obsessed supervillain Princess from turning the whole world girly.
Danny Phantom Animation United States 2004
1 T

Episode 1x04 “Attack of the Killer Garage Sale” After being zapped by a ghostly TV Remote, Danny Phantom is turned into a cowboy, a blonde bombshell, and Mr. Spock. Episode 3x05 “Forever Phantom” A ghost with morphing abilities impersonates a cheerleader. Episode 1x06 “What You Want” Genie ghost Desiree comes out and begins granting wishes. One of Danny's friends, tucker, wishes himself into a ghost like Danny. In one scene they both take over Danny's Girlfriend's body.
Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou (Daily Lives Of High School Boys) Animation Japan 2012 Sunrise 1 D 1

Episode 1: Rin Okimura tricked into crossdressing.
Daphne In The Brilliant Blue Animation Japan 2004 J.C.Staff 1 T

Bonus 2 (Episode 26): There is a bodyswap and Tsutomu end in Gloria's body.
Darker Than Black Gaiden Animation Japan 2010 Bones 1 T 1

OAV filling the gap between the two anime series “Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha” and “Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini“. Episode 3: Contractor uses his illusion power to disguise himself briefly as Amber. Episode 4: Contractor uses his illusion power to disguise himself briefly as Yin.
Darker Than Black: Ryuusei No Gemini Animation Japan 2009 Bones 1 D 1

Sequel to Darker Than Black. Episodes 4-6: Transvestite show up and meets Hei and the others. He run a bar. Episode 9: July get a female disguise very briefly.
Darkwing Duck Animation United States 1991
1 B

Episode 1x14 “Trading Faces” (1991) Darkwing's computer goes haywire causing him to trade bodies with Gosalyn as do Launchpad and Honker. Now Gosalyn must pose as Darkwing to stop F.O.W.L.'s latest scheme - stopping the Earth's rotation in an attempt to blackmail the planet. Can DW defeat Steelbeak in a child's body? And how can they reverse the body swap? Episode 1x38 "Disguise the Limit" (1991) Negaduck, disguised, frames Darkwing for a series of crimes. To go into hiding, the hero uses an experimental S.H.U.S.H. design, which ends up causing him to spontaneously change into whomever he looks at, male or female. Episode 1x53 "Stressed to Kill" (1991) Quackerjack and Megavolt play dress up, which appears to entail Quackerjack putting his partner in drag.
Date A Live Animation Japan 2013 Production IMS / J.C.Staff 1 D 2

-1903 Season 2 “Date a Live II” Episode 4-7 Shido crossdresses as a girl in order to interact with Miku, and he disguised himself as his alternate identity, Shiori Itsuka. During the time he crossdressed, he was seen with long blue hair, and he wore the standard female Raizen High School uniform. He also had a hair clip, which seemed to be a flower of some sort.
Season 3 ”Date a Live III” Episode 4: Shido crossdressing appareance.
DC Super Hero Girls: Hero Of The Year Animation United States 2016
1 T

-1612 Animated Movie. Villain transform into Super Girl’s mother to trick Super Girl
Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z Animation Japan 2006 Toei Animation 1 D

Episode 42 “Powerpuff Rowdyruff Boys!” The Rowdyruff Boys use the Powerpuff Girls' clothes to taint their image.
Denpa Kyoushi Animation Japan 2015 A-1 Pictures 1 D 3

Episode 9-12: Koutarou is a boy disguised as a girl in a roleplay. Episode 17: Koutarou return to school dressing as a schoolgirl.
Dexter's Laboratory Animation United States 1996
1 B 1 P

Episode 1x04 “Changes” Dee Dee and Dexter test his latest invention, a device that turns people into animals. In the end they seem back to normal, but turns out Dee Dee is really Dexter and vice versa. Episode 1x05 “Dimwit Dexter” Dexter overworks himself and overloads his brain, temporarily becoming stupid. Dee Dee takes advantage of the situation by playing with him and Dexter end in drag. Episode 1x10 “Tribe Called Girl” Wanting to learn more about girls, Dexter spies on Dee Dee and her friends. Unfortunately, they spot him. And Dexter end in a dress. Episode 3x02 “Momdark” Mandark disguises himself as Dexter's mother to get into Dexter's Lab. Unfortunately he has to deal with Dexter, Dad, and Dee Dee's requests. Episode 4x01 “Remember Me” When Dexter gets amnesia, Dee Dee decides to mess with his head and Dexter end crossdressing. Special “Dexter's Laboratory: The Big Sister” Dexter in drag.
Die Schelme Von Schelm Animation Germany 1995
1 D 1

-1803 Animated Movie. Evil sorcerer disguised as a woman.
Digimon Xros Wars Animation Japan 2010 Toei Animation 1 T 1

-1803 Digimon Xros Wars is the sixth season of the long-running anime series Digimon. Episode 39 “Xros Heart Break up Crisis! Water Tiger General's Despicable Trap” Dorulumon gets separated from the others and encounters Cutemon, who is acting strangely. However, the Cutemon turns out to be the fourth Death General known as Splashmon, who possesses the ability to assume any form.
Dimension W Animation Japan 2016 Studio 3Hz, Orange 1 D 1

Episode 6: Boy is given a female kimono to wear.
Dirty Pair Animation Japan 1985 Sunrise 1 B 3 P

Episode 7 “Love Is Everything, Betting Their Lives On Escape” A wealthy business owner is framing his son's fiance for kidnapping when really they were trying to elope. It's eventually revealed that the reason he objects to their marriage is because the fiance used to be a man and had a sex change. OAV “Dirty Pair Flash: Mission II” Episode 1 “Tokyo Holiday Network”: Kei and Yuri (The Lovely Angels) are assigned to protect a young computer troubleshooter from getting assassinated. With android hit-women and crossdressing assassins on their tails, the Lovely Angels learn there is no place to hide when somebody wants you dead.
Divine Gate Animation United States 2016 Pierrot 1 D 2

Episode 9: Male end being assigned the role of Cinderella in a divine play.
DNA² Animation Japan 1994 Madhouse 1 T 1

Episode 10: Ryuji undergoes an undesired male-to-female transformation into a double of Tomoko, and after learning how to do it he does again voluntarily and transform into Tomoko and Ami to cheat Junta.
Dog Days Animation Japan 2011 Seven Arcs 1 T 2 P

Season 2 Episode 11: The Union Festival ends with a huge success. Soon after Sink and Millhiore pay a visit to Yukikaze. When Millhiore discovers the egg of a mystic creature, the egg hatches and both the three and the hatchling end up switching bodies, with Sink ending in Princess Millhiore body.
Dokkiri Doctor Animation Japan 1998 Studio Pierrot 1 T 2 P

Episode 3 "Shocked by Good Body!": Yukihiro find himself with women breasts, and Dr Haruka solution is dress him up as a girl with the help of nurse Miyuki.
Don Dracula (Don Dorakyura) Animation Japan 1982 Tezuka Productions 1 D 2 P

Episode 2: Dracula disguises as a woman to act as a bait.
Donald Duck Shorts Animation United States 1934 Walt Disney 1 D 1

“Golden Eggs” (1941) Unable to retrieve eggs from his own farm thanks to an imposing rooster, Donald Duck becomes Donald Hen in disguise, causing the rooster to fall in love at first sight, much to Don's chagrin. “Straight Shooters” (1947) It has the nephews disguising as an Egyptian hottie to fool their uncle into giving them candy...But Donald wants to handle a "special" sort of sweets to the curvy newcomer!. “Donald's Dream Voice” (1948) To bypass a furious man who argues to "hates people", Donald dresses up as a respectable lady, sausage curls and eyelashes batting included. Brief. “Lucky Number” (1951) Gas station owner Donald thinks he's just missed the winning number for a new Zoom V8 car but his nephews hear a correction, and find he really does have the winner. They plan to pick it up and surprise him, but the car they take runs out of gas, and they're broke. They cut out the picture of a Zoom V8 from a billboard, dress one of the boys in drag, and trick Donald into filling their tank. As they drive off, Donald plots his revenge and executes it, when the boys return in Donald's new car.
Donten Ni Warau Animation Japan 2014 Dogakobo 1 D 1

Episode 1: Tenka Kumo disguised as a woman.
Doraemon! Animation Japan 1979 Shin-Ei Animation 1 B 1 P

-1803 Second Series (1979-2005) Episode 34: “Girl like a white lily” (1979) Nobita end dressing as a girl. Episode 242-243 “My name is Mari-chan part I and II” (1980) Doraemon bodyswaps Nobita and a famous idol Mari-chan. Episode 849 “Sustitution rope” (1986) Doraemon uses a magic rope to swap bodies of Nobita and Shizuka. Episode 1691 “Mee Enki” (2002) Nobita have the role of Cinderella in a school play. Other boys playing stepsisters and stepmother roles. Third Series (2005-) Episode 221 “Swapping Bodies with Everyone” Nobita tries to trade smarts and body parts with Shizuka, but the body-swapping gets out of hand. Episode 273 “I am Nobiko-chan” (2011) Doraemon transform Nobita into a girl. Episode 383 “Nobita Becomes Shizuka-chan” (2014) Nobita disguises as Shizuka using a bodysuit. Episode 403 “I want to be an Adult” (2015) Doraemon supplies Nobita with a cloth that alters his outward appearance. After briefly turning into a copy of Doraemon, Nobita turns into his teacher, then a young man, then that young man's would be fiance, screwing up the proposal. Episode 430 “I'm Mari-chan” (2016) An idol and actress Mari Marui disappeared in a shooting. She was found by Doraemon in one of the pipes in the Open Lot. Mari was later invited to Nobita's house and explained that she escaped from the mass media due to her mother and her manager force her to do things. She switch places with Nobita using the Substitution Bar. Episode 488 “Masterpiece Theatre Camera” (2017) Nobita transformed into a Juliette for a school play.
Dororo Animation Japan 2019 MAPPA 1 T 1

-1906 Episode 13: Dororo encounters a woman called Okaka, who looks like her mother, near a faceless Buddha statue at a waterfall. He introduces Hyakkimaru and Okaka, who tells the story of a sculptor who carved the Buddha statue but died before completing the face of the statue. As Dororo falls into a drugged sleep, Okaka finishes the story of how a demon inhabited the statue, but wanted a face. It revived the sculptor as Okaka, with the ability to change her appearance and voice, to bring human offerings so it could take their faces. Okaka drags Hyakkimaru to the waterfall, but he revives and starts to fight Hakumenfudo. Okaka uses the demon's power to immobilize Hyakkimaru, but Dororo implores her to spare him. Okaka's heart is softened by Dororo's pleas, and she allows herself to be wounded by Hakumenfudo's sword, giving Hyakkimaru the opportunity to attack and destroy the demon statue and Okaka disintegrates.
Dororon Enma-kun Meramera Animation Japan 2011 Brain's Base 1 D 1

Episode 4 : Enma-kun crossdressing as a little girl.
Double Decker! Doug & Kirill Animation Japan 2018 Sunrise 1 D 2 P

-1906 Valery Vrubel is Kirill's older brother who works at Derick's bar. For most of Kirill's life, Valery crossdressed and posed as his sister under the name "Milla," his secret only being exposed when Kirill stumbles upon him in the men's restroom of Derick's bar. Introduced in Episode 6. Episode 8: Max’s transgender friend Connor, who came out at their high school prom and was shunned by their schoolmates, turning to drugs and disappearing after being denied entry. Episode 10: Kiril dress up as a bride to Gus whose father is in the hospital with a terminal disease and want to see his son married. OAV Episode 2: Travis gathers the Seven-O agents in his office. He reveals that the top brass has asked for Kay to deliver a speech on Anthem to the police academy. She agrees, but this means that she will be unable to participate in the undercover mission that she, Pink, Boxer, and Robot had been working on. Krill volunteers to take her place and is very excited until he learns that he will have to dress as a woman. He initially protests, but Travis eventually convinces him to take the assignment. Kirill stops by Dereck’s bar to speak with his sibling. Pink has asked them to teach Kirill how to act like a woman for the operation that evening. Kirill does his best to imitate a woman, but it’s not nearly enough. His sibling tells him that he needs to let go of his ideas of femininity because it is keeping him from actually embracing being a woman. Kirill isn’t so sure, but he doesn’t have much time to argue, and he sets off for the club where the sting is set to take place. The mission is the prevention of an Anthem deal. A big-time dealer is going to sell a massive quantity to the scion of a rich Arab family. The gang gets in place and starts surveilling both targets when Kirill (now disguised as Olivia) is harassed by a boorish member of the party. The scion, Yusef, intervenes and saves Kirill by smoothly redirecting the partygoer. Kirill takes Yusef outside to thank him, and the two get to talking about their various ideas of being themselves. It turns out Yusef is very shy and all of this attention is not really his strong suit. Both start to fall for each other and nearly kiss before Yusef leaves to do the deal. Down in a maintenance hallway, Yusef tries to cancel the deal, but his dealer isn’t keen to let him go. He threatens Yusef, but Seven-O intervenes. They chase the dealer and eventually apprehend him. Yusef goes to jail too, but he thanks Oliva for setting him on a more righteous path. Back at the precinct, everyone makes fun of Kirill for possibly really falling for Yusef. Even Doug gets in on the action. Krill is unsure how to feel, but knows that he must go down to the prison and set things straight.
Doug Animation United States 1991
1 D

Episode 57 (Disney's Doug Episode 1x05) “Doug's Patti Beef” Patti eyes the snooty club, The Junior Daughters of the Founding Mothers and Fathers where no boys are allowed and Doug is surprised she's interested in it. Doug worries if Patti joins the club, she'll change and won't have time for him anymore. Also, Skeeter has his eye on Muffy Silverson who is part of the club, so Doug and Skeeter dress up as girls to find out all about the snooty place.
Dragon Ball Animation Japan 1986 Toei Animation 1 B 2 P

Episode 4 "Oolong the Terrible": Goku disguises himself as a girl to be the bail for Oolong. Episode 6 "Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls": Woolong transform into a copy of bulma to fool Goku. Episode 8 "The Kamehameha Wave”: Bulma didn´t want to kiss master Roshi, so she asked Woolong to do it transforming into her. Anime “Dragon Ball Z” Episodes 74-76: Captain Ginyu, with bodysawpping ability, has been a frog for a few episodes, until he is found by Bulma. She gives him a universal translator which allows the evil Ginyu to use his bodyswapping powers, which he uses to put his mind into Bulma's body and Bulma's mind into the frog's body. Anime “Dragon Ball GT” Episodes 7-8: Monster Sunama is demanding a bride to the villagers, so Trunks end dressing up as the bride to fool and defeat the monster.
Drawn Together Animation United States 2004
1 D

-1712 Episode 2x03 “Little Orphan Hero” Captain Hero disguised as a girl. Episode 3x03 “Spelling Applebee's” Captain Hero dressing in a wedding dress.
Dream Defenders Animation Singapore 2011
1 T 1

-1412 Episode 1x08 “The Fever Inside Me” ZEUS gets a computer virus, planted by Icela, and he goes wacko. Zane and Zoey travel to Deamworlds to find a cure, but Zeus's glitches make it hard to inter-world-travel. In cross-world transport, Zeus transfers the twins' personalities - Zane into Zoey's body, Zoey into Zane's.
Droopy, Master Detective Animation United States 1993 Hanna-Barbera 1 D 2

Episode 1x01 Segment “The Case of the Missing Dragon” Thief diguised as a woman, and Droppy and his son also disguised as the same woman. Episode 1x04 Segment “Sherlock Droopy” Droopy disguised as queen Victoria and as a young woman. Episode 1x05 Segment “Queen of the Mutant Weirdo Vampires” Droopy disguised as a woman. Episode 1x09 Segment “Return of the Yolker” Droopy diguised as a female driver.
Druaga No Tou: The Aegis Of Uruk (The Tower Of Druaga: The Aegis Of Uruk) Animation Japan 2008 Gonzo 1 T 3 P

Episode 5: On their journey, Jil and the others pass a signboard indicating a shortcut. But the "shortcut" turns out to be a series of different traps that hinder their efforts to go forward. One of the traps causes their gender to switch.
Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure Animation Japan 1999 AIC 1 D 1 P

Episode 4 “No Disguise”: Akane wants to keep Kazuki a secret from the enemy so Ken designs a uniform that makes him look like a female. Kazuki goes along with it at first but when Ken introduces him to the others on the base they laugh their heads off. Embarrassed, Kazuki runs away and Akane traps him in one of the corridors, pleading with him to be reasonable and wear the suit. During the next battle Kazuki agrees to wear the female suit and Ken promises to have a male uniform for him by the next battle.
Duck Dodgers Animation United States 2003 Warner Bros. 1 D 3 P

Episode 1 “Duck Deception” Dodgers and the Cadet face off against Martian Commander X-2 when they steal his energy source after there previous power supply explodes when Dodgers carves onto a moon the words “Duck Dodgers rules”. Cadet is dressed as a beautiful female to fool Martian Commander X-2. Episode 12 “Back to the Academy” Duck dresses up as a gorgeous woman to pass on two armed guards.
Duckman Animation United States 1994
1 B

Episode 3x02 (24) “Forbidden Fruit” The family hires a French live-in tutor (King Chicken in disguise) to help the children with their study skills and social development, who sues Duckman for sexual harassment after he gives her an apple, which, according to Judeo-Christian ideology, is considered sexual as the apple is the forbidden fruit Eve ate and tempted Adam with. Ostracized by the public, Duckman is forced to hide out with Fluffy and Uranus while a feminist group begins forcing pro-female political correctness on the town. Episode 3x12 (34) “The Once and Future Duck” Ajax accidentally opens a rift in the time/space continuum with his clock radio, bringing various future versions of Duckman to the past to see him, all different depending on different decisions he can make, causing him to fall in to a paranoid spiral. One of the future Duckman is a female Duckman. Episode 4x03 (45) “Aged Heat 2: Women in Heat” Duckman is arrested for killing Fluffy and Uranus again and accidentally sent to a woman's prison. There he becomes the star attraction of an illegal dance ring, until another girl arrives and bumps him from his slot.
Dudley Do-Right Of The Mounties Animation United States 1969 Jay Ward Productions 1 D 1 P

Episode 7 "Railroad Tracks" In an attempt to catch Snidely Whiplash, inspector Fenwick disguises Dudley as an exact copy of Nell, except for his voice. But Dudley isn't the only one with a Nell costume.
Dynomutt, Dog Wonder Animation United States 1976 Hanna-Barbera 1 D 2 P

Episode 14 “The Injustice League Of America” Falcon and Dynomutt "disguise" themselves as the criminals they are fighting to in order to confuse them. While Falcon stays in male disguises, Dynomutt get the female ones.
E's Otherwise Animation Japan 2003 Studio Pierrot 1 D 3 P

Episode 5: Kay crossdresses to hep in a mission and goes to a casino in a red gown. Episode 9: One man who saw Kay in the casino want to date "her" and Kay will meet him in the same red gown. Episode 10: Introducing Sherry, a boy posing as a girl.
Ed, Edd N Eddy Animation Canada 1999 A.K.A. Cartoon 1 T

Episode 35 “Rock-a-Bye-Ed” Ed dreams that Jonny is his mother and that he has grounded him.
Egyxos Animation Italy 2015
1 T

-1803 Episode 1x09 (2015) Ramses transforms into a girl, Astrid.
Eiken Animation Japan 2003 J.C.Staff 1 D 2 P

OAV Episode 2: Dansuke dressed in a female bathing suit.
El Hazard: The Magnificent World Animation Japan 1995 AIC 1 D 4 P

OAV. Because of a strange girl he met at the ruins of his High School, Makoto was sent to El Hazard. In El Hazard, Makoto was put into a very interesting position. Because he looked a lot like the younger princess of Roshutalia, Fatora, who is missing, Makoto had to impersonate her.
ēlDLIVE Animation Japan 2017 Pierrot 1 T 1

-1704 Episode 1: Alien Criminal takes the form of a woman to prey on earthians. Episode 7-8: Female being possessed by a male.
Eureka Seven AO Animation Japan 2012 Bones 1 T 2 P

Sequel to ”Eureka Seven”. Truth is a mysterious being who has the ability to shapeshift at will. He briefly assumes several female forms. Episode 6: In Peru, the Peruvian president's men surround an Asian man wearing glasses and a suit, a "financial advisor" who destroyed the country's economy. The man kills all of the bodyguards (off-camera). When a mecha rises from the sea to attack the man, the pilot sees a violet-haired woman in an evening dress standing where the man had been, in front of a stunned president. The woman disables the mecha with a swipe of her arm and kills the president. She flies off in the mecha, and is seen again later in the episode when she decides she needs to meet Ao of Generation Bleu in Switzerland. Episode 7: Truth appears a violet-haired woman in an evening dress while approaching the Generation Bleu base. Episode 13: He first appears as a woman in a bikini on a Japanese Navy ship, and later as Ao's mother Eureka. OAV “Jungfrau no Hanabana-tachi” Team Pied Pipers (a group of idol girls) end disguising Ao as a girl.
F-Zero: GP Legend Animation Japan 2003 Ashi Productions 1 D 2 P

Episode 21 “Battle of the women” Female pilots are vanishing. Dr. Stewart informs Ryu and Jack that whoever's performing these kidnappings must have their sights on Jody and Lucy, so the two of them will have to act as bodyguards. But dudes can't join the Ladies Race! Lucy has just the answer: Crossdressing!.
Fairy Tail Animation Japan 2009 Satelight 1 B 3

Episode 10 "Natsu vs. Erza": Natsu crossdresses poorly to try to get Erza off the hook in court. Episode 19 "Changeling!" after misreading a spell book, the team members bodyswaps, Gray end in the body of Lucy. At the end Makarov and Mirajane swaps bodies. And Elfman with Cana also. Episode 75: The punishment for losing a race is crossdressing. Brief. Episode 87: Lucy uses the costume-changing machine on Natsu, being all of them female costumes, very brief. Episode 222: Natsu transform into Lucy, brief. Episode 223: Natsu and Gray end working disguised as women.
Family Guy Animation United States 1999
1 B 2 P

Episode 3x21 (49) "Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 1" The Griffins gain superpowers. Peter's power is being able to morph. As a favor to his daughter he gets a lock of Jonathen Timberlakes hair by impersonating Britney Spears. Episode 4x09 (59) “Breaking out is hard to do” Brian disguised as Lois. Episode 5x15 (95) “Boys do cry” Stewie, disguised as a girl under the name "Stephanie Griffin", enters a "Little Miss Texan" pageant. Episode 6x05 (103) “Lois Kills Stewie” Lois and Peter bodyswaps. Episode 7x14 (124) “We love you Conrad” Stewie disguised as Brian's girlfriend. Episode 8x13 (139) “Go, Stewie, Go!” Stewie crossdresses in order to star in the American version of Jolly Farm Review. Episode 8x18 “Quagmire's Dad” Glenn Quagmire's father, Lieutenant Commander Dan Quagmire, has gender reassignment surgery and changes her name to Ida Quagmire. Episode 10x06 “Thanksgiving” Lois cooks a Thanksgiving meal and invites the crew over for dinner. Joe is shocked when his formerly MIA son returns from Iraq and Quagmires father now transsexual parent also takes part. Episode 11x12 (200) “Valentine's Day in Quahog” Following a one-night's stand where Quagmire has his date thrown out when she refuses to leave, the woman vows that Quagmire will one day get what he deserves. Following a shock from an electronic tampon that the woman left behind, Quagmire awakens to finds that he suddenly appears as a woman named "Glenda Vahjmire" fooling even Joe who hits on her when Joe pulls Quagmire over. When he goes to the doctor to handle this problem, Dr. Hartman ants to give him a pelvic exam. Escaping from Dr. Hartman, Quagmire realizes he has really been cursed and decides to make the best of things by being a lesbian. Episode 13x07 “Stewie, Chris, & Brian's Excellent Adventure” Stewie and Brian take Chris back in time so he can perform well in a history exam. They boards the RMS Titanic and before they can return to the present, the ship strikes the iceberg and the return pad is destroyed by the rushing water. They find they need to get it to dry land to repair it. Dressing as women, they head for the lifeboats, but find they are too late. This causes Chris to force room for them all in the last boat by throwing a crew member overboard.
Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes Animation United States 2006
1 T 2 P

Episode 5 "My Neighbor was a Skrull" Skrulls impersonate the Fantastic Four's neighbors in order to collect tissue samples from the Fantastic Four, some one of them females as an old lady neighbour of the Fantastic Four, or Alicia Masters.
Foghorn Leghorn Animation United States 1946 Warner Bros. 1 D 1

Episode “Banty Raids” (1963) Young Leghorn disguises as a chicken to pass over Foghorn and be near the other chicken
Foot 2 Rue Animation France 2005
1 D

-1712 Episode 3x13 “Une fille pas comme les autres” Female player revealed to be male.
Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Animation United States 2004
1 D 2 P

Episode 2x06 “Frankie my Dear” Mac falls in love with Frankie, then Bloo, then Chris, then Princy. They then argue over her. Then, Dillan shows up and takes Frankie on a date. They then work together to get her back. Princy was disguised as a woman, Bloo, Mac, and Chris were disguised as a tall man.
Four Eyes! Animation United States 2006 Porchlight Entertainment 1 T

Episode 1x03 “Emma's Twin” Pete needs help with a middle ages history report so Skylark comes up with the idea of Emma lending Pete her glassess so Pete will turn into Emma's human form. It works, but however he abuses it.
Fractale Animation Japan 2011 A-1 Pictures 1 T 2

Episode 7: Clain find himself in the care of Megan, a resident of Xanadu. Megan is a female doppel (holographic robot) for a male sculptor, and Claim find that he have to disguise as a girl.
Freakazoid! Animation United States 1995
1 T

Episode 1x07 “Freakazoid is History” Freakazoid is transformed into Tv characters from movies and TV. He briefly transform into Maria from “the sound of music” movie and in Dolly from “Hello Dolly”. Episode 2x01 (14) “"Dexter's date" Freakazoid was zapped with some sort of device from his arch enemy the Lobe. It causes freakazoid to unwillingly transform into other characters from movies and TV. He first changes into a newswoman, and later briefly into Dolly from “Hello Dolly”.
Fruits Basket Animation Japan 2001 Studio Deen 1 B 3 P

Ayame Sohma runs a business that makes women's clothing, which men apparently wear as well, and he often wears women's clothing himself, He first appears in Episode 14. Ritsu Sohma dresses like a woman because he feels less pressure from society, and is often mistaken as a woman because of his long hair and unusually convincing beauty for a man. He appears first in Episode 23. Momiji Sohma Momiji likes to wear the girl's version of their high school uniform, albeit with short shorts and not a skirt. Episode 7: Someone asked Yuki to dress up as a girl for the Cultural Festival. Episode 9: Yuki and Momiji are crossdressing for New Year's.
Fruits Basket Animation Japan 2019 TMS / 8PAN 1 B 3 P

-1906 Episode 6: Yuki dressing up as a girl for the Cultural Festival.
Fugget About It Animation Canada 2012
1 T 2

Episode 2x04 “The Broadfather” Jimmy is shocked when a woman he meets is his father. She tells Jimmy how she killed and stole to protect her secret, then faked her own death and got surgery.
Full Metal Alchemist Animation Japan 2003 Bones 1 B 2 P

Episode 8 “The Philosopher's Stone”: Barry the Chopper dresses up as a woman to deliver his products and lure young women so he can murder them.
Episode 25 “Words of Farewell”: Envy disguised as Maria Ross, and then as his wife Gracia kill Hughes.
Episode 48 “Goodbye”: Envy transform into a woman, Winry.
Episode 50: During his final battle with Edward Elric, Envy twice changes into a copy of Edward's mother in order to try to disorient Edward.
Anime “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” Episode 10 ”Separate Destinations”: A repeat of the Hughes assassination by Envy.
Episode 32 “The Fuhrer's Son”: General Grumman, disguised as an old woman, meets up with Roy to discuss current matters.
Episode 53 “Flame of Vengeance”: Envy transform himself into a copy of Hughes's wife.
Fushigi Yuugi (Mysterious Play) Animation Japan 1995 Studio Pierrot 1 B 1 P

Character Nuriko: a wonderful transvestite, "a woman's soul in a man's body", even has quite a crush on the emperor Hotohori. OAV 1: There is an omake titled "The Tale of the Forbidden Women's Hot Spring Resort" with all the male crew crossdressing to enter the resort.
Fushigiboshi No Futago Hime Animation Japan 2005 Hal Film Maker 1 D 1 P

Episode 13: Fine and Rain change clothes and cosplay as Eclipse and Bright, respectively. And Pumo is dressed up as a girl, and talking like one to boot. And Tio is there too, dressed up as Leonne, though nowhere near as cute. He makes a quick exit, and then Bright and Eclipse show up... cosplaying as Rain and Fine in dresses, respectively.
Futurama Animation United States 1999
1 B 2 P

Episode 2x07 (20) “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” After an accident damages Fry's body, his head must be attached to Amy Wong's body while Fry's is healed. In the same episode, we see (briefly) an implied TG or crossdresser dating Zapp Brannigan. Episode 2x08 (21) Bender becomes a fighter for the Ultimate Robot Fighting league and proceeds to win several fights, but eventually his popularity wanes, and he is told that he can either take a dive in his new role as “The Gender Bender”, or be killed by his giant opponent, Destructor. Episode 2x09 (22) “A Bicyclops Built for Two” The gang enter the internet through VR helmets. They go to chat rooms and Bender pulls up a windows menu in thin air and picks a sexy nurse disguise. He then turns into a sexy nurse and starts to chat to a man after he charges him $15 a minute. The nurse keeps Bender's voice and starts to talk about sports. Episode 4x13 (67) “Bend Her” Bender the robot cheats in the olympics by pretending to be a fembot. He wins 5 medals but has to have a gender verification to keep the medals. Bender has the profesor give him a sex-change and remains a fembot most of the episode. Episode 6x10 (98) “The Prisoner of Benda” Farnsworth switches his body with Amy's using his latest invention so that he can relive his youth and Amy may gouge out like she always wanted. Upon doing so, they find they cannot switch their bodies back with each other, so they try to see if they can return to normal by switching their minds with the rest of the crew. Bender volunteers to switch minds with Farnsworth so he can use Amy's body to rob the yacht of Robohungarian emperor Nicolai, while Farnsworth joins a circus in Bender's body. Bender is caught by Nicolai, but tricks him into switching bodies with a robot bucket so he can live the life of an emperor. However, he discovers that Nicolai's wife and first officer are plotting to kill him, but is rescued by Farnsworth. Meanwhile, Leela switches bodies with Amy in Farnsworth's body when she comes to believe that Fry only loves her physically. In order to beat her at her own game, Fry switches bodies with Zoidberg to repulse her as well, leading to force each other to give in to the other's equally disgusting body on a date until they have sex with each other and reconcile. Amy, who switched bodies with Hermes after overeating in Leela's body so he may slim it back down, witnesses them making out and loses her appetite for good. In the end, everyone returns to their original bodies by adding the bodies of two Globetrotters who deduced the solution to the equation. Episode 6x14 (102) “Neutopia” A rock creature called the "Borax Kid” inadvertently switches the groups' genders; before it can fix the mistake, Zapp Brannigan arrives on a rescue mission and vaporizes it. Back at Planet Express, Leela and Amy take advantage of the men's gender switch and have them finish a calendar as the models. Within one day, they sell enough copies to save their business. They get a surprise visit from the Borax Kid, who restores everyone's correct gender, with the exception of Scruffy the janitor, who misses the Kid's arrival due to being in the bathroom.
Future Card Buddyfight Triple D Animation Japan 2016 Xebec 1 T 2 P

-1709 Episode 30 “Wedding! Man Mountain Range, Devil Destroy!” Gaito is enraged that both Gao, and now Tasuku both have the Dragon Force whilst he still hasn't, and trashes his hotel room as a result. Meanwhile, Gao and friends are met by Devil Destroy Bigmachine, one of the American representatives, and his buddy, Gigadroid Biggest. Angered by Bigmachine gloating about how popular and muscular he is, Gao and Bal decide to bulk up for their upcoming match against him. Then, they head to the Asmodai gym where they run into Tetsuya and Asmoadai, who have just recently won their Dance tournament, which was coincidently also held in L.A.. Tets and A-Dawg give Gao, Bal, Baku, and Noboru bodybuilding DVDs and the four of them work out. Gao, Bal, and Baku come out all buff, while Noboru's DVD had...different results, especially since the target audience was female. The next day, Gao's match with Bigmachine begins. Asmodai's exercises had worn off for Gao, Bal, and Baku; But Noboru was still in his/her current state. Bigmachine shows up to gloat in front of Gao before the battle, and then, unable to recognize Noboru's current state, mistakes him/her as a girl and falls in love with him/her. Gao then battles Bigmachine with Noboru's hand in marriage on the line. Gao is driven to a corner by Bigmachine's Gigadroid Hero world deck; but manages to survive his impact card, bigmachine Sledgehammer. it's at this point that Noboru has reverted to his correct gender, and Bigmachine is confused about where his "Baby" went. With his opponent flustered, Gao equips his Dragon Force, then impact calls Bal Saucer Overush and wins the match. Afterwards, as a side effect of the DVD, Gao and the guys feel pains in their right arms.
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Animation United States 1985
1 D 1 P

Episode 1x04 “The Pyramid of Darkness, Part 4: Chaos in the Sea of Lost Souls” (1985) Shipwreck and Snake Eyes find an ally in a pop singer named "Satin", who helps them escape Cobra's troopers in Enterprise City. Snake Eyes escapes disguised as a woman.
G.I. Joe: Renegades Animation United States 2010
1 T 2

Episode 14 “Knockoffs” Zartan uses camouflage suit--technology that can duplicate anyone's appearance. He adopt the appearance of two females, first the Baroness and later he does the same with Scarlet.
Gakuen Alice Animation Japan 2004 Group TAC 1 D 1

Episode 8: Ruka helped Mikan to scape and replaced her dressing in girl's clothes. Episode 19: Ruka is playing Snow White in the a play.
Gakuen Saimin Reido Animation Japan 2010
1 D 1

Mature OAV. Episode 3: Shouko used to be a male bully known as Akira Aihara who bullied and beaten up Satou Futoshi until later on Satou Futoshi hypnotized Akira into becoming a woman and his lover.
Galaxy Angel Animation Japan 2001 Madhouse 1 T 1

Season 2 Episode 11 “Revolving Sushi to the Hereafter”: One morning, the members of the Angel Brigade began switching bodies with each other (and Col. Volcott). Mint theorizes that it has something to do with the Lost Technology they were able to obtain from a previous mission. Now, they have a mission to do--stop a biker gang from causing trouble in a downtown area. The mission is a success thanks to Forte (in Milfeulle's body), but the next morning, one of the gang members break out of prison searching for Milfeulle. Can the Angels return to their real bodies? How will switching with each other affect their well-being?. Season 3 Episode 16 “Mustached Beef Rib Rice Bowl with Rich Sauce”: Forte and Walcott switch genders.
Galaxy Angel Rune (Galaxy Angel II) Animation Japan 2006 Satelight 1 D 1

Kuuhen Bahm is an officer and housewife of the Rune Angel-tai house. He is a man dressed as a woman who cares much for his appearance and that is why he always has too much makeup. He is also the owner of a bar in which he always tries to seduce some male customers.
Gankutsuou (The Count Of Montecristo) Animation Japan 2004 Gonzo 1 D 3 P

Character Peppo: Introduced in Episode 1. Is a young man (who looks like a woman) who meets and seduces Albert during the festival on Luna per Luigi Vampa's orders so that Albert can be kidnapped, but who also tries to defend him when he is about to be tortured and killed. The Count reveals to Albert she is a boy in Episode 2. After Albert returns to Paris, he finds that she has made her own way to Earth and become a maid in the Morcerf household. Episode 20 "Goodbye, Eugenie": Eugenie is all set to get married to Cavalcanti, but thanks to some devilish cunning and crossdressing from Albert and Beppo the day is saved.
Gargoyles Animation United States 1994
1 T

Episode 2x37 (50) “The New Olympians” After coming upon the hidden island of New Olympus, Elisa is arrested for being human and confined to a cell until the council decides on her fate. In the next cell over, she is introduced to the shapeshifting titan Proteus who takes her form after she falls asleep and tricks Goliath into believing that he's freeing his love instead. Episode 2x43 (56) “Future Tense” After winding up in a hellish future where a trusted member of his clan has turned everyone in NYC into Mutates, Goliath is asked by his love -Elisa - to use the temporal powers of the Phoenix Gate amulet to travel back to the present and prevent this future from ever coming to pass. Goliath is about to turn the Gate over to her when he suddenly becomes suspicious of Elisa's motives when she refuses to take the Gate unless he puts it directly in her hands. As Goliath suddenly wises up to the situation, everything around him suddenly vanishes and "Elisa" transforms into Puck the Trickster who finally admits that the whole "nightmare future" was just a fabricated ruse to get his hands on the Gate so that he might offer it to Lord Oberon in exchange for postponing The Gathering a bit longer. Episode 3x12 (77) “Seeing Isn't Believing” Once again, the shapeshifting Proteus is on the loose and this time he's finally escaped New Olympus and reached Manhattan where he attempts to drive a wedge of distrust between Goliath and Elisa by taking on their respective forms and betraying each of them in succession. Proteus takes on Elisa's form twice in this episode. The first time he does so to lure Goliath into a trap alone. Near the end he poses as Elisa for a bit longer when the real Elisa comes to rescue him creating confusion as to which Elisa is genuine.
Gatchaman Crowds Animation Japan 2013 Tatsunoko Production 1 D 2 P

Rui disguises himselfas a woman when in public, first time in episode 2. Second Season “Gatchaman Crowds insight” Rui return in episode 3 and disguises as a woman to be in public, he continues with this disguise the rest of the series.
Gate Keepers Animation Japan 2000 Gonzo 1 D 2 P

Episode 6 "Infiltrate The Girls' Dormitory of Terror!": There are strange happenings going on in Kaoru and Reiko´s dormitory. Shun crossdresses to help solving the mystery.
Gate Keepers 21 Animation Japan 2002 Gonzo 1 T 1

Episode 4: Woman intimating with a man is revealed to be an invader, very brief.
Gawayn Animation Italy 2008
1 D 2

Episode 9 “Princess Rodericka” When Roderick accidentally dismisses the role of a princess and sorceress, Elspeth casts a spell that puts him in women's clothing to teach him a lesson.
Gen'ei O Kakeru Taiyou Animation Japan 2013 AIC 1 B 2 P

-1311 Subtitled “Il Sole Penetra le Illusioni”. Episode 1: Hanayume is a transvestite who works at Akari's fortune teller shop. Episode 5: Woman is revealed to be a male shapeshifter in disguise, Cerebrum. Episode 8: Cerebrum adopts the form of a girl. Episode 9: Cerebrum adopts the form of Akari. Episode 10-11: Cerebrum adopt the form of a litte girl.
Generator Rex Animation United States 2010 Cartoon Network Studios 1 T 2 P

Episode 3x14 “Mind Games” (2013) Rex saves Circe from Providence, but she is acting very strange. Rex and the others soon discover that the Circe they saved is actually a shape-shifting E.V.O. named John Scarecrow who has infiltrated the Plant on Black Knight's orders to try and get information on the Meta-Nanite.
Genshiken Animation Japan 2007 Genco 1 D 3 P

Anime “Genshiken 2” Episode 3: The day of Genshiken's participation in Comifes has arrived, and they are finally set to take their place as a vendor. But despite Haraguchi's "blessing," sales are initially slow. Ohno's arrival in cosplay disguise seems to change their luck for the better, but things really get underway with a surprise appearance. Kousaka crosplaying as a female character. Anime “Genshiken Nidaime” Episode 1: With the graduation of most of the old members, several new members are introduced. One of them is Hato Kenjirou, a crossdressing yaoi fan who is the very picture of a shy, demure, fashionable girl, even though she is a he.
Gensomaden Saiyuki Animation Japan 2000 Studio Pierrot 1 D

Episode 23 "Scapegoat ": Hakkai disguise himself as Houfa, a woman who is going to be the annual sacrifice to the demons in the castle, as part of a plan to kill the demon.
George Of The Jungle Animation United States 1967 Jay Ward Productions 1 D 1

Each episode featured three segments in the form of three unrelated cartoons: George of the Jungle, Tom Slick, and Super Chicken. Episode 1x17 Tom Slick segment “Swamp Buggy Race” Trying to take advantage of Tom Slick's manners as a gentleman, Baron Otto Matic disguises himself as a woman.
Geronimo Stilton Animation Italy 2009
1 T 1

-1803 Episode 3x06 (58) “Qui est qui ?” (2016) Bodyswap between Geronimo and a woman.
Get Ace Animation Australia 2014
1 D 1

Episode 19 “Be My Freaky Valentine” (2014) n an attempt to make Tina jealous, Ace gets Hugo to create a holographic girlfriend to bring to the valentines day dance. His plan backfires when the lovesick hologram becomes more than a little possessive. Discovered at the end that Ned Krinkle has disguised himself as the girlfriend.
Get Backers Animation Japan 2002 Studio Deen 1 D 2 P

Episode 19: The first time Juubei meets Kazuki, Kazuki was playing koto dressed in a female kimono. Episode 39: Fuchion Kazuki, while searching for Ginji's room, received requests for assistance from the hosptial's patients who thought he was a nurse. Kazuki's good hearted nature had him tending to them until the head nurse caught him...and assumed he was a trainee not in uniform. The next time he's seen in the episode, he's now in a nurse's outfit, having difficulty with heels.
Get Ride! Amdriver Animation Japan 2004 Studio Deen 1 D 3 P

Episode 17: Taft Krema disguises himself as a woman. Episode 44: Taft Krema disguises again as a woman.
Giant Gorg Animation Japan 1984 Sunrise 1 D

Episode 1: There is a Halloween parade and at least there are two males in female disguises. Very brief
Giant Robo Gaiden Ginrei (Giant Robo: Ginrei Special) Animation Japan 1994
1 D 2 P

OAV. Episode 1: Master of disguise Kenji Murisame disguises himself as Ginrei in an effort to break up a plot to hurt Ginrei. Episode 2: Daisuke dress up in a chinese dress that is the key to drive a robot, other men also dress up in chinese dresses to fight againt the robot.
Gilgamesh Animation Japan 2003 Group TAC 1 D 1

Find out in Episode 25 that Reiko is really a boy (origin in Episode 23).
Ginga Senpuu Buraiga (Galaxy Cyclone Braiger) Animation Japan 1981 Kokusai Eiga-sha 1 D 1 P

Episode 31: One female and two male rangers disguised as female dancers to trap and kill the villains.
Ginga Tetsudou 999 (Galaxy Express 999) Animation Japan 1978 Toei Animation 1 T 2

Episode 14 "Lala of the Dual Planets": The 999 arrives at the Dual Planets, a world full of machine people. When a large group of machine people at a restaurant treat Tetsuro and Maetel rudely, Tetsuro goes on a rampage and kills them all. He and Maetel then meet Lalah, a machine woman who steals Tetsuro's body, switching it with her own. When Maetel tells her to switch the bodies back, she instead brings them to a doctor who tries to steal Maetel's body. Luckily Maetel is able to force them to switch Tetsuro's body back, then she blows up both planets as they depart.
Ginga Tetsudou Monogatari (The Galaxy Railways) Animation Japan 2003 Planet 1 D 1 P

Episode 19 “Time of Tranquility”: Yuuki end in a dress as part of a short play in a holiday inn.
Gintama Animation Japan 2006 Sunrise 1 B 3 P

Episode 24 (1x24) “A cute face is definitely hiding something” Sakata Gintoki and Katsura Kotaro are forced into crossdressing and work in a bordello where all the hostesses are transvestite men. Episode 83 (2x34) “Rank has nothing to do with luck” To cover for girls that have influenza virus, the boys are forced to act as hostess in the bordello. Episode 93 (2x44) “Even a hero has issues” Gintoki disguised as a schoolgirl with a sailorfuku to trick Cherryman. Episode 97 (2x48) “When talking about your exploits exaggerate by a third so everyone has fun” Boys have to work for the bordello cleanig to pay a debt, also they help Catherine with a problem. Episode 111 (3x12) “Definitely Do Not Let Your Girlfriend See the Things You Use for Crossdressing” Yorozuya's asked by a crossdresser hostess to help with the courting of a host, so they crossdress to enter the club. Episode 141 (3x42) “Butting Into A Fight Is Dangerous” Sakata Gintoki and Katsura Kotaro are forced into crossdressing and work in a bordello where all the hostesses are transvestite men. Episode 183 (4x33) Popularity Polls Can Burn in Hell” Male dressed in women's clothes for a parody. Episode 202 (5x01) “Everyone Looks a Little Grown up after Spring Break” Katsura Kotaro as Zurako. Episode 211 (5x10) “Ghosts Aren't The Only Ones Who Go Crazy In Graveyards” Transvestites show up as part of the fight for the control of Kabuki district. Episode 213 (5x12) “Iron Town” Tama, Tatsumi, Tetsuko, Kozen, Madao, Kyoshiro. Everybody is out in full force to fight for the Kabuki District. Male escorts vs. Transvestites, Cabaret girls vs. Yakuza, robots blowing things up. It’s an all-out war!. Episode 242 (5x41) “Girls love Vegeta, and guys like Piccolo” Transvestites show up as a party for women. Episode 255 (6x03) “Kin-san's Kintama” Male disguised as a female flight attendant. Episode 275-277 (7x10-12): Kyuubee, strugging over wether to live life as a man or as a woman, came across a suspicious fortune teller on a street corner and was turned into a man by her. And it wasn't just Kyuubee that changed, every citizen of Kabuki-chou seemed to have switched gerders. Episode 289 (7x24): Conclusion of the Soul Switch Arc. Kagura (female) is possessed by Katsura (male).
Girls Bravo Animation Japan 2004 AIC 1 B 3 P

Episode 12 (Season 2 Episode 1) "Bravo in the Swimming Pool!": In an attempt to get close to Miharu, Fukuyama buys the school swimming pool, remodels it into a resort, and sends every boy but himself and (accidentally) Yukinari, tumbling out through a hole in the floor. And with the inadvertent help of Lisa's magic, he switches bodies with Yukinari to get close to Miharu, but the magic is out of control and after a lof of bodywaps finally Fukuyama end in the body of Miharu, that end in Yukinari body. Yukinari end in the body of Kirie, that end in Fukuyama body. Episode 17 (Season 2 Episode 6) “Bravo at the Part-time Job!”: Miharu, Kirie, and Koyomi acquire a part time job at a video game convention in order to fix the bathtub (after being broken by one of Miharu's sneezing fits). When the fourth part-timer fails to arrive, Yukinari is drafted into dressing up like a girl and playing eye-candy for a day.
GJ-bu Animation Japan 2013 Dogakobo 1 D 2

Episode 9: Girls end doing a make-over to a boy and dressing him as a girl.
God, The Devil And Bob Animation United States 2000
1 T

Episode 10 “There's Too Much Sex on TV” The Devil's servant Smeck briefly takes the form of Ali Landry in order to convince Bob not to pursue his goal of getting rid of sex on television.
Gokudo-kun Manyuki Animation Japan 1999 Trans Arts 1 T 3 P

Episodes 1-2: Djinn, a female genie, transform Gokudo into a woman after they have an argument about women. Episodes 14-22: Gokudo bodyswaps with a woman, Rubette, and stay in that form for various episodes.
Golden Kamui (Golden Kamuy) Animation Japan 2018 Geno Studio 1 D 2

-1806 Kano Ienaga, the gentle and pretty owner of the Sapporo World Hotel, who is actually a former Abashiri convict and transwoman. Ienaga is a former doctor who believes that consuming a particular body part can heal or enhance the corresponding area of a body, so she began the habit of murdering her clients to feed on their flesh to appear beautiful and youthful. Episode 11 “Everybody, Get Together! It's a Murder Hotel!” Shiyama Tatsuma checks into the Sapporo World Hotel run by the very attractive widow Ienaga Kano and makes advances towards her, but then Sugimoto's group arrives. The hotel is filled with booby traps and secret passageways, and Ienaga drops Shiraishi through the floor to avoid him meeting Ushiyama. Shiraishi finds himself in a basement torture chamber and Ienaga drugs him unconscious. Later, Ushiyama is also dropped into the basement. Shiraishi tries to tell him that the proprietor is a former prisoner dressed as a woman, however lust and too much beer clouds Ushiyama's mind. Meanwhile Sugimoto finds Ienaga drooling over the beauty of the drugged Asirpa and attacks her. Ienaga escapes only to be cornered by Ushiyama who has recovered his senses. She runs through the hotel, pursued by the men for their separate reasons. A series of events during the chase triggers a massive explosion, destroying the hotel, and burying Ushiyama and Ienaga in the rubble. Sugimoto's group continue on their way to Abashiri Prison without the tattoo of Ienaga. Later, Ushiyama emerges with the body of Ienaga.
Golden Time Animation Japan 2013 J.C.Staff 1 D 2

-1401 Episode 11: Banri dressed as a maid for a job in a masquerade party.
Gravion Animation Japan 2002 Gonzo 1 D 2 P

-1401 Episode 1: Eiji, in woman disguise, enters Sandman's base in search for his missing sister. Episode 6: Eiji and Toga disguise themselves as maids to mix with maid shopping team and go out of the castle where they are confined to live a little adventure. Anime “Gravion Zwei” Episode 1: After the lost of a bet in a game Eiji and Toga must pass a day as maids.
Gravitation Animation Japan 2000 Studio Deen 1 D 2 P

Episode 7: Shu crossdressing two times, first in a school uniform and later in street clothes.
Gravity Falls Animation United States 2012
1 T 2 P

Episode 1x16 “Carpet Diem” With Mabel having Candy and Grenda come for a sleepover every day, Dipper feels uncomfortable about sharing a room with her. When Soos discovers a secret room in the shack, Dipper and Mabel fight over it, but then their bodies are swapped when they make contact with the carpet on the floor of the room. Meanwhile, Soos and Waddles switch bodies as well and Old Man McGucket tries to eat Soos. Episode 2x10 “Northwest Mansion Noir” In the end credits we see a couple, two of the original guests that Preston let in earlier, walk into a coat closet to share an intimate moment. They take off their disguises, revealing that they are inf act Agent Trigger and Agent Powers, two FBI agents who had come to Gravity Falls to investigate the anomalies that had been detected there.
Green Green Animation Japan 2003 Studio Matrix 1 D 2 P

Episode 7: Yuusuke, unconscious, is put in women clothes by his friends. His friends end crossdressing also.
Grimms Notes The Animation Animation Japan 2019 Brain's Base 1 T 1

-1903 Ex is a boy that can change into Alice in Wonderland.
Gugure! Kokkuri-san Animation Japan 2014 TMS Entertainment 1 T 2

Episode 7 “Cat God Tama's Love at First Sight!” Kokkuri finds a cursed box in the family storehouse that turns him into a woman. Episode 8 “Kokkuri-san's Steamy Secret Hot Spring Tour!” Still stuck as a woman, Kokkuri reluctantly joins Shigaraki and the others to a hot springs town in the hope of finding a legendary hot spring that can undo the curse.
H2O: Footprints in the Sand Animation Japan 2008 Zexcs 1 D

Anime. Hamaji Yakumo is one of Takuma's classmates. Despite his feminine appearance and voice, he is in fact an androgynous okama boy who crossdresses like a girl. He has an optimistic personality, and likes to play innocent when he plays bad jokes on others. He seems to favor Takuma. First appareance Episode 4.
Haikara-san Ga Touru (Haikara-san Passes By) Animation Japan 1978 Nippon Animation 1 D

Secondary Character Ranmaru Fujieda: A young man who was raised to play female roles in the kabuki theater and as a result has acquired very effeminate mannerisms.
Hairy Scary Animation France 2008
1 D

Episode 38 “Some like it hotter” Willow and Daffodil dress up as girls in order to infiltrate Constance's “girls-only-party”.
Haitoku No Shoujo - Family Of Debauchery Animation Japan 2001
1 D 1

Mature. OAV. The girls of the Saegusa family are always on the lookout for a new pet to train, and they have plenty of time as their father is usually gone. At the same time they are hiding their own dark family secret: Yuki is in reality a boy.
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Animation Japan 2012 Xebec 1 T

Episode 9-10: Mahiro and Nyaruko accidentally switched bodies by a representative of Dreamland.
Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Animation Japan 2018 Satelight 1 D 2

-1803 One of the hitmen is a crossdresser that disguises himself as a woman to get his targets.
Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun Animation Japan 2013 Studio Deen 1 D 2

Episode 2 “Demonic Human” Shino Inuzuka was raised as a girl when he was young. Season 2 Episode1 “Episode 14: Doll” Shino disguised as a girl to be a model for a picture.
Hakuouki Animation Japan 2010 Studio Deen 1 D 2

-1612 First anime series “Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan” Episode 6: Nagumo Kaoru is first seen as a lovely dressed young woman who was saved by Okita from punks. Okita also notices that she resembles Chizuru, though Kaoru is more prettier, he is actually Chizuru's twin brother who was separated from her during childhood. He's made to dress as a woman but is a boy. Episode 10: Souji, severely weakened by his tuberculosis, is approached by Kaoru, who reveals his true identity and offers him a vial of the "medicine" that would heal him and make him a Rasetsu. Third anime series “Hakuouki Sekkaroku” OAV Episode 6: Kaoru is seen dressed as a young woman.
Hakushaku To Yousei (Earl And Fairy) Animation Japan 2008 Artland 1 D 2 P

Episode 8 “Namida no Himitsu o Oshiete”: The Butler, Raven, must escort Lydia to the night ball, dressing up as another woman, his job that night being protect Lydia from advancing men.
Hakyuu Houshin Engi Animation Japan 2018 C-Station 1 T 1

-1803 Episode 3: Taikobou and his companions encounter a woman who claims to be the demon Dakki. After a brief fight, Taikobou realizes "Dakki" is really the shape-shifting "Genius Doushi" Youzen.
Hamtaro (Tottoko Hamutarou) Animation Japan 2000 TMS 1 D

Episode 35 "Yahoo! It's Girl's Day": Oxnard dresses up as a female doll.
Hanappe Bazooka Animation Japan 1992 Nippon Crown 1 D 2 P

OAV. Lecherous high school boy Hanappe is visited by two demons who grant Hanappe the power of the Hanappe Bazooka. Now his index finger is capable of both a deadly blast and the ability to drive women in a lustful frenzy, but Hanappe isn't very good at controlling it and winds up in serious troubles, as when he meets with a woman and try to use his new ability only to find that the woman is in fact a transvestite.
Hanasaka Tenshi Tenten-kun Animation Japan 1998 Nippon Animation 1 D 2

-1803 Episode 23: Thief, that is a master of disguise, disguised as a woman to trick Tenten.
Hanasaku Iroha Animation Japan 2001 P.A. Works 1 D 1

Episode 19 “Sloppy Omelet Rice” Crossdressing in a dream, brief. Episode 22 “A Determined One-sided Crush” Very brief crossdressing.
Hanaukyo Maid Team Animation Japan 2001 m.o.e. 1 D 2 P

Episode 15: Having decided that Taro really doesn't appreciate just how difficult the job of a maid is, Ikuyo decides it's time he found out, and dresses him as a maid for the day. Making sure the maids don't figure out who he is isn't easy, though, especially as one of the security maids is really suspicious... Anime “Hanaukyo Maid Team - La Verite” Episode 5: Ikuyo-chan forces Tarou into a Mahoro-cosplay to boost sales of her doujinshi.
Haou Taikei Ryu Knight (Lord Of Lords Ryu Knight) Animation Japan 1994 Sunrise 1 D 2 P

Episode 9: To spy on Amazons, Adeu is forced to disguise as one of them.
Happily Ever After Animation United States 1995
1 D 2 P

-1412 Episode 3x12 “Robinita Hood” (2000) Mario, Robinita's love interest, disguises as a woman to be near her.
Happiness! Animation Japan 2006 Artland 1 B 2

Jun Watarase is one of of Yuma's close friends. Despite his feminine appearance, he is in fact an androgynous okama boy who crossdresses like a girl. He says he does this because the female school uniform suits him better and does make him popular among male students. Also, he has the desire to date Yuma himself, but Yuma being entirely heterosexual strongly refuses. OAV 1 "The Brilliant Day of Jun Watarase" Via a mixing of several different magic spells, Jun Watarase is turned into an actual girl and starts to experience an unusual spike in popularity from the guys at school.
HappinessCharge PreCure! Animation Japan 2014 Toei Animation 1 T 1

Episode 30: Megumi and Blue are confronted by Phantom, who uses Megumi's shadow to turn himself into a dark double of Cure Lovely named Unlovely. Armed with knowledge of Megumi's desire to help her mother, Unlovely uses psychological attacks on Megumi, leaving her vulnerable to her attacks. With Unlovely's power proving to outmatch the other Cures, Megumi is left doubting herself, but Hime and the others help to encourage her to stand up again, giving her the strength to fight against Unlovely, turning her back into Phantom.
Hare Tokidoki Buta (Tokyo Pig) Animation Japan 1997 Group TAC SPE / Visual Works 1 T 1 P

Episode 30 “The Skeletal President Sleeping Soundly” Pink-haired woman is discovered to be a male skeleton in disguise. Episode 54 “Insufficient Calcium for the Bones” Return of the male skeleton disguised as a pink-haired woman
Harukanaru Toki No Naka De - Hachiyou Shou Animation Japan 2000 Yumeta Company 1 D 1

Episode 18: The main group is trying to help a young couple, and comes up with a plan that involves impersonating them. When the option of Akane playing the role of the girl gets rejected for being dangerous, Eisen suggests that one of the Hachiyou could dress as a woman... and everyone immediately agrees that he is perfect for this task. The man they were trying to fool even offers "her" to become his wife upon discovering that "she" is not the princess he was searching for, but a different girl...
Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law Animation United States 2000
1 T 1 P

Episode 1x01 “Bannon Custody Battle” At the end the female stenographer is revealed to be Dr. Zin. Episode 2x10 “Droopy Botox” By the end of the episode just about everyone has had radical plastic surgery. Lots of changes, including birdman's male boss, who ends up as a blonde woman in a red dress.
Hatsukoi Monster Animation Japan 2016 Studio Deen 1 D

-1709 Episode 6: The guys crossdressing to better understand women.
Haunted Junction Animation Japan 1997 Studio Deen 1 D

Episode 3: There is some crossdressing. Episode 10: One of the characters, the little ghost boy, must crossdress to lure out an evil spirit.
Hayate No Gotoku (Hayate The Combat Butler) Animation Japan 2007 SynergySP / J.C.Staff 1 D 3 P

Episode 8: Hayate is dressed in a girl school uniform and in a catgirl costume. Episode 12: Hayate is imagined in a wedding dress. Episodes 21: Hayate end crossdressing briefly. Episode 26: Hayate end crossdressing briefly. Episode 36: Maria dressed Hayate up as Beldandy from "Ah! My Goddess”.. Episode 39: Hayate end crossdressing briefly. Episode 44: Hayate end crossdressing briefly. Episode 51: Hayate end crossdressing briefly. Season 2 Episodes 11-12: Hayate is under a crossdressing curse, and he have to win a fight to avoid wearing female clothes for the rest of his life. Season 2 Episode 20: Hayate in maid uniform briefly. Season 2 Episode 25: Hayate in maid uniform to help in a maid cafe. Anime “Hayate No Gotoku: Cuties” Episode 7: Hayate is convinced to dress up as a maid chorus girl.
Hellsing: Ultimate Animation Japan 2012 Graphinica 1 T 1

OAV. Episode 8-10 includes segment “Hellsing: The Dawn”: In Episode 9 “Hellsing: The Dawn part 1” Alucard fully reveals himself in the form of the girl he assumed during the war. He also appears in Episode 10 “Hellsing: The Dawn part 3”.
Hentai Ouji To Warawanai Neko Animation Japan 2013 J.C.Staff 1 D 1

Episode 11: A drunk Tsukasa dresses the younger Youto with girl clothes
Hercules Animation United States 1998 Walt Disney 1 T

Episode 1x13 “Hercules and the Living Legend” Pain and Panic turned into scantily-clad groupies asking Achilles for his autograph. Episode 1x38 “Hercules and the Big Sink” Pain and Panic morphed into two women giving Cassandra "makeup advice" before kidnapping her. Episode 1x50 “Hercules and the Big Lie” Panic briefly becomes a "fashion model" - modeling a nasty disease for Hades.
Heroman Animation Japan 2010 Bones 1 D 2 P

Episode 20: Joey and Psy disguised as women to enter unnoticed into an hospital to visit a patient.
Hey Arnold! Animation United States 2001
1 D 2

Episode 5x15 (100) “Grandpa's Packard” Willie, the Jolly Olly ice cream man, disguises himself as a woman and rob Grandpa's packard.
Hi No Tori (Phoenix) Animation Japan 1987 Tezuka Productions 1 D 3 P

OAV. Episode 1 “Yamato”: This story takes place in 320-350 AD (Kofun period), and is based on the Yamato-takeru-no-mikoto legend. The decadent king of Yamato is trying to have his own version of Japan's history written. Meanwhile, a "barbarian" tribe, the Kumaso, is writing an unbiased history. The king of Yamato sends his youngest son, Oguna, to murder the barbarian chief, Takeru. Oguna will dress up as a woman to infiltrate and kill Takeru.
High School DxD Animation Japan 2012 TNK 1 D 1

-1311 Episode 6 “My Job as a Devil” One crossdressing male ask for being transformed into a magical girl. Anime “High School DxD New” Episode 9 “I Have a Junior!” Rias and her servants standing in front of the sealed room in the old school building. As the door is unsealed, a scream is heard while Akeno removes the coffin revealing a boy wearing a female school uniform whom Rias introduces as Gasper Vladi. Episode 10 “A Three Way Stand-Off Variety!” Gasper Vladi is a boy wearing a female school uniform.
High School! Kimengumi Animation Japan 1995 Gallop 1 D 1 P

Episode 11: Two school boys disguised as school girls. Episode 15: Very brief crossdressing. Episode 16: In a soccer match, the gang distract the goalkeeper of the other team with a strange fantasy with the guys disguised, two of them as girls.
Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kai Animation Japan 2007 Studio Deen 1 D 2

Episode 2: Keiichi end crossdressing as part of punishment games. Episode 19: Keiichi end crossdressing as part of punishment games. OAV “Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kira” Episode 1: Keiichi end crossdressing as part of punishment games.
Himawari Animation Japan 2006 Genco 1 D 1

There are two rival schools, an all-girls ninja academy and an all-boys ninja academy. One of the female ninjas, Azami, turns out to be a boy in disguise from the all-boys ninja academy sent to spy on thegirls school. This was revealed in Episode 3 where, the boys and girls had to participate in the competition and Azami plays double agent by passing on information to the boys while pretending to recon for the girls.
Himegal Paradise (Hime Gal Paradise) Animation Japan 2014
1 D 2

Modest school girl Tachikagawa Himeko's Road to Becoming a Gal and her not-so friendshipping with Gal Mikami Tochiotome-sama...who happens to be a guy?!
Himitsu No Akko-chan Animation Japan 1988 Toei Animation 1 D

Episode 22 (?) Male disguised as a woman.
Himitsu The Revelation Animation Japan 2008 Madhouse 1 D 1

Episode 7 “Hidden Face”: Maki disguised as a girl to be the bait for a killer.
Histeria! Animation United States 1998
1 T

Episode 5 “The Wild West” In the show's opening sketch, network censor Lydia Karaoke shoves Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid into a machine that zaps him into a tall blonde cowgirl. Karaoke tells Billy that his "kids show" would get better ratings if it were targeted toward 12-year-old girls.
History' Strongest Disciple Kenichi (Shijou Saikyou No Deshi Kenichi) Animation Japan 2006 Matsuena Syun 1 D 1

Episode 28: The school girl that Keniichi recieves a love letter from turns out to be Haruo Niijima, Keniichi's friend, in disguise. Niijima uses the same ploy to lure Takeda and Ukito to a restaurant where they were supposed to meet Ragnarok boss, Loki the Fourth Fist.
Hokuto No Ken (Fist Of The North Star) Animation Japan 1984 Toei Animation 1 D 1

Episode 23 “Chapter Two: Stormy Times, Titanic Battles - Is Battle All That Awaits Me?!” Rei, disguised as a woman, is killing numerous bandits while seeking the Man with Seven Scars. Episode 92 “Juza of the Clouds Resurrects! I Have No Fear for Raoh!” Kenshiro and his friends attempt to find a way to cross a bridge that is under the surveillance of one of Ken-oh's men. Bat is disguised as a girl.
Home Movies Animation United States 1999
1 D 1

Episode 3x13 “Coffins And Cradles” Coach McGuirk, dressed as a woman for Halloween.
Hong Kong Phooey Animation United States 1974 Hanna-Barbera 1 D 2 P

Episode 15 “Dr. Disguiso” Dr. Disguiso - the notorious quick-change artist and master of disguise - is breaking into safes all over the city. He breaks into the Sgt. Flint's safe disguised as the leggy lady of dispatch - "the lovely lady with the classy chassis" - Rosemary - and uses this disguise to enter the Mayor's house with Hong Kong Phooey standing guard at the front door.
Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi Animation Japan 2011 Dogakobo 1 D 2

Episode 5: Ayumu crossdressing as a cheerleader in a school competition.
Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son) Animation Japan 2011 AIC 1 D 4 P

Shuichi Nitori is a young, effeminate boy in the fifth grade who transfers into a new school where he quickly becomes friends with a tall, boyish girl in his class named Yoshino Takatsuki. Yoshino soon learns of Shuichi's desire to be a girl and tells him that she wants to be a boy. Shuichi also becomes friends with two other girls in his class: Saori Chiba and Kanako Sasa. Saori instantly takes a liking to Shuichi and continuously encourages him to crossdress. After Shuichi and his friends enter sixth grade, Yoshino cuts her hair to a short, boyish style. Shuichi meets a boy his age from another class named Makoto Ariga who also secretly wants to be a girl. Shuichi and Yoshino meet an adult transsexual woman named Yuki living with a man named Shiina. Shuichi and Yoshino become friends with Yuki and Shiina and continue meeting with them.
Houshin Engi (Soul Hunter) Animation Japan 1999 Studio Deen 1 T 1

Episode 8, “Taikobou is Tested by Youzen": At the very end of Episode 7, Taikobou and his companions encounter a woman who claims to be the demon Dakki. After a brief fight at the beginning of Episode 8, Taikobou realizes "Dakki" is really the shape-shifting "Genius Doushi" Youzen.
Huckleberry Finn Monogatari Animation Japan 1994 Aubeck 1 D 1

Episode 11: Huck disguises as a girl to get information in a near village.
Huckleberry No Bouken Animation Japan 1976 Group Tac 1 D 3 P

Episode 6 “A Sure Handshake”: Huck disguises as a girl to get information in a near village.
Hugtto! PreCure Animation Japan 2018 Toei Animation 1 D 1 P

-1812 It is the fifteenth incarnation in Pretty Cure franchise. Henri is shown to have a preference for wearing feminine dresses, despite being mocked by others for this choice. Episode 8: Henri in a dress. Episode 19: Henri in a dress. Episode 33: Henri in a dress. Episode 42: Heri transform into magical girl Cure Infini.
Hunter X Hunter Animation Japan 1999 Nippon Animation 1 D 1

OAV 1 “Genei Ryodan” Episodes 5 and 6: Kurapika dons a female wig as a disguise and pretends to be hotel receptionist to kidnap Gneiryodan.
Hurricane Polymar Animation Japan 1974 Tatsunoko Productions 1 D 2 P

-1401 Episode 3: Takeshi disguised as a woman to sneak into a corporate conference room and intall a bug to hear them.
Hurricanes Animation Great Britain 1993
1 D 1

-1803 Episode 2x07 “There's Only One Jock Stone” (1994) Footballer disguised as the mother of his team owner to investigate.
Hyouge Mono Animation Japan 2011 Bee Train 1 D 1

Episode 10: Oda’s brother and son take refuge in Nijo Castle, but once Akechi allows the Imperial party to evacuate, there’s no escape for them. The son chooses ritual suicide, but brother chooses to live, dressing as a woman and luring the guardsmen out of his path with claims of treasures hidden in the palace.
I My Me! Strawberry Eggs Animation Japan 2001 TNK 1 D 4 P

Amawa Hibiki is a young man just out of college, with an education to be an athletics teacher. He's been having a hard time finding a job since he graduated, so all his money has gone towards living expenses. When his landlady demands his first payment to live in her living establishment upfront, he heads to the local middle school to get hired as a teacher. However, the principal refuses to hire him without hesitation. She will not hire men as teachers and makes it clear that she hates all men, saying they put no love into their passions and work. Amawa does not give up and with the help of his landlady, he crossdresses as a woman without a second thought, and gets hired, so he can earn money and also prove the principal wrong. Now, he has to keep his real gender a secret, and avoid strange situations, including the affections of his students (from both genders).
Idaten Jump Animation Japan 2005 Aniplex 1 D 2

Episode 7 “Challenge:” Three men disguised as women. Episode 15 “Who's Who”: Sho and Kakeru dress up as princess to to get inside the prince's castle.
Idol Project Animation Japan 1995 Studio OX 1 T 1

OAV. Episode 3 “Shocking Report” Alien transforms into Yuri, a famous idol. Episode 4 “Final Concert” All the people, males and females, in a planet have been transformed into copies of Yuri.
Iketeru Futari Animation Japan 1999 J.C.Staff 1 D 2

Secondary character Sakurai is a crossdresser. Appareance: Episodes 10, 12, 15, 16.
Ikkitousen (Battle Vixens) Animation Japan 2003 ARMS 1 T

Episodes 12 and 13: The heroine Hakafu is possessed by Toutaku's dead spirit in order that he can lure his arch enemy Saji into a battle and kill him.
Imouto Sae Ireba Ii Animation Japan 2017 Silver Link 1 D

-1803 Episode 7: Itsuki playing female character in a RPG game.
Infinite Ryvius (Mugen No Rivaiasu) Animation Japan 1999 Sunrise 1 T

Criff Kei: The seductress of Team Blue, 15-year-old Criff is good looking and knows it. The older, taller, and red-haired Kei girl, she came with her sister Michelle to Liebe Delta for nursing training. Criff is also a transsexual who transitioned a good time before the series started.
Inmu Animation Japan 2000 Pink Pineapple 1 T 1

Mature. OAV Vol 2 Episode 2A Third Night “The Shadow Card” Male end being transformed into a female.
Inspecteur Gadget Animation France 1983
1 D 2 P

Finot (Brain in english) is Penny's dog. He assists her in keeping Gadget out of danger and solving the crime. He is a master of disguise and dresses up in order to watch over Gadget and save him from attempts on his life. Episode 1x04 “L'amazone”: Gontier dressed as a air hostess to give instrucction to Gadget. Episode 1x10 “Gadget superstar”: Finot disguised as a nurse. Episode 1x15 “Gadget a Hawaii”: Finot disguised as a hawaiian dancer. Episode 1x17 “Le Congres d'Interpol”: Finot disguised as a schoolgirl. Episode 1x29 “La Filiere japonaise”: Finot disguised as a geisha. Episode 1x30 “Les Mille et une nuits”: Finot disguised as a arabian dancer. Episode 1x32 “Gadget en Hollande”: Finotdisguised as a duch woman. Episode 1x37 “2000 lieues sous les mers”: M.A.D. Hechman disguised as a mermaid. Episode 1x41 “L'Academie M.A.D.”: M.A.D. Hechman disguised as a woman. Episode 1x47 “Sous les pis de vaches”: M.A.D. Hechman disguised as an old woman. Episode 1x58 “Sur la Seine”: Finot disguised as a Lady.
Inu X Boku SS Animation Japan 2012 David Production 1 T 2 P

Episode 13 (OAV) “Miketsukami-kun's Transformation” Noticing Ririchiyo's nervousness, Miketsukami tries to ease her by transformations into a young boy and then into a woman.
Inuyasha Animation Japan 2000 Sunrise 1 B 1

Secondary character Jakotsu, does crossdressing, first appearance Episode 103. Also Shippo turns into Kagome after drinking a potion in one episode of the first season.
Iron Man Animation United States 1994
1 D 1 P

Episode 1x13 “The Wedding of Iron Man” (1994) Tony faking a marriage to Spider-Woman while secretly watching the proceedings disguised as a woman.
Ishida To Asakura Animation Japan 2013 Dax Production / Hotline 1 D 1

Episode 3: Kihoshita is a male dressing as a woman. Episode 8-9: Ishida get a job as a maid in a maid cafe.
Itazura Na Kiss Animation Japan 2008 TMS 1 D

Mama is Naoki's and Yuki's mother. She is very happy when Kotoko stays with them as she has always wanted a daughter. That want was so strong that she dressed Naoki as a girl when he was young...with disastrous results.
Itsuka Tenma No Kuro Usagi Animation Japan 2011 Zexcs 1 T 2 P

Episode 4: Saitohimea is possessed by Bahlskra. Episode 13 (OAV): Mirai run into Taito and when both get up they discover that they have swapped bodies. Later Mirai run into Gekkou to swap bodies with him.
Ixion Saga DT Animation Japan 2012 Brain's Base 1 D 2 P

Mariandale is a transvestite maid who wields pistols akimbo and protects the princess. Episode 14: There is a fantasy tale with Kon Hokaze in the role of a princess. Episode 18: A group o men dressing in ballet dresses
Jackie Chan Adventures Animation United States 2000
1 T

Episode 3x08 (60) “Sheep In, Sheep Out” (2002) Twelve magic powers have been unleashed into the world, and the heroes of the series, Jackie, his niece Jade, and his spell wielding uncle, must race to claim them before a dark chi wizard does. The power they are racing for in this episode is the power of astral projection. Unfortunately, the dark chi wizard claims it first, and quickly uses it to evict the astral forms of Jackie and Jade from their bodies, and then casts a spell to keep them from returning to their bodies. When Jackie's uncle learns of this he attempts to counter the spell and reunite the astral forms with their bodies. He's mostly successful, as Jackie ends up in Jade's body, and Jade ends up in Jackie's body. Episode 5x06 (88) “Mirror, Mirror” Four evil mirror spirits possess Jackie, Jade, Uncle and Tohru. They cause Jackie's head to inflate, Tohru to turn into his mother and Jade to turn into a donkey.
James Bond Jr. Animation United States 1991
1 T 1

-1401 Episode 1x03 “The Chameleon” The Chameleon takes the form of a female.
Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori (Hell Girl) Animation Japan 2005 Studio Deen 1 D 2 P

Episode 9 "Older brother, younger Sister": Miki, the brother is crossdressing as a beautiful woman to seduce the men that are close to his sister.
Jimmy Two Shoes Animation Canada 2009
1 D

Episode 2x03 (29) “Air Force None” After Heloise builds a marvelous plane for Lucius, Jimmy sneaks on board with a dream to fly it. both Jimmy and Lucius end crossdressing while being flight attendents.
Jinki: Extend Animation Japan 2005 Feel 1 D

In 13-year-old Aoba Tsuzaki's world, everything seems normal. An over-the-top modeling fanatic, she spends her days locked in her room, happily building plastic robots. But rumbling beneath the surface, an evil enemy of mankind (the Ancient Jinki) threatens to destroy the Earth. And when a crossdressing kidnapper brings Aoba face-to-face with a real fighting machine, her robot dreams give way to frightening nightmares. She is unwittingly recruited into Angel, an elite fighting force who not only pits its giant robots against the Ancient Jinki, but against an unseen evil that is working behind the scenes. Jinki:Extend is a world of explosive action, arresting intrigue, and battle-trained babes who are bent on revenge! Nothing is what it seems, and no one can be trusted. But one thing is for sure "you're in for a seriously wild ride!"
Jinzou Konchuu Kabuto Borg VxV Animation Japan 2006 Studio Comet 1 D 2 P

-1412 Episode 11: Three boys disguised as girls. Episode 21: Bad guy has been using female disguises to trick the boys. Episode 33: Boy imagines his life as a famous footballer wih a beautiful girl as his bride, that reveal herself to be a male in disguise. Later a girl reveals herself to be a male in disguise. Episode 34: Boy disguised as a girl. Episode 37: Boy has a bad dream of him disguised as a bride, also a bad guy really disguises as a bride. Episode 45: Boys tricked into disguising as female fighters.
Johnny Bravo Animation United States 1997 Hanna-Barbera 1 B 2 P

-1311 Episode 2x07 (19) “Charm School Johnny” Carl dressing as a girl. Episode 2x11 (23) “League Of His Own” Johnny poses as a girl who is "Large for her age" in order to help out little Suzy's softball team. Episode 2x13 (25) “El Bravo Magnifico” Johnny dressing as a woman. Episode 2x21 (33) “Den Mother Johnny” Johnny has to take over Bunny's duties as den mother to Suzy's troop, dressing the part. Episode 2x22 (34) “As I Lay Hiccupping” Johnny eats too quickly and gets a severe case of the hiccups. He then visits a beautiful doctor who tells him that if his hiccups persist he can come back for her hands on treatment. So to get that Johnny tries to avoid the remedies of everyone in town. Later he find the beautiful doctor is in fact a male in disguise. Episode 3x06 (40) “Some Like It Stupid” On the run from Fish Lips Malone, Johnny and Carl disguise themselves as women for the Miss Perky beauty pageant. Episode 4x03 (56) “Witch-ay Woman” Johnny gets on the bad side of a gypsy lady with his clumsy passes, so naturally she puts a curse on him. And what could be a more fitting curse for the womanizing Johnny than turning him into a woman? Looks like Johnny Bravo's taking a walk on the feminine side as "Jenny Bravo" until he learns his lesson. Episode 4x07 (60) “T Is for Trouble” Johnny dressing as a woman.
Johnny Test Animation United States 2005
1 B 2 P

-1803 Episode 1x01A “Johnny to the Center of the Earth” Johnny turns into a Teenage Hottie when his sisters make him eat “Mirco-Physic-Hottie-Body-Flakes”. Episode 1x04B “Johnny and the Amazing Turbo Action Backpack” Johnny transform Dukey into one of his sisters to have him enter Bling-Bling Boy's house. Episode 1x06b “Take your Johnny to Work Day” Johnny disguises as a girl. Episode 1x13A “Johnny Dodgeball” Johnny end in a dress, in exchange for a bionic arm. Episode 2x11A “00-Johnny” Johnny and Dukey end in dresses. Episode 3x06A “Comming to a Jonny near you” The Voice-Over 9000 makes Gil to dress as a girl. Episode 4x02A “Join the Johnny Scouts” After Johnny lands his bike into a garbage truck, he becomes a Lady Bird Scout and tries to sell 1,000 boxes of cookies to get a new one. Episode 4x15a “Princess Johnny” Johnny poses as a princess in order to prevent a war. Episode 5x08A “Johnny Goes Camping” Johnny transformed into a girl in a experiment, brief.Episode 5x12B “Johnny Susan, Susan Johnny” Susan swaps bodies with Johnny so that she and Mary can get a men-only science award. Episode 5x13A “Johnny Trick or Treat” Johnny disguised as a ballerina. Two other men disguised as women. Episode 5x15B “Johnny Roller” Susan and Mary turn Johnny and Dukey into girls so that they can win the grand prize at a roller derby match, but things quickly get difficult when a blow on the head gives Dukey amnesia, and he thinks that he is a real derby queen. Episode 5x23B “Dolly Johnny” Johnny end dressed in a ballerina oufit, brief. Episode 6x12A “Johnny vets Dukey” Dukey disguised as a woman, brief.
JoJo Bizarre Adventure Animation Japan 2012 David Production 1 B 1 P
* -1909 Episode 12 “The Pillar Man” Joseph Joestar disguises as a peasant woman to distract two sentinels in a secret laboratory. Episode 18: Esidisi's brain takes over the body of Suzie Q. Season 2 “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders” Episode 44 (70) “The Miasma of the Void, Vanilla Ice, Part 3” Jotaro, Joseph and Kakyoin encounter a woman asking for help, but they quickly realize that she is actually Nukesaku, one of Dio's servants in disguise. Season 4 “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind” Episode 34-37 (147-150) “The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 1-2”, “Diavolo Surfaces” and “King of Kings” Two menbers of the Bucciarati's group, Trish Una (female) and Guido Mista (male) swap bodies.
Joker Game Animation Japan 2016 Production I.G 1 D 1

-1609 Episode 4: In a clandestine dancing hall, the waitresses are transvestite boys.
Joker Series Animation Japan 1992 Shinshokan 1 T

OAV “Joker: Marginal City” Joker is a cyborg who has superior strength, can absorb the DNA of any person by touch and regrow its body or part of it at will (hence Joker can be a male or a female). Joker belongs to a special troop of law enforcement: as cop, judge and executioner at the same time. Along with his/her lover, a police officer, they have dealt against criminals of every type.
Journey To The West – Legends Of The Monkey King Animation China 1999
1 T 1

-1903 Episode 3 Segment “The Third Traveler” Monkey King takes the form of a maiden to trick her future husband.
Jumanji Animation United States 1996
1 T

Episode 3x10 “Who am I?”A strange lightning ball causes minds to be switched into different bodies throughout Jumanji. Judy and Peter Bodyswaps.
Justice League Action Animation United States 2017
1 T

-1806 Episode 1x04 “Abate And Switch” (2016) When the JLA tries to stop the Brothers Djinn, the ghoulish trio are able to direct spells on our heroes by saying their names, forcing the heroes to disguise themselves as each other in order to foil the spells. Plastic Man disguises as Wonder Woman. Episode 1x29 “Mxy's Mix-Up” (2017) Mister Mxyzptlk pops up from the 5th Dimension and thinks it would be great fun to put each of the superheroes' brains into another hero's body. Batman end in Stargirl body and Flash in Zatanna body.
Justice League Action (Shorts) Animation United States 2017
1 T

* -1909 Episode 1x13 “True Colors” On Metropolis, Superman has a face off with Metallo. The Man of Steel has the upper hand until Metallo opens his armor's chest's cavity where he keeps a piece of Kryptonite. Superman feels instantly weaker. Firestorm turns up and tries to help by altering Kryptonite's chemical makeup. All he manages to do, though, is turning the Green Kryptonite into different kinds of Kryptonite which have different effects on Superman: Red makes him mad, Golden depowers him, Black creates an evil duplicate, Pink turns him into a woman... until Firestorm remembers he wrote the formula for Green Kryptonite on his wrist and transmutes the Kryptonite into a block of lead. Unable to bear the weight of a chunk of lead located on his chest, Metallo falls down and Superman takes him away. He asks Firestorm not to tell Batman about this incident, but Firestorm has already sent the Caped Crusader a text.
Justice League Doom Animation United States 2012
1 T 3 P

Animated Movie. Martian Manhunter's opponent, Ma'alefa'ak, poses as an attractive woman in a bar where "John" is with his co-workers. Later, Wonder Woman is fighting Cheetah, or at least she thinks she's fighting her. Wonder Woman is actually poisoned into believing that everyone around her is Cheetah, and at some point when Cyborg comes to her aid, he is presented as Cheetah.
Justice League Unlimited Animation United States 2004
1 T 1 P

-1612 Sequel to the previous Justice League animated series. Episode 1x05 (5) “This Little Piggy” (2004) Zatanna is watching her magic show that she just did (which was recorded on her crystal ball) in which she puts her male assistant into a box, turns it a couple times, touches it with her wand, and out steps a woman in place of the man. Episode 2x13 (26) “Epilogue” (2005) Queen was one of four individuals selected by Ace of the earlier Royal Flush Gang who was given powers by her to become her playmates as the hour of her death drew nearer, with Queen transformed into a female. However, Queen used his powers to confront the Justice League until he was beaten by them. After Ace's death, Queen reverted back to being male. Episode 3x06 “Dead Reckoning” (2006) Deadman possesses Wonder Woman in order to attack Devil Ray but decides not to kill him.
Juuichinin Iru! (They Were Eleven) Animation Japan 1986 Kitty Films 1 T 1

Anime Film. Character Frolcheriberi Frol: is a hermaphroditic/eunucoid entity who can determine its own gender.
Kaiba Animation Japan 2008 Madhouse 1 T 1

Episode 3: Hyo-Hyo places Kaiba's mind inside a girl's body and Kaiba uses this disguise to avoid capture and get back aboard.
Kaichou Wa Maid-sama! Animation Japan 2010 J.C.Staff 1 D 3

Episode 4 introduces Aoi Hyoudo, Satsuki’s nephew, the son of Satsuki's older brother, and a junior high school student who enjoys dressing like a girl. Likes "cute things", and being the center of attention. His androgynous features allow him to pass off as a girl and his female persona is well-known as a cute internet idol. Aoi enjoys toying with the feelings of men, but is eventually exposed as a boy by Misaki. Episode 5 “The First Cafe-Sitting”: Aoi return. Episode 12 “Still a maid even in the Sports Festival” Misaki enters the costume race on behalf of Shizuko. Inside the changing tent, she accidentally switches her costume, a maid uniform, with Yukimura's. Yukimura is jeered by the boys for wearing it, but seeing this, Usui and Misaki, wearing cool costumes, helps and defends Yukimura and finish the race together. Episode 13 “The Idiot, the Bad, & the Hero”: Aratake and his gang abducts a crossdressing Yukimura, who they mistake for Naoya's girlfriend. This attracts the attention of Misaki and Usui, and, with help from Aoi, who studies at Seisen, goes looking for him. Episode 14 “Class 1-7 Kanou Soutarou” Yukimura crossdressing again. Episode 15 “School Visitation Association & A Glasses Rabbit” Yukimura crossdressing again. Episode 16 “Maid in Beach party!” Aoi return. Episode 17 “Usui becomes an enemy!” On the second day of summer vacation, Nagisa allows her nephew Aoi to crossdress again should he win the local mixed beach volleyball tournament, where the winning team becomes the Beach Prince and Princess as well. Since Nagisa is ineligible, Misaki, impressed with Aoi’s determination, helps by becoming his partner.
Kaichuu! Animation Japan 2010
1 D 3

OAV. Story revolves around the life of Tachikawa Tatsuya, who joins the Odagawa Senior High School Archery Club in pursuit of Fudou Gonzaburou. Despite of his efforts to enter the said club, he soon realizes that Fudou isn’t exactly the “girl” he had in his mind.
Kaiketsu Zorori Animation Japan 2004 Sunrise 1 D 2 P

Zorori, master of disguise, is a fox on a never-ending quest to become the King of Pranks. Season 1 Episode 37 “A shocking proposal”: Zorori has disguised himself as a woman to avoid being arrested by the police, but his plan backfires when Officer Inuda Takuji falls in love with him. Season 1 Episode 38 “I Marry!?”: Zorori has accidentally accepted Inuda Takuji's marriage proposal and now he's basically a prisoner in his home. Will Zorori become the cute bride he's always searched for?
Kaiketsu Zorro Animation Japan 1996 Ashi Productions 1 D 3 P

Episode 46 “Zorro’s Head is Cut Off”: A female doctor arrives in town and charms all the male inhabitants with her beauty and professional ability. Subsequently, we learn that the doctor is really Sodom, the brother of Sabat, the guitar killer. Sodom, believing that it was Zorro who killed his brother, wants revenge. In order to discover Zorro’s real identity, the fake doctor hypnotizes all his/her patients, until Bernardo reveals the truth. Luckily, both Zorro/Diego and Bernardo/Little Zorro manage to save themselves, and Zorro real identity is never revealed.
Kaitou Joker Animation Japan 2014 Shin-Ei Animation 1 D 1

Episode 1: Joker disguises as the female secretary.
Kaitou Tenshi (Twin Angels) Animation Japan 2008 Nomad 1 T 1

OAV Episode 1: A Villain, The Baron of the Forth Dimension, is discovered to have been disguised as an old lady, Obasama.
Kakuriyo No Yadomeshi Animation Japan 2018 Gonzo 1 T 1

-1806 Episode 1: Ginji shapeshift into a beautiful woman. Very brief.
Kakyuusei 2 Animation Japan 2004 Arms Corporation 1 D 2 P

Episode 4 "Soft Garage": Rouma unexpectedly becomes the stunt double for Yuri and shows his devotion crossdressing as a bride in a wedding dress.
Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows) Animation Japan 2010 Manglobe 1 B 2

Season 1 Episode 3: Boy imagine himself as “Heidi” in a dream sequence. Season 3 “The World God Only Knows: Goddesses” Episode 1 “When the Sun Goes Down” Body-swapping story referenced. Episode 2 “Scrambled Formation” Body-swapping story referenced. Episode 5: Katsuragi disguises as a girl. Episode 6: Katsuragi disguises as a girl.
Kamichama Karin Animation Japan 2007 Satelight 1 D 2 P

Episode 10: Karin And Kazune rings are switched and they end with the clothes of each other god incarnation when using the ring to transform, Kazune ending in a dress.
Kamichu! Animation Japan 2005 Brain's Base 1 T

Episode 2: There are a couple of short scenes where a girl is possessed by the spirit of a god.
Kamigami No Asobi Animation Japan 2014 Brain's Base 1 D 2

Episode 10: The Gods and Yui perform a version of Cinderella, the gods playing the stepsisters roles.
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Animation Japan 1998 Toei Animation 1 D 3 P

Episode 11: Three policemen disguised as women to act as bait for a thief.
Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss) Animation Japan 2012 TMS 1 T 2

Episode 6: Tomoe transforms into Nanami and goes as her to the school. OAV Episode 1: Tomoe transforms into Nanami. Season 2 Episode 2: Tomoe transforms into Nanami and goes as her to the school. Season 2 Episode 9: Tomoe transforms into Nanami.
Kampfer Animation Japan 2009 Nomad 1 T

Senou Natsuru is a highschool boy that transform into a girl overnight and find himself involved in combat with the evil forces.
Kangoku Gakuen (Prison School) Animation Japan 2015 J.C.Staff 1 D 1

Episode 4: Kiyoshi escapes from school disguised as a schoolgirl.
Kangoo Juniors Animation France 2002
1 D 1

-1903 Episode 20 “Pyjama party” Boys disguised as girls to spy on girls.
Kanojo Ga Flag O Oraretara Animation Japan 2014 Hoods Entertainment 1 D 1

Megumu Touzokuyama is a schoolmate who is thought to be a girl even though he dresses as a boy. Because Souta calls him a boy, Megumu immediately likes him, and sprouts a string of little friendship flags. He crossdresses in Episodes 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12
Kara No Kyoukai Animation Japan 2007 Ufotable 1 D 1 P

Animated Film 7 “A Study in Murder Part 2” (2009) Serial killer disguised as a woman.
Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ Animation Japan 2006 Studio Hibari 1 T 2

Hazumu confessed his love to Yasuna, but she turned down him. To ease his heartbreak, he went to Mt. Kashimayama where he had met her first. He lost his way in the mountain, and it was night time. He saw a big shooting star, and when he began to wish, he found something was wrong. It was not a shooting star, but it was a falling space ship. He was involved in the crash. He managed to survive by the help of the alien. However, he became a girl due to the accident during the reconstruction of his body
Katanagatari Animation Japan 2010 White Fox 1 T 2

Episode 1: Koumori, a ninja, transform himself into a duplicate of a girl he have captured, Togame, to trick and kill a male warrior, Shichika.
Katte Ni Kaizou Animation Japan 2011 Shaft 1 D 1

OAV Episode 1: Boy imagine himself as cinderella. Very brief.
Kenritsu Chikyu Boeigun (Prefectural Earth Defense Force) Animation Japan 1986 Gallop 1 T 1

OAV Episode 11: Due to a mixup in the laboratory, Kamir body is remodeled into a female one, brief.
Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog) Animation Japan 2004 Sunrise 1 B 2 P

Episode 73 “Fuyuki 198x, Our Summer Vacation” Fuyuki end in a girl's school uniform. Episode 85 "Keroro, Substitution of Shirts" Kururu creates an ordinary-looking gashapon machine that swaps Keroro and Natsumi's bodies around. Episode 106 “Giroro, A Time For Hobbies” Giroro search for something to be his hobby, one of the thing he does is crossplaying. Episode 172 “Arisa and Fuyuki, UMA versus Dangal!” Keroro and his platoon disguising as anime characters, Dororo dresses up as a female one. Episode 326 “Keroro, Swimsuit Beauties Contest!” Fuyuki disguises as a woman and enter a swimsuit competition.
Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil Animation United States 2010 Walt Disney 1 D 1

-1806 Episode 1x08 “Trike X-5” Brianna steals Kick's beloved first stunt bike, which she ultimately uses to compete in a pageant. Kick end briefly into a dress. Episode 1x20 “And... Action” Kick decides to become the stunt double for a TV show called Teena Sometimes where he has to perform stunts in a pretty female costume. Episode 2x08 “Hand in Hand” To hide from Kendall's former boyfriend she and Kick put on disguises as an adult couple with Kick in a dress and hat. Episode 2x18 “Attic-a” Kick, Brad and Harold were forced to stay at home by Honey and Brianna for male bonding.they got stuck in the attic.That night, the boys felt cold and tried to find clothes. Kick and Harold took warm clothes and Brad had no choice but to wear his mom's wedding gown and veil. Episode 2x30 “Roll Reversal” Kendall accidentally steps on Kick's skateboard and ends up performing Kick's stunt. This makes Kendall popular. Being fed up with Kendall stealing his spotlight, Kick challenges Kendall to do another stunt. Kendall decides to challenge Kick in a Roller Derby, but Kick learns that it's for girls only, much to his surprise. But Kick later gets an idea to crossdress and hires Gunther and some of their friends to participate in the Roller Derby as Kiss Buttowski and the lipstick killers to challenge Kendall and The Widow Makers.
Kid Paddle Animation Belgium 2003
1 D 1

-1903 Episode 7 “ Votez Paddle” Paddle and Benji diguised as girls.
Episode 11 “Blork & Gore” Paddle and Benji diguised as girls.
Episode 34 “L'Etrange Noel de M.Paddle” Paddle and Benji diguised as girls.
Kiddy Grade Animation Japan 2002 Gonzo 1 D 1

Anoh, aged 14, is an S-Class ES Member of the GOTT. He has enhanced hearing and a habit of crossdressing. Appareance Episodes 10 and 13
Kidou Shinsengumi Moeyo Ken Animation Japan 2005 Trinet Entertainment 1 B

Episode 1 "Welcome Back": Brothers must dress up as geishas. Episode 8" Dying to be a maiden": Nekomaru uses a female soul on Ryuunosuke. In turn, he becomes female.
Kim Possible Animation United States 2002
1 B 3 P

Episode 1x08 “Mind Games” Drakken's latest scheme accidentally leads to Kim and Ron switching bodies. Kim gets a taste of what it is like to be the unpopular outcast while Ron finds out about life with the burden of actual responsibility. Episode 4x01 “Ill Suited” Dementor, disguised as a woman, attempts to take control of Kim's battle suit so that he can use it to his advantage. Episode 4x04 “The Cupid Effect” Wade and Ron dressing up as girl to hep Kim to recover the missing cupid ray.
Kimagure Orange Road Animation Japan 1984 Matsumoto Izumi 1 T 1

One-Shot “Kimagure Orange Road Special: Panic in the Bathhouse”: Hikaru and Kyosuke switch bodies after they bump heads in the local public bathhouse.
Kimagure Orange Road Animation Japan 1987 Studio Pierrot 1 T 1

OAV Episode 3 "I'm a Cat, I'm a Fish": Kyosuke, his sister Kurumi, and his grandfather switch bodies between the three of them. “Kimagure Orange Road Special: Panic in the Bathhouse”: Hikaru and Kyosuke switch bodies after they bump heads in the local public bathhouse.
Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) Animation Japan 2016
1 T 3

-1709 Animated Film. A teenage boy and girl embark on a quest to meet each other for the first time after they magically swap bodies.
Kimi To Boku Animation Japan 2011 J.C.Staff 1 D 1

Episode 8: One of the boys is envisioned in a Pink Ranger outfit and as a girl in several other scenarios. Episode 9: Some of the boys are envisioned crossdressing in costumes. Episode 10: Boys crossdressing in a school festival.
Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo (Kindaichi Case Files) Animation Japan 1997 Toei Animation 1 D 3 P

Episode 13-16 “Hihoudou Murder Case”: Hajime and Miyuki visit an isolated southern island to participate in a fun treasure-hunting contest. Once the contestants arrive, the island owner who sponsored the contest is found dead in the Log House. True to formula, the other contestants begin showing up dead one-by-one ... yet another mystery for the inimitable Hajime to unravel!. The murderer is actually a man disguised as a female. Kindaichi meet “Midori Minasaka” in the ship. How Kindaichi managed to reveal his secret? Kindaichi was drying his clothes outside the bathroom after been sprayed by his friend, Miyuki. Just then, Midori came out from the toilet while Kindaichi was taking out his pants. After Midori scream, calling Kindaichi a pervert and ran away, Kindaichi turn around and notice the toilet seat was up. When revealing that "she" is the murderer, Kindaichi also reveal him to be Koichiro Saeki, the son of Professor Saeki, who was murdered by the people who he have killed.
King Arthur's Disasters Animation Great Britain 2005
1 T

Episode 2x03 “King Guinivere” Merlin's magic goes awray. The king switchs bodies with Guinivere. They must then find the slamming book of Cheshire to change them back.
King Of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars Animation Japan 2019 Tatsunoko Production 1 D 2 P

-1906 Episode 7 “Leo Saionji: Flowers Blooming in Your Heart” Edel Rose's members forced to join the Miss Kakyuin's annual election.
King Of The Hill Animation United States 1997
1 D 1 P

Episode 3x09 (44) “Pretty, Pretty Dresses” Bill becomes more depressed than usual. Hank, Dale, and Boomhauer decide to watch Bill so he doesn't commit suicide, but when Hank yells at him for being a burden, Bill's depression turns into delusion when he begins dressing in drag and impersonating his estranged wife, Lenore. Episode 11x01 (202) “The Peggy Horror Picture Show” Peggy, feeling a bit unfeminine because of her masculine clothes and size-16 feet, befriends Carolyn, who views Peggy as the epitome of womanhood. Hank is thrilled that Peggy finally has someone else to talk to about her girl problems, but discovers that Carolyn is a drag queen who thinks Peggy is one too. Episode 12x03 (216) “The Powder Puff Boys” Hank encourages Bobby to be a part of the school's Powder Puff team (a team where boys dress in drag and impersonate female cheerleaders). However, the boys learn that Peggy and the PTA are trying to put a stop to the tradition.
Kinnikuman (Muscleman) Animation Japan 1983 Toei Animation 1 D

Kinnikuman: Prince of Planet Kinniku. Though usually a clumsy idiot, when things are at their worst he is capable of tremendous power, luck, and stamina. His favorite food is gyuudon and he will do anything for a bowl of it. His real name is Suguru Kinniku. He usually crossdresses.
Kirarin Revolution Animation Japan 2006 SynergySP 1 D 3 P

Episode 20: Kirari's older brother, Subaru, has come from America. Envious of Kirari's idol status, Subaru secretly disguises himself as Kirari to take over one of her jobs. Episode 56-59: Izumi Amakawa works in the same company as Fubuki and considers Kirari a rival for Hiroto's feelings. Although sweet and charming at first glance, Izumi plays a double standard and immediately shows hatred towards Kirari. Her feelings for Hiroto have brought her to the extent of stealing Hiroto's first kiss and injuring Kirari's leg; these feelings only intensified when Hiroto angrily demanded her not to touch Kirari. During a fashion show, Izumi's identity is revealed to be Hyoutarou Izumi, a childhood friend of Hiroto's. Back when the two were little, Hiroto promised to become an idol unit with him, but Hyoutarou's family moving separated them. Hyoutarou later realized that Hiroto had broken his promise and teamed up with Seiji, which led him to pursue Hiroto aggressively by becoming an idol under the guise of a girl. Although Hyoutarou's identity is revealed to Kirari, he becomes less of a physical threat to her; however, his feelings for Hiroto still remain strong. Episode 71: The idols of Muranishi have been rewarded a day of vacation on Moon Island. Things are going swimmingly (even though Erina tries to play tricks via sealife costumes) until a boat carrying three familiar figures (Fubuki, Izumi, and Akane) docks on the shore. Turns out that the Higashiyama Company was going to use this beach as well, and Kirari makes everyone agree to play nicely together for the day despite the fact that two of the girls (OK, one guy dressed as a girl) on the boat are out for Hiroto's heart and Kirari's self-esteem. Soon after they are thrown into a mystery when Seiji finds a treasure map in a bottle, and craziness ensues over who will find it first. But is it real, or a ploy to get people on the island?.
Kit Vs Kat Animation Canada 2011
1 D 1

Episode 1x06b “The Allergy” Kat makes Coop to appear in a photograph as if he's a woman with blonde hair and dress. Very brief.
Kobayashi-san Chi No Maid Dragon Animation Japan 2017 Kyoto Animation 1 D 1

-1709 Episode 10 “Troupe Dragon, On Stage!” Shouta disguised as the The Little Match Girl.
Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen-mae Hashutsujo (Kochikame) Animation Japan 1996 Studio Gallop 1 B 3 P

Secondary character Asato Ai: Reiko’s occasional partner on the force, who pet name is "Maria". Like Reiko, Maria is tall, sexy, and buxom. Unlike Reiko, Maria is a brunette and a man. He is in love with Ryotsu and becomes jealous whenever another girl comes near him. He was a Muay Thai (kickboxing) champion. His first appearance is in Episode 42. Other notable appareances in Episodes 43, 48, 52, 55, 61, 63, 69, 94, 113, 123, 126, 166, 189, 230, 236, 238, 245, 278, 286, 303. Other recurring characters include transvestite cops from other districts (Episodes 89, 96, 182). Episode 39: Nakajima must disguise himself as a woman to try to get some compromising photos. Episode 51: Ryo must pass himself as Reiko. Episode 67: Ryoutsu disguises as a policewoman. Episode 89: Policemen diguised as magic girls. Episode 91: Ryoutsu possesses the body of Reiko and later Naoko. Episode 151: Ryoutsu disguised as a woman. Episode 165: Ryoutsu works as a stutman and sustitutes a woman in a bathing suit. Episode 216: Ryoutsu disguised as a woman. Episode 243: Ryoutsu disguised as a woman. Episode 264: Some men disguised as women to be part of a female team. Episode 278: Ryoutsu disguised as a woman in a bikini. Episode 284: Ryoutsu disguised as a woman in a tennis female dress. Episode 313 "I'm Reiko and I'm Ryouchan": Ryoutsu and Reiko get their bodies changed into one another's after having their picture taken in a photo sticker booth made by a bizarre scientist.
Kodomo No Omocha Animation Japan 1996 Studio Gallop 1 D

Episode 18: Zenjirou crossdresses as a female alien.
Koi Koi 7 Animation Japan 2005 Studio Flag 1 D 2 P

Episode 7: Tetsurou is dressed in girl school uniform. Episode 8: Tetsurou is dressed in a maid costume in a school festival.
Koi To Uso Animation Japan 2017 Liden Films 1 D 2

-1709 Episode 9 “So Bright It Doesn't Seem Real” Boy playing female role in a school play.
Koko Wa Greenwood (Here Is Greenwood) Animation Japan 1991 Studio Pierrot 1 D 3 P

OAV Episode 3: Shun plays a female role in a movie the dorm boys are making.
Kore Ga Watashi No Goshujinsama (He Is My Master) Animation Japan 2005 Gainax 1 D 1

Episode 10: Seiichirou reveals that he’s a lolicon, uniform fetishist, peeping, hentai-game fanatic who likes to crossdress
Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Animation Japan 2011 Studio Deen 1 D 2

Aikawa Ayumu is a normal high school boy. One day he is killed by a serial killer and revived as a zombie by a necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe. He starts to serve Eu as her guard but he happens to deprive a mahou-shoujo Haruna of her magic power. Haruna orders Ayumu to fight against anti-mahou shoujo system Megalo in her place. Episode 1 “Yes, I'm a mahou-shoujo” Ayumu is approached by a crayfish like demon known as a Megalo. Haruna arrives but is unable to summon her magic, so Ayumu uses his zombie strength to pummel the Megalo. He then uses Ayumu's magic to transform into a mahou-shoujo (Ayumu transforms, wearing haruna's dress) and finish him off. After landing and facing humiliation from his classmates (his friends see him as cosplaying/crossdressing), Ayumu is informed by Haruna that he is to become a mahou-shoujo in her place. Second Season “Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead” Episode 6: There is a school festival and Ayumu's class end deciding to do a haunted cafe. His classmates force him to crossdress as a bride to advertise the cafe.
Kousoku Denjin Arubegasu (Arbegas) Animation Japan 1983 Toei Animation 1 D 1

Episode 8: Villain disguised as a woman to trick a girl.
Koutetsu Sangokushi Animation Japan 2007 Picture Magic 1 D 2 P

Episode 16 “Kan'u's Roar Strikes Rikuson which Forces him to Hold Determination”: Ryoutou and Rikason disguised as women to pass over a border control.
Kung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness Animation United States 2011
1 T

Episode 3x01 “Shifu's Ex” (2013) Master Shifu and Mei Ling swap bodies by the Zhou Deng Soul Gem.
Kuragehime Animation Japan 2010 Brain's Base 1 D 3 P

Kurashita Tsukimi is a "kurage (jelly fish) otaku" girl who wants to be an illustrator. She comes to Tokyo and starts to live in a girl-only apartment Amamizukan. One day, Tsukimi meets a fashionable and beautiful girl, Kuranosuke Koibuchi, who saves a jellyfish that is about to die at a pet shop. She later discovers that Kuranosuke is merely crossdressing in order to evade inheritance of his father's occupation as a politician.
Kurogane No Linebarrels (Linebarrels Of Iron) Animation Japan 2009 Gonzo 1 D 2 P

Episode 6 “A Joyful Night”: Izuna and Shizuna Endo, a pair fo twins, preparing a party trick, swtich roles and Izuna dresses up as a girl and Shizuna as a boy.
Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Animation Japan 2008 A-1 Pictures 1 D 3 P

Episode 4: Ciel is dressed up as a young lady to infiltrate into a party. Also brief crossdressing scene in Episode 3. OAV Episode 1: Ciel is sitting at his desk talking with Sebastian about the play he is hosting from the Phantomhive company. The play is "Hamlet" and is being done for a childrens Charity. Suddenly Mayliene rushes in with bad news. All the actors who were supposed to be in the play's ship has wrecked and will not be in town for another few weeks. Ciel says the play cannot be postponed and tells Sebastian to fix it. Sebastian gathers the whole group together to be in the play and some female part are done by men. Anime “Kuroshitsuji II” Episode 5: Alois disguised as a maid to trap Ciel. OAV “Ciel in Wonderland”: A "Kuroshitsuji version" of "Alice In Wonderland", where the Kuroshitsuji characters run about in the world of Lewis Carroll's book, Ciel being Alice. OAV “The Tale Of William The Shinigami”: Grell imagines himself as a woman to William. Very brief. Anime “Black Butler: Book of Circus” Episode 7: Elizabeth plays "dress-up" with Ciel's servants.
Kyou Kara Maou! Animation Japan 2004 Studio Deen 1 D 4 P

Josak is one of Yuri's close personal guards. He's normally undercover and comes out to help when there's danger. Even though he's tall and muscular, he doesn't seem to mind running around in women dresses. Episode 5 “Sailor Uniform and the Irrational Child”: A boat is invaded by pirates, dressed in sailor fuku uniforms. Josak is dressed as a woman in the ship. Episode 11 "Across the Dimensions, a War Begins": Josak goes to rescue Yuri and both escape disguised in maid uniforms. Episode 32 "The Memory that was Locked": Josak is dressed in a maid uniform. Episode 42 "Distant Promise" and 43 "Blood Pledge Castle Baby Panic!": Yuri when he was a little boy was dressed in female clothes by his mother. Episode 85 "The Night of the Ball": Yuri and Wolfram dressing up as two young debutant ladys to enter into Big Shimaron Royal Palace . Episode 93 "Lullaby of the Wind": Greta misses her mother and Josak have a great idea, dress up as a woman to have a motherly figure for Greta, Yuri and Wolfram have to dress up also. OAV “Kyou Kara Maou! R” Episode 2: There is an "Miss Word" pageant being organized but this time is going to be a little different, and the boys all end entering in the "Miss World Drag Queen" pageant, Josak winning the title.
Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! Animation Japan 1993 Studio Pierrot 1 D 1 P

OAV Episode 1: Takashi and Itou end crossdressing to help some girls to beat a rival gang.
Kyoukai No Rinne Animation Japan 2015 Brain's Base 1 D 2

Episode 9: There is a play in the school and boys are taking female parts. Later Rinne decides to dress in a maid uniform to try and capture a damashigami who is kidnapping school girls. It works. He then takes advantage of his situation to win the school's Mr. Lady competition.
Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon Animation Japan 2011 Sunrise 1 D 1

Season 2 Episode 7: Aoi disguised as a woman.
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki Animation Japan 2008 Nomad 1 D 1

Ginka Midarezaki, the eldest son, enjoys dressing as a female and often speaks in a feminine manner. He also works at local okama bar "Virgo" under the name of "Silver Fox".
L/R: Licensed By Royalty Animation Japan 2003 Pioneer 1 D 1 P

Episode 1 “Be Traced” Rowe disguise very briefly as a female air stewardess. Episode 4 “Sweet Enemies in the Same Desert” There is a crossdressing agent with a purple afro.
La Planete de Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong Country) Animation France 1996
1 T 1 P

Episode 2x10 “Robot Kong (The Big Switch-a-Roo)“ While Cranky goes to Bluster's, Donkey Kong is left to guard the Crystal Coconut. Donkey Kong fools around with an invention of Cranky's, a mind transfering device, accidentally switching his mind with a robot Cranky had built. Klump and Krusha steal the mind transfering device. While heading back to K. Rool, Klump bumps into Candy and they get their minds switched.
La Seine No Hoshi Animation Japan 1975 Sunrise Studio 1 D 1 P

Episode 23 “tenshi no kuroi ya” Boy disguised as a girl to infiltrate in a ballet academy.
La Vuelta Al Mundo De Willy Fog (Around The World With Willy Fog) Animation Spain 1983 BRB Internacional 1 D 3 P

Episode 2 “La Partida (Bon Voyage)” Mr Sullivan hires a cunning master of disguise known as Transfer to sabotage the expedition. He disguises as a woman and try to rob Willy Fog's money. Episode 3 “Viaje Accidentado (The Mysterious Mademoiselle)” Transfer, disguised as a French lady, attempts to lead Fog and his party astray in Paris, only to be thwarted by Rigodon and Tico in the woods on the outskirts of the city
Le Petit Spirou Animation Belgium 2012 RTBF 1 D 1 P

-1712 Episode 1x43 “Comment survivre... a sa maman en retard” (2012) The gym teacher, Mr. Megot, impersonates the math teacher, Ms. Claudia Chiffre to trick Spirou. Episode 1x73 “Comment survivre… a "action ou verite"?” (2012) Challenge by Suzette and Raoulette who say that boys are afraid of the truth, Petit Spirou agrees to play "Action or Truth". But, our hero can not bring himself to answer the question "truth" and chooses the pledge "Action". He finds himself forced to cross the park disguised as a girl. The situation is already embarrassingly embarrassing, but now Petit Spirou comes face to face with Jim Brioule, who, taking him for a real girl, knows his first love at first sight!
Legend Of Basara Animation Japan 1998 KSS 1 D 2

Character Ageha, that usually tours with Madam Butterfly's troupe of traveling performers under the name Kicho, the star female dancer.
Les Aventures De Tintin Animation France 1991 Ellipse / Nelvana 1 D 1 P

Episode 2 “Les Cigares du pharaon” Tintin is helped by Dupond and Dupont that are wearing female arab clothes. Episode 17 “Coke en stock” Tintin and Haddok wear female arab clothes to escape from a city.
Les Dalton Animation France 2010
1 D 1

Episode 1x11 “La fiancee du directeur” Joe Dalton diguises as a woman to try to pass as the new girlfriend of Peabody.
Les Mille Et Une Prouesses De Pepin Troispommes Animation France 1999
1 T 1

-1803 Episode 2x13 (39) “C'est pas sorcier!” Grosbec gets accidentaly turned into a princess.
Les Nouvelles Aventures De Lucky Luke Animation France 2001 Xilam 1 D 1 P

Episode 1x19 “Un papa pour les Dalton” Lucky Luke disguised as a woman.
Les P'tits Diables Animation France 2013
1 D 1

Episode 1x11 “Mission infiltration” Two boys disguised as girls.
Level E Animation Japan 2011 Studio Pierrot 1 D 2

Made for TV. Episode 7 “Game Over...!?”: Alien prince Ouji is dressed as a princess.
Liberty's Kids Animation United States 2002 DiC 1 D 1 P

-1401 Episode 1x22 “Lafayette Arrives” Lafayette describes how he traveled to America by dressing as a woman!.
Little Busters! Animation Japan 2012 J.C.Staff 1 D 2

Episode 15: After an initial failed attempt by Komari and Kudryavka to get Riki to follow them because of something 'serious', Rin texts Riki to come to her room in the girl's dorm. Narrowly escaping detection by Kanata and the other disciplinary committee members, Riki makes it to her room to find the rest of the female Little Busters members together for a sleepover. Kyousuke calls Riki and surmises that he has been kidnapped by the girls, so he, Masato and Kengo play games to figure out which one of them will go to rescue Riki. After eating some pastries, the girls take turns bathing until Riki is last. However, he later finds his clothes have been replaced by a girl's uniform, which he reluctantly puts on. The resident assistant of the girl's dormitory drops by to tell them to keep the noise down if they do not want a visit from the disciplinary committee. Afterward, they rolls up some newspapers and start hitting each other, which ultimately causes Kanata and several other disciplinary committee members to warn them about being too loud. Luckily, Kanata does not recognize Riki while he is crossdressing. The next morning, Riki leaves after thanking Yuiko for helping Rin socialize with the other girls. He runs into Kyousuke who had just won the right to go rescue him after playing games the whole night. Episode 21: Gir imagine Riki in a maid dress, brief.
Lloyd In Space Animation United States 2001 Walt Disney 1 B 3 P

Episode 2x04 (15) “Lloyd Changes His Mind” Lloyd switches bodies with his little sister. Episode 2x09 (20) “The Big Sleepover” Lloyd and friends discover that the girls are passing invitations around saying that it is a girl's only party so Lloyd goes to the slumber party dressed as a girl so nobody figures out that it is really him.
Log Horizon Animation Japan 2013 Satelight / Studio Deen 1 T

Episode 20: Brief Cameo by Alakshmi, the arabian dancer that is in fact a male player. Second Season “Log Horizon 2” Episode 2 “The Outlaw and Mithril Eyes” Introduced Tetra: She is a level 90 Cleric. A former resident of Minami and member of Light Indigo, she was sent by Kazuhiko to aid Shiroe at Susukino. Upon the completion of the mission, she asks Shiroe if she could join Log Horizon of her own free will, and was accepted. She is actually a boy but became trapped within his female avatar, which so far only Shiroe is aware of. For kicks, Tetra often teases and flirts with Naotsugu.
Loonatics Unleashed Animation United States 2005
1 D 2 P

Episode 2x09 “Apocalypse” Ace Bunny and Danger Duck disguises themselves as women to enter the island of Apocalypso, a colony of women called the Apocazons, and save Lexi.
Looped Animation Canada 2016
1 D 1

-1809 Episode 2x23 “Glitch Girl” Theo joins an all-girls rollerskating team to get closer to Gwyn.
Lost Universe Animation Japan 1998 E.G. Films 1 D 3 P

Episode 6 “Fallen Angels Run”: Aboard the all-female Highball spaceship/nursing school, a feud is raging between the Cherry and Rose student groups. Since men would be a distraction amidst final exams, the plan is that Millie and Canal will infiltrate posing as students. But then Canal's holography malfunctions, and Kain must pose as a female student himself!.
Love Hina Animation Japan 2000 Xebec 1 D 2

Episode 12: Motoko forced Keitaro to switch clothes.
Love Position, Legend Of The Halley Animation Japan 1985 Tezuka Productions 1 D 1 P

Animated movie about an agent who was sent riding on Halley's comet to the earth. He was actually given an order to destroy the earth. Captivated by planet's beauty, however, he is no longer able to destroy the planet. Seventy six years later, another agent from Halley's comet is sent to the earth to liquidate this traitor, who is now disguised as a girl named Lamina in Vietnam.
Love Stage!! Animation Japan 2014 J.C.Staff 1 D 2 P

Episode 1-2: Ten years ago Izumi had to sustitute a girl in a commercial shot. Now the company that did the shot want to do a new shot with the same cast.
Lovely Complex Animation Japan 2007 Toei Animation 1 D 3

Character Seishiro "Seiko" Kotobuki: Has a large crush on Otani, although "she" is a male. Prefers to be called Seiko instead of Seishiro because is sounds more feminine.
Lucky Luke Animation United States 1984 Hanna-Barbera 1 D 2

Episode 1 “Ma Dalton” Joe Dalton disguised as his mother, and Lucky Luke also. Episode 10 “Hors-la-loi” Danton brothers disguised as women to escape form Lucky Luke.
Lupin III Animation Japan 1971 TMS 1 D 3 P

Lupin is a master of disguise and many times crossdresses. Tv Special 9 "In Memory of the Walther P-38”: Lupin disguises as beautiful female assassin to get to the secret laboratory of Gordeau. Tv Special 11 “Da Capo of Love: Fujiko's Unlucky Days”: Bandit impersonates Fujiko. Tv Special 13 "Alcatraz Connection": Lupin uses a female disguise to evade a chaser. Tv Special 14 “Episode 0 First Contact”: New York City... a millionaire named Galbez leads a pretty women to his bedroom. The woman gases Galbez and proceeds to open his wall safe. Inside is an ancient Japanese cylinder made from some green metal. Before the woman can take it, she is stopped by a voice. Galbez has hired Jigen Daisuke as his bodyguard. Jigen takes aim at the woman and fires... but, the woman's body was just a blow-up doll. The man behind it is none other than Lupin III!. Tv Special 15 "Operation Return of Treasure": To return stolen dancer's dresses Lupin and his friends dressed them. Later, escaping from Zenigata, Lupin drew on a female outfit on an old man. Movie "Farewell to Nostradamus": Zenigata disguised as female dancer on a masquerade. Special Lupin III Master File: 40th aniversay special incudes a short story where Lupin impersonates Fujiko. Lupin III Part I (Green Jacket) Episode 8 "The All-Together Playing-Card Operation" Lupin plans to steal Napoleon's fortune-telling cards during Mr. Gold's birthday party disguised as a woman. Lupin III Part I (Green Jacket) Episode 13 "Beware the Time Machine!" Goemon briefly disguised as a maid. Lupin III Part II (Red Jacket) Episode 19 "Can You Open the Ten-Year Vault?": Lupin disguises as a woman to rob in a house after a party. Lupin III Part II (Red Jacket) Episode 28 "Lady Detective Melon" Goemon disguises as a woman to trick Zenigata. Lupin III Part II (Red Jacket) Episode 30 "The Wind Is Hot in Morocco": Zenigata disguises as a arab woman to scape. Lupin III Part II (Red Jacket) Episode 42 "Lupin Become a Bride": Lupin disguises himself as a shipwrecked woman, and thus getting aboard Onabes' ship... Onabes falls in love at first sight with Lupin in his female disguise, and proposes!!. Lupin III Part II (Red Jacket) Episode 55 and 56 “Falling Cherry Blossoms - The Mysterious Gang of Five - Part I and II” Benten Kikuko, one of the members of the Gang of Five, is a male that disguises as a female. Lupin III Part II (Red Jacket) Episode 62 “The Sound of the Devil's Bells Calls Lupin” Lupin disguises as a nun. Lupin III Part II (Red Jacket) Episode 69 “The Woman the Old Man Fell in Love With” Lupin impersonates a woman to fool a mafia boss. Lupin III Part II (Red Jacket) Episode 110 "Hot Shot”: This Is Fujiko" Zenigata diguised as a female clerk in a bet desk to trap Lupin. Lupin III Part II (Red Jacket) Episode 117 "The Chewing-Gum Disguise Operation" Lupin disguised as Fujiko. Lupin III Part II (Red Jacket) Episode 124 "1999: A Popcorn Odyssey": Zenigata disguised as a woman to trap Lupin. Lupin III Part II (Red Jacket) Episode 126 “Together with Lupin to Hell” Lady Black who is trying to kill Lupin is actually the boy from the Lupin's past. Lupin III Part II (Red Jacket) Episode 133 "Keep Your Hands Off the Hot Treasure": Lupin disguised as a veiled woman to escape from Zenigata. Lupin III Part II (Red Jacket) Episode 135 "Poison and Magic and Lupin III" Zenigata is hypnotized into think that he is a woman. Lupin III Part II (Red Jacket) Episode 139 "Steal Everything of Lupin's": Zenigata disguised as a woman to trap Lupin. Lupin III Part II Episode 145 “Wings of Death – Albatross” Zenigata disguised as Fujiko to act as a bait for Lupin. Lupin III Part II (Red Jacket) Episode 149 "The Treasure of Mecca Wore a Veil": Lupin disguised as an old woman to trap Fujiko. Lupin III Part III (Pink Jacket) Episode 4 "Telepathy Is Love's Signal" Lupin disguises as a member of a gang of female pirates to rescue Fujiko. Lupin III Part III (Pink Jacket) Episode 11 "The Ruby Sheds Bloody Tears" Lupin disguises as Fujiko to infiltrate into a black cult ring. Lupin III Part III (Pink Jacket) Episode 12 "The Prisoner of a Valtan Palace" Lupin disguises as a young woman, daugher of a old friend, to rescue him. Lupin III Part III (Pink Jacket) Episode 13 "Play a Joke on the Variation" Fujiko disguises Lupin as a woman to infiltrate into a party for rich women and stole their jewels. Lupin III Part III (Pink Jacket) Episode 44 "Our Papa Is a Thief" Lupin, Goemon and Jigen disguising briefly as female mannequins to escape from Zenigata.
Lupin III: Mine Fujiko To Iu Onna Animation Japan 2012 TMS 1 D 3 P

Episode 6 “Prison of Love” Isolde turns to Fujiko for a night of passion. However, it is soon revealed that Isolde is actually Zenigata's assistant, Oscar, who took the real Isolde's place in order to catch both Fujiko and Lupin. Episode 11 “Feast of Fools” Oscar disguises himself as Fujiko and frames her for various perfect crimes in an attempt to gain Zenigata's favour. Episode 12: Goemon is forced into dressing up as a woman, and Oscar also disguises as ujiko.
Macademi Wasshoi! (Magician's Academy) Animation Japan 2008 Zexcs 1 T 1

Episode 5: Near the end the main guy gets hit by a magic artifact and wakes up as a girl!.
Macross Frontier Animation Japan 2008 Satelight 1 D 2

Anime film 2 “Sayonara no Tsubasa” (2011) Alto disguised as a goth girl to rescue Sheryl.
Mad Bull 34 Animation Japan 1990 Magic Bus 1 D 2

OAV Episode 1 "The Scandal": Mad Bull and Eddie dressing as women to cacth an women's assaulter, Later Mad Bull and Eddie are disguised as nuns.
Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic Animation Japan 2013 A-1 Pictures 1 T 2

Second season of “Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic”. Episode 14: Males disguised as women thanks to a magic illusion.
Magic Kaito 1412 Animation Japan 2014 A-1 Pictures 1 D 1

-1412 Episode 7: Kaito diguises his face as Aoko, to trick her father, a police officer. Episode 9: Kaito again diguises his face as Aoko, to trick some policemen.
Magic Knight Rayearth Animation Japan 1994 TMS 1 T 2

Episode 1x15 “The Second Rune-God: Windam, the Lord of the Skies” A woman in danger that the magic knights help turn out to be one of Zagato's minions.
Magical Angel Creamy Mami Animation Japan 1983 Studio Pierrot 1 D 3 P

Episode 35 “Tachibana-san Becomes a Woman”: Tachibana-san disguises as a woman to be near Creamy.
Magical Taruruuto-kun Animation Japan 1990 Toei Animation 1 T 3 P

Episode 29 “Iyona no atsuki tatakai” Honmaru turn female thanks to magic drink to play volleyball with the girls. Episode 36 “Ore wa otokoda ijigawarui” Honmaru turn female again to trick a girl that has cheated on him. Episode 62 “Sayonara, Honmaru” Honmaru turn female to lure and trick a genie. Episode 71 “Sawayakana Otoko” Honmaru turn female to trick a boy that is trying to get the girl Honmaru is in love with. Episode 83 “Shukumei no volley kessen” Honmaru turn female thanks to magic drink to play volleyball with the girls.
Mahoraba (Heartful Days) Animation Japan 2005 J.C.Staff 1 D 3 P

Episode 9: Shiratori is forced into crossdressing.
Mahoromatic Animation Japan 2002 Gainax 1 T 1

Second season “Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful” Episode 3 "Dreams Should Be Grand": Mahoro, who is constantly feeling embarassed by her small chest, buys a device that will make her breasts grow. However, it turns out to be too powerful, and soon the entire cast grows their own pair of large breasts, including the male hero, Suguru.
Mahou No Yousei Perusha (Magic Fairy Persia) Animation Japan 1984 Studio Pierrot 1 D 3 P

-1311 Episode 8: Gaku disguised as a woman.
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Animation Japan 2016 Lerche 1 T

-1612 Kishibe Souta/La Pucelle is a close friend and ally of Snow White. Despite being a boy, he becomes a girl while transformed. As a magical girl, La Pucelle wears a Dragon Knight style attire, with draconic motifs in his armor as his Magical Girl outfit.
Mahou Tsukai No Yome Animation Japan 2017 Wit Studio 1 T

-1803 Episode 21 “Necessity has no law” Elias realises Stella is possessed by Cartaphilius, who congratulates Elias for finally revealing himself as a monster. Cartaphilius, as Stella, begs Chise to save her.
Mahoutsukai Tai! (Magic User's Club) Animation Japan 1999 Sato Junichi 1 D

OAV 4: Takeo does a little crossdressing in a play.
Maji De Watashi Ni Koishinasai! Animation Japan 2011 Lerche 1 D 1

Episode 12 “Seriously, Fall in Love with Me!!”: Boy didsuised as a girl to set up a trap.
Maken-Ki! Animation Japan 2011 AIC 1 B 2

Shiria (Celia) Ootsuka: her "Inverse" ability allows her to reverse anything she wants: Deflect stuff about to hit her, reverse her opponent's determination to hit her... and she can even reverse his own gender. She always has her "Inverse" on to stay as a woman. Introduced in Episode 7. Episode 11: Manager crossdressing as a maid in a maid cafe. OAV Episode 2: Takeru-kun is transformed into a female version of himself.
Mamotte! Lollipop Animation Japan 2006 Sunshine Corporation 1 B 1 P

Episode 8: Nina and Zero switch bodies.
Mangaka-san To Ashisutanto-san To Animation Japan 2014 Zexcs 1 D 2

Episode 8: Yuuki caught crossdressing.
Marginal Prince Animation Japan 2006 Tokyo Kids 1 D 2 P

Episode 12: The boarding school holds a festival each year, and by tradition the newest student has to play the princess. Henri was popular enough that he was forced to continue this role for the following years. He ultimately steps down from it and Mikhail has to reeplace him during the theatre play.
Maria Holic Animation Japan 2009 Shaft 1 D 3

Kanako changed her school to Amanokisaki girl’s mission school to find her true love (she is a lesbian). She began to meet and to make friends with various pretty girls like Mariya who is very kind and the president of the student council of middle school. Later she find that the kind Mariya, is actually an evil guy. Mariya became kanako’s roommate using his power, to keep a close watch over her all the time for her not to leak out his secret.
Marmalade Boy Animation Japan 1994 Toei Animation 1 D 2 P

Episode 30: The main character had to dress up as a beautiful woman for a TV commercial.
Martin Mystere Animation France 2003
1 D 1

Episode 1x09 “Shriek from Beyond” Martin disguised as a cheerleader to be near them.
Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru Animation Japan 1988 Sunrise 1 D 2 P

Episode 28: Wataru and his male companions are disguised as women, using magic, to enter a castle.
Matantei Loki Ragnarok (Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok) Animation Japan 2003 Studio Deen 1 D 2

Episode 16 "Demonic Bell" There's going to be a wedding at Mayura's temple soon, and the gang is invited. However, Verdandi (one of the Norns) has something up her sleeve. Will the wedding day be tarnished, or can Loki and his friends pull through? Mikawaya will end in a wedding dress to buy some time for the bride that has vanished.
Mayo Chiki Animation Japan 2011 Feel 1 D 1

Episode 5-6: The School has a festival, and Subaru's class is going to do a crossdressing cafe, some guys try on female disguises, one of them as a nurse. Very brief.
Medabots Animation Japan 1999 Bee Train 1 D

Episode 44 "Swede and Sour": A group of cute little swedish girls are revealed at the end of the episode as being a bunch of middle-aged over-weight men!.
Mega Man Animation Japan 1994
1 D 1

-1311 Episode 1x10 “Ice Age” Ice Man diguised as a nurse.
MegaMan NT Warrior (Rockman.EXE) Animation Japan 2002 Xebec 1 D 1

Villain Magnus Gauss (Gauss Magnets) crossdresses as a woman and is obsessed with Dr. Wily. Notable appareances in “Rockman.Exe” Episode 34 and 42; “Rockman.Exe Axess” Episode 32 and “Rockman.Exe Stream” Episode 9. “Rockman.Exe Stream” Episode 27: Netto, Dekao and Tohru, three of the main characters crossdress as idol singer Aki-chan to rescue a group of kidnapped girls.
Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan) (Case Closed) Animation Japan 1996 TMS 1 D 3 P

Episode 11 “A Moonlight Sonata Murder Case”: Conan reveals that the culprit is Dr. Narumi Asai who has been creating an alibi by reporting the wrong time of death. Conan also deduces that she is Seiji Asou, disguised as a woman to get revenge on those who murdered his family. Episode 76 “Conan vs. Kaitou Kid” Kaitou Kid disguised as Ran Mouri. Episode 81-82 “The Kidnapping of a Popular Artist Case”: Conan disguised as a girl. Episode 129 “The Girl from the Black Organization and the University Professor Murder Case”: Conan reveals that the cause of the murder was a picture of a party in the university with a male disguised as a woman. Episode 395-396 “Big Adventure in the Eccentric Mansion” Kaitou Kid disguised as an old lady. Episode 537-538 “Kaitou Kid vs the Strongest Vault” Kaitou Kid disguised as the new hired maid. Movie “Mystery of Baker Street”: Conan, Rachel, and another child, Hideki Moroboshi follow Jack the Ripper to a runaway train, where Jack try to fool Conan disguised as a woman. OAV “Detective Conan Special: Phantom Thief Kid's Summer Festival: The Magic the Princess-sama Loves” The Phantom Thief escape disguised as Princess Anne.
Mellow Animation Japan 1993 KISS 1 D 4 P

OAV. The twin brother of a female teacher, who can't recover from the wound of unrequited love, disguises as a female and substitutes her in the school
Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure Animation Japan 2003 SynergySP 1 D 1

Anime Second Season cast Lady Bat: He calls himself "The wings of love and pleasure." Michel's vampire-like servant. His song hypnotizes the listeners into his spell so he could "bite" the person while they are asleep. Lady Bat is actually a man wearing women's clothes. He is also strong enough to bring the Idol-formed Princesses back into Mermaid-form.
Metropolis Animation Japan 2001 Madhouse 1 D 1

-1612 Animated movie. Rock disguised as a maid. Brief.
Michiko To Hatchin Animation Japan 2008 Manglobe 1 D 2

Episode 17: Hatchin ends up being taken in by a kindly Chinese opera singer, wth a daugher that is revealed to be a boy in disguise.
Mickey Mouse Works Animation United States 1999 Walt Disney 1 D 3

-1803 Episode 1x02 “Donald's Shell Shots” (1999) Donald finds his job as a photographer a pain when he has to take a picture of the very uncooperative Shelby, ending with him dressing in women's clothes. Episode 1x03 “Turkey Catchers” (1999) Donald disguises in drag to catch a male turkey. Episode 3x04 (26) “Mickey's Big Break” (2000) Donald and Mickey use an unconventional method to replace a photo of Minnie and Daisy, dressing up as them to do a new photo.
Mighty Ducks Animation United States 1996 Walt Disney 1 T 1

Episode 25 “Duck Hard” Duck's headquarters are covertly invaded by Chameleon. When Wildwing discovers the elevator's not working, he videophones down to find out what's happening, and Chameleon answers disguised as Mallory.
Mighty Mouse Animation United States 1944 Terrytoons 1 D 3

Episode 1x05 “Wolf! Wolf!” A flock of cute little lambs are playing in a meadow when a gang of shifty wolves decides to grab one for dinner. One of the wolves disguises himself as a buxom Little Bo Peep. The Bo Peep wolf plays a flute in order to lure a lamb into the clutches of his buddies. When that fails, the Bo Peep wolf plays a screaming hot trumpet and lures the lamb successfully. Episode 1x42 “Mighty Mouse Meets Deadeye Dick” Mighty Mouse appears as a mysterious stranger in a western town that is being terrorized by Deadeye Dick. After Mighty Mouse gives him the works, Dick summons his gang to settle the score, when a voluptuous girl mouse (Mighty Mouse in drag) lures them away.
Milo Murphy's Law Animation United States 2016
1 D 2

* -1909 Episode 2x05B “Lady Krillers” Hollywood is rebooting the first Krillhunter movie with all women, so Milo and the gang help Tobias Trollhammer audition as a woman.
Minami-ke Animation Japan 2007 Daume 1 D 3 P

Makoto is Chiaki's classmate. He is nicknamed "Idiotic child" which his classmates believe is more of an impression of him than a nickname. He has a crush on Haruka, and goes as far as crossdressing (first forced upon him by Kana) to avoid detection from Chiaki, who became jealous and angry with him after he helped Haruka cook dinner, in order to see her at the Minami residence. When he crossdresses, he is referred to as "Mako-chan". Only Uchida, Kana, and Touma knows of his crossdressing habit. Episodes 6, 7, 10 and 13: The sisters play dress up with Makoto that end being introduced as Mako-chan to Haruka. He becomes friend with her as Mako-chan. Anime 2nd Season “Minami-ke: Okawari” Episodes 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 have Mako-chan appareances. Anime 3th Season “Minami-ke: Okaeri” Episodes 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12 and 13 have Mako-chan appareances. OAV “Minami-ke: Betsubara”: Mako-chan appareance. OAV “Minami-ke: Omatase”: Mako-chan appareance. Anime 4th Season “Minami-ke: Tadaima” Episode 2, 6, 10 and 13 has Mako-chan appareances. OAV “Minami-ke: Natsuyasumi”: Mako-chan brief appareance
Miniforce X: Pentathlon Animation Korea 2018 SAMG Animation 1 T 2

* -1909 Episode 13-14: Multiple bodyswaps between males and females.
Miraculous, Les Aventures De Ladybug Et Chat Noir Animation France 2015
1 T 1

Episode 19 “Reflekta” Reflekta, is a flamboyant villain who can zap people into making them look exactly like her.
Mitsudomoe Animation Japan 2010 Bridge 1 T 1

Episode 1: The girls imagine the teacher as a female and plot that to happen kicking him in the nads too hard.
MM! (Emu Emu!) Animation Japan 2010 Xebec 1 D 3 P

Tatsukichi Hayama is Taro Sado's classmate and close friend. He enjoys crossdressing. He is troubled at the start when Taro, who does not know of Tatsukichi's hobby, becomes infatuated with his female alter ego. He has a superiority complex while he is crossdressing, and repeatedly argues with Isurugi (sometimes over Taro's affection). He was previously in a relationship with Yuno's best friend Yumi, but states that he is unsure how he now feels about her.
Mob Psycho 100 Animation Japan 2016 Bones 1 D 1

-1609 Episode 2: Reigen takes Mob on a contract to exorcise a spirit at a private all-girls high school. Both he and Mob try crossdressing to infiltrate the school, but Reigen is immediately stopped by security while Mob goes on to meet his clients alone.
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (Kidou Senshi Gundam 00) Animation Japan 2007 Sunrise 1 D 4 P

Season 2 Episode 8: After receiving word of the A-LAWS' party from Wang Liu Mei, Tieria insists that he attend the party, and Setsuna volunteers to act as his support. Being provided with a female disguise, Tieria infiltrates the party, where he scopes the room in an attempt to locate Ribbons Almark. When Ribbons finally appears, he asks for a dance with Tieria, expressing his surprise at his feminine appearance. As they dance, Ribbons offers Tieria the option of regaining full access to Veda; this shocks Tieria, causing him to trip over his feet, but Ribbons manages to catch him before he falls.
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Animation Japan 1986 Sunrise 1 D 3 P

Episode 40 “Vision of Tigerbaum”: The boys crossdress as women to gain access to a palace where the girls have been carried to stay in the harem of the planet's leader.
Moi Renart Animation France 1986
1 D 2

-1809 Anthropomorphic characters. Episode 3 “Les grandes manœuvres” Renart disguised as a woman. Episode 4 “Renart fait sa pub” Renart disguised as a woman. Episode 6 “La Renarde” Russian pianist escape from KGB disguised as a woman. Episode 7 ”Jess Bomb” In a holiday resort, male disguised as waitress. Episode 10 “Koko de St Zephir” Renard sustitutes a bride. Episode 14 “Gold Star” Two men disguised as arab women. Episode 18 “Il etait une fois Renart” Renard disguised as a female teacher. Episode 23 “Le club des cavernes” Renard disguised as a woman.
Momoiro Ome-chen Animation Japan 2016 Souda Momo 1 T

-1806 A geeky boy and a hot chick bodyswap.
Mon Pote Le Fantome Animation France 2013
1 D

Episode 32 “La Remplaçante” (2013) To be able to capture Billy, Sam Hoover disguises as a woman and get a post as a female teacher in his school.
Monster Animation Japan 2004 Madhouse 1 D 4 P

Episode 41-56: Johan impersonating his siter Nina, calling himself Anna and Killing people in the city of Prague. Episode 41: Brief appearance of a woman that has killed two people and you see her hair and the children saying how beautiful she is. Episode 42: Brief appearance of a woman before killing 3 policemen. Episode 43-45: "Friendship" story between a Czech policeman called Jan Suk, who is investigating the murder of three policemen, and a misterious woman called Anna he knew in a bar. Episode 48: Anna visit Jan's mother in the hospital. Episode 49: Anna escape from Prague, not before convincing a little child into killing himself because his mother don't love him, and being saved in the last moment by Tenma and Grimmer. Episode 56: End of the escape and the change of clothes of Johan. Episode 67: Remenbering of when Johan and Nina were little children and both were dressed in girl's clothes. Episode 74: Remenbering of when Johan and Nina were little children and both were dressed in girl's clothes.
Monster Buster Club Animation France 2008
1 D 1 P

Episode 50 “Silly Human Tricks” An alien from the galaxy disguised as a woman and impossible to be found by the alien scanner because of her cloak, is trying as a pet trainer not to help the children at the school on training their pets but to get their owners to be her pets on the galaxy's pet competition for a chance to win the 1st prize.
Monster Farm (Monster Rancher) Animation Japan 1999 TMS Entertainment 1 D 1

-1903 Episode 44 “Magic Stone Mayhem” Genki act as a decoy for girl disguising as her.
Mosaic Animation United States 2007
1 T 2 P

-1401 Animated Movie. Morrow takes the form of a female detective to sneak into her office.
Moyashimon Animation Japan 2007 Shirogumi 1 D 2

Episodes 9-11: Yuki runs away from university and decides to live full time as a woman, working in a shop wearing goth-loli-maid clothing. Sequel “Moyasimon Returns” Yuki lives full time as a woman, and is in charge of a liquor store.
Mu Lan - Animated Video Treasures II Animation Australia 1998 Burbank 1 D 2

Animated Movie. Mulan and Liu disguised as women to sneak into the huns camp and spy on them.
Mugen Shinshi: Bouken Katsugeki-hen Animation Japan 1987 Studio Gallop 1 D 2 P

Adventures in the thirties in Japan and China. Mugen is a rich gentleman with detective skills, and a master of disguise. OAV: Mugen disguises as a famous female piano player, because famous women are being kidnapped.
Mulan Animation United States 1998 Walt Disney 1 D 2

Animated Movie. Near the end, the Huns capture the Emperor, locking themselves inside the palace. With Mulan's help, Li Shang, Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po pose as concubines and are able to enter the palace and defeat them.
Mummies Alive! Animation United States 1997 DiC 1 T

Episode 36 “Who's Who” A body switch episode, including a switch between the head mummy and the female mummy.
Musashi Gundoh Animation Japan 2006 ACC Production 1 T 2 P

Episodes 16 and 17: Young ninja uses his shapeshifting power to become a woman.
Muteki Kanban Musume Animation Japan 2006 Telecom Animation Film 1 D 1

Episode 10 Part 1: Kankuro is wearing Miki's outfit while trying to beat her at her own game (that being ramen delivery). Episode 12 Part 1: Kankuro dons the disguise of an aristocratic lady to try to get Miki to challenge him.
My Life As... Animation Japan 1999
1 D 2

Mature. OAV Episode 1 “My Life as a Chiken” Is about a teen boy living with 2 dominating girls. He ends up in dresses several times.
Nana Animation Japan 2006 Madhouse 1 D 1

Episode 46 and 47: Blast's members excitedly prepare for the fireworks festival by cancelling their other appointments and finding disguises, Shinichi getting a loli girl disguise.
Nanatsu No Taizai: Seisen No Shirushi Animation Japan 2016 A-1 Pictures 1 T 1

-1709 Episode 4 “The Shape of Love” Gowther is distracted by a boy named Pelliot, who asks him to retrieve a fat cat off a roof. Since Gowther reminds Pelliot of his mother, who recently passed away, Gowther transforms into Pelliot's mother for a moment and disappears when Pelliot's father finds Pelliot.
Nanbaka Animation Japan 2016 Satelight 1 D

-1704 Hitoshi Sugoroku is Hajime's cute blonde crossdressing brother who befriends Jyugo. He has a kind and sweet personality and is very girly. He is more or less the opposite of Hajime; Slow, Clumsy and Non-athletic. However, the one trait he shares with his brother, is his toughness. Like Hajime, he can withstand abnormal amounts of impact, brushing them off like nothing. Hajime even goes so far as using him as a blunt weapon or projectile.
Naruto Animation Japan 2002 Studio Pierrot 1 B 3

Episodes 1, 2, 14, 26, 53, 143, 151, 177: One of Naruto's techniques is the "Sexy no Jutsu" which changes him into an attractive female. Episode 12: Naruto mistakes Haku for a girl. Episodes 71-72: Orochimaru reveals his body stealing technique, he is currently using a female body. Episode 97: Naruto disguises himself as Shizune. Episode 158: Three young ninjas show Naruto their "Puri-Puri no Jutsu" techniques that is an improvement of the "Sexy no Jutsu" technique. Episode 192: Naruto disguises as a young girl that is avoiding a male she is to be engaged. Episodes 202-204: Naruto disguises himself as Kurenai to get into a mansion.
Naruto SD: Rock Lee No Seishun Full-Power Ninden (Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals) Animation Japan 2012 Studio Pierrot 1 B 1

Spinoff of "Naruto" following the exploits of supporting cast-member Rock Lee. Episode 1: Rock Lee imagines Naruto using "Sexy No Jutsu". Later Naruto actually shows up and uses it. Then Rock Lee tries to use it too, as well as "Harem No Jutsu". Nearly all episodes have little bits of crossdressing and transformations using the “Sexy no ...” techniques.
Naruto Shippuden Animation Japan 2007 Studio Pierrot 1 T 3 P

-1609 Episode 1: Konohamaru uses the "Sexy no Jutsu" to become a girl. Episode 75: Shikamaru transform briefly into Kurenai near the end. Episode 90: Konohamaru shows his "Oiroke Onna no Ko Doushi no Jutsu" technique to Naruto, this technique is a variant of the "Sexy no Jutsu" technique. Episode 161: Naruto using sexy no jutsu in flashbacks. Also a training scene where Kohonamaru imagines Naruto teaching him a perverted jutsu when Naruto's really trying to teach him Rasengan. Movie "Naruto Shippuden 2: Bonds": Priestess Shion's attendant, Taruho, uses a technique called "Shadow Mirror Shapeshift" to assume Shion's form, in order to act as a decoy. This technique is irreversible. Episode 170: Kohonamaru show Naruto his “Sexy no Jutsu” variant. Episode 178: Naruto uses the "Sexy no Jutsu" to become a girl. Episode 179 : Naruto uses the "Sexy no Jutsu" to become a girl. Episode 180: Naruto uses the "Sexy no Jutsu" to become a girl. Episode 220: Konohamaru transform into a woman. Episode 229: Naruto uses the “Mushroom Harem Jutsu” to become a girl. Episode 243: Naruto uses the “Harem no Jutsu” to become a girl. Episode 279: Hinata reveals herself to be a male enemy that has taken her form to fool Kiba and Shino. Episode 299: Naruto uses the "Sexy no Jutsu" to become a girl, very brief. Episode 321: At least 2 female Ninja are shown to be transformed white Zetsu's. Episode 396: Naruto uses the "Sexy no Jutsu" to become a girl, very brief. Episode 422-423: Konohamaru uses the “Sexy no Jutsu” to become a girl, very brief. Later he uses a variant to become a sexy girl. Episode 469: Naruto uses the "Sexy no Jutsu" to become a girl.
Natsu No Arashi Animation Japan 2009 Shaft 1 T

Episode 8: Hajime and Jun swap bodies after tumbling down a flight of temple steps. What Hajime doesn't know is that Jun is in fact a girl; she has been working in the cafe disguised as a boy. Much confusion results as Jun tries to adapt to being a boy for real and at the same time trying to prevent Hajime from discovering the truth.
Natsume Yuujinchou Animation Japan 2008 Brain's Base 1 T 2 P

-1709 Episode 4: Madara, the mysterious feline spirit shaped into a cat, take the form of a schoolgirl because is just easier to fool humans with a female disguise. Episode 11: Madara take the form of a schoolgirl to talk with a priest. Sequel “Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou” Episode 1: Madara uses his female form to go to the forest were spirits are attending a banquet. Sequel “Natsume Yuujinchou San” Episode 9: A Youkai possesses two different girls. Sequel “Natsume Yuujinchou Shi” Episode 7 “The Gap Between Humans and Youkai” Madara takes the form of Reiko. Sequel “Natsume Yuujinchou Go” Episode 1: Brief dream scene where Takashi transform into a girl.
Needless Animation Japan 2009 Madhouse 1 D 3

Anime “Needless+ (Needless Special)” Mini Episodes 1-12 “St Lily Academy's Secret” Cruz goes undercover as a girl to a school.
Neo Ranga Animation Japan 1998 Studio Pierrot 1 D 1 P

Episode 25: Male is disguised as a woman to pass unnoticed
Neon Genesis Evangelion Animation Japan 1995 Gainax 1 D 1 P

Episode 8 "Asuka Strikes!" Asuka forces Shinji to dress in one female plugsuit.
Netoge No Yome Wa Onna No Ko Janai To Omotta? Animation Japan 2016 Project No.9 1 T

Episode 1: Hideki Nishimura remembers when he declares his love for a online girl that was really a male in real life.
Nightmare Ned Animation United States 1997
1 T 1

Episode 1x08 Part “Girl Trouble” Ned goes to sleep each night and has twisted nightmares. In one of these dreams, he turns into a girl.
Nijiiro Days Animation Japan 2016 Production Reed 1 D 1

Episode 6: In the school festival, every year, a student named Buu-chan dresses up in drag and enters the crossdressing contest for kicks. However this year he is sick, and the festival committee needs someone to take his place. Tsuyoshi, still peeved with Natsuki for involving him with the festival, tells his blond friend that he is going to be the replacement.
Nijuu Mensou No Musume (The Daughter Of Twenty Faces) Animation Japan 2008 Bones 1 D 2 P

Episode 5: Hans crossdresses, albeit unwillingly, for a circus performation.
Nikutai Teni (Body Transfer) Animation Japan 2003
1 T 2

Mature. OAV. Kenichi and several of his female friends stay after school to look at a new archaeological find, a bizarre looking mirror. Suddenly, the entire building is transported to an alternate dimension and a magic field surrounds it to prevent them from escaping. Also, their minds have switched to other bodies, Kenichi ending in Yoshimi body. The only way to switch bodies is when their sexual emotions are high. Kenichi must find a way to return everything back to normal until the dimension falls apart. Kenichi gets swapped around to the different females bodies.
Ninja Hattori-kun Animation Japan 1981 Shin-Ei Animation 1 D

Ninjas sometimes dressing in female disguises. Episodes 545, 556, 573, 577, 583, 658
Ninku Animation Japan 1993 Kiriyama Koji 1 D 2 P

-1311 Episode 45: Fusuke, Aicho and Touji, disguised as females to pass for a village where there are imperial soldiers that that want to hunt them
Nintama Rantarou Animation Japan 1993 Ajia-do Animation Works 1 D

Yamada Denzou is the "jitsugi" or field technique and methodology teacher for Ichinen-hagumi. Basically, this means that he teaches them how to do the things that ninjas do. Yamada-sensei is often the butt of jokes. He also seems to really enjoy dressing up as a woman.
Nippon-ichi No Otoko No Tamashii Animation Japan 1999 Studio Deen 1 T 1

Episode ?: Boy and girl swap bodies after falling down in stairs.
Nishi No Yoki Majo (The Good Witch Of The West - Astraea Testament) Animation Japan 2006 Hal Film Maker 1 D 2

Episodes 3-5: Roux disguises as a girl to be near Firiel in an all-girls academy
No. 6 Animation Japan 2011 Bones 1 D 2 P

Episode 5: Rat is on stage playing Ophelia in the play “Hamlet”
Noragami Animation Japan 2014 Bones 1 T 2

OAV 1 “God's Possession, God's Curse” Hiyori's first day at high school becomes a nightmare for her when Yato possesses her body, after she unintentionally slips out of it after falling asleep. He uses Hiyori's body to his advantage by doing all sorts of embarrassing and over-the-top things to spread word of his services to the other students, with Kofuku joining in on the fun. Yukine tries to get Tenjin and Mayu to help put a stop to Yato's antics, but they too end up getting distracted. As Hiyori struggles to make Yato return her body, she and Yukine spot a perverted student, who sneaked a camera into the girl's changing rooms, and discover he has been possessed by a phantom. When the student attempts to jump out of the window upon being discovered, Yato manages to rescue him and subdue the phantom, but ends up breaking his (Hiyori's) shoulder in the process. As such, Yato is caught and given an appropriate punishment whilst Hiyori begins her next day of school with a bizarre reputation.
Noveltoons Animation United States 1943 Famous Studios 1 D 3 P

Anthology series of animated cartoons. Episode 14 “Sheep Shape” (1946) The villainous Wolf, desiring wine, women and song, fleeces Blackie the Sheep out of his money and heads off to whet his pleasure appetites. A vampish nightclub entertainer soon separates the wolf from his ill-gotten gains, and the femme-fatale turn out to be Blackie in disguise.
Nurarihyon No Mago (Nura: Rise Of The Yokai Clan) Animation Japan 2011 Studio Deen 1 D 2

Episode 23 “Darkness And Ice”: Gozumaru and Mezumaru disguise themselves to spy on the enemy. Mezumaru is disguised as a girl.
Oda Nobuna No Yabou Animation Japan 2012 Studio Gokumi / Madhouse 1 D 1

Episode 7: Nagamasa returns to Owari, begging Nobuna to marry him since he cannot return home until he does. After promising an alliance with no strings attached, Nobuna gives away her sister "Oichi" to be Nagamasa's bride except "Oichi" is Nobusumi who is forced to dress up as a girl.
Ogenki Clinic Animation Japan 1991 AC Create 1 B 3

Mature. OAV. Vol 1 Case 1: Male is disguised as a woman, Vol 1 Case 3: Doctor Ogekuri in a nurse uniform. Vol 1 Case 4: Male is disguised as a woman. Vol 2 Case 2: Doctor Ogekuri in a ballet costume. Vol 2 Case 3: Teruo, brother of Ruko Tatase, change his appareance to appear as a woman (shemale). Vol 2 Case 4: Doctor Ogekuri and Nurse Ruko Tatasse swith bodies after sex.
Oh! Edo Rocket Animation Japan 2007 Madhouse 1 D

Episode 21 “Digressing thrice” After returning to normal, he was transformed into a Pigeon in an earlier episode, Genzo-san lands a part in a play... as Princess Kaguya.
Oh! Super Milk Chan Animation Japan 1998 Genco / Studio Pierrot 1 D

Character Barazou: A live-action crossdressing man who appears frequently on the news.
Oira Sukeban (Delinquent in Drag) Animation Japan 1992 Studio Signal Club 1 D 3 P

Does being the only guy in an all girl school sound like paradise. It might be, if the girls knew you where a guy, but to stay in school teenage pervert Banji can't let can't let anyone find out his chromosomes don't match. Banji's status conscious parents want him to go to a good school, but not enough to spend the money on a good co-ed school. Now, in addition to studying math and science, Banji has to learn how to put on a bra and makeup. His life has become a living hell. Not only is he at the bottom of the social pecking order, he must also got to conceal his inner-masculinity from the pretty classmate girl who's stolen his heart while avoiding the female bullies who threaten to expose his less-than-feminine charms in the locker room.
Okama Hakusho (Okama Report) Animation Japan 1991
1 D 2

OAV. Shinya Okama is a man who has some problems. First off, his name means 'gay' in Japanese. Next, he has the hots for himself dressed as a girl. Finally, he ends up working at a transvestite bar where he has befriended a girl named Miki. This is not an easy matter to solve, because she only knows him as his female counterpart named Catherine. So how is a guy dressed as a girl supposed to come out to a girl as a heterosexual male? To make matters worse, she has a boyfriend who is trying everything in the book to get with her. Enter the exciting world of Okama Hakusho where love comes in many different flavors!
Okane Ga Nai Animation Japan 2007 Yricc 1 D 2

Mature. OAV Episode 1 and 2: Kaoru-san, a transvestite, "friend" of kanou and boss of an okama bar.
One Piece Animation Japan 1999 Toei Animation 1 B 2

Character Mr.2 or Bon Clay: His devil fruit ability gives him the ability of complete phyiscal transformation which he uses to transform into various different characters including Nami several times through out the series, not to mention he's a okama normally anyways. Character Emporio Ivankov: Nicknamed "Miracle Person”, is a Revolutionary commander, and queen of the "Kamabakka Queendom" on "Peachy Island". Ivankov is an effeminate, crossdressing man. He believes that people should be what they want to be whether it be a man, woman, or both. Ivankov ate a paramecia devil fruit called the horm-horm fruit, which allows him to control the hormones of the human body. For example, he can remodel a human from the inside, which allows them to change all physical aspects, including sex. Episode 67: Igaran, one of the bodyguards for princess Vivi dresses as princess Vivi to lure away Baroque Works. Episode 129: Princess Vivi is sustituted by Igaran in a dress when she escapes to join the pirates. Episode 419: Sanji end in a island full of transvestites that try to convert him. Episode 439: Male is tranformed into a woman by an okama, Ivankov. Episode 442: Ivankov turns a guard into a woman. Episode 445: Ivankov transform himself into a female version of him to engage into a fight. Episode 454: Sanji continues in the island full of transvestites. Episode 506: Brief scene of Sanji crossdressing in the transvestite island. Episode 510: TG-transformed Ivankov and TG-transformed Inazuma show up. Episode 514: The island transvestites show and present Sanji with a challenge. Episode 522: The island transvestites show again. Episode 530: Island transvestites in nurse uniform helping injured Sanji. Episode 586: Massive bodyswap end with Sanji in Nami's body. Anime Movie 8 “The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta”: Bon Clay impersonate the other cast members including a woman.
Onegai! Samia-don (Please! Psammea-don) Animation Japan 1985 TMS 1 T 3 P

-1803 Episode 11 "Sid Has a Date with a Boy" Samed is a sand magician that can grant children's desires and these desires only have effect during the light of the sun. In this episode, Sid is jealous because Ann has date with a boy. Sid wishes to be turned into Ann to ruin things for her.
Ookami Kakushi Animation Japan 2010 AIC 1 D 2 P

Episode 12 “Mysterious Tales of Jouga”: Hiroshi is tricked by Isuzu into dressing up as a maid for the evening in a maid cafe where Isuzu is working part-time.
Ookami-san To Shichinin No Nakama-tachi Animation Japan 2010 J.C.Staff 1 D 1

Liszt Kiriki is the president of the Otogi Bank. His skill is crossdressing, which he uses to gain information normal men can't obtain. He is almost never seen working. Introduced in Episode 3. Episode 4: The boys of the club disguised as maids.
Ore No Nounai Sentakushi Ga, Gakuen Love Come O Zenryoku De Jama Shiteiru (Noucome) Animation Japan 2013 Diomedea 1 T 2

-1311 Episode 2: Kanade is transformed into a female version of himself. Episode 11 (OAV): Koh is transformed into a girl.
Ore, Twin Tail Ni Narimasu Animation Japan 2014 Production IMS 1 T 1

Souji Mitsuka is an ordinary high school boy who has an obsession for twintail hair. One day, he encounters a mysterious girl named Thouars from a parallel world when monsters appear in his town who declare that all twintails in the world belong to them. These monsters feed off the "attribute power," the spiritual energy of humans. Thouars entrusted Souji with Tail Gear, imaginary armor initiated by powerful twintail attributes. With the armor, Souji transforms into Tail Red, a twintail warrior girl
Osomatsu-san Animation Japan 2015 Studio Pierrot 1 B 2 P

Episode 10 “Iyami and Chibita's Rental Girlfriend” Looking to earn some easy money, Iyami and Chibita set up their own "Rental Girlfriend" business, which gets no business due to how ugly they look disguised as women. To their end, they take an experimental drug from Dekapan and transform them into cute girls that manage to catch the attention of the Matsuno brothers. The pair soon use their now feminine wiles to charm the sextuplets, hitting them with various hidden fees to make a lot of money. However, the drug soon starts losing its effectiveness, causing them to lose their female forms during a final date with the brothers. Episode 22 “The Star of Hope, Todomatsu” Todomatsu, disguised as a girl, holds auditions to take one of his brothers with him to a mixer, struggling to find anyone worth taking.
Otogi Zoshi Animation Japan 2005 Seto Narumi 1 D 1

Episode 5: Men dressing as women to enter a pirate village.
Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru Animation Japan 2006 Feel 1 D 4 P

-1311 Mizuho is a nice guy who was born in a good family, smart, and moral. But one day, he has to transfer to a girl’s high school by his grandfather’s last will. Then, he has to disguise like a girl to go to the school…
Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru: Futari No Elder Animation Japan 2012 Silver Link 1 D 4 P

OAV. Chihaya is a boy that is looked down because he looks like a girl. Due to that reasons, he isolates himself at home. His mom suggests that he should go to Seiou Academy which is an all girls school. Thus, the story started...
Ouran High School Host Club Animation Japan 2006 Bones 1 D 3 P

Episode 9: All the club members disguised as girls to convince Harushi to not leaving Ouran. Episode 10: Introducing Harushi's father that is a transvestite and works with others. Also in Episodes 15, 16. Episode 20: A prequel that tells the story of how the twins were convinced to help form the club, includes the twins being dressed as girls for a party.
Outlaw Star Animation Japan 1998 Sunrise 1 D 3 P

Episode 18 "The Strongest Woman in the Universe": In exchange for a substantial loan of money from Fred Luo, the Outlaw Star crew enters the annual Strongest Woman in the Universe tournament to stop Fred's fiancee, Reiko Ando, from winning, and thus prevent a marriage between the two. Aisha is forbidden from competing on the basis that she is a Ctarl Ctarl, so the rest of the crew dresses up Gene as a woman and enters him in the tournament under the name "Jenny" while Aisha also enters the tournament under the guise of a masked wrestler named "Firecat".
Overlord Animation Japan 2015 Madhouse 1 T 1

-1806 Season 2 Episode 11-12: Brain, Climb and Lockmyer infiltrate to rescue Miss Tuare. Later they are escorting Tuare out, when they encounter Zero, who challenges Brain to a fight, while "Miss Tuare" is revealed to be Succulent, waiting to ambush them, a fact that Brian and Lockmyer were already aware of.
Overman King Gainer Animation Japan 2002 Sunrise 1 D 2 P

Episode 10 “Asham's Tenacity” Gainer disguises himself as a woman when keeping tabs on Gain while the latter competes in a boxing tournament to make extra money for the Exodus Movement.
Pandora Hearts Animation Japan 2009 Xebec 1 D 1

DVD Special: Gil crossdressing as a maid. Also a brief scene with all the guys crossdressing.
Papa To Kiss In The Dark Animation Japan 2005 TNK 1 D 1 P

OAV Episode 1: Mira imagine himself in female clothing in various scenes.
Paradise Kiss Animation Japan 2005 Madhouse 1 D 1

Daisuke "Isabella" Yamamoto is a very tall, mysterious, and transgendered Yazagaku student, who has been a good friend of George's since childhood. Isabella prefers to be thought of as a woman, and is mortified when referred to as her birth name '"Daisuke".
Patalliro! (Boku Patalliro!) Animation Japan 1982 Toei Animation 1 D 1 P

Episode 5: Introdued Maraich, a hitman, that disguises as a female to try to kill Bancoran.
Peace Maker Kurogane Animation Japan 2003 Gonzo 1 D 2 P

Susumu is one of the Shinsengumi's spies, He sometimes crossdresses to gather information. Episode 3; Susumu, disguised as a geisha to gather information. Episode 20: Susumu, impersonating Ayumu, stabs Masuya to unconsciousness.
Persona -Trinity Soul- Animation Japan 2008 A-1 Pictures 1 T 1 P

Episode 19: Takurou's father has return to live to visit him, but his soul is now placed in a female body.
Persona 4 Animation Japan 2011 AIC 1 D 3

Episode 19 “It's School Festival Day! Time to Have Fun!” Yosuke discovers that Chie has signed up himself, Kanji, and Yu for the cultural festival's crossdressing pageant as revenge, but both Kanji and Yu want to do their best. The cultural festival comes, and it is time for the crossdressing pageant. Kanji, Yosuke, and Yu are all met with a lukewarm audience, but Teddie appears as the final contestant, having been signed up and made up by Naoto at the last minute. His convincing crossdress wins him the pageant, and his chance to judge the real beauty pageant.
Phantom Investigators Animation United States 2002
1 T

Episode 2 “Skating the Plank” Casey, the shapeshifting member of the group, transformed himself into a mermaid at the episodes climax in order to distract the spectral pirates attacking his friends.
Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle Animation Japan 2011 Sunrise 1 D 3

Character Ana Gram: A rather affeminate crossdressing boy with a knowledge of famous paintings who often enjoys painting himself. Ana also wins a crossdressing contest of the school, without even entering. Episode 4 “The Girl in the Secret Room” Kaito is given a Sage Puzzle to solve on the weekend, where he is to be partnered with Ana Gram, an art enthusiast who holds the title of 'Da Vinci'. They visit the mansion of a late artist, with its butler revealed to be a Giver from the POG. Kaito and Ana are trapped in a room which will fill with gas if they don't solve the puzzle. Presented with a jigsaw containing various famous paintings, Kaito and Ana work together to solve the puzzle, the treasure of which is a series of paintings the painter dedicated to his wife. Back at school, Kaito and Nonoha are surprised to find that Ana is a boy. Episode 9 “The Fallen Apple and the Continuing Road” As Root Academy prepares for a cultural festival, where Kaito finds himself reluctantly entered into a crossdressing contest, the principal, Baron Kaidou, agrees to install a Kenja Puzzle within the academy. Just as Kaito gets into his crossdress, he learns that Nonoha has been taken hostage for the Kenja Puzzle, in which he must eat apples from truth telling dwarves whilst avoiding poisoned ones before the setting burns down. Kaito soon learns from the Giver that granted him Orpheus, who is secretly the student president, Souji Jikukawa, that important information needed to solve the puzzle has been intentionally left out. Souji provides the remaining information for the puzzle, allowing Kaito to solve it and free Nonoha, before getting help from Cubic to save them from the collapsing area.
Phineas And Ferb Animation United States 2007
1 D

-1806 Episode 1x15 “I Scream, You Scream” Carl dresses as a sales lady at Blueprint Heaven. Episode 1x37 “Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?” Phineas and Ferb create a teleporting machine, but it ends up switching Candace's and Perry's brains when they go through it together. Episode 1x40 “The Monster of Phineas-n-Ferbenstein” Doofenshmirtz tells Agent P the story about his ancestor, Jekyll Doofenshmirtz, who made an invention called The Concoction Brewinator! to turn him into a monster. To his surprise, instead of a giant evil monster, he becomes a small fairy princess. Episode 2x11 “Gaming the System” Doofenshmirtz has created a ballgowninator to turn everyone in the Tri-state area girly so that he could look the manliest of them all (In Doofenshmirtz's childhood, his mother was expecting a daughter and was knitting a bunch of dresses, but a son was born instead and young Doofenshmirtz was forced to wear dresses, making himself humiliated in front of his classmates). He tests out his invention on Perry and Perry is immediately dressed in a blue ball gown. Perry and Doofenshmirtz fight and the ray hits Doofenshmirtz, making him wear a dress as well. Also Doofenshmirtz shoots his ballgowninator at Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella giving them all ball gowns. Episode 2x15 “Let's Take a Quiz” Phineas opens the game show called "Let's Take a Quiz", and introduce Candace and Buford to the audience. Ferb dresses as a show girl and is seen in multiple outfits. Episode 2x42 “Undercover Carl” Carl is supposed to go undercover and there is a montage of him in various disguises which include him in pinafore, as an arabian dancer, pink woman's suit, hawaii dancer and ballet outfit.
Piano No Mori: The Perfect World Of Kai Animation Japan 2018 Fukushima Gainax 1 D 3 P

-1806 Episode 7: Kai secretly works in a strip club playing piano, dressed as a woman named Maria.
Ping Pong Club Animation Japan 1995 Grouper Productions 1 D 2 P

The basic story takes place in the Inachu high school's male ping pong club. There are only 3 people in the club who really cares about ping pong. The other 3 are trouble makers. While the club Captian Takeda struggles to keep the club alive (and actually practices ping pong), Maeno (the ring leader of the trouble makers) constantly causes trouble by crossdressing and engaging in SM activities with fellow club members. Episode 9: Maeno and Izawa trick Kinoshita into dressing as a girl and he loves it and goes for a little fun, Tanaka even fall in love with her (him).
Pink Panther And Pals Animation United States 2010
1 D 1 P

Episode 4B “The Spy Wore Pink” Pink Panther is a spy and change into the beautiful blonde secret agent to fool enemy.
Pinky And The Brain Animation United States 1995
1 D 1

Episode 3x08 (30) “My Feldmans, My Friends” (1997) Pinky and Brain disguise themselves as a married couple to fool the neighbour, who falls for Pinky as Mrs. Feldman.
Planet Sheen Animation United States 2010
1 D

Episode 1x15 “Chock Around the Clock” Sheen does some pet-sitting for Aseefa's Chocktow, but things start to go wrong when it's caught by Animal Control. It is up to Sheen, Nesmith, and Doppy to save him. Nesmith comes up with a diversion to distract the guards by dressing as a female and serving food, while Sheen and Doppy get into the cage dressed up in a chocktow costume.
Pocket Monster (Pokemon) Animation Japan 1997 OLM Inc. 1 D 3 P

-1806 Series 1 "Original Series" Episode 15 (15) "Battle Aboard the St. Anne" Jessie and James both disguise as teenage girls.
Series 1 "Original Series" Episode 18 (18) "Beauty and the Beach" Jessie and James both don swimsuits to enter the Swimsuit and Pokemon Costume contest, James wearing an inflatable bodysuit giving him large breasts to give him a more feminine appearance.
Series 1 "Original Series" Episode 22 (22) "Abra and the Psychic Showdown" Jessie and James are disguised as Hawaiian girls.
Series 1 "Original Series" Episode 26 (26) “Pokemon Scent-sation!” Ash disguises as a girl to enter a site after being banned.
Series 1 "Original Series" Episode 50 (50) "Who Gets to Keep Togepi?" Jessie and James are disguised as female egg-sellers with old-fashioned dresses, bonnets, and baskets full of fake Pokemon Eggs in an attempt to steal the Togepi egg.
Series 1 "Original Series" Episode 53 (53) "The Purr-fect Hero" Jessie and James are disguised during a fake magic act they put on for the school children, with James wearing a pink dress and disguised as the lovely assistant.
Series 1 "Original Series" Episode 54 (54) "The Case of the K-9 Caper" James disguised as Officer Jenny.
Series 1 "Original Series" Episode 61 (61) "The Misty Mermaid" James disguised as a ballerina.
Series 1 "Original Series" Episode 76 (76) "Fire and Ice" James disguises himself as an ordinary nurse.
Series 1 "Original Series" Episode 100 (100) "Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon" James disguised as a bride.
Series 1 "Original Series" Episode 110 (110) "The Stun Spore Detour" James disguised as an old lady with Meowth as the baby.
Series 1 "Original Series" Episode 151 (151) "Love, Totodile Style" Team Rocket disguises themselves as women.
Series 1 "Original Series" Episode 226 (226) "Espeon Not Included" Team Rocket disguises themselves as Geisha girls.
Series 2 "Advanced Generation" Episode 42 (316) "Love at First Flight” Ash disguises as a woman so that a guy who liked her could get used to talking to "her".
Series 2 "Advanced Generation" Episode 50 (326) "Pross and Cons Artists" James disguised as a twenties woman.
Series 2 "Advanced Generation" Episode 83 (359) "Unfair Weather Friends" Female scientist from the Weather Institute, Millie, reveals that she is in fact Brodie, the Man of a Thousand Faces.
Series 2 "Advanced Generation" Episode 119 (393) "The Ribbon Cup Caper" Brodie disguises as a female passenger in a cruise ship, and later as Officer Jenny.
Series 2 "Advanced Generation" Episode 125 (399) "Like a Meowth to a Flame" Jessie and James disguise as Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy respectively.
Series 2 "Advanced Generation" Episode 156 (430) "From Cradle to Save" James disguised as Jessie in her Team Rocket uniform.
Series 2 "Advanced Generation" Episode 180 (454) “May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!” Harley disguises as May.
Series 3 "Diamond & Pearl" Episode 62 (528) “Tanks for the Memories!” Ash dresses up in a maid outfit to help in a maid cafe.
Series 3 "Diamond & Pearl" Episode 146 (612) "Dressed for Jess Success" James disguises himself as "Jessilina" in the Lilypad Contest, and wins as Jessie is sick.
Series 4 "Best Wishes" Episode 69 (726) "Climbing the Tower of Success!" Cilan dressing up as Elesa, and another male diguised as a nurse.
Series 4 "Best Wishes" Episode 98 (755) "Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige!" Ash and Cilan are forced to crossdress to enter into the Flower Garden Troupe club building.
Series 5 “Pokemon XY” Episode 57 (858) “Vanipeti Panic! An Ice-Covered Whiteout!!” James disguised as a nurse.
Series 6 “Pocket Monsters: Sun & Moon” Episode 68 (1009) “Work Experience! 24-Hour Pokemon Center!!” Ash disguised as a nurse.
Police Academy: The Series Animation United States 1988
1 D

Episode 1x07 “Worth her weight in gold” Policeman disguised as a female wrestler.
Police Dogged Animation United States 1956 Terrytoons 1 D 1 P

Animated short. Gangster disguised as a moll doll.
Popeye The Sailor Animation United States 1960 Jack Kinney Productions 1 T 1

Episode 131 “I Yam What I Yamnesia” (1960) Wimpy and Olive switch bodies. Very brief.
Popeye The Sailor Theatrical Cartoon Shorts Animation United States 1933 Fleischer Studios / Famous Studios 1 D 2

Episode 29 “Vim, Vigor and Vitaliky” (1936) Bluto goes in drag to crash Popeye's exercise class for women. Episode 147 “Popeye and the Pirates” (1947) Popeye dressed as a woman to fool the pirate captain. Episode 170 “Gym Jam” (1950) Color remake of the short “Vim, Vigor and Vitaliky”. Episode 185 “Popeye's Pappy” (1952) Popeye dressed as a woman to lure his Pappy away from an island
Potemayo Animation Japan 2007 J.C.Staff 1 D 2 P

Mudou Kirihara is in the cheerleading club, and will dress up in a full female cheerleader uniform during club activities, notable appareances in Episodes 2 (3 in the original japanese release) and 7 (14 in the original japanese release). Episode 2 (3 in the original japanese release): Sunao's uniform is wet and he is given the only clothes avalaible, a female cheerleader uniform. Potemayo Special 6: In a school festival there is a crossdressing cafe.
Power Stone Animation Japan 1999 Studio Pierrot 1 D 2 P

Falcon dreams of becoming the champion "fighter" of the world. When the whiny old family retainer brings him a mysterious gem, Falcon plunges into a conflict involving such curious characters as Rouge the fortuneteller, Ryoma the samurai, a living mummy, a troupe of ninja spies disguised as circus acrobats (including a transvestite star), and Octo and Pus, the Team Rocket of the series.
Prince of Stride: Alternative Animation Japan 2016 Madhouse 1 D 2 P

Episode 2: Koinata crossdressing as a “princess” for a photo show.
Prince Of Tennis Animation Japan 2001 Trans Arts 1 B

Episode 115: Fuji crossdressing in the far west. Episode 132: Inui and Oishi are husband and wife.
Princes Et Princesses Animation France 2000
1 T 2

Animated Movie. Within the sumptuous elegance of a French rococo garden, a young prince and princess, after some cajoling from the prince, swear their love for each other with a kiss – a kiss which turns out to have some side-effects which are more than just a little unexpected. At the end the prince transform into the princess and the princess into the prince.
Princess Princess Animation Japan 2006 Studio Deen 1 D 4 P

Tooru Kouno is a transfer student to distinguished boys school. Tooru has very beautiful face, so he is chosen as one of "school princess". Tooru wants to refuse such weird role but accepts it because school princess has a lot of great privilege. Tooru challenges princess role with a lot of efforts with other princess student, his dormitory roommate, Yuujirou Shihoudani and Mikoto Yutaka. They should accompany and cheer all competition by the sport club of the school as their formal role but shows their female costume to the people if the team survives until the national match.
Prism Magical: Prism Generations! Animation Japan 2010 Asahi Production 1 D 2

There is a small town on the sea. Raika just enjoys his school life with Ibuki, his old friend, and Yuri, his maid. However, his father is actually a magical girl (?). Also, a group of magical girls come to his school to look for a treasure stone called Mana Prism. Though he doesn't want to wear a girl's costume, he is forced to be a magical girl as well! "Come back, my peaceful life!" To save his school, his battle against the magical girls starts now!.
Psycho-Pass Animation Japan 2012 Production I.G 1 D 1

Episode 7 (Extended Edition Episode 4): Male put on an Holographic schoolgirl disguise. Anime “Psycho-Pass 2” Episode 1: Kitazawa escapes, apparently taking a female hostage with him, which he soon after releases. Certain that the hostage is actually a hologram, Inspector Mizue Shisui and her partner Enforcer Yamatoya are sent to follow the hologram, who is revealed to actually be a man.
Pumpkin Reports Animation United States 2015
1 T 1

-1712 Episode 30 “Mind Swap” Teresa’s plot to put Goliath’s mind in Max’s body backfires and Max, Goliath and Moonbeam all end up with their brains inside the wrong bodies, With Max in the body of Moonbeam.
Punch Line Animation Japan 2015 MAPPA 1 T 2

Episode 4: It is revealed to Yuuta, that he has the ability to possess people. He therefore proceeds to possess Rabura in order to warn Ito about her imminent danger. Episode 6: It was revealed by Meika that Yuuta was actually unmistakably biologically female, and that her real name was Yu Iridatsu, and Yuuta was just a name she called herself. Episode 7: The point that Yuuta was female was proven during a flashback on his past; Pine, Guriko, and Chiyoko, during their escape from the research facility, they swap bodies with each other.With Pine being in Chiyoko's body, Guriko in Pine's, and Chiyoko in Guriko's. Now this reveals that our main protagonist is actually Pine in Chiyoko's body all along.
Puttsun Make Love Animation Japan 1987 Agent 21 1 D 2 P

OAV. Episode 1: Cute high school girl Saori begins barely speaking to Yuji, putting him through a series of trials as she slowly realizes that he’s the boy for her. As her parents try to fix her up with a husband in an omiai (arranged) marriage meeting, Saori convinces Yuji to impersonate her at the meal, with predictably comedic results. Episode 2: Realizing there is fun to be had in impersonating a girl, Yuji disguises himself again and sneaks into the girls’ locker room with a camera, only to be waylaid by his teacher, Miss Akimoto, who confiscates his film.
Quack Pack Animation United States 1996
1 B 1

Episode 1x10 “Tasty Paste” (1996) Donald disguises as a girl to be the bait to capture a monster. Episode 1x12 “Return of the T-Squad” (1996) Louie, in his super-heroe form, possesses a flight attendant to control an airplane and save them.
R.O.D. The TV Animation Japan 2003 J.C.Staff 1 T

Episode 19: “The Family Game” Anita runs off into the woods and has to be calmed by her sisters; meanwhile Yomiko makes further explanations to Nancy, Junior, Drake, and Nenene. A British Library agent called Mirror Man infiltrates, forcing Junior to return to duty. The next morning, everyone except Anita and Yomiko has gone missing. Taking the appearance of Nenene, the Mirror Man tricks them and steals the book, but they escape his trap are ready to fight.
RahXephon Animation Japan 2002 Bones 1 T 1

Episode 24-26: An old man, and creator of the RahXephon system, Lord Bahben, takes over the body of his niece, Helena. She is a cute blonde girl. He does this because he wants to see his RahXephon tune the world, as he had planned. It is revealed that he was been alive for tens of thousands of years waiting, switching bodies everytime he gets old.
Ralph Breaks The Internet Animation United States 2018
1 D 1

-1903 Animated movie. Ralph end briefly in a snow white costume.
Ranma 1/2 Animation Japan 1989 Studio Deen 1 B 5 P

Ranma becomes a beautiful girl after falling into one of Jusenkyou's springs. Hot water can transform him back to normal, but only until the next splash of cold water. Herb has the same curse than Ranma. Tsubasa and Konatsu are both crossdressers. Shinnosuke crossdresses sometimes. OAV 08 “An Akane to Remember part 2” Ryoga, Ranma, Shinnosuke's grandfather and Shinnosuke all end crossdressing when fighting the Orochi in the water of life springs.
Ranpo Kitan: Game Of Laplace Animation Japan 2015 Lerche 1 D 1 P

Episode 3: Kobayashi, a middle school boy who is often mistaken for a girl, disguises himself as one to be the bait for a kidnapper. Episode 7: Kobayashi disguises himself as a girl. Episode 8: Kobayashi disguises himself as a girl.
Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Animation Japan 2016 White Fox 1 D 1

-1809 Episode 12: Ferris, despite having a feminine and cat-like appearance, is a male.
ReBoot Animation Canada 1994
1 T

-1704 Episode 1x03 “The Quick & The Fed” Enzo, loading the game, wanted to become a knight, but turned into a princess.
Recess Animation United States 1997
1 D 1 P

Episode 6x05 “Lost Leader” Gus disguises as a girl as part of T.J.'s plan to get their baseball bat from the Ashleys.
Red Data Girl Animation Japan 2013 P.A. Works 1 D 2

Episode 4-5: At the end of episode 4 the spirit of Masumi is summoned and he appear dressing in girl's clothes. He continues crossdressing in episode 5.
Regular Show Animation United States 2010
1 T 1

Episode 2x11 “Benson Be Gone”: Susan, the new manager, turns out to be a high-tempered demon, who is turning the park employees into clones of herself.
Rei Rei Animation Japan 1993 Aubeck 1 T 3

OAV Episode 1: Tanaka is cheated by his girlfriend, but goddes Kaguya is there to help him, transforming him into a girl so he can cheat her her new boyfriend.
Reinou Tantei Miko (Phantom Hunter Miko) Animation Japan 2001 Studio Deen 1 T 2 P X

Mature. OAV Episode 2: Azuka, Kayano, Miko and Kanda decide they want some time away from their "master" so Azuka decide to use a pendant to transfer his body to a dog and puts him to sleep. Later, Azuka and Kayano decide to have some fun and put the pendants on Miko and Kanda and have some fun. Kanda, a guy transfers into Azuka girl's body, Azuka transfers into Kanda guy's body, and Kayano and Miko transfer into each others body.
Renketsu Houshiki Animation Japan 2008
1 D 1

Mature. OAV Episode 2: Hirayama Kun is forced into a girl’s skirt.
Residence Animation Japan 2017 EDGE 1 T 1
-1803 Mature. Hentai OAV. The series takes place at a special mansion that transforms all who enter into beautiful women. After hearing rumors of a treasure within its walls, a man enters…
Ricky Sprocket Animation Canada 2007
1 D

Episode 1x06 “Vicky Sprocket” Ricky disguises himself as a girl in order to get a big role.
RIN: Daughters Of Mnemosyne Animation Japan 2008 Xebec / Genco 1 D 1

Episode 3: Mary was a crossdresser that was a good friend of Rin. Although he was of middle-age when he first got into the business, he was often looked as an attractive “woman”. Brief. Episode 4: Sue, a man who owns a crossdressing bar in Shinjuku, and who himself is a crossdresser, allows Rin and Mimi to hide out at his bar for a little while after the attack on their office from the military. Brief.
Rinne No Lagrange Animation Japan 2012 Xebec 1 D 1

Episode 8-12: Array dressing in a maid uniform.
Robin Hood No Daibouken Animation Japan 1990 Tatsunoko Production 1 D 3

Episode 12 “A great disguise for an infiltration in Nottingham Castle" and 13 “An Adoption Happily Sent up in Smoke”. Robin and his gang infiltrate in the castle disguised as women.
RoboCop: Alpha Commando Animation United States 1998
1 T 1 P

Episode 27 “The ERG and I” The villain super agent ERG, who was made of electrical wires, returned. He wanted to be human, and had selected a male reporter to be his host. But during the mind swap process that ERG built, Special Agent Nancy Miner tried to save the male by bumping him out of the mind swapping platform, and was swapped with ERG instead. ERG/Miner likes his new female human body, but still retain his male voice.
Robot Girls Z Animation Japan 2014 Toei Animation 1 D 2

Episode 2 “Race! The Great Robot Girls Athletics Festival” Minerva X is an Underground Empire spy who is actually a crossdressing boy. Minerva has a crush on Z-chan and strives to get her attention. When it comes to others however such as the other members of team Z, he badmouths them and considers them unworthy of Z-chan's attention especially Gre-chan.
Robotboy Animation France 2005
1 D 1

Episode 1x25b “Kamispazi!” While Tommy´s mom is at a day spa for Mother´s day, Constantine dresses up as her and infiltrates the Turnbull house to capture Robotboy.
Robotech: The Macross Saga (The Super Dimension Fortress Macross) Animation Japan 1982 Tatsunoko Production 1 D 1 P

Episode 13 “Blue Wind” The Zentradi pilots Rico, Konda, and Bron volunteer to be micronized and infiltrate the SDF-1 to gather more intelligence about the humans. To pass unnoticed they dress up as humans, but one of them chooses the only clothes that fit him, a skirt and a blouse.
Robotech: The New Generation (Genesis Climber MOSPEADA) Animation Japan 1983 Tatsunoko Production 1 D 3

Character Lance Belmont: A 22-year-old soldier from the Second Earth Recapture Force. Now disguised as a female singer, Yellow Dance, in order to hide from the Invid and certain locals, Yellow has made quite a name for him/herself as an entertainer. But upon meeting Stick and his friends, Yellow decides to help free Earth from the Invid. His ability to completely change both his physical appearance and personality adds to the team's ability to infiltrate towns and cities in order to gather supplies or complete missions. Appareances in Episodes 63, 64, 65, 71 , 81, 82, 83, 84 and 85.
Rugrats Animation United States 1991
1 D 2

Episode 1x05 “Beauty Contest” Tommy's Dad and grandfather dressed him up in a dress and a wig to enter him into a baby beauty contest to win a fishing boat.
Rune Soldier Louie (Mahou Senshi Riui) Animation Japan 2001 J.C.Staff 1 T 3 P

Episode 18 “Transform X5” While helping Ila organize her magic item collection, Louie comes across a strange item. He plays around with it and ends up hurting himself. When Ila scolds him, Louie leaves in a huff. Ila toys with the item herself and ends up turning Louie into a woman! At first, he panics, but soon her takes advantage of this perfect opportunity and rushes into the women's sauna.
Ryuugajou Nanana No Maizoukin Animation Japan 2014 A-1 Pictures 1 D 2

Daruku Hoshino is Juugo's classmate and Tensai's assistant. Daruku is a boy, but has a feminine appearance and personality; he generally dresses as a maid, and wears the women's uniform at school. It is hinted that he is attracted to Tensai, and he has occasionally been seen to offer Tensai food and then consider using the utensils to taste her saliva. Episode 2: Daruko real gender revealed. Episode 5: Shuu disguised as Yukihime. Episode 6: Female employee is revealed to be a male thief in disguise.
Saber Marionette Animation Japan 1995 Bandai Visual 1 D 2

Saber Marionette J Episode 18: Ieyasu and Hikozaemon had their brainwave patterns transferred into the two guard robots, Tamasaburo and Baiko. Saber Marionette J to X Episodes 10 and 11: Mitsurugi Hanagata is forced to crossdress as Lorelei to cover for her being absent.
Sabrina: The Animated Series Animation United States 1999 DiC 1 T 1 P

Episode 47 "Enchanted Vacation" One of the male villains uses a metamorphosis belt to transform into all three Spellman women (Zelda, Hilda, and Sabrina) in order to play them all against each other.
Saijaku Muhai No Bahamut Animation Japan 2016 Lerche 1 D 2

Episode 6 “The Homecoming of the Strongest” Lux disguised as a girl to act as a bait for a stalker.
Saiki Kusuo No Psi-nan Animation Japan 2016 J.C.Staff 1 B 1

-1803 Episode 8 “The Scariest! Mr. Matsuzaki” Saiki turn into a girl version of himself. Episode 20 “Crisis in Three-Month Relationship” Reita tell Kusuo of when he tried to join a school club, disguised as a girl. Brief. Season 2 Episode 1: Saiki turn into a girl version of himsel to get to his favorite desserts and seconds later he meets Teruhashi, Chiyo and Chisato.
Saint Luminous Mission High School Animation Japan 1998 Genco 1 D 3

Character Ryuzo Tanami: Kaihei's friend, who must pretend to be a girl to enroll at St Luminous.
Saint October Animation Japan 2007 Studio Comet 1 D 1

Episode 4: A male disguised as a school girl is used as a bait to trap a vampire entity that love to suck girl's blood. Episode 15: The reaper crossdresses as a waitress in a shop
Sakura Taisen: New York NY Animation Japan 2007 Red Entertainment 1 D 3 P

OAV. New York City, the late 1920s. The battle with Nobunaga is over, the city restored to peace...until the owner of Little Lip Theater informs Shinjiro... "This time, the leading lady will be...you." Thus Shinjiro, disguised as the actress Petitmint, is forced into the role of "Cleopatra." The Star Division members set out to persuade a reluctant Shinjiro, beginning a chase across the five boroughs. Meanwhile, a dark-skinned youth and his servant have appeared unexpectedly in the midst of the flourishing city. His eyes, concealing a silent wrath, are fixed upon nothing less than the Statue of Liberty. Now Shinjiro and company must protect this city of hopes and dreams from a new menace while safely raising the curtain on a new show.
Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo Animation Japan 2012 J.C.Staff 1 D 2 P

Episode 11 “Hate, Hate, Love” Ryunosuke Akasaka is forced into dressing as a maid in the school culture festival
Salaryman Kintarou Animation Japan 2001 JCF 1 T 2

Episode 4: Kintaro runs into a former fellow gang member who has since had a sex change operation; she informs Kintaro that it was his decision to become a salaryman that gave her the courage to be his... er, her true self.
Sally Bollywood: Super Detective Animation Australia 2009
1 D 2

-1809 Episode 1x03 “Talent Will Out” Doowee and Andy disguised as girl, briefly. Episode 1x35 “High