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(Kari) Maid Kissa Mandrill Comic Japan 2010 Usui Shippo 1 D 1

Two boys forced to join a maid club.
@Full Moon Comic Japan 2008 Matoh Sanami 1 T

Sequel to Full Moon Ni Sasayaite. David and Marlo are a newly wed couple looking for a new place to live. However, they aren’t your ordinary couple: David is a vampire and Marlo is a man that transforms into a woman during the full moon!. They come to the town of Reto, which is home to only supernatural beings like themselves and magicians. Even though they like the town, they soon are caught up in trouble with some of the current residents. Another vampire doesn’t appreciate the perceived trespass on his feeding territory and sends his cute little girl magician to deal with the new problem.
+1 Atashi No Naka No Aitsu Comic Japan 1993 Mizuki Mio 1 T 1 P

Story 2+1: After his death, a girl's little brother returns to help her. He is able to possess her body at times.
+Anima Comic Japan 2000 Mukai Natsumi 1 D 3 P

Vol 1 Chap 1: Husky, a fish-boy, when he was younger apparently he was captured and sold to a circus, where he perform as the Mermaid Princess.
Vol 3 Chap 13: Nana knocks Husky out and puts him in a dress. Vol 8 Chap 39-41: Husky is captured and sold as a slave. He is bought by Lord Hashas and shows up at his mansion dressed like a black-haired pre-teen girl.
+C: Sword And Cornett Comic Japan 2008 Yugyoji Tama 1 D 2 P

-1512 Vol 1 Chap 4-5: Prince Belka is helped by Eco, a thief, to hide in a bordello where Belka and Eco end being disguised as girls working there.
Vol 2 Chap 11 and Vol 3 Chap 12-14: Prince Belka disguises as a maid to infiltrate into the palace.
Vol 4 Chap 19-20: Eco disguised as a woman to return to the city after escaping from palace.
Vol 6 Chap 36 and Vol 7 Chap 37-39: Prince Belka disguised as a nun to trick a group of soldiers.
Vol 8 Chap 46-49: Prince Belka disguised as a maid to sneak into the capital.
00 Gakuen Spy Daisakusen Comic Japan 1979 Nagai Go 1 D

Boy turns into a woman using a bodysuit.
1/2 Accident Comic Japan 1994 Karasawa Noe 1 T

A boy is changed into a girl after being struck by a lightning.
1/2 Love! Comic Japan 2010 Kayoru 1 D 2

Plainful child Akari is really attracted by the popular unit of idols “Flower”. Then Akari get the chance to sing at the Flower’s center?! But there is the secret that Flower keep, the two other members are revealed to be boys in disguise.
1+2=Paradise Comic Japan 1989 Kamimura Junko 1 D 2 P

Vol 5: Boy crossdressing as a schoolgirl.
100 Bullets Comic United States 1999 Risso Eduardo 1 D 1 P

#1 (08/1999) A taxi driver mention to a client that the woman he is hiring have “balls”.
100% Sakaguchi Iku Short Stories Comic Japan 1991 Sakaguchi Iku 1 T 1

Vol 2: In one of the short stories a boy get hurt by a car and find himself in the body of the girl he loves.
17ans Comic Japan 1990 Kotani Kenichi 1 T 2 P

Vol 6: Man switch his body with a woman after having sex with her.
1984 Comic Spain 1978 Toutain 1 T 1 P

Spanish magazine. #2 (12/1978) Story "La Extraña Aventura del Doctor Jerkyll!" Dr. Jerkyll's formula changes him into a beautiful girl, she goes out for a night on the town and some cheap sex. Later, when the formula wears off, Dr. Jerkyll discovers that he is pregnant. It is the same story that in the american magazine 1984.
1984 Comic United States 1978 Warren 1 T 3 P

American magazine. #3 (09/1978) Story "The Strange Adventure of Doctor Jerkyll!" Dr. Jerkyll's formula changes him into a beautiful girl, she goes out for a night on the town and some cheap sex. Later, when the formula wears off, Dr. Jerkyll discovers that he is pregnant.
#3-6 (09/1978-06/1979) Story “Idi Amin” An american spy, Adam, uses some DNA transformation powder on toilet paper and turn Idi Amin into a beautiful white girl.
19XX Kageki Ha Comic Japan 1996 Ukyou Ayane 1 D 2 P

Vol 3: Young male crossdressing to be the bait for a stalker, later he find that more males are crossdressing for the same reason.
1 Love 9 Comic Japan 2008 Tooyama Ema 1 D 1

-1704 4-Koma. Chap 2: Introduced Kokomi, a boy raised as a girl because his Dad said it would be very hard to live as a boy in a word where males are only 1/9 of the population.
Chap 6: Takuma crossdressing to enter a women’s only shop.
2-choume No Chiisana Sakana Comic Japan 2015 Kawai Hideki 1 D 2 P

-1609 First story “2-choume No Chiisana Sakana” There is a transvestite working in a gay bar.
2 On 1 Comic Japan 1997 Sada Kooji 1 D 1

Mature. At one point a girl can't help to picture her boy lover dressed in a dress, brief.
20 Seiki Shounen (20th Century Boys) Comic Japan 1999 Urasawa Naoki 1 D 1

Britney Chan is a woman trapped in a man's body, a transvestite prostitute who dreams to be a dancer. Appareance Vol 6 Chap 55-63. Mariah is a friend of Britney Chan. Much like her, Mariah is also a transvestite. She frequently eats at the restaurant that Kanna works for. First appareance Vol 5 Chap 50.
2000 A.D. Comic Great Britain 1977 Fleetway 1 B 3 P

-1803 British science-fiction comic magazine. #Annual 1987 Story “Judge Dredd in Ladies' night” (1986) Three Judges (one of them male) go undercover as prostitutes to catch some armed thieves.
#626-670 Story “Zenith Phase III” (1989-1990) Meta Maid, superheroine from an unspecified alternate Earth, is a pre-op transsexual. However, he looks enough like a she to fool most people, including Zenith, who nearly did the dirty with him.
#657-659 Story “Anderson PSI Division - The Random Man” Woman in a nighclud revealed to be a male transvestite.
#1034-1044 Story “Al's Baby - Public Enemy no.1” (1997) Al Bestardi started off as your typical mobster climbing the ladder and making a name for himself, after a few years Al Bestardi becomes the number one enforcer for Don Luigi an aging, very cranky mobster who rules Chicago. Luigi finally gives Al permission to marry his daughter, Velma. Al is living the life; until the Don announces he needs a grandson. The remarkably violent Velma flat-out refuses - it would interfere with her career as the nation's worst torch singer. Luigi gives Al a chose either concrete boots for letting down the godfather or the unappealing prospect of male pregnancy. Soon, he's hitting for two, much to the amusement of his peers and rivals in the business. As you can imagine, this does Al's rep no good at all. In the second storyline, Al attempts to arrange the accidental death of a surprising family rival who just refuses to die. In the third and final story Al is hiding out as a very ugly woman who nevertheless attracts a scatterbrained suitor. What's worse though, Al carries it off so well, it doesn't end at a single child.
#1301-1309 Story “Bison” (2002) Set around the year 2030, Bison, an ex cop, is after the crime boss who killed his wife. The only way to get close to this guy is to body swap into his daughter who, unknown to him, is a drug addict, and has her own plans for Bison's body.
#1991-1998 Story “Ladykiller” (2016) Judge Dredd returns to one of his outstanding cases — finding the wanted mass murderer PJ Maybe who is currently living under the guise of a woman…
2x2 (Kaishaku) Comic Japan 2014 Kaishaku 1 D

Shinjou Chihiro is nothing like his twin sister Chitose. Everyone admires her, she is a model student and overall just perfect. ...Except that she's such a huge narcissist that she loves to forcefully dress up her twin brother to look exactly like her, so she can indulge in her perverted fantasies.
3 Revolution Comic Japan 2004 Harue Le Pon 1 T 2 P

The story of three brothers, Sakuya, Akito and Tomoya, and an alien, Piroshiki. After capturing Piroshiki, Tomoya opens up a container, Which gives each of the three brothers different types of abilities. Akito find himself with the ability of transform into a girl.
3.3.7 Byooshi Comic Japan 2001 Kubo Mitsuro 1 D 3 P

Vol 3 Chap 19-22: Fukada Shinishi dressing in female clothes to escape from police after a raid. In Vol 4 is introduced a girl, Chika, that Fukada Shinishi helps. She is revealed to be a young male, and end working as a female hostess in the Virgin Heart club.
3x3 Eyes (Sazan Eyes) Comic Japan 1987 Takada Yuuzou 1 D 1 P

Vol 1 Chap 1: Yakumo is a high school boy living on his own and working as a transvestite waitress when he runs into Pai.
5 Seconds Comic Japan 2015 Sachimo 1 D 1
-1707 Mature Yaoi Stories. Vol 1 Chap 3 “The Way to Nurture Love” Crossdressing in gay bar.
5-ji Kara 9-ji Made (From 5 To 9) Comic Japan 2009 Aihara Miki 1 D 2 P

Satonaka Yuki is revealed to be a crossdressing boy in Vol 1 Chap 3
52 Comic United States 2006 DC Comics 1 T 1

#39-40 (03-04/2007) Everyman takes the form of Natasha.
7-star Girl Attark Comic Japan 2007 Kenchafu 1 D 1

Parody of magical girls manga. Men dressing in girl's clothes.
8 Man Comic Japan 1963 Kuwata Jiro 1 T 2 P

-1612 Murdered by criminals, Detective Yokoda's body is retrieved by Professor Tani and taken to his laboratory. There, Tani performs an experiment that has failed seven times; Yokoda is the latest subject to have his life force transferred into an android body. For the first time, the experiment succeeds. Yokoda is reborn as the armor-skinned android 8 Man, able to dash at impossible speeds, as well as shape-shift into other people. Sometimes He shape-shift into women. Episode 3: Famous singing star, Minnie Marvelous is kidnapped during a live stage performance by some one calling himself the Clown. The Clown demands a huge ransom for the return of Minnie and 8 Man disguised himself as the woman that has to pay the ransom. Episode 11: When a visiting dignitary, Pres. Industrious comes to Metropolitan City, Chief Fumblethumbs is placed in an uncomfortable position because the exiled daughter of the ex-Monarch is living in Metropolitan City with her loyal followers. The bodyguard assigned to protect Pres. Industrious is Captain Tiger and he is none to pleased when the plane they just got off of, explodes. To protect Pres. Industrious and discover who is trying to kill him, 8th Man goes undercover as a hotel maid, disguised as Jenny. Episode 24: The Black Butterfly Gang obtains a terrible weapon, the Devil Germ gun which fires microorganisms that eat metal. They use it to spring their leader, Evil Jaw out of prison and he finds sanctuary in the Solarian Embassy. With Chief Fumblethumbs hands tied by diplomatic red-tape, he makes a bold move and sends 8th Man into the Embassy alone to get Evil Jaw. 8th Man disguises himself as a secretary to infiltrate into the Embassy.
9 No Puzzle To Mahou Tsukai Comic Japan 2012 Miura Jun 1 D 1

Vol 1 Chap 1: Katsuro adopt the avatar of a woman to help the police to capture a hacker.
9 Tetes Comic France 1998 David Dominique 1 D 2 P

T1 “La Malle Ecarlate” Two men and a boy escaped from prison disguise as peasant women in the port waiting for a ship to sail.
A Complex Comic Japan 1993 Tomiaki Shuu 1 T

A perverted boy swap bodies with a gentle girl while he is trying to steal some of her underwear.
A Lady Is An Infant Liking Taste Comic Japan 2003 Mokkouyou Bond 1 D 2 P X

Mature. Short stories. Story 2 has a boy that forgot his bathing suit, and as the hotel shop don't have any, he is forced to wear a female one.
A Porte Chiuse Bollente Comic Italy 2002 Reprise 1 D 2
-1707 Mature. Anno II #5 (2003) Story “Vittima del desiderio” Two males crossdressing to trick a lesbian woman.
A Very Special Occasion: Men Wedding! Comic Japan 2013 Sakimiya Sako 1 D

-1609 Mature. Yaoi. Nariyuki, a man who's always swayed by emotion, met a man at his older sister's wedding who is...dressed in a wedding dress?! As he's getting over the shock of seeing a muscular boy in a wedding dress, the man says, "The person I was going to marry is not here and might have got in an accident. Help me find him!" Now Nariyuki has to go around everywhere to find him?! How did he get involved into such a mess...!? After the incident-filled search two of them had finally found the groom is actually...! You've got to see the ending of the guys who want to get married!
A-Force Comic United States 2015 Marvel Comics 1 T

Loki has adopted female form.
A-un Comic Japan 1995 Koryuu Misato 1 T


Mature. Vol 2: A woman refuse to have sex with a man, a fairie appears and transforms her into a shemale and the man into a woman.
Aa Goshujin-sama!! (Oh My Master!!) Comic Japan 1996 Watanabe Sumiko 1 T 1

Mature. Short Stories. Story "I and my Way of Love": A boy's ghost possesses a school girl because he has unfinished business in the world of the living. He says he needs to have sex before he can rest in peace, and she's the only one who can see him. She's an unwilling host, especially since sex with another girl would ruin her reputation at school.
Aa Megami-sama! (Oh My Goddess!) Comic Japan 1988 Fujishima Kosuke 1 B 2 P

-1311 Vol 3 Chap 19: A substitute "Keiichi" was dressed up as a girl during a rowdy party. The substitute Keiichi then went to take Keiichi's final term exams. So Keiichi had to dress as a girl to displace the substitute. Vol 9 Chap 54-55: Belldandy collapses after stopping a ninja invasion! Keiichi must figure out which supernatural medicine to use to revive his love. His only choice: try the potion out on himself first and see what happens! Keiichi gets his girlfriend back all right, along with a new problem: he turns partially into a girl himself!
Abarenbo Honey Comic Japan 2015 Tobidase Kevin 1 D 1
-1612 Mature Yaoi Stories. Story “Kakurenbo Honey” Vol 2 Chap 7: Boy disguised as a girl for a school festival.
Abashiri Ikka Comic Japan 1969 Nagai Go 1 T 1

Vol 8: Alien comes from space and turn a boy into a female version of himself.
Abbie 'N' Slats Comic United States 1937 Van Buren Raeburn 1 D 1

Newspaper sunday comic strip from 13/Jan/1957: Male is asked to disguise in women's clothes. Strip from 1960 has a male substituting a bride in a wedding.
ABCs Of Love Comic Japan 1985 Saeki Kayono 1 D

Short stories. Story 6 “Campus Cinderella” a young man has been accepted to student-teach in a all-girls-private-school. There's only one problem, the school doesn't accept any male faculty under 40, the young man had been mistakenlly accepted because he had a feminine name. It was too late to find another school to student-teach. So, he dressed up as a woman and fit right in!
Abunai Strawberry Boy Comic Japan 2006 Akimoto Nami 1 D

-1311 Memu loves her pretty boy looking boyfriend Makoto passionately and wants to be affectionate with him, however Makoto always avoids it. Around this time, her father who is a dessert chef declared, "I would like to become a woman." It can’t be Makoto is also like her dad…?.
Abunai Valentine Comic Japan 1993 Tekkannon Chiya 1 T 1

Mature. Story “Yoboko-san no Iru Mise”: A man becomes woman and a woman becomes man after sex.
Abunai! Tosho Iinchou! Comic Japan 2008 Nishikawa Rosuke 1 D

-1704 Boy crossdressing as a nurse.
Abunai!! Junk Police Comic Japan 1991 Nakazato Yuji 1 D 3 P

One of the policewomen is revealed to be a transvestite. Also one of the policemen in the unit end crossdressing in two missions.
Aburaccyo!! (Embrace!!) Comic Japan 2006 Matsuzawa Natsuki 1 D

Micheal Miito is a golem master who makes pretty golems. Every golem whom he made looks like a girl, but they are all boys, because Micheal likes pretty boy. One day one village on a trip, they (Micheal and his two cute golems) heard one golem master who is called Echigoya is kidnapping pretty boys. So Micheal decided to save them. But actually, Echigoya is also a golem, made by Micheal.
Accident Comic Japan 1994 Rena Hanazawa 1 T

A man who cheats on his girlfriends is turned into a girl to be taught a lesson but ends up liking his new life.
Action Comics Comic United States 1938 DC Comics 1 T 2 P

#2 (07/1938) "Elmer the Eel" Thief disguised as a woman to escape from a policeman. #20-21 (01-02/1940) Criminal Ultra-Humanite transfers his mind from his dying body into a healthy replacement. Much to his surprise, his new body belonged to movie starlet Delores Winters. #49 (06/1942) "The Mystery of the Meandering Mansion" Old woman is revealed to be a male spy in disguise. #110 (07/1947) "Mother Goose Crimes" Crooks disguised as women to rob the people in a children's theatre. #281 (10/1961)"The Man Who Saved Kal-El's Life!" Crook disguised as a woman to rob a jewelry store. #383 (12/1969) "Chameleon Boy's Secret Identity!" Chameleon Boy assumes the form of his girlfriend in order to confuse an attacker prior to disarming him. #606 (06/1988) The Devil shows Deadman his shapechanging powers changing into a woman. #609 (09/1988) "Faux Pas: chapter 9" Deadman takes over the body of Raisa Gorbachev and has a fight with Nancy Reagan who is possessed by a demon. #610 (10/1988) "Catfight: chapter 10" Deadman takes over the body of a female CIA major. #612 (12/1988) “Take Us To Our Leader: chapter 12” Satan takes iver the body of a female CIA major. #642 (05/1989) "Where There Is a Will...Chapter IV: The Restoration" Deadman take over the body of a woman to talk with Superman. Brief. #721 (05/1996) "The Fortune Plague" Mr. Mxyzptlk makes the illusion of a woman in the bath, very brief. #725 (09/1996) "Variations on a Scheme" Evil Wizard Talos uses the body of a female Apokolips warrior that he uses in fighting Superman. #774 (02/2001) "Fireside Chat" Superman and Martian Manhunter chat in civilian identities at the United Press Club in Washington after a battle. Manhunter is in the guise of journalist Betty Nehring, who exhibits rather unladylike table manners when it comes to a certain chocolate sandwich cookie. #826 (06/2005) "Lightning Strikes Twice" Several people are killing themselves, with anger involved. Superman gets involved with the last one, as does a bystander who works at STAR Labs. She later gets angry herself, steals a LexCorp battle suit from the Labs, does some rampaging, and waits for Superman. Once he appears, she reveals she has been possessed by Eclipso. #880 (10/2009) “Red Shield: 2” Mirabai used her magic to change Metallo into the male Az-Rel and the male Reactron (Benjamin Krull) into the Female Nadira.
Active Heart Comic Japan 1997 Teruki Kuma 1 T 1

Mature. Story 6: Boy turns into a girl after drinking a strange medicine.
Adam To Eve No Houteishiki Comic Japan 1987 Sugi Emiko 1 T

Vol 10: While out on a date, Yue and Kazuki hug... and immediately find themselves in one another's bodies!
Adesugata Junjou Boy (Pretty Shy Boy) Comic Japan 1989 Fujisawa Tohru 1 D 4 P

Jun, as part of the family's tradition, is training to succeed his father as an onnagata, a female impersonator in the traditioal theatrical art of kabuki. Since young, Jun has been brought up as a girl in preparation for his future career. At the beginning of the story, his father had juast enroled him into a highschool as a girl, which ended up with him sharing a dorm room with his female classmate Yui. In school, Jun goes around wearing a pair of realistic falsies (imitation breast). Only his roommate Yui knows his true gender. In many occations where he was forced to undress, his falsies managed to convince others that he is indeed a girl, an a very beautiful one too. Other than Jun, there is also another character wo is also a female impersonator-in-training, belonging to a rival clan
Adios Muchachos Comic Italy 2011 Bacilieri Paolo 1 D 1 P

Adapted from book of the same title. Elizabeth is revealed to be a crossdressing male.
Adrenalin Comic Korea 2004 Lee Jung-Hwa 1 T 2 P

Plot is about a vampire whose bits turns the victims into females.
Adventure Comics Comic United States 1935 DC Comics 1 T 2 P

#46 (01/1940) Story “The Sandman Meets With Murder” Villain discovered to be a crossdresser. #47 (02/1940) Story “Revenge of the Drug Ring” Tchang disguised as a woman to rescue a girl from a chinese drug ring. #50 (05/1940) Story “Spy of the South Seas” Tchang disguised as a woman to rescue Steve. #303 (12/1962) "The Fantastic Spy" Chameleon Boy changes into a girl so he and Cosmic Boy can pose as a honeymoon couple to ferret out a possible traitor in the Legion of Superheroes. #461 (02/1979) Deadman briefly possesses girlfriend Lorna in battle with unknown assailant. #462 (04/1979) Very briefly, Deadman possesses his niece, Lita. #463 (06/1979) Deadman possesses his sister in-law, Inga.
Adventure Kid Comic Japan 1988 Maeda Toshio 1 T 1 P X

Mature. Vol 3: At the end Kazu is turned into a woman. Vol 4 “He's a Woman! She's a Man!”: Kazu has been transformed into a woman! And now that he's the only human female in the demon realm, he's going to be sacrificed. The lusty demonic torture parties are about to come to a screeching halt... as soon as Kazu discovers what hell really has in store for him.
Adventures Into Terror Comic United States 1951 Marvel Comics 1 D 1 P

#7 (12/1951) Story “The Two Were Alone!” A man becomes a victim of a crossdressing serial killer.
Age Of Apocalypse Comic United States 2012 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#5 (09/2012) A woman in a bar is revealed to be Mr. Quire in disguise
Age Of Bronze Comic United States 1998 Image Comics 1 D 1

#5-8 (10/1999-08/2000)Thetis retrieves her son Achilles from his teacher and places him in hiding disguised as a girl between the daughers of Lycomedes, King of Skyros.
Ageha 100% Comic Japan 2002 Takeuchi Kozue 1 D 2

Kisaragi crossdresses as Ageha's assistant to tag along with her as she works.
Agent 212 Comic Belgium 1975 Kox Daniel 1 D 1 P

T3 “Sens interdit” Story “La nuit des travestis” Arthur Delfouille (Agent 212) disguised as a woman to be the bait for a thief.
Ah! My Teacher Comic Japan 1990 Wingbird 1 D 1 P X

Mature. Story 3 have a girl paying a visit to her teacher house. There the girl reveals herself as a transvestite boy.
Ahiru-Kun SOS Comic Japan 1996 Taniuchi Kazuki 1 T 1 P X

Mature. Chap 2-3: A boy is transformed into a girl.
Aho Aho Gakuen Comic Japan 1996 Kuki Aoba 1 T

Vol 3: Boy and girl swap bodies after a kiss.
Ai Dake De Ikasete Comic Japan 1997 Sousuke Megumi 1 T


Mature. Short Story "Nana II": A boy and girl swaps bodies after a kiss
Ai No Bousou Ressha Comic Japan 2000 Araya Miki 1 D 2 P

Last story have a young male dressing in female clothes in a gay club and his lover coming to rescue him.
Ai No Shintairiku Comic Japan 2004 Yamada Nari 1 D 3 P

The "heroine" of this story is actually a guy named Souhei. He is a very cute boy, but he has never really felt like a “boy”. So when he has the chance to transfer into a new high school, he decides to do it as "Sara", a girl. Vol 1 Chap 4: They are all in the beach and a there is a Swimsuit competition too, Sara want to participate and convince Youga, a tomboyish girl friend, to participate also, Youga is helped by a gorgeous woman, Misaki, that later reveal that she was also born a male, in the end the three joint the competition, Misaki winning.
Ai Ore! Comic Japan 2007 Shinjo Mayu 1 D 2 P

Continuation of manga “Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero!”. Akira Shiraishi continues crossdressing as a member of the band Blaue Rozen.
Ai Wa Chikyuu Wo Sukuu Comic Japan 1996 Mutou Hiromu 1 D 2 P

Vol 3 Chap 13: Boy crossdress to help a friend be out of a bully. Also some more brief crossdressing scenes.
Ai Wa Kagi No Kazu Dake Comic Japan 2001 Minami Tomoko 1 D 2 P X

Mature. Story "Inner Gender": Male is tricked into crossdressing as a female by his girlfriend. He end having sex with a shemale.
Ai Wo Semenaide Comic Japan 2004 Nanase Kai 1 D 1 P X

Mature. Young male dressed in women's clothes for his lover.
Ai Wo Utau Yori Ore Ni Oborero! Comic Japan 2006 Shinjo Mayu 1 D 2 P

Akira Shiraishi, a young highschooler with girlish features, would like to be one of Mizuki Sakurazaka's band: Blaue Rozen. The members first refuse because Akira is a boy whereas they are girls, but in the end he is accepted. There is a sequel called Ai Ore.
Ai Wo Yumemite Comic Japan 1985 Amamiya Jun 1 T


Mature. A boy is transformed into a girl.
Aigan Shounen Comic Japan 2007 Mizukami Shin 1 D 1

Mature Yaoi. Two half brothers living as girls in a manor.
Aihoshi Modoki Comic Japan 2006 Morishige Takuma 1 D 2

Boy and girl find they have the same face, and they play interchanging identities.
Air Gear Comic Japan 2003 Oh! Great 1 D

Vol 12 Chap 97: The dual personality akito/agito crossdresses in wedding clothes, lasts a few chapters. Chap 227: John Omaha at the end of the chapter bodyswaps with one of the female characters. Chap 278-279: Agito is fighting a cute gothic Lolita that reveals herself as a man by lifting his/her skirt.
Airboy Comic United States 2015 Image Comics 1 D 1

#2 (07/2015) Airboy visits a transvestite bar where the women are, well, transvestites.
Aishite Baby Comic Japan 2007 Watanabe Asia 1 D 1 P X

Mature. Yaoi stories. Chap 1 “Love me Baby” Schoolboy is disguised as a schoolgirl to play a prank on a teacher. Chap 5 “Break you” A selfish young master is going to have an arranged marriage, but he's in love with his caretaker. So he disguised in a wedding dress to play a prank on him.
Aitsu No Daihonmei Comic Japan 2008 Tanaka Suzuki 1 D

-1704 Vol 2 Chap 5: Group of boys disguised as female cheerleaders. Vol 2 Sidestory: Komiyama Chiaki is the school transvestite. Vol 3 Chap 8: Murakami in disguise as a girl confess his love for Yoshida, but is rejected. Vol 6 Chap 22: Murakami disguised as a school girl to pass as the girlfriend of Sato. Vol 7 Chap 27: Murakami again disguised as a girl to confess his love to Yoshida.
Aizen Comic Japan 2000 Shijima Yukio 1 D 2

Mature. Boy is forced into female clothes by his mistress.
Akahime Ranshin Comic Japan 2008 Yamamoto Nobuyo 1 D

One shot. Akagi Erika is a classical literature teacher at a high school. One day, she scolds a male student, Usami Rento, for wearing perfume to school. However, she later finds out that the sweet scent isn’t from perfume but from incense that’s soaked into the kimono he wears, for Usami Rento is actually a famous kabuki actor playing female roles. Erika watches a performance of Usami’s out of curiosity, and finds herself gradually drawn to this strange student...
Akane-chan Overdrive Comic Japan 1999 Momokuri Mikan 1 T 4 P

Nineteen-year-old Takashi Amamiya dies after tripping on a bottle but is transported into a comatose body of a cute girl, Akane Hagiwara. He tries to return to his original body with a help of a weird spirit/monk, but Akane's soul went missing in heaven, so until Akane's soul return's to her real body, Amamiya must stay in her body. Amamiya goes through various trials and tribulations dealing with being a girl, getting his body back, his mind being slowly changed from a guy to a girl, and dealing with old and new friends, several guys, Touma one of them, and Akane's female best friend, all seem to be attracted to her. Later Satoru Murai, Takashi's best friend, end also in Akane's body when Takashi return to his body and he deal with the same problems that takashi had before, and in the very end there is a last body swap with Murai in Takashi's body, Takashi in Touma's body and Touma in Akane's body.
Akaneshinchi Hanaya Sange (Songs Of Self-Abuse) Comic Japan 2007 Renaissance Yoshida 1 D 1

Mature. Gay boy dresses as a girl.
Akatsuki No Yona Comic Japan 2009 Kusanagi Mizuho 1 D 2 P

Vol 6 Chap 34-35 and Vol 7 Chap 36-38: Yun disguised as a woman to infiltrate Yan Kumji's human trafficking. Vol 11 Chap 64: Yun disguised as a woman in exchange for the opportunity of tasting iza seeds.
Akazukin Chacha (Red Riding Hood Chacha) Comic Japan 1991 Ayahana Min 1 B 2

Doris is Dorothy's younger brother, but he usually dressed as a woman and is in love with Seravy. He is jealous of Dorothy for being the love of Seravy. Vol 2 Chap 10: Riiya and Shiine dress as Riiko and Shiiko. Vol 3 Chap 16: First appearance of Doris. Vol 6 Chap 32: Riiya and Shiine dress as Riiko and Shiiko. Vol 8 Chap 42: A fairy's spell makes characters dance ballet -- Riiya and Shiine dance dressed in ballerina tutus. Vol 11 Chap 70: A water spirit rewards Riiya by giving a wand which transforms him into a cute magical girl (she thought he was female), the only way to break the spell is to pass the wand on to someone else -- so Shiine, Heihachi, Popii and an old man get transformed in turn as the wand is passed around.
Akazukin-Zatsugidan Comic Japan 1995 Mikitonbi 1 T


Mature. Vol 1: Boy is transformed into a girl and has sex. Vol 2: Girl wants to try a boob enhacement spell to seduce her boyfriend but he enters and get transformed into a girl.
AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jourei Comic Japan 2010 Miyajima Reiji 1 D 3 P

The story is set in the future in a time where "AKB48 has surpassed the Beatles" and sold 20,000,000 copies of their best album. A girl called Yoshinaga, who's oshi is Acchan, auditions to join AKB. Her male friend, Urayama Minoru, want to help her and goes to the audition disguised as a girl.
Aki Sora Comic Japan 2008 Itosugi Masahiro 1 D 2 P X

Mature. Vol 1 Chap 2: Sora crossplaying as a catgirl. Vol 1 Chap 4: Sora dressed as a schoolgirl. Vol 3 Chap 11: Sora dressed in a female bathing suit. Vol 3 Chap 13: A friend of Sora dressed as a schoolgirl and Sora dressed in a maid oufit. Vol 4 Chap 16: Sora crossdressing as a loli-girl. Vol 4 Chap 18: Sora and a friend crossdressing as as part of a roleplay. Vol 4 Chap 20: Sora crossdressing as a schoolgirl. Vol 5 Chap 22: Sora cosplaying as a girl. Vol 5 Chap 23: Sora crossdressing as a schoolgirl. Vol 6 Chap 30: A friend of Sora cosplaying as a catgirl.
Akihabara Fall In Love Comic Japan 2014 Kashima Chiaki 1 D 1 P

Vol 1 Chap 2: Akiba working in a crossdressing maid cafe covering for a friend with flu. Hasegawa end also working there to cover for another worker with flu.
Akihabara Muhougai Gun Maid Comic Japan 2007 Sugimura Mugita 1 D 2

Vol 1: A boy who wears maid costume fights against evil with a gun in a lawless city, Akihabara.
Akogare Adventure Comic Japan 1985 Asagiri Yuu 1 D

Vol 1: Shin goes undercover as a female model
Aku No Meshitsukai Comic Japan 2010 Nekoyama Miyao 1 D 1

Vol 1 Chap 6: Prince Len takes the place of Princess Rin in the bed to trick and kill the man that ordered her dead.
Akugi Ouji Comic Japan 2006 Hashida Yukari 1 D 1

Vol 1 Chap 1: Yujin Ratcliff is a very serious but impoverished student who somehow manages to continually be at the top of his class. On the evening of the school's big Christmas bash, Yujin's classmates decide to pull a sidesplitting pratical joke on him, and they transform him into a princess!
Akuma De Omocha Comic Japan 2002 Yamada Mario 1 D 1

Mature. Humorous set of short stories revolving around a pair of salarymen, one of them end crossdressing a few times.
Akuma De Shoujo Comic Japan 2009 Aotsuki Shinobu 1 T 2

Vol 1: Boy and girl interchange souls.
Akuma-kun Mahou Bitter (Akuma-kun Magic Bitter) Comic Japan 1985 Hiwatari Saki 1 B 2

Vol 1: Male is tricked into working in a gay bar crossdressing as a female. Vol 2: Male transforms himself into a female to pass unnoticed.
Akuma-sama Herupu Comic Japan 2004 Mikabe Setsuna 1 D

Kurimu have had a part-time work in a transvestite club.
Akushoku Gender Comic Japan 2016 Maezaki Monaka 1 D 1

-1707 Lover in a gay couple is a crossdresser.
Alabaster Comic Japan 1970 Tezuka Osamu 1 D 1 P

Vol 2: Alabaster’s gang pulls a heist at a jewelry modeling show, stealing the gems and kidnapping the beautiful models so Alabaster can destroy them. They take the models to their hideout, when one, laughing, reveals that she is really Rock in disguise, and that his men now have them surrounded.
Aladdin Comic United States 1994 Marvel Comics 1 T 2

#8 "Trading Places" (05/1995) Disney's comic in which the Genie switches Aladdin and Jasmine's bodies to settle the old "boys versus girls" argument.
Albany & Sturgess Comic France 1977 Floc'h 1 D 3 P

T2 “Le Dossier Harding” Woman in a black dress and a veil is revealed to be a male in disguise.
Alchemila No Shizuku Comic Japan 2001 Ruen Rouga 1 T


Mature. Mad scientist bodyswaps a boy into his creation, then later changes his own gender.
Alf Comic United States 1987 Marvel Comics 1 T 2 P

#4 (06/1988) Alf switches bodies with Kate, the mother.
Alice 19th Comic Japan 2001 Watase Yuu 1 T 1 P

Vol 4 and 5: The Maram Master Samuel stands in for Alice's older sister Mayura Seno, while Mayura is kept "safe" at the Maram command center.
Alien 1/2 Comic Japan 1983 Yuzuki Hikaru 1 D 3 P

Two boys and a girl are in a trip from Tokyo to Kyushu, they do the trip as three girlfriends hitchhiking.
Alien Encounters Comic United States 1985 Eclipse 1 T 1

#11 "Dave's Dilemma" The handsome hero and his loyal sidekick crash land their spaceship on a planet inhabited only by beautiful women. But they find out too late why there are only woman on the planet.
Alien Street Comic Japan 1980 Narita Minako 1 D 3 P

Gerard, who wants to become a journalist, goes to college in LA. He meets Sharl there. Sharl is a genius and very good looking. His father has oil wells in Arabia, his mother used to be a Hollywood star. Sharl himself plays as "actress" at his college club. He lives in a big house in Beverly Hills with a butler, Tsubasa, who is a Japanese girl, and his dog Hitchcock. Gerard ends up living with them.
Alien Worlds Comic United States 1982 Eclipse 1 D 1 P

#8 (11/1984) includes "Stoney End" a story about a spaceship crashed on a horrible alien planet. Acid-secreting worms are eating into the ship and the outside air is non-breathable. Midshipman Franklin "Stoney" Stonewall comes out of his closet to face death woman-to-woman. The rest of the crew don't really pay much attention. Its the same that Zona 84 magazine story “El Fin de Stoney”.
Alix Comic Belgium 1948 Martin Jacques 1 D 2 P

T1 “Alix L'Intrepide” (1948) Arbaces disguises as a high ranking woman and trick Alix into trusting “her”. T15 “L'Enfant grec” (1979) Alix and Enak are sold as slaves to a greek artisan, his son tries to seduce them dressing in girl's clothes. T24 “Roma, Roma...” (2005) Enak is acting in a theatre play and get a female part.
Alix Senator Comic Belgium 2012 Demarez Thierry 1 D 1

-1707 T5 “Le Hurlement de Cybele” (2016) Cybele’s priests dressing in women’s clothes.
All Good Comics Comic United States 1944 Fox 1 D 1 P

#1 (1944) Story “The Case of the Vanishing Gems” Dick goes undercover as a waiter at a dinner party to catch a crossdressing jewel thief.
All Humor Comics Comic United States 1946 Quality Comics 1 D 2 P

#8 (12/1947) Story “This Sir Cecil Singleshot is definitely a mind reader!” Cecil Singleshot for some reason feels the best way to help Kelly avoid trouble is to dress in drag.
All Japan Sister Championship (Zennippon Imouto Senshuken) Comic Japan 2001 Dohtaka Shigeru 1 D 1 P

Vol 5 Chap 1-3: Twin sisters dress up a boy as a girl.
All-American Comics Comic United States 1939 DC Comics 1 D 1 P

#23 (02/1941) Story “Jailbreak” Popsicle Pete and his friends disguised as women to help Zeke out of jail. #29 (08/1941) Story “Mutt and Jett” Mutt being a dummy for a new dress of his wife. Very brief. #44 (11/1942) Story “Sabotage!” German spy disguised as a woman refugee to enter America.
All-Flash Comic United States 1941 DC Comics 1 D 1

#18 (1945) Story “Ladies' Day at the Amusement Park” The Three Dimnwits are very unhappy when they learn that the local amusement park has Ladie's Day and will not admit men. Yet, when the Flash discovers that men in women's clothing have invaded the festivities, he decides that he and the boys will do some investigating.
All-New Doop Comic United States 2014 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#2 (07/2014) Doop discovers that the "older Kitty Pryde" from the future was really the shape-shifting Raze in disguise.
All-New X-Men Comic United States 2013 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#3 (02/2013) A new mutant shows up, displaying his power for the first time. He becomes an imperfect duplicate of his female friend. #26-27 (06-07/2014) At the end of issue 26, Laura Kinney (X-23) stumbled back into the compound accusing one of those inside of being a shapeshifter. She turns out to be the shapeshifter himself, Raze in disguise. Later, Raze tries to distract the X-Men by morphing into Laura, but it doesn't work. In a flash forward, we learn that Raze killed Mystique and took her place as one of the mutant elite in a future Madripoor. When Xavier II goes to Madripoor to find his mother, he sniffs out Raze as an impostor immediately.
All-Star Squadron Comic United States 1981 DC Comics 1 T 2 P

Vol 3 #22, 24, 26 (1983) Ultra-Humanite in female form trying to slain the all-star squadrom
All-Star Superman Comic United States 2005 DC Comics 1 D 1 P

#4 (07/2006) Very brief, at start Jimmy Olsen is trying a female disguise.
Almas Perversas Comic Mexico 1997 Editorial Mango 1 D 2 P

-1401 Mature. #26 “Convirtiose en apetitosa mujer” (06/1997) Antonio is seduced by the lover of his mother, and end transformed into a woman. #57 “La esposa le salio travesti” (01/1998) Tania is a travestite posing as a woman in a nighclub in Mexico. “She” dresses as a woman for work, but inside “she” is a male. #81 “Era Maricon pero las enloquecio con su gran cañon” (07/1998) Transvestite had an affair with a woman and the woman gave birth to a girl, dying, and now the transvestite is raising the girl as a man, but working as a transvestite in a night show. #97 “Maldita rata enjaulada, aun en el tambo, bien que se la surtia” (10/1998) Male diguised as a woman to visit a male in jail. #99 “Con las viejas era un garañon y con los machos un puñalon” (11/1998) Gigolo is also gay and to seduce his boyfriend he disguises as a woman. #117 “Lilo puñetero: estaba buenote y lo usaban de carnada” (03/1999) Male member of a gang disguises as a woman to rob banks. #397 “Marrano: escondia sus colgijos pa dedearselas rico y sabroso” (09/2004) Mauro disguises as a woman to befriend other women in clubs to have sex with them.
Almighty X 10 Comic Japan 2006 Mizuto Aqua 1 D 2

Vol 1 Chap 3: Ten discover that Touga is a boy undercover as a girl in the school.
Alpha Flight Comic United States 1983 Marvel Comics 1 T 4 P

Vol 1 #45-68 (04/1987-03/1989) Walter "Sasquatch" Langowski, long-time member of Alpha Flight, was able to transform himself into Sasquatch, one of the "Great Beasts." Unfortunately, this brought him to blows with his female teammate Snowbird, their sworn enemy. They fought, and Walter's body was killed (but not his consciousness). Snowbird died soon thereafter. The villainous Pestilence had re-animated Snowbird's dead body and was using it to attack Alpha Flight in her "Sasquatch" form. Walter's spirit was able to take over Snowbird's Sasquatch body, and defeat Pestilence. Walter's elation was short-lived, for on changing back to his human form, found himself turned into a woman...the legacy of Snowbird's female body. Walter took the whole thing pretty well, managing to keep his sense of humor about the whole situation, and taking the name Wanda.
Alpine Rose (Honoo No Alpen Rose) Comic Japan 1983 Akaishi Michiyo 1 D 3 P

Vol 3: Leon disguises himself as a woman in the train to fool the policemen looking for him.
ALT Comic Italy 1988 Ediperiodici 1 D 1
-1709 Mature. Anno I #5 (08/1988) Story “Bersaglio Gaillo” Woman in a taxi revealed to be a transvestite that steal and kill the taxi driver.
Alter Ego Comic Belgium 2011 Zuga Emil 1 D 1

T6 “Jonas” Male spy diguised as an arab woman.
Alters Comic United States 2016 AfterShock Comics 1 D 1

-1609 Charlie, a transgender teenager, discovers she has super powers and is contacted by Octavian and his group of super powered Alters.
Alto Comic Japan 2007 Koio Minato 1 D 4 P

Alto, a 12-year-old kid, has arrived to Porto Grande, the largest city in the country. His dream is to fly the Aero which only women with noble status can pilot it. In order to do so, he disguises his gender and age and enrols himself in an all girl's school.
Alys Et Vicky Comic Belgium 1997 Di Sano Bruno 1 D 1

Alys and Vicky get a night job in a cabaret chorus revue, at the end they find that the other girls are all males.
AM 8:00 Kimi Ga Suki Comic Japan 2005 Ozaki Ira 1 D 1

Short Stories. Fourth story “Broken pieces of a dream” Boy transvestite in school.
Amachin Wa Jishou Comic Japan 2017 Terai Akane 1 D 1

* -1909 Tatsumi enters highschool with his childhood friend Amasawa Kokoro, nickname Ama-chin, who is a extremely feminine looking trouser-wearing boy that likes to mess with peoples expectations of his gender. Chap 4: Ama-chin dressing in girl’s clothes to be in a fashion show.
Amai Kao Wa Misenaide Comic Japan 2002 Nanase Kai 1 T


Mature. Short stories. In one, the hero is loved by his friend from his childhood, a mad scientist, but hero can not accept "uke role" easily. Then his friend invents a medicine to change hero into a girl.
Amazing Adventures Comic United States 1961 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

Anthology comic book series. Vol 4 #1 (07/1988) Story "Solo" Male is made to relive his rape, but this time as his victim.
Amazing Man Comics Comic United States 1939 Centaur Publications 1 T 1 P

#5 Story “Origin of Amazing-Man” Barton Stone, the Cat-man, disguises as an old lady. #8 (01/1940) Story "The return of the Cat-man” Barton Stone, the Cat-man, dresses as an old woman.
Amazing Strip Comic United States 1994 Antarctic Press 1 T 1

#2: After freeing the "Spirit of the Water Pipe", Ralph is granted three wishes: money, to have sex with the Spirit, and to come in a woman's body. The Spirit obliges him by switching their bodies, but Ralph's body expires in flagrante delicto, leaving him trapped as a woman until the Spirit's magic wears off in three years. He heads off to America, and spends the next three years as "Ralphine Macchio," an adult film actress.
Ame Nochi Hare Comic Japan 2008 Bikke 1 T

Amagai Gakuen, a prestigious school for boys, was hit by an unusual spring storm during the entrance ceremony. Four boys - Hazuki, Toma, Yusuke, and Junta - were all caught in the storm's violence and were affected by a strange phenomenon. All of them were transformed into girls!!
American Flagg Comic United States 1983 First 1 T 2 P

-1311 Vol 1 #4-6 (01-03/1984) Ivor Overholt makes himself into a doppelganger for the presumed-dead Peg Krieger in order to seduce and blackmail a character who was obsessed with her.
Ana Satsujin Comic Japan 2013 Rahson 1 D 1

-1704 Chap 11: Introduces a transvestite killer, Reina Enmeiji.
Anal Justice Comic Japan 1997 Kamirenjaku Sanpei 1 D 1

Mature. A boy is going to school as a female student. Later he is dicoverered by his female teacher that introduces him to other boys like him.
Anata Ga Ireba Comic Japan 2003 Yoshimura Akemi 1 D 2 P

Vol 5-7: Boy is working as a transvestite hostess in a drag club.
Anata No Iu Nari Comic Japan 1993 Nakafusa Momo 1 T


Mature. Short stories. One story has a man that wakes up as a female after a surgery. In other story a boy is fooled and ends up loosing his manhood.
Anata No Tame Nara Doko Made Mo Comic Japan 2007 Nakamura Asumiko 1 D 1

Mature. Short Stories. Third Story “Non-non” Chapter “Non-non no Nochi” Yamada asks Ishimaru to wear a dress.
Andanzas De Aniceto Comic Mexico 1976 Editormex Mexicana 1 T 1

-1401 Mature. #75 (12/1977) To save Faustino job, Aniceto gives life to a female corpse, and Faustino inhabit her and posing as his own sister try to convince his boss to no fire “her” brother. #185 (03/1980) Walter asks Aniceto to give him a sex-change. #215 (10/1980) Aniceto transforms himself into a woman to visit a prisioner in a jail.
Andanzas De Patoruzu Comic Argentina 1956 Quinterno Dante 1 D 1

#171 “La isla feliz” (11/1969) Two swindlers disguised as women.
Anders And & Co Comic Denmark 1949 Egmont Serieforlaget 1 D

* -1909 #2005-19 (2005) Story “Til kamp for skonheden” (D2004-097) Donald gets lost at sea while fishing and is found by a group of rookie female pirates who want him to steal a special brand of lipstick. When they run into some real modern day pirates, Donald dresses in drag and pretends to be their captain to try to negotiate with the pirates.
Anders And Ekstra Comic Denmark 1977 Egmont Serieforlaget 1 D

#1997-05 (1997) Story “Bal med forhindringer” (D91384) Louie in love; Donald, Huey and Dewey dresses up like girls.
Ane Niwa Zettai Kanawanai Comic Japan 2002 ToWeR 1 D 2 P X

Mature. Chap 7: A woman goes as far as forcing his boyfriend into women clothes to pass the evening as two girlfriends in a cinema.
Ane To Josou To Ero Mangaka Comic Japan 2009 Ikuya Daikokudou 1 B 2 P X

Mature. Boy crossdressing with the help of his girlfriends.
Anemoe Comic Japan 2002 KEPPI 1 D 1 P X

Mature. Story 5: Boy is dressed up as a gothic girl by his lover.
Ange & Diablesses Comic Belgium 2009 Hardy Marc 1 D 1

T2 “La Nuit du Grand Bouc” to infiltrate into a party, Ange have to disguise himself as one of the female dancers.
Angel Cup Comic Korea 2001 Kim Dong-Wook 1 D

Shin-Young: Technically not a player anymore, Shin-Bee's brother was a legend on the field on the Han Shin boys' team. He returns to the school in an attempt to dissuade Shin-Bee from playing soccer, but is forced to crossdress in order to do it. He fails when Soh-Jin discovers his gender and creates an upset. Many girls regard him as a bishounen and a running gag has involved his crossdressing to avoid recognition.
Angel Diary (Destination Heaven Chronicles) Comic Korea 2005 Kara 1 D 1

Ee-jung, another of the Four Guardians of Heaven, the "Red Phoenix". Because he is the Red Phoenix, it is traditional that he wore female clothing as a child and as a result, he was mistaken as Ah-hin by Woo-hyun. Vol 2: Cho-Ryun, a tree spirit appears to Doh-hyun and Woo-hyun, looking for his friend. He is from the Princess's Garden in Heaven and has come to Earth to look for his friend (who is Ah-Hin). He looks like a girl, and so at first Doh-Hyun and Woo-Hyun think he is a “she”.
Angel Heart Comic Japan 2001 Hojo Tsukasa 1 D 3 P

Vol 5: Benjamin work in a transvestite bar to escape from his old life in the Yakuza. Vol 16: Yang Fang-Yun, an old friend of Ryo, end forcing Dr. Chen into women clothes. Vol 20-21: Satomi Nukui is a transsexual, that own a gay bar, and ask Ryo Saeba for help with his daugher that don’t know of him now being a woman. Ryo even disguises himself as one of the transvestites in the gay bar. Vol 22-23: Introduces Chameleon, disguised as a woman. Vol 25-26: Chameleon disguised as Hazuki. Vol 29-30: Chameleon disguised as Saeko.
Angel Heart: 2nd Season Comic Japan 2010 Hojo Tsukasa 1 D 3

-1803 Vol 2-3: Chameleon disguised as a woman to trick Ryo. Vol 5: Chameleon disguised as a woman, brief. Vol 10: Chameleon disguised as a woman to trick Xiang-Ying.
Angel Sanctuary (Tenshi Kinryouku) Comic Japan 1995 Yuki Kaori 1 B 2 P

Arakune, though born a man, feels he has the soul of a woman so he dresses and acts accordingly. Vol 7 Chap 2: Setsuna wakes up as a woman, the Alexiel original body, with his body being dead.
Angela: Asgard's Assassin Comic United States 2015 Marvel Comics 1 T

Sera is the best friend of Aldrif Odinsdottir (Angela), a capable magician, and a former warrior of Heven. She is revealed to have been born male in #3. #6 It is revealed that Sera is in fact Malekith that has transformed into her to fool Angela.
Angura Kuin Comic Japan 2002 Tenbu Tomoe 1 T 1

Mature. Story “Act in place of you” Boy and girl fall off their bike and swap bodies.
Ani Ga Imouto De Imouto Ga Ani De Comic Japan 2012 Kurumatani Haruko 1 T 2

Aside from being the motherly figure of his family, first year high school student Koizumi Haruta has an especially big sister complex with his twin, Hikari. She has trouble expressing her emotions, but that doesn't stop him from thinking she's the cutest button in the world! However, Hikari isn't as sweet as she seems... Wait, how come Koizumi was the only one in the family who didn't know he and Hikari weren't blood-related?! After her mother casually mentions it, NOW he finds out! What's more, after Hikari plants a kiss on Koizumi, she runs off, and they both ended up getting hit by a truck! And when he wakes, their bodies are switched?! And Hikari says she won't give his body back?!
Anibal 5 Comic Mexico 1966 Moro Manuel 1 T 2 P

#4 (12/1966) A male agent is transmigrated into the body of a woman to infiltrate an army of women.
Anibal Cinq Comic France 1990 Bess Georges 1 T 2 P

-1311 T2 “Chair d'Orchidee pour le Cyborg” (1991) A male agent is transmigrated into the bodies of several female animals and finally a female cyborg to infiltrate an army of women.
Aniki No Yomeiri Comic Japan 2014 Ginko 1 D

-1609 Mature. Akira dresses himself in drag to attend a matchmaking date in place of his sister. He tries to blow this setup in any way possible, but Mizuhashi, the candidate in question, just smiles without a word.
Animal Antics Comic United States 1946 DC Comics 1 D 1

-1803 Anthropomorphic-funny animals. #3 (08/1946) Story “The Raccoon Kids” Rudy and Rollo disguised as a old lady to trick uncle Percy. #15 (08/1948) Story "Garbage beach” The fox trying to attract customers to his resort on Garbage Beach disguising as a sexy vixento convince one guy that the place is popular.
Animal Man Comic United States 1988 DC Comics 1 T 1

#8 (02/1989) Animal Man learns the hard way about the dangers of the superhero business as his home is invaded by one supervillain, Mirror Master. After an protracted fight, Mirror Master leaves Animal Man with a little trinket that briefly turns him into a "human looking glass" which causes him to become a duplicate of his wife.
Animaniacs Comic United States 1995 DC Comics 1 D 1

#15 (07/1996) One of the GoodFeathers dresses as female pigeon. #47 (04/1999) Brain disguises as Brainita in an Evita parody.
Ano Ko To Issho Comic Japan 2003 Fujisue Sakura 1 T 1

Vol 8 Sidestory: Yuya Ena wish to be a girl for middle day, and his wish is granted. It’s turn out that it was a dream.
Anoko Wa Random Box Comic Japan 1994 Akifuji Satoshi 1 D 1

Mature. One story has a girl falling in love with his private female teacher that reveal herself to be a shemale.
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom) Comic Japan 2012 Matsui Yuusei 1 D 2 P

Vol 8 Chap 66: Nagisa Shiota crossdressing as part of a training mission.
Vol 13 Chap 112: Nagisa Shiota recount of his forced crossdressing by his mother.
Vol 14 Chap 116-117: Nagisa Shiota crossdressing in an school festival
Ant-Man And Wasp Comic United States 2011 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#3 (03/2011) Henry Pym digital proxy takes the form of Ms. Marvel. Very brief.
Anti-Romanticist No Yuuutsu Comic Japan 2009 Yamakami Riyu 1 D 1

Having lost their parents, Shiroyama must put aside his dreams and work hard to support not only himself, but his younger brother and sister. He steps into a world that he knows he must guard himself safely from, to protect himself and the ones he cares for. A world where transvestites work at entertaining patrons and alcohol flows freely. A world that offers him many firsts, including a kiss. But is it enough to light the fires of romance into his cold heart?.
Anzu - Kikou No Hakuhen (Anzu - The Shards Of Memory) Comic Japan 2004 Kirikaze 1 D 1

Ao No Souyoku Comic Japan 2013 Inariya Fusanosuke 1 D 3 P

It’s about a woman who poses as a man so she can be a pilot. And her twin brother poses as her sometimes so she can fulfill her dreams.
Aoi Destruction Comic Japan 2007 Inoue Kazurou 1 D 1

An extended story of characters Samejima Tetsuo and his effeminate father, Aoi, from the manga “Midori no Hibi” created by the same mangaka. Aoi works as a waitress in a cafe helping a friend.
Aoi House Comic United States 2006 Shiei 1 D 1

American Manga. Character Carlo: Aoi House's transvestite founder. When Sandy and Alex first meet him he is dressed as a woman complete with wig and skirt.
Aopara Next Comic Japan 1996 Malumi 1 T

-1812 Mature. Continues the story from Aozora Paradox. A young student meets a girl that actually is his father who died many years ago and has been reincarnated as a girl.
Aozora Paradox Comic Japan 1994 Malumi 1 T


Mature. A young student meets a girl that actually is his father who died many years ago and has been reincarnated as a girl. There is a sequel called Aopara Next
Aphorism Comic Japan 2008 Kujou Karuna 1 T 1

Vol 6 Chap 23 “Seal”: Rokudou-kun changes himself into Sekia to sneak into a house.
Apocripha/0 (Apocripha/Zero) Comic Japan 2004 Yuuki Azusa 1 T 3 P

Vol 1 Chap 8: Introduces Lhodo, one of the villains. She has a backstory where she used to be a man, before a curse transformed him into a beautiful woman.
April 4th Comic Japan 2006 Itsuki Kaname 1 D 1 P X

Mature. Iori-kun have a part-time job as a female model, Iori-chan.
Arabian Taboo Comic Japan 2015 Otosato Ryoutaroh 1 D

-1707 Mature Yaoi stories. Chap 4: Young male crossdressing in a gay bar.
Araiso Private High School Student Council Executive Committee (Shiritsu Araiso Koutougakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu) Comic Japan 1999 Minekura Kazuya 1 D 2 P

Character Miss Igarashi, the school nurse, that is really a transvestite. He was teased a lot because he was weak like a girl and was always in the nurse's office. The nurse was very kind and self-confident and he wanted to become like that person, to become a school nurse that was loved by the students.
Arakawa Under The Bridge Comic Japan 2004 Nakamura Hikaru 1 D 1

Sister is a strong man that dresses up like a nun. He is 29 years-old and British. On the right side of his face is a scar. Every Sunday he will hold a mass that usually lasts only a few seconds in the church under the bridge. Strangely, while Sister is dressed as a Catholic sister, his church is adorned with an Orthodox cross. Under his robe is a military suit, as he was formerly a soldier and still carries a lot of weapons. He is in love with Maria, who he met during the last war he was in, whose insults are the only thing to unnerve him, causing his scar to open up. Surprisingly, he is good at making cookies and other sweets. First appareance Manga Vol 1 Chap 17.
Aramis'78 Comic Japan 1978 Yamato Waki 1 D 2 P

Vol 1: Aramis and other man end in the Hell House, a transvestite bar, and have to crossdress as women performing for that night. The tranvestite chief will have a secondary role for the rest of the story. Vol 4: Aramis and other men end in ballerina outfits performing in the celebration's banquet of a wedding they are attending.
Arashi No Destiny (Destiny Series) Comic Japan 1991 Takagi Kana 1 D 2 P

-1311 For 300 years, a knight searched for the reincarnation of his beloved princess. He finally found her in a Japanese high school, but she is now a man... that will have to crossdress to look like a princess. Vol 6: He crossdresses as the bride in a wedding. Vol 7: He crossdresses as a schoolgirl. Vol 9: He crossdresses for a formal ball and later for a party. Second Stage Vol 2: He crossdresses as a maid. Third Stage Vol 1: He crossdresses as a maid.
Arata Kangatari Comic Japan 2008 Watase Yuu 1 D 2 P

Vol 1 Chap 1: Every 30 years, a new princess is chosen from the Hime family to serve the Hayagami. The time has come again, but over these past years, records state not a single female has been born, save for one, the 15 year old Arata. The only problem is, Arata is actually a male! Forced to disguise himself and take the place of the princess candidate until a formal one can be found, he attends the festival only to witness the current princess, Kokuri-hime, murdered, and his own life is forfeit as well, by the hands of the princess' personal guard, the 12 Shinshou. As he runs for his life, Kannagi of the 12 convinces everyone that Arata is the one who has murdered the princess instead, and now everyone in the Imperial Court is after his head!. Vol 8 Chap 75 “Kuruga's Palace”: Arata and Kannagi disguised as girls to enter Kuruga's Palace where no men are allowed. This charade continue till Vol 9 Chap 78. Vol 20 Chap 195 to Vol 22 Chap 212: Ikisu is a member of Six Shinshou, and the last member whose face was revealed along with Ameeno. He is the Shou of Nouga. The most prominent feature about Ikisu is that, although physically a male, he prefers to dress like a woman, in a white gown that resembles a jumper, with a pair of heels for decorative reasons and wearing lipstick and other cosmetics to glamorize his appearance. Vol 22 Chap 214 “Changeover” Males are transformed into females and Females are transformed into males. They continue changed until Vol 22 Chap 216.
Arcana Comic Japan 2006 Anthology 1 D 1

-1609 Vol 15 Story 10 “Yashiro Saeki's Story” Looks like there are grownup agent that need to go undercover in a school.. disguised as a female student.
Archard's Agents Comic United States 2003 CrossGen 1 D 1

Spin-off of “Ruse”. #1 Simon Archand is disguised as a old poor woman briefly to contact a man.
Archie (Archie Comics) Comic United States 1942 Archie Comics 1 B 3 P

#13 (04/1945) Story “The Super-Salesman” Archie in drag. Story “The Queen of the May” Reggie in drag. #28 (10/1947) Story “Service with a snicker” Archie tricked into disguising as a maid for a dinner in Veronica's house. #30 (02/1948) Story “The Battle of the Jitterbugs” Archie and Veronica hanging out down at the Chocklit Shoppe arguing over whether or not girls or boys are the better dancers, they decide to settle it with an old-fashioned dance off that pairs Betty and Veronica against Reggie and Archie, Archie crossdressing as the female partner. #33 (08/1948) "Dance Clown, Dance!" Archie in ballet class pretending to be a girl. #45 (08/1950) Brief scene with Archie in an evening gown to teach Veronica a lesson. #158 (09/1965) Story “The wrong end” Archie clothes are wet and Veronica give him a nightie to wear while she dry and clean his clothes. #169 (12/1966) Story “Trouble free” Mr. Lodge mistakes a bathrobe-clad Archie for his daughter and he end in a dress. #173 (06/1967) Story “Fare Enough” Veronica and Reggie are going on a bus trip that's exclusively for athletes and cheerleaders. Archie tries everything he can think of, including dressing in drag, to sneak on the bus too. #246 (08/1975) Story “Full Moon Follies” Archie becomes convinced that this is a time of year when weirdos and wise guys are compelled to come up to him and make stupid jokes. So he disguises himself as an old woman to avoid weirdos. #305 (06/1981) Story “Dancing Boy” Archie in a pink dance leotards #478 (12/1998) Archie is tricked into join the girls for an air band content, dressed up as one of the girls. #516. Archie's mom wonders what life would be like if Archie were a girl instead of a boy. #636 (10/2012) Upon overhearing the guys and gals of Riverdale grumbling over how the other half has it easier, Sabrina’s mischievous cat Salem turns the town upside down when he dishes out the ultimate genetic makeover! Chaos ensues as the teens discover it’s not as easy to walk in each other’s shoes (or heels!).
Archie Americana Series Best Of The Forties Comic United States 1991 Archie Comics 1 D 3

Vol 1 #1 (1991) Story “No Body's Dummy” Jughead help the girls wearing a dress they are sewing, because the dummy was too large, originally presented in Pep Comic #64. Story “The Battle of the Jitterbugs” Archie and Veronica hanging out down at the Chocklit Shoppe arguing over whether or not girls or boys are the better dancers, they decide to settle it with an old-fashioned dance off that pairs Betty and Veronica against Reggie and Archie, Archie crossdressing as the female partner. originally presented in Archie #30
Archie And Me Comic United States 1964 Archie Comics 1 D 1

#1 (10/1964) Archie dresses as an old lady to fool Mr. Weatherbee #76 (08/1975) Archie dresses as an old landlady to fool Mr. Weatherbee, that don't fall for it. #112 (08/1979) Archie dresses as an old landlady to fool Mr. Weatherbee, that don't fall for it. The same story that in #76.
Archie Andrews Where Are You? Comic United States 1977 Archie Comics 1 D 1

#50 (06/1981) Story “Jughead in the Brave Bull” Archie disguises as a woman to fool Mr. Weatherbee
Archie At Riverdale High Comic United States 1972 Archie Comics 1 D 3 P

#47 (08/1977) Story “Redheads have more fun” Riverdale High is vandalized by Ed, Fred and Ted, the three pranksters from Clarkson High. To get revenge on Ed, Fred and Ted, the Riverdale gang comes up with a plan that depends on Veronica's occasional dates with Fred... and Archie's willingness to dress in drag. #48 (09/1977) Story “The Mud Slingers” Jughead disguises as a female wrestler to save Betty.
Archie Giant Series (Archie's Christmas Stocking) Comic United States 1954 Archie Comics 1 D

#1 Supposedly there was an Archie Giant around 1954 that contained a story featuring a "crossdress" dance. All the boys went dressed as girls. Unconfirmed
Archie Vs. Predator Comic United States 2015 Dark Horse 1 D 1

-1803 #2-3 (05-06/2015) Jughead disguised as a woman to act as the bait.
Archie's Double Digest Comic United States 1984 Archie Comics 1 D 3 P

#152 (08/2004) Story “Archie the thinking man” Archie disguises as his own sister to fool Moose.
Archie's Girls Betty And Veronica Comic United States 1950 Archie Comics 1 D 3 P

#178 (10/1970) Story “Beauty and the Beast” When Veronica acts too sure that she's going to win a beauty contest, the guys decide to teach her a lesson by entering the contest disguised as girls.
Archie's Girls Betty And Veronica Annual Comic United States 1953 Archie Comics 1 D 3

#2 (1954) Story “Ladies Man” Archie and Reggie competing to see who makes the better looking girl.
Archie's Pal Jughead Comic United States 1949 Archie Comics 1 B 3 P

#13 (08/1952) Story “Heat-Waif” After a policeman forbid him to wear short in a public park Jughead disguises as a woman and wears a miniskirt. #22 (02/1954) Story "Dixie Doodle" Jughead dresses as a girl and kisses Midge.
Archie's Pals 'N' Gals Comic United States 1952 Archie Comics 1 D

#161 (11/1982) Cover show Archie disguised as a girl at midge's summer party. Not more.
Archie's Pals 'N' Gals Double Digest Comic United States 1992 Archie Comics 1 D 1

#98 (11/2005) Story “Turnabout” after Veronica and Betty buy rather masculine clothes for a date with Archie and Jughead, they dedide to fool the girls dressing up in female clothes for the date. The idea backfires.
Ardour Comic China 2004 Wu Rou Xuan 1 D 2 P

Vol 7: Boy crossdressing as a female model for a pageant.
Area 88 Comic Japan 1979 Shintani Kaoru 1 D 2 P

Vol 16 (Vol 7 Wideban) Mission 106: Male mercenary, a sniper with a girlish face, disguises as a woman to explore a city.
Arena! Comic Japan 2007 Miki Maki 1 D 4 P

It's about a boy that have a job as a female model called Arena.
Ari No Ou Comic Japan 2014 Itou Ryuu 1 D 2

-1704 Vol 3 introduces a transvestite.
Aria Comic Japan 2002 Amano Kozue 1 T 1

Vol 6: Sidestory in wich all character have their sex changed.
Arslan Senki (The Heroic Legend Of Arslan) Comic Japan 2013 Arakawa Hiromu 1 D 1

Chap 11: Elam disguised himself as a woman and infiltrated Ecbatana to get some information. While he was watching Kharlan’s men, a Lusitanian soldier started to hit on him and dragged Elam into a back alley. Elam killed him but another soldier had seen him. Elam fought with the soldier and managed to escape.
Art Ops Comic United States 2015 DC Comics 1 T 1

#6 (05/2016) Black woman revealed to be a transsexual.
Asa Made Jugyou Chu! Comic Japan 2008 Munyu 1 D 2 P

Kakinozaki Ayana-sensei and student Kagami Yuuki move into a room in the girls dormitory for the new (co-ed) high school semester, requested by Ayana-sensei and approved by the schools' principal. As one would guess, no one can find out he's living there so other than school classes, he has to crossdress or else they'll both be kicked out of school and dorm.
Asatte Dance (Dance Till Tomorrow) Comic Japan 1989 Yamamoto Naoki 1 B

Vol 1 Act 4: One of the members of the theatrical troupe is dressed as a ballerina. Vol 1 Act 5: Dead grandfather of Suekichi does a visit to his grandson and possesses the body of a woman.
Ashita No Ousama Comic Japan 1996 Yashi Emiko 1 D 2 P

-1311 Vol 4 Chap 19 and Vol 5 Chap 20 (Vol 3 Bunko) Actor crossdressing as part of a theatrical play.
Ashita Wa Docchi Da! Comic Japan 2015 Yamamoto Kotetsuko 1 D 1
-1707 Vol 1 Chap 1: Kirara was dressed as a girl by his mother when he was a litte child.
Ashita Wa Joutenki Comic Japan 1999 Yamakami Riyu 1 D 1

Poor student Ikumi Amanume through a series of strange happenings, finally found a great way to supplement his income by becoming the housekeeper for his next-door neighbor, Yuuji Touno, a notable scenario writer. Life seems pretty good except for the little problem that Touno tends to get too involved in his work and actually lives out the different characters that he creates! And that includes female disguises for both of them.
Asi Somos Comic Mexico 1989 Editora de Publicaciones Populares 1 D 1

#25 “Los travestis” (09/1989) Juan is tricked by a transvestite, and kill him. He disguises as a woman and start to work as a transvestite, but that life is not for him and he takes his life. Its all a nightmare from a female impersonator.
Asian Jam Comic Japan 1997 Anthology 1 T


Mature. Vol 1: Short stories. One have a monster taking the form of a woman. Vol 02: Short stories. One have a boy that takes a drug to change his gender in order to date a crossdressing girl. In other a man dreams that he becomes a woman.
Asian Star Comic Japan 1997 Shii Takako 1 D

At least two crossdressing scenes, one as a waitress, another in a wedding dress.
Assistant Denki Keika Comic Japan 2008 Nishikawa Rosuke 1 D

Vol 1 Chap 3 introduces Sasabe Tsumugi-kun as a new assistant. He is a crossdressing boy.
Asterix Le Gaulois Comic France 1959 Uderzo Albert 1 D 2 P

T28 “Le Fils de Asterix” Roman prefect disguises himself as a nanny to nurse the baby Asterix is taking care of.
Astriver Comic Japan 1993 Tsuguru Shin 1 T 1

Mature. Vol 2: A boy is shot in the chest with a futuristic gun and changes gender. Vol 3: The villain from Vol 2 is shot with his own gender-switching gun.
Astro City Comic United States 2013 DC Comics 1 T 1

#16 (12/2014) Simon Siezmanski after the dead of Starbright, has a convertin and decides to be himself, transforming into a woman and becoming Sarah, the new starbright.
Asuka Hybrid Comic Japan 2008 KEN+ 1 B

Asuka, transfers to a dormitory, but after meeting his roommate, Asuka realises that someone must have confused his gender and assigned him to the women's dormitory. Asuka's roommate, Yayoi, says that there's no problem with Asuka living in the women's dormitory and quickly brings out complementary articles of clothing so that Asuka can crossdress. Outside in a park, Asuka bemoans his current state of affairs until some weirdly-dressed woman appears, and after listening to Asuka's plight about being assigned to the wrong dormitory, the mysterious women decides to fix things by transforming Asuka into a girl before running off. Yayoi appears and finds the newly changed Asuka, he explains to Yayoi what happened, and Yayoi believes everything and points out that now there is no problem with Asuka living in the women's dormitory. Later, in the dormitory, Asuka discovering the good things and bad things of being a girl; enters the bathroom while Yayoi is taking a shower and finds out that Yayoi is really a guy. Though, to be clear, Yayoi explains that he isn't crossdressing but rather wearing his uniform. Asuka then becomes worried about being in the same room as Yayoi, but Yayoi is interested in nothing but hot bishounen. So now Asuka is living in the women's dormitory while trying to find the mysterious woman again so that Asuka can change back to normal with the help of Yayoi who, of course, has an ulterior motive for helping Asuka.
Atom: The Beginning Comic Japan 2014
1 D 2

-1903 Vol1 Chap 5: Introduced female designer Dr. Lolo. She is revealed to be Moriya Tsutsumi in disguise in Vol 6 Chap 28.
Atomic Punch! Comic Japan 2001 Otsuka Hiroki 1 T

Boy and girl swap bodies after being hit by a lightning.
Attualita Flash Comic Italy 1984 Edifumetto 1 D 1
-1806 Mature. Anno II #21 (10/1985) Story “Essere Donna” Story of a transsexual prostitute saving for her operation. Anno III #29 (06/1986) Story “Sexy Riviste Fantasma” Very brief appareance of a transvestite. Anno V #9 (05/1988) Story “I Ragazzi della Signora” Transvestites in the story.
Attualita Gialla Comic Italy 1980 Edifumetto 1 D 1
-1707 Mature. Anno III #18 (04/1983) Story “La banda degli spaccaculo” Transvestite prostiture revealed to be a policeman undercover to catch the gang terrorizing the prostitutes. Anno IX #19 (08/1989) Story “Il Villaggio dei tucul” A Chambermaid in the resort is a transvestite.
Attualita Nera Comic Italy 1979 Edifumetto 1 D 1 P X * -1909 Mature. Anno II #72 (10/1979) Story “La mamma magnaccia” Manuela is a transvestite in the vice zone. Anno XI #13 (09/1988) Story “La notte e fatta per stuprare” Gang rape a prostitute that is revealed to be a transvestite. Anno XII #17 (01/1989) Story “Non violentare il machio” Transvestite and a woman killing males in the alps.
Attualita Nera Extra Comic Italy 1980 Edifumetto 1 D 1
-1806 Mature. Anno V #52 (07/1984) Story “La zia erotica” Woman is revealed to be a transvestite. Anno VII #32 (04/1990) Story “I Due Volti Del Delitto” Actor Bob Derek is discovered to be a transvestite.
Attualita Proibita Comic Italy 1982 Edifumetto 1 D 2
X * -1909 Mature. Anno II #18 (11/1983) Story “Femmina Ambigua” Female singer in nighclub revealing that she was a male. Anno III #27 (08/1984) Story “Il morbo dei gay” Gay male in a bar dating a transvestite. Anno III #31 (12/1984) Story “Orgasmi fillotramviari” Woman revealed to be a transvestite. Anno IV #34 (03/1985) Story “Il Transessuale Putano” Katia, a german transsexual, came to Italy to find love. She end being tricked into prostitution. Anno V #53 (10/1986) Story “Mujerado l’uomo-donna” American explorer is looking for a native tribe from Mexico that has a proccess to transform males into shemales. Anno VI #1 (09/1987) Story “Calibro 38 Special” Male get a sex change at the end, brief. Anno VI #4 (12/1987) Story “C’era una volta il casino” Madam in a brothel is revealed to be a male in disguise. Anno VII #7 (03/1988) Story “L’Uomo che Riusi ad mare se Stesso” Transsexual get a sex-change and donate his member to a mutilated male.
Attualita Supernera Comic Italy 1983 Editrice Squalo 1 D 1
-1707 Mature. Anno VI #18 (02/1989) Story “Piccolo Boss” Prostitute revealed to be a transvestite.
Au Centre Du Nowhere Comic Belgium 2005 Constant Michel 1 T 1

-1806 T4 “Mini-trip au bout de l'enfer” Male get a sex-change operation.
Authentic Police Cases Comic United States 1948 St. John 1 D 1 P

#5 (10/1948) “The couple who came to kill” Bride in honeymoon travel is not what it seem. #26 (03/1953) “The case of Kid Slick” Kid disguises as a woman to kill a witness of his crimes. #33 (05/1954) “Murder Inc First Boy” Happy Maione story inludes when he disguised as a woman to kill two men.
Autumn Adventures
Comic United States 1990 Walt Disney 1 D 1

#1 (08/1990) Story “Jet Witch” Its Halloween and Gyro Gearloose disguises as a witch to try his last invention, a jet sky stick. The stick is disguised as a broom. Later Donald does also.
Avant l'Incal Comic France 1988 Janjetov Zoran 1 D 2 P

T3 “Croot” Male disguised as a pregnat woman to ocult a big bird.
Comic United States 2011 Image Comics 1 D 1

#4 (10/2011) There is a transvestite being assaulted by members of a sect. Very brief.
Avengers Comic United States 1963 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#93 (10/1971) The Super Skrull reveals himself in Captain Marvels presence after having disguised himself as Carol Danvers since at least #92. #107 "Master Plan of the Space Phantom" Madame Hydra is revealed to have been the Space Phantom, a male space alien, since #106. #360 (03/1993) Laura Lipton is revealed to be a Tabula in disguise to trap Vision. Avengers 2010 Series #29 (10/2012) Professor X tranform himself into Rachel sister Hope.
Avengers Academy Comic United States 2010 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#14 (07/2011) The Avengers Academy students and Tigra travel to a lab in Paris in an attempt to stop the Sinister Six from stealing something stored there. As soon as they arrive a blast from Electro knocks Tigra out of the fight. Later, Tigra reappears saying that they've been ordered to return back to the Infinite Mansion as she helps them fend off the Sinister Six. When Jocasta opens a portal back to the mansion, Doctor Octopus reveals that this was the true plan so he could steal something from Hank Pym. At that point Tigra attacks Finesse from behind and changes into the Chameleon who reveals that he had been impersonating her.
Avengers Forever Comic United States 1998 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#6 (05/1999) Songbird is revealed to be a spacephantom in disguise. #8 (07/1999) Immortus men has been taking form of men and women that avengers has know.
Avengers Giant Size Comic United States 1974 Marvel Comics 1 T 1 P

#4 (06/1975) Near the end is revealed that Mantis was changed for the shapeshifter Space Phantom.
Avengers Millennium Comic United States 2015 Marvel Comics 1 D 2 P

#4 (09/2015) The Avengers time travel back and they get separated. Spider-Man ends up crossdressing as a Geisha.
Avengers West Coast Comic United States 1989 Marvel Comics 1 T 2

#81 (04/1992) Captain Atlas thought he was being rescued from the Avengers by his girlfriend, the Kree scientist Doctor Minerva, but he was tricked by Hobgoblin, a male Shi'ar imperial guardsman shapeshifter, who captured him by taking her form.
Avengers: Back To Basics Comic United States 2018 Marvel Comics 1 T

-1806 #3 (014/2018) A baseball game Iron Man and Captain America are watching at Yankee Stadium is interrupted when Captain Marvel crashes onto the field. Another Captain Marvel was the one who knocked her out of the sky. At first it seems clear who the impostor is when one appears to be a Skrull, and the other demonstrates Captain Marvel's powers, but things aren't always as they seem. The end of the issue reveals the second Captain Marvel to be Magus, the evil alternate-universe version of Adam Warlock. Magus cast an illusion to make the real Carol Danvers appear to be a Skrull, while he used either those illusion powers or shape-shifting to appear as Captain Marvel.
Avengers: The Children's Crusade Comic United States 2010 Marvel Comics 1 T 2 P

#3 (01/2011) In Latveria, Wiccan wants to find Scarlet Witch and goes to Doom's Castle. Discovered by the guards, he quickly transform into Scarlet Witch and ask to be showed back to her room. There, he finally find the real Scarlet Witch, his mother.
Avengers: The Initiative Comic United States 2007 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#5 (10/2007) While fighting Trauma get punched. When the other recruits are visiting him as he's recovering from his injuries, he transforms into Cloud 9, saying that she's scared of what she's becoming (as she had nearly killed an opponent earlier) and that he can help her. #17 (11/2008) The skrull empress is killed, but is revealed that she was a decoy, a male skrull had taken her form. #20 (02/2009) Hank Pym transform into a woman to show Trauma how is going to be her pregnancy.
Aya De Yopougon Comic France 2005 Oubrerie Clement 1 D 1

-1412 T2 (2006) Albert has a date with a misterious woman, revealed to be a male later. T3 (2007) Albert misterious girlfriend is revealed to be Innocent, a gay hairdresser, disguised as a woman to date him.
Ayashi No Ceres Comic Japan 1996 Watase Yuu 1 D 3 P

Vol 7: Yuuhi has to protect a woman and stay with her but she enrolls in an all girls school for a few weeks.
Azumi Comic Japan 1994 Koyama Yuu 1 D 2

Vol 10-15: Kiku is a trained assassin and a transvestite that becomes companion of Azumi.
Baa-chan Love Potion Comic Japan 2003 Fujita Jun 1 T 1

Mature. Vol 2 Chap 13: Male eats a magic candy to help him understand why the girl he desires hates everybody, and he possesses her.
Babe (Babe, Darling Of The Hills) Comic United States 1948 Prize 1 T 2 P

#7 (08/1949) “Doctor Woeman” Doctor makes a potion that changes women into men, but also men into women. #8 (10/1949) “Hideout” Movie Star Clark Sable need to hide from his fans and his bodyguard have the idea of diguising him in women's clothes.
Baby Bitch! Comic Japan 2006 Inomoto Rikako 1 D 1

Mature. Yaoi. Chap 2: Male diguised as a school girl for his lover.
Baby Powder Comic Japan 1998 Kudara Naizou 1 D 1

Mature. First story is about a boy disguising as a girl to be the travelmate of his girlfriend in a ski resort.
Babysitter Gin! Comic Japan 1998 Yamato Waki 1 D

Gin Shimochiai is an expert babysitter, who's willing to make every child in the world happy. But, actually she's a man disguising as a woman. Inspired by his nanny in childhood and the story of Mary Poppins, he build Poppins Shimochiai Club, a babysitter agent. With his "poppins magic", he can solve every family problem and bring happiness to the children.
Back Street Girls Comic Japan 2015 Gyuh Jasmine 1 T 2

A group of 3 yakuza failed their boss for the last time. After messing up an important job, the boss gave them 2 choices: honorably commit suicide, or go to Thailand to get a sex reassignment surgery in order to become "female" idols. After a gruesome year training to become idols, they successfully debut, with overwhelming popularity, much to their dismay.
Backlash Comic United States 1994 Image Comics 1 T 2

#8 (06/1995) Stormwatch's Diva asks Backlash to take out Daemonite Lord Helspont. But it's all a set-up, as Diva is later revealed to be Mr. White in disguise.
Badge Of Justice Comic United States 1955 Charlton 1 D 1

#22 (01/1955) Story “The Trapping of Public Enemy No. 1” Three crooks diguised as old ladies to lure Crime Smasher into a trap.
Baka To Gogh Comic Japan 2000 Katou Shinkichi 1 D 1

Vol 1 Chap 5: Gosh, the clothes designer, start working in a transvestite club.
Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu Comic Japan 2009 Mattaku Mosuke 1 D 3 P

Hideyoshi Kinoshita is a very feminine-looking bishounen and is the younger twin brother of Yuuko Kinoshita of class A. Despite being a fraternal twin, except for his male body, he looks almost identical to his twin sister. Because of that, his male peers see him as a female, which upsets him though he doesn't express it strongly.
Chap 7: Hideyoshi dressing up in a female school uniform.
Chap 9: After losing, the representative of the class, Nemoto, is forced to dress in a female school uniform.
There is a sidestory manga “Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu‎ Dya”.
Bakara Comic Japan 1999 Ogami Wolf 1 D 1

Mature. Two first stories have a female teacher that is in fact a shemale. Other stories have a female classmate that is also a shemale.
Bakeru-kun Comic Japan 1976 Fujiko F. Fujio 1 T 1

Boy turns into different persons using dolls, some of them females.
Bakumatsu Koi Hana Shinsengumi (Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi) Comic Japan 2005 Kuroyurihime 1 D 3 P

Based on the PS2/DS dating sim of the same name. Character Yamazaki Susumu is a cheerful crossdresser, but very emotional at times. He prefers spying over using a sword, and uses a trained crow to help him gather information.
Bakuretsu Hunters (Sorcerer Hunters) Comic Japan 1993 Omishi Rei 1 D 2 P

Mille Feuille, Also known as Milphey-uy, is a transvestite who most often acts with Carrot's group and has a thorough knowledge of necromancy and all kind of magic. His power comes from his Guardian Spirit, the Phoenix. He is also bisexual and constantly flings himself at both Onion and Carrot, which draws more ire from Tira and Chocolate, and flirts with them, though he's also shown some degree of interest in Tira and Marron. Vol 3 Chap 14: Carrot end dressed in female clothes after being captured because of a woman that is very alike and has got away to avoid a wedding.
Balance Police Comic Japan 2010 Yoshitomi Akihito 1 T

In a world where women are no longer born, the state instigated a feminizing program. Among the candidates was the protagonist Masaomi's friend Kenji. Originally it was part of the TS anthology “Change H!”.
Balin Comic Spain 1955 Ortiz Jose 1 D 1 P

#21-24 Balin and his companions hears of an enchanted lake with three female spirits that lure and traps men. Balin discovers that the spirits are humans in disguise, and that two of the women are really men dressing up as women.
Banana Fish Comic Japan 1986 Yoshida Akimi 1 D 2

-1812 Vol 11: Ash disguised as a female nurse to escape from the hospital facility where he was retained.
Banana Games Comic United States 2004 Zanier Christian 1 D 1

Mature. Story of busty Simone picking her gal Alex, a hung cute transvestite, out of jail. They just want freedom but all they can seem to get into is extreme trouble.
Banana Kiss Comic Japan 1997
1 T 1

Mature. Short stories. In one of them a sick boy wishes to swap bodies with a sexy nurse.
Bang! Tango Comic United States 2009 DC Comics 1 D 3 P

A passionate ex-gangster tries to make good in his new life as a tango dancer. But his world is thrown out-of-step when an old flame tracks him down, bringing with her the violence of his old life as well as the smoldering sexual conflict that drove them apart. She's sultry, vivacious and irresistible – she's the girl of his dreams…but she's carrying one dangerous, little flaw.. a penis.
Bannou Kagaku Hengeibu Comic Japan 2001 Sho Hidaka 1 T

A bunch of boys get transformed into a copy of whatever they most desired, in this case into clones of their female teacher.
Banoten Comic Japan 2009 Kawazoe Taichi 1 D 2 P

Vol 1: Renji, the student council vice president, is tricked by Chinatsu into disguising as a woman.
Bar Raimu Raito (Bar Limelight) Comic Japan 1997 Ikeda Fumiharu 1 T 3 P

Vol 1: Sakaki Tamasaburo is a victim of marriage fraud. He goes to Bar Limelight and try to drown his sorrows in alcohol. He drinks a Limelight Special Cocktail called a "Lady Joker" only to find himself suddenly transformed into a woman. The transformation is only temporary, and he use this ultimate disguise to get revenge over his false fiance. Vol 3: Male is a secret transvetite and wish his wife accept it. Vol 4: A man is turned into a woman with a cocktail and is taught a lesson. Vol ?: A woman hires a man to transform into her identical twin so as to convince her rich fiance that it wasn't her that he saw working in a night club.
Bara Iru Company (Rose Company) Comic Japan 1997 Nitta Tomoko 1 D 1

Umi takes a job at his father's company to learn the business from the ground up. But he chooses to do this by putting on a skirt and joining the company as an OL, much to the consternation of his father and the confusion of his coworkers, as well as the company's clients. He just enjoys the outfits. Four-panel format.
Bara No Kaitou Comic Japan 1995 Nanase Kai 1 D 3 P

The last scion of a fallen family enters a noble family's estate disguised as a female maid to steal a priceless necklace. Situation complicated when the heir becomes attracted to the new "girl".
Bara No Maria (A Brave Heart Of Red Rose) Comic Japan 2007 Sunao Misuzu 1 T 1

Vol 3 Chap 10-12: Katari is suddenly transformed into a woman.
Bara To Nora Inu Comic Japan 2016 Shoco 1 D 1
-1709 Mature. Woman revealed to be a crossdressing guy.
Barairo Emperor Comic Japan 2010 Asou Mizuho 1 D 1

Lydia is the crossdressing helper of Roze, the reigning King of the Plant Kingdom!
Barairo Mitsubachi Comic Japan 2006 Fujikawa Ruri 1 D 1

Mature. Yaoi. Chap 1: Boy dressing in a wedding dress for his lover.
Baraou No Souretsu Comic Japan 2013 Kanno Aya 1 D 2 P

-1906 Vol 4 Chap 16 and Vol 5 Chap 17-18: After the camp is attacked, Richard disguises as a woman to escape and later to save his brother Edward from Warwick's clutches. Vol 8 Chap 34: Richard disguised as a woman to sneak into a female coven.
Barbe Rouge Comic Belgium 1959 Hubinon Victor 1 D 1 P

T5 “Defi au Roi” Eric, prisioner from pirates in Algiers, disguises as a arab woman to escape. T19 “Raid sur la Corne d'Or” Eric disguised as an arab woman as part of the plan to sneak inside the sultan's palace.
Barcode Fighter Comic Japan 1992 Ono Toshihiro 1 D 3 P

Character Arisugawa Sakura is a girl's soul in a boy's body. He dresses and lives as a girl and dreams to be one.
Barelli Comic Belgium 1950 De Moor Bob 1 D 1

T2 “Barelli et les agents secrets” Barelli helps a male to escape disguised as a woman.
Baroque Comic Japan 2005 Ogawa Yayoi
1 T 2

Trance, a mysterious man (god?) from another world, appears before Atsuhi and asks for his cooperation. Atsuhi is the chosen person who can save the world by sleeping with Trance’s “sister” Tsubasa!. Unknown to Atsushi, Tsubasa is in fact Trance that can change gender at will, in this case to seduce Atsushi.
Barracuda Comic Belgium 2010 Jeremy 1 D 3 P

T1 “Esclaves” After being attacked by pirates, Emilio is given women's clothes to save his life, and as a young woman is sold as a esclave in Puerto Blanco, a pirate stronghold.
Basara Comic Japan 1990 Tamura Yumi 1 D 2

Character Ageha, that usually tours with Madam Butterfly's troupe of traveling performers under the name Kicho, the star female dancer.
Bastos Et Zakousky Comic France 1981 Tranchand Pierre 1 D 1

T2 “La Forteresse des Neiges” Male disguised as female peasant to escape from tzarist prison camp.
Batgirl Comic United States 2000 DC Comics 1 T 2 P

-1612 Vol 3 #13 (10/2010) Clayface impersonates a woman to rob a bank and later impersonates batgirl to confuse the police. Vol 4 #19 (06/2013) Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) find that her roommate Alysia is transgender. Alysia has been Barbara’s roommate since #1. Vol 4 #37 (02/2015) Dagger Type disguised as Batgirl.
Batgirl Year One Comic United States 2003 DC Comics 1 D 1

#9 (10/2003) Robin posses as Batgirl to fool Batgirl's father that was suspecting the real identity under the mask of Batgirl.
Batman Comic United States 1940 DC Comics 1 D 3 P

#30 (09/1945) “While the City Sleeps!” Cleaning lady is a male crook in disguise. #46 (05/1948) Robin disguises as the bride to set up a trap for the joker. #266 (08/1975) Bruce Wayne disguises himself as wealthy heiress Bertha Carrington-Bridgewater and checks in to the Gotham Plaza Hotel. He lets the word go out that Bertha is carrying a wealth of jewelry knowing that such knowledge would draw the Catwoman back out of hiding. #321 (03/1980) The Joker uses a female disguise to kidnap Robin. #626 (06/2004) Robin has to sneak into a morgue to get tissue samples of a corpse. The best way to do so is pose as a medical student. But he's too young to pass a "male" medical student, so…he goes disguised as Caroline Hill, female medical student. Vol 2 #34 (10/2014) Batman disguises as a female doctor to be the bait for a serial killer.
Batman And Robin Comic United States 1943 Bob Kane 1 D 3 P

Newspaper daily and sunday comic strip, reprinted in one sunday and three daily volumes. Daily strip "A Change of Costume" dated from 11/Feb/1946 to 23/Mar/1946: In this Batman comic strip, we see Batman and Robin go undercover at a costume party. However, since it's a couples-only affair, Robin ends up in a costume not entirely to his liking. Daily strip dated from 5/Aug/1946 to 21/Sep/1946: Batman disguises as a woman to trick a male. Sunday strip “Catwoman's Grasshopper Chase” dated from 28/Apr/1946 to 16/Jun/1946: Robin disguises as a girl to search undercover for Catwoman.
Batman And The Outsiders Comic United States 1983 DC Comics 1 T 1

Annual #2 (1985) Chemical mimic Steven briefly assumes the form of Sapphire Stagg in order to trick her father and Metamorpho. Vol 2 #2 (01/2008) An unnamed naked blond embraces Mr. Jardine in his Brussels mansion. In the next panel, the blue arms around Jardine appear to be those of an OMAC, a Cyborg. Vol 2 #4 (04/2008) The OMAC take the form of a female blond secretary and kill her boss before to take his form.
Batman Incorporated Comic United States 2012 DC Comics 1 D 1

#2 (08/2012) Batman disguised as an old woman travelling by rail.
Batman: Damned Comic United States 2018 DC Comics 1 T 1

-1809 #1 (2018) Deadman possesses a woman. Brief.
Batman: Gotham Adventures Comic United States 1998 DC Comics 1 T 2

#51 (08/2002) Mr. Freeze is sprung from Arkham by Nora (the ex-wife he never got over) to formulate the compound that might return him, and the life they once shared, to normal. But love is blind. It turns out that the Nora who sprung Freeze is actually Clayface, who is working for a mysterious client who wants Freeze to perfect a formula.
Batman: The Dark Knight Comic United States 2011 DC Comics 1 T 1

Vol 3 #22 (09/2013) Clayface transform into Natalya to trick distract Batman, and later into a woman to escape.
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Comic United States 1986 DC Comics 1 D 1

#3 (1986) Batman disguised as an old woman.
Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again Comic United States 2001 DC Comics 1 T 1

#2 (2002) Plastic Man transform briefly into a female version of himself while arguing with Elongated Man.
Batman: The Dark Prince Charming Comic France 2017 Marini Enrico 1 D 2

-1809 French publisher Dargaud Batman story. Book 2 (06/2018) Joker disguised as a prostitute to meet Batman.
Batman/Deadman: Death and Glory Comic United States 1996 DC Comics 1 T 1

#1 (12/1996) Deadman possesses a female police helicopter pilot.
Battle Club Comic Japan 2003 Shiozaki Yuuji 1 D 4 P

Character Taki Rentarou: Owner of beauty that will steal your eyes away from you. He looks female, but make no mistake... it's a man, baby!. Serves as swan academy's wrestling club captain. Possesing a calm personality he don't allow what happen in the werstling mat to become personal. Battle Club Second Stage Vol 1: Mokichi is forced to crossdress as a female to become one of the players in a female beach-volley match,
Battle Girl Ai Comic Japan 1993 Yukako Usaka 1 T

Vol 2 Chap 11: A girl sailor and a boy swap bodies.
Battle Royale Comic Japan 2000 Taguchi Masayuki 1 D 2

Vol 5: One of the characters, Sho Tsukioda, is a transvestite.
Battlestar Galactica: Apollo's Journey Comic United States 1996 Maximum Press 1 T

#3 (06/1996) Apollo is thinking of his deceased wife Serina who died in shortly after the Galactica's quest for Earth began. Suddenly, she answers his unspoken thoughts and appears before him. She tries to comfort him by telling him that the struggle is over and that the fate of the Galactica and the Fleet is no longer his concern. However, Apollo cannot believe his beloved wife would ever ask him to put his own happiness above the needs of the Fleet and suspects that something is wrong. Then "Serina" morphs to reveal the evil Count Iblis, a demonic being of great power and the greatest enemy since the Cylons.
Batty & Gay Comic Italy 1981 Edifumetto 1 D 1
-1806 Mature. #1 “La Banda di Pappioni” Gay working as a transvetite prostitute. #2 (11/1981) “Il Ku Kul Klan” Transvestites in a cabaret. #3 “A calci in culo” Transvestite in a cabaret. #4 “Coiffeur pour froces“ Transvestite prostitutes. #5 (02/1982) “Il Dottor Castracaz” Tranvestite want to become a woman. #6 “La Checca dell’anno” Transvesites in a beauty pageant. #8 “Nonna Bernarda” transvestites in a cabaret. #12 (09/1982) “Il Porcofilm” Transvestite in gay party.
Batwoman Annual Comic United States 2014 DC Comics 1 T 1

Annual #2 (06/2015) Batwoman is cornered and taken to Morgaine le Fey. When Nocturna is about to bite her, it is revealed that it is actually Clayface that took on the Batwoman form to let the real Batwoman escape.
Beast 9 Comic Korea 2010 Jo Seung-Yeop 1 T 1

Eraser, the mysterious enemy that invaded Earth 13 years ago!! Before their overwhelming power, the entire Earth neared the verge of collapse. But at the last moment there suddenly appeared Earth's lone savior, The Beast: an ultimate weapon uniquely equipped to counter the Eraser's power!!. Chap 1: Chae-Ill-Gun (male) end possesing the body of Jang-Mari (female). Both are pilot in training for the beast.
Beauty Bunny Comic Japan 2013 Yoshino Mari 1 D 2

17-year-old Yuzuhara Kohane has no interest in skincare and make up. However, she dislikes being called ugly by the beautiful Iori who just happens to be the genius of makeup and son of the owner of a famous cosmetic company. In chap 2 is revealed that the female president of the company is Iori in disguise.
Beauty Pop Comic Japan 2004 Arai Kiyoko 1 D 1 P

Vol 5 Chap 19: Boys in the SP club disguising as women to help a member that is scared of women.
Beauty Under The Moon Comic China 2010 Misha 1 D

At the peak of Beijing Operas, female roles were played by men. These men were required to have an excellent voice, postures and most importantly, beauty.
Belladone Comic France 2004 Alary Pierre 1 D 1 P

T3 “Louis” Belladone, secret agent fom Louis XIV, unmask an assassin trying to kill the king dressed as his chambermaid.
Bellas De Noche Comic Mexico 1995 Editorial Toukan 1 D 2 P

#2 “Dos huarachudos en las vegas” (06/1995) Two peasant going to the capital to buy a tractor end in a bar with transvestites. #5 “Bizcochito de carnaval” (06/1995) There is a gang of transvestite drug dealers. #99 “La diabla cola loca” (04/1997) Female diable gives a male breast and a vagina, very brief. #108 “De tanto tragar chorizo... ¡ora mejor cacha granizo!” (06/1997) Misadventures of a transvestite prostitute. #115 “¿Y mi pajarito? ¡ahora es tamalito!” (08/1997) Male scientist is transformed into a woman after drinking an old formula. He become a Dr. Jeckyll and Mrs. Hyde person. #163 “¿Nido pachon o pajaro pelon?” (07/1998) Transvestite in a gay club, brief.
Beloved Teddy Bear Comic Japan 1998 Kamura Yoko 1 D 2

Vol 1 Chap 3 "Boy-Girl": Fujiki, a short boy, and Sakura, a tall and boyish girl, interchange clothes.
Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider Comic United States 2017 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

-1809 #23 (11/2018) Ben brings a cure to save Abby, the daughter of his employer. However a future version of Abby appears explaining that the cure makes her immortal asking that they let her die. Abby's mother agrees and the girl dies but the time traveller is revealed to be Mephisto who's come to get revenge on Ben by altering everyone's memories to make it look as if the girl's death was his fault.
Bernard Lermite Comic France 1979 Veyron Martin 1 D 1

Mature. T3 “Personnellement je ne veux pas d'enfants” Story “Bernard Lermite en Vacances” Bernard disguised as a woman to travel without paying.
Berry Ecstasy Comic Japan 2001 Oshima Towa 1 D 3 P X

Mature. Story 2 “The Way of the Beast” Kousuke is an internet transvestite idol, in fact all was idea of his girlfriend but step by step he was more and more into that role.
Beso Negro La Caricia Conexion Swinger Comic Mexico
Editorial Mon-Eros 1 D 1

#117 “El castrado por amor” Female surgeon meets a crossdresser in the underground metro and befriend him.
Bestia Comic Japan 2000 Ikegami Ryoichi 1 D 1

Ronin samurai Gen Tsukinosuke have the company of a transvestite that travel with him.
Betty Comic United States 1992 Archie Comics 1 D 3 P

#2 (10/1992) Story “Proxy Lady” Betty agrees to stand in for Susan Carstensen, who is unable to attend her own wedding due to Army commitments. But her plans are jeopardized when she's injured while rock climbing with Archie. So Archie will have to stand in for Betty.
Betty And Me Comic United States 1965 Archie Comics 1 D 1 P

#103 (07/1979) Story “Decision Maker” Betty can't decide which dress to wear to the dance. She takes them to Veronica for her advice, with her modeling one and Archie modeling the other.
Betty And Veronica Comic United States 1987 Archie Comics 1 D 3 P

#63 (05/1993) Story “Splash Down” Veronica talks Archie into dressing as a girl to set a trap for a swindler using a phony chivalry line to swipe women's expensive coats.
Betty Strip Comic Belgium 1984 Walthery François 1 D 2

One Shot about Betty, a young transwoman.
Beware The Creeper Comic United States 1968 DC Comics 1 T 1 P

Vol 1 #2 (07/1968) In this issue Jack Ryder (The Creeper) encounters his arch-nemesis, Proteus. He pretends to be The Creeper, and also Jack Ryder (among others), and also briefly he pretends to be weather caster Vera Sweet, but Ryder sees through that disguise fairly quickly.
Biancaneve Comic Italy 1972
1 D 2
-1712 #7 (second series #5) “Il cuore di re Kurt” The queen has a new lady in waiting that is revealed to be his lover in disguise.
Big 'Uns: Giant Women On The Rampage! Comic United States 1998 AC Comics 1 T 1

#1 Story "Ali Bastur and Her 40 Feet" short story about a thief that steals a genie's lamp from a wizard. He is then tricked by the giant genie into being turned into a harem girl.
Big League Laffs Comic United States 1973 Last Gap 1 T 1

Mature. #4 (04/1973) Story “The Doity Boids” Woman is really a Male.
Big Shot (Big Shot Comics) Comic United States 1940 Columbia 1 D 1

#30 (12/1942) Story “Sparky Watts” A cosmic ray shooted at Slap has done his feet so big that he can't put pants so he must wear dresses until the effect of the ray finish. #61 (11/1945) Story “Brass Knuckles” Brass wished he had a godmother like cinderella, to go to a ball, and his wish is conceded literally, so he will have to be cinderella. #67 (07/1946) Story “All in a lifetime” Merton disguised as a girl for a costume party. Very brief. #100 (04/1949) Story “Sparkly Watts” Sparkly models a bride gown for his bride.
Big Sister's Pet Comic Japan 1990 Bull Terrier 1 T


Mature. Story 1: Boy transformed into a female after being splashed with strange liquid. Story 2: Boy transformed into a female by a strange demon that can change shape and sex.
Biggles Comic Belgium 1990 Loutte Eric 1 D 1 P

T7 “Le Dernier Zeppelin” In a party Bertie dresses up as a woman and sing to entertain the assistants.
Bijo, Tokidoki Yajuu Comic Japan 2008 Kurosawa Shii 1 D 2

Yukiji had always been allergic to women, then one day at a Maid Cafe, he bumped into Haru, who was extremely 100% his type. Surprisingly, Yukiji didn't get any allergy reaction from touching "her" and thought he had found the soul mate of his life..but only to find out that "she" is a he.
Binetsu Days Comic Japan 1990 Kazama Miyuki 1 T 1

Mature. Short Stories. "Little Android": Boy's brain is placed into a female android.
Bingo Comic Japan 1997 Hashiba Maki 1 D 2 P

Vol 3 and 4: There is a theatrical play in a school with the female roles played by males
Bionika Comic Spain 1985 Ediciones Zinco 1 D 1

Mature. Spanish magazine. #6 story “Las cloacas de Las Vegas” Woman is revealed to be a transsexual.
Birds Of Prey Comic United States 1999 DC Comics 1 T 1 P

Vol 1 #36 (12/2001) Joker disguised as Mary Marvel. Vol 3 #3 (01/2012) Male assassin disguised as an old lady. Vol 3 #4 (02/2012) Male assassin briefly takes on the appearance of Poison Ivy to fool her team mate.
Bisexual Comic Japan 2003 Masaki Souko 1 D

-1704 Vol 1: Boy disguises as a girl to go to a date with a another boy.
Bishop Comic United States 1994 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#4 (03/1995) An old foe of Bishop, Mountjoy is able to steal bodies. Here, he grabs Psylocke's form.
Bishop XSE Comic United States 1998 Marvel Comics 1 T 2

#1-3 (01-03/1998) Rook is a mutant whose physical attributes can be changes like clothing. He can grow bodies from organic plant life and can simulate anyone he chooses; currently he is in the form of Annabella Knok. She is bent on destroying the XSE and is anxious to be part of the Hellfire club.
Bishoujo Henshin Densetsu Comic Japan 1990 Matsurioka Hideyuki 1 B 2 P X

Mature. Boy turns into a woman after eating a magic mushroom. After the initial surprise and a failed intent to restore his maleness, he start to live as a girl. One of his new female teachers is revealed to be a shemale.
Bishoujo Jigoku Comic Japan 1983 Muraso Shun'ichi 1 B


Mature. Boy crossdresses to get a girl and ends up as a real girl.
Bishoujo Restaurant Comic Japan 1995 Ishuuin 808 1 T 1

Mature. A school-boy and girl fall down some stairs and swap bodies. The fall leaves the male body badly injured and unconscious. The boy-in-the-girl's body leaves school and goes home with her female friend. It turns out the friend is her lover, and they end up having lesbian sex.
Bishounen Tanteidan Comic Japan 2016 Oda Suzuka 1 D 2 P

-1806 One of the boys disguises as a girl when necessary.
Bitch In Heat Comic Italy 1997 Casotto Giovanna 1 T 2 P X

Mature. #10 Story "Wishes" A man recieves a postcard in the mail entitling him to four wishes, he wishes to have sex with Vanessa, the woman down the hall but…She is a lesbian, and he is transformed into a woman.
Biyaku Cafe Comic Japan 2008 Ukyou Ayane 1 D 1

Vol 5 Chap 23: In a school festival there is a maid's cafe with the boys beind the maids.
Bizarre Adventures Comic United States 1981 Marvel Comics 1 T 2 P

Continued from “Marvel Preview”. #30 (02/1982) Story "Paradox: Saturn's Secret" The return of Paradox has him going to Saturn to combat yet another rebellion. This time he turns against the corrupt Earth government and returns from a mission in the guise of Razor, the shapely female agent who supposedly killed him.
Bizarre Paradise Comic Japan 1997 Makita Aoi 1 B 2

Mature. One story has a boy transformed into a girl, later other boy have the same fate. Other story is about two boys playing dress up.
Blab! Comic United States 1988 Kitchen Sink Press 1 T

Comics anthology. #5 (1990) Aliens use a ray to transform a couple of cops into beautiful girls in exchange for some beer.
Blab! Comic United States 1998 Fantagraphics 1 T 1

Comics anthology. #11 (10/2000) Story “ Virginia Blondes Can Be Hazardous to Your Health” Womanizer spy at the end decides that he want to be the class of woman he pursues, and has srs to be a woman. Brief and end.
Black Clover Comic Japan 2015 Tabata Yuuki 1 T

-1712 Vol 2 Chap 10: The wizard king is revealed using transformation magic disguising himself as an old lady to walk around in the city to discover new forms of magic.
Black Jack Neo Comic Japan 2006 Taguchi Masayuki 1 T 1

Vol 2: Claudia, an assassin codenamed nº 9, was born male, was castrated and transformed into a woman by the organization.
Black Kiss Comic United States 1988 Chaykin Howard 1 D 2 P

Dagmar, One of the main female characters is revealed in #4 to be a shemale.
Black Kiss XXXmas In July Special Comic United States 2014 Chaykin Howard 1 D 2

Dagmar is a shemale.
Black Lagoon Comic Japan 2002 Hiroe Rei 1 B 3 P

Vol 2: There a pair a twins one male and one female, however there due to mental abuse they switch off with each other as male and female, they are practically identical so you don't know which one is which. Vol 4: Omake in wich all the members in the black lagoon have changed sex.
Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands Comic United States 2018 DC Comics 1 T 1

-1806 #6 (06/2018) Usagi, the alien shapeshifter who helps Black Lightning with his tech equipment, is in the form of a blonde-haired girl, wearing a female version of Black Lightning's spandex suit.
Black Panther Comic United States 1977 Marvel Comics 1 T 3 P

Vol 4 #2-6 (05-09/2005) At the end of the issue 2, the Klaw, a villian, takes a guy to a brothel. The guy kisses a prostitute and takes over her body. He uses the prostitute body till issue 6.
Blackest Night: Batman Comic United States 2009 DC Comics 1 T

#2 (11/2009) Deadman possesses Barbara Gordon in order to save her and her father.
Blackhawk Comic United States 1957 DC Comics 1 D 3 P

Vol 1 #210 (07/1965) “Danger - Blackhawk Bait” Woman in Paris is a policeman working undercover. Brief. Vol 1 #240 (02/1968) “He Who Must Die" Andre, backed up by the other Blackhawks, approaches female spy Natasha Zero to gain a deadly nerve gas and prevent it from falling into enemy hands. Natasha leads Andre into a trap set by her buyer, Le Croc. The other Blackhawks appear to fall victim to the nerve gas, but they are protected with the aid of nose filters. The Blackhawks then apprehend Le Croc and Natasha, exposing the female spy as a man.
BlazBlue - Remix Heart Comic Japan 2012 Sumeragi 1 T

Mai Natsume was the next heir of the Hazuki Family. One month prior to the events of Remix Heart, Mai somehow ended up as a girl and tried to turn back using various grimoires but without successes.
BlazBlue - Variable Heart Comic Japan 2016 Sumeragi 1 T

-1609 A sequel to Remix Heart that ties in what happens to Mai after the events in the manga and bridges the story for her appearance in Blazblue Central Fiction.
Blazer Drive Comic Japan 2008 Kishimoto Seishi 1 D 1

Chap 23: Daichi is transformed into a girl.
Bleach Comic Japan 2001 Kubo Tite 1 D 1

Chap 320 and 321: Male warrior transform his clothes into a magical girl suit.
Blinding Flower (Bai Hua Liao Luan) Comic China 2015 Dong Man Tang 1 D

A S class leveled witch family has finally gotten a baby with extremely high amount of magic. But, why is it a boy? As your mother, I can only raise you like a girl and live like a girl.
Bloody Mary: Lady Liberty Comic United States 1997 DC Comics 1 D 1

#4 (12/1997) The Major disguises as a nun to act as a decoy for Bloody Mary.
Bloom Comic Japan 1999 Kawazoe Mariko 1 T

Boy and girl transform into opposite sex.
Blue Bolt Comic United States 1940 Novelty Press 1 D 2

Vol 2 #3 (15) (08/1941) Sub-Zero disguised as a woman to act as a decoy. Vol 5 #2 (50) (11/1944) Charlie, Bue Bolt sidekick, disguised as a woman soldier. Vol 6 #6 (62) (01/1946). A young man dresses up as a girl for a fraternity initiation, but his father convinces him to switch places. However, their little prank backfires, with amusing results.
Blue Devil Comic United States 1984 DC Comics 1 D 1

-1803 #19 (12/1985) The Trickster, disguised as a woman, tricks Captain Cold into trying to steal a recipe for no-melt ice cream.
Blue Drop - Tenshi No Bokura Comic Japan 2007 Yoshitomi Akihito 1 B 3 P

Kenzou Yoshimura is transformed into a woman by aliens, and must have sex with his best friend, Shouta Yanami, because his friend will be executed by the aliens if he doesn't. As Kenzou don't want to have sex with a man, He forces Shouta to dress up in women's clothes.
Blue Panels Comic Germany 2001 Mel F* 1 D 1
-1806 Mature. #1 (2001) Woman in a clothes shop is revealed to be a transvestite.
Blue Period. Comic Japan 2017 Yamaguchi Tsubasa 1 D 2

* -1909 Yuka-chan is a boy dressing as a girl in the school.
Blue Wars Comic Japan 1997 Nakamura Yoshiki 1 T 2

Sera Ryousuke is the heir to a martial arts family and has a very muscular body. However his hobbies are cooking, gardening, knitting and sewing, he even loves flowers!. Only a boy like Ryousuke would fall for his schoolyard enemy, Nitou Gunma. One day as he pitifully wishes to become a girl, a mysterious flower fairy appear before him saying "i'll turn you into a girl..." and them...
Blueberry Comic France 1965 Giraud Jean 1 D 3 P

T16 “Le Hors la Loi” Blueberry have to escort a young man, and to pass unnoticed the young man is disguised as a female.
Blueberry – La Jeunesse De Blueberry Comic France 1975 Giraud Jean 1 D 3 P

T1 "La Jeunesse de Blueberry" Blueberry is volunteer to infiltrate confederate lines, and does it disguised as a woman.
Bluesky Melody Comic Japan 2003 Suzudama Renri 1 T 1

Mature. Story "Reversal": Boy wakes up one day as a girl, his girlfriend does as a boy.
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Comic Japan 2001 Sawai Yoshio 1 D

Comedy that uses puns, non-sequitur humor, double-talk, breaking the fourth wall, non-sexualized crossdressing, visual gags, and satirical and pop-culture references, which make its humor very specific to Japanese audiences.
Boca Nueva Comic Belgium 2016 Almeida/Benchaieb 1 D 1

-1809 T2 “Salpetre“ (2018) Fernando Kulilu disguised as a woman to trick a male. Brief.
Body Doubles Comic United States 1999 DC Comics 1 D 1

-1709 #4 (01/2000) Two men disguised as the body doubles, a pair of female assassins.
Body Life Comic Japan 2001 Okano Ahiru 1 T


Mature. Body Double: Boy and girl swap bodies after falling in stairs. Body Triple: The pair from "Body Double" have three-way sex with another girl and everyone bodyswaps again.
Boing Comic Japan 1999 Yamaguchi Masakazu 1 T 1

Mature. Vol 4: The wizard Salibaba casts an illusion to make his opponents believe they are in a harem, when the girls are really his 40 thieves.
Boku Cosplay Nanka Kyoumi Arimasen kara!! (I'm Not Into Cosplay But...!!) Comic Japan 2010 Shiguma Tarou 1 D

The "hero", Furuya Chihiro has been dragooned into the school's Cosplay Club by the domineering President and he ends up dressed as a girl at least some of the time.
Boku Ga Kanojo Ni Kigaetara Comic Japan 1998 Machan Nankin 1 T 2

Mature. A boy and a girl swap bodies after falling down in the stairs.
Boku Ga Nurse Ni Natta Riyuu Comic Japan 2010 Musashimaru 1 D 1

Mature. Young male nurse end being blackmailed into becoming a female nurse.
Boku Ga Watashi Ni Naru Tame Ni Comic Japan 2016 Hirasawa Yuuna 1 T

* -1909 An autobiographical manga that tells the story of the author's trip to Thailand in order to undergo sex reassignment surgery, describing the process of transitioning from male to female. But the path to womanhood is a lot more painful than imagined…
Boku Girl Comic Japan 2013 Sugito Akira 1 T 3 P

Mizuki gets confessed to by a boy in front of a special Mirror. Legend has it, that if you confess to someone you like in front of that mirror your wish comes true!. There is a slight Problem in this Equation: Mizuki is just a very feminine looking boy. Also it seems that he caught the Attention of the Norse Trickster God Loki while glancing into the Mirror. Loki decides out of boredom to mess with Mizuki and turns him into a real Girl. Hijinks ensue...
Boku No Futasu No Tsubasa (My Two Wings) Comic Japan 2002 Yui Toshiki 1 D 3 P

Hiromi can't wait for her cousin Makoto to come live with her - but when "he" finally shows up, she gets a good deal more than she bargained for.
Boku No Geboku Ni Nare! Comic Japan 2013 Assa 1 D

-1704 Yukinari Takase is a huge masochist who instantly takes a liking to Rion Tachibana, a menacing trap who just transferred into his class. After Rion believes Takase has uncovered his secret, he decides to make Takase his servant in order to keep his mouth shut.
Boku No Himejima-kun Comic Japan 2017 Narihira Koujirou 1 D

-1906 Akira Himejima is the most popular girl in the school. Koga discovers that she is in fact it is a boy in disguise.
Boku No Jealousy Monogatari. Comic Japan 2017 Kaga Yakko 1 D 1

-1812 Azuza is a boy that is living as a girl. Introduced in Vol 2 Chap 5, revealed in Vol 2 Chap 6
Boku No Kanojo Wa Waitress Comic Japan 2002 Shigeno Naoki 1 D

One of the regular customers disguises as a woman on the ladys day.
Boku No Konyakusha (Boku No Fiance) Comic Japan 1983 Yuzuki Hikaru 1 D 3 P

Vol 6 and 7: At one point the boy gets a job at a hospital only to find out it is as a female nurse.
Boku No Marie (My Dear Marie) Comic Japan 1994 Takeuchi Sakura 1 D 1 P

Vol 3 and 4: Mari's cousin Morio Ichiro, who's forced into crossdressing by the sick pervert Kanie. Also three transvestites cheers for Morio when playing football.
Boku No Naisho Comic Japan 2002 Urara 1 D


Mature. Short stories. A student tries to wear female clothes to become his private teacher's pet. The private teacher makes his student wear the bunny girl costume as punishment of late coming. Student refuses wearing female dress and asks his private teacher to accept him as he is.
Boku No Part 2 Comic Japan 1997 Kajiwara Takeshi 1 T 3 P

Vol 1: 15-year-old Goro Inagaki has just graduated from middle school. Blowing his last chance to confess to the girl he loves, Shiina Fujitani, he gets depressed and contemplates suicide. But just as he comes to his senses and decides life is worth living, his slips, hits his head, and dies anyway. However, it turns out his number wasn't meant to be up. Due to a clerical error in heaven, Goro died instead of another man with the same name. But when the angels try to fix this, another mistake lands Goro in the wrong body: a beautiful young girl the same age as him, a well-to-do millionaire's daughter, Hitomi Kusanagi, who also just so happens to go to the same high school as Shiina. What's more, Hitomi wants her own body back, and won't let Goro ruin her chances or her reputation.
Boku No Shotaiken Comic Japan 1975 Yuzuki Hikaru 1 T 3 P

After having his love openly mocked by coquettish schoolgirl Michiru, young Eitaro jumps off a cliff, only to be discovered by a mad scientist who places his brain in the comatose body of his young bride Haruna.
Boku No Sukina Sensei Comic Japan 1998 Gokurakuin Sakurako 1 D

Vol 3 Chap 4: Ukyoa is a teacher who looks like a woman. He crossdresses as one to help the boys in a school fair along with Yamasaki and Suguru.
Boku Tamasaburo Comic Japan 1984 Ono Shinji 1 T 4 P

Tamasanro-kun finally gets a girl to go on a date with him. Whereupon he gets hit directly between the legs by a stray baseball. He soon recovers from this painful injury -- but his body is that of a girl!.
Boku To Kanojo No XXX - Bangaihen Comic Japan 2012 Morinaga Ai 1 T

Spinoff of “Boku To Kanojo No XXX”. This volume offers a new ending to the original series. Will Akira and Momoi switch back into each others bodies?.
Boku To Kanojo No XXX (Your And My Secret) Comic Japan 2002 Morinaga Ai 1 T 4 P

High schooler Nanako Momoi may be petite and adorable, but she is far from sweet, she is obnoxious, violent and has the table manners of a wild boar. Akira Uehara, a dainty, feminine boy has, for some mysterious reason, developed quite a crush on her. One day, Akira stumbles upon Nanako's grandfather, a man best described as a mad scientist. He is performing an experiment on Nanako, but Akira manages to get in the way and suddenly finds that he and Nanako have switched bodies. Akira, the now dainty and feminine female, is desperate to get back into his old body, especially after one of his long-time friends starts flirting with him. Switching back may prove difficult, though. It looks like Nanako is starting to enjoy life as a guy.
Boku Wa Kimi No Tori Ni Naritai Comic Japan 2005 Homerun Ken 1 D 1

Chap 2: Kei dressing in a Yukata (female kimono) for a date with Fuji.
Boku Wa Ne Comic Japan 2000 Fujiwara Kiyo 1 D 3 P

It's all about the love for family, with a bit of crossdressing. Tetsuta's mother died when he was a small child, and after that his father always came home late from work. It had always been Tetsuta's wish that his dad would come home early. Then one day his dad announced that they would be having a new babysitter to take care of them! Tetsuta was strongly against this until he met this beautiful babysitter...
Boku Wa Onnanoko (I'm A Girl) Comic Japan 2003 Shimura Takako 1 T 1

Short stories. Only the first one is TG. It's about a boy waking up after a coma and find that everyone in the world has become the opposite sex. So naturally he became a girl.
Boku Wa Willy (I'm Willy) Comic Japan 1985 Tachihara Ayumi 1 T

Vol 3 and 4: Sora Owada's a high school student who's quite fond of females. He's got a steady girl named Momoe but frequently sneaks into love motels with other young ladies. The name "Willy" is his nickname for his favorite little phallic pal. One night Sora runs out of underwear and slips on a pair of panties Momoe left at his place. Imagine his surprise when he wakes up belonging in them! Yes, Sora's a girl. She's naturally stunned at her transformation, she even discovers that her speech patterns and mannerisms have become female, but her biggest shock is the realization that she's a virgin again!. Before she knows it, Sora is attending an all-girl's school as Sorako. She makes new friends, weathers a rocky start as she rediscovers herself sexually, and generally begins to live the life of a normal girl.
Boku X Kano Comic Japan 2009 Shimda 1 D 1 P

After going home from school, Shoutaro is met by his otaku sister who has him crossdressing to go to an anime merchandise display, where he meets Yayoi (a girl from his classroom) who is also an otaku and she falls in love with his cosplay-persona...?
Bokura No Hentai Comic Japan 2012 Fumi Fumiko 1 D

Three boys in junior-high who crossdress because of differing reasons meet each other through a crossdressing community website, and decide to meet up in real life. "Parou" started crossdressing because he wanted to attract a heterosexual boy he liked. "Marika" is transgendered and identifies as female. Lastly, "Yui" is an antagonistic boy who adopted the persona of his older sister after her death. In contrast to Parou and Marika, Yui is sorely disappointed at the meeting
Bokura Wa Mahou Shounen Comic Japan 2018 Fukushima Teppei 1 D

-1812 Kaito Odagiri is a normal fifth grade boy who can hold his own in a fight and loves to show off. This attracts the attention of Makoto Kaibara, a boy at Kaito's school who reveals to him that he can use magic, but he needs Kaito's help to protect the peace of their town. Kaito jumps at the chance of being a magic-wielding superhero, but his excitement turns to horror when he realizes that he'll be protecting the town dressed as a typical magical girl under the name Thrilling Pink. Although initially reluctant, Kaito soon discovers that there's more to being a magical boy than simply looking cute in a skirt.
Bokutachi Otoko No Ko Comic Japan 2012 Nerisuke 1 D 1

Sakurai Seri wants to be an idol, but he's so nervous that he seems to only meet with failure. Then, one day, he and two other boys are chosen to debut as members of a new idol group, "Otoko no Ko." The other two boys are the cool, serious "Ren" and the enthusiastic, cute "Tama." The only catch is that they plan to be a male idol group that dresses as girls. This may be Seri's big chance, but he never imagined himself as a female idol!.
Bokutachi To Chuuzaisan No 700 Nichisensou (700 Days Of Battle: Us Vs. The Police) Comic Japan 2008 Oishi Hiroto 1 D 1

One of the gang members is a crossdresser.
Bombshells United Comic United States 2017 DC Comics 1 T 1

-1903 #2 (11/2017) Clayface very briefly takes the form of two women.
Bonbonzaka Koukou Engeki-bu (Drama Club) Comic Japan 1992 Takahashi Yutaka 1 D 3

Shuntai Juntaru is a freshman entering high school. He runs into a girl and it's love at first sight! Only he was so dumbfounded he wasn't able to ask for her name. He wallows in his crush for a long time until one day, he thinks he sees her! He follows her, but... it's not her! It's some funny looking midget. To make matters worse, is a male and the President of the Drama Club (name: Tokudaiji Hiromi). But it turns out the girl he likes is none other than the Vice President of the Drama Club. Vol 3: Shuntai is disguised with a female school uniform. Vol 6: Shuntai again in a female school uniform.
Boogie Cat Navi Comic Japan 2000 Yanari Akihisa 1 T 2 P

Vol 2: Boy turns into a girl.
Book Of All-Comics Comic United States 1945 Fox 1 D 1

Story “The Bouncer” Crook disguised as a woman.
Boris The Bear Comic United States 1987 Dark Horse 1 T

#11 (06/1987) The evil ruler Noloss uses a full body disguise to disguise himself as Iron Maiden. He tricks a couple of goons to work for him in this disguise.
Boukun Tyrano-san Comic Japan 2005 Manabe Jouji 1 T 1

Short story. There are dinosaurs reincarnated as humans. The main character is a T-Rex named Ralph who suddenly finds himself reincarnated as Kana, and he has to deal with the fact that he is a "monkey" which was at the time the weakest of the species, and that he's a girl.
Bouncer Comic France 2001 Boucq François 1 D 1

T7 “Coeur Double” Bandit disguised women's clothes to rob a wagon transporting money.
Box Comic Japan 1998 Amanatsu Makoto 1 T


Mature. A shapeshifter takes over the form of a girl for a litle fun.
Boy Comics Comic United States 1942 Lev Gleason 1 D 3 P

-1803 #9 (04/1943) He-She is a “Hermaphrodite villain/ess, but He-She is usually called a he. He try to escape from crimebuster disguised as a woman. #10 (06/1943) Young nazi soldier disguises as a girl to trap Swoop Storm. #20 (02/1945) Haakon Sunde elude the nazis disguised as a woman. #21 (04/1945) Crooks disguised as women. #30 (10/1946) Male disguised as a woman to trap a crook that is also diguised as a old woman. #72 (12/1951) Iron Jaw disguised as a woman. #97 (01/1954) Matilda, the new girlfriend of Iron Jaw is a male in disguise. #112 (06/1955) Male disguised as a female dancer.
Boy Of The Female Wolf Comic Korea 2007 Han Yu-Rang 1 D 2 P

Vol 9 Chap 61: There is a crossdressing pageant in a school festival.
Boy Skirt Comic Japan 2014 Shinohara Tomohiro 1 D 1

On his first day of high school, Yuuya Ochi is shocked to discover that the girl sitting in front of him in class is actually a guy named Shigemitsu Izumi. Unable to simply ignore it like the other guys in class, Yuuya can't stop thinking about Izumi and wonders if he's actually a girl, especially after Yuuya sees Izumi waving to a good-looking guy who he suspects is Izumi's boyfriend. Intent to find out more about who Izumi really is, Yuuya follows him after school, only to end up being dropkicked by him over a misunderstanding. Izumi later tells Yuuya that he started crossdressing to put his twin sister Yurika at ease, who is extremely afraid of guys. However, Izumi confides in Yuuya that he has one other reason why he crossdresses, something Izumi has never told anyone else.
Boy Soprano Comic Japan 2000 Wan Yan Aguda 1 T 3 P X

Mature. Poor Hokage Akira is brought up by his adopted family as a girl. He acts and dresses the part, and attends an all girls' school.
Boy's Time Comic Japan 2005 Fujinagi Kaoru 1 D

Vol 3?: Tsukasa, at one point, disguises as a girl, and goes to an old alumni reunion as Ryutarou sister.
Boyfriend Comic Japan 1986 Higuri You 1 D 1

Mature. Short Story. Kaede is crossdressing as a female singer of a band.
Boys Stop Here Comic China 1996 Gao Yong 1 D

Taiwan made. DaiJun's friend leased him an apartment... without telling DaiJun that the apartment building is actually for "women only". By the time DaiJun found out, it was too late because he has signed the contract and paid a month's rent. So he disguises as a woman to get in and out of the building!.
Boys' Kingdom Comic Japan 1999 Oda Aya 1 D

Himeno enter in a new school and find that she is the only female, later she find there is another girl, Kanna, but in the second chapter she find that “she” is a “he”.
Boys'n Girl Comic Japan 1997 Yasunaga Kei 1 D

Vol 1 Chap 2: Tennoji after a misunderstanding find that he volunteered to be the princess in a school play. Vol 5 Chap 15: Tennoji is elected Tsurushi Dorm's First Bishounen Mizukisan.
Brain Drain Comic Japan 1998 Gekka Saeki 1 T 2 P X

Mature. Boy have his mind implanted into his sister's body.
Bran New Comic Japan 1997 Nakaji Yuki 1 D 2

Vol 2 Chap 10: Konno Kakeru and Takigawa Haruka crossdressing in a school festival waiting for tables disguised as females.
Brand-new Star Comic Japan 2012 Kijima Hyougo 1 D 1
-1704 Mature. Yaoi. Popular with maniacs, crossdressing Idol “Rukiya”, Usui Tokito is usually a plain high school student. It's just because he likes cute things, it doesn't mean he wants to be a girl or he likes men. That's what he was thinking... then one day, Tokito's secret is found out by the nurse doctor, Katsuragi Ken, who's a passionate fan of Rukiya. In the course of events, they end up having sex…
Brandoll Comic Japan 2012 Takagi Ryo 1 D 1

-1704 Chap 2: Dayol is revealed to be a male. Chap 5: Rose is revealed to be a male.
Brave 10 Comic Japan 2007 Shimotsuki Kairi 1 D 2

-1707 Vol 2 Chap 8: Male bandit Kamanosuke Yuri impersonates a woman to trick the travelers. Vol 4 Chap 21: Ishikawa Goemon had to disguise himself as a girl since his whole family was targeted to be exterminated. Vol 5 Chap 27: Kamanosuke Yuri disguising as a woman to walk secure in Kyoto.
Brave Girl (The Hero Is A Girl?!) Comic China 2015 Jiu Ye 1 T 1

-1803 Boy's soul enters the body of a girl,
Bravest Warriors Comic United States 2012 Boom! Studios 1 D 1

-1803 #11 “You, Sir, Are A Terrible Magician” (08/2013) Boy disguised as female magician assistant.
Break-age Comic Japan 1994 Batou Chimei 1 D 3 P

Vol 2: Kilio need a job to pay a huge phone bill, and his father find him one working as a waitress in an adult bar. He will do again in Vol 5 and 7. Also a transvestite shows in Vol 8.
Break-Thru Comic United States 1993 Malibu Comics 1 D 1

Break-Thru was a two-issue limited series, and was the first Ultraverse-wide crossover, involving all the Ultraverse characters and series, Mantra included.
Bremen Comic Japan 2000 Umezawa Haruto 1 D 3 P

Character Hayama Ryo: An energetic 16 year old who is an expert on the drums, but this 16 year old has a secret from the other guys, which they find out in due time...
Brocken Blood Comic Japan 2003 Etorouji Shiono 1 D 4 P

Main character Shurutsu Kenichi, a 15 years old boy that is chosen to be a magical girl, and if not enough to have to wear a girly magical uniform, he end having to go undercover as a girl in literally all his missions. Vol 1 : Hanyuu Gentarou is a 24 years old man that also was chosen to be a magical girl ten years ago. There are also other minor characters that crossdress.
Brodie's Law Comic Great Britain 2004 Pulp Theatre 1 T 3 P

Vol 1 #5 Psycho Metamorphosis serum, or PM13 allows Brodie to take on the form of other people, male or female. He becomes Suzie Miller, from the Ministry of Internal Affair to gain access to Dell Tillson and Eugene De la Cruz.
Brother Sun Sister Moon Comic Japan 1992 Nakamura Rie 1 D

A boy disguises as his famous twin sister.
Brothers Comic Japan 1990 Tajima Shou 1 D 3 P

Secondary character Kirico, first appearance Vol 3, is a boy.
Brothers Comic Japan 2001 Yamamoto Kotetsuko 1 D 3 P

Vol 1 Chap 4: Introduces character Rei Kiryuin, an old friend of Wataru. He is dressed as a girl and everybody believes him to be a girl until Wataru reveal the truth.
Brothers + (Brothers Plus) Comic Japan 2012 Yamamoto Kotetsuko 1 D 1

-1809 Sequel to Brothers. Watanabe Chris is a high school teacher. When his father remarries, he finds himself with an English stepbrother named Wataru. Shortly after Wataru transfers to the school that Chris works at, their parents die suddenly in an accident. Chris and Wataru begin to live together, and before long they fall in love. Wataru enters his second year of college still living his happily-ever-after with Chris. At the same time, Wataru's childhood best friend and former suitor, the crossdressing Rei, is falling for Yamada, who's always secretly had a crush on Chris...!
Bruno Brazil Comic Belgium 1969 Vance Williams 1 D 1 P

T4 “La Cite Petrifiee” Assassin try to kill Bruno disguised as a Nanny in a park.
Bucchigiri Cabin Attendant Comic Japan 2007 Owada Hideki 1 D 3 P

Vol 2: Criminal being carried in the plane escapes and in the cargo compartiment he find a stewardess uniform and uses it to pass unnoticed.
Buckets De Gohan Comic Japan 1993 Kubo Kiriko 1 D

Zoo animals seem as humans. Kuroda, after a divorce, start dressing in femme, and form a group with Mimi and Furaji. Mimi is also a male.
Buddha Comic Japan 1972 Tezuka Osamu 1 D 2 P

Vol 5: Devadatta is dressed in drag by an old woman.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Comic United States 1998 Dark Horse 1 T 3 P

#11 “A boy named Sue” (07/1999) Buffy's friend Amy decides to dispense a little "vigilante voodoo justice" on a guy who insults her and starts spreading nasty rumors about Buffy. #60 “A stake to the Heart” (08/2003) Deceit the demon is invisible to Buffy, has an odd mushroom-shaped head and wears a black suit; he changes his face/shape by pulling and stretching his head. Near the end of the issue, he changes into a woman Buffy believes her father had an affair with.
Bulletman Comic United States 1941 Fawcett 1 D 1 P

#16 (10/1946) Story “Richard and the vanity case” Private dick and his helper disguising as women to solve a serie of robberies in a ladies' beauty parlor.
Burakon!? (Brocon!?) Comic Japan 2008 Itou Ei 1 D 1

Short Stories. Fith have a little brother that crossdresses
Burning Love Comic Japan 1997
1 T 1

Mature. Short stories. In one of them a boy is turned into a woman because of a strange machine
Burton & Cyb Comic Spain 1987 Ortiz Jose 1 D 2 P

T4 Story “Pourritures Planetaires” Burton and Cyb try to pass disguised as women in the spaceport from a planet.
Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism Comic Japan 2014 Kanzaki Karuna 1 D

The Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy was originally a high school for high-class girls, when it became co-ed, the girls, out of fear, asked to be permitted to bring weapons to school. When that was enforced, a five-member vigilante corps-like organization called the "Supreme Five Swords" was also formed. After many generations, the five swords eventually became a group which corrected problematic students and such the academy started proactively accepting such students in order to correct them. Nomura Fudou was sent to that school after being part of a huge brawl, what will he do when the only options he has after enrolling are being expelled from that school too or being corrected the way the rest of the male students there were... by being forced to dress and act like girls!.
Butterfly Comic Japan 2003 Aikawa Yuu 1 D 3 P

Character Ageha: A boy that disguises as a girl
Butterfly Read Book Comic China 2007 Lin Min Xuan 1 D

Taiwan made. Story “The proud prince and the showgirl” In medieval china, Mo Ting Er, a 15 year-old spontaneous lady of a rich family must get married in a month with a boy named Lu Zi Ao. When she was 4 years old, her father and the head of the family Lu promised to marry their child together. Ting Er, who has no intention of getting married, disguises herself as a boy to break this promise of marriage between the 2 families, and fly from home. During her journey she meets Lu Zi Ao who is disguised as a beautiful girl.
Buzzboy Comic United States 1998 Sky-Dog Press 1 T

#2 (08/1998) Doc Cyber is changed into an old woman to escape the police.
BxB Brothers Comic Japan 2001 Ukyou Ayane 1 D 4 P

Okanoto Hikaru, introduced in Vol 2 Chap 9, is a transvestite, he joins the BxB as he became friends with Sono and the other guys found him interesting. He is also the sponsor of the BxB for various activities mainly involving the beach, as his uncle has an inn and a beach cafe there. Either as a woman or a man he is very beautiful. He says his man side is in love with Sono and his woman side is in love with Katamura. He becames Sono's best friend (aside from Katamura). His family treat him like a girl. Vol 8 Chap 50-51: For the student council elections Satsuki is tricked into crossdressing as a girl.
C.U.B Comic Japan 2008 Yamaguchi Katsumi 1 D 3 P

Vol 1: Young man dressing as a woman to fool another man. Later a woman join the bikers and after a day and a night of party one of the biker discover that the woman is a male.
C's 16 Plus Comic Japan 1997 Makita Aoi 1 D 1 P X

Mature. Story 4 “C's TV”: One boy is crossdressing when a classmate recognize him.
Cable And Deadpool Comic United States 2004 Marvel Comics 1 D 1

#9 (01/2005) Numnut dressing up in a female X-men uniform. Brief
Cairo Comic Spain 1981 Norma Editorial 1 D 1

Spanish Magazine. #24 Story “La Muerte del Cisne” Male help a dancer defecting from the east block disguising as her.
Camelot 3000 Comic United States 1982 DC Comics 1 T 4 P

In the year 3000, Earth is under siege by alien invaders, and the battle does not go well for humanity. In this darkest hour, the legendary King Arthur is accidentally awakened by the young Tom Prentice. Arthur wastes no time in summoning Merlin and collecting Excalibur to combat the alien threat, but is still lacking his Knights of the Round Table. To reassemble the knights, Merlin casts a spell which reincarnates their spirits into individuals around the world. Unfortunately for Sir Tristan, introduced in #3 (02/1983), he is brought back as the young woman Amber March literally moments before she is to be married. "She" leaves the groom at the altar, and goes off to serve Arthur in his struggle. Tristan is tremendously unhappy with her new gender and spends much of her time attempting to prove her worth to Arthur and trying to find some way to restore her lost manhood. His transformation also forces him to reexamine his previous conceptions of gender roles and his own sexuality. Although his relationship with Isolde – also reincarnated as a woman – is tested by his new identity, their enduring love for one another eventually triumphs, and at the end the two become lovers.
Can Can Every Day Comic Japan 1984 Tanaka Hisashi 1 T

Vol 3: Boy and a girl switch bodies in order to allow the girl to win a wrestling competition.
Candy = Heroine Comic Japan 1999 Sano Takashi 1 D 2

Mature. Short stories. Some have shemales in them, some have crossdressing boys.
Canteen Kate Comic United States 1952 St. John 1 D 1

#3 (11/1952) Soldier disguised as a japanese woman to avoid military police.
Capitaine La Guibole Comic France 2000 Rossi Christian 1 D 1

T1 “Capitaine La Guibole” Pirates seize a ship they think is full of beautiful women, but they only find women's clothes. They convince the captain second in command to impersonate a woman with those clothes.
Capitan Miki Comic Italy 1951 EsseGesse 1 D 2 P

Magic Face is the main villain in this western series. He is a master of disguise, and sometimes disguises as a woman. Serie 1 #16 “I Patrioti di San Pedro” Male diguised as woman to pass a armed check-point in the entry of a village. Serie 2 #8-9: Magic Face disguises a a Dame to trick Miki and his friend. Serie 10 #2 “Pericolo per gli Sceriffi” Magic Face disguised as the wife of a male to poison him. Serie 10 #4 “Molti Guai per Doppio Rhum” Magic Face disguised as a Dame to trick Miki and his friends.
Captain America Comic United States 1941 Marvel Comics 1 B 3 P

Vol 1 #2 (04/1941) Story "Trapped in the Nazi Stronghold" American war financier Henry Baldwin is kidnapped and taken to Europe by Nazi sympathizers. Capitan America resorts to dressing in drag, while Bucky impersonates a sissy boy!. And fly to Europe as "Granny" and her "sweet child", to rescue Baldwin. Vol 1 #30 (09/1943) Story “The House of the Laughing Death” After four deaths at a sanitarium which leave no signs of foul play, Cap and Bucky discover a crossdressing silent killer who uses a tank of compressed oxygen to murder invalids through holes in their rooms. Getting the better of him during a fistfight with Cap, the killer uses one of his own curare darts to commit suicide. Vol 1 #113 (05/1969) Space Phantom assumed the form of Madame Hydra (revealed in Avengers #107). Vol 1 #311 “Working” (11/1985) Scourge disguises himself as a nurse to sneak into an hospital. Vol 1 #320 “The Little Bang Theory” (08/1986) Scourge puts on a female mask before answering a videophone call. Vol 1 #428 “Fighting Chance book 4” (06/1994) While being interrogated, a shapeshifter named Dead Ringer, who can turn into anybody who's deceased after touching their remains, briefly assumes the form of Snapdragon in order to demonstrate his powers. Vol 2 #13 “Word War 3 Part 4 of 4” (11/1997) Skrull disguised as Sue Storm to fool Captain America.
Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty Comic United States 1998 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#5 (01/1999) Chameleon disguised as a female doctor to try killing Capitan America.
Captain Marvel Comic United States 2019 Marvel Comics 1 T

-1906 #6 (08/2019) Doctor Strange and Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) bodyswaps.
Captain Marvel Adventures Comic United States 1941 Fawcett 1 D 1 P

#35 (05/1944) Story “Captain Marvel in The World of Largeness” Captain Marvel disguises as a bride to rescue a kidnapped princess forced to marry Adolf Reltih. #64 (08/1946) Story “Cap. Kid dresses up” Girlfriend of Captain Kid is making a dress and ask him to stitch the dress on him.
Captain Savage Comic United States 1968 Marvel Comics 1 D 1

Vol 1 #14 (05/1969) “Savage's First Mission” War prisioners disguised as women for a theatre play.
Caramel Taste Comic Japan 2001 Caramel Dow 1 D 1

Mature. In one of the stories a woman force her young lover to dress up in female clothes.
Carat! Comic Japan 2007 Yoshitomo Watanabe 1 D 1 P

Two witches, Melisa and Yuni, must battle for the queen's throne, and for the prince's hand in marriage, but they are friends and don't want to fight, so they decide to look for two subtitutes, Kanon, a girl, and Alto, a boy.
Card Captor Sakura Comic Japan 1996 CLAMP 1 D 3 P

Vol 5: This one contains the infamous Tomoeda Elementary crossdressing performance of "Sleeping Beauty". The students were chosen for their parts in play by using a ladder game. Because the parts were not divided by sexes, Sakura ends as the Prince, and Syaoran Li-kun ends up as the Princess Aurora, the Wicked Witch and one of the fairies are also boys.
Carina No Bouken Comic Japan 1989 Minor Boy 1 T 2

Mature. Vol 1 A prince is transformed into a girl and cursed to crave sex. Vol 8: Transformed prince return.
Cartoon Network Block Party Comic United States 2004 DC Comics 1 D 1

-1803 #9 (07/2005) Story “Model Citizen” The Grim Reaper becomes a female fashion model until Mandy reminds him of their deal. Story “Sugar, Spice, & Ed” Ed, Edd, and Eddy dress up as girls thinking they will get presents from the boys in the area.
Cartoon Network Presents Comic United States 1997 DC Comics 1 D 2

#7 (02/1998) Story “Drag Racing” Dick Dastardly and Muttley disguise themselves as women in order to enter the Podunk Powderpuff Rally-- a race for women only.
Casa Howhard Comic Italy 2003 Baldazzini 1 D 1

Mature. Tells anecdotes about the sexual adventures of an apartment full of shemale residents. Everyone in the building, including the janitor, is a transsexual, who has a feminine face, breasts, a womanly derriere, and male genitals.
Casanova Comic United States 2006 Image Comics 1 T 3 P

Album 2 "Gula" #8-14 (2007-2008) Also subtitled as “When Is Casanova Quinn?”. Casanova's team have a new mission, to stop a revolutionary new aircraft powered by the mysterious “H-Element”. The book then skips forward 2 years, with a masked E.M.P.I.R.E. agent fighting the plane, now a reality. The plane is piloted by a blue-skinned multi-armed woman called Sasa Lisi, who asks the agent Kaito “When is Casanova Quinn?”. Sasa Lisi is from the future, and an agent of M.O.T.T. who claims not only to be a lover of Casanova's from the future, but also that finding him is essential to the survival of the Multiquintessence. Elsewhere, Zephyr has returned, and is working with Kubark Benday, son of the head of X.S.M. and 'potential future love interest'. She and Kubark are hired by her former lover, Newman Xeno, who offers here 10 billion dollars to return to him, she refuses, but agrees to do the contract job, hits on all the people who know about H-Element, including Cornelius Quinn. After successfully killing all three people who know about the H-Element, it is revealed that Zephyr was really working undercover for E.M.P.I.R.E. and everyone she and Kubark killed were robots, including Cornelius. Kaito mourns the death of Ruby, who he does not elect to revive. Cornelius and the gang race toward X.S.M.'s island, where Xeno and the Bendays are about to launch Lisi's shuttle which, along with the H-Element, will grant Xeno's past self the Fakebook. The closer the gun gets to launching, the more body parts Lisi seems to grow, existing in multiple, conflicting timestreams. Zephyr, too, begins to display some of Lisi's side effects, until she is shot by a mourning Kaito. It is then revealed that Zephyr was really Casanova, working to try and atone for his sins by undoing everything. Cornelius, angry at his son's death, elects to fire the gun and preserve history. In the final pages, Casanova is returned to male form, Kubark rails at his betrayal, and David X sneaks in and escapes with Xeno and Kubark. Casanova, now shunned by his father, agrees to work for E.M.P.I.R.E., though Cornelius will not recognize him as his son. Casanova asks Lisi if the future will be all right. She tells him, "Yes."
Case B Comic Japan 1987 Amamiya Jun 1 D 2

Mature. Stories about boys being forced into crossdressing by their mistresses.
Casino Comic Italy 1985 Frollo Leone 1 D 2 P X

Mature. In one of the stories Madame Irma receive a new woman that want to start working in the bordello, Annette. She is later discovered to be a transvestite.
Cat's Eye Comic Japan 1981 Hojo Tsukasa 1 D 2

Vol 2 Chap 10 “I Love Hitomi” Toshio disguised as a policewoman.
Vol 13 Chap 93 “Sanju okuen no tsumamigui“ Kisaki disguised as a woman.
Vol 14 Chap 103 “Onegai atsui kiss” Kizaki disguised as a woman.
Category: Freaks Comic Japan 2003 Sakurako Gokurakuin 1 D 2 P

Vol 1: Asagi disguise in a sailor fuku going undercover for a job. Vol 2 introduces The Prince of the East that always wears a sailor fuku.
Catwoman Comic United States 2018 DC Comics 1 D 2

* -1909 #14-15 (10-11/2019) A woman named Karen Rain offers a proposition to Selina Kyle a job but turned out it was False Face in disguise.
Chacales De La Frontera Comic Mexico 1989 Editorial Vid 1 D 1

#4 “Marilyn la voluptuosa” (08/1989) Marilyn is a female impersonator that is forced to help a gang with a crime.
Challengers Of The Unknown Comic United States 1958 DC Comics 1 T 1 P

#72 (02-03/1970) "A Plague of Darkness" To fool the Challengers, an old man sprays them with a potion that makes them think he's a beautiful young woman. #85 (02-03/1978) Deadman possesses June of the Challengers.
Chameleon Comic Japan 1990 Kase Atsushi 1 D 3 P

Yuu Shiina is a transvestite, first appareance Vol 2 and revealed in Vol 3. Vol 6: Yazawa disguised as a girl. Vol 7: Guy disguised as a schoolgirl. Vol 13: Naoki is asleep and Shiina and Yazawa disguises him as a woman. Vol 27: A female biker gang forces a guy to dress as a woman to bike with them. Vol 31: After fainting a guy find himself dressed in female gym gear. Vol 46: Yazawa has an encounter with a woman that in the end is revealed to be a transvestite, that will blackmail him into take a job as a barman in the gay bar she is working. There are also some more minor crossdressing cases.
Chameleon Jail Comic Japan 1989 Inoue Takehiko 1 T 3 P

Chameleon Jail has the power to turn himself into someone else. Vol 1 Chap 1: He turns into a man's dead girlfriend to stop him from going on a rampage. Vol 1 Chap 3: Jail turns into a female swimmer in order to finish a competition for her. Vol 1 Chap 4: The villain from one of the earlier chapters escaped and wants his revenge on Jail. He kidnaps Jail's boss and holds her hostage in order to get Jail to fight him. During the fight, Jail uses his ultimate technique, and shows why he's the man who strikes the most fear. His ultimate technique turns his opponents into women. Vol 2 Chap 10: Jail disguises himself as a pretty female thief in order to catch another thief.
Champions Comic United States 1986 Eclipse / Heroic Publishing 1 T 3 P

Vol 1 #3-5 (09/1986-02/1987): Doctor Arcane possesses the body of the villainess Dark Malice to unravel a mystery involving three dark gemstones. The leader of the organization Demon, used his shapeshifting abilities to infiltrate the team as Doctor Arcane's granddaughter, Donna Hannah. Vol 2 #10-12 (07-10/1988): Dark Malice returns, and is revealed to be the Greek goddess Persephone. To recreate the gods of Olympus, she uses the Champions' bodies as vessels for the spirits of the gods. Hermes is brought back as the heroine Icicle, much to his displeasure. Vol 4 #41-42 (12/2008-01/2009) At the end of Hellfire Crown story line from the original Champions mini-series, Flying Fox (Foxbat in the original comics) is on the run from the Champions, and runs across Sylph (a shapeshifter) about to flee. He convinces her to take him with her. In order to disguise him, she transforms him into a woman. This is shown at the end, but is continued in the following issue. Vol 4 #45 (05/2009) Olga (Sparkplug) agrees to take care of Jimmy Jensen (Giant) while his mother is away in Cairo. Olga intends to use young Jimmy to see how her boyfriend Jimmy Dooley (a reporter) handles kids, as she hopes that she can get her Jimmy to ask her to marry him. Olga shows young Jimmy the magic ring that allows her to switch between Olga and Sparkplug. While preparing for dinner with her Jimmy, she is called away to take care of some escaped criminals. As she's leaving, she tells Jimmy to keep Mr. Dooley entertained. She also off handedly remarks that she wishes that she could have both her identities in the same place to continue her game with Dooley that she really isn't Sparkplug (which he knows, but keeps trying to get her to reveal it herself). Jimmy decides to use Olga's ring and answers the door as Olga. The story continues in Vol 4 #51. Vol 4 #55 (07/2012) Billi Jayne is here! It's the debut of America's newest heroine, the Sensational G-Girl, as she enters the wrestling ring to face off for charity against the sinister Spiderbaby! Vol 4 #58 It's not easy being a pretty girl. Especially when you used to be a guy! That's why Billi Jayne Jensen is willing to do whatever it takes to get back to being a guy.
Champions Adventures Comic United States 2011 Heroic Publishing 1 T 2

#4 (08/2012) Icestar recount of how he became Winter Wonderlass. #5 (11/2012) Icestar continues with the recount of how he became Winter Wonderlass, but is a hoax to trick Icicle, isn't it?. #7 (04/2013) Apareance of Raven Gold that is Flying Fox transformed into a female. She kiss Icestar and Icestar is transported to New York, transformed into Winter Wonderlass, and working as a model. #8 (12/2013) Winter Wonderlass reveals that She was Icestar, but that she likes being Winter Wonderlass and is not going to change, even if she could. #9 (03/2014) Icestar is in Hawaii with Flying Fox, and Winter Woderlass is in New York. What's happening? Winter Wonderlass speculation that she might actually be Icistar is false, She only has bogus memories that are from Icestar, but Lady Arcane discover that her speculation wasn't completely off base. #10 (09/2014) Apareance of Raven Gold that is Flying Fox transformed into a female.
Chances Comic Argentina 1986 Altuna Horacio 1 D 1 P

T1 While Riff is in a public bath, a woman enter and uses it revealing herself as a male transvestite. Brief
Change De! Comic Japan 2012 Shimamoto Harumi 1 T 1

Mature. Murata Yuuki is turned into a girl as a result of a scientific test he submitted himself to for money. Now a girl, Yuuki quickly discovers the pleasures that only a woman can feel, but still wants to return to his male form so he can be with his girlfriend Mei in the proper way. Even though Yuuki wants to return to his male form, his friends, family, and even his doctor want him to stay a girl! Will Yuuki be able to restore his former body or will he be doomed to live out the rest of his life as a girl?!
Change H Comic Japan 2009 Anthology 1 B 1

Anthology of transgender stories.
Change-R Comic Japan 2015 Ueno Nito 1 T 1

Hikari Hayakawa, a higschool girl, switched bodies with a wanted criminal male, and is being chased down by the police.
Change! Comic Japan 1998 Miyamoto Tatsuya 1 T 2 P X

Mature. Vol 1 and 2: A girl named Seina Saijou get into weird situations. Every time a male hits his head with hers he is trapped in her body for a short time and controles it!.
Change!! Comic Japan 2010 Yuzuki N Dash 1 D

-1704 Mature. Chap 3 “Loyal Dog Maid” The Satsuki family has been serving the Saionji family as maids for generations, but Satsuki Aki is a boy… Chap 5-6 “Change” A boy who loves crossdressing and his sister who dresses as a boy…
Change! Chigau Watashi Ni Naretara Comic Japan 2004 Anthology 1 T

Story 1: Much to Komatsu Anri’s dismay, she ends up switching bodies with her twin brother Senri. However in this case, the switch was a deliberate action by Senri! For reasons unknown to Anri, Senri used a book of magic and performed a spell that caused the switch. Anri is horrified and can’t understand why Senri, who has always been her best friend and closest person, could do such a thing. Senri hints that the reason for the switch is so that he could be close as a girl to his classmate and good friend Hokuto. But it’s Anri who ends up close to Hokuto because she must act like Senri at school. Hokuto is good friends with Senri, so Anri suddently finds herself talking to him a lot… and falling for him…
Change! Sabu (Change! Sub) Comic Japan 1976 Nagai Go 1 T 1

Boy and girl can switch bodies after running into another.
Change! The Erotic Detective Stories Comic Japan 1999 Hajime Taira 1 T 4 P

Detective wakes up one day as a very attractive female and is soon implicated into weird adventures.
Chapel Comic United States 1995 Image Comics 1 T 3 P

Vol 2 #4 (11/1995) Chapel wakes up as a woman. At one point he's hit on by some men, in which he promptly teaches them a lesson. Part of the Babewatch crossover
Charlotte, Celibataire Avec Enfant Comic France 2012 Rea Arianna 1 D

-1803 T1 “Vie de dingue!” (2012) in a masquerade party, male disguised as a woman. Brief.
Chasseurs De Dragons Comic France 1996 Venant Matthieu 1 D 1

T1 “Un dragon comme pas deux” Gwisdo must disguise himself as the daugher of a mad peasant to get the info he need to chase the dragon
Cheer Up! Comic Japan 2007 Azuma Yuki 1 T 2

Mature. Vol 1 Chap 8-9 Story "Reversible": Highschool boy envies the girls at school and makes a wish, he end changing into a girl.
Cheese Dolls Comic Japan 1998 Sano Takashi 1 D 1

Mature. Short stories. Some have shemales in them. At least one have a boy crossdressing.
Cherry Comic Japan 2006 Kubonouchi Eisaku 1 D 1

Vol 3: Two guys getting away from the police disguise themselves in a theme park where they are hiding, one as a king and the other as a bunny girl.
Cherry Comic Japan 2008 Ichijou Lemon 1 D 1 P

Viol 1 Chap 6 “Daryl”: 19th Century England: On the stage, an aristocrat and a steward in a master and servant love relationship "Daryl". Daryl crossdressing for a party.
Cherry Moon Super Comic Japan 1994 Anthology 1 T 1

Mature. Vol 3 Story 1 "Hyper Doctor K": A boy is kidnapped and turned into a woman. Vol 3 Story 2 "Strange Course": A buch of adventurers get their sex reversed.
Cherry Na Bokura Comic Japan 2009 Yasuko 1 D 2 P

Vol 1 Chap 4: There is a basketball match between boys and girls, and Nakamura Yuuta helps the girls disguised as one of the female players.
Cherry To Skirt Comic Japan 2015 Ko 1 D

-1709 Yaoi Short stories. Story 1 “Cherry to Skirt” There is a crossdressing young male.
Chew Comic United States 2009 Image 1 D 1 P

-1803 #15 (10/2010) Harold Chu is the transvestite brother of Tony. #24 (02/2012) Caesar disguised as a nurse, brief. #25 (04/2012) Transvestite prostitute in a alley, brief. #45 (12/2014) Harold Chu working in a transvestite show.
Chic Comic Japan 1993 Sadahiro Mika 1 T 4 P

Saiamu, the best hitman of a criminal organization, betrays them and escapes. In order to hide from them, Saiamu undergoes a sex-change operation and start living a new life as a female model, Chic.
Chicanos Comic Argentina 2005 Risso Eduardo 1 B 1

T2 Guadalupe is the transsexual brother of Marita, friend of Jalisco, a mexican-american female private eye in New York. T4 Guadalupe dressing up as a woman to escape from a gang.
Chicas Trabajadoras Comic Mexico 1998 Edito Poster 1 B 1

Mature. #5 (09/1998) Group of transvestites thinks a woman is one of them. #25 (07/1999) Group of women revealed to be transvestites. #44 (05/2000) Dead warrior is returned to live in the form of a woman.
Chichi Ga Loli Na Mono De Comic Japan 2012 Shimesaba 1 T 2

Male has been transformed into a little girl.
Chichi Kuru! Comic Japan 2005 Nakano Yuuki 1 D


Mature. Stories 2 and 3. Male who is changing his sex return home and step by step win his family acceptance.
Chicken Cutlet Princess Comic China 2008 Lin Min Xuan 1 D 1 P

Taiwan made. Vol 1: In a school festival there is a boy crossdressing as a loli girl.
Chichi No jikan Comic Japan 2017 Shirota Kuronosuke 1 T

-1709 Chichi no Jikan follows Kyuichi Shinogi, a male biology student who lives in an apartment near a helpful female neighbor/friend, Ayaka Takarai. One day, he is visited by aliens, who demand that he raise their baby for a year... or else the world is history. The baby is apparently human, and is raised the way humans are: through breastfeeding. Kyuichi's sex is not a problem for the aliens: they give him a simple device that switches his body to a woman's with the mere touch of a button. Conveniently, Kyuichi's female form is very well-endowed.
Chika X Chika Comic Japan 2009 Kamitsuki Manmaru 1 D 1

Mature. There is a girl revealed to be a boy in disguise.
Chikakute Tooi Comic Japan 2009 Narazaki Neneko 1 D 1

Mature. Chap 5 “Light Whispers” Yuugiri, the top prostitute of the red district is a transvestite.
Chikan Diary Comic Japan 2006 Kamon Saeko 1 D 1

Mature. Yaoi. Chap 6: Shintarou's teacher/boyfriend went to work at an all girls school and suddenly told Shintarou not to see him anymore. What is poor Shintarou to do?! Putting on a girl's uniform seems like a good start.
Chikara No Arika Comic Japan 2002 Enomoto Nariko 1 D 1 P

-1311 Vol 1 Chap 1: Satoru was dressing as a woman the first time Tsutomu saw him. Later Satoru dresses himself in men's clothes.
Chikyuu Bouei Shoujo Iko-chan (Terrestrial Defence Girl Ikochan) Comic Japan 1999 Asari Yoshitou 1 T 2 P

Vol 1: 2 alien guys transform into girls to infiltrate into a girls school.
Chikyuu No Houkago Comic Japan 2009 Yoshitomi Akihito 1 D 2 P

Vol 3 Chap 13-14: Boy is disguised as a girl by his female friends.
Chiller Comic United States 1993 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#1-2 (11-12/1993) Marx, a real magician, is recruited by the Architects to capture an escaped demon. He enlists the aid of Tracy King, a black female tv news reporter who is the last living descendant of the evil man who learned how to call up the demon hundreds of years earlier. The evil ancester posseses her twice, and is shocked by “his” skin color more than being female.
Chimera Comic Japan 1993 Toujou Asami 1 D

Explicit story about a female assassin with male genitalia.
Chimes Comic Japan 2006 Watanabe Shizumu 1 T 1

Vol 2: One of the male players uses a "Mimic Ring" he purchased in the shop to transform into one of the female players.
Chip 'N' Dale Comic United States 1955 Dell 1 D

#4 (12/1955) Story “The Acorn Trap” Foxy Fox, disguised as an old woman, tricks Chip 'n Dale into a trap at his cabin in order to sell them to a pet shop. Tinker Bell rescues them with some pixie dust.
Chiru Chiru Sakura Comic Japan 2007 Araya Miki 1 D 3 P X

Mature. Young woman is sent by her family to live in a great mansion. Soon the young master try to take advantage of her and find that the girl is in fact a boy raised as a girl. He don't mind and a love affair start.
Chiruhi Comic Japan 2008 Kawachi Haruka 1 D 1

-1707 Collection consists of six historical short stories. Story 2 “Lotus Roots” Upon crossing a lotus pond, two men discover a beautifully dressed figure hanging from the bridge. They pull her up and that night, she teaches them the meaning behind the lotus roots. They find later that she is a transvestite.
Chiyou Yo Hana Yo (O Butterfly O Flower) Comic Japan 2006 Yoshihara Yuki 1 D 3 P

There is a relationship between Chouko, a young office lady just starting working in the office, and her boss, Doumoto. Apparently the boss has a intimate relation with another woman, Suou, or at least is what Chouko thinks, but later, is revealed that the woman is an old male friend from school days. Suou also works in the office as a senior secretary.
Chokku! Comic Japan 2009 Tanigawa Nico 1 D 3 P

Vol 1 Chap 1: Boy and girl goes to a photo studio to get a fake wedding photo, with the boy as the bride. Vol 1 Chap 4: Boy is disguised as a schoolgirl and end in a Karaoke bar. Chap 11: Boy get a part-time job as a girl in a game center. Chap 13: Boy end dressing as a girl in a date.
Choko Beast!! Comic Japan 1996 Asano Rin 1 D 1 P

Vol 2: A woman is discovered to be a crossdresser.
Chotto Dake Ee Kimochi Comic Japan 1993 Watanabe Hideyuki 1 T 2 P X

Mature. Girl tries several ways to return to being a boy.
Chotto Edo Made Comic Japan 2008 Tsuda Masami 1 D 1

What if the Meiji Restoration never happened? Bakufu still holds sway, the class system has never been abolished, and there is no westernization. The story is set in modern-era Edo, which had never been renamed to Tokyo, where people go to Kabuki for entertainment and hang out at pancake house. It centers around Sobi, the sister of an Edo magistrate who goes to school with Michisato, who prefers to be called Michelle, the eccentric son of the ruling Tokugawa clan's Mito family.
Chotto Kawaii Iron Maiden Comic Japan 2011 Alpha Alf Layla 1 D 1

One of the girls in the torture club is a crossdressing boy, Kobashi Sora,
Choujin Locke (Locke The Superman) Comic Japan 1980 Hijiri Yuuki 1 T

Locke is an ESPer that can transform himself into many people, male or female. He uses the body of a female nightclub singer in early stages but usually appears as a teenaged boy
Choujuu Densetsu Gestalt (Gestalt) Comic Japan 1992 Kouga Yun 1 T 2 P

-1311 Ohri is a girl with a few secrets of her own such as, just for example, that she used to be a man!
Choukou Sennin Haruka Comic Japan 2008 Miss Black 1 T


Mature. Anthology of short stories. Vol 3: There is a story with a boy being transformed into a girl.
Choumukiryoku Sentai Japafive Comic Japan 2006 Satou Masaki 1 D 1 P

Vol 1: One boy caught sneaking in girl's room and trying female lingerie. Vol 2: Another boy crossdressing in female lingerie. The boy from vol 1 crossdressing to sneak into the female changing room in a shop. Vol 5: The two boys caught sneaking in the girl's changing room are forced to wear female swimsuits. The boy from vol 2 is after a girl dating another boy and use female disguise to get unnoticed in the mall.
Chounan No Jidai Comic Japan 1981 Kawazaki Noboru 1 D 3 P

Vol 1: Woman asks a contract killer for help to kill the woman that castrated her/him, revealing herself to be really a transvestite. After being successful into killing the woman, he join the killer as one of his helpers until he is killed in Vol 3.
Chousuinou Kei - Makafushigi Jiken File Comic Japan 2013 Tanaka Yoshiki 1 D 1 P

-1806 Vol 3 Chap 23: The murder, Takino Ren, was disguised as a woman as part of his plan to commit the crime.
Christmas With The Super-Heroes Comic United States 1988 DC Comics 1 T 1

#2 (1989) Briefly, just for the thrill of it, Deadman possesses the body of a leggy young figure skater.
Chronic Love – Tsuioku Comic Japan 2006 Souma Jinko 1 D 2 P X

Mature. Interlinked short yaoi stories. Story 4 “Cute Little Liar” Andrew is stolen by a beautiful woman, he search for her and end finding that She is a He.
Chronicles Of The Cursed Sword Comic Korea 1999 Park Hui-Jin 1 D 1

Vol 10 Chap 39: There is a crossdressing sage, Lady Shuangpang, which you don't find out until a entertaining bathhouse scene. This character is rather minor and only appears a handful of times in the story before, starting in Vol 8, but it's usually only for a few panels and there is no indication that he is a male at those points.
Chrono Ma:gia: Mugen No Haguruma Comic Japan 2018 Azuma Takeshi 1 T

* -1909 Kei is unable to participate in demotion battles because he is unable to produce Magia. After contracting with the spirit of Shindou Karen, he assumes her aspect and her magia, and is able to participate in battles. In later chapters, Karen is kidnapped and their fusion is undone. As a Hail Mary he ends up contracting with the another spirit, Elena Brilliante, to continue fighting, assuming her aspect in the process.
Chuuka Engi 15 Comic Japan 2001 Anthology 1 T

Twelve different stories, each of them including TG transformations.
Cimoc Comic Spain 1981 Norma Editorial 1 D 1 P

Spanish Magazine. #27 Story “Sarvan” Warrior transform himself into a woman to attack an enemy entity and destroy it. #54 Story “Cuenta corriente” Male has a relationship with a transvestite prostitute. #125 Story “Adios al Mito” Macbeth is a contract killer. His new victim is a starlet in Hollywood. He find that the actress is not what it seem and unmask the male with a camera, not needing to kill him. #169 “Story “Ratman” Story ”Ratman” Supervillain disguises as Superhero's mother. Extra #03 “Especial Erotismo” Story “Hector” Male disguised as a woman.
Cinderella Credit Service Comic Japan 2001 Kotobuki Tarako 1 D 1

Mature. Main story is a yaoi about a couple of male lovers. At one point the uke lover dress in female clothes. Very short.
Circle Zero's Otherworldly Hero Business Comic Japan 2018 Hye-In Park 1 T 1

-1809 The protagonist, an egocentric man who's led a successful life as the CEO of a company in modern society is murdered and reborn as a beautiful lady named Paril from a noble family in a fantasy world. Once he wakes up, (now in the body of Paril,) he finds out that he's now in the body of an "inferior being" and that all his wealth, achievements and successful life have vanished. Therefore, he decides to rebuild everything from scratch and make it to the "top of the pyramid" in this parallel world.
City Hunter Comic Japan 1985 Hojo Tsukasa 1 D 3 P

Vol 2, 4, 15, 16: Brief scenes with transvestites in Shijunku. Vol 5: Ryo disguised as a female mercenary; Vol 6: Ryo disguised as a female to escape from a siege. Vol 10: Hitman disguised as a nurse to get his target. Vol 11: The female boss of a criminal gang is revealed to be a transvestite; Vol 13: Brief scene where Umibozu disguises as a woman.
Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways Comic United States 2007 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#1 (05/2007) Xavin, a shapeshifting skrull, briefly in female shape.
Classics Illustrated Comic United States 1947 Gilberton 1 D 1 P

#019 “Huckelberry Finn” Adaptation of Mark Twain book. Huck uses girl disguise to get news in a near farm. #051 “The Spy” Adaptation of Fenimore Cooper book. Harvey Bank dresses up as a washer-woman to escape from capture during the War of American Independence. #087 “A Midsummer Night's Dream” Adaptaton of Shakespeare play. Male actor plays a woman role. #093 “Pudd'nhead Wilson” Adaptation of Mark Twain book. Male disguises as a woman to commit crimes.
Claymore Comic Japan 2001 Yagi Norihiro 1 T 1

Claymores are half human/half yoma's who were created to hunt yoma's. They're the only ones who can detect a yoma when the yoma disguises itself as a human. Vol 1 Chap 3: A yoma that Clare is hunting disguises himself as a Claymore (Claymore's are always women, as only women survive the process that make them Claymore's).
Click Comic Korea 2001 Lee Youngran 1 T 4 P

Jun-ha is handsome and popular among girls, but also some kind of male chauvinist. He believes girls must be modest, intellectual, pretty. One morning, He woke up to find himself transformed into a girl. He was shocked and thrown into confusion. Then his parents explained the secret reason, that every member of his family had their gender changed at puberty automatically, hereditarily. That day was his day to get his gender changed. He become very angry and can’t believe that he must live as a girl for his entire life. But there is no way to go back to boy.
Clifton Comic Belgium 1961 Macherot Raymond 1 D 1 P

-1712 First series T2 “ Clifton a New York” (1962) Two men disguised as women to kidnap an actor.
Clockwork Planet Comic Japan 2013 Kuro 1 T 1

-1709 Vol 6 Chap 27: Due to the destruction of his body, male cyborg Vermouth is transferred in the body of a female pleasure doll. He continues in that body for the rest of the manga.
Club 16 Comic United States 1948 Eastern Color 1 D 3 P

#1 (06/1948) Story “Ginger and Snap” Pair of twin, boy and girl, try to catch a thief, the boy disguising as his identical sister in a nightdress. #2 (08/1948) Story “Ginger and Snap” the twins switch roles in Romeo and Juliet to win bet. #4 (12/1948) Story “Ginger and Snap” The twins are visiting uncle's farm and as the boy don't want to do farm work, and the girl don't want to help in the kitchen, they switch roles for the day.
Club Crime Comic Japan 2002 Rinno Miki 1 D 1 P

Vol 1: To cover for a girl one boy end crossdressing in a sailor fuku, other boys does also.
Clue In The Spirit!! Comic Japan 1990 Miami Vice 1 T


Mature. Man's soul takes over the body of a policewoman.
Cobra Comic Japan 1978 Terasawa Buichi 1 T 1 P

Vol 7: Episode 28: Doug is a killer who has the ability of shapeshift. He impersonates a woman briefly. Vol 8: Salamander impersonates a hottie in a train´s bar in order to get Doug (the shapeshifter) alone in the cabin.
Coda Comic Japan 2010 Ichimura Hitoshi 1 D 3 P

Kunisada Haruichi who is specializing in Japanese dance in his high school dance department, meets Yuri Arbatov, a famous and young ballet dancer who comes for a short-term study abroad. However when he gets a hold of Haruichi's weakness, Haruichi is forced to crossdress on stage...
Code: Breaker Comic Japan 2008 Kamijyo Akimine 1 T 1

Vol 25 Chap 221: Yukihina lost form (the form he takes when he lose his power) is revealed to be a female version of himself.
Code:Pure Comic Japan 2001 Kuranosuke Chu-Shin 1 D 1

Mature. Short stories. "Act Female": Katsuya recieves a strange bodysuit one day and uses it, he becomes his sister's twin by wearing it. Yuka, his sister girlfriend pays him a visist mistaking him for her and they have sex together. Amazed by his new body Katsuya decides to kill his sister and take her place.
Coleccion Post-Guerra Comic Spain 1951 Editorial Marco 1 D 1

#2 “En el campo de Wolffehin” Boy diguised as a girl.
Combat Kelly Comic United States 1951 Marvel Comics 1 D

#21 (04/1954) Male disguised as a woman to trick the enemies.
Come Again Comic United States 1997 Fantagraphics 1 T


Mature. #1 (02/1997) In the world of come again, people are endlessly recycled in a daisy-chain of destiny and desire, as Brian and Avril go through time inhabiting different bodies (sometimes with different genders).
Comic Pupepo Comic Japan 1998 Ogami Wolf 1 D 1

Mature. Short stories. Some stories have shemales.
Comix Internacional Comic Spain 1980 Toutain 1 D

Spanish Magazine. #41 (04/1984) Story “La muñeca” In WWI a female spy is in fact a male in disguise.
Complex Comic Japan 1996 Manda Ringo 1 D 1
-1707 Mature. Yaoi. Vol 3 Chap 1: After Tatsuya married, Junichi left home and ended working as a bartender in a gay club full of transvestites Vol 3 Chap 2-3: Five year later Junichi is living as a woman when he cross his path with Tatsuya again.
Conan Annual Comic United States 1973 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#5 (1979) “Bride of the Conqueror” Zenobia is replaced by a shapeshifter the day of her wedding to Conan. Reprinted in “Conan Saga” #68
Conan Saga Comic United States 1987 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#68 (11/1992) “Bride of the Conqueror” Zenobia is replaced by a shapeshifter the day of her wedding to Conan. Reprinted from “Conan Annual” #5.
Conan The Barbarian Comic United States 1970 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

#117 (12/1980) “In the Lair of Mullah-Kajar!” The wizard Mullah-Kajar tricks Conan by making himself appear as a winsome maiden. Even in death, he appears to Conan as Red Sonja and Conan's own mother.
Concrete Park: R-E-S-P-E-S-T Comic United States 2014 Dark Horse 1 T 1 P

#2 (10/2014) Xuxa, a pink-haired Afro-Brazilian girl in a bikini who tries to get information from (and seduce) L.A. tough guy Isaac, turns out to be the shape-shifter Monkfish. Unfortunately, Monkfish's seduction tactic went wrong when he changed his face from Xuxa to Luca, leader of the all-female M-80s gang.
Constantine Comic United States 2013 DC Comics 1 T 1

#11 (04/2014) Nick Necro is pretending to be Nightmare Nurse.
Constantine: The Hellblazer Comic United States 2015 DC Comics 1 T 1

#11 (06/2016) Deadman possesses a woman to trick constantine.
Contes Pervers Comic France 1985 Leclaire Gerard 1 D 2 P X

Mature. Story 3: A woman is revealed to be a shemale. Story 4: A male disguises as a woman.
Conveni-N (Konbinin) Comic Japan 2006 Wamusato Haru 1 T 1

Mature. A spirit resurrects the main character, but makes him a girl to ensure he fulfills his promise to free the ghost's soul.
Cookie Comic United States 1946 American Comics Group 1 D 3 P

#3 (10/1946) Jit hides under a female mannequin and uses it as a disguise. In other story Cookie disguises as “Arabella” for a play. #4 (12/1946) Cookie's male friends disguises as his father, mother and sister to trick his teacher. #5 (03/1947) Cookie disguises as a female babysitter to get money to go to a dance, he uses the same disguise to sneak into the dance. Later a male have to wear the same disguise after his clothes are missing. #6 (05/1947) Pickles talks his friend Binkie into dressing as a sexy female to make try to win his girlfriend back by making her jealous. #8 (09/1947) Cookie and Jit disguising as a couple. #9 (11/1947) Cookie's friend disguised as a woman to trick a man. #10 (01/1948) Cookie accidentally breaks a female mannequins face and gets inside her so managaer does not know its broken. #12 (05/1948) Cookie disguised as an african native girl. #14 (09/1948) Cookie and Jit accidentally put on girls clothes and have to pretend to be females. #15 (11/1948) Jit pretends to be a girl to get Cookie to take him into dance for free. In other story, Pickes convinces his friend Binkie into disguising as Carmen Miranda. #16 (01/1949) Pickles have to pass an initiation ritual from a fraternity and end dressing as a woman. #20 (09/1949) Cookie's friends disguised as a couple. In other story Jit diguises as a mother. #25 (07/1950) Jit disguises as a woman. #26 (09/1950) Cookie and Jit disguise as girls to sneak past girls father. I other story Pickles dresses as a brazilian bombsherll for a costume party. #27 (11/1950) Male disguises as a female dummy.
Copipe (Copy Paste) Comic Japan 2006 Kawaraya Ata 1 D 2

Mature. Yukito is given breasts as part of an experiment. He is later forced to dress as a girl in exchange for the scientist to find a cure. In the end he is forced to go as a girl to school.
Cor Leonis - Shishi No Sinzou Comic Japan 2008 Kurumazaki Mayu 1 D 1

-1609 Short stories. Chap 1 “Mega You Freak” A boy who dresses up as a woman to capture the heart of the man he loves.
Corentin Comic Belgium 1943 Cuvelier Paul 1 D 1

T7 “Le Royaume des eaux noires” (1974) Corentin, after being captured is forced to attend the men dressed as a female.
Corna Vissute Comic Italy 1981 Ediperiodici 1 D 1
-1806 Mature. #57 Male disguised as a woman to be near lover. #120 Prostitute is revealed to be a transvestite. Anno XI #124 (10/1991) Story “Il Camionista” Nun revealed to be a transvestite.
Corna Vissute Special Comic Italy 1981 Ediperiodici 1 D 1
-1709 Mature. Anno XI #63 (04/1992) Story “Un trans che si chiama Desiderio” Woman is introduced to a transvetite that becomes her lover.
Corna Vissute (Nuova Serie) Comic Italy 2002 Reprise 1 D 1
-1709 Mature. #18 (2003) Story “Lei non sa chi sono io” Woman revealed to be a transvestite.
Corna Vissute Special (Nuova Serie) Comic Italy 2000 Reprise 1 D 1

Mature. Anno III #11 (02/2002) Story “La Sfida” Couple spying in a park discovering a transvesite “working” a client.
Corna Vissute Ultra Hard Comic Italy 1990 Reprise 1 D 1 P X
-1903 Mature. Anno IX #26 (10/1998) Story “L’Amante Multiusos” Married woman bored of hiring lesbian prostitures, hires a shemale to have a new experience.
Corps Et Ame Comic France 2016 Jef 1 T 3

-1612 Hitman Frank Kitchen takes a job to eliminate a celebrated fashion designer who’s fallen behind on his debts to the mob. The story takes a savage turn when the victim’s sister, a sociopathic surgeon, decides to punish Frank in a unique way. Abducted and operated on against his will, Frank Kitchen awakens transformed into a woman – but still with a hitman’s hunger for revenge…
Corpse Party – Musume Comic Japan 2010 Orie Mika 1 D

-1704 Miyu Shinohara is a boy dressing as a girl.
Corto Maltese Comic Italy 1967 Pratt Hugo 1 D 1

Comic “Una ballata del mare salato” (1967) Male pirate disguises as a nun to help create a more civilized enviroment for injured Miss Groovesnore.
Costume Paradise Comic Japan 1994 Yamauchi Shigetoshi 1 T 1

Mature. Story "Maidoll": A doctor places the brain of a boy into a woman body after he has a car accident. Another story have a woman switching bodies with a man to defeat a youkai.
Cotton Kid Comic France 1999 Pearce 1 D 2 P

T3 “Z comme Sorro” Pinkerton Detective going after a bandit, disguises himself as a woman to act as a bait and trap him.
Count Cain Comic Japan 1992 Yuki Kaori 1 D 3 P

Vol 10 (God Child Vol 5): Lady Latisha, a young protegee of Lord Gladstone, is revealed to be a pickpocket boy, named Leroy, that have been forced to dress and act as a young lady. Later Cain dress up as her to expose Lord Gladstone's darkness. Vol 11 (God Child Vol 6): Cain is tricked into disguising as a woman to infiltrate in a secret party
Countdown (Countdown: Sex Bombs) Comic Japan 1992 Utatane Hiroyuki 1 D 2 P X

Mature. Vol 1 Chap 2 “Virging Road”: Mika, a tranvestite, visit an old girlfriend in her wedding day and have sex with her. Vol 1 Chap 3 “Sweet Lips”: A teacher visit one of her pupils, but the teacher is in reality a man who lives as a woman. Vol 1 Chap 4 “Tv Dance Party”: Kaoru is forced to dress up as a girl by his misstress and attend disguised to a Dance Disco.
Countrouble Comic Japan 2009 Nao Akinari 1 T 1

Chap 22: Boy and girl swaps bodies.
Coup D'etat Club Comic Japan 2000 Matsumoto Koji 1 D 4 P

Matsuzaki Jun is in first year in a school for boys. His pastime is to disguise as a girl. Kenichi, another boy, disguises also as a girl.
Crack Comics Comic United States 1940 Quality Comics 1 D 2

#1 (05/1940) Introduces Madame Fatal. "She" was actually Richard Stanton, a retired actor in New York City who disguised himself as an old lady and used nothing but his wits, natural athleticism, and acting skills to fight crime. Stanton first adopted the identity of "Madame Fatal" to rescue his daughter from kidnappers, and then was inspired by his success to regularly fight crime. His disguise gave him an edge in physical combat, as his foes would underestimate his strength and speed. The character's final appearance was in #22 (03/1942). #9 (01/1941) The Clock and Pug open a store to trap a gang that is forcing the stores to pay for protecction. Pug is asked to run the store disguised as a woman.
Crash Comic Japan 2007 Fujiwara Yuka 1 D 3 P

Vol 2 Chap 7:The boys have to crossdress as "training" for their future career as idols.
Crayon Shin-chan Comic Japan 1990 Usui Yoshito 1 D 2

Has some drag queen characters that appear sometimes. Vol 13, 18, 20, 23, 29, 30, 31, 32, 34, 37, 41
Crazy Diamond Comic Japan 1998 Eno Akira 1 T


Mature. A horny demon possesses three highschool kids.
Creepy Comic Spain 1979 Toutain 1 T 3 P

Spanish Magazine. #6 includes story “Transferencia” Mr. Universe title holder, Lee Rogers, is losing weight. As this malady progresses he discovers for some inexplicable reason he is changing into a woman. #55 Story “Torpedo – El arte de rematar” Torpedo sidekick disguised as a nun to enter in an hospitat to get his target.
Creepy Comic United States 2009 Dark Horse 1 T 2

American Magazine. #3-4 “X-change” Hitler brain put in a woman body to save him at the end of WWII.
Crime Detective Comics Comic United States 1948 Hillman 1 D 2

Vol 1 #2 (05-06/1948) Story “Powder Keg of Pennsylvania” Men disguised as women to avenge Molly Maguire. Vol 2 #9 (07-08/1951) Story “The Rustle of Silk” Gansters disguising as women to escape from a sunking ship. Later the Ganster is killed by a hitman disguised as a woman.
Crime Does No Pay Comic United States 1942 Lev Gleason 1 D 3 P

#98 (05/1951) “Story Double Life” Henry Gompel disguises as his own wife, Eliza Gompel.
Crime Must Pay The Penalty Comic United States 1948 Ace Magazines 1 D 1

#8 (06/1949) “The Human Bomb” The tale of Anton Kordo, a "true split personality," who vacillated between regular family man and canny thief whose signature was that he carried a vial of nitroglycerin in his pocket so the police were afraid to take him down for fear of being blown up. Kordo dresses up as a woman to escape capture.
Crime Mysteries Comic United States 1952 Trojan Magazines 1 D 1

#1 (05/1952). The name's Grady, Don Grady. I'm a private dick, although some call me "the man of a thousand faces". In this caper, I'm investigating the death of a leggy dame named Babe who got bumped by a low-down sleaze, see? But Don Grady always gets his man, even if I have to dress up like your granny to do it.
Crime Smasher Comic United States 1948 Fawcett 1 D 1

#1 (07/1948) Story “The Trapping of Public Enemy No. 1” Three crooks diguised as old ladies to lure Crime Smasher into a trap.
Crime Suspenstories Comic United States 1950 EC 1 D 3 P

#23 (06/1954) Story “Standing room only” Twin siblings Carl and Cynthia Dunn always looked a lot like each other. Down on his luck, Carl decides to kill both Cynthia and her wealthy husband, and then impersonate her to inherit the money.
Crimenes Reales Comic Mexico 1989 Sensacion Editores 1 D 3 P

-1401 #5 “Se vistio de mujer y lo confundieron” (1989) Thief dressing in women's clothes to trick his victims.
Crimson Spell Comic Japan 2004 Yamane Ayano 1 D 3 P

Vol 4 Chap 23-25 (or 26-27): Prince Val disguises as a woman to attend a ball and talk with Hallwill. Its also mentioned that when Prince Val was a young boy and was visiting neighboring countries he was disguised as a girl and introduced as a princess.
Cronaca Nera Comic Italy 1990 Editorial Trastevere 1 D 1
-1806 Mature. #4 (1990) Story “La Voglia Maiala” Transvestite prostitute in a park.
Cronaca Nuda Comic Italy 1987 Edifumetto 1 T 1
-1809 Mature. #1 (08/1987) Story “Sotto il Vestito… Qualcossa” Story of a transsexual prostitute. #20 (08/1989) Story “Ragazzi, Papa diventa Mama” Male reveals to his wife that he is a transsexual and get a sex-change operation..
Cronaca Oscena Comic Italy 1990 Editorial Trastevere 1 D 2 P X
-1903 #4 Story “Gli Orgasmi Del Vu’ Cumpra’” Male becomes a transvetite prostitute.
Croquis Comic Japan 2004 Takanaga Hinako 1 D 1 P

Gay guy not being able to get guys so he wants to be a girl and work in a transvestite show to get the money for the surgery.
Cross Days Comic Japan 2010 Sakazuki Homare 1 D

Vol 2 Chap 6: Yuuki Ashikaga crossdresses as a female student.
Crossfire Comic United States 1984 Eclipse 1 D 3 P

#12-13 (06/07-1985) Crossfire helps a transvestite, later he is found dead. He was a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, He goes to investigate to his work place, a bar where the waitress are male transvestites.
Crosswind Comic United States 2017 Image 1 T 2 P

-1707 #1 (06/2017) A slick and ruthless Chicago hitman. A smart but downtrodden Seattle housewife. When an inexplicable event strikes these two random strangers, their bodies, souls, and lives are switched to potentially deadly effect. It's Freaky Friday meets Goodfellas!.
Crown Comic Japan 2005 Higuri You 1 D 2 P

Introduced in Vol 2 Chap 2, Angela Cartwright (Anju) is an astounding undercover assassin who want to steal the crown original. She reveal herself to be a crossdressing male after being captured by Mahiro bodyguards.
Crystal Harem Comic Japan 2007 Oumi Shinano 1 D 1

Vol 1 Chap 2: Detective questions a transvestite about a murdered man in a park. Vol 2 Chap 1-3: Detective again question a transvestite about a murdered man.
Cucumber Sandwich Comic Japan 2009 Akai Higasa 1 D 1

Waitress Yuki-chan is in fact a crossdressing boy, revealed in chapter 3.
Curro Jimenez Comic Spain 1977 Sedmay Ediciones 1 D 1 P

#4 “La Trampa” One of the member of the gang disguised as a woman.
Curse Of The Were-Woman Comic United States 2009 Provencher Christopher 1 T

Fortune 500 exec, obsessive womanizer, and all-around jerk Patrick Dalton finds himself cursed by an angry, jilted lover… a curse that causes him to transform into a woman each night!
Cute X Guy Comic Japan 2004 Tateno Makoto 1 T 3 P

Hozumi-san has the same problem that Sumi, but she is in fact a boy that changes into a girl.
Cuticle Tantei Inaba (Cuticle Detective Inaba) Comic Japan 2008 Mochi 1 D 1

Inaba Hiroshi is a red-haired detective with a hair fetish, and together with his young male assistants, they fight off the attacks of an ambitious Italian mafia. Sasaki, one of the assistants, have the hobby of crossdressing.
Cutlass (Zoku Cutlass) Comic Japan 1997 You Higuri 1 D 2 P

Ledania is a young, clear haired, crossdressing homosexual who is part of Captain Shroud's pirate crew. He wears makeup and an Arabic belly dancer dress complete with fake breasts. He allows Tsubasa to be captured by rogues and is, in a way, Shroud's second hand, whom he seems to have affections for.
Cybersix Comic Italy 1991 Meglia Carlos 1 T 2

T4 Angels are living in earth as human, archangel Gabriel need to contact archangel Michael, but he is now Michelle. T5 Cybersix help a woman that have scaped from a riding car. She don't know who she is, but later she remembers, that she is a male journalist, was kidnapped and his brain changed into a female body.
Cylcia = Code Comic Japan 2016 Ohmori Aoi 1 T 1

-1712 Male gamer is summoned back to the real world in his game avatar, a female.
D Comic Japan 1996 Karino Hasumi 1 D 1

Mature. One story has a boy disguised as a girl in a school festival.
D Senjou No Alice (Alice On Deadlines) Comic Japan 2005 Ihara Shiro 1 T 3 P

Lapan is just an ordinary worker - in the Shinigami World. After his Boss catches him reading porn and slacking off on the job, he is given a hard task: to go down to the Human World and retrieve the soul if a "Shibito" - one which is neither dead, nor alive. But going down to the Human World requires a container in which to store the body of a person from the Shinigami World. Since he has been slacking off, his boss arranges the worst possible vessel for Lapan... a skeleton. Fearing the worst, Lapan is sent down to earth... but as he gains his consciousness, he realizes his body isn't that of a skeleton, but that of a beautiful, young, sexy catholic girl high school!.
D-Frag! Comic Japan 2008 Haruno Tomoya 1 D 1

Vol 1 Chap 4: Sakuraga Oka, member of the “real” game production club, crossdressing as a schoolgirl.
D.Gray-man Comic Japan 2004 Hoshino Katsura 1 B

Vol 7-9 “Edo and Asian Branch Arc” Character Chomesuke: One a male human named Oira, he led a happy and comfortable life. However, these days were put to an end by his death. Oira's wife, Sachiko, was paid a visit by the Millennium Earl, who promised to bring Oira back to the human world. Blinded by her pain, Sachiko spoke Oira's name, and he came back to her in the form of an Akuma and took her life in exchange for her human skin.
D.N.Angel Comic Japan 1997 Sugisaki Yukiru 1 D 2 P

Vol 3 Chap 9: Satoshi Hiwatari is in drag when he is meeting with Daisuki. Vol 7 Chap 1: Niwa get's voted to play Freedet, the main female role, in the class play.
D'Artagnan Comic France 2008 Micol Hugues 1 D 1

-1609 T2 “La Serenissime” (2009) D'Artagnan disguised as a woman to be the bait for the villains.
Dago (Nuovi Fumetti) Comic Italy 1995 Eura Editoriale 1 D 2

-1906 #82 (Anno IX #8) “Il Mostro” Maid working in Paracelso’s house, is revealed to be the male the countess is looking for, and also is revealed to be hermafrodite. #93 (Anno X #7) “La Torre Insanguinata” Dago is helped to escape from jail by a group of women that dress him as one of the women. Very Brief.
Dai Pinch! Torawarekko Comic Japan 2002 Kankiten 1 T


Mature. A Japanese medieval warrior uses a demon mask to win battles, but the demon changes his body in exchange.
Daidaya Tougou Comic Japan 1984 Takamochi Gen 1 D 1 P

Vol 5: Tougou has to recover a little bag that a woman wears always with her. The woman is really a shemale.
Daijobu Comic Japan 1999 Shiwasu No Okina 1 T 1

Mature. Magical girl's "familiar" has his sex changed against his will by a villain. His captor is a futanari.
Daisan No Teikoku Comic Japan 1992 Motohashi Keiko 1 D 1 P

-1704 Vol1: Male crossdressing in a party. Vol 3: Male disguised as a nurse to kill aother male. Later a male crossdressing in a party, very brief.
Daisuki Datta Yo, Sensei Comic Japan 2011 Shiraishi Yuki 1 D 1

-1707 Vol 1 Chap 4 (Story 3) “Toraware Beast” Drama club president Kaji Megumu crossdressing.
Daisy And Donald Comic United States 1973 Gold Key 1 D 1

#10 (05/1975) Story “Let's Keep a Secret” Donald disguises as an old lady to avoid detection.
Daisy And Donald Comic United States 1980 Whitman 1 D 1

#49 (03/1981) Story “Beginner's Luck” Gladstone as a stunt man doubling a woman.
Dakedo Happy Paradise Comic Japan 2004 Takarada Iyo 1 D 2 P

Vol 2 Chap 6: Yuzuki is forced to join a fashion show in the school, where the girls make the clothes and the guys are the models. Yuzuki wears a wedding dress.
Dale Evans Comics Comic United States 1948 DC Comics 1 D 1

#1 (10/1948) Story “Case of the Terrified Tenderfoot” Male disguised as a woman. Reprinted in “Detective Comics” #418
Dallas Barr Comic Belgium 1996 Marvano 1 D 2 P

T5 “Anna des mille jours” To catch a killer, Dallas' friend Bruce, dresses up as a woman to pose as a bait.
Dama Sarete Miko Comic Japan 2006 Sanada Pohrin 1 D

One of the brothers is a transvestite.
Damage Control Comic United States 1989 Marvel Comics 1 T 1 P

Vol 2 #4 "The Agent of Shield Affair" (02/1990) Villain Dittomaster makes his first appearance in the Marvel universe. He shows up as a woman in order to get close to Henry Peter Gyrich and take his appearance (and his clothes).
Dangan X Hero Comic Japan 1988 Yamaguchi Miyuki 1 D

Vol 3: Male teacher crossdressing to help in a gay bar. Vol 4: One boy is disguised in a "Alice in Wonderland" costume.
Dangerous Strawberry Boy Comic Japan 2006 Akimoto Nami 1 D

-1704 Memu loves her pretty boy looking boyfriend Makoto passionately and wants to be affectionate with him, however Makoto always avoids it. Around this time, her father who is a dessert chef declared, "I would like to become a woman." It can’t be Makoto is also like her dad…?.
Danjo Comic Japan 2004 Unita Yumi 1 D 1

In one of the stories a young man get a job as a member of a very popular super heroes play, but he get the girl part.
Danjo Kankei, Hajimemashita. Comic Japan 2014 Kanae Sato 1 D 2

-1707 Boy crossdressing to be with a masculine girl.
Danshi Hanayakanare Comic Japan 2011 Aoi Levin 1 D 1

The male-only theatre company, 012 Flower Troupe, splits its actors into two groups: the elite "New Moon", and the mediocre "Zodiac Group". Although Hinataze Nozomu is a member of the Zodiac Group, he has the ability to compete against others to be the best. One day, he is selected to play the new Princess role alongside Ootori Kazatora, his greatest rival from the other division.
Danshi Kinshitsu!! Comic Japan 2007 Shigano Iori 1 D

Shimomura Mao, who goes to Shirasagi Academy for daughters of super rich families, becomes a member of the student council, "Shirasagi Council". Very soon now she'll be able to meet the president, Kiryuu Chisato, who she's been admiring for a very long time! When she opens the door to the student council room with her heart beating wildly...kyah! A guy is changing clothes!?.
Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou (Daily Lives Of High School Boys) Comic Japan 2009 Yamauchi Yasunobu 1 D 1

Chap 1: Rin Okimura tricked into crossdressing.
Daredevil Comic United States 1964 Marvel Comics 1 B 2

Vol 1 #241 (04/1987) The Trixter, a master of disguise, broods in his hotel room. Vol 1 #266 (05/1989) Daredevil spends Christmas drinking beer in a bar with Mephisto, who is disguised as a woman. Vol 1 #358 (11/1996) The villain disguises himself as an attractive blonde to escape.
Daredevil Comics Comic United States 1941 Lev Gleason 1 D 1

#22 (02/1944) Story “The Crooked Judge” The pirate prince disguises as a woman to get money posing as the wife of one of his men. Story “Welcome Home, Sniffer!” Sniffer disguises as a woman to escape from jail. #112 (07/1954) Story “We'll Catch You If You Fall” has one of the Little Wise Guys falling for a crook disguised as a woman.
Daremo Nete Wa Naranu (Nessun Dorma) Comic Japan 2004 Sara Inesu 1 T

Vol 1: Old class mate have changed his sex and is now a woman.
Darenimo Ienai! Comic Japan 2008 Saijou Ayano 1 D

One Shot. Akane has a crush on the princely Yuu, but when she finds out he's living with super attractive Kei, she makes a deal with her to move out of Yuu's house. But Kei insists on moving in with Akane, and we learn that Kei is a male in disguise.
Dark Air Comic Korea 2010 Park Min-Seo 1 D 3 P

Melrose is at first disguised as a girl to hide from hunters, but later after the discovery of the trick, he continues dressing as a girl because is really confortable and comes with lot of advantages. He disguises in Vol 1-3 and Vol 5-6.
Dark Green Comic Japan 1982 Sasaki Junko 1 T 3 P

Set in a dream, character Muryo, the golden skinned girl who talks like a man and who falls in love with Hokuto, is actually a man named Rupert in the real world.
Dark Horse Presents Comic United States 1986 Dark Horse 1 T

Vol 2 #8 (02/2012) Monkfish is a shapeshifter