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Aaron Vera Morales History Mexico 2011
1 A D

A Mexican fugitive, who was wanted for stealing 200,000 dollars from the government, is said to have undergone sex change surgery in order to avoid being arrested. Aaron Vera Morales carried identification that said he was a woman when he was caught.
Achilles History Greece

1 A D

In order to keep Achilles safe from the war, Thetis hides the young man at the court of Lycomedes, king of Skyros. There, Achilles is disguised as a girl and lives among Lycomedes' daughters, perhaps under the name "Pyrrha". With Lycomedes' daughter Deidamia, whom in the account of Statius he rapes, Achilles there fathers a son, Neoptolemus (also called Pyrrhus, after his father's possible alias). According to this story, Odysseus learns from the prophet Calchas that the Achaeans would be unable to capture Troy without Achilles' aid. Odysseus goes to Skyros in the guise of a peddler selling women's clothes and jewelry and places a shield and spear among his goods. When Achilles instantly takes up the spear, Odysseus sees through his disguise and convinces him to join the Greek campaign. In another version of the story, Odysseus arranges for a trumpet alarm to be sounded while he was with Lycomedes' women; while the women flee in panic, Achilles prepares to defend the court, thus giving his identity away.
Adonis History Greece

1 A D

Adonis was bridegroom to Aphrodite, but also served Apollo as a girl.
Agdistis History Turkey

1 A D

The Phrygian Agdistis, whose followers castrated themselves and dressed as women, was a bisexual being that castrated itself to become female.
Antoine Marie Chamans, Comte De Lavalette History France 1815
1 A D

Antoine Marie Chamans, comte de Lavalette (1769 to 1830) was a French politician and general. He was arrested after the beginning of the Bourbon Restoration and, on 21 November 1815, Lavalette was sentenced to execution by the Ultras. One night before his scheduled execution, he was visited by his wife and daughter and managed to change clothes and places with his wife, a ruse that was not discovered until the next morning.
Antonio Perez History Spain 1590
1 A D

Antonio Perez (1540 to 1611) was a Spanish statesman, secretary of king Philip II of Spain. In 1590 he he escaped from prison in Madrid, disguised as a woman. 1612
Aphrodite (Venus Castina) History Greece

1 A T

This Goddess responded with sympathy and understanding to the yearnings of feminine souls locked up in male bodies. When the Scythians pillaged her temple at Ascelon, she's alleged to have been so enraged that she made women of the plunderers and decreed that their posterity should be similarly affected.
Aphroditos History Greece

1 A D

The Cypriots worshiped a bearded Aphrodite called Aphroditos, with a woman's body and clothes, a beard and male genitals. When they sacrificed to Aphroditos they crossdressed.
Archibald Campbell History Great Britain 1681
1 A D

Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll (1629 to 1685). In 1680, the Earl opposed the oath attached to the Test Act, intended to ensure the loyalty of the holders of public office to King Charles II, because it also demanded conformity with the king's ideas on forms of church government and religious worship. The earl’s refusal to take the oath led to him being declared a traitor in 1681. He was imprisoned in Edinburgh Castle, but escaped, disguised as a woman, and fled from Leith to the Netherlands. His estates were confiscated. 1612
Aruna History India

1 A T

It is said that Aruna, the Charioteer of Surya was bored of his monotonous life and was eager to have a break. Someone told him that the nymphs in the Indra’s palace were the most beautiful ones and since then it was his intention to and visit the palace of Indra. One day he got an idea. He meditated one evening and changed into a beautiful lass and went to Indra’s Durbar and hidden in a corner he saw the Apsaras dancing and in his heightened happiness forgot that he is supposed to remain hidden and Indra saw him. Indra did not see Aruna, he saw a beautiful girl and he beckoned her. Aruna went silently to Indra and since he could not reveal who he was, he remained silent and let Indra have his way with “her”. By the time Aruna left Indra’s place, it was already too late and Surya was angry with Aruna for neglecting his reponsibilities and rebuked him. Aruna told Surya his story of what happened in Indra’s Palace. Surya was intrigued and in his curiosity wanted to see how Aruna would look like if he were a girl and ordered the charioteer to take the form of the same nymph as of the last night, so poor Aruna had to satisfy his master too. The consequence was birth of Vali and Sugreev.
Baile De Los Cuarenta Y Uno (Dance Of The Forty-One) History Mexico 1901
1 B D

The Dance of the Forty-One was a society scandal in early 20th-century Mexico, during the presidency of Porfirio Diaz. The incident revolved around a police raid carried out on 18 November 1901 against a private home, the site of a dance attended by a group of men, of whom 19 were dressed in women's clothing. The press was keen to report the incident, in spite of the government's efforts to hush it up, since the participants belonged to the upper echelons of society. The list of the detainees was never published. As a result of the scandal, the number 41 was adopted by Mexican popular parlance to refer to homosexuality.
Benvenuto Cellini History Italy 1571
1 B D

During a party in Rome, Cellini (1500 to 1571) dresses up Diego as a woman and takes him as his date. Diego was a boy of sixteen, the son of a spanish metalsmith who lived nearby, whom Cellini occasionally used as an unpaid model. At the party, the other women quicky become envious of Diego because the men at the party proclaim Cellini's companion “Pomona” the most beautiful woman there. The women ask “Pomona” questions and are told that she is pregnant. When one of the incredulous women feels her stomach to gauge how far along she is, she unwittingly handles Diego's genitals instead. All the party guests, including the painter Giulio Romano, roar with laughter, proclaiming Cellini the life of the party.
Bhangasvana History India

1 B T

A king had a hundred sons, then falls into a pool of water which turns him into a woman who also has a hundred sons. All of them die in a war, then one of the gods asks him which ones he loved more - the ones he fathered or the ones she mothered. His answer surprises and delights the god, who restores them all to life. The king decides to stay female.
Boulton And Park History Great Britain 1871
1 B D

homas Ernest Boulton and Frederick William Park were two Victorian crossdressers and suspected homosexuals who appeared as defendants in a celebrated trial in London in 1871, charged "with conspiring and inciting persons to commit an unnatural offence". After the prosecution failed to establish that they had sex, which was then a crime, or that wearing women's clothing was in any sense a crime, both men were acquitted.
Calligula History Italy 41
1 C D

Roman emperor Calligula (12 to 41) one day decided that he was a goddes, so he dressed the part and forced the people to adore him (her).
Charles Edward Stuart History Great Britain 1745
1 C D

Charles Edward Stuart (1720 to 1788) was the exiled Jacobite claimant to the thrones of Great Britain and Ireland. After the Battle of Culloden, he was assisted by loyal supporters such as Flora MacDonald who helped him escape pursuers on the Isle of Skye by taking him in a small boat disguised as her Irish maid, "Betty Burke,"
Charles Kane History Great Britain 1997
1 C T

Born Sam Hashimi, the businessman and divorced father-of-two had a sex-change operation in 1997 to turn him into glamorous interior designer Samantha Kane. He spent £100,000 on cosmetic operations and tooth veneers to create the ‘ultimate male ­fantasy’ and was so convincing as a woman he had no trouble attracting men, and was briefly engaged to a wealthy landowner. Then, in 2004, after seven years of living as a woman, he decided he’d made a horrible mistake; the result -he believes now -of a breakdown following the acrimonious end of his 12-year ­marriage and estrangement from his children. Initially thrilled by his transformation, life as a woman quickly paled despite a jetset lifestyle in Monaco. He hated the way female hormones made him moody and emotional. Shopping bored him and sex was a disappointment. No matter how feminine he looked, he felt he was merely playing a role. So, in 2005, Charles spent a further £25,000 on three operations to turn him back into a male after being referred by the gender clinic at London’s Charing Cross Hospital. His breast implants were removed and male genitalia re-constructed from skin grafts. The trouble was, he wasn’t the man he had been before.
Chevalier d'Eon History France 1810
1 C D

Charles-Genevieve-Louis-Auguste-Andre-Timothee d'Eon de Beaumont (1728 to 1810), usually known as the Chevalier d'Eon, was a French diplomat, spy, soldier and Freemason who lived the first half of his life as a man and the second half as a woman.
Christine Jorgensen History United States 1952
1 C T

Christine Jorgensen, born George William Jorgensen Jr. (1926 to 1989) was an American trans woman who was the first person to become widely known in the United States for having sex reassignment surgery. Jorgensen grew up in the Bronx, New York City. Shortly after graduating from high school in 1945, she was drafted into the U.S. Army for World War II. After her service she attended several schools, worked, and around this time heard about transitioning surgery. She traveled to Europe and in Copenhagen, Denmark, obtained special permission to undergo a series of operations starting in 1951. She returned to the United States in the early 1950s and her transformation was the subject of a New York Daily News front page story. She became an instant celebrity, using the platform to advocate for transgender people and became known for her directness and polished wit. She also worked as an actress and nightclub entertainer and recorded several songs.
Claudius History Italy 54
1 C D

Roman emperor Claudius (-10 to 54) forced married woman to came to palace to pass the night with him. One day the husband disguised as his wife came to palace and said to Claudius that he was there to save him, because other man, with worse ideas could came and kill him that was unarmed and without guards waiting for a woman to came.
Cybele History Italy -204
1 C D

Rome’s leaders introduce the cult of Cybele in order to boost morale during the Punic War. Cybele’s priests would hold processions throughout the city, ending at a plain where their rites would begin. During the peak of these rites, a priest castrated himself, whereupon he would don female garments.
David Tennenbaum History Poland 1942
1 D D

David Tennenbaum was born on March 11, 1931, the son of Jozef and Fanny Tennenbaum. The family led a happy life in Lvov, Poland, where his father owned a fruit import/export business. The Tennenbaum family's feelings of security collapsed, however, following the Nazi occupation of Lvov in the summer of 1941. In August 1942 the family was herded into the Kleparow ghetto on the outskirts of Lvov. A few months later eleven-year-old David and his mother escaped from the ghetto. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum tells how a Ukrainian professor - a family friend - assisted in their escape and found them a temporary hiding place at the home of an ethnic German in Lvov. Ironically, the son of the professor was a member of the Ukrainian SS then serving on the eastern front. The professor secured false papers for David and his mother and found them a long term hiding place in December 1942 in the village of Zimna Woda. They were taken in by an elderly, retired, schoolteacher named Mrs. Sokolinska. The timing of their move to Zimna Woda was very fortunate - shortly after they left their first hiding place it was raided and those living there were arrested. Fanny hid under name of Franciszka Maria Wieczorkowska, while David, who had grown his hair long, passed as her daughter, Teresa Marja Wieczorkowska. He also pretended to be retarded so as to avoid having to take the required physical examination to attend school. David passed his time playing by himself and reading among the many books in the house. In September 1944 David and his mother were liberated by the Soviet army. His father had disappeared - presumably he was deported to the Janowska KZ camp and murdered.
Diepreiye Alamieyeisegha History Nigeria 2005
1 D D

Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, during his tenure as Bayelsa State Governor, escaped from London, where he had been detained over allegations of money laundering. The governor pulled a fast one on British police when a group of ten gaily-dressed women posing as relations from Ijaw visited him while under house arrest. Undercover security personnel, who were maintaining surveillance over the house, had no cause to suspect foul play. Hours later, nine of the ladies emerged from the mansion and took off in the same vehicles they came in. Unknown to the Metropolitan Police, Alamieyeseigha, who by then had been disguised as a woman, was among them. Alamieyeseigha surfaced at Heathrow airport, still disguised as a woman and armed with travel documents bearing an assumed female name, boarded the Port Harcourt-bound British Airways flight. The “distinguished lady” actually traveled in the business class section. As soon as the flight touched down at about 8 am Sunday, the “distinguished lady” alighted and confidently walked down the tarmac where a boarded a car that took him straight to his hometown of Amassoma.
Dora Ratjen History Germany 1936
1 D D

Dora Ratjen (1918 to 2008) was a German athlete who competed for Germany in the women's high jump at the 1936 Summer Olympics at Berlin, finishing fourth, but was later discovered to be male.
Dudley Clarke History Great Britain 1941
1 D D

British spy Dudley Clarke (1899 to 1974) was arrested wearing women's clothing in Madrid in 1941.
Edward Hyde, 3rd Earl Of Clarendon History Great Britain 1723
1 E D

Edward Hyde, 3rd Earl of Clarendon (1661 to 1723), styled Viscount Cornbury between 1674 and 1709, was Governor of New York and New Jersey between 1701 and 1708, and is perhaps best known for the claims of him crossdressing while in office. Cornbury is reported to have opened the 1702 New York Assembly clad in a hooped gown and an elaborate headdress and carrying a fan, imitative of the style of Queen Anne. When his choice of clothing was questioned, he replied, "You are all very stupid people not to see the propriety of it all. In this place and occasion, I represent a woman (the Queen), and in all respects I ought to represent her as faithfully as I can." It is also said that in August, 1707, when his wife Lady Cornbury died, His High Mightiness (as he preferred to be called) attended the funeral again dressed as a woman. It was shortly after this that mounting complaints from colonists prompted the Queen to remove Cornbury from office.
Elagabalus (Heliogabalus) History Italy 222
1 E D

The Syrian-born teenaged Roman emperor (203 to 222) dresses in silks, bathes with women, and demands to be treated as an empress. During her short reign, she seeks a surgeon to create a vagina for her male body.
Euclid Of Megara History Greece -399
1 E D

Euclid (-435 to -365) was born in Megara, but in Athens he became a follower of Socrates. So eager was he to hear the teaching and discourse of Socrates, that when, for a time, Athens had a ban on any citizen of Megara entering the city, Euclid would sneak into Athens after nightfall, disguised as a woman to hear him speak
François-Timoleon De Choisy History France 1724
1 F D

François Timoleon, abbe de Choisy (1644 to 1724) was a French author. By a whim of his mother, the boy was dressed like a girl until he was eighteen, and, after appearing for a short time in man's costume, he resumed woman's dress on the advice--doubtless satirical--of Madame de La Fayette. He delighted in the most extravagant toilettes until he was publicly rebuked by the duc de Montausier, when he retired for some time to the provinces, using his disguise to assist his numerous intrigues.
George Booth History Great Britain 1659
1 G D

George Booth, 1st Baron Delamer (1622 to 1684). During an uprising arranged for 5 August 1659 in several districts, George Booth took charge of operations in Cheshire, Lancashire and North Wales. After gaining control of Chester on the 19th, he issued a proclamation declaring that "arms had been taken up in vindication of the freedom of Parliament, of the known laws, liberty and property", and then marched towards York. The plot, however, was known to John Thurloe. Having been foiled in other parts of the country, Lambert's advancing forces defeated Booth's men at the Battle of Winnington Bridge near Northwich. Booth himself escaped disguised as a woman, but was discovered at Newport Pagnell on the 23rd whilst having a shave, and was imprisoned in the Tower of London. 1612
Giovanni Rebolledo History Colombia 2013
1 G D

A member of Colombia's dreaded "Los Topos" gang who escaped prison after being incarcerated last year was caught by police this week despite having undergone a very "convincing sex change." Giovanni Rebolledo, who was sentenced to serve 60 years for a laundry list of crimes that included robbery, extortion, kidnapping, and torture, had been living as a prostitute named Rosalinda in the northern coastal city of Barranquilla for the past two months. In addition to the assumed identity, Rebolledo also augmented his physical appearance with plastic surgery and a boob job. In the end, all his efforts did little to fool the fuzz. Rebolledo was ultimately identified and apprehended during a routine stop and frisk in a neighborhood known for its prostitution. Rebolledo's gang, Los Topos (The Moles), are infamous in Colombia's capital city of Bogota for employing women to seduce rich men who are then kidnapped and tortured for money.
Great Mother History Irak

1 G T

Mesopotamian temples begin chronicling the worship of a “Great Mother” whose priestesses are males who are consecrated through a ceremony which includes castration. Records discovered in Assyrian, Akkadian and Babylonian societies confirm the existance of the belief system.
Heracles (Hercules) History Greece

1 H D

Demi-god Heracles shed his male habits, put on female clothes and then labored under the rulership of Eyrystheus. Another story has Heracles dressed in female garb to serve Omphale, Queen of Lydia, in order to learn humility on the orders of the Oracle at Delphi.
Hermaphroditus History Greece

1 H T

Son of Hermes and Aphrodite. He was very handsome and when, as a young man he left home, the Naiad Salmacis fell passionately in love with him. He repulsed her, but when, later on, he inadvertently bathed in her spring, she embraced him and pulled him down into the pool, praying to the gods that she and he might forever be united. Their bodies joined into one, becoming a hermaphrodite. As a result of Hermaphroditus' prayers to his parents, the spring exercised a like effect on all men who bather in it thereafter.
Hirja History India 1300
1 H D

A tradition emerges among Muslim royal courts of genetic men who live and perform as women. In the Indian sub-continent, they're called “hirja”.
Hisham II History Spain 1013
1 H D

Hisham II (965 to 1013) was the third Umayyad Caliph of Cordoba, in Al-Andalus. Confined in the Palace he would visit the city of Codoba disguised as a woman escorted by concubines of his own harem 1704
Hittite Military Oath History Turkey -1600
1 H D

The text is in Old Hittite and prescribes the oath to be taken by military commanders. More precisely, it describes a series of symbolic actions intended to represent the afflictions that should befall the oath-takers should they break their word. On one occasion, for example, women's clothing, a spindle and an arrow is brought before those swearing their allegiance. The arrow is broken, and they are told that should they break their oath, their weapons should likewise be broken, and they should be made women and given women's tasks. Then, a blind and deaf woman is brought before them, and they are told that if they break their word, they will be made blind and deaf women like this one.
Isthar History Irak

1 I D

Ancient Assyrians had religious figures who dressed as women to embody the goddess Ishtar, claiming they had been transformed into women in an attempt to impress the people of both their piety and the goddess’ power.
John Rykener History Great Britain 1395
1 J D

On 11 December 1395 were brought in the presence of Mayor John Fressh, and the Aldermen of the City of London, John Britby of the county of York and John Rykener, calling himself Eleanor, having been detected in women's clothing, who were found last Sunday night between the 8 and 9 hours by certain officials of the city lying by a certain stall in Soper's Lane committing that detestable and unmentionable and ignominious vice. In a separate examination held before the Mayor and Aldermen about the occurrence, John Britby confessed that he was passing through the high road of Cheap on Sunday between the above mentioned hours and accosted John Rykener, dressed up as a woman, thinking he was a woman, asking him as he would a woman if he could commit a libidinous act with her. Requesting money for his labor Rykener consented, and they went together to the aforesaid stall to complete the act, and were captured there during these detestable wrongdoings by the officials and taken to prison. And John Rykener was brought here in woman's clothing and questioned about this matter, acknowledged himself to have done everything just as John Britby had confessed. Rykener was also asked who had taught him to exercise this vice, and for how long and in what places and with what persons, masculine or feminine, he had committed that libidinous and unspeakable act. He swore willingly on his soul that a certain Anna, the whore of a former servant of Sir Thomas Blount, first taught him to practice this detestable vice in the manner of a woman. He further said that a certain Elizabeth Bronderer first dressed him in women's clothing; she also brought her daughter Alice to diverse men for the sake of lust, placing her with those men in their beds at night without light, making her leave early in the morning and showing them the said John Rykener dressed up in women's clothing, calling him Eleanor and saying that they had misbehaved with her. He further said that certain Phillip, rector of Theydon Garnon, had sex with him as with a woman in Elizabeth Bronderer's house outside Bishopsgate, at which time Rykener took away two gowns of Phillip', and when Phillip requested them from Rykener he said that he was the wife ofa certain man and that if Phillip wished to ask for them back he would make his husband bring suit against him. Rykener further confessed that for five weeks before the feast of St. Michael's last he was staying at Oxford, and there, in women's clothing and calling himself Eleanor, worked as an embroideress; and there in the marsh three unsuspecting scholars - of whom one was named Sir William Foxlee, another Sir John, and the third Sir Walter - practiced the abominable vice with him often. John Rykener further confessed that on Friday before the feast of St. Michael he came to Burford in Oxfordshire and there dwelt with a certain John Clerk at the Swan in the capacity of tapster for the next six weeks, during which time two Franciscans, one named Brother Michael and the other Brother John, who gave him a gold ring, and one Carmelite friar and six foreign men committed the above-said vice with him, of whom one gave Rykener twelve pence, one twenty pence, and one two shillings. Rykener further confessed that he went to Beaconsfield and there, as a man, had sex with a certain Joan, daughter of John Matthew, and also there two foreign Franciscans hall sex with him as a woman. John Rykener also confessed that after his last return to London a certain Sir John, once chaplain at the Church of St. Margaret Pattens, and two other chaplains committed with him the aforementioned vice in the lanes behind St. Katherine's Church by the Tower of London. Rykener further said that he often had sex as a man with many nuns and also had sex as a man with many women both married and otherwise, how many he did not know. Rykener further confessed that many priests had committed that vice with him as a woman, how many he did not know, and said that he accommodated priests more readily than other people because they wished to give him more than others.
Juan Bautista Bairoletto History Argentina 1919
1 J D

Juan Bautista Bairoletto (1894 to 1941) was an Argentine bandit. In 1919 he disguised as a woman to attend his father funeral.
Juan De Luna History Spain 1453
1 J D

Juan de Luna (1435 to 1456) was the son of Alvaro de Luna (Favourite of King John II of Castile). When his father was arrested in 1453, he escaped disguised as a woman. 1612
Krishna History India

1 K T

Aravanan, who was to be sacrificed to help win the Mahabharata war, didn't want to die a virgin and so, on the night before he was to die, he married Lord Krishna who took on the form of the female Mohini. Staying a woman for thirty days after to moan him as a widow.
Leucippus History Greece

1 L D

Leucippus was the son of Oenomaus, the king of Pisa, and brother of Hippodamia. It was already known though that Daphne had decided to avoid the company of men, and in order to get close to Daphne, Leucippus disguised himself as a girl. Leucippus managed to get close to Daphne, and by accompanying her and the other huntresses in the chase, the two became friends; and of course, in certain circumstances, friendship can lead to more. Apollo looked upon the success that Leucippus was having with the beautiful Daphne and became jealous. Apollo managed to put the thought into the mind of Daphne and the other huntresses that it would be a good idea to cool off by bathing in the River Ladon. By the banks of the river and the women stripped off, but when Daphne and the others noticed the reticence of Leucippus to join them. Suspicious, Daphne and the other huntresses ripped the clothes off of Leucippus revealing that he was a man. Daphne was angry at the deception of her “friend”, and so she and the other huntresses plunged their weapons into Leucippus, killing him. 1704
Lili Elbe History Denmark 1931
1 L T

Lili Ilse Elvenes, better known as Lili Elbe (1882 to 1931), was a Danish transgender woman and one of the first identifiable recipients of sex reassignment surgery. Elbe was born Einar Magnus Andreas Wegener, and was a successful artist under that name. She also presented as Lili, sometimes spelled Lily, and was publicly introduced as Einar's sister. After transitioning, however, she made a legal name change to Lili Ilse Elvenes and stopped painting. Elbe met Gerda Gottlieb at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and they married in 1904, when she was 21 and Gottlieb 19. The two of them worked as illustrators. Elbe started dressing in women's clothes one day filling in for Gottlieb's absentee model; she was asked to wear stockings and heels so her legs could substitute for those of the model. Elbe felt surprisingly comfortable in the clothing. Over time, Gottlieb became famous for her paintings of beautiful women with haunting almond-shaped eyes dressed in chic fashions. In 1913, the unsuspecting public was shocked to discover that the model who had inspired Gottlieb's depictions of petite femmes fatales was in fact Gottlieb's spouse, "Elbe". In the 1920s and 1930s Elbe regularly presented as a woman, attending various festivities and entertained guests in her house. One of the things she liked to do was to disappear, wearing her modeling fashions into the streets of Paris in the throngs of revelers during the Carnival. Elbe was introduced by Gottlieb as Einar Wegener's sister when she was dressed in female attire. Only her closest friends knew once she had transitioned. In 1930 Elbe went to Germany for sex reassignment surgery, which was experimental at the time. A series of four operations were carried out over a period of two years.The first surgery, removal of the testicles, was made under the supervision of sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld in Berlin. The rest of Elbe's surgeries were carried out by Kurt Warnekros, a doctor at the Dresden Municipal Women's Clinic. The second operation was to implant an ovary onto her abdominal musculature, the third to remove the penis and the scrotum. At the time of Elbe's last surgery her case was already a sensation in newspapers of Denmark and Germany. A Danish court invalidated the Wegeners' marriage in October 1930, and Elbe managed to get her sex and name legally changed, including receiving a passport as Lili Ilse Elvenes. She stopped painting, believing it to be something that was part of the identity of Einar. After the dissolution of her marriage, she returned to Dresden for a final surgery. In June 1931 she had her fourth operation, which was to create a vagina and allow her to get married, should she wish to do so. She died three months after the surgery.
Luis Fernandez History Argentina 1900
1 L D

Luis Fernandez (1873-193?) was a spanish born argentinian trasvestite and con man. When he arrived to argentina around 1900, and seeing the shortage of women in the “entertaiment industry” of Buenos Aires, he started to crossdress and sing in the port nighclubs. He quicly became an expert in seduce rich and important men to later reveal himself to be a male and blackmail into paying to avoid scandal. At one point he formed a band with other transvestite to blackmail the men they could con. After being deported to Chile he did the same posing as a widow and later in Peru posing as the daugher of a mexican diplomat. 1612
Mrs. Corporal Noonan History United States 1878
1 M D

Mrs. Corporal Noonan (? to 1878) dies after ten years’ service with the US Army’s famed Seventh Calvary, which included service with Elizabeth Bacon Custer, wife of the infamous general as a laundress. While her body was being prepared for burial, Mrs. Noonan’s was found to be male.
Muhammad III History Spain 1025
1 M D

Muhammad III (? to 1025) was an Umayyad Caliph of Cordoba in Al-Andalus. He escaped disguised as a woman when the people of Cordoba revolted against him 1704
Nathaniel Lyon History United States 1861
1 N D

Nathaniel Lyon (1818 to 1861) was the first Union general to be killed in the American Civil War and is noted for his actions in the state of Missouri at the beginning of the conflict. Lyon allegedly disguised himself as a farm woman to spy on the State Guard's camp and then claimed that he had uncovered a plan by Governor Jackson to seize the Federal arsenal for Missouri state guard.
Nero History Italy 68
1 N D

Roman emperor Nero (37 to 68) is said to have forced a male slave by the name of Sporus to have a form of sex change (most likely a penectomy) and married him because he looked like Nero’s slain wife.
Parsondas History Irak

1 P D

Nanybrus, satrap of Babylon, became a man of dress, show, and effeminacy, unworthy of the kingdom he held. Understanding that a certain robust Mede, called Parsondas, held him in the utmost contempt, and had solicited the emperor of the Medes to divest him of his dominions, and to confer them upon himself, Nanybrus offered a very great reward to the man who should take Parsondas, and bring him to him. Parsondas hunting near Babylon with the king of the Medes, and straggling from the company, happened to fall in with some of the servants of Nanybrus, who were purveyors to the king; and Parsondas being thirsty, asked a draught of wine, which they not only granted, but prevailed upon him to take a meal with them. As he drank freely, suspecting no treachery, he was easily persuaded to pass that night with some beautiful women, brought on purpose to detain him. But, while he was in a profound sleep, the servants of Nanybrus bound him, and carried him to their prince, who reproached him for endeavouring to estrange the king of the Medes from him, and by that means place himself in his room on the throne of Babylon. Parsondas did not deny the charge, but with intrepidity owned, that he thought himself more worthy of a crown, than such an indolent and effeminate prince as he was. Nanybrus, highly provoked, swore by the gods Belus and Mylitta, that Parsondas himself should soon become so effeminate as to reproach none with effeminacy. Accordingly he ordered the eunuch who had the charge of his music women, to shave, paint, and dress him after their manner, and, in short, to transform him as much a possible into a music woman. His orders were obeyed; and the manly Parsondas soon exceeded, the fairest female in singing and playing, and other arts of allurement. In the mean time, the king of the Medes, having in vain sought after his favourite servant, though he offered great rewards for any information concerning him, concluded that he had been destroyed by some wild beast in the chase. At length after seven years, the Mede was informed of his condition by an eunuch, who being cruelly scourged by Nanybrus's orders, fled, at the instigation of Parsondas, into Media, and there disclosed the whole to the king, who immediately despatched an officer to demand him. Nanybrus pretended to know nothing of any such person; upon which another officer was sent by the Mede, with a peremptory order to seize on Nanybrus if he persisted in the denial, and lead him to immediate execution. Upon this the Babylonian owned what he had before denied, and promised to comply with the king's demand; invited the officer to a banquet, at which one hundred and fifty women, among whom was Parsondas, made their appearance, singing and playing upon various instruments. Nanybrus enquiring of the Mede which he liked best, he immediately pointed at Parsondas. At this, the Babylonian falling into an immediate fit of laughter, told him who the person was whom he thus preferred to all the fine ladies; adding, that he could answer for what he had done before the king of the Medes. The officer was less surprised at such an astonishing change, than his master afterwards, when Parsondas appeared before him. The only favour Parsondas begged of the king, for all his past services, was, that he would avenge on the Babylonian the base and injurious treatment he had met with. The Mede marched accordingly to Babylon, and notwithstanding the remonstrances of Nanybrus, urging, that Parsondas had, without the least provocation, endeavoured to deprive him of both his life and kingdom, declared that in ten days he would pass sentence on him as he deserved, for presuming to act as judge in his own cause, instead of appealing to him. But Nanybrus having bribed Mitrophernes, the Mede's favourite eunuch, the king was by him prevailed upon to sentence the Babylonian only to a fine, which made Parsondas curse the first discoverer of gold, for the sake of which he was to live the derision of an effeminate Babylonian.
Pentheus History Greece

1 P D

Pentheus is inveigled into going up Mt. Cithaeron and spy on the Maenads, whom he suspected of sexual licence. While the women of his family, under the influence of Bacchic frenzy, roamed the mountains with the Maenads, Pentheus, disguised as a woman, climbed a tree to watch their revels. His mother and aunt saw him there and in their madness, thought him a lion and tore him to pieces.
Richard Thomas Zarvona History United States 1861
1 R D

Richard Thomas Zarvona (1833 to 1875) was a Confederate colonel who hijacked ships while disguised as a french woman.
Ryoukan History Japan 1831
1 R D

Ryoukan Taigu (1758 to 1831) was a quiet and eccentric Soutou Zen Buddhist monk who lived much of his life as a hermit. It is said that Ryoukan attended the midsummer Bon Festivals. Because he was a monk, he would normally be unable to attend, but sneaked in disguised as a woman. 1612
Sardanapalus History Irak -700
1 S D

Sardanapalus (or Sardanapallus) was, according to the Greek writer Ctesias of Cnidus, the last king of Assyria, although in actuality Ashur-uballit II (612-605 BC) holds that distinction. Ctesias' Persica is lost, but we know of its contents by later compilations and from the work of Diodorus. In this account, Sardanapalus, supposed to have lived in the 7th century BC, is portrayed as a decadent figure who spends his life in self-indulgence and dies in an orgy of destruction.Diodorus s ays that Sardanapalus exceeded all previous rulers in sloth and luxury. He spent his whole life in self-indulgence. He dressed in women's clothes and wore make-up.
Siproites History Greece

1 S T

Cretan Siproites saw Artemis bathing, and for that he was turned into a woman by the goddess.
Stanisława Walasiewicz (Stella Walsh) History United States 1980
1 S D

Stanisława Walasiewicz (1911 to 1980) was a Polish track and field athlete, who became a women's champion in the Olympic 100 metres. It was later learned that Walasiewicz had ambiguous genitalia and was intersex.
Thor History Denmark

1 T B

In Norse mythology, Thor was a female impersonator. In one story, the Giant Thrym had Thor's hammer Mjolnir stolen while he slept and hid it eight miles under the earth. He agreed to return it if Freya was delivered to him as his bride. Freya was unagreeable, so Heimdahl suggested they send a phony Freya. Thor dressed in Freya's bridal garments and Loki travelled as her bridegroom to trick Thrym and get Mjolnir back.
Tiresias History Greece

1 T T

There is a famous mythological story about Tiresias. On Mount Cyllene in the Peloponnese, as Tiresias came upon a pair of copulating snakes, he hit the pair a smart blow with his stick. Hera was not pleased, and she punished Tiresias by transforming him into a woman. As a woman, Tiresias became a priestess of Hera, married and had children, including Manto, who also possessed the gift of prophecy. According to some versions of the tale, Lady Tiresias was a prostitute of great renown. After seven years as a woman, Tiresias again found mating snakes; depending on the myth, either she made sure to leave the snakes alone this time, or, according to Hyginus, trampled on them. As a result, Tiresias was released from his sentence and permitted to regain his masculinity.
Ulm History Germany 1701
1 U D

In the year 1701 Bavarian forces (allied with France) took the city of Ulm. They sent soldiers disguised as peasant men and women to infiltrate the city and take one of the doors of the walls. 1704
Ulrich Von Lichtenstein History Austria 1275
1 U D

Ulrich Von Lichtenstein (1200 to 1275) is famous for his supposedly autobiographical poetry collection Frauendienst (Service of the Lady). He writes of himself as a protagonist who does great deeds of honor to married noblewomen, following the conventions of chaste courtly love. The protagonist embarks on two remarkable quests. In the first quest, he travels from Venice to Vienna in the guise of Venus, the goddess of love. He competes in jousts and tourneys and challenges all the knights he meets to a duel in the honour of his lady. He breaks 307 lances and defeats all comers. The noblewoman, however, mostly spurns his affections and demands more deeds and even mutilation for even the honour to hold her hand.
Varelita History Uruguay 1961
1 V D

Argentinia gangster Ruben Adhemar Garcia aka “Varelita” escape from uruguyan police disguised as a woman, but is recognized and captured.
Venetian Transvestite History Italy 1354
1 V D

12 Mar 1354. In Venice, a crossdresser was arrested, forced to confess under torture, then one week later, burned at the stake for his “crime”.
Vishnu History India

1 V T

Vishnu changes himself into a beautiful woman, Mohini the Enchantress, in order to distract some demons. Shiva is so enchanted by her that he begs Vishnu for a repeat performance. When Vishnu complies, Shiva rapes her.
Waleed Hammad History Egypt 2013
1 W D

Waleed Hammad dressed conservatively for his secret mission into the world of sexual harassment and abuse on the streets of Cairo, donning a long tan skirt and sleeved shirt, and at times covering his head like many Egyptian women. The 24-year-old actor walked the sidewalks, hidden cameras in tow, for an investigative television report, hoping the broadcast would enlighten national debate about how to combat deep-rooted day-to-day sexual harassment and abuse in this patriarchal society. As he strolled, Hammad, who wore light makeup to conceal hints of facial hair and accentuate his eyes, was hissed at and verbally abused. In one instance, when he was wearing a head veil, he was taken for a prostitute.
William J. Sharkey History United States 1872
1 W D

William J. Sharkey (1847-?) was a convicted murderer and minor New York City politician who earned national notoriety in the late 19th century for escaping from a New York City prison disguised as a woman. He subsequently fled to Cuba, which had no extradition treaty with the United States. He was never captured and his ultimate fate is unknown. 1612
William Maxwell History Great Britain 1716
1 W D

William Maxwell, 5th Earl of Nithsdale (1676 to 1744) was a Catholic nobleman, who took part in the Jacobite Rising of 1715. Nithsdale was captured at Preston together with other Jacobite leaders, found guilty of treason, and sentenced to death. The night before the day appointed for his execution (24 February 1716), he effected an escape from the Tower of London meticulously planned by his daring and devoted Wife, who had been admitted to his room. By exchanging clothes with his wife's maid, he escaped the attention of his guards. He fled to Rome, where he lived with his wife until his death.
William Price History Great Britain 1839
1 W D

William Price (1800 to 1893) was a Welsh physician known for his support of Welsh nationalism, Chartism and his involvement with the Neo-Druidic religious movement. In 1839 the Newport Rising took place, when many of the Chartists and their working class supporters rose up against the authorities, only to be quashed by soldiers, who killed a number of the revolutionaries. Price himself had recognised that this would happen, and he and his supporters had not joined in with the rebellion on that day. Nonetheless, he also realised that the government would begin a crackdown of those involved in the Chartist movement in retaliation for the uprising, and so he fled to France, disguised as a woman. 1612
World War I History
1 W D

Tommy Keele served his country on the Western Front. Unlike the others, however, he did it dressed as a woman. For the first three years of the war, Tommy was an ordinary lance corporal in the Middlesex Regiment. At the start of 1917, he joined the Ace of Spades concert party as “First Girl”. Under the stage name Dot Keele, he took female parts in theatres behind the lines for the entertainment of sex-starved soldiers. In 1914 Russian peasants captured a German spy, who was disguised as a woman.
World War II History
1 W D

Young french prisioner escaped from a prisioners camp dressed in women's clothes. He was captured because he forgot to use women's restroom in a rail station. In Coldiz, a secure prisioner camp, a british prisioner tryed to escape dressed as a woman, he was discovered in the last control before the exit. Whem remembering the liberation of Holland, a dutch man said that he was wearing messages for the resistence, dressed as a young girl, because german did not suspect of girls. Broadway dancer Tommy Thompson is drafted into the Army. During the voyage to Europe, he's told he's joining the Special Services (the Army’s entertainment unit) undercover: Tommy is to entertain the troops in the China-Burma-India theater as a woman named Marylin Lee... not as a drag role but a true impersonation! Marylin tours the jungles for months until she’s called home when her mother falls ill. Kenneth H. Dahlberg, american fighter ace, was shot down three times. The first time, he bailed out near Paris, and was sheltered by the French Resistance. Disguised as a woman, he rode a bicycle to Allied lines 40 miles away. After the war, in the occupation of Korea to disarm the japanese, a group of soldiers put together a show “Bits Of Burlesque” to entertain the troops. The show consisted of GIs dressed in short skirts with coconut-stuffed bra tops doing chorus dances in combat boots making for a hilarious act. Tony Starr was the star as he did the strip tease as per burlesque shows. He had an authentic costume he wore during his dance. The GIs in the audience actually thought he was female. Henk Jonker was a member of the Dutch resistance who disguised himself as a woman. Tall and blond, he dyed his hair black and disguised as a female nurse named Helene Annie Smitshuisen. Sylvin Rubinstein was a jewish resistance fighter who killed Nazis in occupied Poland - and even in the heart of Berlin - during World War II. Rubinstein used his ability to pass as a woman in these missions.
Yamato Takeru History Japan 114
1 Y D

Prince Yamato Takeru (72 to 114) was a Japanese legendary prince of the Yamato dynasty. His father, the emperor Keikō, feared his brutal temperament. To keep him at a distance, the father sent him to Izumo Province, and then the land of Kumaso. He succeeded in defeating his enemies, in the latter case by crossdressing as a maid attendant at a drinking party.
Zeus (Jupiter) History Greece

1 Z T

Zeus changed himself into a female and posed as Artemis/Diana to seduce Callisto.