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2 Broke Girls Television United States 2011
1 0 D * 1

Episode 5x04 “And the Inside-Outside Situation” (2015) Two female impersonators in a boycot to Max and Caroline's cupcake shop.
8 Man Animation Japan 1963 TCJ 1 0 T * 2

Murdered by criminals, Detective Yokoda's body is retrieved by Professor Tani and taken to his laboratory. There, Tani performs an experiment that has failed seven times; Yokoda is the latest subject to have his life force transferred into an android body. For the first time, the experiment succeeds. Yokoda is reborn as the armor-skinned android 8 Man, able to dash at impossible speeds, as well as shape-shift into other people. He shape-shift into women in episodes 3, 11 and 24.
8 Man Comic Japan 1963 Kuwata Jiro 1 0 T * 2 P
Murdered by criminals, Detective Yokoda's body is retrieved by Professor Tani and taken to his laboratory. There, Tani performs an experiment that has failed seven times; Yokoda is the latest subject to have his life force transferred into an android body. For the first time, the experiment succeeds. Yokoda is reborn as the armor-skinned android 8 Man, able to dash at impossible speeds, as well as shape-shift into other people. Sometimes He shape-shift into women. Episode 3: Famous singing star, Minnie Marvelous is kidnapped during a live stage performance by some one calling himself the Clown. The Clown demands a huge ransom for the return of Minnie and 8 Man disguised himself as the woman that has to pay the ransom. Episode 11: When a visiting dignitary, Pres. Industrious comes to Metropolitan City, Chief Fumblethumbs is placed in an uncomfortable position because the exiled daughter of the ex-Monarch is living in Metropolitan City with her loyal followers. The bodyguard assigned to protect Pres. Industrious is Captain Tiger and he is none to pleased when the plane they just got off of, explodes. To protect Pres. Industrious and discover who is trying to kill him, 8th Man goes undercover as a hotel maid, disguised as Jenny. Episode 24: The Black Butterfly Gang obtains a terrible weapon, the Devil Germ gun which fires microorganisms that eat metal. They use it to spring their leader, Evil Jaw out of prison and he finds sanctuary in the Solarian Embassy. With Chief Fumblethumbs hands tied by diplomatic red-tape, he makes a bold move and sends 8th Man into the Embassy alone to get Evil Jaw. 8th Man disguises himself as a secretary to infiltrate into the Embassy.
A Brother's Price Literature United States 2005 Spencer Wen 1 A D *

One boy has to go in disguise as a woman because he is trying to escape kidnappers.
Aap Ke Deewane Movie India 1980
1 A D *

Ram and Rahim are childhood, inseparable friends. They complete their schooling, and enroll in an hostel to complete their education. One of their colleagues, Kundan frames them for molesting a girl, and has both rusticated. Without any means to survive, both masquerade as a male and a female, and get employed as tutors to a wealthy young lady, Sameera. Both fall in love with Sameera, and both think that she loves him and him only. Sameera must now decide who to chose.
Abarenbo Honey Comic Japan 2015 Tobidase Kevin 1 A D * 1
X Mature Yaoi Stories. Story “Kakurenbo Honey” Vol 2 Chap 7: Boy disguised as a girl for a school festival.
Accidental Babe Movie United States 2016
1 A T *

The story of Henry Hole, victim to an accidental sex-change operation. Now watch as Henry tries to hang on to the woman he loves, solve a dark town secret, and learn how to behave like a lady in a small conservative town.
Agadam Bagdam Tigdam Television India 2007
1 A T * 1

Episode 5 “Romeo and Juliet” Soniya’s Dad takes her form.
Aha Naa Pellanta Television India 2016
1 A D * 1

Episode 30 (21 Nov 2016) Male disguised as a womnan. Episode 44 (21 Dec 2016) Male disguised as a woman.
Aliados Television Argentina 2013
1 A T * 2

Episode 1x08: Bodyswap between a boy and a girl.
Allare Allari Television India 2016
1 A D *

Episode 66-68 (19-21 Dec 2016) Male disguised as a woman.
Amore Tossico Movie Italy 1983
1 A D *

Transvestite in train station.
Ang Probinsyano Television Philippines 2015
1 A D * 3

Episodes 78-92 (13 Jan 2016 to 2 Feb 2016) After Olga successfully kidnapped Carmen, Cardo is determined to investigate the group and seize the mastermind of its operations. To help him find more lead about the series of abductions, Cardo disguises as the alluring lady named Paloma who is ready to catch the suspects in action. Episode 222-226 (5 Aug 2016 to 11 Aug 2016) Cardo disguises again as Palomo to face the ‘sextortionist’ Ella.
Anna Thamudu Movie India 1958
1 A D *

Male disguised as a woman.
Antonio Perez History Spain 1590
1 A D *

Antonio Perez (1540 to 1611) was a Spanish statesman, secretary of king Philip II of Spain. In 1590 he he escaped from prison in Madrid, disguised as a woman.
Archibald Campbell History Great Britain 1681
1 A D *

Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll (1629 to 1685). In 1680, the Earl opposed the oath attached to the Test Act, intended to ensure the loyalty of the holders of public office to King Charles II, because it also demanded conformity with the king's ideas on forms of church government and religious worship. The earl’s refusal to take the oath led to him being declared a traitor in 1681. He was imprisoned in Edinburgh Castle, but escaped, disguised as a woman, and fled from Leith to the Netherlands. His estates were confiscated.
Batgirl Comic United States 2000 DC Comics 1 B T * 2 P
Vol 3 #13 (10/2010) Clayface impersonates a woman to rob a bank and later impersonates batgirl to confuse the police. Vol 4 #19 (06/2013) Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) find that her roommate Alysia is transgender. Alysia has been Barbara’s roommate since #1. Vol 4 #37 (02/2015) Dagger Type disguised as Batgirl.
Ben 10 (Ben 10 Reboot) Animation United States 2016 Cartoon Network Studios 1 B T *

Reboot of the 2005 Cartoon Network series of the same name. Episode 1x02 “Freaky Gwen Ben” (2016) When Ben interferes with malicious magician Hex's quest for the earth-moving Titan Gloves at a swap meet, he switches bodies with Gwen forcing him to walk a mile in her shoes and vice versa!
Cebollitas Television Argentina 1997
1 C D * 1

Episode 56: Boys dressed as girls for a party. Episode 118: Boys dressed as girls for a party. Episode 167: One boy near the end disguises as a girl, brief.Episode 188: two boys, disguised as girls, infiltrates into a beaty pageant. Also at least one episode of second season have crossdressing.
Celinda, A Tragedy Literature Italy 1611 Miani Valeria 1 C D *

The plot follows the story of the title character, 15 year old princess Celinda, and her prohibited relationship with Persian prince Autilio. Despite the fact that the two meet under false pretenses, with Autilio disguised as a woman, they fall in love.
Corps Et Âme Comic France 2016 Jef 1 C T * 3

Hitman Frank Kitchen takes a job to eliminate a celebrated fashion designer who’s fallen behind on his debts to the mob. The story takes a savage turn when the victim’s sister, a sociopathic surgeon, decides to punish Frank in a unique way. Abducted and operated on against his will, Frank Kitchen awakens transformed into a woman – but still with a hitman’s hunger for revenge…
Cumplices De Um Resgate Television Brazil 2015
1 C D * 2 P
Episode 131-132 (2016) Boy disguised disguised as a woman to trick a guardian.
Danganronpa: The Animation Animation Japan 2013 Lerche 1 D D *

Chihiro Fujisaki is a shy, retiring student and a skilled programmer. Whilst initially presumed to be a girl, it is later revealed that Chihiro is in fact a boy with a deep insecurity about his weak physique, resorting to cross-dressing to hide his gender identity. After Monokuma threatens to expose everyone's secrets, Chihiro becomes determined to overcome his weakness and shares his secret with Owada. However, this ends up angering Mondo who, in a fit of blind rage, smashes Chihiro's head in with a dumbbell, making him the second murder victim. Before his death, Chihiro leaves behind a laptop containing the Alter Ego program to help the others, thinking he was not going to survive anyway.
DC Super Hero Girls: Hero Of The Year Animation United States 2016
1 D T *

Animated Movie. Villain transform into Super Girl’s mother to trick Super Girl
Deus E Brasileiro Movie Brazil 2003
1 D T * 1

God is searching a saint to help on His vacation... in the middle of the travel, He and the guy who is helping god stay out of money .... and they try to ask for money .... but nobody gives. So, God turns into "Senhorita Agá" ... a blonde tv host… and everybody gives money.
Dios Los Cria Movie Argentina 1991
1 D D * 2 P
There is a transvestite friend of Angel, an homosexual banker, that also is convinced to crossdress for a date.
Doraemon! Animation Japan 1979 Shin-Ei Animation 1 D B * 1 P
Second Series (1979-2005) Episode 34: “Girl like a white lily” (1979) Nobita end dressing as a girl. Episode 242-243 “My name is Mari-chan part I and II” (1980) Doraemon bodyswaps Nobita and a famous idol Mari-chan. Episode 849 “Sustitution rope” (1986) Doraemon uses a magic rope to swap bodies of Nobita and Shizuka. Episode 1691 “Mee Enki” (2002) Nobita have the role of Cinderella in a school play. Other boys playing stepsisters and stepmother roles. Third Series (2005-) Episode 442 “I am Nobiko-chan” (2011) Doraemon transform Nobita into a girl. Episode 654 “Nobita become Shizuka” (2014) Nobita disguises as Shizuka using a bodysuit. Episode 694 “I want to be an Adult” (2015) Doraemon supplies Nobita with a cloth that alters his outward appearance. After briefly turning into a copy of Doraemon, Nobita turns into his teacher, then a young man, then that young man's would be fiance, screwing up the proposal. Episode 753 “I'm Mari-chan” (2016) An idol and actress Mari Marui disappeared in a shooting. She was found by Doraemon in one of the pipes in the Open Lot. Mari was later invited to Nobita's house and explained that she escaped from the mass media due to her mother and her manager force her to do things. She switch places with Nobita using the Substitution Bar.
Family Complete + Comic Japan 2013 Kamaboko Red 1 F D *

Compilation of the short stories. “Family Complete” Mirin Asami and his three brothers are told by their father to crossdress, but while Mirin's brothers enjoy dressing and acting like girls, Mirin doesn't. “Family Compilation” This story focuses on the oldest son Momiji. Momoji Asami and his three brothers are told by their father to crossdress, and he tries to be a perfect girl. However, this gains him unexpected attention from someone in his class. “Family Contact” This story focuses on the youngest son Natane. The four crossdressing Asami brothers go to the beach. The youngest runs into a classmate.
Farewell Baghdad Movie Iran 2010
1 F D *

Saleh Al Marzouk is an Iraqi math teacher who lost his family on the 29 March Baghdad bombings. Meanwhile, he detained and later imprisoned at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison for three years. Disguised as a woman, he plans to blow himself up at a restaurant on Christmas Day in 2009. There, he suddenly discovers a picture of himself on the wall, when Rebecca enters the restaurant. Shocked, Saleh runs away.
Fubin BL Comic Japan 2013 Anthology 1 F D * 1
X Short Stories. Yaoi. Story “Okite Saisho ni Suru Koto wa” Boys dressing as female cheerleaders in a school festival.
Generations: The Legacy Television South Africa 2014
1 G D * 2

Wandile Radebe is a youn male that is transgender. He starts to live as a woman in episode 247.
George Booth History Great Britain 1659
1 G D *

George Booth, 1st Baron Delamer (1622 to 1684). During an uprising arranged for 5 August 1659 in several districts, George Booth took charge of operations in Cheshire, Lancashire and North Wales. After gaining control of Chester on the 19th, he issued a proclamation declaring that "arms had been taken up in vindication of the freedom of Parliament, of the known laws, liberty and property", and then marched towards York. The plot, however, was known to John Thurloe. Having been foiled in other parts of the country, Lambert's advancing forces defeated Booth's men at the Battle of Winnington Bridge near Northwich. Booth himself escaped disguised as a woman, but was discovered at Newport Pagnell on the 23rd whilst having a shave, and was imprisoned in the Tower of London.
Gomorra Television Italy 2015
1 G D * 2

Episode 2x03 “Mea Culpa” (2016) Salvatore Conte has a girlfriend, Nina, that is a transsexual.
Hakuouki Animation Japan 2010 Studio Deen 1 H D * 2

First anime series “Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan” Episode 6: Nagumo Kaoru is first seen as a lovely dressed young woman who was saved by Okita from punks. Okita also notices that she resembles Chizuru, though Kaoru is more prettier, he is actually Chizuru's twin brother who was separated from her during childhood. He's made to dress as a woman but is a boy. Episode 10: Souji, severely weakened by his tuberculosis, is approached by Kaoru, who reveals his true identity and offers him a vial of the "medicine" that would heal him and make him a Rasetsu. Third anime series “Hakuouki Sekkaroku” OAV Episode 6: Kaoru is seen dressed as a young woman.
Hanakoi Tsurane Comic Japan 2015 Natsume Isaku 1 H D *

Kabuki actors playing female roles.
Hanayome Wa Oku-san Comic Japan 2013 Shimizu Yuki 1 H D * 2

Oku takes the part of the bride in a wedding, after she is driven to the hospital.
Hank Zipzer Television Great Britain 2014
1 H D *

Episode 3x07 “Undercover Hank” (2016) Mr Joy announces to the school that he is to receive a special award in recognition of his work, but at that moment, Mr Love appears, fresh back from his book tour, claiming the prize is actually for him. A tussle ensues. Meanwhile, Hank is wrongly identified as having sprayed graffiti on a wall and is sent home by Joy. He decides his only option is to sneak back into school, disguised as a girl, and to try and find the culprit and clear his name. He has to dodge the unwanted attentions of McKelty, and with Frankie and Ashley's help he manages to unmask the culprit.
Houkago Edge Comic Japan 2014 Muno 1 H D * 2

Tobari's always loved cute and feminine things. Which sparks his eventual venture into drag. One day, while he was out in public dressed as a high school girl, he bumps into fellow classmate, Inui. It's annoying to Tobari how amusing Inui finds it, but at least he's promised not to tell anyone. But with no plans of letting him off for this hobby, Inui proposes something outrageous. He is twisted and unstable, but for some reason, his words are reassuring.
Hu Xian (Fairy Fox) Television China 2013
1 H T * 1

Episode 3-4: Male and female bodyswap.
Jin Dan Jun Television Indonesia 1996
1 J T * 1

Season 1 Episode 11: Male genie transform into women two times. Episode 13: Male genie transforms into women three times. Episode 15: Male genie transforms into a woman. Episode 17: Male genie transforms into a woman. Episode 25: Male genie transforms into a woman. Episode 30: Male genie transforms into a woman. Episode 43: Male genie transforms into a woman. Episode 45: Male genie transforms into a woman. Episode 46: Male genie transforms into a woman. Episode 63: Male genie transforms into a woman. Episode 65: Male genie transforms into a woman. Episode 79: Male genie transforms into a woman. Episode 82: Male genie transforms into a woman. Season 2 Episode dated 18 Oct 2016 “Tertangkap” Male genie transforms into a woman. Episode dated 26 Oct 2016 “Nasi Uduk Spesial 2” Male genie transforms into a woman.
Josou Danshi Mii-chan To Sono Kareshi? Kei-kun Comic Japan 2014 meco 1 J D *

Keiichi was living a calm life at an all-boys school. One day he’s confessed to by his classmate and best friend Sonota Minami. Confused Keiichi fled from this sudden confession… But… The next day Minami appears before him transformed (dressed as a girl) and declares war..!! What will happen in the future of Keiichi’s peaceful high school life…?
Juan De Luna History Spain 1453
1 J D *

Juan de Luna (1435 to 1456) was the son of Alvaro de Luna (Favourite of King John II of Castile). When his father was arrested in 1453, he escaped disguised as a woman.
Justice League Unlimited Animation United States 2004
1 J T * 1 P
Sequel to the previous Justice League animated series. Episode 1x05 (5) “This Little Piggy” (2004) Zatanna is watching her magic show that she just did (which was recorded on her crystal ball) in which she puts her male assistant into a box, turns it a couple times, touches it with her wand, and out steps a woman in place of the man. Episode 2x13 (26) “Epilogue” (2005) Queen was one of four individuals selected by Ace of the earlier Royal Flush Gang who was given powers by her to become her playmates as the hour of her death drew nearer, with Queen transformed into a female. However, Queen used his powers to confront the Justice League until he was beaten by them. After Ace's death, Queen reverted back to being male. Episode 3x06 “Dead Reckoning” (2006) Deadman possesses Wonder Woman in order to attack Devil Ray but decides not to kill him.
Kare To Kare No Ijiwaru Na Kyori Comic Japan 2015 Narusaka Rin 1 K D * 2

Moriya Shigeru’s hobby is reading BL and crossdressing. He's a twisted guy who loves to harass others. However, there’s one guy he’s been feeling bothered about, and that’s Sahara Masatoshi, an idiot who clings to his one-sided love for his childhood friend.
Kath & Kim Television United States 2008
1 K D *

Episode 1x16 “Bacherolette” (2009) Female impersonator in party.
Kocchi Muite, Ai Comic Japan 2015 Michinoku Atami 1 K D * 1
X Vol 1 Chap 5 Story “Hi Manyuaru Ren Ai” Akio suffers because of the harsh words that the man that left him used ‘If you only were a woman, it would be a lot better.’ Asking himself ‘Why did you say something like that?’ He runs into a friend in a bar, who also was left by his partner. They’re both uke, but they try to do it anyway. Could it be that one of them has an interior seme? What will happen?.
La Colonia Television Chile 2010
1 L T * 1

Episode 2x34 “Intercambio corporal” (2011) after a lightning push two men and two women, they bodyswap. They try to reverse the bodyswap with another lightning, but this time the two males end in the bodies of the females and the females in the bodies of the males. Brief and end.
La Dori, Overo Lo schiavo Reggio Literature Italy 1657 Apolloni Giovanni Filippo 1 L D *

Tragi-comic opera in a prologue and three acts composed by Antonio Cesti to a libretto by Giovanni Filippo Apolloni. The story is set in Babylon on the shores of the Euphrates and is a convoluted tale of mistaken identities—a female protagonist who disguised as a man eventually regains her lost lover, and a man disguised as a woman who causes another man to fall in love with him.
Lab Rats Elite Force Television United States 2016
1 L T * 1

Episode 1x13 “Sheep Shifting” (2016) Kaz transforms briefly into two different women.
Lakho Phoolani Movie India 1976
1 L D * 1

At one point, the hero disguises as a woman to trick a guard.
Last Man Standing Television United States 2011
1 L D * 1

Episode 6x05 “Trick or Treat” (2016) Vanessa insists that the family finally have the Halloween party they've been suggesting for years and has a reluctant Mike decide the theme. Hoping to make everyone hate it so it will be the last party, Mike takes inspiration from Kyle's Ed costume from last year and has the whole family swap roles (Eve and Mandy, Kristin and Ryan, and Vanessa and Kyle respectively), so that they'll make fun of each other.
Llamame Paula Literature Spain 2016
1 L D *

When Paula was born everyone believed he was a boy, but she knew she was not. The day when her mother dies begin their problems, as his father and grandmother, with whom she is forced to live, do not seem willing to accept their true identity. His grandmother was angry with her, and takes the doll her aunt gave her, because she thinks that a doll is not an appropriate toy for a boy. One day, while playing with a ball, Paula meets Laura, a girl of her own age, which becomes her friend and confident. One day the girls get into a mess when entering the village church when no one was ther and are involved in a mysterious robbery that they will have to solve. ¿Will Paula get to solve the mystery and be accepted as a girl by her family?
Los Heroes Del Norte Television Mexico 2010
1 L T * 1

Episode 2x16 and 2x17 (2012) “Los heroes del norte” is a musical group. After an incident in a desert with aliens they end bodyswapping, Zacarias end in the body of Prisca.
Luis Fernandez History Argentina 1900
1 L D *

Luis Fernandez (1873-193?) was a spanish born argentinian trasvestite and con man. When he arrived to argentina around 1900, and seeing the shortage of women in the “entertaiment industry” of Buenos Aires, he started to crossdress and sing in the port nighclubs. He quicly became an expert in seduce rich and important men to later reveal himself to be a male and blackmail into paying to avoid scandal. At one point he formed a band with other transvestite to blackmail the men they could con. After being deported to Chile he did the same posing as a widow and later in Peru posing as the daugher of a mexican diplomat.
Macross II Micron Conspiracy Comic United States 1994 Viz 1 M D * 1

US Comic, almost no relation with the original Macross series. #4-5: Hibiki and Zara make a daring escape from the clutches of the U.N.R. in a stolen mecha. But their relief is short-lived when they learn that they've been branded as wanted criminals...and their pictures are posted all over the city. Holo-disguised as a woman, Hibiki discovers the true meaning of sexual harassment. Then, when he smuggles his video expose into the TV station, it becomes difficult to tell the good guys from the bad guys! Will Silvie be freed? Is Zara safe? Will Hibiki get the biggest scoop of his life?.
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Animation Japan 2016 Lerche 1 M T *

Kishibe Souta/La Pucelle is a close friend and ally of Snow White. Despite being a boy, he becomes a girl while transformed. As a magical girl, La Pucelle wears a Dragon Knight style attire, with draconic motifs in his armor as his Magical Girl outfit.
Metropolis Animation Japan 2001 Madhouse 1 M D * 1

Animated movie. Rock disguised as a maid. Brief.
Minamoto-kun Monogatari Comic Japan 2011 Inaba Minori 1 M D * 3 P
Vol 3: Minamoto is first forced to dress up as a girl, later he end crossdressing to seduce a girl. Vol 7: Minamoto is tricked into crossdressing in a yukata for job for a open campus day in the university. Vol 8: Minamoto is forced to enter a beauty pageant as a girl.
Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children Movie United States 2016
1 M T *

The main evil guy is a shapeshifter and takes the form of a 40 something woman briefly -- but has a much longer implied Transforamtion of 3 weeks as a woman.
Mujhe Jeene Do Movie India 1963
1 M D * 1

Male disguised as a woman.
New Tales Of The Gisaeng (Singisaendyun) Television Korea 2011
1 N D *

Episode 40: While on honeymoon, Da Mo dresses like a girl with a long wig and Sa Ran’s hair clip.
Okite Saisho Ni Suru Koto Wa Comic Japan 2013 Shimura Takako 1 O D * 1
X Adapted from Fubin BL. Yaoi. Vol 1 Chap 3: Boys dressing as female cheerleaders in a school festival.
Oooku Comic Japan 2003 Fukushima Masami 1 O D * 2

In medieval Japan, a ypung male disguises as a woman to get his revenge on the man that killed his family.
Otonari Complex Comic Japan 2016 Nonomura Saku 1 O D * 2

Kuji Akira and Ninomiya Makoto have been neighbours and friends from childhood. Akira-kun is handsome and Makoto-chan is pretty but Akira's a girl and Makoto's a boy. Their feelings for each other are growing more complex just as they are finding themselves the focus of romantic interest of their friends and acquaintances.
Perjanjian Terlarang Movie Indonesia 1990
1 P T *

Male ghost possesses a woman.
Press Cuttings Literature Great Britain 1909 Shaw George Bernard 1 P D *

General Mitchener is in a state of considerable anxiety about the number of Suffragettes chaining themselves to government buildings. He has had all the railings removed, but is informed by an orderly that another suffragette has padlocked herself to the door scraper. Surprisingly, he has received a letter from the Prime Minister, Balsquith, telling him to release the woman and let her into the building. When he does so, he learns that this suffragette is none other than the Prime Minister himself, disguised as a woman. As he tried to get to the War Office, there were so many suffragettes chasing him that he thought the safest option was to pretend to be one of them.
Princess Ida Literature Great Britain 1884 Gilbert W. S. 1 P D *

Comic opera with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert. Plot is about a heroic princess who runs a women's college and the prince who loves her. He and his two friends infiltrate the college disguised as female students.
Remo Movie India 2016
1 R D *

Arun masquerades as a woman to nurse his relationship with a lovely young doctor.
Round The Twist Television Australia 1989
1 R B * 1

Episode 1x10 “Known All” (1989) The Twist kids discover an old trunk floating towards the beach. They all run down to investigate. Pete and Linda lift the trunk from the water as Bronson supervises. The kids bring the trunk back up to the lighthouse, where Tony helps them to open it. Inside is a variety of old circus clothes. Linda takes the Lady Clown's outfit, Pete opts for the Gymnast, Bronson goes for the ringmaster and Tony is left with the fortune teller woman. Episode 3x08 “Brainless” (2000) In an experiment gone wrong, Anthony and Bronson succeed in separating Pete and Linda from their brains. When they fix the problems, they return the brains to their bodies, with Pete’s brain ending in Linda body and viceversa. Brief.
Ryoukan History Japan 1831
1 R D *

Ryoukan Taigu (1758 to 1831) was a quiet and eccentric Soutou Zen Buddhist monk who lived much of his life as a hermit. It is said that Ryoukan attended the midsummer Bon Festivals. Because he was a monk, he would normally be unable to attend, but sneaked in disguised as a woman.
Scooby-Doo! And The Samurai Sword Animation United States 2009 Warner Bros. 1 S D * 1

Animated movie. Scooby and Shaggy disguised as japanese geishas to trick the black samurai and his ninja warriors.
Scream Comics Comic United States 1944 Ace Comics 1 S D * 1

#17 (12/1947) Story “Ernie” Ernie’s girlfriend borrows his clothes and give him a dress to wear until she return #19 (04/1948) Story “Orville” Orville disguised as a girl to escape from police.
Secret Valley Television Australia 1980
1 S D * 1 P
Episode 1x02 “Secret Weapon” (1980) Spider Maglurk disguised as a girl to enter and sabotage the secret valley camp.
Seiheki BL Comic Japan 2015 Anthology 1 S D *

X A collection of stories about different preferences.. Story 10 “Transvestism {Cross-dressing}” Its about a couple of two males where one of the them is crossdressing as the wife.
Seito Kaichou Desu Ga Josou Hajimemashita Comic Japan 2016 Youichi 1 S D *

Jun Shiraishi has longed for years to be friends with another girl, something she tells a guy who tries to ask her out one day. Spurred on by his feelings for her, he grants her wish by crossdressing and making friends with her as "Nai".
Shinreigari Ghost Hound Animation Japan 2007 Production I.G 1 S D * 1

Episode 22: Makoto and Masayuki help devise a plan to allow Tarō to enter the shrine where Miyako is being held as the leader of the Ōgami religious group. Only women and girls are allowed to enter, so the boys plan on dressing Tarō up as a young female so that he may enter and rescue Miyako. Hirata and Reika also assist in carrying out the plan.
Shuuden Na Kankei Comic Japan 2013 Oota Yoshio 1 S D * 1

Chap 2: Yokose and a friend crossdressing to cacht a stalker in the train.
Sienna Comic France 2008 Chetville 1 S D *

T4 “Iraq, fraternite et terrorisme 2” (2014) In a fake funneral, two me disguised as arab women to kill a chia armed patrol.
Tesoro De Cuentos Clasicos Comic Mexico 1957 Editorial Novaro 1 T D * 1

#121 (09/1967) “Fantomas salva a Gerard” Fantomas disguised as the aunt of Gerard.
Test Tube Teens From The Year 2000 Movie United States 1994
1 T D * 1

aka Virgin Hunters. In the future, corporations have taken over the world and banned sex. A group of rebellious high school students devise a way to go back in time to the present day and try change history to prevent that from happening. They end in a all girls school and disguise as girls to pass unnoticed
The Beauty Comic United States 2015 Image Comics 1 T T * 2 P
#8-11 (06-10/2016) Ezerae's entire life has been about change. Can she find happiness in the world of The Beauty? Ezerae is a transwoman, and a hitwoman.
The Good Lord Bird Literature United States 2013 McBride James 1 T D *

Henry Shackleford is a young slave living in the Kansas Territory in 1857, when the region is a battleground between anti- and pro-slavery forces. When John Brown, the legendary abolitionist, arrives in the area, an argument between Brown and Henry’s master quickly turns violent. Henry is forced to leave town—with Brown, who believes he’s a girl. Over the ensuing months, Henry—whom Brown nicknames Little Onion—conceals his true identity as he struggles to stay alive. Eventually Little Onion finds himself with Brown at the historic raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859—one of the great catalysts for the Civil War.
The Haunted Hathaways Television United States 2013
1 T T * 2

Episode 1x01 “Pilot” (2013) Teen male ghost (Miles) briefly possessed the teen daughter (Taylor). He did some gymnastic backflips in her body and then exited. Episode 1x05 “Haunted Volleyball” (2013) Youngest ghost boy (Louie) possesses youngest girl (Frankie) to give her a confidence boost. Episode 1x12 “Haunted Principal” (2013) Miles possesses Michelle to embarrass her during a date. Episode 1x18 “Haunted Prank” (2014) Miles possesses Taylor's best friend (Emma) to help win a gymnastics competition. Episode 1x22 “Haunted Bowling Alley” (2014) Louie possesses Frankie so he can be a rapper. Episode 1x25 “Haunted Viking” (2014) Ghost father Ray helps out his ghost son Miles when his new potential ghost girlfriend runs out of the house after hearing some of Miles quirks from the youngest Hathaway girl. Ray morphs into the girl in order to let Miles down. Episode 2x01 “Haunted Newbie” (2014) Taylor gives Louie permission to possess her in order to give her gymnastics team a morale boost. Episode 2x03 “Mostly Ghostly Girl” (2014) Taylor gets Miles to possess her to win an arm wrestle. Episode 2x05 “Haunted Besties” (2014) Miles tricks Taylor by being Meadow and telling her to color her hair by herself. Later transform into Taylor to trick Meadow. Episode 2x09 “Haunted Thundermans” (2014) Phoebe is possessed by the super villain “The Green Ghoul”. Episode 2x15 “Haunted date” (2015) Michelle calls Frankie to sit through her 4 hour side show, and Frankie has Louie transform into her and go in her place.
The Mighty Thor Comic United States 2011 Marvel Comics 1 T B * 1

Vol 1 #12.1 (06/2012) Thor and Loki disguised as women. Vol 2 #3 (03/2016) Loki in female form, briefly.
The Pasha's Daughter Movie United States 1911
1 T D * 1

An American named Jack is traveling in Turkey. He befriends an aged Turk and is arrested as a conspirator against the government. His first attempt to flee the jail failed, but the second succeeds. Jack flees into the courtyard of the Pasha and is hidden from the guards by the Pasha's daughter. Disguised as a woman, Jack makes his escape with her aid, but she refuses his offer to flee with him. A year later, the Pasha's daughter is ushered in and announces that she wants to be his bride.
Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda Animation Japan 2016 Brain's Base 1 W D * 1

Episode 3: Shinomiya-kun playing the role of a princess in a school play.
William J. Sharkey History United States 1872
1 W D *

William J. Sharkey (1847-?) was a convicted murderer and minor New York City politician who earned national notoriety in the late 19th century for escaping from a New York City prison disguised as a woman. He subsequently fled to Cuba, which had no extradition treaty with the United States. He was never captured and his ultimate fate is unknown.
William Price History Great Britain 1839
1 W D *

William Price (1800 to 1893) was a Welsh physician known for his support of Welsh nationalism, Chartism and his involvement with the Neo-Druidic religious movement. In 1839 the Newport Rising took place, when many of the Chartists and their working class supporters rose up against the authorities, only to be quashed by soldiers, who killed a number of the revolutionaries. Price himself had recognised that this would happen, and he and his supporters had not joined in with the rebellion on that day. Nonetheless, he also realised that the government would begin a crackdown of those involved in the Chartist movement in retaliation for the uprising, and so he fled to France, disguised as a woman.
Woody Woodpecker Animation United States 1941
1 W D * 3

Short 13 “Chew-Chew Baby” (1945) Woody manages to get himself evicted from a boarding house run by proprietor Wally Walrus. Subsequently, the lonely Walrus runs an ad in the local newspaper looking for a sweetheart. Woody reads this and decides to respond to the ad by dressing in drag. The woodpecker then arrives at Wally's place and eats him out of house and home. Short 31 “Drooler's Delight” (1949) On a hot summer day, Woody hears a radio commercial for the latest thirst quencher, a 25-cent ice cream soda called the Drooler's Delight. Finding that he has exactly one quarter on him, he heads for the malt shop but draws the attention of the greedy Buzz Buzzard. The two adversaries play a variety of sneaky tricks on each other to steal the quarter back and forth; the contest ends when Woody, disguised as a woman, leads Buzz on a chase that causes him to knock himself out against a wall. When Woody reaches the malt shop and orders his Drooler's Delight, he is surprised to find Buzz as the soda jerk, who stuffs Woody into a glass and mixes him up with the ingredients. However, Woody drinks the whole thing down from inside the glass and gets the last laugh on Buzz. Short 37 “The Woody Woodpecker Polka” (1951) The story opens with various couples going into a barn to attend a barn dance. All of them sway to the rhythm of the music. Wally Walrus is the doorman who collects the tickets as they enter. Admission to the dance is $1, which entitles each purchaser to a ticket to "Free Eats." Woody Woodpecker is in a haystack sleepily watching the dancers go by. He sees by his watch that it's dinnertime, and he realizes that he's hungry. His glance falls on the "Free Eats" sign, so he proceeds to follow the crowd into the barn. He hands a rubber dollar bill to Wally, who discovers it after Woody has entered the barn. Woody's hungrily standing by a table laden with food, and just as he's about to really feast, Wally ejects him from the barn. Woody then dresses up as a femme fatale and vamps Wally into letting him enter the barn dance. Woody's main object is to get food; Wally's, to dance with this new gal who has really excited him. Thus, we see a struggle on the one hand for food; on the other, the enjoyment of dancing. Woody finally gets to the food-laden table and ultimately obtains more than his share of the food, storing the excess in his dress in spite of Wally's efforts to keep him dancing. Wally finally discovers that his exciting gal is really Woody in disguise, and realizing that a fool he has made of himself, he violently kicks himself. Short 40 “stage hoax” (1952) Woody Woodpecker, tired and perspiring, is walking down a dusty road of the old West carrying a heavy suitcase. Hearing a stagecoach approaching, he stands in the road thumbing a ride, but the stage passes him by in a swirl of dust. He opens his suitcase, which contains an assortment of artificial limbs used to display women's stockings, wigs, dresses, etc. Woody transforms himself into a young woman by putting on artificial limbs, a wig and a dress. Wally Walrus, driver of a stagecoach, approaches Woody in the road. Woody coyly lifts his skirt to display the shapely limbs. Wally quickly stops the stage, and Woody enters. Woody, in the coach's dining room, orders a sumptuous meal from Wally, now dresses as a waiter. Woody's wig falls off. Wally realizes his mistake, and he hands Woody a check for $30. Woody and Wally argue over the price, and Wally pulls a lever, which ejects Woody over the stagecoach roof. Woody jumps from the stagecoach and runs away. Woody then drives the stagecoach and meets the real "Buzz Buzzard the Bandit" astride a horse. Buzz forces Woody to drive to his hideout cottage. Woody, again disguised as a woman, causes Buzz's heart to flutter as he hastens to put his house in order, dress in "full dress and silk hat," and get ready to welcome Woody. A giant commotion emanates from the cottage. Woody rushes out the door with Buzz in full chase. Woody jumps into the stage, with Buzz making a close second.
Yankee To Yandere No Karera Ni Wa Tomodachi Ga Inai Comic Japan 2014 Yoshikawa Yumi 1 Y D *

Chap 8: Boy disguised as a girl to be the bait for a stalker.