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A Kind Of Justice Literature United States 2016 James Renee 1 T

* -1812 Book 2 in the “Bobbi Logan Crime Novel” series. Against all odds, Bobbi Logan, a statuesque transgender woman, has become one of Chicago's most celebrated hair stylists and the owner of one of the city's poshest salons. She is finally comfortable with who she is, widely admired in her community, about to enjoy the success she deserves. Then her impossibly perfect life falls apart. In the space of a few weeks, the Great Recession drags her business to the brink of failure, her beloved ex-wife needs help in facing a terrible tragedy, and a hateful police detective storms back into her life, determined to convict her of the five-year-old murder of John Strand —pillar of the community— and a sexual predator. As the detective builds an ever more convincing case against her, both of them will be shaken by revelations about themselves, about their own deeply held secrets, and about the bizarre ritual murder of John Strand.
A Wizard Named Nell Literature United States 2003
1 D

* -1812 There is a guy pretending to be Nell, and dressing up as a girl, throughout much of the book.
Abhhishekam Television India 2008
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 2323 (29 June 2016) and 2325-2327 (1-4 July 2016) Male disguised as a woman to sneak into a women’s jail and contact a woman.
Accidentally In Love Television China 2018
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 1: Daniel disguised as a woman to escape from the men his father has sent to force his presence at his wedding.
Aditya 369 Movie India 1991
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a maid to sneak into a palace.
Agent In Old Lace Literature United States 2009 Pinkston Tristi 1 D

* -1812 Shannon Tanners perfect life is turned on end when she discovers her boyfriend is not what he seems. Fearing for her safety, she enlists the FBI, who puts its best man on the job, Rick Holden, who goes undercover as Shannons female roommate.
Akasya Duragi Television Turkey 2008
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 1x42 (42) (2009) Male disguised as a woman. Episode 2x10 (53) (2009) Two men end in a transvestite club. Episode 2x14 (58) (2009) Male disguised as a woman. Episode 2x33 (76) (2010) Male disguised as a woman to escape from mob men. Episode 3x39 (122) (2011) Male disguised as a woman to infiltrate a whorehouse. Episode 3x41 (124) (2011) Male disguised as a woman to act as the wife of another male.
Akka Television India 2014
1 D

* -1812 Episode 182 (9 Aug 2014) Maruthi and his team go to Devika's house and play a game. Keerthi requests men of the house to dress as women.
Alad'2 Movie France 2018
1 T

* -1812 Genie transforms himself into a woman. Brief.
America Ammayi Television India 2015
1 D

* -1812 Episode 111 (2 Dec 2015) Male disguised as a woman. Episode 142-144 (8-11 Jan 2016) Male disguised as a woman. Episode 691 Ongoing (18 Oct 2017) Male disguised as a woman.
American Nightmares Movie United States 2018
1 T 1

* -1812 AKA Mr. Malevolent. Horror anthology, one of the stories is about a radio show host turning into a woman.
Amma Koduku Movie India 2003
1 D

* -1812 Male disguised as woman.
Ann With An E Television Canada 2017
1 D

* -1812 Episode 2x06 “I Protest Against Any Absolute Conclusion” (2018) The town preps for its annual Christmas pantomime. The minister plays a female role.
Anveshitha Television India 1997
1 T 1

* -1812 Episode 66: Male ghost possessing a woman. Brief. Episode 67: Male ghost possesses a woman to account for his story to the others.
Aopara Next Comic Japan 1996 Malumi 1 T

X * -1812 Mature. Continues the story from Aozora Paradox. A young student meets a girl that actually is his father who died many years ago and has been reincarnated as a girl.
Apartment Zero Movie Great Britain 1988 HF 1 D 1 P
* -1812 A block of flats and its residents include a crossdresser called Vanessa, and we see her throughout the movie.
Appu Movie India 2000
1 D 1

* -1812 Remake of Sadak. The villain is a transgender, Maharani, a power-hungry pimp who eliminates anyone she perceives as a threat.
Arasi (Arase) Television India 2007
1 D 1

* -1812 Ganga is a transvestite criminal pursued by police. Appareance in episodes 53, 56, 60, 62-63, 70, 98, 101-104, 106, 108, 110-113, 115, 183, 191, 264, 267, 277, 280, 284-289. Probably more appareances.
Artonad Movie India 2017
1 D 1

* -1812 Ghost make a male to crossdress, brief. Later there is a transvestite involved.
Baaji Television India 2018
1 D

* -1812 Episode 76 (25 Oct 2018) Hira learns from Kaveri that Baaji is assigned a duty to protect a woman. Hira finds Baaji and confronts him for it. She learns that Dadaji is disguised as a woman to attract the robbers, who may lead them to Ajja. Hira volunteers to be the bait and says that she doesn’t fear anyone when Baaji is around. The robbers abduct Hira, but Baaji saves her. The robbers reveal that they had robbed Ajja’s belongings and had disguised him as Shera. Baaji and Dadaji go to the Kotwali to find more clues.
Babylon Berlin Television Germany 2017
1 D

* -1812 Episode 1x05 (2017) Crossdresser in a nighclub.
Baghdad Perazhagi Movie India 1973
1 D

* -1812 Male disguises as a woman.
Baghi Movie India 2006
1 D

* -1812 Two males disguised as women to sneak into a women’s hostel.
Balika Vadhu Television India 2008
1 D 2 P
* -1812 Episodes dated 12-14 May 2015: Male disguises as a woman to help his girlfriend to escape from an arranged marriage. Episodes dated 15-16 December 2015: Boy disguised as a girl.
Banana Fish Animation Japan 2018 MAPPA 1 D 2 P
* -1812 Episode 16: Ash disguised as a female nurse to escape from the hospital facility where he was retained.
Banana Fish Comic Japan 1986 Yoshida Akimi 1 D 2

* -1812 Vol 11: Ash disguised as a female nurse to escape from the hospital facility where he was retained.
Batasha Chacha Movie India 2015
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a female dancer. Later another male disguised as a female dancer.
Berenice Procura Movie Brazil 2017
1 D

* -1812 The taxi driver Berenice is under a family crisis with her male chauvinist husband and her son, whom is discovering his sexual identity as a transwoman. The murder of a transgender at Copacabana beach makes her start an investigation on her own, what turns her world upside down.
Berg Literature Great Britain 1964 Quin Ann 1 D

* -1812 Near the end, Berg is disguised as a woman, in Judith's clothing and make up, and his father enters the room. His father, a drunkard and lecher, immediately mistakes Berg for Judith and advances upon him.
Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain Television India 2015
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 394 (31 Aug 2016) Male disguised as a woman. Episode 444 (9 Nov 2016) Men disguised as a women. Episode 463-465 (6-8 Dec 2016) Male disguised as a woman. Episode 483-486 (3-6 Jan 2017) Male disguised as a woman. Episode 672 (25 Sep 2017) Male disguised as a woman. Episode 693 (24 Oct 2017) Angoori complains to Manmohan's mother about Manmohan's failure to keep her happy. Later, Manmohan and Angoori meet a counsellor and they are joined by other couples including Anita and Vibhuti. After listening to everyone, the counsellor suggests that the men and the women should take up roles of their partner. Episode 746 (5 Jan 2018) Male disguised as a woman. Episode 753 (16 Jan 2018) Male disguised as a woman. Episodes 945-946 (11-12 Oct 2018) Male disguised as a woman.
Bhoot Bungla Movie India 1965
1 D 1

* -1812 Mohan disguised as a woman.
Boku No Jealousy Monogatari. Comic Japan 2017 Kaga Yakko 1 D 1

* -1812 Azuza is a boy that is living as a girl. Introduced in Vol 2 Chap 5, revealed in Vol 2 Chap 6
Boku to Kanojo No XXX Movie Japan 2006
1 T

* -1812 Based in the manga of the same title. Akira and Nanako exchange bodies. Manzou gives the two a deadline to raise money in order to rebuild the machine. Akira succeeds but is forced to pay off Nanako's incurring debt. The deadline passes and Manzou leaves Japan, concluding with Akira and Nanako promising to earn enough money for when Manzou returns.
Bokura Wa Mahou Shounen Comic Japan 2018 Fukushima Teppei 1 D

* -1812 Kaito Odagiri is a normal fifth grade boy who can hold his own in a fight and loves to show off. This attracts the attention of Makoto Kaibara, a boy at Kaito's school who reveals to him that he can use magic, but he needs Kaito's help to protect the peace of their town. Kaito jumps at the chance of being a magic-wielding superhero, but his excitement turns to horror when he realizes that he'll be protecting the town dressed as a typical magical girl under the name Thrilling Pink. Although initially reluctant, Kaito soon discovers that there's more to being a magical boy than simply looking cute in a skirt.
Boomerang Movie Switzerland 2018
1 T

* -1812 As he fight to win an election, a young ultra-liberal politician, overpowered by ambition, awakens in the body of his maid, a veiled Kurdish, Muslim asylum-seeker. Will they eventually overcome their prejudice so as not to lose everything?.
Buhari Movie Nepal 2001
1 D

* -1812 Male disguised as a woman to trick a recent widower.
Butterfly Television Great Britain 2018
1 D

* -1812 11-year-old Max identifies as a girl and wants to live her life as Maxine. Her estranged parents Vicky and Stephen attempt to work out how best to cope with and support this huge life decision.
Capkin Kizlar Movie Turkey 1975
1 D

* -1812 Two friends named Ahmet and Fikret, both of whom are poor and came in a thousand trick each day to escape their creditors. But both of them live without a regular job. They live their lives with small frauds and gambling. One night while they flee lenders and sleep in a car, they witness a murder. Now there are killers, not just lenders in the pursuit. The two of them find the remedy in disguise. they disguise as female dancers, working in Perihan’s revue.
Chao Neng Tai Jian Movie China 2016
1 D 1

* -1812 AKA Super Eunuch. In China 1644 a young man is castrated against his will. However, he gains a somewhat defect super power. Much later he's chosen to escort two concubines on a long, adventurous journey to Beijing. He disguises as another concubine.
Charmed Television United States 2018
1 T 2

* -1812 Episode 1x09 “Jingle Hell” (2018) Sorcerer takes the form of a woman.
Chasing Sunrise Literature United States 2014 Chase Lex 1 D

* -1812 King Sevon is a transvestite.
Chidiya Ghar Television India 2011
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 989 (8 Sep 2015) Two males diguised as women.
Chor Machaaye Shor Movie India 2002
1 D 2

* -1812 Actor impersonates a woman to help a friend that is having problems with the law.
Cinderella And The Four Knights Television Korea 2016
1 D

* -1812 Episode 7: Kang Seo Woo rocked a girl’s high school uniform to escape the hordes of screaming high school fans.
Coming Out Can Be Murder Literature United States 2012 James Renee 1 T

* -1812 Republished as “Transition to Murder”. Book 1 in the “Bobbi Logan Crime Novel” series. Bobbi Logan's life and career begin to spiral downward when she comes out as a transgendered woman. But the gutsy hairdresser is determined to live her "new life" authentically, even as she is drawn into the investigation of her brutally murdered friend. The Chicago police have all but said they're not interested in the death of a "tranny" and the media has failed to report it. As she follows a trail ofevidence through the shadowy underground of the Windy City, Bobbi is led to John Strand, a seductive powerbroker. Coming face-to-face with the number one suspect can only lead to one thing ... murder. But who will it be?.
Crema Cioccolato E Pa...prika Movie Italy 1981
1 D 1

* -1812 Male infiltrated into a private hospital disguised as a woman.
Crime Patrol Television India 2003
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 897 “Hate Crime” (31 Oct 2018) Prakash marries Pallavi, unaware of the true identity of the person he has married. Soon after the wedding, Prakash is murdered. During the investigation, the police find out that Pallavi is actually a man named Sanjay. Why did Sanjay pretend to be a woman, and who is behind Prakash's murder?.
Crossing Fingers Movie United States 2018
1 D

* -1812 When a transgender prostitute accidentally kills her pimp, the event ricochets into the lives of everyone she knows. As the target of revenge narrows they all must navigate the volatility of love, loss and treachery.
Daku Aur Mahatma Movie India 1977
1 D 1

* -1812 AKA Daaku Aur Mahatma. Four men capture a group of hijras. One of the men disguises as a female dancer to distract the people of the village and allow other men to steal arms.
Dakshayagnam Movie India 1962
1 D 1

* -1812 Two men disguised as women.
Determined Literature Germany 2015 Nolan Bealevon 1 D

* -1812 Prince Liam of Broskoe will no longer bow to his mother’s outrageous orders. Because of his speech impairment, the result of a childhood illness, most people— including the queen— believe him to be a half-wit. Neglected in his upbringing, Liam has learned to take what he wants, by whatever means necessary, be it a lover, an education, or secret training as a spy. Forced into hiding, he flees to neighboring Doros and gets work in the kitchen of the castle keep and begins a new life disguised as a mute kitchen maid Lynne.
Dhadkela Tohare Naame Karejwa Movie India 2016
1 D 2

* -1812 Male disguised as a woman to trick a male and sneak into a house to see his girlfriend.
DIE Comic United States 2018 Image Comics 1 T

* -1812 #1 (12/2018) The lead male protagonist character creates a female character for the game and when they appear in the game world at the end, he is now female.
Dil Tera Deewana Movie India 1962
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a woman. Brief.
Double Decker! Doug & Kirill Animation Japan 2018 Sunrise 1 D 2 P
* -1812 Valery Vrubel is Kirill's older brother who works at Derick's bar. For most of Kirill's life, Valery crossdressed and posed as his sister under the name "Milla," his secret only being exposed when Kirill stumbles upon him in the men's restroom of Derick's bar. Introduced in Episode 6. Episode 8: Max’s transgender friend Connor, who came out at their high school prom and was shunned by their schoolmates, turning to drugs and disappearing after being denied entry. Episode 10: Kiril dress up as a bride to Gus whose father is in the hospital with a terminal disease and want to see his son married.
Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Television Japan 2016
1 D

* -1812 40th entry in Super Sentai series. Episode 36 “The Prince of Halloween” Leo is wearing a frilly short-skirted maid costume in a Halloween’s party.
Dunno Y 2... Life Is A Moment Movie India 2015
1 D 1

* -1812 In a party, a male is disguised as a woman. Brief.
EastEnders: E20 Television Great Britain 2010
1 D

* -1812 Episode 2x09 “Episode 9” (2010) Stevie ignores Olly's calls and checks the flat for safety violations. Her landlady, Roxy, arrives and Stevie asks to stay as she has the deposit, and tells Roxy she will contact the council about the violations, so Roxy agrees to let her stay. She asks Olly to come to the flat, and she ties him naked to a chair. She then humiliates him by giving him just a dress to leave in.
Ek Laila Teen Chhaila Movie India 2014
1 D 2

* -1812 Male disguised as a female teacher.
Emo Gurram Egaravachu Movie India 2014
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a female dancer.
Engañame! ...Si Quieres Movie Mexico 1998
1 D 1

* -1812 Miguel disguises as a woman, Laisa.
Endless Night Literature United States 1993 Laymon Richard 1 D

* -1812 Simon spends a lot of the novel disguised as a woman.
Frances Stein Movie United States 2015
1 T

* -1812 Frances Stein is a brilliant scientist gone mad for all the right reasons -- she's lost her marriage, her job, and her reputation. Now she has plans for her ex-husband and his new wife that will mess with their minds. Literally. There is a gender bodyswap at the end.
Free Ride Movie United States 1986
1 D 1

* -1812 Boy disguised as a girl to sneak into a party.
Funny Boy Literature Canada 1994 Selvadurai Shyam 1 D

* -1812 In the world of his large family, affluent Tamils living in Colombo, Arjie is an oddity, a 'funny boy' who prefers dressing as a girl to playing cricket with his brother.
Futbol De Alcoba Movie Mexico 1988
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a female footballer. Brief.
Giniro No Genders Comic Japan 2018 Tomono Hiro 1 D

* -1812 Three months after starting college, Gin Fujigaya is still having trouble meeting new people and fitting in. As an escape, Gin indulges in secretly crossdressing and posting selfies of himself in drag online, which has garnered him a large following. This leads him to going outside dressed as a girl for the first time, and he soon discovers that the way people interact with him like this is vastly different than what he's used to. Over time, Gin's fondness for crossdressing and looking cute allows him to meet others who are harboring their own secrets.
Gopal Bhar Television India 2017
1 D

* -1812 Episode 225 (20 Jul 2018) Ram Rachan and his men set out to find out Gopal. Meanwhile, Gopal reaches Kirti’s palace disguised as a woman.
Grimm Tales Of Terror Comic United States 2018 Zenescope Entertainment 1 T 2

* -1812 Vol 4 #8 (10/2018) While investigating the urban legend of a video making people sick, reporter Astrid Lee uncovers something more sinister. She stumbles on a scheme where rich old people are body swapped to young people for a price. At the end her body is stolen by an old man who works for the company.
Hang Time Television United States 1995
1 D 2

* -1812 Episode 3x25 “The Curfew” (1997) Coach Fuller sets a curfew for the team before the big game. However, Teddy meets a girl and is invited to her sorority's party. He goes to the party with the idea that he'll only stay for a little while and get back in time for Coach Fuller's head count at curfew. But when the gang notice that he's not back yet, Julie, Michael, and Vince go to the party to get Teddy. After Coach Fuller shows up at the sorority looking for them, all four of them dress up like members of the opposite sex and sneak out.
Heart Of A Forest Literature United States 2006 Sparrow Angelia / Brooks Naomi 1 D

* -1812 Heart of a Forest Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks In 1199 King Richard the Lion-Hearted lay dying in France. He commanded his lover, Sir David of Doncaster, to protect his small son by any means necessary. Marion FitzRoy, princess of the blood on the wrong side of the blankets, now lives a constrained life in Nottingham Castle, dreaming of her childhood betrothed, the son of the Earl of Locksley. As the Barons' War rages around her uncle King John, her dispossessed fianc -now called Robin Hood- and his merry irregulars make life miserable for Phillip, the sheriff of Nottingham. And fires Marion's blood. Robin, for his part, is about to learn the secret that Marion guards with her life. Thwarting Phillip's gambits for Marion's hand, a doubled price on his head, even shooting for an arrow of pure gold, all pale next to the pleasures to be had under Marion's skirts, deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest. But Marion is no normal woman, no normal princess. In fact, she isn't a woman at all.
Hikayat Ali Baba Television Indonesia 2012
1 T 1

* -1812 Episode 11: Ali Baba transforms himself into a girl to sneak into a palace.
Hoppy The Marvel Bunny Comic United States 1945
1 D

* -1812 #8 (02/1947) Story “ The Great Impersonation” Captain Marvel Bunny’s plan to stop an imposter actor required him to dress up like a sexy lady bunny and flirt a little till the police arrive. #15 (09/1947) Story “ Hoppy and the Invisible-Crook” Captain Marvel Bunny disguised as a female to act as a bait for a crook.
Hugtto! PreCure Animation Japan 2018 Toei Animation 1 D 1 P
* -1812 It is the fifteenth incarnation in Pretty Cure franchise. Henri is shown to have a preference for wearing feminine dresses, despite being mocked by others for this choice. Episode 8: Henri in a dress. Episode 19: Henri in a dress. Episode 33: Henri in a dress. Episode 42: Heri transform into magical girl Cure Infini.
HUMINT Comic Japan 2017 Matsuri 1 D 2 P
* -1812 Female operative of a security agency is a crossdressing male.
I Am Not A Goddess Comic China 2018 Man You Zhai 1 T

* -1812 The ancient civilization fell and was sealed away, Humans found a mysterious stone tablet and a man that slept for eternities, through researches, they released the 100% virtual world, the federation governments expand across the globe, millions of people immersed within. while the Main Protagonist was entering the virtual world, his gender changed and became a woman, starting a series of bone-chilling adventures. Reality is entangled within Virtual reality, moving the world towards an unknown direction...…
I Shall Become The Queen Comic China 2018 Yin Bing Chuan 1 T

* -1812 He just finished his University, yet he traveled back to highschool! He was a guy, but suddenly transformed into a girl! But this body... This face... It's pretty nice~ I was always targetted by bullies during highschool, but now, freshman year won't be like it used to. God gave me another chance, and I've decided to stop being good! I shall change history and conquer the highschool! I will become the queen!!!.
Il Camionista Comic Italy 1981 Edifumetto 1 D 1
X * -1812 Mature. #58 (12/1985) “Va di Moda il Travestito” Two truck drivers have a sexual encounter with a transvestite prostitute.
Jaan Tere Naam Movie India 2012
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a female dancer. Later disguised as a woman to trick two men and get access to a house to see his girlfriend.
Jagaaaaaan Comic Japan 2017 Nishida Kensuke 1 T 2

* -1812 Chap 54-56: A male, Yadori, has the ability to "eat" people and become them. He does this inadvertently to a 21 year old woman and becomes her, Airi-chan. Chap 60-61: The story of Yadori as Airi-chan continues, as he tries to adapt to his new life as a young and cute female.
Johar-Mehmood In Goa Movie India 1965
1 D 1

* -1812 Two men disguised as female dancers to try to kill the governor.
Johar Mehmood In Hong Kong Movie India 1971 HF 1 D

* -1812 Trickster Ramesh has been operating for some time. He pretends to be a wealthy prince looking for an older wife. Preferably this should be a widow who has inherited a fortune from her husband. Mahesh decides to play him at his own game, and when he learns that he will be reviewing possible brides in another town, Mahesh goes there and poses as a wealthy widow and is immediately selected as the next "bride". Mahesh has brought some fake priests with him, so the wedding can take place immediately; and soon after Mahesh gives the man a drugged drink; when he comes to, Mahesh has left with all his jewellery and other valuables. In another trick in a jewellery shop, Ramesh, posing as a wealthy Arab sheik, has brought his four wives, obviously men dressed as women, with him, and they want every piece of jewellery in the shop. The crooked jeweller is overjoyed, but he is induced to smoke one of the sheik's cigarettes, and this makes him unconscious,. When he comes to, the sheik and his wives and all of his stock have disappeared. Later Ramesh and Mahesh need to go to Hong Kong for their work. But they have no passports; how to get on the plane? Well, when an invalid is wheeled in by a nurse, the solution is obvious, and soon they emerge with Mehmood as the nurse and Ramesh as the invalid.
Jun To Kaoru Comic Japan 2018
1 T 1

* -1812 Jun and Kaoru are next-door neighbors and childhood friends with an incredible secret: at midnight, their bodies change sexes. This is their story of casually supporting each other and having as normal lives as possible.
Jwala Mandi Movie India 2014
1 D 1

* -1812 Transvestite boss of a criminal gang.
Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki Television India 2008
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 36: Two men disguised as women.
Kalam Marindi Movie India 1972
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a woman.
Kaleerein Television India 2018
1 D 2

* -1812 Episode 160 (25 Sept 2018) Male disguised as a nurse.
Ke Uss Paar Television India 2016
1 D

* -1812 Episodes 122-123 (21-22 Feb 2017) Male disguised as a woman.
Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam Television India 2014
1 B 2

* -1812 Episode 94 (7 August 2014) Gowthamkrishna dressed as a 'tantric' and performed various black magic tricks on Rohini. One such trick involved sending Rohini's spirit into a bottle. But Gowthamkrishna's trick reversed and hence he himself changed into a spirit. Rohini's spirit went into Gowthamkrishna's body and Gowthamkrishna's spirit went into Rohini's body, hence Gowthamkrishna's voice changed into Rohini's voice and Rohini's voice changed to Gowthankrishna's voice. Niraja, Mohan and Revathi gets shocked hearing their voices. Episode 95 (8 August 2014) Gowthamkrishna asked Rohini not to reveal the matter about their spirits being interchanged to his family members. Mohan, Niraja and Revathi got doubts on Gowthamkrishna since he was behaving like Rohini. Revathi got doubts on Rohini's behaviour after seeing her acting like Gowthamkrishna since his spirit was present in Rohini's body. Episode 96 (11 August 2014) Revathi doubted Gowthamkrishna's behavior since he used to share coffee with her regularly and didn't share coffee with her now. Rohini asked Mohan to give his dress to wear since Gowthamkrishna's spirit is in her body. Gowthamkrishna wore Revathi's dress since Rohini's spirit is in his body. Revathi seeing Gowthamkrishna in her dress gets shocked. Revathi started thinking about Gowthamkrishna's behavior. Episode 97 (12 August 214) Revathi doubted Gowthamkrishna's behaviour and decided to discuss with Mohan, Niraja and Srinu about his behaviour. Niraja tested Gowthamkrishna whether he was acting like a lady or not and Mohan and Niraja finalised that Gowthamkrishna is suffering with a disease. Niraja and Mohan decided to conduct marriage for Gowthamkrishna with Rohini. Episode 98 (13 August 2014) Mohan and Niraja told Rohini that they will conduct marriage for her with Gowthamkrishna, hearing this Rohini rejected their decision and also disagreed to marry Gowthamkrishna. Suddenly Gowthamkrishna talked in Rohini's voice since Rohini's spirit is in his body. Srinu and Revathi get shocked hearing his voice changed. Revathi and Srinu doubted Gowthamkrishna's behaviour and Rohini's behaviour. Episode 99 (14 August 2014) Rohini gets shocked seeing Gowthamkrishna dressed up as a lady. Rohini told her decision to Gowthamkrishna that she will marry him. Gowthamkrishna challenged Rohini that he will take the locket from her. Gowthamkrishna decided to take the locket from Rohini by making her consume alcohol. Srinu and Revathi discussed about Gowthamkrishna's changed behaviour and also thought about a plan to find out the truth. Episode 100 (15 August 2014) Srinu and Revathi decided to kidnap Gowthamkrishna to know the truth behind a well maintained secret. Gowthamkrishna ploted a trick on Rohini by giving alcohol to her so that he can take the locket from her and transfer the spirit from her body to his own body. Episode 101: Karroda consumed alcohol and also gave alcohol party to Gowthamkrishna and Srinu. Seeing Srinu trying to plot a trick, Gowthamkrishna hypnotised Srinu and tried to find out what tricks he is plotting against him. Srinu told him that he was going to kidnap him and beat him. Using this hypnotising as his weapon, Gowthamkrishna makes Srinu kidnap Karroda instead of him. Gowthamkrishna felt happy as his trick had succeeded. Episode 102 (19 August 214) Rohini felt upset as her plan to kidnap Gowthamkrishna had proved futile. Gowthamkrishna asked his mother to conduct marriage for him with Rohini, hearing this she gets shocked since Gowthamkrishna was behaving differently. Gowthamkrishna threatens Mohan and Niraja and asks them to conduct his marriage with Rohini. Episode 103 (20 August 2014) Rohini disagreed to marry Gowthamkrishna, hearing this Rohini's parents beat her. Gowthamkrishna's family members started the arrangements for his engagement at their home. Revathi felt upset and weeped as Gowthamkrishna was getting engaged to Rohini although it was she who loved Gowthamkrishna. Rohini cancelled the engagement since Gowthamkrishna's spirit was in Rohini's body. Episode 104 (21 August 2014) Rohini cancelled her engagement with Gowthamkrishna and ran out of her home. Suddenly goons tried to misbehave with her on the road, just then Gowthamkrishna arrived there and saved her. Gowthamkrishna took his locket back from Rohini and after that their original spirits returned back to their original bodies. Episode 130 (26 September 2014) Gowthamkrishna ordered Revathi and Rohini to dance in front of him since he was acting as a king. Mohan danced on a special song disguised as a lady. Episode 277-279 (April 2015) Male dsguised as a woman.
Konte Kodallu Movie India 1983
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a woman.
Koottu Movie India 2004
1 D 1

* -1812 Aravind disguises as a female student and win a bet with his friend when male student try to flirt with him.
Kungumam Movie India 1963
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a woman to escape from police.
Kunoichi no Ichi! No Ni Comic Japan 2018 Kanazawa Shinnosuke 1 B

* -1812 Sequel to “Kunoichi no Ichi”. Chap 3: Ichi disguised as a girl. Chap 32-37: Ichi has been changed into a girl by ninja magic.
Kya Hadsaa Kya Haqeeqat Television India 2002
1 T 1

* -1812 Episode 159: Male ghost possesses a woman.
L'Aigle Des Mers Comic France 2018 Riboldi Enea 1 D 1

* -1812 T1 “Atlantique 1916” German sailor disguised as a woman to trick the english.
La Casa De Las Flores Television Mexico 2018
1 D

* -1812 Jose Maria Riquelme (Maria Jose Riquelme) is a lawyer and a transwoman.
La Professionista Comic Italy 1983 Edifumetto 1 D 1
X * -1812 Mature. #29 Suppl. (1985) “Più troia di così...” Female reporter is tricked by a transvestite.
Laddu Babu Movie India 2014
1 D 1

* -1812 Male has a dream where he is disguised as a woman.
Ladies Doctor Movie India 1996
1 D 1

* -1812 Doctor disguises as a woma to attend a woman that don’t want to be attended by a male doctor.
Lady Justice And The Lost Tapes Literature United States 2010 Thornhill Robert 1 D

* -1812 Book 2 in the “Lady Justice” series. Most men retire and take it easy at age sixty-six-but not Walter Williams! He's busy fighting crime and giving Lady Justice a helping hand. In Lady Justice and the Lost Tapes, Walt and his band of scrappy seniors continue their battle against the forces of evil. When an entire eastside Kansas City neighborhood is terrorized by the mob, Walt has to go undercover to help solve the case, but he certainly doesn't want to! Why? Well, the clues they need can only be found at a gay club and a transvestite bar.
Lajwanti Television India 2015
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 94 (4 Feb 2016) Male disguised as a woman.
Law And Order Television United States 1990
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 4x01 “Sweeps” (1993) Transvestite in a talk show. Episode 14x17 “Hands Free” (2004) When McCoy fails to win a murder conviction against an eccentric crossdressing millionaire for the death of his neighbor, he redoubles the effort to convict the man for murdering his second wife years earlier by demonstrating that he murdered a witness to the crime.
Le Jour De Gloire Movie France 1976
1 D 1

* -1812 WWII comedy. Two french peasants disguised as women to escape from germans.
Le Petit Spirou Comic Belgium 1990 Janry 1 D 3

* -1812 Childish adventures of Spirou and his friend. T2, T4, T5, T7, T11, T15: Sometimes female disguises are used. T4: Aunt of Spirou came for a visit and Spirou discover that his aunt is a male.
Le Retour d'Arsene Lupin Television France 1989
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 1x10 “La Sorcière aux deux visages” (1990) Male diguised as a woman, brief.
Le Veteran Comic France 2017
1 D 1

* -1812 T2 “Le Veteran 2/2” (2017) Spy disguised as an old woman. Brief.
Legend Of Fragrance Television China 2015
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 1: Male disguised as a woman. Episode 5: Male disguised as a woman.
Les tribulations D'Alphonse Madiba Dit Daudet Comic France 2010 L'Harmattan 1 D 1

* -1812 T2 “Le retour en France d'Alphonse Madiba dit Daudet” Alphonse pass himself as a woman to get a french boyfriend, marry him and get into france, but is quickly discovered.
Love In Tokyo Movie India 1966
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a geisha to escape from pursuit. Brief.
Lucifer Television United States 2016
1 B 2

* -1812 Episode 3x16 “Infernal Guinea Pig” (2018) To help Pierce break his curse, Lucifer proposes resurrecting Abel, who he reveals has been trapped in Hell since his murder. However, the plan goes awry when Abel is revived in the body of Bree Garland, the assistant to B movie producer Alexa Lee, whose office was recently blown up by a bomb. Based on information provided by Maze, Lucifer and Pierce track Bree to a pool party, where she is blissfully unaware of her situation until Amenadiel arrives and tries to persuade her to commit suicide by claiming she's still in Hell. Chloe's investigation uncovers links between Alexa's film studio and a Bolivian drug cartel, and she realizes that Bree, who had been aware of her employer's crimes, was trying to expose her. Chloe takes Bree and Lucifer to Alexa's office for evidence, where they narrowly manage to defuse another bomb planted by the cartel. Using a recovered fingerprint, Chloe has Alexa arrested for money laundering. Bree, having somewhat reconciled with her brother, asks for some space to figure herself out. Lucifer, concerned about Chloe's safety, informs Pierce that he is ending their partnership when Bree is run over by an ambulance. Episode 3x17 “Let Pinhead Sing!” (2018) One of the suspect is a female impersonator.
Maaman Magal Movie India 1995
1 D 1

* -1812 Two men disguised as women to trick a woman.
Madame Mills, Une Voisine Si Parfaite Movie France 2018
1 D

* -1812 A workaholic obsessed with books has a new neighbor: a crook dressed up as an eccentric American woman.
Mahakali - Anth Hi Aarambh Hai Television India 2017
1 T 1

* -1812 Episode 1x79 (27 May 2018) Wrapped in revenge, Adi plans to disrupt Mahadev's Patnivrat and create a rift between Parvati and Mahadev. Taking advantage of Parvati's absence, he takes her form and deceives her family members. But Adi's plans end abruptly when he comes face-to-face with Parvati. Can Mahadev see through Adi's disguise?
Mantra 2 Movie India 2013
1 T 1

* -1812 Mantra is a young woman being followed by a stalker. When a policeman fighting her stalker is defeated, She is possessed by a ghost to fight him.
Mantradandam Movie India 1985
1 T 1

* -1812 Mage make a prince to see a male as a woman and fall for “her”. Brief.
Manuscrit Trouve a Saragosse Literature France 1804 Potockie Jean 1 D

* -1812 Collection of stories started around 1794 and finished around 1815. There is an episode in which the hero disguises himself as a woman, he ends up as a nobleman's wife.
Mar Jawan Gur Khake Movie India 2010
1 D 1

* -1812 Bride revealed to be a male in disguise to protect the real bride.
Marshal Bass Comic France 2017 Kordey Igor 1 D 1

* -1812 T2 “Meurtres en famille” Young male captured and forced into a dress for humillation. Brief.
Meri Hanikarak Biwi Television India 2017
1 D

* -1812 Episode 186-188 (21-23 Aug 2018) Male disguised as a woman. Episode 221-222 (11-12 Oct 2018) Male disguised as a woman. Episode 237 (2 Nov 2018) Male disguised as a woman.
Mermaid Junction Comic Japan 1987 Yui Toshiki 1 D

X * -1812 Mature. Short Stories. Some stories has transvestites.
Minami-ke Comic Japan 2004 Sakuraba Coharu 1 D 3 P
* -1812 Character Makoto: Chiaki's classmate. He is nicknamed "Idiotic child" which his classmates believe is more of an impression of him than a nickname. He has a crush on Haruka, and goes as far as crossdressing (first forced upon him by Kana) to avoid detection from Chiaki, who became jealous and angry with him after he helped Haruka cook dinner, in order to see her at the Minami residence. When he crossdresses, he is referred to as "Mako-chan". Only Uchida, Kana, and Touma knows of his crossdressing habit. Vol 2 Chap 29: The three Minami sisters play dress up with Makoto. Makoto crossdresses again in Vol 3 Chap 41, 43, 48; Vol 4 Chap 62-63; Vol 5 Chap 87, 93; Vol 6 Chap 109, 114; Vol 7 Chap 126, 139; Vol 8 Chap 144, 157; Vol 10 Chap 185, 191; Vol 11 Chap 204, 206; Vol 12 Chap 226, 233; Vol 14 Chap 271; Vol 16 Chap 299; Vol 18 Chap 333
Minamoto-kun Monogatari Comic Japan 2011 Inaba Minori 1 D 3 P
* -1812 Vol 3: Minamoto is first forced to dress up as a girl, later he end crossdressing to seduce a girl. Vol 7: Minamoto is tricked into crossdressing in a yukata for job for a open campus day in the university. Vol 8: Minamoto is forced to enter a beauty pageant as a girl. Vol 11-12: Minamoto in enrolled in a school as a girl.
Mira's Last Dance Literature United States 2017 McMaster Bujold Lois 1 D

* -1812 Book 4 in the “Penric and Desdemona” series. Penric, a Temple sorcerer and learned divine, tries to guide the betrayed General Arisaydia and his widowed sister Nikys across the last hundred miles of hostile Cedonia to safety in the Duchy of Orbas. The party end seeking refuge in a village brothel where the madam end disguising Penric as a traveling female courtesan. later the commander of the nation’s forces falls for “her”.
Miss Darby's Duenna Literature United States 1999 Cobb South Sheri 1 D

* -1812 Sir Harry Hawthorne thought he was making a marriage of convenience to a childhood friend—until his fiancée captures the fancy of the dashing and dangerous Lord Mannerly. Suddenly Sir Harry’s jealousy is roused to the point that he assumes the identity of his reclusive grandmother in order to keep the all-too-grown-up Miss Olivia Darby under his watchful eye. But the course of true love never did run smooth, and among the obstacles Sir Harry must face are a love-struck younger sister, an elderly widower with an amorous interest in the faux “Lady Hawthorne,” and a rival more ruthless than Sir Harry ever imagined.
Miss Fitna Movie Pakistan 1994
1 D 1

* -1812 Male diguised as a woman to trick and help capture a gang.
Mister Poppy Dan Miss Bobby Movie Indonesia 2012
1 T

* -1812 Made for TV. Remake of Poppy Dan Bobby. Poppy and Bobby are neighbors and their birthday is the same day. But they never got along. Bobby wanted to be a girl and Poppy wanted to be a boy. And when they woke up, their wish came true. Poppy is in the body of Bobby and Bobby is in the body of Poppy.
Moth & Whisper Comic United States 2018 AfterShock Comics 1 D 2

* -1812 Male uses holographic device to become different persons, men and women.
Naukar Ke Aage Chakar Television Pakistan 1982
1 D

* -1812 Episode 8: Male disguised as a woman. Episode 10: Male disguised as a woman.
Navvule Navvulu Movie India 2007
1 D 1

* -1812 Woman helps a male to disguise as a woman to join her in a female guest house.
No Doubt In Us Comic Korea 2016 Young Dream 1 T

* -1812 His Majesty comes close so handsome that flushed queen pushes him reflexively and falls with him together into the pool. Then they swap their bodies. The way to swap back is unknown. The most important thing is that the emperor is quite angry now!! Before every comes to normal, emperor has to deal with his mean imperial concubines that he never knows and the queen has to mediate between those ministeries...
No Paisa, No Problem Movie Pakistan 2000
1 D 2 P
* -1812 Humayun Saeed dressing in drag to impersonate a female prostitute and swindling “her” clients, in order to raise cash for his desperate family. Events lead him to meeting Fakhr-e-Alam, an unhappy alcoholic mysogynist, desperate to marry in order to please his rich grandfather, whose sole aim in life is to have greatgrandchildren. Humayun agrees to pose as Fakhr’s wife for handsome financial rewards, he takes to this role with great gusto, even going so far as to fake a pregnancy. However, no one had counted on Fakhr’s evil uncle who’s hopes are also set on the grandfather’s money and who will stop at nothing to prevent the birth of an heir to this much sort after fortune.
Nuvvu Vasthavani Movie India 2000
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a woman. Brief.
Nv Te Gong De Mi Mi Wu Qi Movie China 2017
1 D 2 P
* -1812 AKA The Secret Weapon of a Secret Agent. Policeman disguised as a woman to enter in a beauty pageant.
Okyu No Trinity Comic Japan 2017 Amaichi Esora 1 D 2 P
* -1812 Vol 1 Chap 5-6: Luka crossdressing to infilrate a women’s only party.
Onde Nascem Os Fortes Television Brazil 2018
1 D

* -1812 Ramirinho is the son of a judge, with a double life as the transvestite Shakira do Sertão in a nighclub in the city.
Onee Danshi, Hajimemasu. Comic Japan 2017 Ike Junko 1 D 2

* -1812 Regular high school boy Toru Takahashi is in love with high school girl Yuri Otogane, but she’s not really into guys. Toru decides to win Yuri’s heart by embracing his feminine side so he enlists the help of one of his “girly” friends, Toranosuke Sagara, to help develop his sense of beauty… Two other boys join him. Vol 1 Step 17-19: The tree boys are introduced to crossdressing as part of their training.
Only Kiss Without Love Television China 2018
1 T

* -1812 Tong Tong is a female reporter from a family in which each family member would transform into the opposite gender every time they kiss human or animal until the day when they find their true love. Her brother has the same problem, so when he kiss he transforms into a female. Appareances in episodes 3, 5, 12, 18 and 20.
Only The Cat Knows Literature United States 2007 Babson Marian 1 D

* -1812 Vanessa has been rushed to hospital, having been found unconscious at the foot of the stairs. Was it an accident or something else?. Now, smiling weakly, suffering from a head injury that has left her with complete amnesia about the fall, the events leading up to it, and even the people closest to her, here she is, back in their midst. Or is she?. In fact, the real Vanessa is still in a coma and her devoted twin brother Vance, superbly disguised as a woman, has taken her place! At the home of the reclusive millionaire who maintained Vanessa, Vance joins the self-absorbed retinue, determined to discover whether one of them had attempted to kill his sister. There is an unsavory roué who claims to be Vanessa's lover and assorted women who declare themselves her best friends. Others keep silent but seem to be waiting for Vance to put a foot wrong. Actually, Vance can handle all those. Only one thing really worries him: Gloriana, Vanessa's beautiful Angora cat who regards her "mistress" with a dark suspicion. If the cat can't be won over, then the whole deadly charade will fall apart.
Paanch Qaidi Movie India 1981
1 D 1

* -1812 Two men disguised as female dancers to sneak into a palace.
Papa Pandu Television India 2018
1 D 2

* -1812 Episode 22 (31 July 2018) Two males disguised as women. Episode 65 (28 sep 2018) Male disguised as a woman.
Pega Pega Television Brazil 2017
1 D

* -1812 Rubia is a transvestite.
Poppy Dan Bobby Movie Indonesia 2007
1 T

* -1812 Made for TV. Bobby and Poppy are two preadolescent neighbors who do not get along. On the day on their birthday, both wish to be of the opposite gender; Bobby wants to be a girl and Poppy a boy, a desire that thanks to a mysterious magical effect becomes reality and they exchange their bodies. Both will discover the vicissitudes of belonging to the opposite gender and will soon wish to return to normality.
Pottu Amman Movie India 2000
1 T 1

* -1812 Durga dies and the magician Sishya get into her body just before the lighting of the funeral pyre.
Punnaga Television India 2017
1 T 1

* -1812 Episode 83 (10 May 2017) Evil male deity takes the form of a woman to trick Punnaga. Brief. Episode 273 (24 Jan 2018) Evil male deity takes the form of a woman.
Quei Due Della Luce Rossa Comic Italy 1982
1 D

X * -1812 #21 (1984) “Unica al Mondo” Woman is a pre-op transsexual.
Radha Krishn Television India 2018
1 D

* -1812 Episode 25-26 (29-30 Oct 2018) Male disguised as a woman.
Rajakanya Television India 2013
1 D 1

* -1812 Episodes dated between 9 and 21 October 2014: Male disguised as a woman.
Raptor Literature United States 1993 Jennings Gary 1 D

* -1812 Set in the fifth century A.D., Thorn is a hermaphrodite who, depending on circumstances, will disguise as either male or female to survive.
Raven's Home Television United States 2017
1 T 1

* -1812 Episode 2x16 “Switch or Treat” (2018) Booker and Raven's psychic powers cause them to switch bodies on Halloween; when their Aunt Maureen comes to warn them, she inadvertently switches bodies with Nia's crush, Miles.
Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Daisanshou - Truth Of Zero Comic Japan 2015 Matsude Daichi 1 D 1

* -1812 Ferris, despite having a feminine and cat-like appearance, is a male.
Rest House Movie India 1969
1 D 1

* -1812 Some men diguised as women to pay a visit to a female rest house.
Sajan Re Phir Jhooth Mat Bolo Television India 2017
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 199 (28 Feb 2018) Jay is determined to tell the truth to Jaya. But, when he confesses it all, it turns out that he confessed to Deepak, who was disguised as Jaya. Episode 328-340 (29 Aug 2018 – 14 Sep 2018) Deepak disguises as a woman.
Sarah Literature United States 1999 JT LeRoy 1 D

* -1812 Cherry Vanilla, twelve years old with a penchant for short leather skirts and make-up, has one dream: to become the most famous lot lizard, or truck stop whore, in the business. With his blond curls and his naked ambition he is determined to be more woman than most, and to match his idol, rival, and mother, Sarah. Adopting her name and sex, he heads off into the dangerous and fantastic worlds pocketed away in the West Virginian wilds. On his journey for fame he meets with sinister pimps, luck-restoring Jack-a-lopes, superstitious prostitutes who take him for a saint, and a host of bizarre and beautiful outcasts that make up his unusual, heartbreaking world.
Sasaki To Miyano Comic Japan 2016 Harusono Syou 1 D 1

* -1812 Vol 4 Chap 23: Boys dressing for a crossdressing contest in a school festival.
Savdhaan India - India Fights Back Television India 2012
1 D

* -1812 Episode 289 “Fraudulent Matchmakers” ricked into marrying a man disguised as a girl, Ghanshyam fights against matchmakers Suman and BB. Will he succeed in getting them penalised?. Episode 1182 “My wife is a man!” Karan falls in love with Deepak and tricks him into marrying him, disguising as a woman. Deepak is shocked learning the truth about Karan, but hides the same from his mother. Karan causes Deepak's arrest on false charges and kills his mother when she finds out the truth. Episode 1601 “Love of a Transgender” Param saves Vinay's life by taking him to a hospital at the right time. Vinay falls in love with Param. However, his parents oppose their relationship as Param is a transgender woman. Next, Param is found dead!. Episode 2192 “A Mother's Plight“ Male disguised as a woman.
Sense8 Television United States 2015
1 T

* -1812 Nomi Marks is a trans woman hacktivist and blogger living in San Francisco with her girlfriend Amanita.
Seraphina Literature United States 2012 Hartman Rachel 1 D

* -1812 Book1 in the “Seraphina” series. Male dragon disguised as a woman.
Seven Suspects Literature United States 2017 James Renee 1 T

* -1812 Book 3 in the “Bobbi Logan Crime Novel” series. Bobbi Logan is a successful businesswoman and a celebrated hairdresser. She is a witty, articulate woman who has survived rape, gender transition, a murder investigation, and countless acts of bullying and bigotry to get where she is--and she's made enemies along the way. Now one of them is stalking her. With each passing day, the threats become more brazen, more violent, and more personal. No one knows who here stalker is or why he's after her, but he's getting closer every day. Bobbi is intimidated but she has vowed to never be the victim again. She accumulates a list of six suspects, and with courage and persistence, she hunts them down, one by one--stalking her possible stalkers. But as she confronts those men who may want to do her harm, the number seven keeps haunting her--there must be a seventh suspect. And when she finds him, Bobbi's world implodes.
Shambhavi Television India 2018
1 D

* -1812 Episode 94-103 (10-28 Sep 2018) Shivayya disguised as a woman.
Shaurya - Gatha Abhimanachi Television India 2016
1 D

* -1812 Episode 30 (4 Mar 2017) Male disguised as a woman.
So Little Time Television United States 2001
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 1x05 “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (2001) boy disguised as a girl to sneak into a party.
Sri Krishna Leelalu Television India 2014
1 T 1

* -1812 Episode 41-43 (12-14 Aug 2014) Male deiity transforms into a woman.
Sri Madvirata Parvam Movie India 1979
1 D 1

* -1812 Arjuna recollects a curse of Urvashi, by which he turns into a transgender Brihannala and joins as a dance teacher to Uttara.
SSSS.Gridman Animation Japan 2018
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 8: Utsumi and Yuta disguised as girls for a school festival.
Stalker Vs. Alien Comic Japan 2014 Mizutani Kuro 1 T 1

* -1812 Chap 5: Hinata Taiyo is given an accidental sex-change with a disposable sex-change machine. He will return to being a boy in Chap 10.
Summer Lightning Literature United States 1985 Lee Weyrich Becky 1 D

* -1812 They were playing a game of double masquerade. But their lusty passion could not be denied… He was Captain Damien Clay, a freewheeling, swashbuckling, handsome member of Morgan's Raiders daringly disguised as a woman to help win the war for the Confederates. But underneath the disguise, he was all man. She was Lavinia Rutledge, a voluptuous redheaded beauty who whacked off her long hair with a skinning knife and masqueraded as Private Vinnie Rutledge of Thunderbolt Plantation. But this "young man" was really a hot-blooded woman. So when they found themselves together, it didn't take long for passion to explode and love to strike like Summer Lightning.
Sun Trap Television Great Britain 2015
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 1x04 “Casino” Woody disguised as a female croupier.
Sundaraniki Thondarekkuva Movie India 2006
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a woman.
Surigadu Movie India 1992
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a woman.
Tai Zi Fei Sheng Zhi Ji (Go Princess Go) Television China 2015
1 T 1

* -1812 Zhang Peng is a playboy who hits his head as he falls into a pool when he's trying to run away from an ex-girlfriend. He wakes up to find that he's traveled a thousand years into the past. But, that's not even the biggest problem, he also wakes up as the crown princess of the dynasty - Zhang Peng Peng. Hilarity ensues as Zhang Peng weighs between trying to get back to his time and leveraging his new female identity to seduce all the concubines and women he can.
Tanjou! Comic Japan 1970 Ooshima Yumiko 1 T

* -1812 Contains three stories. Story 3 “Danshi Shikkaku” After surviving a strange accident, a young man starts gradually turning into a woman.
Tao Hua Jie Movie China 2018
1 T 2

* -1812 Set in antien China. Male accidentaly end possessing a woman.
Tara Tarini Television India 2017
1 D 2

* -1812 Episode 336-342 (1-8 Dec 2018) Couple disguised as the other gender, her as a doctor and him as a nurse.
Tenran No Memento Comic Japan 2016 Sayo Ichi 1 D 1

* -1812 Girl is revealed to be a crossdressing boy.
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Animation Japan 2018 8-Bit 1 T 1

* -1812 Episode 9: Master Rimuru get the ability to mimicry the female body of Shizu. Brief.
Tension Nahi Laini Movie India 2013
1 D

* -1812 Bride is revealed to be a male in disguise.
Tere Naam Movie India 2013
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a female dancer.
The Amber Road Literature Great Britain 2013 Sidebottom Harry 1 D 1

* -1812 Book 6 in the “Warrior of Rome” series. Male disguised as a woman to escape from a siege. Brief.
The Big Bang Theory Television United States 2007
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 3x19 “The Wheaton Recurrence” (2010) After they lose a bet, the boys disguise as their favorite super-hero(ine)?. Episode 3x22 “The Staircase Implementation” (2010) Leonard knot another room and a transvestite open the door, and guide him to the right door. Episode 4x11 “The Justice League Recombination” Male disguised as WonderWoman in a party. Brief. Episode 5x21 “The Hawking Excitation” (2012) Howard makes Sheldon walk through the Caltech cafeteria in a French maid costume. Episode 8x10 “The Champagne Reflection” (2014) Sheldon disguised as a colonial dame. Episode 9x09 “The Platonic Permutation” (2015) As an apology for reading her journal without permission, Leonard wears her orange lingerie and dances around for Penny, asking her to post an image of him in the lingerie on her social media as punishment. Episode 12x06 “The Imitation Perturbation” (2018) Rajesh disguises as a female judge for a halloween party.
The Conners Television United States 2018
1 D 2

* -1812 Follow-up to the comedy series Roseanne. Episode 1x03 “There Won't Be Blood” (2018) Mark diguised as Frida Kahlo.
The Consequences Of Love Literature Great Britain 2008 Addonia Sulaiman 1 D

* -1812 Naser is a young African immigrant who works the carwash in downtown Jeddah. As an immigrant, Naser's life is precarious, and yet he has sufficient savings to quit his job and chase a girl full-time for months. She can walk the streets alone to find Naser and drop him notes, but says it's too dangerous for her to bend over and pick up his. Then later, they meet in public places and go off together. And then he starts regularly visiting her house disguised as a woman.
The Flip Side Literature Great Britain 2001 Matthews Andrew 1 D

* -1812 When Robert is assigned the role of Rosalind in a class reading of the play, he is surprised to discover he enjoys dressing as girl.
The Good Place Television United States 2016
1 T 1

* -1812 Episode 3x09 (or 3x10) “Janet(s)” (2018) All of the humans, two men and two women, went into Janets void, and when they got there, they all became duplicates of Janet. To avoid confusion, all the Janets start dressing like the people they really are, and at one point Eleanor-Janet swaps clothes with Jason-Janet to try to trick Chidi-Janet.
The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things Literature United States 2001 JT LeRoy 1 D

* -1812 Mother starts to dress her son in girl's clothing.
The Impressionist Literature Great Britain 2003 Kunzru Hari 1 D

* -1812 Pran Nath, born into luxury but disinherited and cast out onto the streets of Agra, to survive he alternatively shifts from a rich Indian boy to a lower than nothing one, a male slave prostitute disguised as a woman, a servant coupled with a half pimp until he loses completely his identity to become an Oxford student.
The Practice Television United States 1997
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 3x11 “Splip Decisions” (1999) Eugene is stunned when he is called to defend an old friend of his, arrested for prostitution charges, while dressed in women's clothes. Brief.
The Silencer Comic United States 2018 DC Comics 1 T

* -1812 #8-10 (10-12/2018) Honor Guest a.k.a The Silencer is bodyswapped with her brutish male opponent, Quietus.
The Simpsons Animation United States 1989
1 B 2 P
* -1812 Episode 4x19 (78) “The Front” (1993) Grampa dreams of being a woman in a Western setting, being fought over by two male gunfighters. Very brief. Episode 5x02 (83) “Cape Feare” (1993) Grandpa's medication is safely locked up in the Simpson's home and at the end of the episode when the Simpsons return home Grandpa now has a distinctly feminine appearance and agrees to go on a date with Jasper, an old friend. Episode 5x09 (90) “The Last Temptation of Homer” (1993) While trying to think unsexy thoughts, Homer imagines Barney in a bikini, but Barney morphs into a beautiful woman. Very brief. Episode 12x08 (256) “Skinner's Sense of Snow” (2000) A damaged exhaust causes Homer to dream about being a Middle-Eastern king, complete with camels and belly dancers. Once the kids have been rescued, the fumes make Homer hallucinate and in his mind Bart turns into a belly dancing girl and Lisa turns into a camel. Episode 15x01 (314) “Treehouse of Horror XIV” (2003) In the third tale, Lisa uses a watch a few times to change reality around her. One of her clicks changes the Simpson's genders. Marge becomes a man, while Homer becomes a large breasted woman. Bart becomes a blond girl wearing a school uniform. Episode 15x17 (330) “My Big Fat Geek Wedding” (2004) Skinner, dressed up as Catwoman (who he thought was Catman) battles the Comic Book Guy. Episode 16x10 (345) “There is Something About Marrying” (2005) Patty finally comes out of the closet, saying that she is in love and plan marrying with with pro golfer named Veronica. Marge discovers Veronica is actually a man and reveals "Veronica's" secret during the ceremony. "Veronica" explains that as the straight Leslie Robin Swisher, he posed as a woman to get onto the LPGA tour. Episode 17x11 (367) “We're on the road to D'Ohwhere” (2006) Homer feels guilty for leaving Bart at a behavior modification camp and leaving for Vegas. He visualizes Bart as a cocktail waitress. Episode 18x19 (397) “Crook and Ladder” (2007) The Kids Bart and Millhouse mock Homer sleepwalking by sending him into Moes Bar in a dress. Episode 20x01 (421) “Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes” (2008) Hommer disguised as a female magician assistant, brief. Episode 22x11 (475) “Flaming Moe” (2011) Smithers proposes to Moe that they refurbish his bar and make it into a gay bar. Some of the new patrons are disguised as women. Episode 22x12 (476) “Homer the Father” (2011) In the tv program Homer is seeing, an alien transform a man into an alien woman, very brief. Episode 23x19 (505) “A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again” (2012) While on a cruise vacation, Hommer disguises as a hawaiian female dancer. Episode 23x20 (506) “The Spy Who Learned Me” (2012) Hommer imagines superspy Stradivarius Cain as a woman, very brief. Episode 27x08 “'Paths of Glory” (2015) Groundskeeper Willie disguised as a young woman to hep Liza. Episode 28x19 “Caper Chase” Hommer disguised as a female student. Episode 30x07 “(646) “Werking Mum” (2018) Hommer as a drag queen.
The True Adventures Of Nicolo Zen Literature United States 2005 Christopher Nicholas 1 D

* -1812 A young teen is orphaned by a malaria epidemic that strikes his small island near Venice. He is 14, homeless and penniless, but he does have his precious clarinet, which is a little-known, new instrument that he can play with astonishing skill. Feeling that music is his only future, Nicolo disguises himself as a girl in order to be accepted to the orchestra that is run by Master Antonio Vivaldi and whose members are all orphan girls from the Ospedale della Pieta. Quite soon, however, his disguise is penetrated and he finds himself fleeing for his life after stumbling upon corruption at the very heart of the Ospedale.
Tokyo Ghoul: Re Animation Japan 2018 Pierrot 1 D 1 P
* -1812 Episode 3-6: A mission requires the Quinx Squad to go undercover as women in a nightclub. Later Suzuya and Mutsuki go undercover as women to an illegal auction.
Tokyo Ghoul: Re Comic Japan 2014 Ishida Sui 1 D 1 P
* -1812 Chap 13: A mission requires the Quinx Squad to go undercover as women in a nightclub. Chap 16-30: Suzuya and Mutsuki go undercover as women to an illegal auction.
Tor Khatir Movie India 2015
1 D

* -1812 Male disguised as a woman.
Travelers Television Canada 2016
1 T 1

* -1812 Episode 1x08 “Donner” (2016) At least one male traveler end in a female body. Brief. Episode 2x07 “17 Minutes” (2017) Male traveler end in a female body. Episode 2x12 “001” (2017) Traveler 001, Vincent Ingram, transfers himself to Dr. Katrina Perrow’s body. Episode 3x04 “Perrow” (2018) The team learns that Traveler 001 is still alive when the Faction tries to capture him/her.
Tuyul Dan Mbak Yul Reborn Television Indonesia 2016
1 T 1

* -1812 Episode 22 (2016) Two male djinns transfom themselves into girls.
Uchu Sentai Kyuranger Television Japan 2017
1 D

* -1812 41th entry in Super Sentai Series. Episode 14 “Dancing! Space Dragon Palace Castle” Garu crossdressing. Episode 39 “The Great Adventure of Perseus” Lcky, Stinger, Spada and Kotaro are transported into some kind of game world and are dressed in character outfits. Lucky is dressed as a witch,
Uff! Yeh Nadaniyaan Television India 2013
1 D

* -1812 Episode 36 (22 Sep 2014) Male diguised as a woman. Episode 46 (6 Oct 2014) Male disguised as a woman to trick another male.
Vamsam Television India 2013
1 D 1

* -1812 Episode 988-989 (29-30 Sep 2016) Male disguised as a woman. Episode 993 (6 Oct 2016) Male disguised as a woman. Episode 1006 (21 Oct 2016) Male disguised as a woman.
Veera Pratap Movie India 1987
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a maid to sneak into the palace.
Victory 2 Movie India 2018
1 D

* -1812 All Chandru wants in life is to lead a peaceful life with his loving wife. But things just don't fall in place. On the other hand, Munna (that looks a lot like Chandru) and Maams want to make it big in life and decide to rob a house in female disguise. The story takes a turn when Chandru saves Hussain but gets into trouble for doing so. Why is police chasing him? Who is Hussain? Does Munna Have anything to do with it?.
Vighnaharta Ganesh Television India 2017
1 T 2

* -1812 Episode 317-319 (7-9 Nov 2018) When Maha Dev is proposed to hold Maa Parvati's hand in marriage, he claims that Parvati has to go through a series of tests to prove her worth. It's the time when Maha Dev taken the avatar of a woman, and tried to test Maa Parvati. Kantha was the name chosen by Him. As Kantha He instructs Mata Parvati that the only way to reach Maha Dev is by meditation.
Vijaypath Movie India 2014
1 D 2

* -1812 Two men disguised as women.
Vivaha Bhojanambu Movie India 1988
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as woman to sneak into a school, but he is discovered leaving the male bathroom. Brief.
Wansapanataym Television Philippines 2010
1 T 1

* -1812 Episode 77 “Amanda's Da Man” (2012) Young male is transformed into a female. Episode 362 “Louie's Biton: Part 3” (2017) Teenage boy gain the ability to become people by wearing their shoes. He becomes his idol's female assistant. Episode 403 “Ikaw ang ghosto ko: Part 3” (2018) Ghost father take control of the body of his daugher to embrace his son.
World War I History
1 D

* -1812 The Seeadler was a german corsair ship. The captain’s spouse, “Josefeena” was played well-enough by crewman Hugo Schmidt, in drag. British soldier Tommy Keele served his country on the Western Front. Unlike the others, however, he did it dressed as a woman. For the first three years of the war, Tommy was an ordinary lance corporal in the Middlesex Regiment. At the start of 1917, he joined the Ace of Spades concert party as “First Girl”. Under the stage name Dot Keele, he took female parts in theatres behind the lines for the entertainment of sex-starved soldiers. In 1914 Russian peasants captured a German spy, who was disguised as a woman.
Yam Hain Hum Television India 2014
1 D 1

* -1812 Episodes 87-89 (14-16 April 2015) Male disguised as a woman.
Yamato Takeru Movie Japan 1994
1 D 1

* -1812 AKA Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon. Prince Yamato Takeru disguised as a female dancer.
Ye Hai Mohabbatein Television India 2013
1 D

* -1812 Episode 1066-1068 (13-15 Feb 2017) Disguised as a woman, Raman asks Shagun to interview him for the post of the governess. Raman in a woman's disguise impresses Ishita but is shattered when Shagun tells Ishita that she has found a better candidate. Raman decides to secure his job as Pihu's nanny by offering Poonam a job in his company. Later, he scolds Poonam for hurting Pihu
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Television India 2009
1 D 2

* -1812 Episode 2785-2786 (20-21 Nov 2018) A couple, Kartik and Naira, disguises themselves as the other gender as part of a plant to expose Samarth and help her father.
Yoddha Movie India 2014
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a woman. Brief.
You & Me XXX Movie Thailand 2017
1 T

* -1812 A Thai take on the manga and movie "Boku to Kanojo no XXX." Pong meets an aggressive girl named Pik who he gets a crush on. However, Pik likes Book and wishes to play soccer with him. After eating cupcakes made by Pik, she and Pong switch bodies. Pik uses this as a chance to get close to Book as she can finally play soccer with him.
Yuganiki Okka Premikudu Movie India 2012
1 D 1

* -1812 Male disguised as a woman. Brief.
Zombie Land Saga Animation Japan 2018 MAPPA 1 D

* -1812 Lily Hoshikawa, born as a boy named Masao Go, Lily was a prodigious crossdressing child actor before he died from mental shock upon growing facial hair. Later on, Lily was resurrected as a female zombie by Kotaro. Lily has no qualms about her new lifestyle as a zombie, seeing it as a way to continue being a child forever. Revealed in Episode 8.