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Title Class Zone Year Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Transgender Description
49 Television Japan 2013
1 D 1

* 1712 Episode 4-11: The chiken basket idol group are boys disguised as girls.
A Chinese Odyssey – Love Of Eternity Television China 2017
1 T 1

* 1712 Adaptation of the classic "Journey to the West". Episode 23-24 Male transforms himself into a woman.
Almost Perfect Literature United States 2009 Katcher Brian 1 D 4

* 1712 Logan Witherspoon recently discovered that his girlfriend of three years cheated on him. But things start to look up when a new student breezes through the halls of his small-town high school. Sage Hendricks befriends Logan at a time when he no longer trusts or believes in people. Sage has been homeschooled for a number of years and her parents have forbidden her to date anyone, but she won’t tell Logan why. One day, Logan acts on his growing feelings for Sage. Moments later, he wishes he never had. Sage finally discloses her big secret: she’s actually a boy. Enraged, frightened, and feeling betrayed, Logan lashes out at Sage and disowns her. But once Logan comes to terms with what happened, he reaches out to Sage in an attempt to understand her situation. But Logan has no idea how rocky the road back to friendship will be.
America Ammayi Television India 2015
1 D

* 1712 Episode 142-144 (8-11 Jan 2016) Male disguised as a woman.
Anveshitha Television India 1997
1 T 1

* 1712 Episode 66: Male ghost possessing a woman. Brief.
Armiya Tryasoguzki Snova V Boyu Movie Russia 1968
1 D 1

* 1712 kids from “Armiya Tryasoguzki” are fighting “whites” again. One of the kids posses as a businessman's daughter.
Baal Veer Television India 2012
1 T 2

* 1712 Episode 77 (18 Jan 2013) Tauba Tauba becomes Naraz Pari. Episode 368 (13 Feb 2014) Mogambo transforms into a woman to steal a ring. Episode 466 (16 Jun 2014) Boy transformed into a female version of himself in front of the class. Episode 481 (4 Jul 2014) Boy magically disguised as a little princess.
Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot Television India 2017
1 D

* 1712 Episode 35-36: Young male disguised as a woman to get a job as a flight attendant.
Belle Epoque Television Poland 2017
1 D

* 1712 Episode 1x09 (2017) A body of what is assumed to be a prostitute is found in a brothel. Soon it turns out that the deceased was in fact a male judge, who enjoyed crossdressing and had masochistic tendencies.
Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain Television India 2015
1 D

* 1712 Episode 693 (24 Oct 2017) Angoori complains to Manmohan's mother about Manmohan's failure to keep her happy. Later, Manmohan and Angoori meet a counsellor and they are joined by other couples including Anita and Vibhuti. After listening to everyone, the counsellor suggests that the men and the women should take up roles of their partner.
Biancaneve Comic Italy 1972
1 D 2
X * 1712 #7 (second series #5) “Il cuore di re Kurt” The queen has a new lady in waiting that is revealed to be his lover in disguise.
Black Clover Animation Japan 2017 Pierrot 1 T

* 1712 Episode 12: The wizard king is revealed using transformation magic disguising himself as an old lady to walk around in the city to discover new forms of magic.
Black Clover Comic Japan 2015 Tabata Yuuki 1 T

* 1712 Vol 2 Chap 10: The wizard king is revealed using transformation magic disguising himself as an old lady to walk around in the city to discover new forms of magic.
Blazing Dragons Animation Canada 1996
1 D 1 P
* 1712 Episode 1x06 “Knights and Kightresses” When no one joins Pricess Flame's League of Kingtresses, she gets Flicker to dress up as a girl, alias Sir Dolres.
Blood Engines Literature United States 2007 Pratt T. A. 1 T 1

* 1712 Book 1 in the “Marla Mason” series. Marla traveling to San Francisco searching for some powerful magic. She encounters a magician who performed a bodyswap with his young and female apprentice.
Brahmalokam To Yamalokam Via Bhoolokam Movie India 2010
1 T 1

* 1712 Lord Brahma possesses a woman.
Clifton Comic Belgium 1961 Macherot Raymond 1 D 1 P
* 1712 First series T2 “ Clifton à New York” (1962) Two men disguised as women to kidnap an actor.
Coeur Ocean Television France 2006
1 D

* 1712 Episode 1x26 (2006) Alex disguised as a woman in a party. Episode 5x24 (2011) Joseph disguised as a clean lady.
Crying Freeman Animation Japan 1988 Toei Animation 1 D 1 P
* 1712 OAV 2 “Shades of Death Part I - Fusei Kakurei” (1989) Male assassin disguised as a woman to kill Freeman. Brief.
Cylcia = Code Comic Japan 2016 Ohmori Aoi 1 T 1

* 1712 Male gamer is summoned back to the real world in his game avatar, a female.
Dear Prince Television China 2017
1 T 2

* 1712 Episode 3-15: Male spirit possesses a woman body. She is the only that can see him and when they kiss He possesses Her.
De Vlinder En De Storm Literature Netherlands 2013 Lucius Walter 1 D

* 1712 Book 1 in the “Hartland trilogie”. Boy disguised as a girl.
Devudichina Bartha Movie India 1968
1 T 1 P
* 1712 Male god transforms into a woman.
Die Weissen Rosen Movie Germany 1916
1 D

* 1712 Crook disguised as chambermaid
Dil Deke Dekho Television India 2016
1 D 2 P
* 1712 Episode 151-152 (17-18 may 2017) Rahul wanders in his colony in the guise of a girl.
Dio Li Fa E Poi Li Accoppia Movie Italy 1982
1 D 1

* 1712 Near the end a male disguised as a traditional japanese woman.
Dokushin Riman No Midara Na Ryouseikatsu Comic Japan 2015 Madara Mada 1 D 1
X * 1712 Mature. Yaoi. Male student disguised as a schoolgirl in a school festival, later also disguised as a cheerleader.
Dolkara Comic Japan 2017 Hanamura 1 T 1

* 1712 A middle aged man, Ishii Kazuyoshi, an ex-producer of the K-1 (International martial arts association), had just been released from prison after an scandal from fixing fights. He is promptly run over by a truck, but rather than dying he gets up again, at which point is proposed a deal by a talking cat and by what appears to be God. He end in the body of a girl.
Don Juan Literature Great Britain 1819 Lord Byron 1 D

* 1712 Canto V: In Istanbul, our hero is sold as a slave to one of the sultan's eunuchs, who commands him to dress as a woman. He has been spotted by the sultana, Gulbeyaz, who has designs on him. When the sultan arrives he rather fancies "the new-bought virgin".
Doraemon! Animation Japan 1979 Shin-Ei Animation 1 B 1 P
* 1712 Second Series (1979-2005) Episode 34: “Girl like a white lily” (1979) Nobita end dressing as a girl. Episode 242-243 “My name is Mari-chan part I and II” (1980) Doraemon bodyswaps Nobita and a famous idol Mari-chan. Episode 849 “Sustitution rope” (1986) Doraemon uses a magic rope to swap bodies of Nobita and Shizuka. Episode 1691 “Mee Enki” (2002) Nobita have the role of Cinderella in a school play. Other boys playing stepsisters and stepmother roles. Third Series (2005-) Episode 273 “I am Nobiko-chan” (2011) Doraemon transform Nobita into a girl. Episode 383 “Nobita Becomes Shizuka-chan” (2014) Nobita disguises as Shizuka using a bodysuit. Episode 403 “I want to be an Adult” (2015) Doraemon supplies Nobita with a cloth that alters his outward appearance. After briefly turning into a copy of Doraemon, Nobita turns into his teacher, then a young man, then that young man's would be fiance, screwing up the proposal. Episode 430 “I'm Mari-chan” (2016) An idol and actress Mari Marui disappeared in a shooting. She was found by Doraemon in one of the pipes in the Open Lot. Mari was later invited to Nobita's house and explained that she escaped from the mass media due to her mother and her manager force her to do things. She switch places with Nobita using the Substitution Bar. Episode 488 “Masterpiece Theatre Camera” (2017) Nobita transformed into a Juliette for a school play.
Dormitorio Para Señoritas Movie Mexico 1960
1 D 1

* 1712 Male disguised as a woman to enter a female school to know a girl.
Doruota No Bokudesuga Shinken Ni Aidoru Mezashimasu!? Comic Japan 2016 Wacoco Waco 1 D 1
X * 1712 Mature. Yaoi. Boy crossdressing for his lover.
Dragon Thief Literature United States 2015 Swann S. Andrew 1 T

* 1712 Book 2 in the “Dragon Princess” series. All Frank Blackthorne wants is a little vacation from being the princess. The involuntary swap in gender has been bad enough, but being a figurehead for the Royal Court of Lendowyn is becoming downright oppressive. In a fit of drunken self-pity, Frank turns to using a cursed artifact, hoping to become a man again, if only temporarily. The good news is he becomes a man again, a kingdom away from Lendowyn court. The bad news is the man whose body he now occupies belongs to a notorious thief wanted by every kingdom in the known world. A man of ruthless ambition who has left unimaginable destruction in his wake. A man who Frank has inadvertently deposited in the middle of the Lendowyn court in the body of the princess. Now he’s stranded, his only allies a group of outcast teenage girls convinced that he’s the legendary master thief Snake. He must get back to Lendowyn—avoiding the armies of thieves, mercenaries, and assassins after the bounty on his new head.
Dragon Wizard Literature United States 2016 Swann S. Andrew 1 T

* 1712 Book 3 in the “Dragon Princess” series. It has been a year since former thief Frank Blackthorne became Princess of Lendowyn and married a dragon. He's coming to terms with his new life, but during the royal anniversary banquet, an elven prince reads a scroll of evil magic and Frank's world is turned upside-down again. The scroll's spell causes a murderous rampage in a palace full of noble dignitaries, so it's no surprise Frank's visitors are angry. The Elf-King Timoras threatens war but Frank can't do anything about it: because of the same bit of scroll magic, the ex-Dragon Lucille has taken over the princess's body, unaware that Frank is still there, locked in her skull. And worst of all, the fate of everyone may soon rest on the shoulders of the man responsible for the whole mess, someone who should be safely dead…
Drawn Together Animation United States 2004
1 D *

* 1712 Episode 2x03 “Little Orphan Hero” Captain Hero disguised as a girl. Episode 3x03 “Spelling Applebee's” Captain Hero dressing in a wedding dress.
Dreadnought Literature United States 2017 Daniels April 1 T

* 1712 Book 1 in the “Nemesis” series. Until Dreadnought fell out of the sky and died right in front of her, Danny was trying to keep people from finding out she’s transgender. But before he expired, Dreadnought passed his mantle to her, and those secondhand superpowers transformed Danny’s body into what she’s always thought it should be. Now there’s no hiding that she’s a girl. It should be the happiest time of her life, but Danny’s first weeks finally living in a body that fits her are more difficult and complicated than she could have imagined. Between her father’s dangerous obsession with “curing” her girlhood, her best friend suddenly acting like he’s entitled to date her, and her fellow superheroes arguing over her place in their ranks, Danny feels like she’s in over her head. She doesn’t have much time to adjust. Dreadnought’s murderer—a cyborg named Utopia—still haunts the streets of New Port City, threatening destruction. If Danny can’t sort through the confusion of coming out, master her powers, and stop Utopia in time, humanity faces extinction.
Einmal Keine Sorgen Haben Movie Austria 1953
1 D

* 1712 Male disguised as a woman to sneak into a female residence.
El Garañon 2 Movie Mexico 1989
1 D 1

* 1712 Chicho, mutilated from his sexual organ because of being shot for being a womanizer, comes to try his luck in the city. Some assailants leave him naked and the police arrest him. When leaving the prison he meets Gilda, a woman exploited by Toni. Both associate and work in a cabaret, she as a hostess and he disguised as a a waitress. Toni jealously fights with him and sends him to the hospital. There, Chicho finds out that they can transplant the missing organ, and disguised as prostitute he assaults clients along with Gilda to get money to pay the operation.
Epicene Literature Great Britain 1609 Jonson Ben 1 D

* 1712 Rich, grumpy, misogynistic Morose proposes to disinherit his nephew Dauphine by marrying, provided he can find a "silent woman". A spouse called Epicene is found, and turns after marriage into a perfect shrew. Morose pays Dauphine to rid him of the termagant, whereupon his resourceful nephew pulls off the wife's wig and reveals her to be a male in disguise.
Ernesto Movie Italy 1979
1 D 1

* 1712 During a concert, Ernesto meets a 15 year old violin player of classic beauty called Emilio. The two boys start an intense friendship that is troubled by jealousy and possessiveness. Untill Emilio introduces Ernesto to his twin sister Rachele. Emilio and Rachele plays a “disguised as the other twin” with Ernesto.
Foot 2 Rue Animation France 2005
1 D

* 1712 Episode 3x13 “Une fille pas comme les autres” Female player revealed to be male.
Galipettes Comic France 1985 Pertuze Jean-Claude 1 D 1
X * 1712 Mature. T1 “Galipettes” Male dresses in women’s clothes when he has to escape from the husband of his lover.
Golmaal Returns Movie India 2008 HF 1 D

* 1712 Comedy. Gopal and his wife Ekta live with Gopal's sister Esha and his brother-in-law Lucky. When Gopal innocently stays the night on his yacht with Meera, Ekta naturally assumes infidelity. Instead of telling the truth, Gopal tries to fib his way out of it, and more and more layers of unlikely lies get added to justify the situation, as Ekta gets more and more suspicious. Late in the film it is vital for Gopal to intercept Ekta and we know that she is bound to be at a 70%-off sale tomorrow at a big shopping mall. But it's a women-only event so Gopal and his friends must go in drag.
Golmaal: Fun Unlimited Movie India 2006 HF 1 D

* 1712 Comedy. Four young men drop out of university and become small-time con men. When a car race for couples only is going to take place tomorrow, they need to get a car. As it is for couples only, one of them is in drag.
Guru Sishyan Movie India 2010
1 D 1

* 1712 Male disguised as a female dancer.
Hank Zipzer Television Great Britain 2014
1 D 1 P
* 1712 Episode 3x07 “Undercover Hank” (2016) Mr Joy announces to the school that he is to receive a special award in recognition of his work, but at that moment, Mr Love appears, fresh back from his book tour, claiming the prize is actually for him. A tussle ensues. Meanwhile, Hank is wrongly identified as having sprayed graffiti on a wall and is sent home by Joy. He decides his only option is to sneak back into school, disguised as a girl, and to try and find the culprit and clear his name. He has to dodge the unwanted attentions of McKelty, and with Frankie and Ashley's help he manages to unmask the culprit.
Hazir Jawab Birbal Television India 2015
1 D 1

* 1712 Episode 21: Male disguised as a woman.
Horvatovi Television Croatia 2015
1 D

* 1712 Episode 58-59: Young male disguised as the girlfriend of his friend for a party.
Hostess Comic Italy 1983 Edifumetto 1 D 1
X * 1712 #14 “Jena con le ali” (1984) Tippy discover that another air hostess is a transvestite. Anno II #20 “Un travestito d’alto bordo” (09/1984) Tippy find that the man she is interested in, has a relationship with a transsexual woman.
Hum Se Na Takrana Movie India 1990
1 D 1

* 1712 Male disguised as a woman to save a friend from a difficult interview. Brief.
Hungama Movie India 2010
1 D

* 1712 Male disguised as a woman
Ichhapyaari Naagin Television India 2016
1 T 2

* 1712 Episode 58-59 (1-16 dic 2016) Episode 80 (16 jan 2017) Male god transforms into a woman. Episode 98-99 (9-10 Feb 2017) Male god transform into a goddes to cover for Ichha in front of her mother. Episode 110 (27 Feb 2017) Male god transforms into Ichha. Episode 119 (10 Mar 2017) Male god transforms into Ichha. Episode 125 (20 Mar 2017) Male god transforms into Iccha’s mother. Episode 128 (23 Mar 2017) Male god transforms into Ichha. Episode 140 (10 apr 2017) Male god transforms into Ichha. Episode 161 (9 May 2017) Male is transformed randomly into other people, briefly into a woman.
If I Was Your Girl Literature United States 2016 Russo Meredith 1 D

* 1712 Amanda Hardy is the new girl in school. Like anyone else, all she wants is to make friends and fit in. But Amanda is keeping a secret, and she's determined not to get too close to anyone. But when she meets sweet, easygoing Grant, Amanda can't help but start to let him into her life. As they spend more time together, she realizes just how much she is losing by guarding her heart. She finds herself yearning to share with Grant everything about herself, including her past. But Amanda's terrified that once she tells him the truth, he won't be able to see past it. Because the secret that Amanda's been keeping it's that at her old school, she used to be Andrew. Will the truth cost Amanda her new life, and her new love?.
Intim Fejlövés Movie Hungary 2009
1 T

* 1712 Four stories; in fourth girl reveals on wedding night she was born male.
Jaana Na Dil Se Door Television India 2016
1 D 1

* 1712 Episode 314-322: Girl is really a boy in disguise.
Jane The Virgin Television United States 2014
1 D

* 1712 Episode 4x02 “Chapter Sixty-Six” Rogelio dress as a woman and infiltrate the focus group to influence it.
Jia Ru Wo Shi Ni Movie China 2012
1 T 1

* 1712 aka If I Were You. A magic umbrella causes Shan Min (male) and Xiao Ai (female) to switch bodies.
Journey To The West (West Go On) Television China 2000
1 T

* 1712 Episode 5: Male to female transformation. Episode 6: Male to female transformation. Episode 24: Male to female transformation.
Katakoi No Nikki Shoujo Comic Japan 2008 Nakamura Asumiko 1 D

* 1712 Short stories. Fith story “Chichi to Musuko to Buridaikon” Micha, formerly Hamada Mitsuru, is gay, in a loving relationship and living as a transvestite in Tokyo. Having kept this a secret from family what high jinx will follow when Micha's father turns up unannounced?.
Kauda Bole Alice Movie Sri Lanka 2000
1 D 1

* 1712 Remake of “Mrs Doubtfire” Male disguised as a female to be near his children.
Kisaragi-kun Wa Dress Tantei Comic Japan 2017 Hanozono Azuki 1 D

* 1712 Shoujirou takes a job as an assistant to detective Anna. He disguises as a woman during the investigations.
Kumar Vs Kumari Movie India 2005
1 T 1

* 1712 University guy get up one day transformed into a woman.
Kyououji No Ibitsu Na Shuuai - Nyotaika Knight No Totsukitouka Comic Japan 2016 Saotome Mokono 1 B 3 P X * 1712 A knight returned from subjugating the Demonic Beast in a kingdom with four princes. He wished to be married to the royal as his reward. But he got tricked during the party and was given the feminization potion mixed in his drink by one of the princes who crossdressed as a woman. He awake and realize that that he had been tied. He asked the princes the reason. The first prince told him that his wish will be granted as he will be married in to the royal not as a man but as a woman.
L'Amante Tutta Da Scoprire Movie Italy 1981
1 D 1

* 1712 Two men disguised as women.
L'Emigrante Movie Italy 1973
1 D

* 1712 Male disguises as a woman to emigrate to America.
L'Insegnante Balla Con Tutta La Classe Movie Italy 1979
1 D

* 1712 Male disguised as a massage woman.
La Nocturna Television Colombia 2017
1 D

* 1712 Episode 81 (26 sept 2017) Alejo disguised as a woman “Rosaura” to go to a masquerade party. Later, Alejo decides to start living as Rosaura.
La Poliziotta Comic Italy 1979 Edifumetto 1 D 1
X * 1712 Mature. #21 “Colta in Fallo” Woman in precint is reveaed to be a transvestite, brief. #40 “Il Travestito” Killer disguises as a woman to attack a taxi driver and castrate him. #50 “Omosex” There is a transvestite being blackmailed.
La Scopona Comic Italy 1985 Edifumetto 1 D 1
X * 1712 #5 “Se Me La Dai” Female client in a shop revealed to be a transvestite. Brief.
Lando Comic Italy 1973 GEIS 1 D 1 P X * 1712 Mature. #33 One of the women in a nudist camp is revealed to be a male transvestite. #94 “Quando la cacca va, lasciala andare” Two men disguised as women to steal a juke box. Later one male disguised as a prostitute.
Les Trois Grognards Comic France 2016 Salsedo Frederik 1 D 1

* 1712 T2 “Suite autrichienne” (2017) Three french soldiers disguised as women to escape from austrian forces.
Life With Archie Comic United States 1958 Archie Comics 1 D 3 P
* 1712 #15 (07/1962) Story “Disguise the Limit” When Archie is forbidden to go to the big prom, he wear a female disguise to attend, but finally dimisses the idea. #164 (12/1975) Story “The Bird's Lady secret” Bird authority Lady Finchley-Wren is revealed to be a thief in disguise. #185 (09/1977) Story “Smuggler's Cave, Part 2” The sailor forces Archie, Betty, and Jughead at gunpoint up to the tower room. But they get some rope to escape, and climb out a window to a lower floor. They then hear the sailor fawning over a portrait of a lady named Emmaline. After finding a dress in a closet that looks like the one in the picture, they dress Jughead in drag to distract the sailor. Sure enough, the sailor thinks Emmaline has returned! This allows the others to dispose of the shotgun and call the cops. But the police tell them that the sailor is harmless and only "smuggles" stuff like groceries through the cave.
Louis(e) Television France 2017
1 T

* 1712 Seven years after her husband Louis left her, Agnès is shocked to see him move in next door, except now as a woman renamed Louise, who demands to be a part of the family.
Mach, Sebestová A Kouzelné Sluchátko Movie Czech Republic 2001
1 D 1

* 1712 Made for TV. A group of men disguised as women.
Mickey Parade Geant Comic France 1980 Disney Hachette Presse 1 T 3

* 1712 French magazine about disney characters. #324 (11/2011) Story “Les pirates et les canards” Donald and Scrooge McDuck disguised as women to trick the pirates. #340 (06/2014) Story “Les 13 sortileges malefiques” Donald, his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie and Scrooge McDuck transformed into women by Magica De Spell.
Moimi Glazami Television Russia 2013
1 T 1

* 1712 Episode 1x16: Male scientist uses a machine that separates his "spirit" and then he possesses a female scientist.
Mokuyou No Kaidan Final (Time Keepers) Television Japan 1997
1 D 1

* 1712 Episode 5: Male disguised as a woman.
Muteikou Brothers Comic Japan 2015 Misaragi 1 D 1
X * 1712 Mature. Yaoi short stories. Story 3: Student crossdressing as a schoolgirl. Story 4: Student being forced into dressing as a schoolgirl.
My Runway Television Korea 2016
1 T

* 1712 An egotistic top male model and a pretty model wannabe are forced to live each other's lives until they figure out a way to undo their body switch.
Nakanaide Yo Baby Comic Japan 2017 Yamamoto Ataru 1 D 1
X * 1712 Mature. Yaoi. One of the student is a crossdresser.
Never Say Die Movie China 2017
1 T

* 1712 Male MMA fighter and a female sports reporter swap bodies when lightning strikes them in a swimming pool.
On The Razzle Literature Great Britain 1981
1 D

* 1712 Rustic apprentice Christopher and his garrulous companion Weinberl travel to Vienna with a hare-brained idea of going "on the razzle". Hiding from their boss, they end up in Madame Knorr's women's clothes shop, where they must don capacious tartan women's garb and pose as mannequins. More crossdressing follows.
Paul Thiebault History France 1781
1 D

* 1712 Paul Thiebault (1769 to 1846) was a general who fought in Napoleon's army. In his “Mémoires” Thiebault relates how he dressed as a girl for a theatrical play he performed on his mother's birthday, when he was about twelve. He looked so much like a pretty girl in her late teens that his mother could not recognise him... and when he went out for a walk with this attire, he was followed around by enamoured gendarmes.
Princess Holy Aura Literature United States 2017
1 T

* 1712 Stephen Russ is a normal 20-something adult male, who in order to utilize the power of the defenders of the world against the evil, needs to turn into a 15-year-old girl, Princess Holy Aura. In order to maintain the masquerade, he starts needing to use that form in everyday life, too.
Professione Vacanze Television Italy 1987
1 D 2 P
* 1712 Episode 3 “Un complicato intrigo di camere, donne e dritti” (1987) Male disguised as a woman to get revenge from a playboy.
Pulse Movie Australia 2017
1 T

* 1712 A gay disabled teenage boy changes into the body of a beautiful woman, so that he can be loved.
Pumpkin Reports Animation United States 2015
1 T 1

* 1712 Episode 30 “Mind Swap” Teresa’s plot to put Goliath’s mind in Max’s body backfires and Max, Goliath and Moonbeam all end up with their brains inside the wrong bodies, With Max in the body of Moonbeam.
Quantum Teens Are Go Comic United States 2017 Black Mask Studios 1 D 1

* 1712 Brandon/Natalie is a transgender girl.
Rebecca Riots History Great Britain 1839
1 D

* 1712 The Rebecca Riots took place between 1839 and 1843 in South and Mid Wales. They were a series of protests undertaken by local farmers and agricultural workers in response to perceived unfair taxation. The rioters, often men dressed as women, took their actions against toll-gates, as they were tangible representations of high taxes and tolls.
Resident Evil Code: Veronica Comic United States 2002 DC Comics 1 D 1

* 1712 #2 “Book Two” Alexia is revealed to be his brother Alfred in disguise.
Riptide Television United States 1984
1 D 1 P
* 1712 Episode 3x02 “Thirty-Six Hours 'til Dawn” (1985) Boz wearing a dress to act as decoy for Renee.
Saga Comic United States 2012 Image Comics 1 D 1

* 1712 #31 (11/2015) Introducing Petrichor, She served in the army for years and killed many 'wings.' Later she was placed in a detention camp. One day, Hazel walked in on her showering and saw she had both male and female body parts.
Sette Contro Tutti Movie Italy 1965
1 D 1

* 1712 Near the end the seven warriors disguised as female dancer to sneak into the palace.
Shi Xiong Shi Di Zhai Chu Ma Movie Taiwan 1979
1 D 1

* 1712 aka Incredible Kung Fu Mission. Male disguised as a woman to sneak into the city.
Shoukoku No Altair Animation Japan 2017 MAPPA 1 D 3 P
* 1712 Episode 2 “The Citadel City” Mahmut disguises as a woman to go inside a revolted city to help a friend and avoid a war. Episode 10 “Dance of the Moonlit Beauty” Mahmut disguised as a woman to get inside a city. Episode 14 “The Caravan Daughter” Mahmut and co. offer to help Niki, though he warns her of the dangers that his plans will incite and that she will be breaking the Argyros's merchant laws. Niki accepts Mahmut's offer and starts her new caravan by selling highly prized Türkiye jewels, though Mahmut and his group disguised themselves as women to hide from Rohmonov.
Shuraba Maker Comic Japan 2016 Fuji Mako 1 D 1
X * 1712 Mature. Yaoi. Chap 5-6 Story “Qpano”. Young men disguised as women.
Sovereign Literature United States 2017 Daniels April 1 T

* 1712 Book 2 in the “Nemesis” Series. Danny was trying to keep people from finding out she’s transgender. Dreadnought passed his mantle to her, and those secondhand superpowers transformed Danny’s body into what she’s always thought it should be. Now there’s no hiding that she’s a girl.
Steven Universe Animation United States 2013
1 D

* 1712 Episode 2x17 (69) “Sadie's Song” (2015) Steven did a cute dance while crossdressing.
Super 5 Television India 2015
1 T 1

* 1712 Episode 19: Male transform himself into a girl to sneak into a house.
Supergirl Television United States 2015
1 T 2

* 1712 Episode 1x09 “Blood bonds” (2016) J'onn J'onzz (Martian Manhunter) takes the form of Supergirl to help Kara to refute Cat’s allegations that she is Supergirl. Episode 1x11 “Strange Visitor from Another Planet” (2016) Alien shapeshifter that turns into a woman senator. Episode 1x13 “For the Girl Who Has Everything” (2016) J'onn J'onzz (Martian Manhunter) takes the form of Kara. Episode 2x02 “The Last Children of Krypton” (2016) Martian Manhunter transformed into a young blonde girl. Episode 2x11 “The Martian Chronicles” (2017) Armek posing as M'gann and a White Martian posing as Alex. Episode 2x17 “Distant Sun” (2017) Martian Manhunter shapeshifts into Kara. Episode 3x06 “Midvale” (2017) J'onn poses as an agent who looks like Kara's mother and talks to young Kara.
Supernatural Television United States 2005
1 T 1

* 1712 Episode 1x06 “Skin” (2005) Male shapechanger briefly assumes the form of Rebecca in order to take out hero. Episode 2x12 “Nightshifter” (2007) Shapeshifter had committed robberies as an older white woman, and its final form was that of a blonde woman. Episode 4x05 “Monster Movie” (2008) Shapeshifter appears as various monsters from movies, but also appeared as female waitress in order to get close to the woman he was in love secretly. Episode 4x13 “After School Special” (2009) A dead teenager from Sam's past started to possess people in the school. At least 2 female possession did took place. Episode 7x22 “There Will Be Blood” (2012) Bobby is now a ghost and Dean locks the flask with his remains in a motel safe while they go on a hunt. Bobby tries to unlock it but ends up possessing a maid to open it and carry out his goal. Episode 7x23 “Survival of the Fittest” (2012) Bobby, still possessing the maid arrives to get his revenge on Dick and when Sam tries to stop him, nearly strangles him to death before he regains control of himself and leaves the maid's body. Episode 8x02 “What's Up, Tiger Mommy?” (2012) Demon Crowley posses a woman Episode 12x10 “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets” (2017) Castiel recount when he came to the earth in a female body. Episode 13x02 “The Rising Son” (2017) The new king of hell, Asmodeus, has shapeshifting powers and takes on the form of a female bartender to spy on Dean Winchester. Episode 13X04 “The Big Empty” (2017) Male shapeshifter takes on form of dead man's wife.
Suraj Aur Chanda Movie India 1973
1 T 1

* 1712 Male disguised as a woman to rescue a kidnapped princess
Svatojansky Venecek Movie Czech Republic 2015
1 D 1

* 1712 Made for TV. Male disguised as a maid to be near the princess.
Swing With Scooter Comic United States 1966 DC Comics 1 D 1

* 1712 #15 (10/1968) Story “ Will the Real Princess Please Step Forward?” Guy dressing up as a harem girl.
The Borrower Movie United States 1991
1 D 1

* 1712 Man is in a hospital room under guard by a policewoman and manages to get out of his handcuffs, knocking down her, and stealing her uniform to escape. Brief.
The Divided States Of Hysteria Comic United States 2017 Image Comics 1 D 1 P
* 1712 #1 (06/2017) One of the stories has the introduction of Christ, a shemale prostitute from Las Vegas. Brief. #5 (10/2017) Christ disguised as the female date of Frank in a covert operation.
The Mighty Captain Marvel Comic United States 2017 Marvel Comics 1 T 1

* 1712 #1 (02/2017) Shapeshifter bounty hunter takes the form of female captain marvel. #125 (12/2017) Shapeshifter takes the form of female guard. Very brief.
The Reckoning Movie Great Britain 2002
1 D 1

* 1712 A priest on the lam takes up with a traveling band of actors, who then discover a murder has occurred and try to solve it by recreating the crime in a play, female roles being played by male actors
The Secret Of S Movie Chile 2017
1 T

* 1712 Bodyswap between male and female.
The Simpsons Animation United States 1989
1 B 2 P
* 1712 Episode 4x19 (78) “The Front” (1993) Grampa dreams of being a woman in a Western setting, being fought over by two male gunfighters. Very brief. Episode 5x02 (83) “Cape Feare” (1993) Grandpa's medication is safely locked up in the Simpson's home and at the end of the episode when the Simpsons return home Grandpa now has a distinctly feminine appearance and agrees to go on a date with Jasper, an old friend. Episode 5x09 (90) “The Last Temptation of Homer” (1993) While trying to think unsexy thoughts, Homer imagines Barney in a bikini, but Barney morphs into a beautiful woman. Very brief. Episode 12x08 (256) “Skinner's Sense of Snow” (2000) A damaged exhaust causes Homer to dream about being a Middle-Eastern king, complete with camels and belly dancers. Once the kids have been rescued, the fumes make Homer hallucinate and in his mind Bart turns into a belly dancing girl and Lisa turns into a camel. Episode 15x01 (314) “Treehouse of Horror XIV” (2003) In the third tale, Lisa uses a watch a few times to change reality around her. One of her clicks changes the Simpson's genders. Marge becomes a man, while Homer becomes a large breasted woman. Bart becomes a blond girl wearing a school uniform. Episode 15x17 (330) “My Big Fat Geek Wedding” (2004) Skinner, dressed up as Catwoman (who he thought was Catman) battles the Comic Book Guy. Episode 16x10 (345) “There is Something About Marrying” (2005) Patty finally comes out of the closet, saying that she is in love and plan marrying with with pro golfer named Veronica. Marge discovers Veronica is actually a man and reveals "Veronica's" secret during the ceremony. "Veronica" explains that as the straight Leslie Robin Swisher, he posed as a woman to get onto the LPGA tour. Episode 17x11 (367) “We're on the road to D'Ohwhere” (2006) Homer feels guilty for leaving Bart at a behavior modification camp and leaving for Vegas. He visualizes Bart as a cocktail waitress. Episode 18x19 (397) “Crook and Ladder” (2007) The Kids Bart and Millhouse mock Homer sleepwalking by sending him into Moes Bar in a dress. Episode 20x01 (421) “Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes” (2008) Hommer disguised as a female magician assistant, brief. Episode 22x11 (475) “Flaming Moe” (2011) Smithers proposes to Moe that they refurbish his bar and make it into a gay bar. Some of the new patrons are disguised as women. Episode 22x12 (476) “Homer the Father” (2011) In the tv program Homer is seeing, an alien transform a man into an alien woman, very brief. Episode 23x19 (505) “A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again” (2012) While on a cruise vacation, Hommer disguises as a hawaiian female dancer. Episode 23x20 (506) “The Spy Who Learned Me” (2012) Hommer imagines superspy Stradivarius Cain as a woman, very brief. Episode 27x08 “'Paths of Glory” (2015) Groundskeeper Willie disguised as a young woman to hep Liza. Episode 28x19 “Caper Chase” Hommer disguised as a female student.
The Story Of An African Farm Literature South Africa 1883 Schreiner Olive 1 D

* 1712 Farmer Gregory Rose shows his devotion to the rebellious Lyndall by dressing himself in her mother's clothes in order to serve as her nurse when she is terminally ill. She accepts his disguise and is consoled by his presence.
The Town That Dreaded Sundown Movie United States 1976
1 D 1

* 1712 Policemen disguised as women to be the bait to trap a culprit.
Topolino (Libretto) Comic Italy 1949 Disney Italia 1 D 1 P
* 1712 Disney licenced magazine. #1950 (1993) Story “Brigitta poetessa dell'amore” Uncle Scrooge disguised as a woman. Also published in Brazil: Tio Patinhas #355 (1995) "Poesias De Amor". Denmark: Onkel Joakim 1993-12 (1993) "Rosendrømme". France: Mickey Parade Geant #182 (1995) "Brigitte poetesse de l'amour". Germany: Donald Duck #462 (1993) "Rosarote Träume" and Lustiges Taschenbuch Enten-Edition #29 (2010) "Rosarote Träume". Italy: Disney Time #15 (1998) "Brigitta poetessa dell'amore", Pocket Love - L'amore in tasca #12 (2008) "Brigitta poetessa dell'amore" and Raccolta Topolino (libretto) #117 "Brigitta poetessa dell'amore". Norway: Onkel Skrue 1993-23 (1993) "Rosa drømmer" and Skrue Pocket #123 (2003) "Rosa drømmer". Poland: Donald i społka #32 (1993) "Romans wszechczasow". #2895 (2011) Story “Zio Paperone, Paperino e il salvataggio all'arrembaggio” Donald and Scrooge McDuck disguised as women to trick the pirates.
Toxic Crusaders Animation United States 1991
1 B 1

* 1712 Episode 6 “Episode 6 A Site For Sore Eyes!” Bad guy disguised as a woman. Episode 13 “That´s No Villain that´s my Mom” There is a male to female bodyswap.
Trade - Ore Wa Kyou Kara Joshikousei Comic Japan 2016 Oshiduki Roku 1 T 2

* 1712 A boy who is supposed to die from a traffic accident suddenly turned into really beautiful high school girl whose grades are always at top position and is also good at sport.
Transferts Television France 2017
1 T

* 1712 There is a villain who is after the protagonist in the body of a little girl Liza.
Tsuki To Taiyou (Moon And Sun) Comic Japan 2017 Abe Akane 1 D 1
X * 1712 Mature. Yaoi. The son of a yakuza, Mashiro was living a mundane life until he had a shocking encounter with aransvestite working in a gay bar.
Tuyul Millenium Television India 2016
1 T

* 1712 Sequel to “Tuyul Dan Mbak Yul”. Episode 47-50: Djin transforms into a woman.
Udagawachou De Mattete Yo Movie Japan 2015
1 D 3 P
* 1712 While walking around the streets, Momose stumbled upon his classmate crossdressing as a girl. Ever since then, he couldn’t help but to take notice of him in school…
UQ Holder! (Mahou Sensei Negima! 2) Animation Japan 2017 J.C.Staff 1 D 1 P
* 1712 Kuroumaru, while identifying himself as male, Kuroumaru is actually genderless; meaning that he does not posses the physical sexual properties of either male or female, due to his demonic lineage as part of the Yatagarasu, who grow genderless until their 16th birthday, whereupon they can choose to either become a male or a female. While possessing a decidedly feminine appearance, which results in him being constantly mistaken for being female, Kuroumaru has expressed a wish to become a male at his 16th birthday. Episode 6: Karin and Ikkuu decide to lend Kuroumaru a hand in capturing Touta's heart, disguising Kuroumaru as a girl to date him.
UQ Holder Comic Japan 2013 Akamatsu Ken 1 D 1 P
* 1712 Sequel to Mahou Sensei Negima!. Kuroumaru, while identifying himself as male, Kuroumaru is actually genderless; meaning that he does not posses the physical sexual properties of either male or female, due to his demonic lineage as part of the Yatagarasu, who grow genderless until their 16th birthday, whereupon they can choose to either become a male or a female. While possessing a decidedly feminine appearance, which results in him being constantly mistaken for being female, Kuroumaru has expressed a wish to become a male at his 16th birthday. Vol 10 Chap 101-103: Kuroumaru's begins to experience that it's body is starting to altering to that of a woman's and has trouble coming to terms with it that's until Kirie decides to lend Kuroumaru a hand in capturing Touta's heart, disguising Kuroumaru as a girl to date him.
Uwasa No Kyabajou Kun Comic Japan 2017 Matsutou Tomoki 1 D 2 P X * 1712 Mature. Male take his sisters place working at a Hostess Club while she’s away.
Waaris Television India 2016
1 D

* 1712 Episode 364-368 (5-11 Oct 2017) Two males disguised as women.
Wansapanataym Television Philippines 2010
1 T 1

* 1712 Episode 77 “Amanda's Da Man” (2012) Young male is transformed into a female. Episode 362 “Louie's Biton: Part 3” (2017) Teenage boy gain the ability to become people by wearing their shoes. He becomes his idol's female assistant.
William The Showman Literature Great Britain 1937
1 D

* 1712 Book 19 in the “Just Willian” series. William Brown is staging a historical waxworks show with the Outlaws and decides that the poor audience response is down to the lack of "famous ladies". After a quick raid of sister Ethel's wardrobe, he struts his stuff as Mary Queen of Scots.
Ye Jing Hun Movie Hong Kong 1982 JK 1 D 1 P
* 1712 aka He Lives by Night. Slasher comedy featuring a transvestite killer with a fishnet fetish.
Yume Demo Nakanaide Comic Japan 2016 Natsuba Jun 1 D 1

* 1712 Boy was dressed as a girl by his sister when he was a little child. Brief.
Zenbu Kimi No Sei Da Comic Japan 2015 Uchida Tsuchi 1 D 1 P X * 1712 Mature. Yaoi. Male student is a crossdresser.
Zucchero, Miele E Peperoncino Movie Italy 1980
1 D

* 1712 Three episodes. Second: Guiseppe, an unlucky and ugly man, gets a job as a maid. His mistress falls in love for him.