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Title Class Zone Year Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Transgender Description YYMM
5 Seconds Comic Japan 2015 Sachimo 1 0 D * 1
X Mature Yaoi Stories. Vol 1 Chap 3 “The Way to Nurture Love” Crossdressing in gay bar. 1707
6teen Animation Canada 2004
1 0 D * 1

Episode 1x12 “Mr. nice guy” Jude disguised as a woman. Episode 2x13 “Waiting to ex-sale” Jude disguised as a woman. Episode 4x11 “Role reversal” Jude disguised as a woman. 1707
A Porte Chiuse Bollente Comic Italy 2002 Reprise 1 A D * 2
X Mature. Anno II #5 (2003) Story “Vittima del desiderio” Two males crossdressing to trick a lesbian woman. 1707
Akushoku Gender Comic Japan 2016 Maezaki Monaka 1 A D * 1

Lover in a gay couple is a crossdresser. 1707
Alix Senator Comic Belgium 2012 Demarez Thierry 1 A D * 1

T5 “Le Hurlement de Cybèle” (2016) Cybele’s priests dressing in women’s clothes. 1707
Aqui No Hay Quien Viva Television Spain 2003
1 A D * 1

Episode 2x12 “Erase una despedida de soltero” Men disguised as women to enter a striptease club for women. Episode 4x12 “Erase un Vudu” Fernando and Mauri disguised as drag queens in a nighclub spectacle to cover for Fernado’s father that is ill. Season 5 have a secondary character Raquel/Raul: Mamen's sister, a female-identifying transgender. Her brother in law Higinio insists on calling her Raul, her birth name. She briefly dated Emilio, but he wasn't able to get over the fact she has male genitalia. Introduced in Episode 5x02. 1707
Arabian Taboo Comic Japan 2015 Otosato Ryoutaroh 1 A D *

X Mature yaoi stories. Chap 4: Young male crossdressing in a gay bar. 1707
Ares Movie France 2016
1 A D * 1

There is a scene with a tranvestite that works as a drag queen in a club.
Ashita Wa Docchi Da! Comic Japan 2015 Yamamoto Kotetsuko 1 A D * 1
X Vol 1 Chap 1: Kirara was dressed as a girl by his mother when he was a litte child. 1707
Attualita Gialla Comic Italy 1980 Edifumetto 1 A D * 1
X Mature. Anno III #18 (04/1983) Story “La banda degli spaccaculo” Transvestite prostiture revealed to be a policeman undercover to catch the gang terrorizing the prostitutes. Anno IX #19 (08/1989) Story “Il Villaggio dei tucul” A Chambermaid in the resort is a transvestite. 1707
Attualita Nera Comic Italy 1979 Edifumetto 1 A D * 1
X Mature. Anno II #72 (10/1979) Story “La mamma magnaccia” Manuela is a transvestite in the vice zone. Anno V #52 (07/1984) Story “La zia erotica” Woman is revealed to be a transvestite. Anno XII #17 (01/1989) Story “Non violentare il machio” Transvestite and a woman killing males in the alps. 1707
Attualita Proibita Comic Italy 1982 Edifumetto 1 A D * 2
X Mature. Anno II #18 (11/1983) Story “Femmina Ambigua” Female singer in nighclub revealing that she was a male. Anno III #27 (08/1984) Story “Il morbo dei gay” Gay male in a bar dating a transvestite. Anno V #53 (10/1986) Story “Mujerado l’uomo-donna” American explorer is looking for a native tribe from Mexico that has a proccess to transform males into shemales. Anno VI #1 (09/1987) Story “Calibro 38 Special” Male get a sex change at the end, brief. 1707
Attualita Supernera Comic Italy 1983 Editrice Squalo 1 A D * 1
X Mature. Anno VI #18 (02/1989) Story “Piccolo Boss” Prostitute revealed to be a transvestite. 1707
Bang Jia Ma Yun Shang Movie Chile 2017
1 B T *

Male and female bodywap. 1707
Beauty And The Beast Animation United States 1991
1 B D * 1

Villain is dressed in female clothes during the fight in the castle. Brief. 1707
Beauty And The Beast Movie United States 2017
1 B D * 1

Madame de Gaderobe dresses Tom, Dick, and Stanley up in ballgowns and makeup during the fight at the castle. Brief. 1707
Brave 10 Comic Japan 2007 Shimotsuki Kairi 1 B D * 2

Vol 2 Chap 8: Male bandit Kamanosuke Yuri impersonates a woman to trick the travellers. Vol 4 Chap 21: Ishikawa Goemon had to disguise himself as a girl since his whole family was targeted to be exterminated. Vol 5 Chap 27: Kamanosuke Yuri disguising as a woman to walk secure in Kyoto. 1707
Chiruhi Comic Japan 2008 Kawachi Haruka 1 C D * 1

Collection consists of six historical short stories. Story 2 “Lotus Roots” Upon crossing a lotus pond, two men discover a beautifully dressed figure hanging from the bridge. They pull her up and that night, she teaches them the meaning behind the lotus roots. They find later that she is a transvestite. 1707
Como Dice El Dicho Television Mexico 2011
1 C D *

Episode 4x07 “Nada es verdad, nada es mentira, todo depende del cristal con que se mira” (27 Feb 2014) Alejandro disguises as a woman to get a job as a waitress. Episode 5x42 “El leon no es como lo pintan” Gael find that his brother Aldo is a transsexual and call herself Tara. 1707
Complex Comic Japan 1996 Manda Ringo 1 C D * 1
X Mature. Yaoi. Vol 3 Chap 1: After Tatsuya married, Junichi left home and ended working as a bartender in a gay club full of transvestites Vol 3 Chap 2-3: Five year later Junichi is living as a woman when he cross his path with Tatsuya again. 1707
Crash! Che Botte... Strippo Strappo Stroppio Movie Italy 1973
1 C D * 1

Male disguised as a female Flight attendant to escape from Hong Kong in an airplane. 1707
Cronica De Un Desayuno Movie Mexico 2000
1 C D * 1

Transvestite prostitute. 1707
Crosswind Comic United States 2017 Image 1 C T *
#1 (06/2017) A slick and ruthless Chicago hitman. A smart but downtrodden Seattle housewife. When an inexplicable event strikes these two random strangers, their bodies, souls, and lives are switched to potentially deadly effect. It's Freaky Friday meets Goodfellas!. 1707
Cuo Ti Ren Movie Hong Kong 1985
1 C T *
aka My Mind, Your Body. Bodyswap between a boy and a girl. 1707
Daddy You, Daughter Me Movie Korea 2017
1 D T *

Do-Yeon is a high school student. She doesn't have a good relationship with her father who is constantly nagging to her to study. Do-Yeon’s dream is to go on a date and her first date is approaching. Meanwhile, Do-Yeon’s father has worked as a chief section for years and never had a promotion. His chance for a promotion is finally approaching. Both father and daughter have important moments arriving, but they suddenly change bodies. 1707
Daisuki Datta Yo, Sensei Comic Japan

1 D D * 1

Story 3 “Toraware Beast” Drama club president Kaji Megumu crossdressing. 1707
Danjo Kankei, Hajimemashita. Comic Japan 2014 Kanae Sato 1 D D * 2

Boy crossdressing to be with a masculine girl. 1707
Der Mann Auf Der Mauer Movie Germany 1982
1 D D *

Transvestite in an airport. Brief. 1707
Die Einsteiger Movie Germany 1985
1 D D *

Brief crossing with a transvestite. 1707
Don Quijote Comic Great Britain 2012 David Rob 1 D D * 2

British comic adaptation of classic Quixote novel. It have two crossdressig passages, One when the priest disguises as a dame to trick Quixote, Second when Sancho find a crossdressed pair of sibling in the village where he is governor. 1707
Dotchi Ga Dotchi! Television Japan 2001
1 D T *

Atsushi Rika is a 6th grade student at Minami-saka Elementary School in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture. Jun with a strong sense of justice and a sense of justice, and a weak personality and a tearfully brutal personality are opposite in character. On the day of the relay tournament with Kitasaka Elementary School, each will pursue a runaway, but bad junior high school students steal a magician's bicycle that is falling asleep at the park at that time, junior high school students watching the junior high school students get jammed and chased It will become daunting, and encounters there will be caught up and chased. On the way to escape, the two who rolled down from the slope had their bodies switched when they noticed. 1707
Dragnet Television United States 1951
1 D D * 1

Episode 3x31 “The big girl” (1954) The detectives try to track down a tall, beautiful woman who has been terrorizing the city by robbing men, beating them up and in some cases shooting them. Their job is made more difficult by the fact that there are many inconsistencies in the victims' reports. Revealed at the end that the woman is a male in disguise. 1707
El Arbol De Gabriel Television Venezuela 2011
1 E D *

Episode 54: Epicureo "Epi" Morales disguises as a woman to help Gabriel in the quest to find his children. Episode 72-75: Male disguised as a woman. Episode 98-110: Male diguised as a woman. 1707
Eva Sport Comic Italy 1986 Ediperiodici 1 E D *

Mature. Anno II #9 (08/1987) Story “Camelia Catch-Match!” Female fighter revealed to be a male transvestite. 1707
Gakuen Ouji Comic Japan

1 G D * 2

Vol 4: Three guys from highschool disguised as schoolgirls. Vol 6: Boys working as female maids. 1707
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Comic Japan 2011 Tsubaki Izumi 1 G D *

Chap 87; Boy crossdressing in a school play. 1707
Goldrake Comic Italy 1966 Elvipress 1 G D * 1
X Mature. Anno VII #141 (06/1972) “Roma Male” Male disguised as a woman after faking his dead. Anno VIII #164 (05/1973) “Una bara per Goldrake” Goldrake is tricked by two transvestites. 1707
Goldrake (Nuova Serie Goldrake Collezione) Comic Italy 1980 Ediperiodici 1 G D * 1
X Mature. Anno I #8 (12/1980) Story “Il pozzo delle vergini” There is a transvestite at the end, brief. 1707
Gouhou-teki Hen Ai Strategy Comic Japan 2016 Toriba Yuuji 1 G D * 1
X Mature. Yaoi. Chap 3: Male crossdressing to have a date with his boyfriend. 1707
Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mother Entropy Comic United States 2017 Marvel Comics 1 G T * 1

#2-3 (07/2017) Heroes are bodyswapped with each other and forced to fight as each other as part of a test. Rocket Raccoon end in Gamora’s body. 1707
Hatsukoi Shokumotsu Rensa Comic Japan 2014 Yamaomi 1 H D * 1
X Mature. Yaoi stories. Story 2: Male dressing in a sailor fuku in a gay club. 1707
He-Man Adventure Comic Great Britain 1989 Egmont 1 H T *

Continued from “Master of the Universe Adventure”. #24 (1990) Story 2 “The End of He-Man” Features Hydron, the tragic hero out to avenge the deaths of his entire family at the hands of the evil forces, being unexpectedly reunited with his daughter Hydrania, thought to have been killed in the Zone Wars. However, Hydrania was none other than the evil mutant Brakk in disguise, executing an extra-diabolical plot to invade Primus. 1707
Heart Pool Comic Japan 2014 Aikawa Fuu 1 H D * 1

In the third story a Boy is caugh trying into a female uniform for the upcoming school festival. Later in the festival he disguises as Alice from Wondeland. 1707
Hey! Doctor Comic Japan 2003 Uchida Kaoru 1 H D * 1
X Mature. Yaoi stories. First Story (Chap 1-3) A highschool boy falls into the river on the way home from school. He gets a fever and is forced to go to the hospital to get some medicine. Chap 3: The doctor forces the boy into crossdressing as a nurse. 1707
Hoppy The Marvel Bunny Comic United States 1945
1 H D *

#8 (02/1947) Story "The Great Impersonation" Captain Marvel Bunny’s plan to stop an imposter actor required him to dress up like a sexy lady bunny and flirt a little till the police arrive. 1707
I Casi Della Vita Comic Italy 1982 Ediperiodici 1 I D * 1 P X Mature. Anno IV #40 (08/1986) Story “Un caso a luce rossa” transvestite in nighclub. Anno V #53 (09/1987) Story “Falo’ selvaggi” A male became involved with transvestites and end becoming one himself. Anno VII #75 (07/1989) Story “Lo sfigato” Woman revealed to be a transvestite. 1707
Inu to Tsubame Comic Japan 2011 Amagakure Gido 1 I D * 1

Vol 1 Chap extra: Boy diguised as a girl. Brief. 1707
Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa Comic Japan 2013 Masuda Eiji 1 J T * 1

Vol 2 Chap 11: Shishido is Youko's childhood friend and a wolfman. Initially appearing as Shirou, an intimidating man with sharp teeth, upon seeing the moon (or an image of), he transforms into Shiho, a busty charismatic female pervert. A second glimpse of the moon transforms Shishido back. Vol 11 Chap 92-95: Introduced a new female assistant teacher Ryokuenzaka Yumi, that is revealed Chap 93 to be Youko’s father in disguise. 1707
Julia – Le Avventure Di Una Criminologa Comic Italy 1998 Sergio Bonelli Editore 1 J D * 2

T31 “Uccidero” (04/2001) Serial Killer disguised as a woman to trap men. T216 “Myrna; la Resa” (09/2016) Hitman disguised as a woman to get his target. T222 “La Grande Corsa” (03/2017) One of the female drivers is revealed at the end to be a male in disguise. 1707
Kamisama No Ekohiiki Comic Japan 2017 Komura Ayumi 1 K T *

To gain the confidence to confess his love to his crush, high school student Yashiro visits a secluded shrine for 100 days straight. This earns him the attention of the enshrined deity and his fox attendant Ukon who follow Yashiro on the 100th day to see how the confession turns out. However, they are surprised to see him confess to a guy, Yashiro's longtime friend Kenta, only for Kenta to turn him down. Although heartbroken, Yashiro tries to joke around with Kenta, but he accidentally gets killed when a truck runs into him. Yashiro awakens in the presence of the shrine's god and Ukon, and as a show of gratitude, the god decides to restore him back to life to give him a second chance with Kenta. In doing so, the god grants his wish to be reborn as a high school girl and gives her the name Kagura Tendou. However, she soon discovers that the god and Ukon plan to watch over her relationship with Kenta, although she's the only one who can see and hear them. 1707
Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru Comic Japan 2000 Baba Yasushi 1 K D * 2 P
Vol 23-24: Alyosha Harchenko has long, wavy blonde hair and is a tall woman. She is a Russian who studied Sambo Commando in the Russian Army. Alyosha is revealed to be a transvestite after she had fought Pedro and he pulled her pants down. She was saving up money for surgery so that she could have "Mr. Elephant" removed. Vol 28-29: Alyosha return for a visit having had “Mr Elephant” removed. 1707
King Of Idol (K.O.I) Comic Japan 2017 Wakaki Tamiki 1 K D *

Boy crossdressing to become an idol. 1707
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Comic Japan 2009 Amano Shiro 1 K D *

Vol 3 Chap 21: Roxa found himself in drag when he was forced to wear a French Maid Outfit while trespassing the White Rabbit's house when the Rabbit came home, trying to trick him into thinking he was his servant, Mary Ann. However, the Rabbit saw through the disguise, and Roxas was put onto trial. 1707
Kingdom Hearts II Comic Japan 2006 Amano Shiro 1 K D *

Vol 2 Chap 12: Sora ended up wearing a ballgown with tiara while Flora, Fauna and Merryweather tried to design him a new outfit. 1707
Kinjirareta Koibanashi Comic Japan 2013 Homerun Ken 1 K D * 1

Short yaoi stories. Story 7 has a young male crossdressing as a maid in a maid cafe. 1707
Kono Koi Ni Mirai Wa Nai Comic Japan 2016 Koko Suwaru 1 K D *

Yuji Mase, a university student who is rather popular with girls without his knowledge, taciturn and withdrawn type. In fact, he hides a secret wound that will be revealed during the visit of his sister hairdresser-stylist: he does not feel at ease in this body of a man that he's in… 1707
Koo Hoo Koo Hean Television Thailand 2014
1 K T * 2

Episode 3-4: Male ghost possessing a nurse first and another woman later. Episode 36-37: Male ghost possessing a woman. 1707
L'Insegnante Al Mare Con Tutta La Classe Movie Italy 1980
1 L D * 1

Male disguises as a woman to escape from his jealous wife. 1707
La liceale, Il Diavolo E L'acquasanta Movie Italy 1979
1 L D * 2

Second story has a transvestite prostitute. 1707
La Poliziotta Della Squadra Del Buon Costume Movie Italy 1979
1 L D * 1

Two policemen diguised as women. 1707
La Que Se Avecina Television Spain 2007
1 L D * 2

Episode 1x08 “Mentiras, antidepresivos y una nevera de Troya” (2007) Two men disguised as women, very brief. Episode 5x02 “Un trilero, dos tortillas y el capricho de los Borbones” Male disguised as a woman. Episode 5x05 “Un controlador, una nueva Maite y una fisura anal” (2011) After a party night a male end with a trasvestite. Episode 8x01 “Un hombre salvaje, una vieja maldita y un fantasma chupando un caramelo” (2014) Male disguised as a woman as part of a trap. Episode 8x16 “Un libro guarro, una loba herida y un pifostio medieval” (2015) Alvaro, the son of the Recio family rturn home, but he is now a woman. Season 9: Alba, the transsexual son of the Recio family, is now acepted as a daugher. 1707
La Zia Di Carlo Movie Italy 1956
1 L D * 1

Charley's Aunt 1707
Legion of Super-Heroes Bugs Bunny Special Comic United States 2017 DC Comics 1 L D * 1

#1 (08/2017) Bugs disguised as Wonder Woman. Brief. 1707
Leh Lub Salub Rarng Television Thailand 2016
1 L T *

Police captain Ramin and Actress Petra, they both think that they are better than the other in every way. In this lifetime their karma make them switch their body to help them understand and learn about each other life. Then the trouble start when the manly policeman transform into a girlish policeman. At the same time, a sweet actress is acting only action fighting role. It make all the people around them so confuse. And the differential of their body, the body that they are not familiar with make him and her so puzzle. 1707
London Town Movie Great Britain 2016
1 L D *

The young hero driving his dad’s cab disguised as a woman to hide his age. 1707
Malizia Speciale Comic Italy 1992 Ediperiodici 1 M D * 2
X Mature. #1 Story “Una lesbica pentita” Two males crossdressing to trick a lesbian woman. 1707
Masters Of The Universe Comic Germany 1987 Ehapa 1 M T *

#9 (1989) Features Hydron, being unexpectedly reunited with his daughter Hydrania, thought to have been killed in the Zone Wars. However, Hydrania was none other than the evil mutant Brakk in disguise, executing an extra-diabolical plot to invade Primus. 1707
Masters Of The Universe Comic Great Britain 1986 Egmont 1 M T * 2 P
#67 (1988) Story “The Deadly Wishes” Snout Spout, Stonedar, and Extendar are on patrol, when they hear a strange voice, claiming to be the voice of the Dream Mistress, who will grant them all their innermost wish if they can reach the center of her empire. They are all instantly tempted- Extendar wants to restore Dragstor to his human form, Snout Spout wants to be human again, and Stonedar wants his meteor people to defeat Skeletor. They all enter the Dream Mistress' fortress, but Orko sees what happens, and his magic senses it is all a trick. The warriors enter, but instantly find chaos inside- they are sucked into an energy vortex and are attacked by mechanical birds. Snout Spout is badly injured and cannot go on, so Extendar and Stonedar move on, promising to collect him on the way back. Meanwhile, Orko reports to Adam what has happened, and Adam becomes He-Man and sets off with Orko to the Dream Mistress' empire. In the strange fortress, Stonedar and Extendar are trapped in a room where huge, sharp spikes protrude from the walls, but Extendar manages to hold the walls apart with his strong, extending body. Stonedar moves on, promising to collect Extendar on the way back. He reaches the center, where the voice of the Dream Mistress tells him only one more test lies ahead..… The last test springs up before Stonedar- a giant snake-like creature rears up before him, but he has no trouble in defeating it. The Dream Mistress herself then appears, and tells Stonedar she will fulfill his innermost wish. Stonedar is about to wish for Skeletor to be destroyed- but then he remembers the serious danger his friends are in, and instead wishes for them to be freed. The Dream Mistress is shocked that Stonedar has not used the wish to destroy Skeletor- and then she turns out to be merely a projection by Hordak, who wanted to use a dream stone to destroy Skeletor! The dream stone teleports Stonedar, Extendar, and Snout Spout to safety, just as He-Man and Orko arrive. Hordak is not far away but he teleports back to the Fright Zone, assuring the warriors he will return with a new plan! 1707
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Television United States 1993
1 M B * 1

Episode 1x16 “Switching Places” (1993) Billy shows Kimberly a new machine he made that is supposed to transport people from one spot to another. Curious to see how well it works, they both get inside and end up switching bodies instead! Bulk and Skull show up and get inside later that day, unbeknown st to Billy or Kimberly and they switch bodies too and accidentally break the machine! Now Billy(in Kimberly's body) must fix the machine so that they can be restored. Episode 1x45 “Crystal of Nightmares” Bulk and Skull disguised as maids. 1707
Mikosch, Der Stolz Der Kompanie Movie Germany 1958
1 M D * 1

Two army soldiers disguised as female nurses. 1707
Minna No Shiranai Aitsu Comic Japan 2015 Kyoka Tsukasa 1 M D *

When Sugata was in elementary school, she shared a secret with a classmate named Saotome--that he was secretly 'Ruka,' the near-unbeatable opponent on a game she and others played. However, after he lost a bet and crossdressed at school, Sugata contributed to the fallout that ended up forcing him to transfer. Now Sugata and Saotome are at the same high school, and he wants to share a new secret with her. This time, it's that he's discovered an interest in secretly crossdressing, and he's going to present himself as a girl, Ruka, at school. Sugata feels guilty for what happened before, so she agrees to the bet. If she can keep him from being found out during their three years of high school, then he'll quit dressing like a girl. However, their school is so filled with people of varied and secret sexual proclivities that it will be a hard bet to win!. 1707
Nos Annees Folles Movie France 2017
1 N D *

To escape the conviction after deserting the french army during the Great War, Paul Grappe, married to Louise Landy, disguises himself as a woman and becomes Suzanne Landgard. 1707
NYPD Blue Television United States 1993
1 N D * 2 P
Episode 1x14 “Jumpin' Jack Fleishman” (1993) Medavoy and Martinez work a strangulation murder case that appears to be the work of a crossdresser. Episode 2x09 “Don We Now Our Gay Apparel” (1995) With transsexual Candace La Rue as a material witness, Simone and Sipowicz investigate the murder of a gay-bar proprietor. Episode 4x08 “Unembraceable You” (1996) Simone and Sipowicz investigate a case where two transvestites witnessed a murder that they say was committed by a 'gay-basher' who's supposed to have been in jail for a previous crime. Episode 4x18 “I Love Lucy” (1997) Two female impersonators come into the squad room; one of them is seeking protection from a man who's beaten him/her. Episode 7x02 “A Hole in Juan” (2000) A baby, in the care of a trans prostitute, is found dead in a dumpster. Episode 10x15 “Tranny Get Your Gun” (2003) A transvestite prostitute's murder leads the detectives to two prime suspects: a pimp, and a john who claims the pimp and the prostitute set him up in an effort to steal a watch. Episode 11x02 “Your Bus, Ted” (2003) The detectives are on the scene of a transvestite's murder. They know the victim's friend "Monika" from a case from the previous year and when Sipowicz's charm doesn't work with that friend, McDowell and Ortiz step in and take over the interview and ultimately the case. Episode 12x01 “Dress for Success” (2004) Larry Praegitzer tells Sipowicz and Clark the real story about his son Eric's gender. Their victim, Miller, had performed the initial surgery on Eric, which made him a girl, after an accident with a circumcision instrument destroyed Eric's penis. Miller had a theory and Eric's parents tried to raise him as a girl, but Eric always knew deep down he was a male. 1707
Odosu Kurai Ni, Kimi Ga Suki. Comic Japan 2014 Akuta Michi 1 O D * 1
X Mature. Yaoi stories. Story 1: Young male disguised as a girl, brief. 1707
Osananajimi Wa Kawaii Koibito. Comic Japan 2014 Takahashi Asami 1 O D *

X Mature. Yaoi stories. Chap 5-6 “Kono Koi, Yosoku Funou” Young male crossdressing for his lover. 1707
Passions Television United States 1999
1 P B *

Episode 5x94 “Episode 1110” (2003) A shocking revelation in this episode reveals that "Charlie" was really Alistair Crane disguised as a woman all along. Episode 2075 (2007) Valerie revealed to be Vincent Crane in diguise. Episode 9x149 “Episode 2181” (2008) The Demon Elf continues causing havoc by turning himself into an attractive woman and kissing Noah. 1707
Pat Et Moune Comic France 1947 Bel François 1 P D * 2

T7 (or T8) “La complainte d'Ossian” (2010) From magazine “Âmes Vaillantes" #1 (04 Jan 1962) to #28 (12 Jul 1962). Pat disguised as a girl to trick a crook. 1707
Pavillon Noir Comic France 2011 Bingono Brice 1 P T *

T2 “Par-delà les océans” (2014) Indian priestess is revealed to be a dream illusion by a male. 1707
Pretty Wimps Comic Japan 2016 Matsumoto Yoh 1 P D * 1
X Mature. Yaoi. Yukihira has been in love with his teacher, Abe Hiroshi, for a long time and wants to confess before graduation, but doesn't know how to go about it. Confused, he ends up stalking Abe and discovers his biggest secret. He has a fetish for crossdressing. Yukihira becomes his crossdressing lover. 1707
Prostitute Ultra Hard Comic Italy 2006 Reprise 1 P D * 1
X Mature. Anno III #9 (06/2002) Story “I marchettari innamorati” Male disguised as a woman to escape from the husband of his mistress. 1707
Punch Up Comic Japan 2004 Kano Shiuko 1 P D * 1
X Kiyuto is Kouta's brother and also a tranvestite working in a show pub. Introduced in Vol 3 act 8.. 1707
Rhapsody Of Mulan Comic China 2016
1 R T *

Betrayed by his own blood brother….what can be more surprising? Being reborn into the body of his little sister! A story of revenge and rebirth. 1707
RH Plus (RH +) Comic Japan 2006 Suwa Ayako 1 R D * 1

Vol 1: Ageha diguised as a girl to act as the bait. 1707
RH Plus Television Japan 2008
1 R D * 1 P
Episode 1: Ageha diguised as a girl to act as the bait. 1707
Rokudenashi No Aishikata Comic Japan 2015 Hino Akira 1 R D * 1
X Mature. Chap 3: One male try crossdressing in a gay club. Brief. 1707
Sanguriaru - Ou E No Rashinban Comic Japan 2016 Terayama Maru 1 S D * 2 P
Princess An reveals herself to be a Prince disguised as a woman. 1707
Serie Star Comic Italy 1993 Edifumetto 1 S D * 1
X Mature. Anno I #2 “Giochi di Morte” (1993) One of the participant in an orgy there is a shemale. Anno II #8 (02/1994) “Scuola di sesso” Gloria is a transvestite. 1707
Skirt No Naka Wa Kedamono Deshita. Comic Japan 2016 Hanamaluo 1 S D *

Shizuka Kominami, who attends a mixer party, is uncomfortable with the atmosphere until she meets a beautiful female student named Ryou Kirishima. They get on well and Shizuka is invited to spend the night at Ryou's place. Things are going smoothly, until Ryou advances on Shizuka?! It turns out that this female student is actually a man dressed as a woman. 1707
Strasidla Movie Czech Republic 2016
1 S T *

Boy transform into his female teacher, brief. 1707
Strong Woman Do Bong-soon Television Korea 2017
1 S D * 2 P
Episode 1x01: Policeman disguised as a woman to be the bait for a pervert. Episode 1x04: Woman dreams that one of his suitor is now a woman and fighting for the love of her other suitor. 1707
Switch Television United States 1975
1 S D *

Episode 1x09 “The Cruise Ship Murders” (1975) Male disguised as a woman. Episode 2x09 “ The Lady From Liechtenstein Part 1” Female impersonator poses as a wealthy baroness to help Pete and Mac trap a womanizing crook. Episode 2x10 “The Lady From Liechtenstein Part 2” Female impersonator poses as a wealthy baroness to help Pete and Mac trap a womanizing crook 1707
The Blue Sextet Movie United States 1971
1 T D * 1

Transvestite in a party. 1707
The Divided States Of Hysteria Comic United States 2017 Image Comics 1 T D * 1

#1 (06/2017) One of the stories has a shemale prostitute from Las Vegas. Brief. 1707
The Dukes Of Hazzard Television United States 1979
1 T D * 1

Episode 6x08 “Targets: Daisy and Lulu” (1983) Rosco and Boss Hogg dress as Daisy and Lulu, respectively, hoping to lure the thieves into a trap. 1707
The Flame Bearer Literature Great Britain 2016 Cornwell Bernard 1 T D * 1

Book 10 in “The Saxon Stories” series. One of the men of Uhtred disguised as a woman to trick the enemy. Brief. 1707
The Flash Television United States 2014
1 T T * 1

Episode 1x19 “Who Is Harrison Wells?” (2015) A metahuman shapeshifter, Hannibal Bates, is robbing banks by impersonating bank tellers, both males and females, throughout the city. Episode 3x22 “Infantino Street” (2017) Barry uses a transmogrifier to impersonate a female official in order to break into a facility. Episode 3x23 “Finish Line” (2017) It is revealed that H.R. swapped places with Iris, leading to his death. 1707
The Village: Achiara's Secret Television Korea 2015
1 T D * 1 P
Episode 3-4: There is crossdresser involved in the case. 1707
Torrid Comic Great Britain 1979 Gold Star Publications 1 T T * 1
X Mature. #5 Story “Bizarre tales” Male is transformed into a woman. #10-11 Story “Roz” Terry is revealed to be a transvestite. 1707
Trideviyaan Television India 2016
1 T D * 2

Episode 88: Male disguised as a woman. Episode 94: Male disguised as a woman. Episode 111: Male disguised as a woman. Episode 117-142: Prem is staying in Dinanath’s house in the guise of a woman posing as Amar’s wife, Promila. 1707
Twin Peaks Television United States 2017
1 T D * 1

Continuation of original “Twin Peaks” series from 1990s. Episode 3x04 “Part 4” (2017) Agent Denise Bryson (Formely Denis Bryson) in now the chief of staff of the FBI. 1707
V For Victory Literature United States 1995 Pascal Francine 1 V D *

Book 114 in the “Sweet Valley High” series. The two squads vie for victory. Heather Mallone's past isn't perfect and her cool demeamor crumbles. When Todd, Ken, and Winston come to cheer on the Sweet Valley High girls' squad, they become cheerleaders themselves! 1707
Versailles Television France 2015
1 V D * 1 P
Episode 1x02 “L'État c'est moi“ Phillipe, duke of Orleans and brother of Louis XIV, arrived at court wearing a dress and accompanied by another man. Episode 2x03 “Quis custodiet ipsos cusotdes” Phillipe dressing as a woman again. 1707
Vic The Viking Animation Australia 2013
1 V D *

Episode 1x70 “Arabian Nights” (2014) While druid Urobe tells Aladdin's legend during a far from favorable plunder raid on Arabian deserts, an exhausted man arrives and asks help. He's Sabu, the deposed sheik of the local realm, who needs to regain his throne from traitorous vizier Haroun, tricked him into leaving incognito and instructed the guard to acknowledge only regalia-wearers and refuse entry to non-courtiers. Vic exploits the harem depletion by introducing the veiled warriors as dancing girls, needed for Haroun's impending coronation, and staging a scary lamp genie show. 1707
Walhala Comic France 2013 Lechuga Marc 1 W D * 1

T2 “Du côté de Sherwood” (2015) Male disguised as a woman. Brief. 1707
Wingin' It Television Canada 2010
1 W T * 3 P
Episode 1x06 “Hold the Dressing” (2010) When Brittany exudes about a new fashion shop called Failed State, Porter enchants Carl into telling her he works there, thinking it might increase his popularity. Carl is then forced to go through a job interview process, and with the help of Porter he is given a job in stock. However, when an old woman asks him to try on a dress, he feels out of his depth, particularly when asked to twirl in the shop. He is seen by fashion guru Franz, who hires him to be the star of his fashion show. Jane and Alex are struggling to finish a business assignment on time but Carl's new fashion statement saves them.Episode 2x19 “I Carlie” (2011) After a clueless Carl offends Denise on their first date, she shows him what it is like to be a girl by turning him into one. It is not long before Serge falls for Carlie, the new girl at school, and the pressure is on Porter to find a solution. He turns Denise into Denny to give her a taste of her own medicine, but the only way to reverse the magic is for Carlie and Denny to have a perfect date. Episode 2x23 “I Kinda Always Knew I'd Be Your Lex-Boyfriend” (2012) Denise's ex boyfriend Lex tries to break up Carl and Denise, who is an angel in training, by impersonating a female angel, Ms Stern. 1707
Woke Up Like This Movie Philippines 2017
1 W T *

Guy swaps with a gorgeous fashion model. 1707